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Cherry Blossoms

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The spring was always perfect for Izuku Midoriya because watching the cherry blossoms grow, bloom and fall was one of his favorite moments in life. The cherry blossoms were flourishing this afternoon as he walked to the train station with his friends. The Sunday sun was just about to set on their way back to the dorms from their only day off in three weeks. Everything in Izuku’s life had been going so fast lately between his class work, patrol for his internship, and other menial tasks, he could barely keep up and, so, this was really the first moment in a long while where he was able to stop for a second and enjoy the world he wanted to protect.

He walked beside Iida with Uraraka the furthest away, his best friends having spent their day off with him, walking through the shopping district, window shopping with things any of them could dream of affording. The leisure activity was relaxing for the trio, thoroughly enjoying the outing since it was difficult for them to all get together outside of campus and class.

Plus, being out with his closest friends was really helpful to Midoriya considering the difficult time he's been having recently; it was getting even tougher to keep his mind focused on what was in front of him and not on a certain classmate of his.

Todoroki was almost all Izuku could think about lately and, while he greatly admired his friend for his skills and quirk and dry sense of humor and thoughtful words and how, if he thought no one was watching, Todoroki would smile at meaningful things around him and… Midoriya needed to get a grip on himself before it really started affecting his performance in class and on the job. Some of his friends had already noticed Midoriya looking in Todoroki’s direction and his constant effort to be closer to their half-and-half classmate. Ochako didn’t miss a beat when these opportunities showed themselves and thoroughly enjoyed torturing her best friend. Iida took more mercy on Izuku but strongly supported his feelings towards their classmate and encouraged the shy Midoriya to confess his feelings.

Which is exactly what they were doing again when Izuku was trying to relax and not worry about breaking his very fragile heart.

“Midoriya-kun, you should really take the chance!” Iida was really the more relentless of his two friends. “You should confess to Todoroki-kun before someone else gathers the courage to!”

Iida continues, raising an arm in a mechanical motion, “Todoroki is a very handsome young man! I’m sure there are many people at our school alone who have a crush on him! Not to mention everyone who could have seen him at the school festival!”

While Izuku knew his friends were trying to help by lighting a fire under him, he could feel his shoulders sagging at the prospect that Todoroki has followers that are just like him: pining from a distance. Given, Midoriya was not surprised by this information as Todoroki was indeed a very handsome individual, not to mention incredibly cool and sweet at the same time. Even so, it felt like someone was clutching his heart and squeezing it whenever it damn well suited them.

“We don’t even know if he like guys!” Midoriya snapped but, once he realized some people peaked over at them from his sudden raised voice, he tucked his ballcap lower over his eyes. “I mean, not too long ago he was holding hands with Yaoyorozu!”

Midoriya’s cheeks flamed red after making the confession. It was true that as the two were walking around campus, many students saw Todoroki and Yaoyorozu holding hands. Given, the pair came from world-renowned hero families and money. Somehow, standing next to each other, the pair gave off a similar vibe where not too many people could interrupt. Their regal aura seemed miles away from Izuku and all he could do was feel tears well in his eyes at his missed opportunity. Both Yaoyorozu and Todoroki were very private individuals unless someone asked them about it directly – which no one has done since people had begun talking. So everyone just assumed the two were an item. Not to mention the fact that Tsuyu saw the pair embracing the other outside Yaoyorozu’s room where Yaoyorozu herself was wearing the amount similar to her hero outfit. That thought clenched around Midoriya’s heart and he thought back to the night he heard about the event, crying his eyes out in his room. While he knew he should be happy for his friend, somewhere deep in his heart, he also wished that by some miracle the two would break up.

Though, even if they were to, Midoriya didn’t even know if he would have the courage to confess.

“Maybe he’s like us Midoriya! Maybe he likes boys and girls!”

Iida was always one to be most optimistic, yet rational, and usually, Midoriya appreciated the effort his friend put in, but everything felt so far away and untouchable at that moment; especially Todoroki. The fire and ice user was definitely someone who had an air around him that put himself on a pedestal, whether it was intentional or not. Midoriya figured the latter.

He hoped for the latter.

Deep down, Izuku also knew that Todoroki wasn’t the type of person to put himself at a distance. At least, not anymore and with each and every moment that Todoroki tried to let more people into his comfort zone, Izuku could feel himself fall more in love with his friend. Which was terrible since he himself was considered a friend and the boy in question had a girlfriend and probably liked girls.

