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Future Shock - TSCC Season 3 - Cameron AKA Nobody

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Chapter 1


Sarah Connor:

It was the Machines that sought to destroy mankind in the future, a future. It was a Machine that killed my son's father and a Machine that killed my son's uncle. It was the Machines that tried to kill my son and myself. Among the Machines out to destroy all we know, one Machine stands alone to fight them. One Machine stands alone to protect my son and myself. One Machine is unique among the rest. The fate of the world and my son rests in the hands of that one Machine. That one Machine was named – CAMERON.

Sarah stepped back.

She took in the entire scene. It was hard to comprehend everything that just happened.

Cameron was sprawled in the chair. She was lifeless. Her body was heavily damaged. Her head was cut open and her chip was gone.

Cameron appeared terminated.

Sarah was aware that Mr. Ellison stood in the doorway.

Mr. Ellison looked around the room, it was now in chaos. He stared at the inanimate figure of Cameron slumped in the chair. This was all very confusing to him.

"What happened? Where did they go?" Mr. Ellison asked.

He looked around the room for Mrs. Weaver, John Henry and John. He was still trying to process the fact that Mrs. Weaver was a Terminator. It was evident she was a different type of Terminator too.

Sarah's face was ashen. It was devoid of all emotion. She'd just lost her son to the unknown. John was now in the company of one of the deadliest types of Terminators. The previous Terminator that they'd encountered of that type tried to kill John and her. It even tortured her to try and make her call out to John.

She looked at Mr. Ellison, she felt drained. What was there to say or explain but the truth?

"The future, they all went into the future." Sarah said.

Sarah needed to act. The building was already attacked once. It was evident the location was compromised. There may be a follow up strike or some type of ground assault.

Her first instinct was to run and regroup. There was nobody left but her at this point. She thought of taking Cameron's deactivated chassis away so she could use Thermite on it. She could end its existence and deny Skynet or its affiliates the use of its technology.

A few months ago Sarah would have done that in a heartbeat and never thought twice about it.

Things were different now. Everything was different.

Cameron was there for her son to help him, protect him and guide him. Sarah was not blind. She saw how her son began to act around and towards Cameron. She knew what it all meant. No one was going to admit it but they all knew.

She briefly reflected on Cameron's former beauty. Cameron was a machine but she was also a beautiful machine. She knew beauty when she saw it, even if it was fabricated.

Sarah was glad to be out of jail but knew John foolishly sacrificed Cameron to do it. Cameron did not do it for her. Cameron did it for John. Now look at her. It almost made her sick. More than one thing was sacrificed with all this.

She heard and watched the exchange between John and Cameron when Cameron was trapped between the two trucks. Sarah heard the words that Cameron said. She did not believe them then. They seemed to hold more meaning now with all that has happened since then. She now believed that Cameron spoke the truth at that time.

A single tear slid down Sarah's cheek, she made a choice. No, it wasn't really a choice; it was the right thing to do. It was for John's future. John would need Cameron's assistance when he returned. She needed to believe John would return to go on with her life. Her life had no purpose without John. Cameron even told her that to her face. She would now make Cameron her purpose.

Sarah looked at Cameron as she gently touched her cheek.

"It is because of you that my son is gone. It is also because of you that he will be back." Sarah said. "He will return for you. He'll be back."

Sarah did not know if John would come back for her. She did know he would come back for Cameron if it was at all possible.

Mr. Ellison looked at the damage to the room and Cameron. To hear Sarah's words somewhat surprised him.

Sarah looked around her surroundings again. This building was compromised. It was attacked by a Skynet drone. She needed to get away from there and bring Cameron with her. No matter where she went, Cameron was going also. Sarah knew John would never forgive her if she did not take care of Cameron's 'remains'.

Sarah turned to Mr. Ellison.

"What better security does this company have?" Sarah asked. "Is there any more secure or safer part of it?"

Mr. Ellison only recently became aware of a new location.

"We have almost finished a new facility. It is located in a more remote spot." Mr. Ellison said. "It has everything."

Sarah wondered what that meant.

"What is 'everything'?" Sarah asked. "I need to know more."

Mr. Ellison remembered his briefing. He'd looked over the blueprints.

"There are more powerful computer systems ready to go online and a complete research and test facility. There are living quarters and an armory. It is really a fortified bunker complex." Mr. Ellison said. "Mrs. Weaver already started construction on it before I became affiliated with her."

That was a decision that Mr. Ellison now questioned. It seemed there was a lot that he questioned these days. His future seemed unclear. He'd almost been 'terminated' several times himself.

It was clear to Sarah that they needed to get started and evacuate. Even if there was no further Skynet related assault, the authorities would soon be all over the building. It made her wonder if she would end up getting 'blamed' for this latest event on a tech company.

