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A Dog in Daegu (Taejin Hybrid x Neighbors! AU)

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Jin was moving into a new apartment in Daegu, a city known for its high population of cat hybrids. He knew it was a socially risky move to live in Daegu, as he was a dog hybrid. It might’ve been less worrisome if he had been the kind of breed that was considered “domestic,” though the idea that some breeds were more wild than others was completely false and quite frankly racist, but that’s just the kind of world he had to live with. His was a husky-hybrid who was often mistaken for a wolf-hybrid, a breed particularly risky to be born as in some areas.

Moving to Daegu, as one could imagine, was a difficult decision for Jin. He worried that he’d face discrimination, even if people had been over the years becoming more accepting of hybrids and all the breeds in between, but racism was never something anyone would live without experiencing. People of all kinds, hybrids or not, faced hardships just because of who they were. It was mostly hybrids, he admitted to himself, that were targeted (even by other hybrids), but nonetheless there was plenty of judgement to go around.

This led him to believe he shouldn’t let other people rule his life. So what if he as a dog were to live in Daegu? There were no laws against it, and even if some people had a problem with it, he could always tell them to go fuck themselves. Even so, why go looking for trouble? Why would he take such a risk just to live in a particular city? If he could avoid unpleasant encounters, why wouldn’t he?

Well, that was because Kim Seokjin, a dog-hybrid, had a bit of a fetish for cat hybrids. He discovered this in his youth thanks to some very specifically designed porn websites, dedicated to all different kinds of hybrids. He at first stayed on sites that featured dog-hybrids- bitches with bitches, hounds with hounds, and of course hounds and bitches together (gender was never a big deal to Kim Seokjin)- but occasionally he looked at sites that featured cat-hybrids.

He told himself that it was just because he was curious as to if cats intermingled differently than dogs. That excuse never really held up well as the only differences between most hybrids were their ears, eyes, and tails (sometimes noses, depending on the hybrid), with the occasional facial ornament such as whiskers. None of those things really changed how sex worked. That excuse, if ever scrutinized even slightly, would crumble apart within seconds. And one day it did.

By accident, Jin had found a video of a bitch and a tomcat. The thumbnail had only shown the female riding some male, with her large breasts taking up most of the picture, so how was he to know she was riding a tomcat? The video title didn’t mention it, so it was a complete surprise to him. More surprising, however, was how he responded to what he was seeing. He was horny as fuck, and in his hormonal teenage haze, he didn’t think about the details until after he had finished taking care of himself. In fact, he took care of himself dozens of times as he watched this kind of content before he really faced the nuances of his interest in hybrid-mixing porn.

It had taken a few years to really understand his attractions and if he was okay with them, but as an adult approaching his mid-twenties, he understood himself very well and though he was afraid of what others would think of him, he was most certainly not judgemental towards himself.

He had long since gotten over his sexual awakening and cats were no longer just something for him to fetishize (though he did that, too, sometimes). He had no intention of ever settling down with another dog. He wanted to fall in love with a cat, to get married, and maybe adopt children together or something. If he ever got over his fear of imprinting all his flaws onto impressionable youngins.

That was his dream. Well, it was one of his dreams, but an important one nonetheless. He was almost twenty-five. There was still time to find someone- plenty of time, especially since anyone at any age in their adult life could search for and find love- but he couldn’t wait any longer. He wanted to find his life-partner now- soon- and live happily forever after.

So he decided to move to Daegu, the city with the largest cat-hybrid population in all of South Korea.

It had been hard to find a good place to live. No one could reject his applications just because he was a dog, but as long as they gave some other excuse (or even simply rejected him without a specified reason) they could get away with it. It took a lot of searching, and a lot of uncomfortable conversations with unsure renters and landlords who clearly weren’t digging his ‘moving to Daegu’ plan, but eventually he found a decent one-bedroom apartment within a complex wedged between a bakery and a flower shop that wasn’t too expensive. He figured at least it would always smell nice. And the renter, a man named Kim Namjoon, never made him feel uncomfortable. He seemed to be genuinely open-minded and accepting of all kinds of species. Not just for a human, either. He also didn’t ask too many personal questions, which made Jin feel respected and comfortable.

He had enough money to pay for the first six months of rent even if he didn’t have a job, but on the big day of his move he noticed a help wanted sign posted in front of the bakery that neighbored his apartment complex. Perhaps he wouldn’t even need one month to find a job. He was an incredible cook, and he dabbled in pastries, too, so he assumed he would get hired there if he applied. He wouldn’t have to worry about transportation either since it was so close to his new home. Things seemed to be coming together quite nicely, despite everything being so new and unfamiliar.

“I think I’ll apply for a position in that bakery,” he said as he carried boxes with his friend, Hoseok, another dog-hybrid. He was a chocolate labrador, to be exact, with the cutest folded over floppy ears.

“Oh? I’m sure you’d love that, Jinnie. They’d be fools not to hire you, as well. You fucking masterchef genius,” he said back, bringing a small smile to his friend’s face. His smile faded slightly when he saw in the bakery a few cats working. He wondered if they would hire him, after all.

It was early in the morning when they started taking boxes into the complex, having to climb two sets of stairs both on their way up and back down because the elevator was broken, but Jin wasn’t the richest guy and didn’t have many things to take up in the first place. The furniture took the longest to transport, but really the biggest items they had to bring in were a couch, a coffee table, and a nightstand. It was nearly noon by the time they finished and Hoseok crashed himself down onto the couch they had just brought up to the living room to finally relax.

Jin situated himself in the kitchen, which had no wall separating it from the living room, just countertops high enough to put in stools on the other side of them if he so wished. He liked being able to see his TV from the kitchen in this new apartment, as the kitchen is where he did most of his relaxing.

“Thanks for helping me move in, Hobi. Would’ve taken me all damn day without your help. I would make you lunch as thanks, but I don’t really have groceries yet,” he said apologetically.

“Nah, it’s alright. I’m fine.” Just as he said that his stomach growled loud enough for Jin to hear it. “Well, maybe you could just order something?”

“Yes, of course,” Jin replied with a smirk. “I was gonna do that anyways. I’m not gonna make you do a bunch of manual labor without making sure you’re fed. That’s just immoral.”

“That’s kind of you- sorry- decent of you, hyung, but I did this out of the kindness of my own heart. I know you couldn’t have gotten this couch in here even if you tried all day. Your broad shoulders tell broad lies about your strength, Jinnie.”

“Gee, thank you for that,” Jin deadpanned.

“No problem, hyung.” Jin stared over at his dongsaeng for a moment, his brown tail wagging back and forth so obviously, and smiled.

“Hey, do you wanna go out to eat, actually? I don’t really feel like fast food right now and you’re gonna be here all day anyways, right?”

“Yes. I assumed I was spending the night just to make sure no one tries to break in here and kill you in your sleep.”

“Hoseok, there are other dogs that live here; it isn’t like I’m the first dog ever to live in Daegu.”

“Still, I worry. I didn't see a single other dog in this apartment complex. And plus I’m gonna miss you. So I have two reasons to force you to share that twin sized bed of yours.”

“I don’t have a problem with you staying- I want you to. I was just asking if you wanted to go out.”

“Gasp! My teenage heart flutters with excitement! Did Kim Seokjin finally ask me on a date?” he joked.

“Are we going out or not?” Jin said through chuckles.

“Of course. Do you even know what’s around here, though?”

“We can always look around and try something new, Hobi-ah. Do you wanna go now, or do you need to rest for a while?”

“I am very hungry, but five more minutes would be nice.”

“Alright. I’m gonna go drop off the security deposit to my landlord real quick.”

“Sure. I’ll be here awaiting your return,” Hoseok said, throwing an arm dramatically over his face as he continued to lay on the entirety of Jin’s couch. The elder laughed and headed out the front door into the hallway. His room was on the third floor, right across another tenant. He wondered who lived there, if they’d make good neighbors, or if he’d even want to be friends with his neighbor, or neighbors now that he thought of it.

He didn’t distract himself from his current mission, though, and he headed down the stairs, which only highlighted how his legs were beginning to ache from the day’s work, to drop off his security deposit to the front office. On his way he saw the apartment complex’s post office: a wall of little boxes with numbers corresponding to apartment floor numbers from 1-4 and letters from A-D (his was apartment 3-B).

There was a black-haired tomcat there signing for a huge package. He was dressed in tiny denim shorts and a starry gray crop-top. He couldn’t help but notice his cute little tail swaying back and forth ever so slowly as he talked to the delivery woman, and how his midriff was not so subtly showing, a view of his belly-button poking out, too. The tomcat’s ears twitched a little (cute, Jin thought) as he laughed and began to blush under the woman’s gaze.

Needless to say he was getting a little worked up at the sight of this male. He had been staring for only a few seconds, but it was enough to embarrass himself before he made it into the front office.

His landlord was actually working the front desk for some reason. He looked up from his computer and greeted Jin with a smile.

“Hello, again, Mr. Kim. You moving in alright? Is anything wrong?” he asked.

“Oh, no- hello- everything is fine. I just came to drop off my security deposit, actually.” He held it out with both his hands and bowed a little, to which the man nodded and took it into his own hands.

“Thank you. If you have any problems in the future, you can come up to this office for help. I don’t usually work in here, but my dear Lisa is on vacation, so- here I am.”

“What kind of things could I get help with?” he asked.

“Well if something breaks, you can notify someone here and we’ll schedule a mechanic to go fix it, or if you see any bugs- you shouldn’t, our complex is clean- but if you should see a concerning number of them you can get help with that, too. Or if you need an extension for your rent- say something unexpected and expensive comes up and you can’t pay on time- you can apply for that here. That’s only for emergencies, though. And if you have a dispute with another tenant- say someone threatens you- you can report that here, too. We have a no violence policy.”

“Th-thank you, sir. That’s awfully considerate of you. I’ll be sure to come for help if I should need it,” Jin said, quite shocked by the rent extension and protection policies. He really got the best landlord, didn’t he?

