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Kat and Adena (dating for 3 years) – 

The studio is set up simply. Two chairs opposite each other, one camera on each side mounted behind each chair to capture the reaction of their counterpart. A small table is laid out between the two chairs; cards in one pile at the center and two water glasses at each opposite corner. There are various lights set overhead, out of view of the camera and microphones strategically placed to pick up the audio. Each person in turn picks up a card from the pile and reads aloud the question for their partner to answer. Their participation in this social experiment, came through Sabrina, a colleague of Adena’s who was developing a video series with aims to explore the ‘human connection’ whilst giving representation to different kinds of relationships; balancing personal identity and interpersonal relationships.

That is how Kat finds herself sat across from Adena, in a large studio space in Greenwich village, absorbing the silence; save for the whirring of the A/C unit in the corner and the noise from the New York street below. 

“Okay so, just spend the next minute or so getting relaxed and try to be in the moment. Kat could you shift the chair slightly” The one woman, camera-woman, director, producer and sound technician states. Sabrina, Kat had met her a few times at various events she and Adena had attended; she was nice, she shared Kat’s love of late 2009/2010 Nicki Minaj and always made an effort with Kat. Kat also remembered the petite woman awkwardly trying to flirt with Jane at Adena’s birthday celebration. Watching Jane trying to politely fumble an apology for being straight had been a highlight. 

Adena looks at Kat, taking in her smile. Adena is always looking at her,‘regarding’ her she says when Kat asks. Kat always has a glow about her, her eyes always letting on more than she cares to. Kat is getting better about it, being looked at like that, like she’s the most important thing in Adena’s life. She’s dressed casually, black jeans, a black top, heeled boots and a black blazer incidentally co-coordinating with Adena’s similar all-black outfit – they had gotten dressed separately that morning, Adena emerging from the bathroom to look up at Kat, smiling as she took note of how they were dressed. Stereotypical as it may be: to date someone and slowly merge into one.

 “okay cool, whenever you’re ready”. There’s a little hesitation between Kat and Adena, looking at each other, pausing, waiting to see who would go first.

Kat takes a breath, picks up a card, taking a moment to look up at Adena who is looking at her so openly and lovingly. “so, do I just read it or...? okay so” she takes a quick pause, re-reading the question

“What do you love about our relationship?” she places the card down next to the pile on the side table. She crosses her leg over the other and looks up to Adena who smiles at her immediately, almost to reassure her.

“What do I love the most about our relationship? Ah, I think, I love that we are so very different.” Adena states with little hesitation. “what physically or?” Kat interjects light heartedly, gesturing between the two of them, their physical differences are quite evident, but Kat feeling challenged emotionally thinks ‘time to make a joke’.

Adena giggles in that way that she does, reciprocating Kat trying to take the tension out of the conversation. “What, do you mean? That we look different? She laughs, “well that’s obvious” she pauses trying to carefully formulate the words and speak with intention. She tilts her head to one side, really making eye contact with Kat. “I think that you need to have balance. In any kind of relationship, romantic or not. I think we have balance. You challenge me, and I’d like to think that I can in some ways challenge you” Kat interjects “yeah totally” she adds nodding in agreement. Kat was funny and silly and confident, all things which Adena was but in such a different way. She was impulsive where Adena preferred a more measured approach. Kat loved to be out in the world, Adena was more of a homebody – something they had worked hard to find a balance between. Adena has this maturity that Kat admired it balanced her out perfectly – she always knew that someone would pack snacks for a road trip and remember send thank you cards after a dinner party.

“We see the world differently, but I think you’re always open to my perspective as much as I try to be open to yours. I also think there’s the understanding of allowing the other person to just be. But yeah all of the things which make us different are…. They serve to make us better I think. Does that make sense?” Adena’s voice tilts at the end of her question, leaving room for Kat’s response. Kat takes a moment to digest what Adena is communicating. The way she is so introspective and has such a deep understanding of herself and reflects and looks at their relationship. “I also love that, that we may have cultural differences, but I think the other is always …. Is always willing to learn, I think. You’re always asking me, sort of wanting to know more which I appreciate” Adena adds.

