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Jojo's Bizarre Possibilities

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He honestly couldn't believe it. 

After all that happened, and all they went through, he thought that he would finally be rid of all traces of Dio. But he couldn't have been more wrong. 

After Pucci's defeat, he had decided to send Jolyne and her friend Ermes on a trip to Italy. Clear their heads and get away from that mess. But apparently, they got into another one. 

"It's a long story, Dad."

Apparently, it was something related to the Mafia from what his daughter described. He had hoped that she would come back with a couple of funny stories and some souvenirs at best. He was not expecting that she bring back a boy. 

The boy from before, the boy he wanted investigated, the boy who had been born from his ancestor and mortal enemy. Giorno Giovanna.  His golden hair was of moderate length tied back in a short, braided tail, with three distinctive swirls hanging over his forehead. The shape of his eyes as sharp as his father. His build slim and just above-average height. He felt put off by him. He would have preferred Jolyne being with Anasui; in spite of his apparent craziness. The one thing he took note of was how his eyes were nearly identical to his; a bright blue but with faint flecks of sea-green within them. 

But he saw what Koichi seemed to have seen in the boy. He gave off a calming almost serene presence. His face giving nothing away. His eyes almost bearing; trying to read him like a book. In some ways, it reminded him of the accursed man who had sired him. But it also made him question just how much of the Joestar blood was in him. He never really knew or met his great-great grandfather but if he was a good of man as he had been described the the Old Man's grandmother, then Jolyne was lucky. 

Oh good grief. That's when he realized just how messed up this was. In spite of their clearly loving relationship, Giorno Giovanna was still Jolyne's relative. He had managed to sneakily use Star Platinum to get a hair sample from him. Koichi hadn't been able to get it but he succeeded in this. In terms of paternal DNA, Dio's seemed to outclass the Joestars by a mere one percent more. It almost made him breath a sigh of relief. Almost. 

Whatever he was, he was still Dio's son. And for that reason alone, he couldn't trust him and kept his guard up. The only time it was down was when he had come to him to properly ask permission for Jolyne's hand in marriage. Oh, good grief. It was then that he saw his eyes again. Those unmistakably sharp eyes of his. 

"You weren't the best father. You weren't around as much as you'd like to be. But you do love your daughter. You're a good man, Mr. Kujo." he said bluntly.

He found himself taken aback by his statement. Yet, a tiny bit flattered too. Jolyne had brought him great joy in his life but he couldn't tell her just what he had been doing all those years. And in all of those years, he hurt his wife and his daughter. She has every right to hate me. But she doesn't truly; not anymore. With a heavy heart, he told Giorno Giovanna:

"You best not hurt her. Or I will. And then she might hurt you too."

The wedding was a grand affair to say the least. The Old Man and Shizuka had come along with Josuke and his friends. Some of Giorno's companions had come; notably a goofy guy named Mista and a rather serious young man close to Giorno's age named Fugo. Ermes was talking, or rather, flirting with Fugo. Emporio and Shizuka seemed to blush around each other. All of them happily talking and cheering the new happy couple. 

When he came to the hospital, he felt himself worry. Hearing Jolyne scream in pain. He wanted to go in there and stop the pain somehow. His mother was the only one there by his side to comfort him. She aged rather gracefully and looked well in spite of her age. 

"Don't worry, Jotaro. Jolyne will be fine. And besides, I'm quite happy to be a great-grandmother!"

Oh good grief. Just how can this stupid woman be so damn cheerful. 

Suddenly, the screaming stopped. Did something wrong happen? Just then, a nurse came out of the room. 

"Mr. Kujo, Mrs. Kujo, you can come in now."

As he and his mother came in, he saw Giorno holding his daughter tenderly as they both looked at a small bundle of blankets in Jolyne's arms. He then heard a soft cooing sound coming from it. 

"Dad, I'd like you to meet your grandson; Giorgio Giovanna."

He then looked at his grandson. He looked and felt tinier when Jolyne was a newborn. His eyes were closed, so he couldn't see his eye color. His hair was a messy mop of brown hair. 

"Giorgio," he said softly to his grandson. He then looked at Giorno and Jolyne; smiling like idiots. But idiots in love. 

I've only wanted you to be happy, Jolyne. Continue to be happy. He looked to his grandson again, and he saw his eyes. Sea-green like his. 

You be happy too, grandson.

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"Bro... Please stop this!" Okuyasu approached his brother whom still held the Bow and Arrow in his hands , "Keicho! You don't need to do things like this anymore..." He begged his brother as he walked closer to him to try to grab the bow and arrow away" His feelings and memories are still there! He might be able to get better!"

Their father continued to sob loudly as he looked at the only picture of his family on his green hands.

"Okuyasu..." Keicho growled, "What hell are you doing?" He took a step back as he held  the Bow and Arrow closer to him. "Get out of the way!" He continued to yell at him, "No matter what happens, I can't turn back now! I've used this Bow and Arrow on many to find that Stand User! Most of them have died! I have too much blood on my hands! I have to finish this no matter what!!”

I can't let him take the Bow and Arrow. What would it have been for then? He wanted to step forward and tackle his idiotic brother to snatch the Bow and Arrow. But... but for once... he didn't know how to react... Or rather what to react. Was he Furious? Disappointed? Relieved? 

"B-Big bro ..."

A brief lack of sunlight prompted Josuke to look upwards at the room's sun roof. He saw someone pressed against the glass. But the sunlight, he couldn't see nor decipher whom the man looked like. He became very suspicious and very cautious, "Hey.... Just how many people are there in your family?" He asked the two.

"Ours?" Okuyasu cocked his head and wondered, "There's only three of us?"

From the corner of Josuke's eye, he saw a spark. He looked towards it to see that the electrical outlet from behind Okuyasu started sparking. The sparks became bigger and bigger forming into a shape. Keicho saw it formed into the shape of what it would look like a humanoid bird like creature with red eyes.

Realizing just what it was, he cried out, "Okuyasu! What are you? Stupid! Get out of there!" He rushed to punch Okuyasu out of the way.

But something else happened. He barely had the time to notice but a pudgy green streak jumped and pushed Okuyasy out of the way. Father. As he aimed to catch the Bow and Arrow, it quickly fell into his grotesque father's gross hands. 

The being, seemingly formed from electricity, jumped out of the socket and immediately punched through his father's grotesque body.

"Hehehehe" the being then finally spoke. "I'll be taking this Bow and Arrow now! I'll be sure to use them well!" It began pointing at the older brother, thanking but at the same time seemingly mocking him, "Nijimura Keicho! You were the one responsible for giving me this Stand Power! But you had no idea how great potential it had!”

"Stands are the strength of the mind!" The being cackled, "I've grown so much! You must have not realized 'Red Hot Chili Pepper' held this potential! Now look at the price you have to pay!”

His father's body was smoking heavily now. Shouldn't his cells be regenerating now? 


On instinct, he followed his little brother's lead. "BAD COMPANY!"

"Save it!" The electric current then flowed more throughout their father's body and transferred to the Bow and Arrow, covering everything with electricity. Red Hot Chili Pepper then spoke of disappointment at himself, "Too bad I ended up getting you, instead of your brother." It then held the bow and arrow, happy to have it in its hands, "But no matter, I still got what I came for!"

He didn't expect any of this at all. He didn't expect that man to attack him, let alone to kill... to kill... Father ... 

He then signaled for his Stand to fire at the Stand. "Are you crazy? If you do that, you'll kill both of them!"

Keicho became frightened, he froze again. For once... for once in his life. 

He didn't know what to do. It was all he wanted, all he needed. For his father to die. He then looked to Okuyasu. He too, bore a look of confusion on his face. What do I do?

Just then RHCP howled with laughter through the current, "Hehehe.... Look at you Nijimura! Helpless to even save your own family!" Father's body was already half way into the socket! "I'll be the one taking him and the bow and arrow from you now!"

He then looked at his father, who's face changed from the crying mess from before to something close to determination. Something ... almost ... human. 

"S ..... S ..... S ..... Sooonnnsss ...."


Josuke quickly hopped on top of the drawer, jumping towards the sun roof, and smashing the glass to pieces as he scrambled to get to the top still hoping to save their father from that Stand. Keicho and Okuyasu followed suit as he came out of the broken window to look for their father.

They then turned around towards the electrical poles and saw... "Jo... Josuke..."  muttered just loud enough for him to hear.

They were too late.

The charred lifeless body of Nijimura Masaru hanged in the wires. His body was that of a man again with plenty of masculine features and short, dark hair that was now singed off. Smoke was still coming out of his body, indicating that the Stand had just left him there, and already made its escape. Along with the bow and arrow. Josuke pulled himself out and looked at the gruesome scene. "Father..."

The Nijimura brothers couldn't look at the body anymore. Seeing the haunting lifeless face of their father, he turned away. He walked past Josuke and Koichi.

Needless to say, Nijimura Keicho was feeling too many emotions at once. 

He was furious. He felt so much anger boiling within him. He wanted-no.. needed to find that Stand and kill it and the user. Keicho prided himself as a methodical person. Always ready, always prepared, and always have a backup plan to everything. Not once did he plan or expect this to have happened.

NIjimura Okuyasu felt things differently. He was scared. He wondered what they would do now. Not only the Bow and Arrow was gone. But... he felt their family had truly gotten smaller. We really do have no one but each other now. He tried to look back, to face the body, but he couldn't. 

"Hey..." the brother's said, getting the attention of the two friends behind him, "O-Our ... father ..." Both of them bit on their upper lip in an attempt to hide his tears, "W-We did our best with him, right? H-He sti-still loved us. R-R-Right?"

Josuke nodded even though Keicho didn't see it, "Yeah... You did... And he did too ... " It was sincere. And that's what they needed.

At one morning the doorbell rang in the Higashikata household...

"Josuke! Could you get that?" Tomoko asked loudly to Josuke who was busy perfecting his pompadour before going to school.

"Huh?" Josuke then came out of the bathroom and groaned to himself as his morning routine was interrupted. "Yes....? Huh!?" He approached the front door and opened it for the unexpected guest.

"Ah! Good morning Josuke!" It was Keicho Nijimura greeting him at his front door, waving at him. And right beside him was his brother Okuyasu Nijimura. "It's time to go to school!"

"What?!" Josuke couldn't believe his ears.

Keicho continued adjusting his collar, "Starting today, I'll be attending the same school as you and Okuyasu," He said proudly, "As a freshman at best though. Despite my age, I haven't been in school since I dropped out 8 years ago." This was a surprise. Not the attending the same school part. It was that to Josuke. Keicho and Okuyasu seemed... well happier??

"Still man..." Josuke had brushed off the initial shock, "You didn't have to come here, it's not like we're kids you know."

"Hey, who would have guessed that you lived like right down the street from us?!" Okuyasu said in a surprised manner. 

"Yeah, you could say it's a pretty big coincidence!"

"Oh? A friend of yours Josuke?" She asked, happy that her son had made new friends.

"Oh yes!" He bowed to greet her, "My name is Nijimura Keicho. Nice to meet you!"

"And I'm Nijimura Okuyasu!"

"My, how mannerly!" She was impressed by their behaviour, so she offered to come inside, "Well, come in. Have some coffee while you're waiting for Josuke to finish." While poor, poor Josuke just stood by completely befuddled by what happened just now.

"Why thank you very much!" Keicho bowed again, as thanks to the kind woman.

"Thanks a lot, M'am!"

So they let themselves into the household all while whispering to Josuke, "I shouldn't be saying this. But your mother is quite lovely."

"Your mom is totally hot, dude!"

Then they entered the house, "Pardon the intrusion."

"Thanks for the coffee, M'am!"

Josuke, feeling defeated, slumped at his door, "Oh this is just great... And heavy...."

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He should tell Koichi. The guilt was eating him alive. Not once did he plan on doing this. It was the unwritten law; taboo among all men. Even with approval. 

He came by the Koichi's house often than not with Okuyasu to play video games, study and goof off. At those times, was when he saw her; Koichi's sister, Ayana. He had to admit that she was pretty. Pretty with her long dark shoulder length hair with outward curled bangs and thin eyebrows. She's a bit older than him by two years at most. More often than not, she was smiling when they came by. He often saw a faint blush on her cheeks. 

He often looked at her at times. Not pervertedly. He often saw her talking to her friends on her phone. He liked the way she often tied her hair in a ponytail. It made her look all the more cuter. How kind and caring she was. How she often playfully teased Koichi.

Okuyasu had tried to ask her out once but she respectfully said no. He felt pretty down in the dumps. If he finds out, he'll definitely kill me. He could already imagine what he'd say. "DAMN IT, JOSUKE!! FIRST KOICHI GETS A GORGEOUS GIRLFRIEND AND NOW YOUUU??!!! WHEN WILL I FIND MY OWN GIRL??"

Nothing about it had been planned. He had accidentally left behind one of his books at Koichi's house and needed to get it if he was going to do the assignment. 

"Oh, Josuke-kun. What are you doing here?"

"Ayana-chan. Sorry, but I need to ask Koichi something."

"Ko-chan's not here. He's off on a date with his girlfriend, Yukako."

"Oh, great. Could I come back later then? Or call me when Koichi comes back?"

"W-W-Wait, Josuke. Is there something you need? I can help you i-if you want."

"Actually, I just need to get a textbook back. I left it in Koichi's room I think."

"Oh. I could go and get it for you if you want."

"Really? That'd be really great, Ayana-chan."

"Just stay and sit on the couch. Uh, would you like something to drink while you're here? Water? Tea? Coffee?"

"I-I-I'm fine." 

As he sat down, he found himself feeling nervous. Stop shaking, Josuke!

"Josuke, is this you bo -  " she said as she came down the stairs and tripped. 

On instinct, he rushed forward and caught her. 

"Are you alright, Ayana-chan?"