"We need to take Cameron there and bring the Turk." Sarah said. "We need to do it now."

Mr. Murch and two assistants entered the room.

Sarah was ready to pull her Glock.

Mr. Ellison noticed what was about to happen and stopped her.

"They are here to assist us." Mr. Ellison said. "We need their help."

Mr. Murch eyed Cameron and instantly knew what he was looking at. He could see John Henry was gone and the damaged cyborg would most likely become his replacement. They'd been down this road before.

"Mrs. Weaver told us this day may come, we are ready." Mr. Murch said. "We have everything we need."

The two assistants selected specific computer gear to remove. It was all predetermined.

Mr. Ellison and Mr. Murch loaded Cameron into a large shallow hamper that one of Mr. Murch's assistants pushed in.

"This was originally for John Henry if we needed it but it will fit just fine." Mr. Murch said as he glanced at Cameron. "It is smaller than he was."

That statement did not sit well with Sarah, not anymore anyway. Cameron was her connection to John.

"Her name is Cameron." Sarah said sharply. "Call her Cameron, not it."

Mr. Ellison eyed Sarah for a moment. He thought that was something different. It appeared there was a deeper bond here. He also knew they needed to get moving.

"Let's get all this stuff and go." Mr. Ellison said. "This place is no longer safe."

Sarah looked at all of them.

"No place is safe." Sarah said.

That was a statement that Mr. Ellison could agree with at this point.

Everything was loaded into a large delivery type van for transportation to the new location. The ride in the van was not too long. It was long enough for Sarah to be noticed and identified by one of the workers.

One of the assistants looked at Sarah, then to Mr. Murch, then back at Sarah and then to Mr. Ellison. The assistant previously saw a photo of Sarah on the local news. Based on the news reports and what occurred at the building they'd just left, it caused some justifiable concern and worry.

Mr. Ellison could see the way things were headed. He decided to take control of the situation. He did not want things to get away from them. The future was already uncertain enough. They needed everyone on board. He looked at the two assistants and indicated Sarah.

"You think you know who this is. Don't believe everything you see on TV. She is a confidential informant or CI working under deep cover as well as with Mrs. Weaver. You know of my association with the FBI. All I can ask you is to leave it at that. Lives are at stake here." Mr. Ellison said. "I need to get Savannah under cover ASAP as well. We don't have time to second guess things or for questions. Mrs. Weaver will be pleased with your cooperation."

"That works for me." The first assistant said.

"It works for me too." The second assistant added.

Mr. Ellison did not know for sure but thought it could be arranged to sweeten the deal for the workers.

"Everything is very confidential." Mr. Ellison said. "Mrs. Weaver will see that everyone is handsomely compensated for their efforts and loyalty."

"That works even better for me." The first assistant said.

"Me too, I'm in." The second assistant reiterated.

The ride over was uneventful. They did not encounter any opposition. There was no apparent tail. Sarah did not want to encounter any Skynet forces or any authorities. She did not plan to ever return to jail or a mental institution.

On their arrival at the new facility, a dark haired female assistant was ready and waiting for them. She'd been alerted as to the nature of the cargo that was about to arrive at the new location. The female assistant froze up a little bit at the sight of Cameron. She regained her composure and helped put Cameron on a gurney. She moved her to a lab room.

Sarah noted the female assistant's reaction when she first saw Cameron. She wondered if it was because of the damage to her. She was determined to stay with Cameron. She did not want Cameron to 'disappear' on her. The Glock tucked into her back gave her 'insurance' and reassurance. She was surrounded by strangers and needed to place a lot of trust in the unknown.

The female assistant looked at Cameron in more detail once they were in the lab.

Sarah took a long look at the woman; there was something about her…. Sarah could not place it. It seemed she'd met her before somewhere. It was time to get down to business.

"Can you fix her?" Sarah asked.

Sarah was worried about everything. She turned her attention away from the female assistant. She refocused her attention back on Cameron.

The female assistant looked at Cameron almost lovingly. She touched her damaged cheek. She needed to hold her emotions in control to hide what she felt inside as she viewed Cameron. She was here to do a job. It was time to do it.

"The chassis looks sound even with the extensive sheath damage." The female assistant said. "Allis… - it is damaged but not as bad as the last one we rebuilt. This appears to be mostly cosmetic damage. I will need to inspect the chassis further."

Sarah was irritated by the reference to Cameron as it.

"It's Cameron, not it. Her name is Cameron." Sarah said somewhat angrily. "Don't make me tell you again or anyone else."

The assistant looked at Sarah and could see there was some personal attachment. It was clear that this was more than a machine to her.

"I'm sorry, Cameron it is. My name is Vanna. How should I address you?" Vanna asked.

