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I love my girl (but she ain't worth the price)

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[ABRIEL is stirring soup, ROSE is attempting to add more pepper to it. CIERA is standing by the fridge and texting]

Abriel: “Rose! Stop messing with the soup!”

Rose: “Aww, come on Abri! I’m a great cook!”

Abriel: “You nearly set the house on fire last time!”

Rose: “It was one tiny fire. Honestly, it’s not that big of a deal.”

Abriel: “And all the times you’ve nearly passed out because you couldn’t be bothered to microwave leftovers?”

Rose: “Hey! Coffee counts as food!”

Elisabeth: “It really doesn’t.”

Rose: “Yes it- Oh, hey Blue! Why didn’t you say you were coming over?”

Elisabeth: “I thought I’d surprise you two. After all, it is Alice’s birthday today. Also, is that my shirt?”

[ABRIEL glances down at the slightly-too-large blue flannel top she was wearing.]

Abriel: “Ah. So it seems.”

Rose: “You sound extrodinairily put together for someone who’s cheeks could rival a tomato in terms of colour.”

Abriel: “ROSE!”

Natalie: “Brave words coming from the girl wearing, what? two items of her own?”

Rose: “Hey, your closet is almost entirely either mine or Ciera’s shirts, Nat. Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”

Ciera: “Guy’s i think dinner’s burnt.”


[RECORDING cuts out after unclear yelling]