“well yeah, of course. I want to know everything about you. I want to stick around in your world and I want to know what that is, like what that looks like.” After three years of dating, Kat had become comfortable talking about her and Adena in a future tense. Without the pressures of immigration and the looming potential of deportation. Somehow, they had made it work through all of that. Now Kat wanted to give Adena all of her good mornings, her best days and her worst days. She wanted Adena on their good days and bad days.

 “yes, while I can appreciate that, not everyone is so open. I just want you to know. It’s even in the little things” Adena says.

Adena has a great appreciation for Kat wanting to know more about her world and where she comes from. Asking questions but respecting her boundaries and for Kat, she was gaining an understanding of religion and a new culture through Adena’s perspective (and her cooking which a is always plus). It was a contrast to her own knowledge and upbringing and it was apparent in their conversations initially that the rest of the world knew so much about America but that wasn’t necessarily reciprocated.


 Persian Cinema was something Kat had really grown to enjoy. They were sat on the couch, Adena nestled in Kats arms, blanket over top their laps. Kat sat with her legs crossed resting on the edge of the futon, Adena next to her with her legs folded underneath her. Kat’s wine glass was half full, left on the coffee table. They had just finished watching a wedding scene in another of Adena’s ‘essentials of Persian cinema’ – this was how she informally referred to their monthly movie screenings which they arranged when Kat mentioned wanting to know a more about Persian films and culture. “How close is that? To a real wedding?”. Kat asked, head nodding toward the screen. Adena reaches her hand out from under the blanket to grab the remote turning down the volume before turning back to Kat. She tilts her head thinking “well it depends. Some people have weddings that are smaller some are bigger. And a lot of it depends on the family”.

“is that something you’ve ever thought about?” Kat snuggles closer, the arm around Adena’s shoulders lowering to rest her hand on Adena’s hip; reaching her hand under Adena’s sleep shirt to trace circles there.

 “What a wedding?”

 “yeah,” Kat replies. Adena pauses for a moment, weighing whether or not she wants to get into it with Kat. She absent-mindedly traces the pattern of the blanket while Kat pretends to look back at the screen; waiting patiently and giving Adena the space to talk. “for the longest time I didn’t think that it would be possible for me. I had always known about myself, but I think it is hard to conceptualize something you have never seen”.

Adena thinks back to being 16, getting dressed for her cousins wedding, going to the ceremony, seeing everyone gathered; seeing the Sofreyé Aghd (her auntie would have spent months gathering everything for the spread, both objects that are near and dear to the hearts of the bride and groom, and elements that contain imagery and symbolism relating to their impending union); everything presented so beautifully, dancing with her mother and in a quiet moment thinking maybe this would never happen for her. Then came what her relationship with her father was like now. She thought of how she would want to get married in a way that honored her parents; honored her father, who she now had very little contact with. “I am my mother’s only daughter, so I would love to share that experience with her.” She thinks of having a henna party, engagement ceremony and eating sweets and drinking tea blessing her future marriage. “So, I don’t know maybe. Was that a proposal Kat Edison?” Adena says turning to Kat who is now smiling.  


Adena had come to understand that if Kat said she was getting her braids done, she would take a minimum of five hours and also that with new hair came a new Kat. Her energy changed, she carried herself a little differently. Always beautiful and confident, but different in some ways. They had long conversations with Kat talking about her hair Adena listening intently and participating where appropriate.  Kat always has a smell of Shea butter and coconut about her, Adena recognized the smell after seeing the array of hair products Kat used. It was familiar now, so distinctly Kat. Her curiosity was born partly out of her imagining their daughter, she wanted to know everything she could to encourage their potential baby to be proud of her curls, encourage her to be as confident as Kat and wanting to how to look after her hair.

Adena takes her turn asking Kat a question. She picks up a card.

Kat takes a deep breath and simultaneously Adena exhales, almost preparing herself for the onslaught of emotions that about are to come to the forefront.

“What is a pain in me that you would like to heal?