“That’s good to hear. Please don’t hesitate either, okay? I’m not gonna charge you more money or kick you out if you need help with something.”

“Thank you.”

“Is that all you came in for?” he asked, placing Jin’s envelope next to him on his desk.

“Uh, yes, sir.”

“Alright. I hope you enjoy living here in Bangtan Village.” With that he returned to his computer, inputting something clearly important by the way his face scrunched up in concentration.

“Actually,” Jin started, causing him to look up again, no annoyance in his eyes, “Do you know of any good places to eat around here? I’m new in town, and my friend and I wanted to get lunch...”

“Ah, yes. Are you picky? Looking for something in particular?”

“No, anything will do, as long as it’s good.”

“Right,” he said back with a smile, “There is a bakery- you may have seen it on your way inside- that does actually serve things other than cakes- I had some really good gumbo there, just saying- so perhaps that would work for you. Or there’s a bulgogi place a block down on the right hand side of the entrance gate- they’re pretty good, and serve generous amounts of meat, just saying, though they'll have you cook all your own food. Does that help solve your lunch inquiry?”

“Yes, I think it does. Thank you again, sir,” Jin said.

“No problem. Make sure you eat enough. See you around.” Jin bowed and then headed out of the front office, feeling pretty good about his new home.

He walked passed the wall of mailboxes and looked to see if the pretty tomcat from before was still there, but he wasn’t. This disappointed him a little, but he was sure he’d get to oggle him again on another occasion. They both lived in the same complex, so surely they’d see each other at some point.

He headed up the stairs again, feeling pretty hungry himself as he thought about the gumbo his landlord had mentioned. He wanted to try it, and since he had been given a recommendation from his very kind landlord, he thought it was safe to assume that the cats that ran the place wouldn’t judge him. Unless Mr. Kim was a naïve person who didn’t even think about the possible interactions that Jin might have with those who lived here, but he wouldn’t bet on that.

His thoughts were interrupted when he made it to the second set of stairs and saw halfway up them the pretty tomcat from before, struggling to carry the large package to the top. Jin for a moment forgot he was even there existing at the bottom of the stairs as he stared at the cat’s butt from such an angle, his tail barely wiggling from his concentration.

“Maybe I should take a rest here,” the cat mumbled to himself, his breath a little labored.

“Do you need help with that?” Jin asked. The tomcat’s tail straightened out, showing that Jin had startled him, before he turned his head and ears a bit to discover who was behind him. He couldn't make out who it was due to the huge box in his hands. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“Oh, n-no. That’s okay. I’ll gladly accept your help, please.” Jin hurried up the steps to meet him face-to-face, where he then took the box out of the cat’s hands. He hoped he wasn’t being too obvious, but as he stood next to him, he could smell the cat very easily, and he smelled incredibly good. Like a strawberry tart. Jin could get used to a smell like that. “You- you have two different colored eyes,” the tomcat said blankly. Jin lifted his brows at the random statement. “I mean- sorry- that was rude of me. I’ve just never seen that on someone before.”

Jin shrugged in response and continued up the steps, unbothered by the statement. Most people he made acquaintance with would mention his heterochromia at one point or another, asking if they were real or saying how pretty his single sky blue eye was next to the other dark brown. It wasn't uncommon for husky breeds to have two different colored eyes. It was considered a sign of playfulness, and sometimes immaturity.

Yet the tomcat followed with his arms folded over one another, seemingly nervous to be around such a wild-looking dog-hybrid.

“You should lead the way,” Jin said. “I don’t know where to drop this off.”

“Oh, right, it’s this way,” the cat said, his shoulders starting to cave in a little. Jin followed him wordlessly, trying not to scare him any more than he already had (though it saddened him to think that his appearance had scared him).

He looked down at the box in his hands to try and make himself smaller and noticed a label was pasted onto it.

“Do you make music?” he asked.

“Music? What makes you ask that?”

“This box is labeled sounding equipment.”

“Oh, um, I sing and occasionally record things, but that's not what this stuff is for,” he said shyly, his ears wilting under his embarrassment. Jin decided to leave it at that. He was just making the poor thing feel worse and worse somehow.

It soon became clear to him that he was following this tomcat back to his new apartment. He thought perhaps he lived passed him, but once they got to his door, the cat stopped and began unlocking the door across from his. He motioned for Jin to go inside, which made him only a little concerned at first, until he realized he just wanted the box dropped off in his living room and that he hadn’t just invited him into his apartment.

“Thanks for helping me with that,” the tomcat said as he showed Jin back through the front door. He leaned in the doorway as he rubbed his arm before adding, “I’m sorry about the eyes comment. I didn’t mean to offend you.”

“No, you didn’t offend me. It was just unexpected.”

“Oh.” He perked up at that, straightening his shoulders and leaning in a more loose pose, one that was more relaxed. One that showed off his stomach a bit more, Jin couldn't help but notice as a warmth spread through his cheeks.

“I’m Kim Seokjin, by the way. I actually just moved in right over there,” he said, looking over at his front door directly across from them.

“I’m Kim Taehyung. It’s nice to see a new face around here. I’m glad you’re my new neighbor.” Taehyung stretched out his hand to shake the other’s, a boxy smile creeping up onto his face. Jin thought he saw the other flashing his lashes at him, but it was for such a brief second that he must've just imagined it.

“You’re awfully friendly.”

“It’s just that you were so nice, helping me out there and whatnot. That’s a good sign. Could’ve been some jerk moving in next door to me, you know?”

“Well, I’m not a jerk, so... guess that’s a good thing.”

“Yeah,” he said back. There was an awkward pause then as Taehyung stared at Jin with a strange pucker in his cheeks, probably wanting to go inside and open his package. His tail was slowly curling around, and Jin couldn't tell if it was a sign of nervousness or not.

“If you should ever have trouble carrying another package, I’ll be right across from you. Feel free to call on me. I won’t be bothered,” he said in an attempt to wrap up their conversation before it grew too stale.

“I’ll be sure to do that. Thank you, Jin... hyung?”

“I’m gonna be twenty-five in like 3 months.”

“Jin-hyung,” he said more confidently. “See you.”

Jin waved goodbye as Taehyung, the pretty tomcat, his new neighbor, shut his door. He was awe-struck.

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Jin reentered his new apartment to find Hoseok trying in vain to set up his TV. At the sound of the front door opening and closing he gave up and turned his attention to his friend.

“I thought you died out there, you were taking so long. I said I needed five minutes, not thirty,” he complained.

“I'm sorry, Hobi, it took a little longer than expected. I have two places in mind for lunch, though.”

Hoseok replaced himself onto Jin's couch and folded his arms, genuinely pouting.

“Jin, while you left me I had some time to myself and I thought about something.”

“Something more important than lunch?” Jin asked as he sat down next to Hoseok. He laughed at the absurdity of placing something above food, but Hoseok’s expression was still and cold, wiping Jin’s carefree smile off his face.

“Who is gonna take care of me when I go into heat now that you've moved to this new city?” The question made Jin blush; he never would've expected such a complaint, though he should've. “I mean I could just drive out here for a week twice a year, but I feel like that would just burden you.”

“Can't you find yourself a partner closer to you? You can drive out here and demand I fuck you every day for a week straight, but you'll have to stay quiet. I have neighbors through my walls now.”

In response to a soft whine coming from the other, Jin placed a hand on Hobi’s thigh and rubbed it softly, truly feeling for his friend. He had no problem with befriending and opening up to people, but he was so insecure and needy during his heats that he felt he could only go to Jin, who would never judge him. Hoseok had been coming to him for relief from his heats almost since he first started getting them back in high school.

“If I can't stay quiet then I won't come to you anymore for it. But please let me have a chance, hyung.”

“Of course. You know I will.” The two embraced as Jin brought his fingers up to rub Hoseok’s ears like he liked. He heard a thumping sound and quickly recognized it as the other's tail beating against the couch.

“And what about you? What're you gonna do when you're in heat?” he asked.

“I appreciate the concern, but I'll just have to get through it myself somehow.”

“Yeah, we'll see how long that lasts when your skin is burning and you're dying for release.”

“We were going to get lunch, remember?” he said, changing the subject to avoid the fact that Hoseok was right. He would probably not be able to deal with his heats alone. “The bakery apparently sells more than pastries, so we could try that, or I was told of a bulgogi place nearby. Which sounds better to you?”

They ended up getting bulgogi, to Jin’s slight disappointment. Spread out before them were all kinds of side dishes and sauces, and Jin tried his best to wait to try everything until he had at least started cooking the meat the two ordered.

“Looks like you ended up cooking for me, after all,” Hoseok said with a smirk. Jin looked over at him as he placed meat on the little grill within their table.

“Don’t make me burn your meat, Hobi. Because I will with that attitude.” Hoseok chuckled, sending vibrations through the little whiskers in his cheeks.

The meat was thinly cut and cooked very quickly. Jin and Hoseok were so hungry that for the next twenty minutes they just stuffed their faces in silence, occasionally glancing at one another to say with their eyes how flavorful their food was. And Jin kept cooking more and more meat, not slowing down as Hoseok never showed a hint of sation. Though he realized after a while Hoseok would probably eat as long as he cooked, regardless of whether or not he was full. So he stopped cooking.

The two of them didn’t break their silence, not even after they stopped eating; they were so full that they were a bit tired and they non-verbally agreed to just relax. From their own quietness, Hoseok could hear not too far from them a conversation. He listened in, being nosy as he was, hearing someone complaining about some fellow customers. “They have no manners- scarfing down their food-” she said. “Over there, those two mutts.” Jin hadn’t been paying attention, but he picked up those words immediately, recognizing them as highly offensive terms.

Hoseok and Jin both looked over to where the voice had come from to see an orange queen glaring at them as she talked to another cat. As soon as Jin’s eyes met with hers, her fluffy tail dropped down between her legs. She looked down suddenly as her ears pressed themselves onto her head. There was fear and shame in her body now, the two dogs could see.

