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"You should rest, sensei," he smiled down at Kakashi and pulled over a light blanket, brushing a hand over the jounin's brow without really being aware of what he was doing. "You look like you need it." His own eyelids were drifting half-closed but he rubbed his eyes forcefully and made himself stay awake, focusing his attention on Kakashi and Kakashi alone.

"Are you sure?" the silver-haired man murmured. "You look like you might worry."

Naruto grinned sheepishly at him and rubbed his nose. "It's alright. Really. I'll be fine as long as you are." A hand slipped from beneath the blanket to tug gently at his arm and he blinked, surprised, but let himself be pulled onto the hospital bed.

"Get some rest, Naruto," Kakashi smiled at him with amusement and that very familiar look of fondness he always gave Naruto – just Naruto. It was that smile which always made him feel warm and silly and happy inside, made him want to stay with Kakashi forever and never let him go. (Never again.)

Naruto's own smile was a little wobbly as Kakashi closed his eyes and his breathing gradually evened out, but he only snuggled closer and closer until his ear was pressed against the sleeping man's chest and he found what he was looking for.

The gentle rhythm of Kakashi's heartbeat, the proof that he was alive.

Naruto felt so very warm.

He stayed awake and listened the entire night.