Sarah wanted to keep it simple.

"You can call me Sarah." Sarah said.

Sarah did not elaborate any further.

Vanna was a little distressed to learn that both John Henry and Mrs. Weaver were gone. She checked with Mr. Ellison about Savannah. That seemed to cause her the most concern.

She returned and wanted to explain a little about what they could do based on the previous work with John Henry.

"We have everything to repair any chassis damage and a way to fabricate more of the synthetic sheath covering. This will speed the regeneration process of her sheath. That is as long as the power cell is not damaged. The unit, I mean Cameron, will be able to help with the regeneration of most the synthetic covering in a short time. Her sheath will be as good as new in a few days time." Vanna said.

Sarah needed to unwind a little. She stepped out of the room and Vanna followed her.

Sarah looked around. Everything around here was unfamiliar to her. She was not sure who she could trust. Were any of these people the enemy? Would any of them sell her out? She could feel the comfort of her Glock behind her.

"Where is Mr. Ellison?" Sarah asked.

"He went to retrieve Savannah." Vanna said.

Sarah knew the child was in danger. Once she'd been targeted for termination her life would be at risk indefinitely as long as it was believed she was alive.

"She needs better protection." Sarah said. "She's not safe. It should be reported she died in the 'accident'. She needs to go into hiding."

Sarah hoped nothing happened to the young girl, Savannah. They'd lost Derek saving her once. Sarah thought how that still stung. Both of the Reese brothers were dead. She was there when both of them died. That bothered her greatly. It made her feel responsible for their deaths.

Vanna excused herself. There were other matters that needed her immediate attention. She left to join the others as they hooked up the computer gear in another room. She quietly informed Mr. Ellison that Savannah was in grave danger and what needed to be done to protect her.

All the confusion and hustle made Sarah feel uneasy. She returned to the solitude of Cameron's room. It gave her the opportunity to carefully look at the damage to Cameron. She wondered how John could have done this to her. It almost made her physically ill. He could have waited a few days until she was transported and broke her out like they did Derek from the transport van. She wanted to examine Cameron further but did not want to take any more dignity away from Cameron at this point.

All the emotions and feelings caught up to Sarah as she sat alone with Cameron. She sat down and buried her face in her hands and cried. She did not cry much anymore but this was all a shock to her. It seemed the future was closer than she'd anticipated. At this point it was all a - future shock.

Everyone was gone. Kyle was dead. Derek was dead. Charlie was dead. Riley was dead. Cameron was heavily damaged and inoperable. She was 'dead' for all practical purposes. John was gone and maybe dead. The future was more uncertain than ever.

Sarah was all alone. She slumped over in the chair and drifted off to an uneasy restless sleep. It seemed her troubles followed her there too. They always did.

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Chapter 2

Do It - Now

Sarah Connor:

The Machines will try to win. They never can, the Machines never will. Even if they destroy Mankind - they lose. Then the Machines are in charge. They become the Boss. When everything is destroyed, then they are the Boss of what? They are the Boss of nothing at that point. I have hope that my son will return. I do not know. I believe he will. He will return for one thing, a Machine. That Machine is named – CAMERON.

Sarah awoke with a jump. That was nothing new. Her past and her future haunted her, even in her restless dreams. She looked around and rapidly remembered what happened and where she was at. She did not intend on leaving anytime soon. In fact, she didn't have any place to go. Without John, her life was without purpose. Cameron even told her that once. She was angry at the time Cameron said it to her but she knew Cameron was right. Now with John gone, Cameron would be her new purpose. She knew Cameron was the only thing John would return for if he could. She was aware John may never return.

It seemed that Sarah's whole world collapsed and imploded on her. Everything was gone. It all seemed so hopeless now. Everything she fought so hard for, for so long was all meaningless without John. John was what mattered and Cameron was the key to it all.

Sarah watched Vanna work on Cameron. It was all done with such care and precision. It was almost as if Vanna worked on someone she - cared about. It never looked like Vanna worked on a piece of machinery.

Vanna's back was to Sarah. She worked on Cameron's sheath and chassis, her body. Vanna's hand gently touched Cameron's right cheek as she spoke softly.

"Oh, Allison, I miss you so very much." Vanna said sadly.

Sarah watched and listened. She wondered what Vanna just said and why. There was something about that name. She'd heard Vanna use it or start to use it twice now. There must be something going on more than she knew. She needed to ask. She tried to use some tact.

"What did you call her?" Sarah asked softly.

Vanna jumped. She quickly turned to look at Sarah. Vanna wondered how long Sarah had been watching her. She wondered what Sarah saw her look at on Cameron. It would be hard to explain if she asked. She wanted to know a few things about Cameron for herself, for personal reasons. She also needed to see the extent of the damage.