Jin stood up, making sure to pick up his phone and wallet, before tapping Hoseok’s shoulder as he made his way to the restaurant’s entrance.

It seemed there would be trouble in this city, after all.

Still, hiding in the comfort of his new apartment was fine. Jin and Hobi sprawled themselves onto the couch with their legs tangling with one another when they got home. Jin pulled Hoseok over to him and held him tightly in his arms, nudging his head onto his chest so he could pet him and play with his ears. This made Hobi’s tail wag softly.

“Aren’t you a little scared, hyung?” Hoseok nearly whispered.

“Don’t worry about me, Hobi-ah. I’ll be alright.”

“She just said it so casually-”

“Hoseok,” Jin said. The younger’s ears dropped as he fell silent. Jin felt guilty, then, having come off so cold to his friend who was just worrying about his well-being, but he couldn't help it. That queen only thought she had done something wrong out of fear, and he hated that. But he didn’t want to think about that. “Do you want to take a bath with me, Hobi-ah?” Jin asked, trying to distract himself and his friend.

“Yes, oh my god, we haven’t in a while!” Hoseok sat up, his tail swinging with excitement. “Hyung, where’s your bathroom?”

Jin led him into the bathroom, which connected to his bedroom. As soon as he shut the door behind them, Hoseok started undressing. They had been friends for many years, and made a habit of grooming each other.

Somehow Jin had managed to get his hands on an apartment he could afford that had a tub-shower, rather than a walk-in shower, so there was room enough for the both of them. Jin let the tub begin to fill as he and Hoseok situated themselves in its space. Hoseok sat in front of Jin, ready to have his hair and ears washed by the other, to which he would then return the favor.

Jin was always thorough, not only cleaning Hoseok, but massaging him just how he liked, too. Even if Hoseok’s tail wagged constantly over his stomach, he didn’t mind. He thought it was cute, actually, how Hoseok couldn’t control himself. Some dogs couldn’t, though. Especially labradors.

They would just get too excited, endorphins flowing and putting them into a state of hyper-happiness, though some more technical hybrids liked to alternatively describe it as hyper-contentment. It was a special genetic trait, the hyper-contentment, and would be with a carrying hybrid for life. Those with it were not necessarily happy, rather they were temporarily overcome with “happy” chemicals every now and then, hence the two terms emerging. One was used by the carefree and happy and the other was used by the troubled or those who care about the troubled. Jin used the term hyper-contentment.

Jin would massage Hoseok often, in order to physically coax these chemicals to surge through him. Hoseok wasn’t depressed or anything- it wasn’t like Jin was doing the one thing that could make him feel good for a while, or even one of a few things he could do- but he wouldn’t say he was a happy person. He was stressed a lot, passionate about a lot of things, and worked too hard. He wanted to relax more, so Jin would massage him.

When Hoseok washed Jin’s hair and ears, he did only as much as he needed. Jin was fine with this. In fact, he preferred it. He wasn’t opposed to being touched, but being touched too much, even if it was during a wonderful, pressure-filled massage, could make him feel overwhelmed. He thought he was, in that sense, a bit like a cat.

It wasn’t long before they each had dipped their heads in the bath water to clean out all the shampoo, dirtying even further their bath water. Hoseok laid back on the end of the tub and pulled Jin down with him, cradling him in his arms, and simultaneously feeling Jin’s body press against his dick. Neither of them really paid attention to that, though.

“I’ll visit you a lot, if you want me to. If something happens. I’ll come over. Okay?” Hoseok said. “I really hope Daegu turns out to be all you’ve dreamed of.”

Jin let his fingers circle around in the water, making patterns with the egg-white soap that refused to mix in with the water, and sunk further onto Hoseok’s body. “I hope so, too. You can come over literally whenever you want. I love to see you. And as excited as I am to be here, as it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it could be, I’m a little anxious about moving here. That’s the truth. But I’m glad you were with me today so not everything was so unfamiliar.”

Hoseok cupped Jin’s face with his hands, stroking his cheeks with his fingers and rubbing his thumbs at the tips of his cheekbones, just under his eyes. Light had snuck its way into the room from a tiny window near the ceiling, placed to release steam should the current tenant love boiling hot showers. Jin and Hoseok stayed together that way, Hoseok’s fingers gently tracing over his skin, enjoying each other’s calming presence, until the light from outside began to fade.

Jin stood up, causing heavy water droplets to slip themselves down his body, as he pulled out the plug from the tub to drain it, before he started the shower. He and Hoseok washed each other's bodies then, noticing how their fingers had long been pruned and not caring much.

Jin thought about his day more, wondering what was in store for him in Daegu, when he remembered about that crop-top-wearing tomcat. He would get to see him often, as they were neighbors. Did he always wear such revealing clothes? Clothes that nearly let his butt show, that did let his smooth belly show...

“Hobi-ah,” Jin said, catching the other’s attention. “Do you want me to- you know?” Sometimes when they showered together, when Hoseok couldn’t stop looking at Jin’s thick bare ass, he would ask Jin to blow him, or to let him take care of himself while Jin watched.

This kind of closeness was not uncommon for hybrids of any kind, as they were sexually less conservative than humans. That wasn’t too say that they had more intense attractions, or had less asexual hybrids than asexual humans, but their sex drives were on average much higher. Their bodies had a special rhythm that humans didn’t have, one that would tell them when they were in need of- not in want of (necessarily)- release. The name for this rhythm, bi-circaseptan rhythm, suggested that hybrids needed release about twice a week, though it wasn’t uncommon for hybrids to need more or less within that time frame. The term, in all practical senses, was misleading.

Jin knew this, as he didn’t feel a physical need for release twice a week. Typically he felt this need only twice a month. Hoseok, on the other hand, could be perfectly described as having a bi-circaseptan rhythm. Jin became very familiar with his cycles when they were teenagers; they used to shower together multiple times a week, then.

“Oh, uh, no, you don’t have to,” Hoseok said back, almost surprised that Jin had offered.

“I just, um, I saw this tomcat earlier today and I- well I kinda started thinking about him again.” It didn’t really register into Hoseok’s brain what Jin was hinting at, so he continued. “Now that I’m thinking about him, like, I kinda want to... you know.” He moved the shower head off to the side, forcing the water to hit the bottom of the wall and trickle down into the tub.

“You want to?”

“Kinda? Yeah,” he said, turning his face away in embarrassment. Hoseok laughed and leaned against the wall a little as he ran a hand through his hair.

“That’s cute, Jinnie. You tomcat-enthusiast.” Jin looked over at him, his cheeks splashed red, waiting for an answer. “Oh, c’mere, Jinnie. If you want to, I’m not gonna say no.”

“Oh- okay, yeah. I’ll just, um,” he said as he got down on his knees in front of his friend. He placed his hands onto Hoseok’s thighs and bit his lower lip, bashful about the whole situation, before looking up into his eyes for a brief moment. He could not look into his eyes while doing this. Hoseok entwined his fingers in Jin’s hair, trying to coax him out of his shyness. It was enough to allow Jin to take him into his mouth.

The grip in Seokjin’s hair tightened immediately, and he could feel Hoseok’s thighs tense up. Jin was rather focused, fantasizing that someday it would be that tomcat’s- Taehyung’s- dick in his mouth. He wondered how vocal Taehyung might be, if he was vocal at all (he hoped so), or if he was sensitive, or if he liked it gentle or rough- if he liked both. He wondered if he liked being dominant or submissive- or again, if he liked to be both.

All these thoughts aided him in his work around Hobi, until the younger’s thighs started shaking underneath his own weight; he was so close. Jin pulled off of him then and pumped him with his hand, flicking his wrist just right, until he came with a low moan and spilled out onto Jin’s collarbones.

“Thanks,” Hoseok whispered, barely loud enough for Jin to hear him. Jin hummed back and stood up, removing the shower head to its original position to wash his body again.

He let Hoseok watch him run his own hands over his chest and down his stomach as he came down from his orgasm. Then, when he was completely clean, he turned off the water and stepped out of the tub.

“Do you want to borrow some clothes for the night?” Jin asked. “I’ll have to go unpack some real quick, but I have fuzzy pajama pants.”

“As long as you’re in your boxers,” he said back.

“As long as you keep your hands out of them.”

“I make no promises, Jinnie. You’re too soft.” Jin rolled his eyes and left the bathroom to find the box containing his clothes.

Hoseok rolled on the balls of his feet for a moment before glancing over at his reflection in the mirror. Even though he was looking at the soft curls in his hair, now drooping a little with the weight of water, and at the smug creases in his cheeks as he uncontrollably smirked at himself, all he could see was Jin’s face. Or more specifically his wetted lips around his dick, moving back and forth, almost swallowing him. He really loved Jin’s lips.

He jumped a little when Jin opened the bathroom door with more force than was necessary, nearly catching him in his private moment.

“Catch,” Jin said as he threw a pair of briefs at his friend. Hoseok caught them easily, but missed the next throw (that he hadn’t anticipated), letting Jin’s fuzzy pajama pants fall to the floor. “Your nose is twitching a little, Hobi-ah. Did I scare you?”

“You only burst through the door like an infiltrating soldier.” The walls of the bathroom echoed then with the sound of Jin’s obnoxious laughter, which made Hoseok laugh, too. “What time is it?”

“Uh, like seven-something? Why?”

“Are you tired?”

“No, are you?”

“Yes.” Jin deadpanned as Hoseok dressed himself, understanding completely that Hoseok wanted to cuddle him to sleep, now.

“We should at least dry off first. You wanna watch something for a bit? We can sleep after that.” Hoseok jutted out his lower lip, widened his literal puppy-dog eyes, and he even began to whine when Jin showed no sign of sympathy. “Yah. Hoseok-ah. We’ll watch a single episode only, alright?”