"I-I-I'm fine, Josuke."

It was a strange feeling. He didn't catch her with Crazy Diamond, he did it on his own. The way she felt in his arms. How close she was to him now. The feeling ... indescribable. He couldn't stop the blushing red cover his face. 

Within seconds, they kissed. He wasn't sure who had started it. Himself or her. At the moment, he didn't care. The feel of her soft lips against his own was ... amazing. 

"Ayana-chan! I-I'm sorry. I-I shouldn't have ..."

He then felt them again. This time, she had kissed him, he knew for certain. 

"I-I've wanted to ... do that for some time now, J-Josuke-kun."

"A-Ayana-chan ..."

And he just let himself fall into the bliss of her arms around him and her lips on top of his own.

They had gone on four dates at least. There was no doubt that he liked spending time with her. They liked most of the same thing and made each other laugh. As serious as its becoming, he needs to tell Koichi. Damn, he felt more nervous than ever. 



"Why did you ask to meet here? And where's Okuyasu?"

"He's off getting food for Stray Cat. And this is important Koichi. Between the two of us."

"What's wrong?"

"Well, I guess you could say nothing's wrong. No, that's a lie. But it's nothing like Kira. Although, it's starting to feel that way, sort of."

"You're rambling, Josuke-san. What's going on?'

"A couple of weeks ago, I left a textbook of mine at your house. I went to get it but you weren't there. And then your sister, Ayana-chan helped me out and got it for me. And she almost had an accident and tripped. I managed to grab her. Not grab her, grab her. More like saved her."

"Josuke-san. Did you have sex with my sister??" Koichi said with an inquisitive and almost threatening tone.

"W-W-W-WHAT?!! NO! NONONONONONO. We just kissed!! And we've .... kinda ... sorta .... gone out a few times?"

"Really? That's what you had to tell me?"

" ... OH MY GOD!! YOU KNEW?!!"

"Josuke-san, I'm not stupid. I know Ayana. She is my sister. And she can't stop blushing when you're around. But, I'm glad you told me. But there's only one problem you need to deal with really."

"What's that?"

"Telling Okuyasu."


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He half-expected it to be something else entirely. Like a weapon of some sort. He had not been expecting a young boy. 

The boy's name was Haruno Shiobana. Just about four years old. He looked at all of them with wide and inquisitive eyes. His eyes seemed equal parts innocent and equal parts tragic. As if he had seen much in his life. Just what did he experience? What did DIO show him? 

With a heavy heart, he decided to bring the kid with him. Although, the old man had decided for him. Saying some crap that he's technically a Joestar. 

At first, he had half a mind to return the kid to his real home. Surely, his mother would be looking for him. But when he heard that she didn't bother filing a report for him, he felt nothing but anger and urge to strike at her, even though he hadn't met Ms. Shiobana. So, he brought the kid with him back home. 

The kid was not like other kids. He wasn't loud and excitable or easily distracted by trivial things. There was no doubt that he was curious. His nose was often buried in a book or something. 

His mother had easily taken a shine to him. Often spoiling him with sweets. She said that the kid was a welcome surprise. 

"I figured you would have brought a souvenir or two, but I wasn't expecting such a sweet boy!" 

Sweet. Something about Haruno didn't strike him as sweet. But he certainly wasn't mean either. He did manage to make a friend in a young boy named Toyohiro Kanedaichi. Even when the two boys played around the house, Haruno seemed apprehensive toward Kanedaichi. Like he couldn't fully trust him. He did seem to be a bit of an oddball.

"Jotaro nii-san! Do you think Toyohiro's a good guy?"

He didn't know what to tell the kid. But he didn't seem like the kind of boy to trick someone. And Haruno had enough trouble making friends. 

"He certainly seems like it."

They had been good friends for the most part. Although, Kanedaichi isn't all that bright. He had heard his parents complain about his rather poor grades. While rather unexpected, he had heard that Kanedaichi had run away from home. Haruno had stayed in his room for the most part. Almost upset that his friend was gone, even if he didn't show it. 

"Jotaro nii-san. ... You're my friend, ... right?"

He honestly didn't know what to make of this. He often kept Haruno at arm's length. Observing him himself. Good kid. Good grades. A surprisingly gentle heart. What often perturbed him was his latent Stand abilities. More often than not, he found Haruno's room filled with various creatures like frogs. And as much as it pained him to admit it, the brat wasn't that bad. 

"Yes, Haruno. I'm ... your friend."

"Jotaro nii-san, what do you think we'll find here? Other than Jiji's son?"

"Something that's connected to every thing. And our Stands."

"Our Stands? You mean my Gold Experience and your Star Platinum. What do they have to do with our business in Morioh?"

"I'm not sure yet. But we'll find answers soon enough."

"Hey, don't you think we should have brought Jolyne here? I'm certain she'd love it. 

"She'd just throw a tantrum. Besides, I'm not getting her involved in this."

"If you say so, Jotaro nii-san ..."

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Brother. The word seems strange on his mind, and stranger to say it out loud. 

The Speedwagon Foundation had made a brief mention of it when he had destroyed the stone mask that they had aimed to seek. A brother. At times, he wished that he had a brother, a close companion when he was younger. But he let got of that notion long ago. Passione is my family now; Polnareff, Fugo, and Mista. But the thought made him sad as he thought of those who had perished. Bruno, Narancia, Abbachio. 

Still, he found himself curious. With his resources, and his own man on the Speedwagon Foundation, he found a brother. He felt almost giddy that Mista had noticed and decided to come with him. Mista drove him to the school and saw him.

The young boy he saw was about fourteen with a long face, and dark hair styled into several dreadlocks. He seemed awfully fidgety; breathing almost raggedly, his eyelids falling and knees shaking. Wait a minute, what are those things around him? Those white rod-like things flying all around him. And a strange beetle-like watch-thing on his wrist. A Stand maybe?

"Mista. Can you see those things around that boy? The one with the dreadlocks?"

"That supposed to be your brother? Y'know, I kinda see the resemblance. Both of you are sticks!" Mista laughed. 

"No, not that. Those white ... rod things. Can you see them too?"

"Yeah. Strange. You think it's a Stand?"


He then got out of the car. Suddenly, it began to rain. 

"HEY! Rikiel! Watch where you're going next time! Stupid freak!"

Rikiel. My brother's name. Rikiel. Looking at him now, he was reminded again. Of himself. When he was younger and helpless. And he couldn't do or say anything about it. It made him want to know the boy all the more now. 

"Excuse me. Are you alright?"

"I'm fine. I think. I don't know anymore. Ju-Just go away!"

"I might be able to help. My name is Giorno Giovanna. What is yours?"

" ... I, I, I'm R-R-Rikiel. H-Ho-How wou-would y-y-you be able to h-h-he-help me?"

"Simply come with me, and all the strife that ails you will be gone."

"I probably shouldn't. My mom's coming to p-pi-pick me u-up. I, I think. M-M-Maybe. I, I don't kn-kn-know."

Had his mother have him only to ignore him? Perhaps we are one and the same.

"Does your mother not care for you, Rikiel?"

"No, I'm n-not sa-saying tha-that! Just that ... some times she forgets. She's usually working too much or out on a da-date."

"She won't even know you're gone, Rikiel."

Just who is this guy? Wh-Why is he here? And wha-what does he want with m-me? Bu-But he does seem ki-kind. Almost ... serene. Besides, would M-Mo-Mom notice me? Half the time, I don't think she knows I ex-exist. I might be better off with hi-him. 

"Alright then. Wha-What did you say your na-name was?"

"Giorno Giovanna."

Giorno ...

This place is huuuuge! A great view of the beachfront, a small porch-swing in the front. This Giorno guy must be lo-lo-loaded!

"Uh, um, what is this place?"

"My home away from home. I come here sometimes just to think."

He goes to a beach house just to think?! Wow! Suddenly, he noticed two guys in front of him. One of them was wearing a waffle-styled hat while the other one had spiky blond hair wearing a suit filled with a bunch of holes in them. These guys have po-poor sense of fashion. 

"These are my closest associates; Pannacotta Fugo and Guido Mista."

OK. This is starting to get weird. 

"Rikiel. There's a reason why you are the way you are. The way your body shakes and sweats; how it betrays you. Many of us had been like that at one point."

I-I'm not the only one? 

"D-Do-Does this me-mean tha-that yo-you can cure m-me?"

"I can, Rikiel. But you must want to live in order to be cured."

Want to live? Wh-What kinda question is that?

Suddenly, almost out of nowhere, Mista takes out a large bow accompanied with a golden arrow. 

"If you truly want to live, you will. If you wish to overcome your ailments, you must want them to be gone. Understand?"

His voice was different from before. It wasn't soothing as before. More like it was filled with iron. But strangely enough, I feel pretty confident. 

"I will live no matter what. So, give me everything that you got, Giorno Giovanna!!"

"Mista, shoot!"

Suddenly, he felt the arrow pierce him. It felt strange. This ... pulsing energy all around him. Just what did they hit me with exactly? What kinda arrow is this?

But then, the pain stopped. Looking at where he was hit, there was almost no blood now. All gone like he never bled from the arrow. Suddenly, he looked around on instinct. He then saw two things; numerous strange white things flying all around him and a beetle-like watch kinda thing on his right wrist. 

"Why don't you ... stand up?" Fugo said. Was that supposed to be a joke? Giorno and Mista seemed to groan at that. 

"Rikiel, how do you feel now?"

He then stood up. Whoa! My knees, my eyelids! The shaking, the sweating! I-It's all gone now! I'm as dry as a bone!

"I, I, I, I feel better than ever. I've never felt more alive in my life! Thank you Giorno Giovanna, thank you!!"

Wait a minute. Why did he do this? There's bound to be some kinda catch. No one does anything like that for nothing.

"Hold on, why did you do this? Why did you help me?"

"I wanted to for two reasons. One; I just wanted to. Two; I'd like for you to join my organization Passione. But that's strictly up to you."

Giorno didn't seem to lie. His face never betrayed him once. He still looked calm and serene. But there was something hidden there. Fear? No, not fear. Worry, maybe?

Passione. I think I heard some classmates talk about it before. Some underground organization that almost no one could get into with ease. But still, Giorno got rid of my conditions. I'm like the Apollo 11 now! But wouldn't Mom worry? She wasn't home around lately. She'd probably end up replacing me with a new kid soon with all the guys she's been seeing. Still ... 

"Passione. The Italian word for 'passion', I like it. So, where do I sign up?"

Then, Giorno smiled. 


Chapter Text

The sensation was strange. For all he had done for the boy, for the son of his good friend, this is what he does to me?

"Donatello. Donatello, ... why?"

"Maiden Heaven was meant for the son of Dio, which is I! Ungalo would surely fail, and Rikiel will lead himself to nothingness. Only I am truly deserving of the Green Baby's power!" 

Quickly, he grabbed at the gremlin-like creature, and began to say the words. 

"Spiral staircase, Rhinoceros beetle, Ruined Town,Fig tart ,Rhinoceros beetle, Via dolorosa, Rhinoceros beetle, Singularity point, Giotto, Angel, HydrangeaRhinoceros beetleSingularity pointSecret emperor!"

The Green Baby then struck at him, tearing at his chest and arms. But soon enough, the wounds had been healed almost instantly. Did it not work? Has Donatello achieved Heaven?

"Well, Father Pucci, it appears that you are quite instrumental to the plans of achieving Heaven after all. Take the Green Infant for all I care. I have all that I need from it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!"

Something was strange. What had he gotten from the Green Baby? Donatello now looked more broader and muscular than before. His straight blonde hair was now in neat spikes with small black strands hanging by his forehead, and his blue eyes were now more manic. 

Suddenly, he saw Jolyne Cujoh and her friend come back with Jotaro's Stand disc in tow. Damn it. 

"Father, I understand now. I truly understand. I do apologize for my actions toward you. But it was necessary. My power has increased exponentially. But I'd like to think that it now rivals yours it not greater. Don't you worry, I'll take care of the Joestar brat and her boyfriend."

"Oh, give me a fucking break! I'll smash your face in!" Jolyne screamed out. 

"Me and Jolyne will tear you apart!!" her friend Anasui screamed out. 

"No, you'l be the ones torn apart. COME FORTH, UNDER WORLD!!"

Under World; a unique humanoid Stand with headphone shaped appendages on its head instead of eyes, white-blue with orange features on it, bracelets on its wrists that have checker symbols as well as a boat wheel-shaped symbol and a Star of Life symbol on its chest. It seemed to have grown as well. Looking more attack oriented.

"Time to end you all, WRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYEEEEAH ... !!"

Chapter Text

Even now, there was still doubt in her mind about this. 

When I had first introduced them together, all I had thought was to get Anasui away from me. Anasui's a pretty cool fun guy and I liked him, just ... not that way. He is certainly handsome and freaking built! But she found love in someone else. 

Gwess had often commented on how "cool" it was that Anasui was like a "love-crazed bulldog" around her. It was kinda intense and annoying to deal with. So, when I made a comment on taking him off of my hands, I didn't think that much would happen. At most, Anasui would get pissed off, throw a tantrum and declare his undying love for me. 

But, I don't think anyone could have predicted that they end up dating. Me and Hermes kept on betting on when they would break up. She even suggested that she could break up the relationship herself with a few quick words, or ... "get between them". I nearly puked in my mouth when she said that. Their level of craziness seem to blend in perfectly into one heaping pile of ... normalness. Hell, it was even surprising that they got jobs! Anasui as a personal trainer at a gym and Gwess as a thrift shop employee. 

It was surprising that Giorno even made a bet with us at all. "I simply find it to be quite amusing. Not to mention, he strangely reminds me of someone I knew. In a way." 