Midoriya could hear his friends continue a conversation from before but couldn’t bring himself to join in; his mind was on a single track road down the spiral that Midoriya couldn’t stop himself from falling down. Figuring that he couldn’t see himself actively hoping for a couple to break up, nor could he get on board with trying to get someone to fall in…like! with him, Izuku decided that the best thing to do would be to let go of his crush. He couldn’t let his feelings develop more than they already had as they would only lead to more heartache. And while Ochako insisted that high school and life was about the journey of love and heartbreak, Izuku would like to avoid the latter as much as possible.

Unfortunately, life had curveball after curveball set for Izuku.

“Well speak of the devil!”

Ochako’s words caught Izuku’s attention from his thoughts. Before she called out to whoever was caught in her line of sight, Izuku looked up and a blush grew on his cheeks.

Todoroki was there, maybe thirty paces ahead of their group, walking leisurely as the rays of the sun shone on his skin. Though it was very hot outside, Todoroki was in a long sleeve, blue sneakers, and jeans that Izuku surely had no objection against given the way they shaped around his long legs. But that was the Izuku of a few moments ago who decided he couldn’t lov-like! someone who was with someone else!

Even as Todoroki turned at the sound of his name, and his eyes seemed to have directly met Izuku’s the second he could, Izuku couldn’t like him. As the boy stood in place, waiting for his classmates to catch up, one hand in his jeans' pocket, his features soft, Izuku couldn’t like him. Even as Todoroki greeted each of them by their name, as “Midoriya” slipped past his lips, his voice seemingly dropping an octave, Izuku was determined to stop his heart from beating out of his chest.

But ever the one to not be rude, Izuku smiled at the taller boy, even if it was timid and wobbly and spoke absolute volumes of his racing thoughts. He greeted his friend and let the others lead the conversation. It was the usual, asking if he was heading back to campus. Iida and Ochako were being pretty persistent about Todoroki going back with them. Iida because he was class representative and shouldered the responsibility of safety for all of his fellow classmates. Uraraka because she was a through and through sadist. Though, as Iida insisted, he shrunk the distance between himself and Midoriya, leaving a big spot between them and Izuku for Todoroki to occupy.

And that was how Izuku was stuck walking the rest of the distance to the train station too close for comfort to someone he was determined not to lust over. And because Todoroki looked naturally beautiful as it was, with the evening sun making his red hair shine and his blue eye sparkle, Izuku couldn’t keep his eyes off him. Though Izuku told himself, he was only looking at Todoroki so much because he continuously looked over his shoulder and to the side, as if searching for something that wasn’t there. Todoroki usually wasn’t one to be paranoid. However, clashes with the Villain Alliance has increased in frequency lately, so Izuku supposed his friend’s new habit couldn’t be unwarranted.

Plus, whenever Todoroki moved his head, his hair would move with him effortlessly and it would look so bouncing in the wind and Izuku found he was absolutely memorized.

Then Todoroki moved his head and looked directly at Izuku, catching him staring.

Izuku felt his cheeks warm up and quickly averted his gaze to look to the path his feet were on, taking care to not trip on the cracks in the cement. Izuku could swear he saw Todoroki’s face looked worried in the flash of him that he saw, but he couldn’t be for certain since he wasn’t about to look up again. Izuku interjected where he could so that Ochako wouldn’t call him out for being so quiet, but he didn’t look up until they reached the train station.

The small group gathered at a pillar and waited some minutes before their train got there. Izuku looked around, noticing some students from the school were here as well, probably trying to get the last train that would stop at U.A. The sky was a mixture of orange and pinks but it was slowly transitioning into a light purple that Izuku knew meant night time was almost upon them. Luckily, on the weekends, their curfew was extended for an hour and the train stopping at their school was only a five-minute walk.

As the bullet came by, the train roared against the tracks, so no one heard Izuku’s light gasp as Todoroki’s fingers grazed his own. They were from his warm hand and in the cool evening of spring, as the wind current picked up from the speeding train, it gave the smaller boy a wonderful warmth throughout his whole body. His friends hadn’t noticed the slight contact as they watched their train come to a stop and people got off but Izuku knew his cheeks were a deep crimson. Izuku didn’t have the courage to look up at Todoroki but he could feel his heavy eyes on him as he took the steps towards the train.

