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An Unlikely Friend (Battle for Azeroth-Whump With Story)

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The white and golden armoured Paladin rose his great sword just in time to parry the incoming swords of an Orc Warrior, his slashes where erratic, no thought process passing though his thick green head. His broad, muscular stature not a threat to the human, his small tusks not at all distracting. The sound of battle could be heard for miles, the cries of pain all too familiar. The smell of blood something the Paladin was all to use to, so much so that he barely noticed the stench. The Orc in front of him moved more like a Rouge with his duel wield swords, his feet quick, attacks following one after the other. The Paladin struggled at first with his two-handed sword, his attacker more nibble than him. The Human could feel the sweat beneath his amour, his hair drenched under his helmet. The thick jungle around him generating an unbearable humidity. A cry of anger suddenly stood out from the rest, it caught the Paladin’s attention immediately. The roar of the beast behind made the Paladin remove one hand from his sword, half his body turned towards the charging Tauren. The bull walked upright like a man, snout long, brown fur thick.  The Paladin’s arm reached back and as he did a hammer of blinding pale-yellow light formed in his hand, with all his strength he launched it at the Tauren. It crashed into the blood splattered snout of the beast, making a clank against the metal nose ring as it knocked the Tauren back violently into the trunk of a vine covered tree.

Before the Paladin’s hand could once again take its place back on the hilt of his weapon, he had to parry another wild attack from the Orc. He did so, but only just, one of the Orc’s swords grazing his chest plate. Fellow members of the Alliance battled around him, but non-could come to his aid, this he knew. He watched man and woman fall one after the other, but still he stood. There deaths giving him the strength to push on. Having continually parried the Orc’s desperate attacks, the Orc had grown tiered and no longer was so fast on his feet. The Paladin spotted the opportunity he had been waiting for and focused his power. He rose his sword into the air and in doing so a sword of light reached out from the ground piercing through he orcs leg, it cried out. The sword then dispersed into the air, pain bringing the Orc to his knees. The Paladin then brought his sword back down onto the Orc’s head, almost severing it from the body.

It took some force to remove the blade from the creature’s twitching corpse, but once free the Paladin realised him, and a group of Alliance were being forced towards a cliff. All that waited at the bottom was a rocky grave. The Paladin imbedded his sword in a male Blood Elf that had foolishly tried to attack in his line of sight, he then drove his blood covered sword into the ground. The Paladin did not regret his rash decision. Cracks of light formed around him and a large group of Horde, the light stunning the Horde.

“Run!” The Paladin ordered his allies, non-wanting to do so lingered looking to each other. “Go!” He shouted louder, this time the group of Alliance scrambled away from the cliffs edge. The Horde around them still dazed, unable to stop them. The Paladin closed his eyes, having decided his fate, the Horde only just recovering from the stun didn’t have a chance to take a step before the Paladin twisted his sword which was still deep in the earth. The cracks of light burst with energy and the cliffs edge collapsed, taking the Paladin and a large number of Horde to their grave.

He felt a large weight onto of him, his eyes creaked open. Darkness surrounded the Paladin, silence consumed him. If the battle still raged above he would be able to hear the cries of battle, the clashing of weapons, feel the thudding of feet above, of bodies hitting the grass and dirt. He heard nothing but his own heavy breathing. First, he tried to move his legs, he could feel them, but they were pinned to the ground, just like his torso and left arm. However, his head, right shoulder and arm were not. Using his one free arm he attempted to rid the stone that trapped him, but he was weak only now noticing the blood trickling down the side of his head. He ripped his helmet off, it clattered to the side, letting his short blonde hair free. Channelling the light from within to his free hand, the Paladin summoned a ball of light in his palm. The pale-yellow ball illuminated the cave he was trapped in, but his breath was taken from him when the light revealed an unusual looking Troll laying not far from him. Rocks trapped one of the Troll’s arms as he lay on his front, face pointing right at the Paladin. The Horde Troll’s damaged armour revealed the pale blue skin underneath and unusual bright yellow spiralling tattoos he had never see a Troll wear before. His tusks where also shorter and seemed more delicate like females. His long blue hair, which was around two shades darker than his skin colour, was tied up and rested on his back.  A groan that was not the Paladin’s suddenly broke the silence in the small cave, the Paladin went to disperse the light in his hand, play dead till the Troll found a way out. But its yellow eyes snapped open, locking onto his own Dimond blue eyes. The Troll tried to scramble back to no avail, his arm securely pinned. His movement kicked up dust, the newly formed ceiling above them made unsettling noises.

“Vazo Kazar Vazo ka” The Troll coughed in his native language, his eyes not leaving the Human Paladin.

“Stay back Troll.” The Paladin replied, not sure what else to say.

“I said, ya attack, ya die.” The Troll replied in common, this was a surprise to the Human, never had he met a Troll who spoke with his tongue. The Troll’s eyes finally moved from the Human’s, his main focus now getting his arm free.

“Does it look like I can?” The Troll looked at the Human via the corner of his eye, the light in the Paladin’s palm casting a shadow on one side of the Troll’s pale blue face.

“All Alliance be dangerous.”

“Then how come you speak Common.” The Paladin was working on getting himself free, his plan to keep the Troll talking until he could call upon enough light to shatter the rocks pinning him.

“I speak many tongues.” The Troll replied still manoeuvring rocks off his arm, the Paladin watched his three fingers clench and release as he attempted to get blood circulating.

“But how do you speak Common, someone from the Alliance must have taught you.” The Troll stopped what he was doing, exactly what the Paladin wanted.

“Mon, ma people ‘ave been around before da Titans came to Azeroth, ma people watched ya tongue grow.”

“Impressive, but even with all that knowledge…” The Paladin stalled. “You will never beat the Alliance.” The Human placed his hand on the large slab of rock pinning him to the floor, the light that had once granted him sight in the darkness now seeped through the stone, cracks of light forming like before. The Paladin rolled his fingers into a fist and the rock shattered into pieces, allowing him to push them off with one arm. Once completely free the Paladin wasted no time in getting to his feet. His hammer of light only just formed in his hand when the Troll charged into him pinning him against the cave wall. The Troll’s tusks where inches from his face, his breath was foul and unpleasant. In truth he knew he didn’t smell all that great either, the heat of battle a distinct odour. The Troll pulled him on and off the wall slamming him harder each time, but with a mighty swing the hammer of light collided with the side of the Troll’s face, bashing him to one side. His hold on the Human being released. With hammer still in hand he went to swing again at the pale blue Troll, but he rolled avoiding the attack. The light of the hammer gave them sight, without it the room would be plunged into darkness, this the Troll knew. He seized a large rock in his hand, waiting for the man to ever charge or throw the hammer, either way the Troll knew he could put out the light. The Human charged, his mind not being as strategic as it had been during the battle. The Troll dodged, and the Paladin found himself cornered with his back turned. Suddenly a hand pushed him face first into the wall, the hand that held the hammer was suddenly crushed with the rock the Troll had armed himself with. The Human cried out in pain as the hammer evaporated and his eyes were met with darkness once again. With his other hand against the wall, he summoned all the light he could muster, he called upon his inner strength. Light suddenly blinded them both, the Troll was launched back, and the wall crumbled under the Paladin’s hand. He quickly stumbled into fading daylight.