Yet, soon enough, shortly after Giorno and I announced our engagement, Anasui and Gwess announced theirs about two weeks later. It seemed that they were trying to beat us or something. Until I saw the rock that Anasui managed to buy for her. Or maybe he stole it. 

Even looking at them by the altar saying their vows, it all seems strange for my liking. Part of my head still thinks its some ploy to get me back. I mean, when I introduced Giorno, he almost beat the ever-loving shit out of him. Until, Giorno had sucker-punched him. 

Now, here he was, in front of an altar, wearing a fabulous double-breasted black suit, telling someone that he loved her. ... And not getting pissed off in the next second. Maybe, he really has grown up? Maybe, they both have actually changed? And for the better too? I suppose anything's possible. 

"Anasui! I just want to wish you good luck on your marriage. I hope you and Gwess stay happy!!"

"Thank you, Jolyne. And I wish you the best of luck on your upcoming ceremony with Giorno."

There didn't seem to be any anger or craziness hidden in his voice. Looks like we were wrong, Hermes. I hope it stays that way.

Chapter Text

She had to admit that she was good company. In spite of how they had met. 

Gwess had more control of her Stand; Goo Goo Doll. Now, she could shrink any part of any thing she wanted to. She was definitely more friendlier now than before. If not a bit shy. But there were some things that she had missed. A nice warm body right next to her. 

It wasn't much her style but there wasn't a lot to complain about. It's not like she could easily ask Hermes about that kind of thing. The three dots under her left eye made her look all the more endearing and cute. 

In all honesty, it was hard to wrap the idea around her head. When she had made the suggestion to Gwess, she had been surprised. She acted shy at first, as expected, she had been a bit more shy lately. But she did confess that she missed the feel of a warm body next to her. At least, she wouldn't have to worry about buying breakfast. 

Hands touching everywhere. It was amazing, if a bit awkward. Both of us had little to no idea as to how to do it. But the only hard part was keeping quiet. She could tell that Gwess wanted to scream as much as me. We also needed to make sure not to get caught. But that might've been the hottest part. The fear in getting caught seemed to add to the excitement. 

Both of them were breathing hard. Her fingers were sore and her thighs felt like they were on fire. And her butt felt pretty sore. 

"So, how was that, sweet Jolyne?"

"Let me put it this way, my ever-great Gwess. GOOOOOOOD! Goodgoodgoodgoodgoodgoodgoodgoodgoodgoodgoodgoodgood!" she harshly whispered in her ear. 

"So, are you ready for the next round?"

"How many would that make? Three? Four?"

"Y'know how good I am?"

"Alright, let's start with round ... five?"


Chapter Text

"Josuke-san! What's done is done. Okuyasu's gone."

Josuke felt himself slump at the notion that Okuyasu was gone. He couldn't be. Not after everything they've been through. I can still fix him. If I can just ...

"And just who might you be? Another stain in this town?"

"I'm the guy who's gonna send you to the gateway to hell, you lame-ass murderer. My name is Fungami Yuya. I've got three girls waiting for me. And for them, I will beat you! LET'S GO, HIGHWAY STAR!!"


It's totally uncool that he's been around killing who ever he likes. Highway Star isn't all that strong, but I'll do my best. 

"Your Stand appears to be quite impressive. But it will fall to the might of my Killer Queen. Now, Stray Cat. AIR BOMB TIME!!"

Bubbles? No, he said air bomb. I can't see it. That can't be good. I need to think. Highway Star isn't all that suited for combat but ..,.

"Highway Star, dismantle!"

The air bombs have exploded. That moronic fool couldn't have survived the immense power of my Killer Queen. ...

What's this now? His Stand ... It appears to be in pieces, and yet this fool is still alive. Interesting, very interesting. But he will soon follow all those who dare defy me, Kira Yoshikage!

"Sheer Heart Attack, strike him down!"

What the hell is that thing? It came out of his hand. That weird tank ... It's giving me chills. 


"Yuya-kun, I'll take care of that thing. You handle his Killer Queen!"

"Right, Josuke-san! Let's go, go, GO!! HIGHWAY STAR!!"

The Stand ... it has reformed. Interesting.

Damn you, Higashikata Josuke. But don't worry. This fool will surely join your other foolish friend.


His hits are fast, but not that strong. 


Damn it, he's strong! Maybe if I can trap him in Highway Star's room somehow ... 


What the? Air bombs! They could be anywhere and everywhere. Might be big or small. I might not make it out alive this time! Or maybe ...

A large explosion engulfs Fungami Yuya. Kira Yoshikage has done away with him!



He was quite an extraordinary young man. Now, to kill Higashikata Josuke. Uggh, what is this feeling. Why am I feeling so faint all of sudden? Perhaps making the Air Bomb Strike has taken much out of me? No, that's not possible. Wait a minute, my skin ... My skin is deathly pale. 

"WHEW! Looks like I still had a fighting chance after all!"


"I've gotta admit that was quite the gamble I took. I still hurt, but at least I ain't dead!" 

He's bleeding for certain. But how is he not dead?



My Sheer Heart Attack is indestructible! There's no way he could harm it!

"Y'know, your Sheer Heart Attack is pretty strong. So, I decided to make it a bit more stronger and cooler with a few more stuff. Pretty great, right?"

A pipe? There's a pipe in my Sheer Heart Attack! But there's also one in Josuke; his torso to be precise. So, it must have done something right.

"Time to break him, eh, Josuke?"

"Great time to do so, Yuya!"

They're going to defeat me. I, Yoshikage Kira, will surely defeat me!"



Nothing. Nothing has happened. 

"Our attacks didn't connect. They didn't hurt him!"

Air bullets. There are air bullets by Killer Queen's torso protecting it. But how? It wasn't my intention to have it guard me. I had no time for it!

Stray Cat! Of course. Stray Cat must have thought that it was being attacked. It instinctively blocked the attack. A chance. It's granted me a chance! An opportunity presented itself at the worst of times!

"KILLER QUEEN! Change the air bullets into bombs!!"

I've won! They've changed into contact bombs! They'll both explode upon contacting those imbeciles! Neither one of them will have the strength to dodge them.

"Contact bombs?! Josuke-san, Yuya-san, just hit them and take cover!"

"I've won! This always happens when life deals its worse to me! Luck is on the side of Yoshikage Kira!!"

... W ... Wha-What?!

"The air bullets. ... They're ... going off course!"

"It can't be!"

"It's you!"

"Well, I'll be damned!"

"Y-You're alive ...?"


Chapter Text

What had happened? What did he do? 

All he remembered was staring at the only picture of his father. It was the only one that his mother had taken of him. He had thought that he had certainly taken after him; from his sharp eyes to his high cheekbones. He had wanted to know more. 

The Requiem Stand Arrow was now in his possession. And Gold Experience still retained its power. He had initially thought to use the power of Gold Experience Requiem to go back to the time of the Arrow's creation in an effort to create another set of Stand Arrows and another Requiem Arrow if possible. But his mind wandered to the picture. 

His mother never told him a thing about him. Just that he was a very handsome man that she thought was in love with. And that his name was Dio. In that moment, he had wanted to know more. He wanted to know about the man he had come from. Just who was he? What was it that his mother had seen or believed to have seen to have fallen for him?

There was much that he hadn't fully understood about his Stand's power. It had sent off Diavolo somewhere, never to be seen or heard of again. He had concluded that it must be some sort of dimensional ability or one that could subtly manipulate the fabric of time and space. With that reasoning in mind, he had summoned his Stand and asked the question. 

"Can you take me back to the place ... the place of my father?"

"Of course, Master Giorno."

Soon enough, the whole room was spinning. Until he had found himself in a strange place. It was filled with streetlights and a large abundance of strange odors. Then he found himself on a bridge with tow large men on it. 

One of them wore golden-coloured pants and a black shirt, and his hair disheveled and mostly oriented upwards. His face fairly handsome if not deranged-looking, sharp red eyes, and three moles on his left ear, as far as he could tell. And he was bloodied and beaten heavily; blood profusely coming out of his right leg. Father. 

The other man seemed to wear a dark-colured school uniform a tall, stiff collar, pierced on the left with a golden chain. A cap on his head adorned near the center with a golden button and, on its left, a rectangular golden plate with a design of a flattened hand. Something about him intrigued him. Something about him screamed a wildness to him as well as intelligence. His eyes seemed to mirror his own. 

The more intriguing part was their Stands. Father's Stand is tall and with a very muscular build. A headpiece covering its face to below the place of its nose, slanting at a steep angle from the base of its forehead to a peak situated above the rear of its head by about half its height. Small, simple twin diving cylinders on its back, connecting via short, twin-ridged cables to the rear of its mask; perhaps secured by thick, ridged or puffered straps running from the rear of its waist over both its shoulders to its front. The back of both its hands bear the shape of a simple clock face. It reminded him so much of his Gold Experience. 

The other man's Stand is certainly the most human in appearance, resembling a tall, well-built man of similar proportions to the man, if not more muscular. It has long, flowing hair with a darker shade above its eyes and on the front plane of its nose, blurring the distinction between its hair and head. 

He couldn't hear just what they were saying. Father was trying to get back up while the other man appeared to be saying something to him. Father looked enraged. Suddenly, Father had splattered blood on the man's face from his injured leg and proceeded to attack. But the man then attacked Father's leg with a solid punch. Cracks glowing bright red had then enveloped his body until his head had burst from his body. Just what had he seen? Who was that man? Why did he kill Father? 

Before his questions could even be answered, he found himself in a different place. Atop a tower of some sort. Father was there again looking just as deranged as before. He seemed slimmer than before and wearing an ornate dual-colored shirt and matching breeches, a large pair of boots, vambraces, and two suspenders attached to a band around his waist. 

The other man he was facing seemed to resemble the man from before. A tall, extremely muscular individual with a gentlemen's poise. Wavy messy brown hair and eyes and wearing a close-fitted tank top with capped sleeves. He seemed gentle but also evoked the image of a warrior in some strange way. Much like the man from before. But there was something that truly intrigued him. A strange feeling of warmth that enveloped him as he stared. It was unlike when he stared at Father. And that's when he saw it. The very same star-shaped birthmark on his neck; on the exact same spot as his own. 

Suddenly, Father had lunged at the man. He noticed a small amount of bright yellow sparks on his right hand. The man then performed a small spin and had collected a small amount of flames on to his closed fist from a nearby torch. As Father came closer, the man then went on and punched him but Father had blocked him. But the man persisted and pierced on through. Father then filled with flaming sparks that his body began to disintegrate, leaving nothing but his head as it began to fall off of the building. 

The images left again as quickly as before. This time, they were on some sort of boat or something. There was Father again, but he was still just a head yet still living. Numerous tendrils shot out of what remained of his neck and struck the man from before at his own neck. The fair-haired woman by his side seemed to scream out his name. This time, he could hear what they were saying; if a bit garbled. Jonathan. The man's name was Jonathan. 

Jonathan then seemed to clutch Father's head. He then said something to the woman. She looked frightened and disheveled and yet kind and caring with her fair hair and skin almost like porcelain. Even as she cried, she seemed to hold dignity and grace. 

An explosion occurred and startled him. He then went closer to Jonathan and Father. Father was saying something to him. 

" ... lease me. ... ink of ... could achieve. .... aste of eternity ... eal your wounds, you and Erina can live together, forever!"

But Jonathan did not respond. He could tell from that cold stare in his eyes that he was now dead. A sadness found itself wrapping around his heart. A feeling so unfamiliar. 

And then, almost out of nowhere, Father seemed to share the same sentiments. But that seemed to quickly change. With one second, it changed from sorrow to happiness. The tendrils emerged once again and pierced Jonathan's neck; removing his head from his body. Father's head atop of Jonathan's body was strange. No, it was how he had looked when he fought that man in the uniform. He then took Jonathan's head and made his way to a coffin. 

Before he could even begin to question it all, Gold Experience Requiem had taken him to each place at an incredible speed. Each image flurried and blurred as it kept taking him at faster and faster speeds. His head and eyes felt like they were spinning. Every thing becoming more and more confusing. Gold Experience then stopped and he found himself in the comfort of the Passione base. 

"Gold Experience, what did you show me?"

"The place of your father, as you had requested, Master Giorno."

Did his Stand not understand the question? He was more confused than before. Just who or what was Father? What was the connection to Jonathan? Why did Jonathan dying made him feel more sadder than fath - Dio's? How could he live simply as a head? Why did he take Jonthan's body? Am I even human? 

More questions and no one to answer. 

Chapter Text

He was certainly a strange one. But Mr. Polnareff did say that he would be a viable asset. He had been flown into Rome personally at his expense. We do need another person by our side since Fugo had left. Fugo ... I do hope you're safe. 

The man that he had recommended was certainly a strange one. Hol Horse. He certainly looked like an atypical cowboy he had seen in cartoons. A man of above-average height and medium build with light, neck-length hair. Armed with dimples in his cheeks and a strong cleft chin. Aside from the light-coloured clothes, he looked quite similar to Mr. Polnareff that he thought that they were twins. Although, something about him made him seem rather simple. 

When he had proposed the idea of being under someone's employ, Hol Horse seemed to scoff at the idea. He still seemed to be in love with the idea of being a lone gunman and cowboy, roaming from place to place. But even he knows, that a cowboy needs a place to come back and rest to. It was only after Mista told him about how vivacious Italain woman could be, that's when he seemed interested. What a fool. 

But there was no doubt in his mind that he would need a viable asset. Although, he and Mista don't seem to get along well. He might feel that he could be replaced by him. Their Stands were certainly similar to one another. Although, his Stand was a large silver-coloured gun whereas Mista's are sentient golden bullets. 

There was not a lot of money to offer him, but he would be offered a place in the new Passione that would stand under his lead. Narancia had suggested that he personally "convince" him to join up with us. As much as he was tempted to let Narancia try to "convince" him, it might jeopardize things. For all he knew, he could try to find the Boss to try to get payment and lead him to us. 