 “fuck…. I’m sorry, are we allowed to curse. I didn’t even ask that” Adena laughs at this because Kat knows how to dial down the tension at the right times. Sabrina also lets a laugh at this. She was all but a fly on the wall not making a sound. It would be easy to forget that she was in the room. “I wish I could heal the hurt with like your dad, you know. I think that obviously, you’ve come to this place where you’re whatever about it. But sometimes I pick up on how much it affects you.” 

“right. But that’s out of my ….” Adena is starting to get teary eyed but trying to hold it in. “it out of my control so what am I…”

“no babe I know. I know that. Its just I know it’s something you kind of feel like maybe you’re missing? I don’t know. I mean at dinner with my parents and my dad brought it up; It was just a lot you know. And when you talk to your mom and you know he’s there, but you guys don’t talk” Kat at this point leans forward, lowering herself leaning on her elbows to try and make eye contact with Adena who is looking downcast. “I wish I could make that okay for you.”

Susan and Marcus had invited their daughter and her girlfriend over for the weekend to celebrate Kat’s birthday. The affair was intimate, at their house in the Hamptons, hidden away but not too far from the city. His daughter had a girlfriend, which was fine with him of course. Adena was smart, educated, well-traveled, cultured. Adena was also kind and cared deeply for his daughter, he could tell from the way they interacted, she took care of Kat and Kat took care of her.  On paper she was ideal for Kat, someone from a good background and similar circumstances, Kat would never have to worry with Adena, he knew they would always be secure. But Adena was also very bold, Marcus would say, she lived her life out loud, she was religious and outspoken and so very different from the quiet subdued environment they had raised Kat in. Although to be fair, Kat had herself boldly carved her own path, so maybe they matched in that way.

“so Adena, how are your parents?” Marcus asks.

“My family is well, I keep in contact with them as much as I can”

  Adena goes on to talk about her mother telling her about her plans for the celebration of ‘Nature day’ at the end of the Persian new year. Susan asks more about the holiday to which Adena is very happy to explain how her mother had made all of these plans to go out into the gardens outside of their home.   Kat looks at her with pride in her eyes. They have a discussion of all doing something like that because Susan just wants her daughter’s girlfriend to feel comfortable and welcome.

“And your father?” Marcus chimes in, after taking a bite of Susan’s potato salad; the raisins were an unusual addition. “Dad.” Kat says almost warning her dad. Adena could handle herself but her parents were ‘a lot’, her dad especially. Growing up there wasn’t room for her to just be sad, they always had to unpack why.

"Its okay, I don’t mind.” Adena reassures Kat, putting her fork down, taking then a moment to control her feelings “We don’t speak much,” (or at all) Adena offers, without any intention of giving up more information than that

It took her a while to even open up to Kat about her relationship with her dad. How close they used to be, how her behavior in her ‘rebellious phase’ got her into trouble; he had simply lost his patience with her. The family money could only bail her out for so long, so she left home at seventeen.

“interesting” Marcus says, almost trying to provoke her into saying more than she volunteered. “Dad can we not do this” Kat chimes in, the tension in the room rising “what?” feigning being oblivious, he turns back from Kat to Adena who is sitting next to his daughter on the opposite side of the table.  “I can’t imagine how one would negotiate that”

“negotiate what dad?” Kat is starting to get impatient, her body tensing up bracing herself for whatever psychobabble her dad was about to come out with.

“no, just growing up religious, I could see how a parent would struggle with that” Marcus states matter-of-factly.

“My family isn’t particularly religious. I grew up around religion, but my father and me, that’s just a difference in opinion. We didn’t and don’t really agree on what we want for my life I guess.”


Adena had grown up in a liberal household, her parents were artists who stayed following the revolution when their peers had left. Maybe her parents let her have a bit too much freedom, which Adena then used to her advantage, causing all sorts of mayhem as a teen. The conflict between Adena and her father wasn’t so much because of her sexuality. He didn’t agree with her leaving home so young and she disobeyed him by leaving causing a strain on their relationship. Her mother once quoted him to say ‘if she wants to be an adult and thinks she is a woman now, let her go out into the world and do whatever she wants. She does not care for her father’. Despite that he had still supported her for years after that, financially at least.