Through all the buzz on the train, there was no short of distractions for Izuku but the one he couldn’t keep his eyes off of was Todoroki. Izuku wished he had the courage he had when he was in battle, but all he could do was keep track of Todoroki’s shoes. There was plenty of room on the train, so Izuku could see from the corner of his eye that Ochako took a seat while Tenya stood beside her, holding onto the railing. They were on the other side, people passing in between the group and perhaps that was why they reacted late.

Todoroki stepped away, towards the doors and outside under the cherry blossoms. It took a split second for Izuku to take in the fact that Todoroki was getting off the very same train they all paid to get onto. As the sun continued its descent over the horizon, Izuku could feel his fears all coming to life. Izuku knew he had grounds to be worried: it was already getting late, studies showed villains were more likely to come out at night, and this was the last train to school so Todoroki would have to walk to the dorms from here. Izuku knew that these are the thoughts that should have been going through his head, but as Todoroki moved further and further away, he could only think of one thing:

I can’t lose him.

That was why he reached out for his taller friend in front of him. That was why he felt his feet move before his mind could tell him to stop. When he crossed the threshold of the train’s entrance, he moved quickly, to the point his ballcap flew off his head and fell just inside the threshold of the train. Izuku could feel a rush of air on his back as the doors closed behind him, his bangs tracing his eyelashes and almost disturbing his eyesight. When he whirled back to look at his friends behind glass, realizing he had just gone back on a promise to himself, he saw Uraraka and Iida’s shocked faces as they pressed against the door’s windows. Then their stares moved just above Izuku’s shoulders and a blush formed over their cheeks as they looked at Todoroki. Izuku couldn’t fathom why they would blush as he turned around but, when his eyes met Todoroki’s, he could not have been more surprised.

Curled up in Todoroki’s arms was a cat with one blue eye and one grey. The little one’s fur, while not pristine, was cut straight down the middle with one half being red and the other being white. But the fur on the white half was dirtied on the ends, hinting that the cat lived on the streets. As both Todoroki and the cat stared right at Izuku, the smaller boy couldn’t calm his beating heart as the bullet took off behind him, Iida and Ochako looking at the boys. Todoroki watched as it seemed Iida chastised the pair from behind the solid glass and felt a little guilty for giving his friends trouble. Especially the one right in front of him.

Not knowing what to do, Izuku stared at the kitten then at Todoroki then back at the small fur ball. Admittedly, the little thing was cute as it pawed at Todoroki's chest and kneaded on the cloth of his shirt. Izuku was consumed with the urge to pet the incredibly soft-looking cat sitting in Todoroki’s smooth arms. He felt like he couldn’t though until he knew if Todoroki had really just gotten off the train to pet a cat. Which he really couldn’t have complained about considering the cat looked so much like Todoroki and Izuku had the overwhelming urge to dote on the heterochromatic pair.


Todoroki was expecting Midoriya to lecture him, that he shouldn’t spend his money on a train ticket if he was going to waste it and get off to pet some stray cat. He wondered for a second what would win out in the end: his love for cats or his desire to please Midoriya.

“It’s you!”

Midoriya pointed towards the cat Todoroki was holding in his arms and couldn’t help the rising heat in his cheeks. Todoroki was pleasantly surprised by the light blush over Midoriya’s freckles and the mixture reminded him of seeing stars at sunrise, though he couldn’t mull over the image as people began passing them and staring at the pair. Todoroki looked around to find no one was paying them much mind, except perhaps a few wandering eyes; but their eyes were mainly focused on the car. Either way, Todoroki believed themselves to be in the way.

“Let’s move outside. I don’t think animals are allowed here.”

That brought Midoriya back to Earth and Todoroki almost began to think that Midoriya to be one of those people that get completely enthralled by cats. Grabbing onto Midoriya’s shirt sleeve, Todoroki moved towards the exit they had come in from, ignoring the thought before it ran wild in his head. As they moved, Todoroki could hear Midoriya mumble behind him, reprimanding him, though half-heartedly, saying that Todoroki should be more careful when it came to spending his money, but then he reasoned that he could always ask for more if he was ever found himself in a sticky position, though, Izuku continued in a quiet jumble that Todoroki probably would never ask anything from his family and Izuku kept on going, his thoughts an absolute mess and Todoroki could practically feel the mess of Midoriya's rapidly developing feelings behind him. After a few more moments of Izuku's soft rants, he stopped completely and, looking over his shoulder, Todoroki could see Izuku big emerald eyes bright and wide as they stared at the cat that was making direct eye contact with the shorter boy as if they were having some sort of silent conversation. Shouto quickly turned forward again before he walked into a wall. Though he reasoned to himself, that would make a solid excuse for the rising blush on his cheek.