“Ugh, fine, but I’m gonna lay on you.”

“I have no problems with that.”

About thirty minutes later, after they had watched the first episode of some random (terrible) Netflix original they decided to try out together on Jin's phone (Hoseok had failed miserably at setting up the TV), Jin expected Hoseok to say, “Finally,” as he got off him and headed to his bed. That didn’t happen. Instead, he waited until the soft steady breathing coming from the dead-weighted body over him made him realize that Hoseok was already asleep. He sighed quietly to himself, knowing he would have to fall asleep like this. He was not about to wake up his peacefully sleeping friend just to move him and let him sleep again. Any move he had to make to get himself comfortable for sleep made him feel already too guilty, so waking Hoseok was most definitely out of the question.

Once he had moved fully onto his back, he felt Hoseok move. He froze a little, trying to see if he was just stirring in his sleep or if he had woken him up. Though Hoseok rubbed his fingers across his sides, gripping him slightly, he was just clutching him in his sleep. He moved his face from Jin’s chest to the crook of his neck and breathed deeply before sinking back into his motionless state.

Jin relaxed and fell limp, no longer tensing with the need to hold Hoseok up (because he never needed to) and closed his eyes, ready for sleep to take him next. He didn’t fall asleep right away, his head filling of course with little anxieties about moving here- I really hope they’ll let me work at that bakery and I hope not many people here take issue with me and I really hope that Taehyung isn’t afraid of me- but soon the black against his closed eyes began to flow until there was nothing he could see but his soon to be half-forgotten dreams.

Chapter Text

Hoseok and Jin had said their goodbyes early the next morning. The younger woke up on top of Jin, right where he fell asleep. His calm happiness creased itself up in his cheeks from the realization that Jin hadn’t wanted to wake him.

He had offered to help Jin unpack, but Jin just told him, “No, it’s okay, I got it. There isn’t much to unpack anyways, so it shouldn’t take me long.” They hugged for a long time at the front gate before Jin finally let Hoseok go home with an, “I love you, Hobi,” and an, “I love you, too, Jinnie,” in return.

Jin headed back into the apartment complex, passed the little mailboxes, and up the stairs to his apartment. As he opened his front door, his neighbor exited his.

“Oh, good morning, Taehyung-ah,” Jin said. The tomcat looked over at him and smiled.

“Good morning, hyung. How are you?”

“I don't know yet. We'll see how the day goes,” he said. He was surprised by his own honesty, but Hoseok was gone and with what happened yesterday he was nervous. Though Taehyung didn't mind his openness, it seemed.

“You're completely new here, huh? You don't know anyone?” he asked. Jin shook his head. “Well my friends and I are having lunch together at that bakery right outside the gate in a few hours, if you want to come along. We're meeting up there at, like, twelve or twelve thirty.”

“You- you sure I wouldn't be intruding?” he asked back, surprised at the sudden invitation.

“Not at all. I'm sure they'll want to meet you when I tell them about your incredible eyes.” He smiled at that, the guilt he had felt yesterday from mentioning his eyes clearly gone. “You helped me yesterday. I want to help you, too. So you can come hang out if you want. Or not. No pressure.”

“Thank you. I really appreciate that,” he said. Taehyung chuckled and shook his head, showing something that looked like disbelief.

“I can tell.” Jin tilted his head following Taehyung’s gaze down to his wagging tail. He mumbled something that was incoherent even to himself as his face heated in embarrassment. Taehyung just laughed more as Jin waved goodbye and snuck into his apartment.

Once safe behind the walls of his new home, he ran a hand through his hair and tugged softly at one of his ears. He was thrilled and yet nervous about the invitation and also happy seeing that tomcat neighbor was not at all afraid of him like he previously had thought.

As he unpacked all his boxes, he thought more about this neighbor of his. He was partly embarrassed that Taehyung read him so easily (curse his involuntary behaviors) yet partly grateful because at least he didn't have to say anything for Taehyung to know he really actually appreciated his kindness.

He took some pleasure in the quiet alone time he was now stuck in. It was barely nine in the morning, leaving him three hours to do some important tasks such as folding and putting away all his clothes in his new closet, putting away all his kitchenware, and setting up his TV, which he found out Hoseok had absolutely no idea how to hook up. As he tested out his handiwork by turning on his console and television, he laughed. He was laughing at how easy it was for him. He was laughing because of the frustrated look on Hoseok’s face yesterday.

After he calmed down, he headed out to the local grocery store to buy ingredients and food so he wouldn’t have to eat out all week. He told himself that he liked cooking for himself to avoid overeating, but he never failed to buy everything he needed to make all kinds of cakes and pastries, too, so he knew it was more about money than calories.

He walked home with all his groceries in his hands. He readjusted his grasp on all five bags due to their weight, but he refused to have to go shopping twice in one week just because he struggled to transport everything home. He was seriously stubborn and a little prideful, if only to himself. The sun had risen to a significant height and now burned down on Jin, mocking him for putting upon himself this quaint self-proclaimed challenge.

“Fuck you. You think you’re better than me because you can lift yourself up into the sky when I can barely take my food home?” Jin said to himself as he stopped at an intersection. He smiled at his own ridiculousness. No one should talk to the sun. Yet he continued after he pressed the button on the streetlight, asking for permission from its nonhuman powers to let him cross. “Your face is completely rounded while mine is beautifully oval-shaped. You should be so ashamed of yourself; you never try anything new, Sun. You’ve been so bright and yellow for thousands of years. Wouldn’t pink look better on you?”

“That’s no way to speak to your elders,” someone said from behind him. He gasped and turned around, panicking at having been overheard as he talked to himself- no- as he talked to the sun. “Maybe it’s hard for her to bring us all the heat we literally need to survive everyday, but she does it anyways because she loves us all, even the ungrateful.”

The person in front of him, joking about the sun’s motherhood, was a buck. A young, plucky-looking buck with adorable pink rabbit ears (he must have dyed them that color) and visible whiskers that moved slightly with a twitch of his flat nose.

“Do you want help with those bags?” he asked. Jin stared at him with his mouth dropped for a rude moment, noticing that this buck was pretty ripped. His arms and thighs were thick with muscle. “I just know that our sun-mother would want me to help soften your bitter black heart. She just wants to have a relationship with you, but you push her away.” The buck pursed his brows in faked worry as he shook his head slowly.

“What are you on about?” Jin asked. “You are legit scaring me with this sun-worship talk.”

“I’m just trying to make her feel better with sweet considerate words, quite the opposite to your own. And I’m asking if you wanted help with those bags. Little wolf.”

“I’m not little.”

“No, but you are cute. So you are a little wolf.”

“Don’t call me ‘wolf.’ That’s a very rude term to use for a dog-hybrid.”

“Oh. I’m sorry, I didn’t know that,” the buck said with a genuine frown on his face. “I’ll just call you little hound, then, if that’s okay with you.” A beeping sound informed Jin that he had gained permission to cross the street, stopping him from chugging out a clever retort (because he totally had something clever to say back). “So do you want my help? I feel more obligated to now, to apologize.”

“Alright,” he said back, still uncertain about the whole interaction so far. The buck took all five of the bags from Jin’s hands faster than he could protest and then began crossing the street, assuming Jin would just follow along, despite him being the only one who actually knew where he had been going. “Hey, wait, you thief!”

“You’re running out of time to cross, little hound.”

“My name is Kim Seokjin!” he said as he caught up to the other.

“My name is Jeon Jungkook. It’s interesting to meet you, Seokjin-shi.”

“Just Jin is fine.”

“Just-Jin-shi,” Jungkook said as he made a turn without consulting Jin, so confident that he was going in the right direction.

“Do you know where I’m going?” he asked.

“Yes, we’re going to Bangtan Village. I live there, too. ‘Saw you move in yesterday. Since we’re both headed there, I thought to approach you and introduce myself. Though I didn’t expect to hear you talking shit to the sun.”

“So you’re not a sun worshipper?”

“Am I not?” he asked, giving the other a bright sunny smirk.

“Are you?”

“No, I’m not, but I have always loved personifying nature as a woman. A beautiful, cruel woman. She would dominate me in the wild.”

“Right... so you’re a fan of nature?”

“Definitely. I’m the reason we have a zen garden at the village.” Jin thought back to his new home, not recalling any zen garden in the complex. He had not been through the whole village, though. “I’m good friends with the landlord, Mr. Kim, you see.”

“Oh, I know him! He’s a really kind man,” Jin said, positive feelings from yesterday rushing through him. Those protective policies made his heart jump with joy.

“I wouldn’t consider you friends,” Jungkook said. “Mr. Kim is nice to everyone, really. It’s in his nature. You shouldn’t jump to conclusions so quickly.”

“What is your damage?” Jin asked.

“Sorry, really, I just- I’m the jealous type,” he said, ashamed of his behavior after the fact. What could he be jealous of? The fact that Jin talked with their landlord? “How was your first day in the village?” His constant mood swapping was hard to grasp, but Jin tried his best to have patience.

“It was bittersweet. Mr. Kim like I said was very kind to me, but others weren’t as much. I had an experience with a speciesist queen that made me feel very uneasy about moving here.”

“I’m sorry, Jin-shi. Most people in the village aren’t like that, but I guess ignorant people are everywhere.”

“I was feeling bad, but this morning made me feel better.”

“What happened that changed your mood?” He turned his face to look back at the older, excitement in his boxy smile. It was an oddly familiar smile.

“I met my neighbor yesterday- this cute tomcat across my door- and this morning he invited me to hang out with him and his friends at the bakery outside our complex. I’m looking forward to it, honestly, but I am nervous about it, too.” Jungkook gave Jin a strange look, one that begged for answers. “I- um- sorry, I mean- cats aren’t cute. That’s a weird thing to say... isn’t it?”