“Marcus!”  Susan admonishes “Adena honey” she turns trying to apologize for her husband. “no, it’s okay really” Adena assures her. The mood around the table is very subdued for the rest of their dinner. Kat reaches out to hold Adena hand on the table, she sips her wine and looks at her girlfriend poking at the frosted glass of cucumber and lemon water in quiet contemplation, comforted by Kat’s hand on hers. “Did anyone try the chicken, I thought the chicken was lovely” Susan says breaking the silence.

  Kat’s dad would apologize later that night when he and Adena are outside on the patio alone sharing a drink – his a scotch and hers a cup of tea, a blanket over her shoulders; trying to bond with her girlfriend’s father because maybe he’ll soon be her wife’s father. He’ll reassure her that she will always have a place in their family if she needs something. Kat casually looks over to make sure Adena is okay from her place near the kitchen island. The large kitchen opens out onto the patio. It’s a warmish night so the screen doors are open letting the light from the house onto the patio. Kat will join them, lean down to kiss Adena asking with her eyes, making sure Adena is okay.


“I appreciate that love, thank you.” That’s how Kat knows that is the end of it. Adena has acknowledged what she has said and has taken it in but won’t go further because she refuses to speak poorly about her father, regardless of everything Kat understand that’s her dad and their relationship is so much different to her and her dad.

“are you okay baby? Yeah?” after getting the confirmation of a nod from Adena as she wipes away a stray tear and smooths down her blouse and then reaches over to pick up a glass of water to take a quick sip, composing herself. 

“okay next question. Oooh”

What are you hesitant to tell me?

Kat reads from the card before placing it down on the pile designated for the questions they have already read and answered. Adena crosses one leg over the other indicating apprehension and a slight hesitation to answer Kat’s question. “You know I love how supportive you are.”

“where is this going?” Kat says under breath to which Adena smiles trying to soften what she’s about to say.

 “You always support me, but I think I would say I am hesitant…I want to say the right words. Okay. I wish you wouldn’t try to fix everything for me. For instance, when we are out together and someone, a stranger makes a comment. Sometimes people are just going to be terrible and we both know that, but I feel like you feel like you always want to fix it”

“Yes, I want to protect you and I’ll do that”. Kat interjects, balancing being defensive and trying to explain her perspective to her girlfriend.

“I understand that it’s worse I think, when people notice me and how I dress, it’s something that for some people visibly ‘others’ me or they see us together, because I look like this, they put together whatever they want in their heads. You get upset on my behalf, I appreciate that you care so much, but you can’t punch every homophobe and every racist”

“I can try.” Kat says which they both laugh at. “It isn’t fair, and I hate that.” Kat adds.

 “I know you do love. But I move around like this in the world every day. Some battles aren’t worth it. I don’t want you to be in that situation again.” Adena pauses “I also don’t like how you make eggs or coffee. It is not the same when you use the machine”. Adena says scrunching her face. Kat feigns hurt at this statement her brow furrowing “I don’t know what to say, I mean I barely cook, but fine, I’ll take that.”

“I love your cooking, when you actually cook; that is, every fourth month on a Tuesday when there’s a full moon” Adena says bringing the conversation back around, her tone light. “you’re better at it.” Kat finishes


“so you just put the coffee grounds in here, about thirty grams” Adena explains as she adds the freshly ground coffee into the French press. “I don’t know what thirty grams is, babe.” Adena smiles at this. That was one thing that always amused her: the American rejection of the metric system. K at stood behind Adena, chin resting on her shoulder allowing her to look over at Adena’s ministrations, her hands moving carefully preparing their morning coffee.

“this has to be pre-heated a little to bring it up to temperature. You let the extraction happen for about thirty seconds and then you put 400 grams… I mean just put the rest of the water in here.”  Kats hands begin to slide under her shirt, pulling her away from her task momentarily. She tilts her head slightly as Kat begins to kiss along her neck, moving her hair to the side. “keep going, I’m listening.” Kat whispers into her skin, her voice dropping an octave.

