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Let All the Hurt Inside of You Die

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She blinked silent tears. Yet another failure, but not a waste of time. If one aspect remained useful, it was time’s essence itself. She learned to slow the flow of it, outright freeze it, and even rewind it to her liking. Such a delicate thread in her web, one she handled like glass, yet a powerful spell. But not effective enough to solve her conundrum.

How many times had she started over? Back to the beginning, to various points in their life together, and even seconds before death stole away her love. Every attempt varied, yet yielded the same results—a dead lover and a broken heart. What was the point of living without the sunshine in her life? Who would fill the void which consumed her soul?

No, there was never a point. If she couldn't cure the elusive illness, then she would dedicate her life to the single purpose of perfecting the art of resurrection.

But life and death were two sides of the same coin, always present, always lingering behind the other. In her pursuit, death wallowed in her shadow and festered in her wake. The earth and heavens rotted until they mirrored her empty heart. Even her leverage with time couldn't mend the damage she caused.

If the one who mattered couldn't live, then why allow the rest of the world the luxury to do so?

"I will find a way, love," she murmured to nothing. "I'll start over again... and this time, we'll be together again."

Plucking the bare thread of time, she fell backwards. The skies and zephyr rolled in reverse. She closed her eyes and smiled before shattering across the ground into millions of shards, which morphed into ravens flying to where it all started.

To try to bring her back for good.