“I’m from Busan, Jin-shi, a place where hybrids fall in love with other hybrids and humans without many complaints. You don’t have to worry about me judging you. It’s okay if you think this cat is cute.” Jin softly sighed in relief as color returned to his face. “What’s his name?”

“His name is Taehyung,” Jin said.

“Ah! I do know him! When you said you were meeting up with him at the bakery- I’m one of the friends! Oh, Seokjin-shi, isn’t this great?” Jungkook bounced with joy, much to Jin’s surprise. The buck just couldn’t contain his laughter at this news. “If he invited you so soon, you must have made a good impression. How did you two meet?”

“He got some huge box in the mail and couldn’t carry it up the stairs by himself so I offered to help him.”

“That’s so cute, hyung- you are my hyung right?” Before Jin could answer, Jungkook continued talking. “Taehyung is always ordering things from amazon for his collection, but lately he’s been getting more and more stuff.”

“His collection?”

“You should learn of it soon enough if you and Tae become friends. I can’t give out information like that, though. It’s personal.”

“Then why mention it at all? Isn’t that an invasion of his privacy, too?” Jungkook became silent as the two of them approached the village. Jin was right, of course, but Jungkook often spoke before he thought too much.

“Sorry, you’re right, Jin-shi. I have to go to my place now to get ready for lunch,” he said as he hastily handed the bags to Jin, who nearly missed the transfer. “I’ll see you later!”

Jungkook ran off passed the front office and behind the first set of apartment buildings until Jin could no longer see him. He had noticed that Jungkook preferred to leave his fluffy button-tail out as he saw him leave- there was no way he could miss how pink it was, matching the deep shade of his ears.

He walked the rest of the way home by himself. His whole interaction with Jungkook left him feeling a little blank; he had no idea what to expect from that boy.

The groceries took a while to put away, and by the time he had finished it was about thirty minutes until twelve. He spent some time thinking of what to do. Then he left his apartment and walked around the village, looking at all the different kinds of homes that made up the complex. It was odd to him that there were apartment buildings, like the one he lived in, and yet also regular houses and even a few small trailers in the village. It was a mixed place of living in more ways than one and he hoped that the views of those who lived here were just as diverse.

There were a few minutes left until twelve by the time he made his way back to the front office, so he headed out through the gate and into the bakery a little early, fashionably early, he remarked to himself.

The scent of fresh dough that had always wafted through the bakery’s purposefully open windows and lingered on through the entrance of the village hit Jin with full force as soon as he stepped inside. It was heavenly, and if he went off of smell alone it was as if he was baking in his mother's kitchen in Gwacheon again with the tiny hands of a six-year-old so eager to learn to bake the sugary pastries he loved to eat. It might've been that he loved to eat so much that he learned to cook for himself or that he loved to eat so much because he learned to cook for himself, but in his adulthood all that remained was his love for both eating and cooking, and his clouded childhood memories.

But he couldn't and didn't go off of smell alone. He could feel heat in the bakery from all the ovens baking fresh bread, and from the looks he was getting from the employees the second he stepped in. Even though it was probably only a few seconds, their diamond-shaped cat eyes which were so caught up with attention just for him made him feel so small. He almost wanted to turn around and run.

That was until the moment ended and they all turned back to their work, unbothered and most certainly not afraid.

It seemed more than anything that they had been surprised by his presence.

His thoughts cleared and he was brought back into the reality of the present, the sounds of the kitchen’s cutlery clinking mixed in with some soft chatter from the few cat-hybrids and humans that were sprawled out the bakery. His gaze fell onto a table centered in the bakery, where a white, pissed-off tomcat sat next to Jungkook, the artificially pink rabbit-hybrid.

He only knew that it was Jungkook from the bright color of his big floppy ears, as his back faced him. He was gesturing with his hands excitedly while the tomcat squinted with almond eyes that comically followed his hands’ every movement. It was his way of saying, “I am more interested in literally anything besides what you're saying.”

Jin, having stood by the doorway for a few seconds now, cautiously made his way to the table before grabbing the chair between the two and sitting down.

“Excuse me?” the disinterested tomcat asked, turning his head to acknowledge this new person. “We actually own this table so if you would kindly-"

“Yoongi-ah!” Jungkook shouted. Jin would've expected the other customers in the bakery to have been startled, but no one looked surprised to hear a shout from the buck. “This is Kim Seokjin! He's Taehyung’s new neighbor- the adamant sun-hater.”

Yoongi started a question, “Taehyung has a new-" before Jungkook interrupted with his hands thrown up in the air as he nodded.

“He’s the one that got invited, don't you remember? Taehyung texted us all in the group chat this morning. We had a surprise vote afterwards to discuss topics of today's meeting because of it. You participated. You should remember.”

Yoongi rolled his eyes and placed his chin in his hands as his lips flattened out in a tight frog-like pout.

“Yes, I remember. We were gonna hear all about Taehyung's sounding experiment and now- thank the gods- we get to talk about something that actually matters.”

Jin had been sitting rigidly with his joined hands gently tucked between his thighs as he watched this exchange play out, the two before him giving him new information while also acting almost like he wasn't even there. Not that this bothered him. His presence was oddly something normal and expected to them.

“So are you guys in some kind of club?” Jin asked. Yoongi let his lazy eyes scan themselves over to the hound next to him, a new crease in his cheeks indicating some slight apology at the carelessness of his speech.

“Yeah, sort of. We have a name as a group and this place could be considered our hangout, so a club we could be considered.”

“You're such an old man, Yoongi. ‘A club we could be considered.’ Who even talks like that?”

“Shut up, you disrespectful brat!”

“Besides, we are a club! We have a clubhouse and jackets and matching bracelets!”

“Jimin’s living room is not a clubhouse and you can't say that we all wear matching bracelets if I refuse to wear your ugly homemade jewelry.”

“You're the only one who refuses to wear the token of my love and that really hurts, hyung.”

The door to the bakery opened again and shortly after another addition was made to the club's supposedly owned table. There was now a dainty calico tomcat sitting next to Yoongi.

“Do you guys always argue?” he asked. “You know, you shouldn't fight when we have guests.”

“But we don't, Jiminie,” Jungkook replied, “we only have one guest.”

“Okay, Yoongi, I immediately take your side in whatever this argument is about.”

“Thank you,” Yoongi said quietly, as if even with the two of them all hope of reconciliation was lost.

It was then that the fuzzy jackrabbit folded down his large pink ears and begged Jin silently with his small button nose twitching to add to his natural cuteness in the hopes that he would take his side. Now, even though Jin would’ve liked to remain impartial to the charming bickering that had been going on, he was going to be with a new set of people who all knew one another well for however long today and he hoped that it would go well. So, as he faced two teamed tomcats to his right- their faces expectant of a joint allegiance of hyungs- and Jungkook to his left, he spoke up with the best answer he could muster.

“Jungkook is obnoxious, but he helped me carry my groceries home today, so I’m afraid I’ll have to take his side this time. He is the youngest- maybe we should cut him some slack and chalk it up to prolonged immaturity.”

He felt satisfied with that, despite the fact that Jungkook, in his rush to hug Jin, hit him in the face with one of his harder-than-expected lifting bunny ears. The younger mumbled an apology, and then a thanks (and another thanks) while the two tomcats sighed together.

“That was the biggest mistake of your life,” Jimin said.

“He’s right,” Yoongi added. “Jungkook won’t repay you for your kindness, unless you consider scatterbrained attention and affection that quickly boils down to neediness and self-serving one-sided conversations a reward.”

“That’s so mean! I give genuine love and affection- you two just never get it because you suck.”

“Well, if we may step out of this conversation a bit,” Jimin said, “I can say for myself that I did receive quite a lot of love and attention from you back in my bed-”

“Okay, no? This is not happening,” Yoongi complained. “You two need to stop this instant with the public flirting.”

“But, hyung, I didn’t even flirt with Jiminie, he’s the one embarrassing me in front of the hound!” Jin’s head tilted at this reference to himself. He knew it wasn’t offensive in any way, but it was strange being referred to like that nonetheless.

“Enough- Taehyung said he’s gonna be here any minute now, so we should stop bickering for real and introduce ourselves properly to our guest,” Yoongi said. With that he held out his hand to Jin and said, “I am sorry this was your first impression of us, but we are always like this.”

He shook it immediately and said back, “No, really it’s fine. I actually enjoyed just sitting here for the most part and listening to you all. I can tell you’ve been friends for a long time.”

“That’s right!” Jungkook said. “We’ve been friends for over a decade. Taehyung and I went to school together, Yoongi was like the cooler older kid who took us in to his secretly soft heart and he should’ve protected Taehyung from Jimin when he found him on a website dedicated to-” The buck suddenly screamed, causing the other males to jump, when a firm hand planted itself onto his shoulder.

“Jungkook, if you don’t stop talking right now, I swear to god I will strangle you to death.”

It was a red-faced Taehyung.

Chapter Text

“Jungkook! For the last time, you cannot under any circumstances yell in our workplace!” one of the cat-hybrids working the ovens shouted.

“I’m sorry, Myungjun-hyung,” Jungkook said back.

“He has ADHD; he can’t help it,” Jimin said to the worker. “All rabbits do.”

“That’s not true,” Jungkook mumbled. “There are plenty of rabbits who don’t have ADHD. I just happen to be one who does have it.”

Taehyung sat down between Jungkook and Jimin, his face still fairly red, with his arms folded. His gaze was towards Jimin, avoiding contact with Jungkook, who himself bore holes into the wooden table they all sat at with his eyes, his lips curled inwards to physically hold the words bubbling in his throat.

Jin couldn’t help but stare a little at the ripped, long-sleeve shirt that Taehyung was wearing, revealing bits of his shoulders. It was cruelly cut off just above his stomach. He must’ve cut it himself, Jin thought.

“So, we were going to discuss the Americas?” Jimin piped up, trying to change the awkward mood set in place by two embarrassed friends.