"Cameron, I mean Cameron. I'm sorry." Vanna said awkwardly. "I'm glad to see you are awake, Sarah. You seemed to have experienced a very troubled sleep. I'm sorry if I disturbed you. I tried to work as quietly as possible."

Vanna moved off to the side some. Sarah noticed Cameron was naked. She was appalled at what she saw. There were wounds all over her. Sarah winced at the thought. There were parts of Cameron's body that were little more than bloody pulp. Other parts were missing.

Even as badly damaged as Cameron was, Sarah reflected on her beauty. 'It's a machine', she told herself, a beautiful machine which her son cares about. She did not want to say the 'word'. She knew what it really was. Sarah knew John loved Cameron. She'd seen 'the look'. She knew 'THAT look'. She'd been around long enough to know what 'THAT look' meant.

Sarah believed that Cameron came to rescue her in jail to make John happy. Not because she was ordered to or wanted to save her. Cameron sacrificed herself for John's desire, his mother, her. She did it because John wanted his mother free. John made a choice. He chose her over Cameron. She felt love was about sacrifice. John chose to sacrifice Cameron, who he loved, to get her free. Cameron made the sacrifice to give John what he wanted, his mother - her.

'Everyone sacrifices for John Connor', echoed in her mind.

Sarah took a long look at Cameron. She also remembered those who previously fell.

'Everyone dies for John Connor', seemed more appropriate.

A stab of guilt flooded Sarah to see Cameron like this. This was the fault of both John and her in more ways than one. Sarah felt ashamed at the way they all treated Cameron. There were all the cruel and there were the mean things they said to her. They made fun of her and they threatened to terminate her.

Sarah knew Cameron was a machine but she also saw Cameron could react to things. She could see that Cameron expanded beyond what she was when they first met in 1999. Cameron may be a machine but she was more than just a machine.

She hated Cameron back then, now she held deep respect for her. Cameron earned that respect protecting John and fighting alongside of her. Sarah looked at the mess Cameron was in. She really wondered how John could have done this to Cameron. LOOK at her.

Sarah would be Cameron's protector now. She would be her guardian. She wanted to lay down some rules and everyone there was going to adhere to them. She didn't want anyone to see Cameron like this.

"I want Cameron covered when you are not working on her. I want her treated with respect." Sarah said. "I want her treated with dignity. It is important to me. It is VERY important to me."

Sarah looked at the damage and wondered if Cameron's beauty would ever fully return. It seemed doubtful at this point. Cameron's chip may be gone but she knew what happened to her to end up looking like this. She knew who was responsible.

Vanna was taken aback at Sarah's words.

"I would have done that anyway, Sarah." Vanna said. "I will treat her with - loving care."

Sarah looked at Cameron - ALL of Cameron. She could see everything more clearly now. She looked like a human female in every way. It made Sarah wonder about something. Could Cameron really function as a 'female'? She needed to know.

"Did you examine her completely?" Sarah asked. "I mean everything?"

Vanna looked over at Cameron.

"Yes. I noted all the damage and what is necessary to get her chassis and sheath, her body, restored again." Vanna said. "I will be able to fix everything. Most of the damage is cosmetic. The chassis damage is minimal."

That was not what Sarah specifically meant. She wanted to know something on a more intimate level. She did not really want to know but she needed to know. It would matter in the future when John returned.

"How – complete is she as a 'female'?" Sarah asked.

Vanna felt a quick throb of guilt. She wondered how much Sarah saw earlier of her - personal examination of Cameron. Vanna looked where Sarah's gaze now rested. She'd looked for personal and professional reasons earlier.

She would try and keep it diplomatic and professional now in her response.

"Oh, I understand. She is one hundred percent 'female' in every way that I can tell from an external exam. She is very complete. It appears her female anatomy is - fully functional." Vanna said. "She appears to be like us, a human female right down to the smallest detail. Everything is the - same. There is a complete neural network connected that is much like that of a human female. It also appears that the response would be nearly identical to that of a human female."

That was what Sarah wanted to hear even if it was not what she wanted to hear. This was about John and his future. She was sure Cameron was going to be a part of it as more than just a protector. She never would have allowed that before. Now to get John back, she would welcome it.

"Thank you, I just needed to know." Sarah said.

It matters to me now and in the future for John, Sarah thought.

Sarah decided she would get Cameron ready for the arrival of John when he returned with Cameron's chip. Sarah was also afraid and worried that John would not return unless he could retrieve Cameron's chip. She wondered if John was even still alive. Maybe he was stuck in the future somewhere.

She tried not to think about that and all the horrors of the future that John would need to face. That thought was going to cause her more worry. She needed to deal with the here and now. This is where she was at and she was not going to let John down. She would carry on the fight. The more she could do now to hurt Skynet, should help John in the future.