"Y'know what, Giorno. You actually remind me of someone that I used to know. I didn't like the bastard much. But I got a good feeling about you. What the hell, I'm in!" Hol Horse said with a bright smile. 

"I was hoping for that answer, Mr. Hol Horse. Once all is said and done, you'll be paid handsomely and be my No. 2 man."

"Looks like my outlaw days are finally done. Oh well."

Chapter Text

Kira had insisted that I take her out on a date. It was strange taking advice from a guy who barely seemed interested in anything let alone women. He had once offered to set him up with a sister he didn't mention. When I asked how she looked like, I shuddered when he said that she looks like him. The only "pretty" thing that they might have in common are their hands. For a tough guy, his hands look awfully delicate and soft. 

He had to admit that she is rather pretty; Karera Sakunami.  Armed with a slim build and long, dark hair and her bangs styled into multiple, large curls. She was certainly cute but it was hard to believe that she would be interested in me at all. 

Half the time, it had felt like a disaster. I don't exactly go out on dates much. Have I asked enough questions about her? Did I ask too little? How much should I be talking? I know that I should pay. It may be the 21st century, but the guy always pays. ... Right?

But she seemed to be enjoying herself. It didn't seem like she was faking any of it. The small smiles and giggles. The small and subtle hand-holding. It might've been the sweetest and most exhilarating thing I've ever felt. The way my heart's pounding is nerve-wracking and exciting in a strange way. 

Once it ended, I started to think I might've fucked up in some way. Until the goodnight kiss. She kissed gave me a goodnight kiss on the cheek; almost close to my mouth. Giddiness spread all throughout my body. I don't think I've ever smiled that much. 

"Josefumi, did you have fun out on your date with Karera-chan?" Kira asked when I came back. 

" .... It was nice."

I'm sorry. Ms. Holly-san, I'm sorry I couldn't help you. I couldn't help save you. I'm sorry, Kira-san. You saved me from Yagiyama, yet I can barely even save you. You should be the one alive instead of me. Karera-chan, I'm sorry I won't be able to take you out on another date. I would have really liked to ask you myself this time instead of you. 

Looks like that this ... is the end of me. 

I'm so, so, so sorry. 

Chapter Text

It was strange to say the least. He could barely see what Josuke and the others called Stands. All he could see was the faint outlines of them. 

The little thing that he knew about Stands was that one of them was the reason why his father was gone. At the hands of a man named Yoshikage Kira, who bore a Stand called Killer Queen, which had the unique ability to make bombs of anything. Lately, he had been able to see more and more Stand users in Morioh. He never thought that he would obtain the power of the man who took his father away. 

Killer Queen. A large, tall almost cat-like Stand. Not once did he want to do a thing with it. It was the reason that Kosaku Kawajiri was no longer alive, and why his mother Shinobu deeply mourned him. At times, he wants to tell her that it had never been him, but that would just destroy her. 

At first, he had went to Okuyasu about it. Josuke told him that his brother had created a lot of Stands with the use of an ancient Bow and Arrow. If it could create Stands, it could surely take them away somehow. But while Okuyasu was not the smartest person around, even he said it, he knew enough that there wasn't an artifact to take away Stands. At least, not any that he knew of. 

If there was a God out there somewhere, He certainly must have a sick and twisted sense of humor. The very power that killed my dad was now mine. He and I were never really close, but he was still my dad. And now, he was stuck with it. What was there to do? He couldn't get rid of it and he didn't want it. 

He wondered if Killer Queen wanted to be around him. it didn't feel like it was part of him. Josuke said that a Stand is the physical manifestation of a person's soul. There is no way that my soul could do or want to do such a thing. Could something or someone have given me this accursed Stand? Something about it did seem rather familiar. 

But one day, there was no time to ponder about it. A man named Hiroshi Yoshimura had been suspected in being involved in a killing spree. For all the man's clean cut features and easy smile, it had unnerved him.From the strange unknown way he was killing people to his similar name, it had made his blood boil. To this day, he had no idea just what exactly spurred him on to chase after the man. Having been a cop, he could have easily disposed of him easily and made it look like an accident. When he wanted to make him blow up as he was caught by Yoshimura's Stand, Mega Mania, he couldn't bring himself to do it. 

Then, all of a sudden, it was like Killer Queen had sensed just what he needed to do rather than what he wanted. Almost out of nowhere, Killer Queen had manifested a large bubble on it's index finger and a bubble burst forth. As the bubble made it's way to him, the large bubble had then split apart to form two bubbles. It then went to Yoshimura and suddenly burst off both of his hands. He didn't know what to do. This sudden rage and anger, Killer Queen somehow sensed it and began to punch at him rapidly. 

Perhaps, there is some sort of good in this accursed Stand after all.

That was nearly ten years ago. It was strange to admit that it was a good power to have. It certainly made some aspects of being a police officer easier. Especially if the criminal turned out to be a Stand user. That was one thing he and Josuke couldn't figure out. As to the how and why more Stand users were popping in Morioh. The Stand Arrow and Bow were in the hands of the Speedwagon Foundation and Jotaro-san. He thinks it's because of the prescence of other powerful Stand users that it has caused some kind of ripple or domino effect on others who had the potential to manifest a Stand. 

I will defend Morioh with this Stand. Just like Josuke promised, I made the same promise. And make use of Killer Queen. 

Now, I just wish Josuke would come back from Italy already. What was the strange business with his "strange new cousin"?

Chapter Text

How on Earth does something like this happen?

it had come in the form of a simple idea. Passione was in need to expand its power and influence. Fugo and Mista had made the suggestion to look out to any connections he may have had in Japan. There was little that connected him to Japan. It was pointless; useless. There were few things that connected him to his old Japanese roots. The name he once bore; Shiobana Haruno. And his mother; Shiobana Minako, or what was left of her. She was nothing more of a ghost of her former self. Her husband and his stepfather; Gregorio, had finally threatened and antagonized the wrong person, and had been pushed in front of oncoming traffic. The once beautiful woman she was was now armed with wrinkles by the ends of her lips and crow's feet around her eyes and drank as heavily as her husband. The last time he had come to visit her, it had been out of courtesy. She sprang up with a bit of life and suddenly called him Dio and begged to be taken back and would be a "good girl". So pathetic, so useless. 

But there was some good in his roots. Like his ... "distant cousin" Higashikata Josuke. He had met him quite some time ago; attending the Milan Fashion Show. It was quite easy to get along with him and they did have a common interest in fashion. They had taken down one of Milan's largest gangs called El Grande being lead by a man named Cornetto. Although, things would have gone much more smoothly if Josuke had learned to control that temper of his. 

When he had come to Shinjuku in an effort to reach out to members of the Yakuza to expand territory and trade, Josuke somehow caught wind of it. He said just how dangerous it was dealing with the Yakuza, even if they weren't out in public like most of the gangsters in Italy. Still, Josuke had to keep an eye on him; especially now that he was an accomplished officer of the law. 

"Who'd a thunk it, eh, Giorno? A gangster mafioso and a police officer together?" 

Actually, that was becoming a bit common in Italy; with Passione's recent connection to the police department. But there was something rather amusing in it being said aloud. Especially since Mista had commented that he had been getting soft and lazy. And he hadn't tested out Gold Experience Requiem much since his fight with Diavolo. 

There were things that he had not expected. For one, he had not expected to run into any new family members; least of all from his mother's side of the family. Cousins by the name of Shiobana Yusuke and Shiobana Daisuke; both of them eighteen. Both of whom were nearly like him; abandoned and alone. Only with the Yakuza because they had no other place to go. Daisuke was older than his brother with a messy mop of black hair and cat-green eyes. Yusuke was a bit taller and his hair was styled like Josuke's but his hair was curly and his eyes had a certain liveliness and mischief that Daisuke's lacked.

The man leading the Yakuza in Shinjuku, Denki Ejirou, was an insane and powerful man. His Stand, Lightning Rider, wild, unpredictable and nearly indestructible. It's boy was large and metallic with small chains around it's body, arms and hands resembling a lightning bolt-shaped blade and a spiky head reminiscent to a ball of lightning. Sparks of electricity and slices in the air went all through the room. 

"This brings back an awful lot of painful memories!" Josuke had shouted. 

Strong and clever as their Stands were, they were barely a chance against him. That was until Daisuke and Yusuke had come to help and revealed their own secret. They were Stand Users. 



Daisuke's Heavy Brother was Golem-like figure with thick arms and legs with a glowing red eye in the center of it's dome-like head. It suddenly crossed it's arms, blocking most of Lightning Rider's attacks. Yusuke's King Leon was humanoid gladiator-like Stand with a flowing lion's mane of hair and features. It then jumped out and struck with it's claw-like gauntlets at Lightning Rider's spiky head. It managed to hurt it if only a little. 

It was then he noticed small pieces of debris from the wall and such on the ground. 

"Josuke, I have an idea." 

"Alright, that's great. Whaddya need me to do?"

"Fight along with them, this is gonna take some time." 

"Could you at least tell me what you plan on doing?"

"Yare yare daze, just as I ask, Josuke."

"Yar - Oh, great. Fine. Hey, guys! Let's beat in this punk!! Crazy Diamond!!"

"Life ... arise ... and be borne a new existence."

Suddenly, a swarm of flies had been born and surrounded Denki. 

"Flies, Giorno? So, you're gonna annoy him to death? Oh, that's just great." 

"Flies? You fool! My Lightning Rider's power will just fry them to death!!"

Half of the swarm of flies had then transformed into bumblebees stinging him while the other half had turned into scorpions crawling up his body and stinging him as well. As fast as he claimed his Stand to be, it was not as fast to block each and every sting that he was feeling. 

"Crap, the others are coming. Yusuke, Daisuke, Josuke, we need to move!!

Quickly, they ran and had jumped out of the nearest window. Almost like a prayer, Mista was waiting for them at the bottom of the building with the skylight of the car wide open. 

"Glad to see that you made it out alive, boss man. I've got something that you'll need. Fugo, mind giving it to them? I'm busy here!"

"Busy driving like a maniac. Giorno, here!" Fugo said, passing him Coco Jumbo. 

"AHHH!! Keep that thing away from me!!" Josuke shouted. 

"We're going to have to hid. Coco Jumbo here has a unique Stand ability that would let us do so."

"You mean, we'd have to get ... inside of the turtle? How would we do that?" Yusuke and Daisuke asked. Fugo then handed over the key. 

"Once I put this key in, we'll be transported to a secret room. We'll stay there until the right time to come out."

"OHHHHHH, NOOOOO!! No, nonononononononono!!!!! I'm not going to do that."

"Get into the turtle, Josuke. You might not have a choice in this matter."

Josuke looked confused but then inquisitive. Until he looked at Coco Jumbo, then he looked terrified once again. 

"SON OF A BITCH!! FINE!! I'll do it. This is just great. And heavy."

"Oh, good grief. Let's go then."

Within an instant, they were inside Coco Jumbo's room. Mr. Polnareff was quite surprised by it. He and Josuke talked a great deal with one another while he talked with Daisuke and Yusuke. They had not made the greatest decisions growing up but they had stuck by one another all this time, never giving up on life or one another; no matter what life had thrown at the two brothers. It was then that he asked them to help take the reigns from the remnants of the Yakuza's Shinjuku branch, provided that they would be under his direct protection. They looked a bit uneasy but ultimately accepted once they had been told that Fugo would personally help them take care of the situation. 

"This was a pretty wild and crazy adventure, hasn't it, Giorno?"

"It truly has been, Josuke. Now, I guess I have more of a reason to visit Japan from time to time."

"I think you have at least one more reason other than the ones you're thinking of." Josuke said with a grin. 

"Yes, I do." he said with a smile. 

There could have been a way to avoid such a useless thing, but it was a great and roundabout path.

Chapter Text

He did not like this one bit. Not once would he ever think of doing this. But, these were drastic matters. 

There wasn't anyone else that he could count on. If Kakyoin were still alive, he would ask him in a heartbeat. The Old Man's even older now. Polnareff was practically gone. Last he heard any word from him, he had been in Italy investigating the strange Stand Arrow that they had found in Dio's mansion. Sending in Josuke or Koichi would be far too strange. Koichi may be reluctant and Josuke hasn't met anyone else from the family other than himself and the Old Man.

Things had never been the same since those days. These days, his life, was not like the times with the Old Man and the others. Going around the world, preventing any powerful Stand users from getting too out of hand. Actively working with the Speedwagon Foundation. It also meant spending time away from his wife and daughter. 

Jolyne. There hadn't been a day where he didn't regret not being there with her. He knows that she likely hates him. And he can't blame her. There was a lot of himself that he saw in her. Like the willingness to fight and easily get into scuffles. That had been part of the reason why he didn't believe that she hadn't committed that robbery. She was always quire reckless even when she was six years old. But he had heard that she had fled from the police officer by stealing a motorcycle. Even if she was innocent or not, that didn't really help her. 

But that was the past. Even if it was a past that he could never truly escape from. But there was something he could try; something that he could do. That's why he was back in Egypt. Last he had heard, he was still hanging around here. Likely still living out the outlaw dream and fantasy. 

There he was. He half expected to find him in some sort of illegal shooting range. Not an illegal underground fight. He was still as physically strong as the last time he had seen the bastard. Light, neck-length hair, dimples in his cheeks and a cleft chin. He's barely aged a day. His clothes were darker than before. It made him look like a cowboy from the netherworld. 

"Huh? What the ...? Well, well, well. Jotaro Kujo. What a surprise! It's been a long time since I last saw you," he said in a false friendly manner. He could see that there was still animosity in his eyes.

"So, what is it that you want, Kujo? I know you're not here to greet me like an old drinking buddy."

