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Daddy Dearest

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 “Are you awake, princess?”

Oh… god. My thoughts spin back to me in a haze, and I whimper as I wake up in our bed. It’s dark, but the TV flickers with another replay of The Lion King and makes my eyes pop painfully. I try to sit up, but my arms are too weak, and I stay limp in the pink and gray pillows. Help me… help me…

The mattress shifts as daddy crawls into bed with me, naked, smiling at my blank stare. He brushes my hair from my face and coos when I pant in fear. His black hair is drawn back in a bun, concealing his ears he’s so insecure about, and he has bite marks from me all along his shoulders. He lies beside me and strokes my cheek with his long, thick fingers.

 “It’s the middle of the night,” he coos. “You seem so restless. Dinner not settling well?”

He kisses my neck with soft, hungry lips, and skates his hand down over my thigh to the hem of my panties. He whispers in my ear as he slips his fingers between my thighs and gently strokes my slit. I whimper and struggle against the rope binding my wrists together, and breathe heavily into the tie wrapped around my head.

 “My good girl.” Daddy kisses my forehead and tugs my panties down past my knees. “Do you feel sick? Or do you need daddy to make you sleepy again?”

The air conditioner whirs as he rolls on top of me, spreading my legs with his knees. He pulls the gag from my mouth up over my eyes and I can hardly take a breath before I feel the weeping head of his cock on my lips. I open up and let him in like I’m supposed to, and he groans. At least he’s gentle.

Daddy’s cock slides in and out of my waiting mouth. He cups my cheek and pants while he moves and I close my eyes behind the blindfold. He stretches my lips and drool slides down the corner of my mouth. I just wait. I suck and slobber like I should.

 “You’ll have a full belly soon,” he coos. “Then it’s back to bed.”

He comes a minute later with grunts and groans. I swallow his load and suck the spend from the tip. It’s supposed to be ‘food.’ Daddy kisses my cheeks while I swallow the salty mess and nuzzles under my jaw. He thinks he loves me.

 “All full?” he asks. “Is your belly better?”

I nod stiffly. He hums and kisses my neck, then slips out of bed to go to the closet. My heart pounds when I hear a crinkle and feel him pull my panties off completely. The bed shifts, and he lifts my butt.

Daddy hums. “I don’t want you to have an accident, princess. Wake me up if you need help, okay?”

I’m not sure how much time has passed. I heave a sob as he straps an actual diaper around me, like I’m a fucking infant, and he gasps and kisses my face again. He pretends he feels bad while he infantilizes me in varying humiliating ways. He reaches into the nightstand drawer and worms a pacifier into my mouth. I sob harder.

I just wanted help with my student loans. Others girls did it. Other girls found guys to help. Why did I find the one fucking psychopath?