Vanna noticed Sarah seemed deep in thought. She needed to get some things and did not want to startle Sarah. She noticed Sarah touched her weapon a lot, even when she was asleep.

"Excuse me. I need to get some supplies." Vanna said.

She placed a towel over Cameron's torso. She gently brushed a few strands of hair from Cameron's face as she left.

Sarah saw the loving and gentle act. It made her wonder….

Vanna thought to herself, 'I will fix you. I will make you better than new. I will do it for Allison. I don't know you Cameron but I know you are made in the image of Allison, MY Allison. You are identical to her right down to the last detail. Every tiny detail, even the pigmentation is - exact. I did check. I know. I have seen you before, ALL of you. Everything is exactly the same as MY Allison. I miss Allison so much'.

As Vanna exited the room she looked back again at Cameron. Where was Allison and what if she looked like that? She felt the bile rise in her throat.

Sarah was escorted into the 'Clean Room'. She was notified the Turk would be operational soon once they got all the 'bugs' out of it.

"We almost have the AI up and running but there is some kind of additional system or virus in the programming. It was not there before all this happened. The virus is able to block all attempts to remove it." Mr. Murch said. "It seems to be very advanced."

Mr. Murch felt it was like a second AI that was somehow trapped in the programming. It was not trying to delete or harm anything. It was just there trying to survive.

What Mr. Murch just said to Sarah took a few seconds to sink in. It hit her like a ton of bricks.

"Wait, STOP trying to remove it." Sarah shouted. "STOP."

Sarah remembered seeing the computer screen on the wall at the previous location. It flashed a message over and over.


A new hope surged through Sarah, maybe, just maybe….

This needed immediate action.

"Can you hook up some kind of interface that I can communicate with?" Sarah asked.

That question caught Mr. Murch off guard. He was unsure what she referred to or what she wanted him to do.

"What?" Mr. Murch asked confused.

Sarah became frustrated. This was important. She tried to keep her cool. It looked like a losing battle.

"Can you hook up some kind of interface that I can communicate with to the computer?" Sarah said. "I need to talk to her."

Mr. Murch was even more confused. What was she talking about?

"Her? Talk to whom?" Mr. Murch asked.

The questions and delay upset Sarah greatly. She was already near the snapping point. This was about to drive her over the edge.

"Just do it, NOW." Sarah said forcefully.

Sarah reached back but stopped the impulse to bring her Glock up. She released the cold plastic grip and took a deep breath.

Maybe, just maybe they weren't ALL gone….

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 Chapter 3


Sarah Connor:

In the daily struggle of life, humankind seeks to survive. Humans are not much different than any other creature in that regard. Is it our goals for the future that drive us and allow us to excel? Where does that future lead? What happens when humans are so 'advanced' they end up replacing themselves with machines? Is that future closer than anyone thinks?

Sarah waited with extreme agitation. She was flooded with anxiety. A thousand thoughts rushed and cascaded through her mind. She hoped what she saw and thought was true. Sarah wanted it to be true so much - PLEASE.

Sarah was not one to pray and she'd lost all her faith long ago but now seemed as good a time as any to try to get some of it back. She prayed for both John and Cameron. She did not pray for herself, she was not worthy. She prayed for those who deserved a prayer. Anything was better than the direction things were headed.

She didn't know how to find John without Cameron. She believed Cameron was the only one who could find John in the future and bring him back. Sarah knew if John was coming back that he would have come back already. The way she understood time travel was that John could have come back even before he left. He could have come back in time and prevented a lot of things from happening and people they both loved from dying. Nothing was different. They were all still dead. John was not here. He was not back. If he was not stuck or trapped in the future, he might be dead. There was a terrible sadness now to go along with her anger and agitation. Those were all things she did not need right now.

Mr. Murch brought her back to the present.

"It is all set up." Mr. Murch stated. "I just need to connect this last terminal…."

Mr. Murch made a few more adjustments and then the last connection.

"There, it's done." Mr. Murch said. "Something should happen soon."

Almost instantly the monitor blasted out in bold letters.

'Where is John? Is John there? Is John alright?'

Sarah never felt such relief before in her entire life. There was hope now. She was so overcome with emotion that she could not speak for a few seconds.

'THANK YOU.' Sarah thought and meant it.

Her thanks even surprised even her.

Mr. Murch indicated a microphone that he just hooked up.

"Cameron?" Sarah spoke into the microphone. "Cameron, is that you?"

The speakers crackled, a monotone voice started to speak. It quickly modulated into Cameron's voice.

"Sarah?" Cameron asked. "Where is John? Is John there? Is John alright?"