"As much as it pains me to do so, I'm in need of your help, Hol Horse."

"And why in the name of hell would I want to help you? No offense, but we're not exactly buddy-buddy here. And I'm making pretty good green here," he said with flesh-eating Cheshire cat grin.

Oh, good grief. "Whatever amount of green you're making here, I'll match it."

"Still not gonna like or work for ya, Kujo. Why the hell should I?"

Because my daughter needs me, even if she won't say it. 

"Not even if I double it?"

"Must be awfully important to ya, huh? I still don't like ya, but why the hell not? So, what do I need to do?"

"There's someone I need to protect. You're heading toward Green Dolphin Street Prison."

Chapter Text

Polpo had told him to go to a rather strange building. It was an abandoned and foreclosed building. It didn't seem like it was being used at all. But he had mentioned that it was a rather opportunistic squad so to speak. No known territory of their own to speak of. 

It was something of a shame that he would not meet Buccialati again. He had rather liked the man. But this is where he would start. This was the beginnings of his dream to become a Gang-Star. 

Once he entered the building, he found a rather peculiar bunch of people. A man of average height and slim to medium build with light-colored eyes and past shoulder-length hair tied into six pigtails. His outfit is entirely quilted: a vest with long sleeves with matching pants, and circular knee and elbow pads with straps and a belt with a square, metal buckle, holes cut into the outfit to reveal most of his abdomen and neck areas. Something about him seemed rather unsettling; with the sudden way he took out a journal and started to write things down.

Another man of average height and slim to medium build with light hair clings to his head in a low number of large spirals, and a pair of thick-rimmed spectacles and a blouse buttoned at the side of the chest and a band patterned trousers. He looked to be rather confident in himself for some strange reason. 

A man of slim build, with short blond hair and braided into three short mats at the back of the head. The man was wearing a dark two piece suit with a spiderweb-like pattern running along it, a bright shirt underneath and a dark collar and a large stylized pendant around his neck. His lower eyelashes thicker than average, and his upper teeth are somewhat pronounced. He looked rather calm and composed. 

A young man of athletic build and average height with long straight hair descending down to his shoulder, with a dark suit with a concentric circle motif, lacking the right sleeve and a large part of the right side with matching gloves and shoes, as well as a transparent mask covering his right eye. Next to him was a rather nervous looking young man with a dark jumpsuit with a fishing hook motif, completed with assorted arm warmers and shoes. Over that, a sleeveless long coat decorated with fur, his hair shaved, save for several locks at the top of his head, little to no chin and cauliflower ears. A short-haired man of athletic build and average height with a mesh shirt with assorted arm warmers, over which he wears a leather jacket decorated with studs on the shoulders. He looked the most relaxed of them all. 

The last person he saw seemed to be the leader. Wearing a black, hood-like headpiece from which hang several small, metallic baubles, bearing the letters Z, I, and R. It seemed to hide his hair; though his light bangs almost reach his eyebrows.Bare-chested, wearing a long, black, lapelless coat with straps crossing his chest in an X; and pants in thick horizontal stripes of black and white. His eyes were what had caught his attention. Eyes so dark as if he were staring into the black gates of death. 

"Who are you, boy?"

"My name is Giorno Giovanna. Polpo said that I was to be assigned here."

The masked one had gotten up first. "Giorno Giovanna. Our newest team member, huh? Molto bene!"

"It's about time that we got some new blood in us!" said the relaxed man with the short hair.

The dark-haired man then got up and the others went back to their seats. 

"I am Risotto Nero. Ti do il benvenuto La Squadra Esecuzioni."

"Don't mind our fearless leader, Giorno Giovanna. My name's Prosciutto. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Non vedo l'ora, signor Nero," Giorno said staring back strongly at Risotto Nero. The man then gave a rather approving smile. 

"You will surely do well here, Giorno Giovanna."

Chapter Text

It had been strange to have had it at all. It was strange that Giorno had managed to be able to bring him back from the brink of death at all. He had been bleeding badly. They had taken down Diavolo with Giorno now leading Passione. Mr. Polnareff was now their mentor and Giorno's second-in-command, with Mista just after him. 

He had kept his promise in the end. Getting a G.E.D. was almost the same as going to school. It was still hard though; even with Fugo having come back and teaching him as much as he could. He had remembered something Abbacchio said that it didn't really matter much when it came to being a cop. Although, Bucciarati had mentioned that Abbacchio was a good student and a skilled athlete when he was in high school.

Bucciarati. Abbacchio. It was far too strange that they were no longer there with them. Bruno with his calm level-headed approach. Abbachio with his mean face at times. Maybe it was because of him he had decided to become a cop once he had gotten his G.E.D. It was difficult but he had gotten in and become a cop, with no strings pulled on anyone's part. Even if it was as a traffic cop. But Giorno said that it would be good to have a member of Passione in legitimate law enforcement. 

Somehow, since making that decision, it had felt as if a part of Abbacchio had taken root in him. It would explain what had happened recently. Fugo had mentioned that he had gotten smarter than before, even if it wasn't by much. Maybe that was why he could see Abbacchio's Stand; Moody Blues by his side. Every time he had seen it, it almost felt as if Abbacchio was there leering at him. Like Abbacchio was there to tell him; "Don't screw this shit up, Narancia!"

At first, he thought that it was just his head and eyes playing tricks on him. That he was just thinking of him because he was a cop now. Not a respected one like he used to be, or a good one. His captain kept calling him something, what was the word? Bell-gerent? But there are a lot of assholes out on the road who speed like crazy. That was until, Moody Blues had somehow activated and helped him track down a high-speed driver he had been trying to catch for months. 

He knew that he wasn't the only one. For some strange reason, he had seen Bruno's Sticky Fingers right behind Fugo. Almost as if he was trying to calm down his own Stand; Purple Haze. Fugo said that he had seen it only once. But he was probably lying. He knows that he feels guilty about leaving everyone behind. It wasn't until a mission had brought them together and they had faced off against a powerful Stand user that they managed to call upon their power. 

The Stand; Ground Zero, had managed to shoot out a large enough bomb that could easily destroy Naples. Fugo had managed to use Sticky Fingers to create a large enough zipper to send the explosion out of there. With a small uppercut from Moody Blues, they had taken him down. He could see that Fugo knew what he had done on some kind of level. But it was best not to keep asking him about it. 

Maybe it was best to leave it alone. Say that their friends had come back as guardian angels. He could sort of understand why Bruno would be by Fugo's side. They were best buddies. He had met them when they had decided to help him out and get him some food and treated his eye infection. But why would Abbachio watch over him? They weren't all that close. So, ... why?

Chapter Text

It had been such a strange experience. To have been in another world at all. But he had managed to save his people in that dimension and armed with a little more money to help his true and proper people. 

The Johnny Joestar of that world. Along with that world's Gyro Zeppelli and Diego Brando. They were rather irksome but they were nothing against the Pocoloco of that world. So smug and condescending with his blind faith in his own luck. It had been easy to subdue him and then take first place from him. Although, it had been strange that it was more or less a simple race in that universe. 

His Stand; Colorful Wind, had helped him a great deal. It had allowed him to sneak around and maneuver as stealthily as possible. All the more easy to usurp Pocoloco's place and take the money. He had almost felt impatient about the fact on how he waited for it. He could feel Gyro, Diego and Johnny leering at him. That didn't matter though. He didn't owe his President Valentine much nor did he owe that President Valentine much either. He had easily provided him the means to get back to his home. 

The biggest surprise he had found though, was the fact that the Sandman that had come to his own home had died. He had felt a certain sadness to that. He had allied himself with the President after all. He knew nothing of the Holy Corpse and had willingly allied himself with him all the same. That version of him was such a fool. But it was almost as if he could feel his presence or what had been left of it. He had felt what was left of that man's shad with the new Stand that had come; Silent Ways. It had almost come out of nowhere. Almost as if it was seeking him out in some strange perverse way. 

It was strange that the President's Stand had brought him to such a strange place such as the Holy Trinity. But perhaps there had been a reason. There were small splotches of blood on the floor. But in the center of the room was none other than the Holy Corpse. It was glowing faintly. Strange. He felt more curious as he inched himself closer to it. His tribe had helped in scattering the parts of the corpse across America. 

Suddenly, the corpse's right arm had drooped and flashed alongside the dried splotches of blood. The splotches had soon come together forming a pool of sorts. Sounds suddenly came forth from it. Something angry and primal. Like a beast in pain. Suddenly, a body had burst forth and the pool of glowing dried blood had disappeared completely. A young man of below-average height and slim to medium build with light hair, dark eyebrows, and light, bold eyes. He had recognized those eyes once before but it was in place of a deranged, mad expression on his face. There was a strange golden glow behind him that was unnerving. 

Diego suddenly raised up his hands in a striking motion. No time to think. Just bring forth either Colorful Wind or Silent Ways. Either one will help. But he stopped. He still looked deranged if not confused. He then looked angry. 

"Valentine ... Zeppeli ... Joestar!!"

His look changed again. Suddenly, he looked up to the ceiling. 

"Yes, yes, of course. The center of it all. It had achieved so much to have done so. But before I am to use it, I would have to gather all the items necessary for it all."

"Diego. Are you alright?"

"I am quite fine, Sandman. In fact, you may be able to help me in my endeavors. You have what you have wanted for your people, yet there is always more that you may do for them."

What was this feeling? The strange lull of his voice. The way his outstretched hand had almost grabbed him. How his golden hair had neatly drooped over his head and face. The golden glow behind him taking more of a form. 

"Of course, Diego."

"That sounds rather droll. Call me Dio, Sandman. Soon enough, the flock of sheep will feel my might and the power of 


Chapter Text

He had seen some strange things in his life. Stands. Vampires. A teenager who was his uncle and another one who apparently was his great-granduncle if the Speedwagon Foundation's findings were correct. This wasn't all that strange. Although, the circumstances of all this was strange enough. 

It wasn't the fact that this young man's Stand had the ability to control the freakin' weather. But the sheer destruction that had been left in it's wake. And yet, he hadn't been able to remember a thing. Not even his name. 

There had been few bits of information that they had been able to accumulate. The boy was named Wes Bluemarine and had been relentlessly attacked some time before. Although, there were no indications that the beating he had endued had caused some form of brain damage. So, it was likely related to some type of Stand. 

He'd been staying at one of the Speedwagon Foundaton's offshore facilities. They had been quietly observing him. He didn't seem to make any progress in recovering his memories. So, it was likely connected to some type of Stand. And he did seem aware that he had one. Although, he had acted as if everyone could see it. There are likely some dormant Stand users amongst the faculty of the Speedwagon Foundation entirely. But he seemed to act as if it was the most normal and natural thing in the world. 

Still, the fact he had his basic motor functions is something at least. He seemed to understand or partially remember that his name was Wes Bluemarine. He also seemed to know that the name of his Stand was Weather Report. Although, some of his behavior is still rather abnormal. Like walking on his toes rather than his feet; practically skipping. But it did make him all the more agile. 

He'd never admit it but he was rather fond of Wes. Even though he was about two years younger than him, he was quite naive and child-like. Likely due to his amnesia. It did make him a pain though. Like how he had thought that napkins were food and had asked if I was going to eat them. Good freaking grief. 

Although, part of me's a bit frightened to what might happen once he gets his memories back. Sure, he's sweet and cuddly right now. But Stands are the manifestation's of one's soul. As powerful as it is now, just how powerful would it get if he does gets his memories back?

Yet, he kept observing him. For the most part, Wes was a good if not confused kid. He kept asking just where he was and what did we want him to do. We assured him that nothing was going to happen and that he's being kept under observation. That seemed to calm him down for the most part. He seemed to know about his Stand for the most part. He doesn't know that it's called that though. He seems to think of it as friend or something like his shadow; but he thinks his shadow to be his friend as well. 

It was more and more strange as they had kept observing him. All and all, he seemed to be rather high-functioning. The only thing that was off about him was the loss of his memory and try as they might, the Speedwagon Foundation hadn't been able to restore it. In spite of that, there was an almost eerie sense of calm in his eyes. It almost reminded him of ...

No. Wes wasn't him though. Although, he could sense that there was some sort of rage hiding beneath those eyes of his. As strong and violent as a storm. He seemed pretty attached to me in some way. Good freakin' grief. I already have one kid, I don't need another one. But, his eyes did seem to shine almost like the sun with how earnest he was. 

So, when the time had come, I knew that I could count on him. I can count on you to protect Jolyne where I couldn't Wes. You said that you loved me like a brother. Well then, as a brother, I need you to protect your niece. Protect her with your life. 

Chapter Text

He didn't go back. That was a good thing. There was no need to drag down a woman like her to such strange and bizarre things that they have.

She may have been the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Such captivating eyes, beautiful dusky skin that was gently kissed by the sun, with long silky dark hair kept in a neat ponytail. He had only heard her name briefly when he and Jotaro had left. Malèna. Even her name was beautiful. 

Even after they had left, there hadn't been one passing moment that he hadn't thought about her. In one way or another, she had entered his mind. Her kindness, her warm smile. The way that she had held and managed him. She would surely make a good mother. But it wouldn't be a good thing to drag her down to the sort of things they have encountered. 

There was indeed a connection. There was no imagining it. Something was there. But still ...

Now that he was back in his hometown in France, he had thought about her. He had heard that Jotaro had a girl of his own. Maybe I should go back to Egypt. Would she recognize me somehow? Would she still want me, after all that time ... ?

Perhaps, I should go to Egypt and check ...?

Chapter Text

It had been strange. And reckless. To have done what he did with the arrow. But it was more or less a success. 

Diavolo was dead and gone; albeit in his old body. Although, Bucciarati had lost his life in the process. And Chariot Requiem was gone. He was just left with Silver Chariot; no longer able to access or summon the power of the Requeim. And a new body. Diavolo's body. 