 “baby, this is the important part. You put this… mmmm… you put this on top here and you press down.” At that moment Kat’s hand slides down past Adena’s sleep shorts into her underwear. “press down where?” Kat says cheekily, completely distracting Adena from the task at hand, nipping at her earlobe. “Adena, babe the Keurig is right there.”


Tell me about a time I disappointed you?

“I think you know.” Kat nods in acknowledgment, the conversation suddenly taking a turn. I wasn’t so much disappointed because in some ways I could understand. It just that I couldn’t, I…. that is one moment in our relationship where I felt the most alone”. Adena’s voice sounded almost uncertain thinking back to the time when they weren’t as strong in their relationship.

Questions of infidelity and Kat coming to terms with her sexuality separate from just being attracted to Adena. That period had been trying for them, Adena caught between supporting the woman she loves and taking care of herself and her own feelings. “I was disappointed because I’m here for you, I was here just for you. I had chosen you and then all of that happened. I deserved better than that” Adena continues on, barely taking a breath as her residual anger and tears start to show. The conversation at hand brought to surface all of those feelings of uncertainty and insecurity she had felt in those moments, questioning whether she was enough for Kat and whether it was worth it to stay after all of that sacrifice. Loving someone is one thing, but she recalled questioning herself at the time for building a home in someone who didn't share her commitment and really what do you do when love someone and it hurts?

“so when I left, I felt that time for us and for you was what was best. I couldn’t be with you and feel how I felt in those moments. I really hope you understood that”

“Yeah. I think I just expected you to be understanding and you were of course, but like all of a sudden you were gone, and I was dealing with all of this shit by myself, you know. It was like you had been taken from me all over again except this time it was on me”

“if I had stayed, we wouldn’t be together now, you have said that yourself” Adena responds.

“I know, and I think that’s what I needed, and I’ve never thanked you for that. For giving me that space to really get my shit together”. Kat says. “all of that made me realise so much more, that my world didn’t look and feel the same without you in it, that I’d fight for you and I’m still fighting for you, every day.” The sincerity in Kat’s voice resonated with Adena and served to reassure her that yes, Kat was all in and she did fight for her every day. It was in her words and her actions; in the little things she did to show Adena she was first above all else.


 Adena had been gone for four weeks at that point. One month since she had moved out and Kat was still adjusting to the emptiness in her home that had once been full of love and warmth. Adena’s absence had made Kat really appreciate all of the things Adena’s presence had added to her space. The prayer rug that sat in rack next to the couch, Adena’s small collection of art pieces that decorated the apartment, the shelf that used to hold her Quran, her laughter; all of that gone. Kat had always independent but there was an intimacy in sharing your space with someone that she missed. Her Saturday mornings which were once spent cuddling, sipping coffee or tangled in one another, were now spent alone and occasionally hungover. The evenings had been worse. The quiet had bothered her initially, not coming home to Adena waiting for her, dinner prepared – the smells of spices and Adena’s lingering scent in the apartment assaulting her. Instead, she came home to an empty apartment which felt much too big now.

“…So there I am, barbeque sauce all over my titties” Sutton had brought Kat out her musings momentarily. She stared in confusion at Sutton smiling at the end of the couch wine glass in hand.

 “Oh, come on, you didn’t even laugh at my Taystee reference. Sutton gripes playfully, however, concerned for her friend not sharing in their private joke.

Kat had come over for their regular Thursday hangout, which was sometimes a Monday – Sunday hangout because for a while Kat couldn’t stand being in her apartment alone. The TV was playing quietly in the background, volume turned down to allow the girls to talk. Kat sat alone on the loveseat while Jane and Sutton sat opposite her, half a bottle of rose, unfinished, on the table between them.