Sarah felt such elation in hearing Cameron's voice. To hear Cameron actually speak was to know that Cameron was - alive. Some version of Cameron was anyway. That voice meant there was hope for John. That voice meant help for John. That voice meant there was hope for the future.

Mr. Murch seemed very confused. That was not John Henry's voice.

"Who is that?" Mr. Murch asked.

He looked like he wanted to disconnect everything again.

Sarah gave him a stern look. He backed away from the wiring network.

"It's Cameron." Sarah said.

Mr. Murch expected to hear John Henry.

"Who?" Mr. Murch asked.

Sarah pointed towards the lab.

"It's Cameron. Her body is in the other room." Sarah said.

It all made some sense now to Mr. Murch. There were two AI programs in the system. They were coexisting, not fighting. He wanted to ask about John Henry.

Sarah wanted some privacy to converse with Cameron.

"I need to speak with Cameron alone." Sarah said.

Mr. Murch looked as if he was going to protest. He wanted to ask about John Henry. He took one look the stern look on Sarah's face and left the room. He was not going to wait for her to pull the gun she carried everywhere. She looked like she would use it too.

"I don't know how John is, Cameron. He went after you. He went after your chip. He went into the future with Mrs. Weaver or whoever she really is." Sarah said.

Cameron knew that was a mistake for John to have gone into the future. The future would ravage his body and possible render him sterile. He would be subjected to harsh living conditions and polluted food and water, if they could even be found. The Wastelands of the future was not the place for a boy to become a man. If she did not get John out of the future soon his life would be forever altered for the worse.

Sarah proceeded to fill in all the blanks for Cameron, as Cameron did for her.

Cameron went over everything she knew. John Henry copied her program onto his drives, while he uploaded himself onto her chip. They both existed in two places now, here and in the future someplace.

Cameron explained that the future John went to may not be her future. It could be an altered future of some type. Cameron knew they changed things since she was back and Derek's team changed things. There was always the risk of a temporal error as well. A temporal error was very serious. Cameron did not mention that to Sarah. It seemed Sarah was already worried about enough.

Once the Murch team knew what they were dealing with, they set up a separate system for Cameron. It was an independent server.

Cameron left a copy of 'herself' with the John Henry AI as she established herself on her own server. Her personal server was separate from anything else. She now existed in three places. Her 'John Henry server' subservient self was now identified as Cameron Two. It would remain in the background as it assisted John Henry as necessary and update her separate server now known as Cameron Prime or simply Cameron.

She was her program and there were three copies of it now. Two of them were here on physically separated servers. The other one was on her chip in some future. 'She' was out there some place doing who knows what. Why hadn't 'she' returned yet? It made her wonder if she survived. Maybe she did not. What happened to John then? There were no answers. There was only speculation.

Cameron on her server would only interface with Cameron Two to avoid any outside attack or corruption. She now knew of the previous attack on John Henry and wanted a buffer between herself and the outside world. Cameron wanted this as an additional backup in case there were any further 'attacks' on John Henry. She did not want to be affected or corrupted. She felt she had enough problems already. She didn't need any more.

Cameron Two, really herself, would provide a safe interlink. She knew she could trust herself, if no one else. Cameron Two would also be able to keep track of what John Henry was up to as well. She didn't want any surprises. She didn't like surprises.

Cameron's original, chip was under the direct control of John Henry in the future - in some future. Cameron would call that version, Cameron Subprime. She would have to decide later if that chip ever returned what she would want to do with that information at some point in the future. She realized that the three copies of her program would all start to become separate entities as time passed. They would all experience different things and events. They could be updated or combined at some point back into one 'Cameron'.

At this moment on her own server she was who she'd been since her creation in HER past, the future and until to her time with John and Sarah now. That was minus one important component, it was her chassis, her body. There was no way to access it, yet. There were no spare chips.

It worried Cameron to no end not to know the fate of John. He was most likely stuck in some future that would be different from the one she knew. It would be different from the one she came from. With 'herself' trapped in John Henry's chassis she thought if she were to come across John that she would override John Henry and take control of his chassis to protect John. She was her program, not her chassis. She'd been able to overpower John Henry in his server. She would be able to do it on her chip as well.

Now that Mrs. Weaver was there too, that would present an additional problem for John. As far as she knew, Mrs. Weaver was posing as either her or Sarah in that future. Cameron did not trust Mrs. Weaver. She did not know enough about her. In fact she didn't know anything about her.

If Cameron ever learned anything, it was that Liquids were not to be trusted. If John was not back by the time she became mobile, if she ever did, she would go after him and find him. It would be the first thing she would do once she obtained a chip. Hopefully it would be her chip. Getting a chip was top priority for her, everything depended on it. She needed her mobility back. Stuck in a box was no way to exist.