“Right,” Taehyung said back, having regained some of his confidence. “Today’s topic of discussion was changed in light of our guest in order for us to break the ice and test the waters. As you can see, I like idioms. I will introduce the article- I printed copies- and we will all read it before discussing. Don’t forget to raise your hand before speaking. We don’t like interrupting each other. It’s rude,” he said.

“Wait, is this a book club of sorts?” Jin asked, absolutely perplexed by the sudden uniformity of the boys surrounding him.

“Sometimes it can be that way, yes,” Yoongi said. “Sometimes we discuss events in the news or each other’s terrible poetry, but sometimes we just discuss what’s on our minds like regular people. This article was a last minute thing today. We were originally gonna discuss Taehyung’s new-”

“Ah- hey- hey- let’s not talk about all that right now!” Taehyung interrupted, color rushing back to his face.

“What, you’re always so open with us, Tae-tae. I thought you pride yourself on your honesty? What’s changed?” Yoongi asked back with a smirk. Taehyung muttered an, “Oh my god, shut up,” and then the boys shared a gentle laugh at his embarrassment- excluding Jin, who was just an out of place observer at this point. They continued on with the meeting.

“Why did you print out the articles? You could’ve just sent it to the group-chat,” Jungkook said as the papers were passed out.

“We don’t have Jin-hyung’s phone number, idiot,” Yoongi said.

“Which,” Taehyung said, addressing Jin, “You don’t have to give us, by the way. You aren’t obligated to come back for our meeting next week, either, but you are invited. Anyways, let’s read the article. Take your time and when you’re done just flip over your paper so we know.”

“Where did you even print these?” Jungkook continued, ignoring the tomcat’s request.

“I own a printer; I don't want to rely on public libraries for my school assignments-"

“Aren't things mostly turned in online? Why would you waste money on a personal printer when you could go to the library? Isn't that like a great excuse to fondle old books?”

“Jungkook!” Taehyung said. “Shut up. And read.”

“Yeah, Kookie, you're being a distraction to the class,” Jimin said facetiously.

“It isn't like we aren't restricted by time or anything,” Yoongi added. “It's almost as if we specifically chose this day of the week so we could hang out as long as we wanted or even go back to Jimin’s if we stayed passed the bakery’s closing hours.”

“Can we please just- you're all being rude!” Taehyung said, begging for focus.

Jin looked down with a smirk at the paper in front of him as the other boys settled themselves and began to read.


New Genetic Modification Trend Sweeps Through America
By: Lauren Smith

A brand new company called Hybrid Forge Inc. was revealed last week by its president Martin Sanger to be manufacturing hybrids of all kinds for the ownership of humans.

“We’ve been genetically modifying specific hybrid breeds- particularly rabbit-hybrids- to be more appealing to humans,” said Mr. Sanger during our interview last Friday. “We all know that a lot of work goes into taking care of a hybrid. Our company just wants to make it more rewarding for the humans who take them into their loving homes.”

When asked about the specifications of the genetic tampering, Sanger had this to say: “While I won’t spoil all the fun, I’ll tell you that we’ve been improving the instincts of hybrids to be more receptive to sexual attention. They are inherently sexual creatures to begin with; we’re just enhancing that. As well as that, our hybrids go through extensive training to be very good at performing for their owners.”

Sanger also told us that we could expect to see their special hybrids on the market this summer, though if you don’t have the proper funds to afford one of these highly anticipated hybrids, you’ll have to wait until prices come down. We were informed that the the average hybrid should sell anywhere from $15,000-$50,000! It’ll probably be a long time before this product becomes mainstream, but with time, perhaps it’ll be normal to see your everyday American with a hybrid pet of their own.

Any potential customers or even just curious folks can find more information about Sanger and his genetically modified hybrids at this website:


Jin was taken aback by the short yet dense article. At the bottom of the page was a picture of a very beautiful rabbit hybrid, posed to expose her curves. She was nearly naked, strategically placed bits of cloth spotting over her body here and there. With an open jaw and a disturbed mind, he flipped his paper over.

“Good, so we’ve all finished reading, then?” Taehyung asked. Jin looked up then and noticed that he had been the last to finish, so he nodded. “Okay, starting from my right, what are your initial thoughts? Jiminie?”

“I’m not really sure what is happening in this article, to be honest. Like... are hybrids in America like pets or something? I mean I can’t say I wouldn’t love the pampering, it’s just a bit odd,” he said. Though he had said little, he folded his hands and looked over to Yoongi, abdicating his turn to speak.

From the downturned expression on Yoongi's face, Jin assumed he was at least appalled with Jimin.

“How can you say that? They’re treating hybrids like animals! We aren’t totally human, but- fuck- we deserve to be free. I am the only person who can own me. This American company is fucking disgusting. I don’t understand how you could feel so nonchalant about this, Jimin.” He paused, putting his head in his hands. “To say that we are naturally sexual creatures- like what is he basing that information off of? Is it because we have heats?”

“I’m sure that’s what it is,” Jin said with a raised hand. “Americans have a really bad view of hybrids- though I didn’t know it was this bad. We aren’t any more sexual than humans are, but our heats confuse them, I guess. You would think that since humans can breed at any time rather than only during heats that they would be considered the more sexual beings- and the fact that they sexually engineered hybrids to please them just shows that they are more sexual than us. I don’t see any hybrid ever doing that to humans.”

“I mean,” Jimin piped up, “Rabbit-hybrids are pretty sexual. Jungkook knows what I mean- they just need a little more than the rest of us.”

“Why would you- I am not a sex-crazed hybrid, and especially not by nature,” Jungkook said. “It’s pretty speciesist of you to talk about me that way. If anything, you’re more sexual than I am.”

“Okay,” Taehyung said, “Let’s not get into a fight. It’s clear that we feel pretty strongly about this topic and that’s fine, but we are here to discuss not to argue.”

Jungkook and Jimin glared at each other for a moment, both unwilling to apologize. It was Jungkook that first apologized, though in Jin’s mind he was absolutely right to feel offended. Hell, Jin was a little offended.

“I’m sorry, hyung. I really don’t like what you have to say, but I don’t want to fight.”

“No, I think I don’t actually know enough to be making statements about other kinds of hybrids,” Jimin admitted. With that Jungkook relaxed and shook hands with the other.

“I wonder what Namjoon would have to say about all this,” Yoongi said.

“That is a good question,” Taehyung agreed. “Jungkook, can you call Mr. Kim over?”

“Oh, uh, I don’t know if that’s a good idea. I’m sure he’d have a lot to say about this, but he’s working right now and-”

“Aw, come on, Kookie, if there’s anyone Mr. Kim will leave work for it’s you.”

“I don’t think it’s a good idea to interrupt him. I won’t do it.”

Yoongi said, “It’s fine, Taehyung, we can just ask him about it later. For now, did you have any specific questions prepared for us?”

“Not really. This was really last minute and I picked this article for the shock value, not gonna lie. I am personally disturbed by these Americans and am glad to be living in here in South Korea, just like all of you. Maybe not Jimin, but the rest of you.”

“Are we going to be keeping tabs on this company? I want to see how they are going to carry out this slavery,” Jin said. “Surely there will be hybrid-rights activists, right?”

“If humans run the show, then I’m not so sure there will be enough of an uproar. I can imagine most humans doing anything to get their hands on an ownable rabbit-hybrid, the sick fucks,” Yoongi said.

“That’s really... hateful of you, Yoongi-ah,” Jin commented.

“They’ve been oppressing us for centuries, it isn’t like this is any different.” A pause followed Yoongi’s statement, and then each hybrid at the table nodded in agreement, except for Jungkook.

“They aren’t all like that,” he said. “That’s not fair. You’re holding every human alive today accountable for what dead people have done.”

“How do you think stigmas stay around for so long? They pass it onto their children. I’m sure there are plenty of humans who aren’t like that, but there sure are a lot who are.” Jungkook frowned at that and looked away from all of them. “Maybe I'm just being emotionally biased- I know it isn't so clear cut. It's just that hybrid treatment here has been bad for a long time, like the way things are now- it wasn't always like this. It wasn't until recently that it was acceptable for us to interact in society as humans do. It's upsetting to see that large parts of the world are even further behind when we just barely started fixing things here.”

The bustling of the workers behind the group was quite loud now, as everyone had fallen silent in light of such a heavy topic. Jimin had his arms folded, his ears hanging a little low from in-the-moment regret. Tension was growing as the silence continued and Taehyung couldn’t take it.

“Well, um, that was maybe not the best conversation starter, but we learned a lot about each other it seems, so... do you guys want to get cakes now or something? I’ll pay for them.”

And just like that Jungkook's mood was lifted. He started listing off all his favorite kinds of cakes, purposefully omitting carrot cake from his list, while Jin listened intently, trying to hear the name of a cake he would like. They ended up getting a bunch of mini lemon cakes, to the delight of everyone, except Taehyung who had promised to pay for all of them. Adding onto Taehyung’s hesitance to join in on the new fun mood, Jimin spoke up.

“So are we gonna talk about the sounding equipment or what?”

“Jimin!” Taehyung cried. “Please, I do not want to talk about that with Jin right there! I’ve been pivoting away from that this whole conversation! Can you not see that?”

“Oh, I see. So you’re gonna ask Jin to help you test out the sounds, then, is that right? You don’t need little ol’ me anymore?”

Taehyung, having not eaten a single bite of his cake yet, stared at Jimin with his jaw open. Yoongi and Jungkook were snickering together at his embarrassment, leaving Jin to again find himself absolutely lost.

“What sounds are we testing out? What does that even mean?” Jin asked.

“No, Seokjin-hyung- I would never ask you to- Jimin is just trying to hurt me right now and I can accept that, but please don’t listen to a word he says.”

“Go ahead, Jinnie. Ask him what sounds are,” Jungkook encouraged.

“Please, I beg you. Do not ask me that.”

With a slight unsure smirk, Jin asked, “What are sounds, Taehyung-ah?”