That was much more strange. A part of him wanted to die in it; knowing of all the atrocities that he had committed. But a part of him was glad that he was alive. Perhaps, it was the natural fight or flight instinct. He had the - his hair cut and styled to make it seem a little bit closer to his own. 

He was rather grateful that Giorno had allowed him to stay in the organization. He claimed that it was vital, and that there was much he could show them. He had been taking the time to teach them French and some of the finer points in controlling their Stands. Especially for what he could to Giorno; he owed the boy much. Had it not been for his quick thinking, Diavolo would remain and run wild and rampant throughout Italy. And he needed help to gain access to the power of the Requiem again should they need it.

He could never understood just what it was about the boy that seemed to captivate him exactly. Part of him still feels unnerved on how much he looked like Dio. Even after sending Jotaro some of his DNA, and finding out that Dio's overrides the Joestar's by a mere one percent, it was still strange. Yet, there is a part of him that undoubtedly reminds him of Jotaro. That certain coldness in his eyes that hid a surprising amount of warmth. A certain appreciation of simplicity. At times, when he had looked at him, he had saw Jotaro himself. It made him miss his old friend sometimes. 

It had been a good thing that that boy Fugo had come back. Narancia certainly missed him. Mista did as well. And Giorno, even if he wouldn't admit it. Although, he could do with a better tutor. He had felt that he was making a certain deal of progress with him. 

There was only one thing left that had remained of Diavolo. And it wasn't just his body - well, my body now. It was the boy; Doppio. Although, he was no longer a part of their shared body. Instead, he now remained inside the turtle's Stand; Mr. President. It was strange to say the least. 

Aside from the resemblance, the boy looked more like, well, a boy. Nothing more than a scared teenager. Every time anyone came inside the room, the first thing he always asked for was for his boss. When he had came in to the room, he immediately recognized that he wasn't the boss.They had such a strange relationship. Even if they were the same person at one point. Even though Diavolo had died, he felt as if he owed this boy something. Each day, he looked more and more frightened and frazzled. 

With a little bit of trial and error, he'd been able to get through to him. He seemed to be more comfortable when Trish had come by to visit. Given what had happened, she was reluctant to say the least. But she seemed to be good to him for the most part. She didn't outright hate the boy, but she still didn't like him either. 

"He's not my dad, but he's still part of him. It's so weird!"

It was certainly weird. But that wasn't the weird part. For some reason, he could bring out the accursed King Crimson. Looking at it, it had reminded him of Fugo's Stand in some strange reason. It was certainly resistant when he had brought it out first. Although, it was by sheer accident. It was like the remnant of his anger and hatred. He knew that their souls had split and that Diavolo was able to change his body from his own to Doppio's. Was that part of his Stand's nature? Or was it just some strange side effect from his own body? What kind of relationship did he have with his own body. 

Lately, he was growing more and more worried for Doppio. He was no longer a nervous wreck. He seemed more stable. But there was strange vibes in the air around him almost like him. The last thing that he said the last time he had come to visit was still weighing on his mind. 

" ... You're ... back, ... boss ..."

Did he somehow sense that King Crimson still lurked in somehow? What did he mean exactly? 

Chapter Text

What had he been thinking? 

When Passione and the Speedwagon Foundation's resources, he had managed to locate another sibling. Donatello Versus; only one year younger than him. He nearly looked identical to him in terms of their face. But Donatello has short light hair with a black stripe in the middle which extends to the back of his head in the shape of a 'Y', long sideburns pointing toward his mouth, blunt bangs that cover his entire forehead, and two ponytails. 

It had been sheer coincidence to have found him. They had been in the United States to meet with one of their contacts and stumbled upon him by pure coincidence. Or had it been? It had been only six months since he had found Rikiel. Had fate been telling him to find Donatello as well?

Upon seeing the information had about him, he saw just how much they had in common. His own mother neglecting him, and a useless Italian stepfather. But with two half-sisters who were more loved than he was. His eyes though. They were less hopeful than Rikiel's. They were dark; dark and angry. 

When he had came to him, and told him about their relationship to one another, he had just glared at him. It had seemed easier to tell him than and there rather than later like he did with Rikiel. But he immediately started to take up to the idea of joining Passione. He seemed to take it easier than Rikiel did. And he did seem to get along well with Rikiel as well. Once his Stand had been unlocked, he seemed more sure of himself. The way he inducted Scolippi into Passione was quite amazing. 

Under World was a power he could barely begin to comprehend. His ability to manipulate and use memories the way he did was astounding. And it's power seemed to grow more since he had came into contact with Rolling Stone. It became something else entirely with the way it was able to store and grant Stand abilities. The fact that he had given Scolippi the Stand Oasis was astounding and perturbing. That was strange and he kept a closer eye on him. The fact that he had managed to restore the Stand Black Sabbath had given him more cause to watch over him

Things had taken a turn for the worse. He didn't know how or why, but Donatello had managed to get a hand on the Narcotics Division of Passione. He had done away with most of them. Volpe and Cataldi by his side with some other new faces. 

He never thought he would feel so betrayed. He should have expected it. His heart had almost broke when Donatello had beckoned Rikiel to come and join him. He was glad that he did not, and had found his true loyalty. In spite of the fact Donatello managed to grant him another Stand; Kraft Work. Rikiel had chosen his fate.

Gold Experience and Under World had been more than evenly matched. He couldn't understand just how did it get more powerful. He knew that it was connected to Rolling Stone somehow. As if it had taken its power of fate in conjunction to its own abilities of memories. The fact it seemed to accumulate more power, and seemed to manage to take on the power of Black Sabbath from what little memories he had managed to conjure from him about it.

"Remember this, Giorno Giovanna! There are two paths that you can follow. The first path is for the chosen who will live... and the other! The path of death! And I will ensure that you follow the second path!!"

Last he had heard, Donatello had been forming his own gang. It was growing in power and notoriety. Named after the drug he was pushing on nearly every man, woman and child in Italy. Inferno. He said that was what he would bring to Italy but also the world. 

Donatello Versus. Remember this. I, Giorno Giovanna, will destroy you!

Chapter Text

Nijimura Keicho had wanted to live out his life, and he knew that would only happen the moment that his father, Nijimura Masaru, would be gone from the world. That wish had became all too real when a Stand User by the name of Otoishi Akira, had struck him down in an attempt to gain the Stand Arrow. There may have been little love between the man he once called Father and himself, but he was still his son, and the loss came suddenly, sneaking up at him. 

Still, even with the burden of his father lifted off from him, it was not easy picking up from what had been left behind. Now, he had no one but his younger brother, Okuyasu. Within time, he was able to make the most of his life and turn it around. He had thought that he could regain some semblance of it when he avenged his father's death at the hands of Otoishi Akira. Regrettably, his brother Okuyasu, had been able to take him down and Otoishi was incarcerated from then on. 

Since then, Keicho had done his best to help out his brother and his friends in fixing the mess he had created in the form of the Stand users that had popped all around Morioh. With his aid, Hirose Koichi and Higashikata Josuke had been able to take down Hazamada Toshikazu with this Five Copter Death Strike. He had also been able to befriend several people; such as Kishibe Rohan, the young mangaka. Rohan had personally thanked him because he had granted him a wonderful gift. And he was one of the few people outside of Hirose Koichi who's company he enjoyed. And although he would not admit aloud, he surely considered Higashikata Josuke to be a good friend as well. And Kujo Jotaro had taken a certain liking to him in his own way.

Shortly after Fungami Yuya's defeat, they had become a motorcycling duo. His brother Okuyasu had worried for him though, believing that it was a desperate attempt to find happiness or that he would die in such a thrill-seeking adventure. Keicho himself had found it strange that Okuyasu was behaving like the concerned elder brother when it should have been the other way around in that regard. In spite of that, he continued in his motorcyclist endeavors but had promised Okuyasu that he would surely be careful. He had done what he could to help support himself and his brother in taking up employment at Tonio Trussardi's restaurant. 

But as strong and skilled as he was with his Stand, Bad Company, he had still fallen prey to Miyamoto's Stand Enigma, as he had found his tell of fright in his fist clenching. And he had given it his all as he and his brother had helped Kawajiri Hayato take down the notorious Kira Yoshikage with the assistance of Yuya, Jotaro and Josuke. Although, he had nearly lost his life alongside his brother, when they were caught in the crossfire by Kira's air bullets. 

Fate had strayed it's deadly hand from them both. The Nijimura brothers had claimed that their father appeared before them, urging them to keep moving forward and live out their lives. As much as he tried, his Stand was too much of a hindrance to the battle. It's destructive nature was on par with Kira's Killer Queen. Yet, Kira Yoshikage had died. Not by their hands, but perhaps at the hands of lady luck. Yet, fate was not kind with Kira Yoshikage as far as they would know. 

The skies of Morioh had begun to shine brighter with the threat of Kira Yoshikage gone. And things had turned out well for Nijimura Keicho. Because of his methodical nature, and strenuous study habits, it had surprised all that he was able to graduate much earlier than anticipated instead of remaining in the same grade as his brother and Josuke. To further help himself and his brother, as well as to pay for his tuition at S City University, he often acted as "muscle" for Kobayashi Tamami's endeavors. On occasion, he would race against Yuya around Morioh. He would also have tea and discuss matters of life and work with Rohan. He would check up on his brother, who had taken his job at Tonio's. He even checked up on Josuke and Koichi. 

After all the endeavors that life had tossed toward him, Nijimura Keicho was happy.

Chapter Text

Cape Canaveral

The clouds were moving faster in the dark sky, almost like if it was some kind of special effect from a movie. The sound of the air currents was completely different from anything that anyone ever heard and had this ferocity that could almost be considered hostile. And atop of a building in Kennedy Space Center, the group of six people was inside a star-shaped string barrier, looking horrified to the man standing in front of them. Even with all of their efforts, Father Enrico Pucci was still able to fully evolve his Stand C-Moon into Made in Heaven, just as planned from the beginning. The priest, now with that supreme power, was ready to follow Dio's path to Heaven. He raised his hands, with the humanoid stallion figure of his Stand right at his side.

"Time will keep accelerating. Next time, I'll make sure to kill you first, Anasui. After him, I shall slay the traitor. You had served me loyally, but you will perish for you disobedience, Rikiel."

Jotaro, wounded by the priest's last attack, was saved by Anasui's quick thinking, on hiding his Diver Down inside him. Even Rikiel's attempt to sap Pucci of his heat had helped him. But his Time Stop was no match for the priest's super speed.

"I didn't receive this ability to dispose of you or to gain more power. No, it was a much bigger reason, a divine providence, that I will gladly use to guide all of the human kind towards the true happiness." The priest words were sounding like if they came from all directions. Jolyne helped her father to stand up but noticed that he really was badly damaged.

"It's no use. If we could get him in range, I'm pretty sure that Stone Free and Star Platinum together could definitely beat him down. But as soon as he gets close, we'll be pretty much dead already. Even dad's Time Stop couldn't reach him."

The priest pointed to the group.

"The reason for my actions, the reason for your disposal...

The clouds started to go even faster. Made in Heaven was accelerating time even more, and they all could sense it.

It's just a sacrifice for the greater good of humankind!"

It was all in a matter of milliseconds. The priest was already in front of them, when Anasui fell on the ground, with a big wound on his chest. The blow wasn't an instant kill, but the damage was enough to make him bleed to death in a couple minutes.


One second passed.

Jotaro couldn't see inside the time stop the moment when the priest attacked Anasui, only what happened after. Pucci was just close enough for him to reach and hit him hard.

Two seconds passed.


It was only when Star Platinum rushed towards the priest that Jotaro noticed. At his side, Jolyne was looking in Anasui's direction, without being able to see what happened to him. But, just behind her, he could see a lot of blurred silver shadows, towards her direction.

"Knives... he threw them before attacking us! That bastard, it's the same trick, just like Dio..."

Three seconds passed.

Star Platinum punched the knives the fastest way he could, and then he turned back to where the Pucci was.

Four seconds passed.

"The weakness is also in the blood."

Jotaro went static. Pucci was right behind, between him and Jolyne.

"He moved! Even though the time was stopped, he moved."

"And your daughter is your weakness, Jotaro Kujo. You were too late. Now, it's time for Heaven."

He still tried to hit the priest, even knowing that he would probably be dead before landing the attack. Star Platinum's hands reached for him, but Made in Heaven was just with the advantage. A fraction of a smile was on Pucci's face when he went for the kill.

But nothing happened.

From his point of view, everything was standing still. Jotaro's Star Platinum right in front of him.

"What? What is happening?"

"Nothing is happening, Father Pucci," a voice came, from behind him.

The priest's eyes went wide, as he slowly turned his head. For one moment, a shiver ran through Pucci's body by seeing him standing there.


But something was wrong.

"It can't be him. Dio is dead, his body was destroyed by the hands of Jotaro Kujo, in the Egypt, 1989. Then, how can this be?"

In the next moment, the figure of Dio was no longer there, but a tall man using a long black coat, with the same golden hair. More than anything, the same powerful, strong eyes he possessed. He started to walk in his direction.

"You... I know you. You are Haruno Shiobana, aren't you? What are you doing here?"

"Giovanna. My name is Giorno Giovanna. I'm a son of Dio Brando, and I am here to stop this madness of yours."

"What nonsense is this?" the priest couldn't understand. That was nothing like Jotaro's Time Stop. In a matter of fact, it was almost like if time itself wasn't there. It was just nothing.


The first blow came directly to his face. Giorno's Stand was right at his side, looking at him. The pain was completely mixed with the confusion.

"Your Stand... what is this? How can you even dare to face my Made in Heaven?" Pucci fell on the floor, a big stain of blood on the right side of his face. Giorno looked at him, without showing any reaction. If anything, his eyes were only showing that everything would be over soon. "You should have been by my side. You should have followed Dio's truth, just as I have! WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO STAND IN MY WAY?"

