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New Life, New Ways

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There are still times where Atsushi can’t believe that he’s married. There are nights where he stared at his ring in surprise before he fell asleep. There’s someone who cared about him, loved him, and wanted him to be in their life so much that they married him. Atsushi loved Chuuya as much as Chuuya loved him. Every time he looked at Chuuya he pushed down the urge to ask him if he was happy cause he got his answer every time he looked in his eyes. The love he saw always nearly took his breath away. To have someone who loved him so much warmed his heart every day.

There are days that the authors tease him whenever they walk to breakfast hand in hand or when Chuuya kisses Atsushi goodbye before they go to work, though Atsushi is used to that too. Well, he’s still not used to Tanizaki and his various suggestions on how he can spend the afternoon with Chuuya. They still have many of Tanizaki’s wedding gifts in the bottom of their drawer. Still, Atsushi appreciated Tanizaki’s company even if he had to take a break or be saved from time to to time. Atsushi would take being saved from his embarrassment over a killer any day. The most he had to worry about would be making sure he remembered birthdays, festivals, and date nights with Chuuya. He didn’t mind being worried over that.

Atsushi had to get used to Chuuya’s surprises too. Chuuya surprised him in ways he never thought of. Sometimes when he finished shelving books he’d come home to fresh Tiger Lilies in their vase or a book Chuuya thought he would enjoy. He had a stuffed tiger for when he was sick and little items for each other on their dresser too. However, there were times Chuuya had to remind him that he could buy whatever he wanted. It was another thing he had to learn, but Chuuya was there to help him every time he forgot. He can’t remember the time someone bought him so many things.

Atsushi couldn’t forget the ways his days started either. Some mornings he woke up to Chuuya snuggled against his chest. When he moved to get out of bed Chuuya would fuss or move closer to snuggled him some more. Atsushi couldn’t resist kissing his hair or pulling him close. At night they talked about their day. Atsushi didn’t think Chuuya would be interested in listening to him everyday, but he reassured him that he did. There would be some nights where he fell asleep in the middle of whatever story he wanted to tell Chuuya. The next morning Chuuya told him how cute he looked, even when Atsushi apologized about it. He told him it was a sign that he was really relaxed. It was another new sensation that he experienced with Chuuya. He didn’t mind talking about his day when he got to see that smile every night.

Chuuya liked to surprise him with kisses too. It could be when they were relaxing in their room or when he found Atsushi alone in one of the aisles, Chuuya pulled him down and kissed him. Atsushi didn’t mind when they were alone, he didn’t think Chuuya would do when they were out together! Chuuya always smiled when Atsushi became flustered over it. Being in the library is one thing, everyone knew about them there, doing it out in public was another! Not that he didn’t loved it, he just wished he didn’t get so red every time. Well, at least he stopped freezing up when Chuuya kissed him in public.

One day Atsushi walked back to library after he ran into Akutagawa and talked with him for a bit. He’s finally used to how different he is from the Akutagawa back home. When he walked inside to pick up where he left off when the librarian told him about the book delve Chuuya would be going on soon. Atsushi placed the books aside and made a beeline to visit Chuuya. He opened the door to see Chuuya getting ready. When he walked in Chuuya turned to him with a smile.

“Hey Tiger Lily, I was going to look for you.”

“Hi Chuuya! Hi guys!” He waved over at the Buraiha in the room. “The librarian told me that you were going to be leaving soon.”

Chuuya nodded. “Yep, got taints to take care of, it shouldn’t take us too long. I’ll be back soon.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll make sure Chuuya gets back in one piece.” Ango said as he placed an arm around Chuuya’s shoulders.

“We got his back!” Dazai exclaimed.

Oda grinned. “Yeah you can leave it to us!”

“Thanks guys, I’m happy Chuuya has such a great team.” Atsushi said. He laughed when Chuuya rolled his eyes and pushed Ango’s arm off his shoulder. While he felt better that Chuuya wouldn’t be alone since he trusted the Buraiha, especially after their wedding, still he can’t help messing with the end of one of his gloves. Chuuya gently took his hand and squeezed it. “I’ll be back before you know it, so don’t worry okay?”

Atsushi nodded. “Okay, I won’t.”

Chuuya grinned as he reached up to grab Atsushi’s tie. Normally Atsushi let Chuuya pull him down, this time he leaned down as Chuuya leaned up and met him in the kiss. Atsushi couldn’t believe it. He kissed Chuuya in front of people! While he wished he could kiss Chuuya longer they were still in front of people. Atsushi felt Chuuya deepening it when he slowly pulled back. He took Chuuya’s hand and squeezed it again. “See you,”
“Bye,” Chuuya gave him another kiss before he let go of Atsushi’s hand and got back on his feet. Atsushi straightened up to see Ango, Dazai, and Oda smiling at them. He flushed and started messing with his glove while Chuuya walked over to them. “Not one word, let’s go.”

“Are you sure you don’t need to say goodbye to your husband again?” Ango teased.

“Let’s go now!” Chuuya snapped.

“Right behind you,” Ango sang as Dazai and Oda chuckled behind him. They waved at Atsushi before they discussed how they would handle this taint. Atsushi fondly watched Chuuya with his friends before he walked out the room. Atsushi smiled at the ring on his finger on his way back to aisles to continue his work. He didn’t mind waiting for Chuuya cause he always had a smile and a kiss for him when he came back.

While there were some daily adjustments Atsushi continued to get used to, his new life wasn’t too bad. The best part was having someone that looked forward to seeing him everyday. That’s something he wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.