Once outside, the sun hadn’t moved much, though the sky was still a mix of pink and purple - more purple - hues. Todoroki moved them towards the trees and stopped at a brick ledge where he placed the cat, taking his bag off and bending over it to look into its content. The cat leered down at the boy, arching its back and letting its tail sway with anticipation. Izuku did the same, peering over Todoroki’s shoulder, trying to sneak a peek and looking between the heterochromatic pair. Izuku couldn’t believe that Todoroki found a cat that seemed to be so attached to him.

Izuku voiced this, wondering aloud how the pair found each other.

“Fate I suppose,” Todoroki spoke, rifling through his bag still, “I’ve taken this train ever since I started visiting my mother at the hospital. This cat lives in this area so whenever I see him, I give him food.”

This perked Midoriya's interest as he reached out towards the feline. Though, the cat, being a little feral and hungry, swatted at his hand with its claws extended, its fangs out, hissing. Midoriya, as someone used to attacks coming at him quickly and unexpectedly, pulled his hand back just in time and stared as Todoroki found a can of something from his bag.

“Be careful, Midoriya. He’s easier to pet when he’s eating.”

Izuku frowned, “He literally jumped into your arms earlier!”

Izuku didn’t think about how he totally wished he could not jump into Todoroki’s arms.

Todoroki pulled back the lid to reveal some tuna and placed it on the ledge in front of the cat. Standing up, Todoroki moved to the side, letting Midoriya have a front row seat to their new companion. When the cat began devouring the content, Todoroki gently guided Midoriya’s hand from behind, wrapping his fingers around the outside, curling over the crooked fingers that Midoriya once broke over him. Their fingers both delved into the cat's fur, the softness enveloping them.

“See?” Todoroki whispered softly somewhere near Midoriya’s ear and he tried to focus on the plush of the cat's red fur rather than the warm breathe on his neck. “He’s really complacent when he wants to be.”

Izuku wants to see if it’s possible to smack the blush off of his cheeks but that would probably involve taking his hand away from Todoroki’s fingers in order for him to get a good hit in with his dominant hand – from Todoroki’s soft grip with his calloused fingertips - and somewhere deep in Izuku’s being begged him not to let this moment end. Somewhere in the past three minutes since their train departed without them, everything seemed to be going at lightspeed to the point where Izuku couldn't make up or down of his thoughts. He could just react as he felt his heart race, his lips pursed as to not let any sounds that would deepen his slip. Izuku dared to steal a glance over his shoulder and saw Todoroki’s bright blue eye sparkle from the seedlings of light filtering onto him from the tree above. And when Todoroki’s eye slide to move to meet his gaze in the sharp way all of Todoroki’s movements seem to be, Izuku couldn’t help himself.

Izuku let himself smile and whispered, “You really like him?”

His feelings be damned, forgetting his earlier decision of self-preservation and being a good friend. He could let himself suffer a little longer if he could lose himself in the fantasy of Todoroki wanting to be this close to Izuku like this.

“Or,” Izuku continued, turning his head so that their cheeks were almost brushing against each other, “do you feed all the cats in Tokyo?”

A small smile picked up Midoriya’s freckled cheeks and, despite the coming dusk on the horizon and the sky’s blend of pinks and oranges and purples, Todoroki almost felt like he was blinded by the sun right in front of him. He knew he should look away before a blush rose against his pale skin. But Shouto knew he’d rather ruin his eyesight than look away from the emerald in front of him.

Shouto wasn’t smiling but from the softness in his eyes, Izuku could tell he was happy.

Backing up the slightest bit, Todoroki released whatever hold he had on Izuku and looked somewhere off to the side. Izuku could finally breathe but, admittedly, now that he was not making himself feel guilty for admitting things to himself, he missed the smell Todoroki encompassed him in. It reminded Izuku of some kind of secondary quirk, very siren-like, and looking back at Todoroki gazing off to the falling sun, Izuku very well felt like he had fallen into a trap.

“I’m glad you’re feeling better Midoriya.”

Izuku eyes grew, if possible. “Oh. You could tell?”

The words slipped before Izuku could process what he was saying and wanted to berate himself, but it seemed Todoroki wasn’t giving him room to lie.

“You’d been acting strangely ever since we met up. I couldn’t tell if it was something I did or from beforehand, but I’m glad you seem better.”