Pucci summoned his Stand to deal an extremely fast blow to Giorno's face. But his attack didn't hit him. To the priest, it felt like it was a straight punch into a wall. Giorno's Stand was simply by his side, waiting for the next command.

"This is Requiem."

The priest couldn't believe that there was something that could match his extreme speed. But that was just another challenge that he would need to overcome, just like the many others he had been through these last years. All he needed was to get close enough to finish Giorno off in one single attack.

"I don't care what your Stand is. YOU ARE NO MATCH FOR MADE IN HEAVEN!"


Gold Experience Requiem's attack rush was enough to block the priest attack and to knock him away, far from the others. Father Pucci fell to the floor once more, but this time, he couldn't even try to get up. That attack probably broke some of his ribs and organs, and any movement attempt would definitely hurt him even more.

Giorno turned to Jotaro, who was still phased inside time and healed his wound on the neck, from the priest's first attack. After that, he walked away and deactivated his Stand effect.
Jotaro blinked, without knowing what just happened. Star Platinum just punched the air in front of him.

And so, five seconds have passed. His Time Stop was over, and everyone could move again.

"Anasui, Rikiel!" Jolyne and Hermes ran to help them, who had just been damaged by the priest attack. Jotaro, however, noticed Father Pucci bleeding on the floor, and looked in the other direction, where Giorno was standing. It took him a couple moments until he finally understood what just happened.

"You saved us."

"Not yet," Giorno said as he made his way to where Anasui and Rikiel were

"HEY, WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?" Jolyne asked, getting ready to attack.

"It's okay, Jolyne. He is an ... ally to say the least," Jotaro said. Giorno moved Anasui's body, noticing a large amount of blood he was losing. He then went to Rikiel, noting that he was quite alright to say the least. He had suffered some minor cuts and bruises to say the least, but he would surely survive. Nonetheless, Anasui took precedence. 

"Gold Experience."

There was a small light coming from his body, and a sudden breath of life came out from Anasui's mouth.

"It wasn't much, but at least I could recreate the blood vessels and organs that were damaged by the attack. He's still knocked out, but he will survive.

On the other corner, Father Pucci started to crawl on the floor, without being able to fully move his body. All that he could think was that he needed to stay away from the new foe that had just appeared.

"Count the numbers... prime numbers, the loneliest ones... 1, 2, 3, 5..."

He was almost reaching the border of the building when someone stepped on his back. He turned his head slowly, just to see a new face over him.

"You aren't planning to escape, right?"

The man was almost as tall as Jotaro but definitely younger. The eyes were similar, but his hair was set up in a classic pompadour style from the 80's. He was wearing dark blue clothes and had a Stand right behind him.

Pucci knew that he couldn't take any risks. There was no way to tell what his ability could be, so he had to take a shot and strike swiftly.



The blow could have been enough to kill him. Pucci felt the pain of feeling his skull crushing in that attack. But in the next second, the pain was gone, almost as if there was no wound anymore. Dazed, he was knocked back on the floor and hit the border wall from the building.

"I don't know what your power is, but I'm smart enough to know it's some big deal to make Giorno use his Requiem. Don't try to play tricks on me, or I will keep breaking your bones and fixing again until you die of agony, you bastard!" He said, now holding the priest by his shirt.

"Josuke!" Giorno and Jotaro came closer, and the priest couldn't think straight anymore. The momentum had completely turned against him, and he couldn't see a way out of that situation.

"It's over." Jotaro's voice was as calm as ever, even though he was close to death a few moments ago. The priest was looking at him with a certain despair in his eyes, but suddenly, his expression changed completely. A laugh came from Pucci's mouth, followed by his answer.

"There's no such thing as failure, Jotaro Kujo. It's always a matter of wait for the next opportunity. Made in Heaven is the solid proof that plans can change and still work. What you call a failure, I call destiny. Perhaps it wasn't supposed to end like this, but Fate always finds a way. Destiny is a merciless force, and not even you can fight that back."

Pucci looked around, but the only thing that he saw was the trio standing right there, close to him. His body was badly wounded and there would be no chance for him to even activate his Stand before being knocked out. He knew, deep down, that it was endgame.

"You can say your nonsense stuff as much as you want. Dio's Diary is gone, and so are your chances of fulfilling his goals." Jotaro said. Giorno stepped forward, with Jolyne following behind him carrying Rikiel by her shoulder who was just barely conscious enough to see what had happened.

"Should I lock him into the Requiem?" Giorno asked as the golden Stand manifested and stood behind him. And so, there was another laugh followed by a strange satisfied smirk across his lips.

"Tell me, Jotaro. Do you believe in gravity?"


Giorno had taken a fist to the face, surprising him and throwing him off balance. 

"You will not get in the way of Heaven. Ungalo had learned that the hard way. But he had a small part to play. Now, fear and face the power of Under World!" cried out the now maniacal Donatello Versus. He looked even stronger than before with his straight blonde hair was now in neat spikes with small black strands hanging by his forehead, and his blue eyes were now more manic. 

"Josuke, you're going to have to defend Jotaro and the others. I'll handle this guy!"



"I shall defeat you, Jotaro Kujo. With gravity literally by my side!" Pucci said as he took out a Stand disc and placed it within himself. "I had to ask Donatello to retrieve this for me. I'll certainly make use of it. PLANET WAVES!!"

A humanoid Stand then appeared. Its body covered with a pattern akin to muscle fiber, and its head resembles a human heart with metallic/technological apparatuses. Suddenly, numerous meteorites had come falling headfirst onto them. 

"Jotaro! Jolyne! Get out of the way!!"


Within seconds, the majority of the meteorites had tired out Josuke. Jolyne had barely noticed that a small flurry of knives heading towards him. 



She had managed to get all but one. It had managed to cut Josuke by his left arm and cut rather deeply into Jotaro's right eye. 


On to the other fight, Giorno had begun to face the demons that his brother Donatello Versus had unearthed. 

"Ungalo had a powerful Stand but he was far too weak to use or even understand it. Yet, I was able to make use of it upon his untimely demise. Combined with my own power, I'm no longer bound to just the earth itself. I can bring forth the memories of others at will!"

Giorno had taken a look as to what Donatello had brought forth. Half of the gang that he had belonged to. Abbacchio. Narancia. Bruno.

" ... How ... How did you ...?"

"Under World allowed me access to your memories the moment that I struck you. Now, go forth and attack Giorno!!"

Abbacchio had attacked first with a head-on fist. Naranica then did so with the switchblade that he always carried. And Bruno then jabbed him in the jaw. 

I'm sorry. I failed you. Abbacchio. Narancia. Bruno. 

It was then that Giorno realized that it was only the memory of his beloved friends. They themselves and not their Stands. As much as he lamented the loss of his friends, he needed to power on through. 

"How does it feel knowing that you failed all of them, Giorno Giovanna?!"

"True, I had failed them. Circumstance and fate had not been kind to either of them. If it was, they would still be here. But they're not. And that isn't them. Just the cheapest of memories slandered by you. And you are truly ... muda."


"For you shall never reach your truth of happiness, Versus!"


Donatello felt a pain like no other. Everything was going on far too fast. His body couldn't keep up with his mind. 

"No. NO!! I've come to far! I refuse to go out like this!! I want to be happy. I want. To be. Happy. I have a right to be happy! I HAVE THE RIGHT TO  - "

Donatello had breathed in his last breath. Along with the injuries he had sustained from Gold Experience's strikes, Donatello Versus was no more.

They could barely keep up with Pucci. Jolyne and Josuke couldn't keep up with Maiden Heaven's insane speed. And Jotaro Kujo was far too injured and unconscious to perform a time stop with his Star Platinum. 

"You shall all perish! This is the power of gravity. The very power of Made In Hea - "

Rikiel then chuckled. "You've gotten far too cocky, Father. My Sky High can remove heat from any muscle in the body. Once it does that, I can practically shut them down to control you,. Like making you shut up!!"

"I shall surely silence you, you traitor!"

"I must admit that your Heaven sounds like a wonder. But it would not allow humans to evolve as they should. Your Heaven is just a joke in the end," Rikiel said with a small smirk.

Father Enrico Pucci looked more angrier than ever. "You ... you ... you ... you dare to ... HOW DARE YO - "


"I do dislike useless chitchat," Giorno said coolly with his arms crossed and a cold stare. He then took out a disc from his jacket and casually tossed it to Rikiel and it went in him. Suddenly, small clouds had begun to form around him. Father Pucci looked horrified as he saw his brother's Stand manifest. Rikiel went from looking beaten to looking like a warrior rising from the ashes. That look ... 

"Soo, you beat that Versus guy, huh, Giorno? Pretty damn great!"

"Give me a fucking break. How about we break the priest now?" 

"He shall not achieve his Heaven. Josuke, Jolyne, Rikiel, shall we?"

All of them had shaken their heads in affirmation. 

Father Pucci looked confused and quite scared as he saw all of them looking at him with ferocity and determination. They then brought forth their Stands.





Pain. He had felt such excruciating pain. His body was badly wounded and there would be no chance for him to even activate his Stand before being knocked out. He knew, deep down, that it was endgame.

Jolyne and Josuke then made their way to Jotaro. Josuke proceeded to heal Jotaro as Giorno urged Rikiel close to him. Both had felt a true sense of camaraderie with one another. Jolyne found herself smiling as Josuke mentioned that he would like to bring her to his hometown of Morioh and she had mentioned that her father had mentioned bringing her there once when she was younger. Jotaro then began to stir with the healing nearly complete. His eye no longer damaged but a deep scar remaining. As Josuke and Jolyne came close to him, they then heard something. Their attention was then turned to the priest. 

The priest burst into a hysterical laugh, a scene that was almost creepy, considering his entire demeanor up until that moment. The calm and cold Pucci gave room to a man who had just acknowledged his defeat and could only laugh in his last moment.

"You see it, don't you? You lost to your own "fate". Walking the path of "justice" is true "fate"!" Rikiel cried out. But Father Enrico Pucci did not seem to pay him any mind. He looked strangely serene.

"Our Father, who art in Heaven…"

If he was younger, Jotaro would definitely be able to act in time. Even though Josuke had just cured most of his wounds, his body and mind were still tired from the stress of that battle. He, who was the most experienced among them, was the only one who noticed in time. Father Pucci, using all of his remaining strength, rammed his head on the border wall, crashing his already damaged skull and exploding his own brain.

"Josuke!" Jotaro shouted. Crazy Diamond appeared and healed the priest head in a matter of seconds, but it was already too late. Rikiel then summoned out Weather Report and brought him closer to them. The Stand seemed to look strangely intense and satisfied as it looked at the body of the holiest of men. Perhaps it wasn't for the impact, but for his resolution to end his life in that instant that the deed was possible. If a terrified smile on his face, Enrico Pucci was dead. 

The legacy of Dio Brando had been finally vanquished.

Chapter Text

He reminded him of himself in a way. He could see the pain and loneliness in his eyes. This boy looked quite similar to him; with a slim build with spiky hair and large bangs going down the right side of his face. There was something about his face that reminded him of his own. From the melancholy in his eyes to the sharpness in his jaw. 

Giorno Giovanna was just walking toward his school when he had noticed the young man. He looked to be his age if not a bit older. He had noticed a shifty look to him as he had pick-pocketed someone. The look he gave was someone who no longer cared about a thing that happened to him or others. It wasn't then until the older man had noticed that he had no wallet and began to accuse the young man who was doing no favors in looking more shiftier with the way he dove his hands into his jacket pockets. 

On instinct, he had acted. "There you are! I've been looking everywhere for you!" He looked confused as to what was happening but he went on with the act; giving him a look. 

"Come now. We don't want to be late for class now, do we?" He then took him by the hand and they ran off. 

"Thank you, for saving me back there."

"It wasn't much trouble. For me. You, on the other hand, are quite a lousy pickpocket."

His eye seemed to twitch at that. "I've been doing it for quite some time now. What would you know?"

"Don't make yourself look so shifty when doing it for one. And never let your guard down," Giorno said as he then waved the boy's wallet in his hand. He looked more irritated by that and quickly snatched his wallet back. He then gave a wry chuckle. 

"Experienced, huh? Impressive. I didn't even notice or feel anything."

"It's all in your body language and movements. There's much I could show you, if you'd like."

For the briefest of moments, the sadness from his eyes had faded away as he gave a small smile. 

"I'm Fugo. Pannacotta Fugo."

"Giovanna. Giorno Giovanna."

Since then, the two had been as thick as thieves. Learning much about one another and teaching each other every little trick of the trade that they knew. They would visit each other as much as they could with Giorno managing to sneak him into his dorm from time to time so he could have a place to sleep. At times, they had envied one another. Fugo would never say it out loud, but he would much rather have his own mother and father ignore him like Giorno's parents had. But he knew he would surely be miserable if not for his Nonna. Giorno would never admit it to Fugo, but he wished that either one of his parents would push him the way that Fugo's had pushed him. If it meant that they would notice him just a little bit. But Fugo also mentioned that he had several brothers and sisters who were older and younger than him that did not like him as well. He could deal with that easily, he liked to think. There are people who cannot easily be swayed. 

What had surprised him the most was that Fugo had been allowed to attend university at his age to study law. But he felt himself cringe and his heart ache when Fugo had mentioned what his professor had tried to do to him. As he mocked the death of his grandmother while attempting to make things "easier" for him. He understood that urge to strike back, and he felt nothing but contempt for his parents as they had cast him aside in the end as if he were nothing but an embarrassment to them. He could tell that Fugo had at least thought the same thing with the way his body had been shaking as he had told his story.

