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Dramione Drabbles

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Hermione wasn’t even sure how she’d been roped into this as she was about the worst person in the world to help out with this kind of thing. Then again, Ginny had just given birth to her first child and so she and Harry were understandably wrapped up in little James. And Ron – Ron was possibly even a worse choice than she was. Unless you wanted a Chudley Cannons themed wedding.

Then there was the fact that Neville had asked her with such a pleading expression on his face that it would be downright cruel to refuse. And Luna had beamed brightly and mentioned how she had the best friends in the world and any grumbling Hermione had wanted to voice at giving up her first free Saturday in months had withered away in her throat.

But then Draco Malfoy had walked out into the plush lobby of Happy Ever After, clipboard in hand and proceeded to introduce himself as the wedding planner as if they had never met before.

“You have got to be shitting me,” Hermione interrupted, incapable of keeping her mouth shut. “Are you really going pretend like we don’t know who you are, Malfoy?”

“It’s called being professional, Granger, you should try it some time.”

“I should – I should,” she spluttered before pulling herself together and pulling herself up to her full 5’7 height. “That’s really funny coming from you, Malfoy!”

She turned to Neville and Luna then and said, “Are you really employing Malfoy to plan your wedding? He’ll probably hire Dementors for catering staff.”

Malfoy shot her a glare which she cut her eyes at before Neville gained her attention. “Hermione, he’s the best and Luna deserves nothing but the best.”

Hermione’s wrath deflated at that. Luna really did deserve the best and so did Neville. If they wanted their dream wedding planned by a pointy nosed ex-Death Eater, then she could keep her mouth shut long enough to get this thing organised. It didn’t mean she wouldn’t be watching Malfoy like a hawk.

“You’re right, Neville. It’s your wedding and if you guys want Malfoy then that’s who you’ll have.”

Neville squeezed her hand and Luna bounded forward, clapping her hands excitedly. “I was thinking of a Moon Frog theme,” she said and Hermione had to swallow a cackle that threatened to spill out at the confused expression on Malfoy’s face.

“Yes, Moon Frogs,” Hermione said innocently. “They are native to the moon, are they not, Luna?”

“Oh yes, but Aldwyn Dwennon brought them back on his Cleensweep Six. He told Daddy and me that he released them into the Romney Marshes so I was planning a trip there on the next full moon to try and find them. They are most active during a full moon understandably. It would be splendid if you would come and run your professional eye over them,” Luna said to Malfoy.

Malfoy gave Hermione a filthy look which she grinned evilly at before he muttered some polite platitude about how he’d love to come along.

And that set the tone for the rest of the meeting.

Despite her lack of desire to be involved in any wedding planning, Hermione enjoyed herself hugely. Every time Malfoy seemed sure to bring the meeting back to something achievable, she would drop a word that derailed the conversation once more and then gleefully watched as Malfoy struggled to maintain his professional demeanour and not snap at Luna.

She wasn’t feeling quite so pleased with herself at seven o’clock that night when she got a Floo Call from Malfoy who informed her that Neville had put her down as the primary contact and that he needed her to swing by on Monday evening after work to run through some of the aspects Luna definitely wanted incorporated.

She didn’t even believe in marriage!