Izuku crouched down to be at eye level with the cat, scratching the cat’s side and trying to distract himself from the rising blush with the way the cat leaning into his touch. He thought about how he was always too comfortable around Todoroki and the safety blanket that seemed to fall over him whenever he was near, even if he himself didn't realize his own slips. Todoroki picked up his bag but then leaned onto the ledge, not seeming in any hurry to return to the dorms despite their curfew looming over their heads.

Izuku wasn’t sure how long he was staring at Todoroki but it was long enough for the cat to finish his meal and purr against Midoriya’s hand. Todoroki was always a beautiful person so it was never hard for Izuku to get lost just looking at him, but he was never so blatant about it before. Just the thought of Todoroki paying him so much attention for him to know he was worried about something, even if that something was Todoroki himself. Izuku couldn’t help the dopey smile that made its way to his face.

Izuku focused back on the cat in front of him, trying and failing to hide his glee. “I suppose I was a little upset about something before.” He peaked his eyes up to see he had Todoroki’s full attention. Izuku put on his most assuring face, the brightest smile he could muster, and Todoroki thought that that face was just unfair. "But, I promise, I'm much better now!"

A beat passed as they gazed into each other's eyes but Izuku looked away before he did something he'd regret. Instead, he kept Todoroki in his peripheral, not wanting his friend to leave his sight completely.

“What about you Todoroki-kun? You just came from visiting your mother, no? How was that? You haven’t been able to visit as often right?”

There was a single fidget of Todoroki’s finger around his bag, but other than that there was no other indication there was anything wrong. But Izuku noticed it because Izuku noticed everything about Todoroki that he was willing to show.

Todoroki actually looked nervous, which on Shouto meant his shoulders hunched just the slightest bit, but Izuku couldn’t help but wondered what that meant. He looked a little off to the side, avoiding eye contact at all cost, something very odd indeed.

“It went as well as it could’ve gone honestly considering everything.”

“Huh? I thought everything was going well with your mom.”

Todoroki still had a tough time talking about his mom but, at the very least, Izuku knew he and his siblings were taking steps in order to rekindle their relationship with her. In the few instances Todoroki had mentioned his family relations – excluding his father, of course – there seemed to be a level of forgiveness and healing that Shouto couldn’t do on his own.

“It is. I suppose I just gave her a shock today. I try not to do that with her health being what it is.”

Izuku gave him a single head tilt, willing Todoroki to continue but not asking straight out to not scare him away.

“I told her Momo and I broke up.”

Izuku couldn’t believe his ears.

And when Izuku couldn’t believe something he ran through the steps in the form of his mumbles and rambles where Izuku began by saying how the pair seemed to be getting along fine – or at least as fine as he had seen from an outsider’s perspective – and he supposed that couldn’t have been a good indication considering Todoroki was a very private person. Izuku’s overwhelming hope for this development quickly dissolved into something more akin to shame and guilt. While Izuku did not dare voice these feelings, instead, in a very small voice that matched the way he lowered his head to look at Todoroki, who was now staring at Izuku with an expression close to amusement, said, “I just wished you felt you could’ve come talk to me – or someone! – about this before doing something so hasty.”

“It was fine Midoriya. We just realized we couldn’t give each other what we wanted.”

Izuku couldn’t let himself feel happy about this though. His initial reaction was to be but the fact that his best friend went through a breakup made Izuku feel deeply and disgustingly guilty.

“Well, it isn’t like Momo and my mother ever met and I never really told her much about our relationship so that wasn’t really the part that shocked her.”


Izuku wasn’t understanding a bit of this. While maybe he understood Todoroki and Yaoyorozu not being compatible and perhaps Todoroki’s mother being a little upset about her son having a whole relationship she knew nothing about, Todoroki didn't explain himself clearly – not that he needed to explain every little thing to Izuku. But somehow Izuku felt like he should comfort Todoroki – though that could’ve also been that Izuku always wanted to be touching Todoroki – but he didn’t necessarily know how.

“Sorry,” Todoroki stared up into the rapidly developing night sky, “it’s just this part is hard to say.”

“You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to, Todoroki-kun!”

“No, I want to. I just don’t want to be seen differently after.”

Izuku thoughts wandered far, wondering what it could’ve been considering it was something Todoroki himself was nervous about. There had only been big things that Todoroki was ever truly upset about for the time Izuku had known him, so considering it was something he was seriously fretting over, there was a heaviness in Izuku’s chest over his helplessness.

