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Inkopolis Heroes

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The first golden rays of sunlight slipped over the horizon and washed over the towering buildings of Inkopolis, signaling the start of a new day. The stars began to disappear as the sunlight swallowed them, painting the clouds shades of pinks and oranges.

The city of color. That's what some referred the city as. Between all the different colored squids and then turf wars as well, it was near impossible to find a dull corner. Everything seemed to be splashed with color in some way. Like now, the sun painted the city the colors of dawn.

It wasn't often Agent 3 was up early, usually she slept until the afternoon, actually. Partially due to late night patrols, partially due to her nature, but also because she hadn't been able to shake this tiredness that seemed to surround her lately.

The rooftop was quiet, with only the passing sounds of the city below rising up from the streets. But even then they were distant, bringing a sense of peace. Golden eyes were locked with the sky as the Inkling watched the sun rise. The beauty and the sense of peace it brought seemed to wash away her anxiety and fears.

Agent 4 and Agent 8 were likely still asleep, along with Agents 1 and 2. The Cap'n was no doubt asleep in his shack. So that left her to patrol the morning on her own. Not that she minded it much. Sometimes she liked the silence.

She would have attempted to sleep again if she could, since it was so early. Most Inklings were still asleep, unless they had jobs to do or somewhere to be. But Agent 3 couldn't. The nightmare that had shaken her from her sleep and left her screaming and clutching her bed sheets for dear life was still lingering on her mind. She was still shaken to her core, and she feared it's return should she try to sleep again.

A gentle morning breeze blew past her. With it brought the reminder that it was a new day. A new start.

A new dawn.