“I hate all of you.”

“You should take Jin back to the apartment and show him, if you don’t wanna say,” Jimin suggested.

“That’s a grand idea,” Yoongi said. The two cats stood up in unison and eyed Taehyung with determination. “Come on, Kookie. I think we’ve got some errands to run.”

“Why do you always gotta drag me along to your- oh. Oh,” he said, a smirk blooming onto his face as his ears perked up and twitched excitedly. “You’re right. We should go.”

The three of them scurried out of the bakery without a word, except for Jungkook who shouted at the last second, “Thanks for the cake, hyung!”

Taehyung and Jin were then stuck staring at each other from across the table, which now seemed awkwardly large for just the both of them. Jin took the last bite of his cake, unbothered by the antics of Taehyung’s friends.

“I am so sorry,” the tomcat whispered. “I mean, how dare you indulge them, but also I’m sorry.”

“What are you sorry for? Is it that bad to be alone with me?” he joked. Taehyung had apparently taken that comment seriously, as his tail froze and his eyes widened. “Hey, I’m just kidding- they- well, we- were definitely teasing you about something. I’m sorry about that. It was just funny to see you all flustered. I still have no idea what we were talking about, if that helps.”

“It does. I have- a problem, Kim Seokjin. With my terrible lifestyle choices.”

“What is it? You don’t have to say anything, but if it would help to vent?” The tomcat’s tail now swung back and forth- curious- as he debated with himself. Jin sat patiently, slowly sneaking the other half-eaten cakes onto his little plate to finish them off. He tried his best to not assume anything about his neighbor. He would tell him or he wouldn’t, so either he’d know or he wouldn’t. And that was that. No speculation to be had.

“I like to experiment a lot with different kinks. Jimin is pretty well-versed and he always helps me with everything, but I’m shy about it and he always teases me for that. Which is fine. We’re friends- it isn’t like I resent him or anything. I just wish I had a more considerate assistant.”

Jin shifted noticeably in his seat at that, his lips parted a bit. He wetted them carefully before responding. “When you say kinks- are you talking about your, um, sex life?” Taehyung folded his arms over his stomach, which had been shown blatantly up to this point, and nodded. He fidgeted for a moment before unraveling his arms and putting his chin in his hands. “And when you said you’re wishing for a new assistant-”

“Oh, my god, Jin-hyung, I am so sorry!” he said for the third time in the past five minutes. “This is so inappropriate, I’m not trying to make you uncomfortable or anything, but my friends forced me into this conversation and honestly we can leave it anytime- I don’t know why we haven’t-”

“I’m not uncomfortable,” Jin stated plainly. “I just don’t know what sounds are. Or the kind you’re talking about. I probably couldn’t help you much.” He didn’t know where his confidence had come from- perhaps it was an effect of Taehyung’s complete embarrassment- but he was glad his voice was so steady. On any other day, he probably would have opted to just not say anything at all.

“You- you want to?” Taehyung asked, his red face exuding heat.

“If you want to, then I want to.” All of Taehyung’s embarrassment creased itself up in the corner of his mouth, which he then hid behind a hand. He closed his eyes, summoning up words to respond.

“Like you said, you don't know much about sounds, so you probably wouldn't be of any help there.” Jin shoved a rather large bit of cake into his mouth then as his face exploded in a strange pallid shade of red. “You could maybe assist me with other things, though. If you wanted to.”

“Like?” he said back, the sinking shame in his stomach dissipating just a little.

“Firstly, are you a top or a bottom? Or versatile?”

“Honestly I'll do whatever you want me to do if you keep wearing crop tops like that.”


“You're really hot- and I don't know why I just told you that, I'm sorry, that's really superficial of me.”

“It's okay. I also think you are, um, hot as fuck.” Jin gasped and the two stiffened awkwardly in their seats. “Do you want to come back to my apartment?”

Chapter Text

Though the walk from the bakery to Taehyung’s apartment wasn’t far, it seemed like an eternity had passed in rushed silence by the time they got there. Once the front door had been shut behind the two, Taehyung led Jin to his room.

The first thing Jin noticed was the wall adjacent to the bed was covered in photos of all different sizes. It was split up into two sections. The right side of the wall had neatly placed pictures of individual flowers and their respective names while the left side was a scattered mesh of landscaped nature photos and pictures of Taehyung’s friends. There were mostly pictures of the little book club with Mr. Kim in a few of them here and there, but also there were pictures of hybrids and people that Jin hadn’t seen before.

All the pictures had one thing in common, whether it be because of smiling faces or artsy poses or lavish landscapes, they were beautiful.

“You’re a photographer,” Jin stated plainly. Taehyung had sat himself on his bed, folding his legs in front of him to hold onto his ankles to do something with his hands.

“Oh, yeah, I am. I do a lot of work for Yoongi-hyung’s flower shop. He never had trouble with the store or anything, but I told him it would be a good idea to make his own website and maybe deliver flowers to events and stuff and he told me that I should do it for him.”

“That’s really cool of you,” Jin said.

“I didn’t do it for free. I made him pay me a lot for it, even though he could’ve set it all up himself.”

“Still...” Jin's voice trailed off, letting an awkward atmosphere seep back into the room. He turned his view from the wall of photographs to see that Taehyung had taken off his shirt. His nipples were considerably darker than the rest of his chest.

Taehyung watched Jin watch him and tilted his head to gain his attention. The older met with his gaze, bashful to have been caught staring.

“Sorry, should I?” he asked, pulling his own shirt out a little, asking whether or not to remove it.

“If you want to. Though I'd... like you to be fully clothed,” Taehyung said. “If you're into that.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Could you- would you lay over me? You can say no, of course.” Jin made his way to Taehyung's bed and hesitantly pushed him down with one hand before settling himself over him.

“Like this?” he said, his hands each beside the younger’s head.

“Yup, that's- yeah,” he replied. Jin smiled softly at his shyness, feeling relieved by it. “I like feeling out of control, but not actually being out of it. You know?”

“Tell me, then, what more you would like me to do.”

“Um, kiss me?” Jin lowered himself onto his forearms as he brought his lips down to Taehyung's, barely grazing them at first before applying a small pressure. It was chaste and short, a test of sorts.

“Like that?” he asked, his eyes half lidded from the new intimacy.

“Again? With my hands pinned?” Jin pulled his wrists above his head and pinned them with a single hand. He brought his legs up to support his weight and held onto Tae’s jaw- a flourish he had added to the requested action- and kissed him again, this time with movement. Taehyung poked his tongue out a little, just tasting Jin's bottom lip, which he then bit gently.

Jin pulled away after a few moments of this. He raised his brows, silently asking for more instruction.

“My chest- I like being kissed there, too,” he said. His face had become a gentle pink, but his voice was steady.

Jin let go of his wrists and held him instead by his sides, close to his ribcage, bringing his plump lips to the darker parts of Taehyung's chest. He nibbled at his buds, licked them, and moved them around with his tongue, effectively wetting the chest beneath him.

All the while Taehyung's struggle to maintain a soft breathing pattern became more obvious. His eyes closed themselves in soft pleasure while his hands gripped Jin's hair. When Jin started licking him with long strokes, he gasped. It was like he was giving him kitten licks.

“Hey,” Jin said, forcing Taehyung to pay attention to sound again. “How do you feel about being eaten out?”

His eyes widened, taking further attention away from the air that interacted with his wetted nipples. It was then that a detectable sweet smell reached Jin's sensitive nose, though he couldn't tell what the source was. “I- you don't have to, but- I really enjoy having that done to me.”

Jin smirked and sat back up. He placed his hands onto the hem of Taehyung's shorts, looking up into his eyes for permission. The tomcat was clearly waiting for him to continue, his eyes watching Jin's hands, so he did. He unbuttoned, unzipped, and pulled them down to be discarded on his bedroom floor.

“How would you like me to position you?” Jin asked. The question threw the other off guard again. It implied that Jin already planned on manhandling him. And that turned him on.

“Whatever position you'd like to see me in,” is what he said back. “I'm down with anything, position-wise.”

Jin nodded and pulled the other up by his waist so that he laid on his back, his smooth legs dangling down towards his head. Taehyung gasped. His ass was up in the air, just below Jin's face. He had never been in this position before. There had been similar ones, but he was being held by his hips upside down, leaving him with little control. He covered his face with his hands, his shyness returning.

“May I remove your briefs?” Jin asked. Tae nodded. There was a significant wet spot stained into the briefs from the slick that had already started leaking. He found the source of the sweet smell. After pulling them off, Jin pulled him closer, cradling his sides with his thighs. He didn't move further. Instead, he stared down at Taehyung's bare ass, which was already a bit wet, taking in his scent as well as noticing his tail curling up over a thigh.

“Oh my god, stop inspecting me,” Tae said.

“You're just really cute- sorry. Shall I start now?”

“Don't make me say it; I can't. You're making me blush,” he mumbled out between his fingers. Jin leaned down, opting to kiss each cheek just to tease him. The tomcat’s immediate reaction was the sudden twitching jerk of his hips, paired with a loud stifled cry.

“Oh, I'm sorry, did that hurt?” he asked. He couldn't see how that could be painful, but his reaction left him perplexed.

“N-no, I'm really sensitive there is all. I didn't mean to move.”

“Was that okay?”

“Yes,” he breathed. Jin nodded and did it again, getting the same thrust from Taehyung when he mouthed at his ass. He felt a little playful, so he gently bit him, too. It made the other gasp again. He continued making out with the fat of Taehyung's butt and the younger got louder and louder. His tail kept wiggling back and forth, too, which Jin found absolutely adorable.

Jin let this go on for a few minutes, purposefully making him more and more sensitive and overwhelmed, that he could tell by the spreading slick that pooled up and spilled over his cheeks, making them glisten, before he dragged his tongue across his hole. His tired tongue kept on relentlessly, tasting something vaguely resembling honey, and it was at this point that Taehyung covered his mouth forcefully, tears slipping down from the intensity and extension of Jin's work.