“I, um, came out to my mom.”

There was a beat of silence before Shouto’s words really hit Izuku. And when they did, despite the chill around them from the finally falling over the horizon, Izuku’s insides felt like a warm soup settled in his tummy.

“Todoroki-kun -”

Todoroki turned to look at his friend, probably his best friend considering how close the two have grown together in their high school career. He knew Midoriya was a good person, most likely the best person he’s ever met, but still, the thought of sharing something so personal and taboo and down to his very being, so him; it rattled Todoroki insides as if he was riding a rollercoaster despite his stationary spot perched on the ledge.

Then, Izuku flung himself at Todoroki, his arm circling around Todoroki’s broad shoulders. Izuku knew that Shouto was growing to be a touching person, especially considering everyone in their class had no qualms hugging and tackling one another, and while Todoroki was never one to initiate contact, Izuku could tell there were moments, rare and far in between, where he needed to be held. From the way Izuku felt Shouto lean into the hug, resting his chin on the shorter boy’s shoulder, gently pushing their shoulders into each other, Izuku could tell this was one of those moments. Midoriya gave Todoroki a squeeze before pulling back, bent at the waist to be right in his face, his eyes and smile brighter than the rising moon.

“That’s amazing! I’m glad that you felt you could tell me!”

Todoroki breathed a laugh, that was a mixture of perhaps fondness and relief. Not that he believed Izuku would hate him with this new knowledge. The exposure, like he was holding out his heart in his palm for a busy street in Tokyo to see, was what had Todoroki shifting as the cat began rubbing against his waist, purring and vibrating against his warm side.

“Oh wait! Did she-,” Izuku paused, the daunting thought suddenly looming, “Did she take it well?”

“Hmm.” Todoroki nodded, looking towards the sky behind Izuku, seeing the brightest stars stand out against the powerful city. “My mother just wants me to love someone who will love me back wholeheartedly.”

Izuku smiled, though there was a touch of sadness he didn’t want Todoroki to see because Izuku thought that maybe she wanted that because Shouto’s mother never really got that for herself. But, in the end, Izuku just couldn’t contain his glee.

“I’m so happy for you, Todoroki-kun.” The boy said, the brightest smile on his face, dimples mixing in with his freckles, his face looking as if it belonged in the dark sky above their heads.

And Izuku really was, his giddy attitude showing from his slightly red cheeks. As if he could float up into the dark sky until he hit the North Star. Todoroki stood up before Izuku, standing close enough that Izuku wondered if he could hear his racing heart – a heart rate filled with hope alongside a frightening feeling. The nervousness Izuku felt rivaled the hope though, so all he could do was stare up at Todoroki with a wobbly smile as the cat meowed at them, upset at the lack of warmth.

The pair stayed like that, lost in their own thoughts and one another’s eyes as the stars sparkled overhead and, if Izuku wasn’t so lost in the ocean that was Todoroki’s left eye and the deep abyss that was his right, he would marvel at how much of a perfect moment this was.

Todoroki broke the moment though as he said in an unusually husky voice, “We should start heading back, right?”

“I suppose,” Izuku replied, not looking away, “though we’ve already broken curfew.”

At that, Shouto raised a sharp eyebrow and tilted his head, trying to decipher whether Midoriya meant they should stay out later since the danger of their teacher's punishment was already looming over them. He didn’t smirk or grin or anything of the like, which was great for Izuku’s sake since he might’ve fainted at the sight.

“Ever the rebellious one, aren’t you?”

Izuku snorted silently through his nose, breathing a laugh. “As if you’re one to talk.”

Nodding his head towards the end of the street, where they watched their train go, Shouto’s eyes so gentle and lively.

“C’mon. I bet watchman Iida is already on his way.”

Izuku laughed at that, it brightening their surroundings as Shouto already began walking away. Izuku quickly caught up, a bounce in his steps as they crossed underneath a street light that flickered. Not worrying about villains attacking or even being punished for breaking curfew if they got caught. All Izuku could do was walk on Todoroki’s side, mentioning how he came out to his mom a long time ago, even though he never really had to tell his mom. She caught himself and Kacchan kissing when they were both very young so she had always known that her son was not straight – throwing little loving glances up at the taller boy. Izuku had even caught a few something-filled glances Shouto threw that he refused to think too much about. So, instead of thinking, the pair walked towards their school, side by side, leaving the cat underneath the safety of the cherry blossoms.