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Jojo's Bizarre Possibilities

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He honestly couldn't believe it. 

After all that happened, and all they went through, he thought that he would finally be rid of all traces of Dio. But he couldn't have been more wrong. 

After Pucci's defeat, he had decided to send Jolyne and her friend Ermes on a trip to Italy. Clear their heads and get away from that mess. But apparently, they got into another one. 

"It's a long story, Dad."

Apparently, it was something related to the Mafia from what his daughter described. He had hoped that she would come back with a couple of funny stories and some souvenirs at best. He was not expecting that she bring back a boy. 

The boy from before, the boy he wanted investigated, the boy who had been born from his ancestor and mortal enemy. Giorno Giovanna.  His golden hair was of moderate length tied back in a short, braided tail, with three distinctive swirls hanging over his forehead. The shape of his eyes as sharp as his father. His build slim and just above-average height. He felt put off by him. He would have preferred Jolyne being with Anasui; in spite of his apparent craziness. The one thing he took note of was how his eyes were nearly identical to his; a bright blue but with faint flecks of sea-green within them. 

But he saw what Koichi seemed to have seen in the boy. He gave off a calming almost serene presence. His face giving nothing away. His eyes almost bearing; trying to read him like a book. In some ways, it reminded him of the accursed man who had sired him. But it also made him question just how much of the Joestar blood was in him. He never really knew or met his great-great grandfather but if he was a good of man as he had been described the the Old Man's grandmother, then Jolyne was lucky. 

Oh good grief. That's when he realized just how messed up this was. In spite of their clearly loving relationship, Giorno Giovanna was still Jolyne's relative. He had managed to sneakily use Star Platinum to get a hair sample from him. Koichi hadn't been able to get it but he succeeded in this. In terms of paternal DNA, Dio's seemed to outclass the Joestars by a mere one percent more. It almost made him breath a sigh of relief. Almost. 

Whatever he was, he was still Dio's son. And for that reason alone, he couldn't trust him and kept his guard up. The only time it was down was when he had come to him to properly ask permission for Jolyne's hand in marriage. Oh, good grief. It was then that he saw his eyes again. Those unmistakably sharp eyes of his. 

"You weren't the best father. You weren't around as much as you'd like to be. But you do love your daughter. You're a good man, Mr. Kujo." he said bluntly.

He found himself taken aback by his statement. Yet, a tiny bit flattered too. Jolyne had brought him great joy in his life but he couldn't tell her just what he had been doing all those years. And in all of those years, he hurt his wife and his daughter. She has every right to hate me. But she doesn't truly; not anymore. With a heavy heart, he told Giorno Giovanna:

"You best not hurt her. Or I will. And then she might hurt you too."

The wedding was a grand affair to say the least. The Old Man and Shizuka had come along with Josuke and his friends. Some of Giorno's companions had come; notably a goofy guy named Mista and a rather serious young man close to Giorno's age named Fugo. Ermes was talking, or rather, flirting with Fugo. Emporio and Shizuka seemed to blush around each other. All of them happily talking and cheering the new happy couple. 

When he came to the hospital, he felt himself worry. Hearing Jolyne scream in pain. He wanted to go in there and stop the pain somehow. His mother was the only one there by his side to comfort him. She aged rather gracefully and looked well in spite of her age. 

"Don't worry, Jotaro. Jolyne will be fine. And besides, I'm quite happy to be a great-grandmother!"

Oh good grief. Just how can this stupid woman be so damn cheerful. 

Suddenly, the screaming stopped. Did something wrong happen? Just then, a nurse came out of the room. 

"Mr. Kujo, Mrs. Kujo, you can come in now."

As he and his mother came in, he saw Giorno holding his daughter tenderly as they both looked at a small bundle of blankets in Jolyne's arms. He then heard a soft cooing sound coming from it. 

"Dad, I'd like you to meet your grandson; Giorgio Giovanna."

He then looked at his grandson. He looked and felt tinier when Jolyne was a newborn. His eyes were closed, so he couldn't see his eye color. His hair was a messy mop of brown hair. 

"Giorgio," he said softly to his grandson. He then looked at Giorno and Jolyne; smiling like idiots. But idiots in love. 

I've only wanted you to be happy, Jolyne. Continue to be happy. He looked to his grandson again, and he saw his eyes. Sea-green like his. 

You be happy too, grandson.