The older paused. “Are you okay? Do you want me to stop?” he asked.

“Please, don't stop.”

Jin continued, even poking his tongue through his rim just a little every once in a while. His dick twitched at every muffled sob that pounded out of the tomcat.

He moaned then, his dick throbbing with arousal, and a hand on his thigh tightened its grip, though he hadn't noticed its presence before. The younger’s thighs were trembling so much that Jin had to hold them up himself, but he didn't mind. He found it really hot. The way Taehyung's tail squirmed and coiled itself weakly around one of his wrists was even hotter.

“W-wait,” he panted out. Jin slowed his movements before pulling away. He moved his tongue around a little inside his own mouth, trying to relax it back into place, but it was restless and uncomfortable now.

Taehyung's chest was heaving slowly, and his breathing came out in staggered bursts. Jin didn't say anything, just held him and rubbed his fingers over the other's inner thighs, where he had been gripping him from. The tomcat calmed down slowly, and when his breathing quieted enough, Jin spoke.

“Are you alright?”

“Yeah- sorry- I forget to breathe sometimes,” he said. If Jin took that literally, it would've made no sense as Taehyung had been breathing that whole time, but he understood that he really meant he forgot to breathe steadily, properly. He forgot to breathe in a way that's healthy for his brain.

“Do you want me to continue?”

“I, um, want something else, if that's okay,” he said.

“Of course. I'm gonna lay you back down first, alright?” He nodded and Jin picked him up enough to move him up the mattress so he could lay him down supinely. “What would you like now?” He didn't answer, but instead he raised two fingers as he hid his eyes with his other hand. Jin chuckled. “Okay. Where's your lube?”

“Do you really think I'll need it?” he asked.

“No,” Jin said before situating himself between Taehyung's legs. The tomcat’s dick had leaked down his stomach all over his chest from before, and though they had paused, he was still leaking and was still considerably hard.

Jin bent one of his legs at its knee and pushed it up for better access. Taehyung then moved it himself, placing it over Jin's broad shoulder. The older wetted his fingers with the sweet slick and rubbed a finger around Tae’s rim. He entered soon thereafter and Taehyung simultaneously gasped.

As he started fucking him with his finger, he said, “You must be really sensitive. Every touch shocks you.” Just to prove his point, he smacked one of his cheeks, to which the other squeaked and writhed.

“Don’t make fun of me,” Taehyung whined.

“I’m not,” Jin said back. He pressed another finger in and began scissoring his fingers, making Taehyung girate his hips involuntarily. “I think it’s really cute.” He smiled down at him, stretching him gently, before he turned his neck and kissed the leg that was thrown over his shoulder. “Are you feeling good? Am I hurting you?”

“You’re not hurting me. I think I can take another...” He looked away then, hiding his face beneath his palm. He couldn’t even finish his sentence he was so flustered. Jin provided a third finger and quickened his pace. He knew he had found Taehyung’s prostate when he cried out louder than ever and he took advantage of this new information by pressing it over and over again. He leaned forward, bringing up Tae’s leg in the process, to meet him face to face. Taehyung’s face had already been a deep shade of red, but it darkened again when he opened his eyes and saw Jin looking down at him with only a few inches between them.

It was a slightly uncomfortable position for Jin to maintain, but he didn’t mind. His free hand ran its fingers through Taehyung’s hair, so sweetly as if Jin wasn’t currently finger-fucking him. Jin then leaned down even further, burying his head in Taehyung’s shoulder. This way he could hear Tae’s already loud moans better. Jin moaned softly himself at these sounds, sending vibrations through the other’s torso.

Jin started kissing the tomcat’s ear, noting how soft the fur was there, before he whispered, “Breathe, baby. Don’t forget to breathe.”

Taehyung nodded, and his chest began to heave in a controlled rhythm. It was a curious process to Jin, who noted that it looked like the tomcat was really struggling to maintain it despite his ordered concentration.

“C-can I touch you?” Taehyung asked, his voice moving up and down in patterns he couldn’t control; the stimulation was too overpowering.

“Of course.” Taehyung then clutched Jin by the front of his shirt, apparently desperate for purchase. Jin started rubbing one of Tae’s twitching kitty ears, making the other squirm more. “Are you close? Taehyung?” It was all the younger could do to nod enthusiastically.

Jin leaned back down onto the fat of his calves so he could grab Taehyung by his dick, which was already wet with precum, and jerk him off. He watched Tae's face during the whole process, how his lips stretched open from the pleasure and how his eyes did the opposite, clenching themselves shut as his senses slowly faded, highlighting the rush of blood to his lower body. Taehyung's hips jutted upwards, his back arching along with them, and he came.

Jin glanced down at the dick in his hand as a familiar warm, white liquid squirted onto his fingers. Some of it ended up on the younger’s stomach.

He retracted both hands after helping Taehyung ride out his orgasm, holding them carefully above his lap. He wondered if it would be okay to lick himself clean, or to have Taehyung do that for him in little kitten licks (was that even okay to ask of a cat-hybrid), but he didn't want to be too weird. This was the first and very possibly the last time he'd mess around with his tomcat neighbor, depending on how the other felt about the whole interaction.

“Hyung,” Taehyung said, pulling him out of his thoughts. “Your hands- I got them dirty.” He said that almost as a suggested apology, and Jin realized he'd been staring at his fingers, holding them up in front of his eyes as he thought. It might've looked like he was bothered by their current state.

“I dirtied them myself, actually,” he said with a smile.

“Did you- want a cloth or something?”

Jin bit his lip as he offered a single hand to the other, hesitantly presenting himself. Taehyung's eyes widened in realization. For just a moment Jin thought he had made a mistake, but within the next Taehyung had begun sucking his fingers off one at a time until they were all clean. He had a strange habit of letting his tongue poke out as he did so, which Jin merely took notice of.

There was a silent moment between them when Jin was given his hands back, and though Jin felt comfortable, Taehyung was a little uneasy. He gently guided Jin down on the bed, much to his confusion, before positioning himself in front of Jin's dick.

“Hey- what’re you doing?” Jin asked simply.

“Do you not want me to- you know?” he motioned down towards his straining pants.

“I just- you don't have to. Don't feel obligated, you don't owe it to me.”

Taehyung blinked once. Twice. And was lost. “I kinda thought all guys loved blowjobs, but I guess I was wrong, then?” he joked. Jin didn't laugh, taking very seriously the attitude within Taehyung that he perceived as guilty. “You really don't want me to help you out? I don't understand; why did you come home with me?”

“I wanted to make you feel good. You wanted me to and I wanted to so I came.”

“But you haven't.”

“I like to serve,” he replied. Taehyung placed his chin on one of Jin's knees and hummed.

“Well, I want to suck your dick. If that's okay with you.” Jin chewed on his cheek and let his head fall back onto the bed when Taehyung started rubbing the fat of his cheeks over the others inner thigh. Jin held his own hands together, twiddling his thumbs in anticipation by his sternum. “May I?”

“Yes, please,” he said. With that Taehyung unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. He didn't remove them. Jin recalled his request from earlier, asking for him to stay fully clothed. Instead he grabbed his dick out from his briefs and ran his palm along its length a few times, successfully spreading his precum as a natural lubricant. Not that his own saliva wouldn't do the trick just fine. “Can I-”


“Can I guide you?” Jin asked. Taehyung smiled and nodded, letting Jin hold him by his hair before guiding Tae over him. He moaned out lowly as soon as his dick was contained in Tae’s wet mouth. He was careful in making sure Taehyung didn’t go too fast or too deep; he didn’t want to use him. It still felt really good, as he knew it would, and it (embarrassingly) wasn’t long before he came himself.

Taehyung had looked up, meeting their eyes, though his were filled with some curiously devious glint. Jin hadn't expected such an expression and as a result a powerful wave of pleasure pounded through him, triggering his orgasm. His own thighs trembled slightly and Taehyung held them in place forcefully, enjoying his assertion of control.

Jin's hearing fuzzed up as his body relaxed and he fell limp, only barely aware of Taehyung's tongue as it cleaned his body. The younger moved over the bed until he was spooning Jin, holding him in his arms delicately while he waited for him to come back down.

He yelped from surprise when Jin suddenly switched their positions, spooning him. He cradled his head onto his chest, wondering if it was too intimate, but he relaxed when Taehyung willingly complied in resting his head there. With this in mind, he started running his fingers through the other's hair again, this time focusing only on that.

“Are you gonna come to our meeting again next Friday?” Taehyung asked. His tail curled up by his waist before moving back down to the mattress and over again.

“Yeah, I will. Why do you ask that? Especially now?”

“I was thinking maybe we could- that you might want to- do this again?” he said.

“I'm definitely up for it. We are neighbors, though. You know where to find me at least sometime during the day, always.”

“I have a schedule, um, once a week- and I don't see why I should change it. But I'll keep that in mind.”

Jin hummed and started rubbing the other's ears, massaging them between his fingers. He kept quiet, listening for something particular. A few moments passed and then he heard it: purring.

“You're really cute, Taehyung,” he said. “Beautiful, really.” The other mewled quietly in response. “I don't know if this is weird to ask- it is kinda normal for dog-hybrids- but would you mind if I took in your scent?”

“No, please, go for it. I've never been scented before and I like the idea of it.”

With that Jin raised Taehyung so he could reach his neck and he buried his face in it. He took in a deep breath, smelling something honey-like again, and nudged his nose against the skin there as he did, tickling the other. Taehyung laughed, and then laughed more than was proper for just a slight tickling.

“Your tail wags at the cutest things- oh my god,” he said. Jin froze, blush bursting onto his cheeks, and Taehyung wrapped his arms around him, petting the small of his back. He felt comfortable then, so he nuzzled into the younger and fell silent. The two held each other as their minds raced with ponderings that slowly blurred with the sleep creeping up on them.