  “Hey, you okay?” Jane gently asks Kat. In some ways Kat was very much like a cat, sometimes it took waiting for her to come to you, trying to get her to talk about things would spook her. “yeah” Kat nods turning her head, eyes opening up a little as she becomes more alert. Sutton and Jane look between themselves, sharing a look that affirms now is the time to have ‘the’ conversation with Kat they had been putting off. Jane unfolded her feet from under her and put her wine glass on the table scooting to the edge of the couch to get closer to Kat. Taking a breath “Kat honey, I think it’s time that…” “Kat you need to go after Adena,” Sutton abruptly interjects. “It’s time dude, just go to her. Worst case scenario she doesn’t talk to you ever again, best case scenario you get married and have 15 kids” Sutton adds.

“I think what Sutton is trying to say is, that we’ve seen you babe, you need to go after what you want. Just talk to her” Jane says gently trying to balance out Sutton. “No, I said what I said.” Sutton finishes with a straight face.

They had agreed to spend time apart, Adena would live elsewhere while they worked through things. Not quite together, not quite apart. Living together only served to complicate things further. Kat took the advice of her friends and went to Adena prepared to make a big declaration only to find out from Adena that she was leaving; not by choice but her immigration status had caught up to her. In that moment, her entire world had come crashing down. They were supposed to have more time, everything was supposed to work out. Things always work out and love has to be enough.


When was the last time you surprised me?

“Probably when you came to me, while I was in Paris. At that point, I wasn’t sure where we were going or what was going to happen. But you came after me.” Adena starts.

Another thing Adena had learned that it often took a big catastrophe to kick Kat into gear, on occasion she would come to things in her own time but that was a slow-going process. Adena and any chance their relationship seemingly being snatched from her by forces outside of their control, spurred Kat to act in the only way she knew how; a grand gesture.

“I'm sorry it took me to so long to get it together” Kat interrupts. Adena had become so apart much of Kat, their lives were so intertwined and for a moment Kat had almost lost that. Kat had made a choice soon after that Adena was it for her and she would choose her in the same way Adena had chosen Kat.

“I didn’t know where we stood, but there you were. You do love a dramatic grand gesture” Adena says playfully. “what can I say, you’re worth that and so much more.” Kat shrugs, a small smile coming to her face. 


That memory sticks out for Adena, Kat proclaiming her love her, very loudly and very publically. “I choose you, Adena El- Amin, above all else I choose you. And I will do everything I can to prove that to you. I want you, I want us more than that I just want another chance because nothing is the same without you. I miss you accidentally waking me at the ass crack of dawn every day, I miss waking up to you and falling asleep next to you. I miss sharing my life with you, I miss watching Friends with you even though you know I have never laughed at a single episode.” Adena can’t help but let out a giggle at this. There was so much Kat and her shared, but a love of the show Friends was not one of those things, but she watched with Adena anyway because it made her smile, a smile Kat would move heaven and earth to keep on her face. 

“I miss the sound of your voice, the way you smell. I miss you hogging the covers. I miss how I feel seen with you, I miss how much you love me and us. I want all of those things with you. So” She pauses composing herself “Adena El-Amin, will you marry me, so I can continue to date you.”

“oh Kat,” Adena says, emotion spilling over in her voice. “No”.  

“It was important for me that we didn’t rush back into things, that’s why I said no. That was the mistake the first time.” Adena says, nervously wringing her hands, not making eye contact with Kat. She knew why Kat had proposed, she had appreciated the gesture, if they were married seemingly all of her immigration issues may disappear and give her and Kat a real chance. However, it was important for her and Kat to take things slowly, rebuild their foundation and spend some time being friends before committing long term.


They had spent months just being friends, staying in contact, doing the long-distance friendship thing. That period for Kat was so much about personal growth and becoming so much more and going outside of herself. After a while, they could no longer handle things being in limbo, unsure of what they were to each other before Adena was able to come back as the political climate had calmed somewhat. Adena looked back up to Kat “I think I’ve always known, it was just nice for you to do that for me.

Are you the best sex I’ve ever had?

“Yeah. By far, for real though” Kat smiles, sincere. Their relationship had many facets but one which both found really worked was their physical attraction and how they expressed that. Adena wasn’t a prude by any means but discussion of their sex life was something she felt was just for them, so it was an adjustment for Adena being with Kat who was much more vocal and open about discussing their sex life. They had come to a place where Kat was definitely more respectful of that boundary Adena had set. It was partly her wanting this intimate part of their relationship to be just theirs and also something had grown up feeling. Sex was something you shared with your partner and not the whole world.