The strange thing was that when he had said that, Giorno noticed a large purple cloud hovering over his friend. Something looked to be filled with nothing but pure rage and malice. Almost like a bomb waiting to go off. What was strange about it was that it almost took the form of a man; like that of a gladiator. Bizarre. 

But that wouldn't be the only bizarre thing that Giorno would notice about his friend. One day, as they had decided to make good on some money they had successfully pick-pocketed, they had decided to use it to buy some new clothes for themselves. On the same spot on the back of his neck, Giorno had noticed that his good friend Pannacotta Fugo had the exact same star-shaped birthmark. At least, it looked the same as his. He knew that he had inherited it from his father; a man named Dio that his mother met when she had vacationed in Cairo, Egypt. 

Perhaps, Fugo had taken notice of his birthmark and decided to get a tattoo of it on the exact same place? No, that wouldn't have been possible. Fugo would have surely told and asked him. When he looked at him, he had almost looked like the picture of Dio that he kept in his wallet. Bizarre, far too bizarre. 

When he had told Fugo his dream and desire to become a Gang-Star, he half-expected ridicule from him. He knew that Fugo did not believe much in the way of ideals nor did he agree with most of what he had said and did. Instead, he had smiled at him and called it an admirable dream. He had even said that it was a dream that was worth fighting and obtaining. He even mentioned that he would help him in any way that he could. Fugo then asked if he would abandon him if he ever lost himself. He knew what he had meant as he said that. He knew that his friend had a certain darkness to him; an all consuming rage waiting to be unleashed like a crash of thunder. He told him the truth; that he would not abandon him regardless of his unbridled anger.

It had been a year since they had met and they had decided to celebrate it with their antics. Going to a restaurant, eat a rather extravagant meal and then leave. A simple and classic dine-and-dash. Fugo and him managed to get away with it numerous times before. Often, he could easily charm any waitress or waiter who had guessed at their antics. But this waiter wasn't having it at all. Fortunately for the both of them, Fugo was well-versed enough in law to be able to get them both out of situations like these. 

He began to mention the case of De Sica vs Argento; citing how a judge would view their petty crime as an act of necessity. It was then that the hand of fate had been moved towards their side. It was no longer a time for playful antics and banter amongst boys. No, it was now a time to realize their true potential as the soft hands and kind eyes of Bruno Buccialati reached out to them both; asking both Giorno Giovanna and Pannacotta Fugo to join his gang. For once in their lives, fate had been kind to them both. Now was the time to grab at it.

Chapter Text

He respected her a great deal. He loved her. Her light, medium-length hair; how it easily glistened in the sun. 

Even after she had mentioned her age, and how she owed her husband. He respected that. And she respected him. 

The feel of her in his arms was more than enough. He would wait for her, he knew that in his heart.

All he knows, all he hears, all he feels is the beating of the horse’s hooves against the ground, the bite of wind on his face which runs through his hair. All a cowboy could ever want and ask for was a place to come home to. 

When word had came that her husband, Stephen Steel had passed away from a heart attack, he felt the urge to go to her. Comfort her. Be there for her. 

But supposedly, Johnny Joestar had gotten there first. Word had gotten out that they had gotten rather close in the wake of Stephen Steel's death. He didn't want to believe it. But then there were rumours going around that he was romancing the former president's wife; Scarlet Valentine.

There had even been rumours that she and Diego Brando had come to be with her as well. There had been sightings of the two of them together. 

Was there any point to it? He knew that he would wait for her. But it wasn't as if she was waiting for him. Did she even know that he was alive? Maybe he should just find someone else?

But he knew that was no true point. He could find another woman. He should find another woman. But that woman alone will always carry a piece of his heart with her. Whether she knew it or not. 

Chapter Text

He had seen him around before. He looked oddly similar to him. And something about him was awfully familiar. 

Kira Yoshikage wasn't the type of person to make small talk yet he found himself talking to him. Kawajiri Kosaku. 

There wasn't much to tell about him. He bore a certain resemblance to himself with the exception of spiky black hair, thin, large dark irises and somewhat higher cheekbones. But something about him struck when he had mentioned just where he had gone to college. Now he remembered. He went to D University same as him. He recalled that they had some classes with one another but he barely cared or remembered his classmates. But he reminded him completely of himself. If not more miserable. 

Simple. Unremarkable. He seemed to have a bored and disinterested look to him. From what he could tell and understand, he wasn't particularly ambitious or even good at his job and had a marriage that seemed mostly out of some kind of convenience. That seemed rather reckless as well as stupid. Why on Earth would he just give in like that? But perhaps that's just what he was like. That was his true self; just a bore. 

The way he seemed to talk about his son was something. There seemed to be a strange sense of pride for him, even if he didn't sound as if he was close to him. Gods. even his voice annoyed him. It was the same as his face. Blank and bored. 

Perhaps out of pity, he found himself keeping an eye on him. It was strange that he had someone to talk to that hadn't been one of his girlfriends. He would dare call Kosaku his best friend. No, he was certainly friendly with the man. At best, he considered him to be an acquaintance. He would smile on occasion whenever they engaged in small talk. In his case, small talk was just him complaining about his wife, Shinobu. Maybe he should do him a favor and make Shinobu his own girlfriend. 

Damn that Josuke. Curse that brat Koichi. Kujo Jotaro, that infernal pest. 

The moment that Kosaku saw him, he felt rather comforted that he asked what had happened and the look of concern on his face. 

It was almost saddening what he did to him. Almost. 

Sorry Kosaku. But at least now, you can be useful in your life. 

Chapter Text

He had looked at him long and hard. At the dead body of his long-lost brother; his twin. 

The man had come to call himself after his Stand; Weather Report. But that was not his name, that was barely even a name. The name he had held with pride was the name that their sister loved; Wes Bluemarine. The name that he should have had before God and fate had intervened was that of Domenico Pucci.

He had once heard his mother the nicknames she had for himself and his brother when they had visited his grave; Rico and Nico. At times, he had wondered in those days, how it would have been like with a brother by his side. Someone he could share his fears and secrets with. Talk to about anything. 

But tragedy had fallen him and their family when fate had taken him away. Tragedy came soon after gravity. Had they intervened sooner, would he have gotten the brother he had wanted? Would Perla have been spared of her pain? Would his sister still be alive? Would she have found a different man to love? Would he follow him and Dio to achieve Heaven?

That didn't matter. Not as held his brother's heart with his hand. He had struck him down with his own bare hand. God may never forgive him, but he needed to follow Dio's plan to create Heaven. 

As the boy had manifested a Stand; he had been surprised that it had been his brother's. It had never looked so beautiful; almost like an angel incarnate. He felt his own life slipping away with each strike and the air removed from his body. 

I am sorry, Nico. Sorry for everything that had happened. To you. To Perla. To everything. And now it looks like ... I will not see you again ... in this life ... the next ... or what comes after ... Sor ... ry.

Chapter Text

He had to admit that it was weird. To think that this kid was above him. 

Pannacotta Fugo; barely even an adult really. Spiky silver blond hair with large bangs going down the right side of his face. His face was still fresh as the stupid strawberries on his tie. 

Seemed to be a smart kid. Why the hell would he want to get in with a gang like Passione? Buccialati seemed to like him well enough. The way he found and recruited him was strange too. But it seemed that Buccialati seemed to be picking up strays so far for his team. 

Buccialati found him in a drunken stupor right by the site of his partner's death. He was just wanting for everything to go away. How he managed to find and hear about him, he never bothered to ask him. He found the brat trying to fend for himself; trying and nearly failing at a dine and dash. 

It was strange to how they even passed that gigantic asshole's trial. It was pretty easy to sneakily bribe his way from the guards. Somehow, the punk managed to get the lighter out by, from what he heard, sneaking it out by placing it in his fucking shoes. Ballsy move. 

What was stupid was their Stands. Buccialati's Stand, Sticky Fingers, was definitely versatile. It definitely had many uses. Moody Blues could barely pack a punch but was certainly useful in certain ways to get the results that Buccialati would need. The kid's Purple Haze was certainly something else though. The way it strikes like a bomb and departs like a storm. A part of him wished that that was his Stand. How it just destroys nearly anything in sight.

The thing was though, was that look in the kids eye whenever he brought it out. Which was rare to begin with. He always seemed to have some kind of grimace or wince when he did. But then again, it wasn't as if he was the most smiley of kids in the first place. Always freaking serious. 

At first, he had been thinking that Moody Blues would definitely suit the kid more than him. With his observational skill and logical thinking, he could make more use of it. Hell, he would have made a great cop if he got the chance. It wasn't until his latest mission that he had managed to see just what that kid had been hiding. Those stupid capos had started to get out of control and nearly shot at us. That mild look was gone, and there was nothing but pure rage. It was one thing to have gotten the gun out of the guy's hand, and started to bash his face in with the but of it. The other capo had been scared shitless to the point that his pants were completely drenched in piss. 

It was in that moment that he had felt true genuine terror. No kind of terror he had faced or saw in the streets as he did when he was still a beat cop. Why that monster of a Stand; Purple Haze, had belonged to him. That look in his eyes was almost close to that of a murderer. Sheer brute force and anger. 

But then, that look was replaced with that of a really scared kid. He looked in horror to the what he had done to the capo. His face had been really beaten in that two of his teeth were sticking out like bent pieces of plywood, the man's nose broken and his eyes beginning to swell. 

"Fugo, it's alright. Calm down. I'll handle it," he said, gently patting him on the shoulder. He shuddered for a bit. Awfully touchy. But he never really called him by his name before. Hell, it was probably the first time he had called him that. 

Maybe that's why Buccialati held an interest in him. Why he kept him close. To help him protect him from himself. He managed to explain to Buccialati that the situation got outta control and force needed to be used. The way Buccialati looked and understood, it was like he knew what had really happened. And just turned the other cheek. Fugo must be really important to him. Might as well protect the kid too. After all, he's still just a kid.

"Hey, Fugo!"

He looked a bit dumbfounded. He likely noticed that he started to call him by his name. 

"I'm starving like hell right now. How about we go on and get some pasta or something?"

"Oh. Uh, um, sure, why not? If I'm being completely honest, I'm quite partial to puttanesca. Have you ever tried it before, Abbacchio?"

"Nope. Shit better be good though. Sounds pretty good." 

Chapter Text

The Stand User was surprisingly and overwhelmingly strong. Okuyasu Nijimura and Koichi Hirose were quite heavily injured and nearly leaning on each other. Mista barely had any ammo left. And Fugo's capsules were nearly gone.

"Why don't you just give up? I have you at my mercy!"

He was right though. There didn't seem any way to beat him. Unless ...

"Well, you should know something, Giorno. Our family has a strange philosophy when it comes to fighting."

"Yes. I do believe it's the perfect time to release our secret weapon on him."

"S-se-secret w-we-weapon?"

"Truly, GioGio? You have a plan?" Fugo cried out in surprise.

"It's Josuke's plan, dumbass!"

"It's quite a gamble, but that's what I'm good at. One last all or nothing gambit!"

"We'll unleash an ultimate move, the likes of which no one has ever seen before." 

"Just what does this ultimate move involve, Giovanna-san?"

"Alright guys, listen up. We need you to gather enough strength. This is something we'e gonna have to do for ourselves!"

"Mista, Fugo, Koichi, follow our leads!"

The Stand user started to look scared.

"Just tell us what to do and we'll follow your lead, Giorno!"

In that moment, Giorno and Josuke looked at one another. Both of them brimming with such confidence with the almost mad glints in their eyes. A wry smile appearing on both of their faces.

"Alright then everyone ... 



"That's fine with me, LET"S MOOOVVE!!"

Chapter Text

He should have died, he shouldn't be alive now. He had pushed the limits of his spirit. 

If God was out there, He seemed rather cruel. How or why did He let this happen? They had mourned their good friend, Narancia Ghiriga. Shed tears for him. And now, here he was; inhabiting his body. 

Giorno and Mista had surprisingly cried out tears of joy and confusion upon seeing him. Even though she may not have heard it, he had made good on his promise to Trish to get her a home in a nice community in Naples. With Giorno now the head of Passione, he allowed himself to be his capo and second-in-command while Polnareff acted as their consigliere. Mista eventually became a capo while vowing to recreate his own version of la squadra esecuzioni. 

It was difficult and strange to explain it when Fugo had come back and rejoined as their caporegime. It had taken some time to get used to it; being in Narancia's body. At one point, he had wanted to call himself by his name to make it easier for everyone and himself. But he could never really be or replace him. Some things had notably changed; particularly his appearance. He had gotten rid of the clothes that he had wore and replaced them with something a bit more comfortable and suited to his tastes. As well as a haircut and a proper combing. 

That was stranger to do. He didn't feel like himself necessarily but he looked a little less like Narancia in some ways. He was certainly neater and a bit more muscular. Every time he saw Fugo, he could see the sadness in his eyes; knowing it wasn't really his friend there. All the more reason for him to reform la Unita Especiale; to better help and protect the members of Passione like Sheila whom he grew rather fond of. 

He did what he could to help Passione truly thrive. There was something that he needed to do first and that was bring his body back to his home first. It had felt strange to do it, but he buried it right next to his father's. He had fulfilled the promise to Narancia for himself. It had tackled his heart strangely. It helped him realize that in some ways, they both had died in Roma. Yet, he could not understand why he was given a second chance at life while Narancia's was ripped away from him.

They hadn't been able to do much for him before, but there was one thing that he was able to do for him. While he could not go back home and simply go back to his home with his "father", he had gotten himself what Narancia talked about after going back to school; a pizza. Authentic margherita with porcini mushrooms baked over a oak wood fire. 

He had to admit; Narancia had good taste. The Parmagiano they had put in had given it extra flavor along with the virgin olive oil. It was so good that he couldn't stop the tears from flowing.

I'm sorry, Narancia. I am so, so sorry.