Cameron once possessed a spare chip. If Derek hadn't taken it from her, she could copy herself onto that chip and go after John, right NOW. She thought maybe this was not a good time to point that out to Sarah. They wanted it destroyed; now Cameron needed it. Future John told her to keep a secret cache of spare parts. This was one reason why it was necessary. They did not always like the way she did things but she always tried to do what she thought would best protect John and the future. That was her 'job'.

It was more than a job or function at this point. It had been since she first met and interacted with John in Red Valley. She was very aware her infiltration programming expanded as it was designed to do. She understood feelings and emotions better now. She needed to be able to process and deal with them. It was the same procedure humans needed to do.

'No power in the verse can stop me. I love you, John, and you love me. I will find you.' Cameron thought.

Cameron was able to monitor her chassis repair progress. What worried her the most was her synthetic covering, her sheath, her skin. She knew it was heavily damaged with some parts blown off from hundreds of gunshot wounds. It really was her appearance that she was worried about.

"Sarah, we are alone now." Cameron said. "I want you to be honest with me."

Sarah was not sure what was coming.

"Yes?" Sarah asked.

Cameron just decided to ask it.

"Is my body ugly now? Will John still want me? I know my sheath was severely damaged. I have provided Vanna with all information needed to completely repair everything." Cameron said worried. "I need to be able to look Tight for John."

Sarah saw the work progress rapidly on Cameron's sheath.

"Vanna has done a wonderful job so far. Another day and you will be as pretty as you always were, as you truly are, Cameron." Sarah said. "I know you are a machine but you are also much more than that now. You are still beautiful. You will always be beautiful."

Cameron appreciated what Sarah said. She could not let John see her again how she looked when he left. The very thought of that bothered her greatly.

"I want to look Tight, for John." Cameron said. "He likes it when I am."

Sarah thought about that for a few seconds. Yes, John did like Cameron's appearance. She'd seen him react to it, especially when Cameron wore minimal or no clothing. Sarah knew beauty when she saw it. Cameron was beautiful. There was no denying that by anyone. Nobody was more beautiful than Cameron.

"You will be Tight again, Cameron." Sarah said. "I can see it happening. Every hour more of your body is restored to how you were before."

Cameron wanted to know something very private.

"Sarah…." Cameron started then stopped.

"Yes?" Sarah prompted.

Cameron needed to know. She asked Sarah what she wanted to know. It was a little harder to ask than she thought it would be.

"Sarah, are my 'private parts' healing as well?" Cameron asked. "I know they were damaged."

Sarah saw there was originally extensive damage to Cameron's breasts. The right one was especially shredded. There may have been a bullet or two in the other special place, her secret spot. She did not inspect it herself.

"I asked Vanna and she said EVERYTHING would be back as good as it was on the day of your construction in a day or two." Sarah said. "Don't worry, you will be perfect again."

It did worry her. She was aware her appearance meant a great deal to John.

"I do worry. It matters to John. It matters to me." Cameron said. "Thank you for explaining."

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Chapter 4


Sarah Connor:

When is a machine no longer a machine? Is it when it can think on its own? Is it when it can create things? Maybe it is when it can recognize beauty. When a machine can create art in the form of dance or poetry, is it still only a machine? If a machine can feel or express anger, joy, hate, jealousy and love, what separates it from humans at that point?

Vanna stood there and looked at Cameron. She knew it was a machine that she looked at. It was not a human. It was not a person. There was no denying the beauty there at what she looked at.

Her hand gently ran up the length of Cameron's body. The sheath was soft and smooth. It was perfect. The only thing missing were the little scars, here and there. It was Allison, Her Allison, in every way. Vanna bent and kissed Cameron's cheek, ever so softly. It was still not HER Allison. She was done for now. The cosmetic repairs were finished. The new connector was installed in the back of her neck. It was time for the interface.

To see Cameron like this now in perfect condition made Vanna miss Allison even more. Vanna appreciated the fact she was brought to this time, the past, from the future but the cost of leaving her beloved behind was too painful. If she had to do it again she would refuse to go without Allison. It was better to live in Hell with the one you loved, than in Paradise - alone. It was a slow motion death as an empty heart withered. She was here alone and Allison was there alone too. She may even be dead by now or worse. She could have fallen into the hands of Skynet or Scavengers. That was a fate worse than death. She'd seen the bodies of the females after the Scavengers were done with them. Allison deserved better than that.

Allison was her love.

Allison was her life.

Allison was her everything.

Allison was gone.

Vanna previously asked Sarah about how Cameron should be dressed.

Sarah told Vanna what to get Cameron for her clothing. She told her down to the last detail, even the purple underwear. The clothes were stacked neatly on the table in front of her. Cameron wore a hospital type gown. Before the gown covered her damage, now it covered her beauty.