 For Kat being with Adena was just different. “everyone gets to cum, every time” she recalls saying to Sutton and Jane.

“Am I the best you’ve ever had?” Kat asks, eyes squinting at Adena with a look of mirth on her face a small smile creeping from the corner of her mouth. “yes.” Kat knew that was all Adena would say on the matter, but her question did provoke the reaction she was seeking. Adena fanned at her face lightly before reaching forward to pick up her water glass once again, taking a sip to hide her blushing.

Kat had taken a little while to learn what Adena liked, Adena was patient and caring as always. She gave encouragement and direction when she felt Kat needed it. Adena in her daily life was expressive, bold and assertive so it made sense for that to extend into their physical relationship. She matched Kat’s passion and endurance; their relationship involved a lot of give and take in all aspects and how Kat did love to give.

Sex with Kat had been a revelation for Adena, it wasn’t that Kat was extraordinary in bed – obviously, she was talented – but it was that Adena loved her and that connection heightened everything for her.


  Kat lounged on the couch, scrolling on her IPad, glasses resting on the bridge of her nose. They had finished cleaning up dinner when Adena had decided to go take a shower before they wound down at the end of their day. Adena walked out of the bathroom, silk robe loosely tied around her waist revealing the black lace bra underneath. She walked into the kitchen area opening the freezer, bending over to look. “baby, do you want dessert?” Adena turned back around waiting for Kat’s response. Kat, in that moment, had taken no notice of her too engrossed in her twitter browsing.

They were different in that way. Kat existed so much in the digital space, Adena more in the physical space; always wanting to be grounded in the world around her – that and she wasn’t very good with her phone. Kat was helping her get better at it, using social media to get her art and ideas out there.   Kat was so engrossed in her reading that she didn’t hear Adena’s feet padding on the floor as she came to stand in front of Kat. Kat’s reading was interrupted as lace suddenly took over her vision; Adena placing her underwear on Kat’s lap. Kat looked up to see her girlfriend smiling, her eyes dark. Putting her IPad on the side table, she unfolded her legs and held out her arms for Adena letting her girlfriend climb onto her lap, straddling her.

“I asked you if you wanted dessert” Adena quips playfully, eyes migrating from Kat’s eyes to her lips.

“yeah?” Kat says smiling, half a question, looking down at Adena’s lips. Adena leans down bringing their lips together, arms moving to wrap around Kat’s shoulders. Kat’s tongue grazes Adena’s lips asking for entrance to which Adena responds, their tongues meeting, moving and fighting for dominance. Kat’s hands move from their place at her sides, up her thighs, sliding under her robe to her ass. Kat nips at girlfriend’s bottom lip while one hand grabs a handful of Adena, causing her to gasp into her mouth.

Adena grinds her hips into Kat, who had moved to kissing across her chest. Adena cradles her head as Kat moves a free hand to move Adena’s robe to pull down the cup of her bra exposing her pebbled nipple to the open air. Kat wraps her lips around her nipple, sucking gently before looking up at Adena, teeth scraping against her as she pulls back slightly; their eyes meeting.  


Adena lays spread out for Kat on her back. Hair fanning out behind her head on the pillow, looking up at Kat with hooded eyes. She glances down where Kat’s hands move at her center, preparing to enter her. With one hand Kat grasps the back on Adena’s thigh pushing it in toward her girlfriend’s body opening her up further. “you okay?” Kat asks. Adena nods in confirmation, giving Kat the go-ahead she needs. With her free hand, Kat grabs at the silicone attachment, nudging gently at her entrance before she sinks in slowly. Adena gasps as her muscles flex before relaxing to accommodate Kat. Her hands move to Kat’s hips helping her set a rhythm and she begins stroking in and out.

