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Let All the Hurt Inside of You Die

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She remembered the one who warmed her heart—a new transplant in the local village. The previous herb suppliers were bitter elders who charged her extra and withheld premium wares, simply because of the old wives’ tales of meddling with witches. But the day she ascertained a freshly carved sign outside a once abandoned building, she discovered far more than precious flora.

The lively woman hummed while watering her myriad, potted plants. Sunlight spilled in from the glass ceiling to catch in her blonde hair and sun-kissed skin. Her vivid wrap dress matched her smile. That beautiful smile.... It worked more wonders than any enchantment in her repertoire.

She frequented the shop for more than resupplying her cabinets. She lingered, feigning interest in items she didn't need, simply to hear the woman divulge in her love for plants. She adored small features forgotten by everyone else: those freckled cheeks, the flecks of gold in her brown eyes, and the way her curly hair fell across her face.

One day, she dared to reach out and tuck that hair behind the lovely woman's ear. She didn't expect that smile to radiate brighter than ever before.

She didn't expect her to step in and share a tender, passionate kiss.

Every visit to the shop since was filled with laughter and kisses, along with surprise gifts in the form of rare flowers. In exchange, she stuffed baskets with the items she used those flowers for: protection wards, restorative teas, and empowering incense. She learned to love again, because of her, that precious flower girl with a bleeding heart.

If only that heart hadn't stopped beating.

If only there was a potion to cure the acute illness which stole the woman she loved.

If only she could find a way to bring her back.