“kiss me” Adena breathes out. Kat carefully lays down on Adena placing her hands on either side of her body to support her weight, working to maintain her movements before she leans down to bring their lips together. They move together as Adena’s hands move up to claw at Kat’s back as she climbed closer to the edge but the friction from this angle not being quite enough. Kat lifts up, right hand coming up to hold her face under her chin “hey, open your eyes, look at me. Tell me what you need.” Adena opens her eyes glancing up at Kat, her pupils blown with lust, her beautiful girlfriend staring down at her. In these moments Adena felt seen, Kat moving inside her, reaching the deepest parts of her, staring into her eyes. Only in these moments when she was completely exposed did she feel comfortable showing her vulnerability, giving over all of the control to her girlfriend. “I want you… I want you….mmm.. deeper”

“baby, turn over.” Kat rasps as she pulls out hands going to Adena’s hips helping her turn over to rest on her stomach, head in the pillow below her. Kat grasps at Adena, her knee moving between Adena’s legs to separate them. She leans down, re-entering Adena. She moves her hands to Adena’s hips pulling her up and driving deeper into her.

“fuck” Kat smiles. Adena rarely curses, only in those rare pockets where she is very frustrated or like now when in the throes of passion. Adena slides a hand beneath herself to draw rough circles around her bundle of nerves, bringing her even closer to the edge, her moans morphing into her whispering sweet nothings in Farsi to Kat but mostly straight into the pillow. Kat leans in close to her ear “come for me, baby.” That’s all it takes for Adena to go rigid.


Adena has Kat on all fours, as she kneels behind her. One hand on her hip, she pulls her up a little bit the other hand moving to the small of her back, encouraging her girlfriend to arch her back. Sits back on her heels and strokes her back gently. Leaning forward placing kisses on her upper thighs.  Kat tries to push her hips back urging Adena for more contact. Adena reaches over her and presses down in the middle of her back, pushing Kat’s torso back into the mattress while keeping her hips up. “I’m going to take care of you baby. Spread a little bit for me, I want to see you, all of you.” Adena husks out, her voice hoarse from arousal.

She loved Kat like this, spread open for her, arousal dripping all over her fingers. Kat had let her take charge tonight, something she didn’t do often but was more than happy to do when Kat expressed her desire to be taken by Adena. “oh my god, I need more” Kat says her own hand moving down to rub at her clit. Adena reaches her hand around grabbing at Kat’s wrist. “no. tell me who’s in control”

“you are.. fuck."  Adena carefully spreads Kat’s legs a little more and leans in to place a gentle kiss on her folds eliciting a gasp. The evidence of Kats arousal is abundant, and her hands move to spread Kat’s folds. She dives in, tongue stroking gently at first, then deeper still as Kat’s approval becomes louder and louder.

She keeps lapping at her until Kat starts backing up into her mouth searching for something more. Adena leans away, laying kisses to her bottom, hand still stroking where her mouth was. “What do you want?” Adena asks, her hand migrating down to circle her clit. “Fuck” Kat rasps out. Kat turns her head slightly to look back at Adena who is now leaning over her back with her hand between her legs. Kat says everything with a look, a look Adena is very familiar with. She knows what Kat wants by instinct. Her hand moves back up to her entrance as she kisses Kats neck and down her back going to her kneeling position. She enters Kat slowly. “I love you so much” Adena leans down to suck at her clit, licking in rough circles behind her hand as she moves in and out of Kat; her muscles clenching repeatedly around Adena’s fingers. She gathers more of her arousal with her thumb from its source, before she twists her hand to face upward, angling her thumb to allow her to enter Kat’s other entrance. Kat groans in pleasure at the welcome intrusion. Adena’s hand slows to stroke at Kat’s walls whilst she lays kisses around Kat’s upper thighs all the way up to her lower back.

Kats gasps turn into loud moans as Adena’s intensity increases until Kat crashes, her thighs shaking, slumping forward into the bed, Adena following to lie on top of her, pulling out of her slowly.  After what seems like hours basking in the afterglow, Adena moves from her position laying on top of Kat to allow her girlfriend to move to the bathroom to clean up and for herself to get up and wash her hands