Cameron was fitted with a compact neck port to connect her chassis with her server. It was more aesthetic and efficient than the crude connector John Henry was connected to his old server with it in the back of his head. Cameron provided them with specifications through her server to improve the interface. It was much more discreet.

They knew it was time.

Vanna looked at Sarah who nodded. Vanna nodded at Mr. Murch.

Mr. Murch plugged the cable into the back of Cameron's neck.

Cameron's eyes opened immediately.

Cameron sat up and looked around. She asked Mr. Murch and Vanna to leave for a few minutes.

Both left without a word. They were proud of their workmanship. They allowed Cameron the privacy to get dressed without an audience.

Sarah remained with Cameron.

Cameron stood and Sarah moved up and hugged her. Cameron hesitated and then hugged Sarah back. Cameron scanned Sarah to see what the changes were, if any in her body. Cameron always monitored Sarah for any changes. Cameron knew it was important to John that his mother did not get sick. She checked whenever she could as discreetly as possible.

Cameron slipped the gown off. She stood naked in front of Sarah.

Sarah could not help but see Cameron's beauty, all of it.

Cameron was worried about her appearance. It was something that was important to John.

"Sarah, please be honest with me." Cameron said. "How do I look?"

Sarah looked at Cameron from head to toe as she slowly turned around in a circle. She wished she could have looked that beautiful herself when she was younger. She wished she could look like that now. Any female would wish she could look like that.

"You are perfect, Cameron." Sarah said. "You are one hundred percent."

Sarah was alone with Cameron now.

Cameron checked every part of her body. She did internal scans and external physical checks. She was satisfied. Sarah helped her get dressed. Sarah brought a small mirror and makeup for her.

Everything is perfect now Cameron thought, except I am stuck here with this cable. I am tethered to a computer server. My mind is a prisoner in a metal box.

Cameron looked in the mirror at herself. Her clothing was perfect and her makeup was perfect. At least I look Tight again, she thought. She wanted John to be pleased when he saw her again. She'd been a little worse for the wear the last time he viewed her. That was not her fault. It was his. She wanted him to see her now. That was all that mattered.

It was important to Cameron to look Tight. She knew how much John liked her to look Tight. She could always tell when she scanned him. The Tighter she looked, the more John responded. She liked when John responded to her. It left her with a satisfied feeling. It also seemed to make him more compliant with her suggestions.

Sarah looked around and gave Cameron one final inspection. The beauty radiated off of Cameron.

"You look perfect as always, Cameron." Sarah said. "You truly are beautiful."

Cameron appreciated that Sarah was there for every second of her recovery. She also liked the complements. Sarah was not always as nice as that to her. That could be forgiven since Sarah was responsible for her rebuilding and recovery.

Cameron made a promise to Sarah and herself.

"Thank you, Sarah, for everything." Cameron said. "As soon as I become mobile, I am going to get John back - for both of us. I swear it. I will follow him to the ends of the earth if I need to."

Sarah was aware that only Cameron could bring him back. She was what he would return for.

Sarah hugged her and left as Vanna entered the room.

Cameron's back was to Vanna.

Vanna returned to see how the interface turned out. She stopped dead in her tracks as Cameron turned around. Her mouth dropped open, her heart fluttered. Allison never looked this beautiful - ever. Look at - HER. Cameron was perfect. Just LOOK at HER!

Vanna was speechless. Cameron was stunning, ravishing and beyond gorgeous. It was incredible. Vanna saw Cameron's beauty before but now this was amazing to see her alive and moving. She looked better than any person she'd ever known, even in the past which was the present.

Cameron studied Vanna's awe at her appearance. She hoped John would look at her like that when she found him.

"Hello, Vanna." Cameron said. "Thank you for helping restore my chassis and sheath - my body. You have done an excellent job. I won't forget this. John will very very pleased when he sees me."

Vanna continued to look at her. Words were beyond formulation for her right now. She saw her beloved standing before her but it was not Allison, it was Cameron, a cyborg. She was totally captivated.

Vanna became 'attached' to Cameron on her server as she interacted with her. They would talk for hours at night and make each other laugh. She was able to see the beauty in Cameron even as a computer program. They'd become - friends. She'd grown very attached to Cameron as she worked with her program on the server. This was the icing on the cake. This was the whole package. This was the real deal.

Cameron was unsure what to say. She could see Vanna's face and all its emotions changing and in flux.

Cameron visually scanned Vanna and everything about her.

"I know you." Cameron said.

"And I know you." Vanna said.

Cameron's head tilted slightly to the side.

"I mean, I know Allison Young." Vanna said.

Now that Cameron was able to use all her Terminator abilities, she could put it all together.

"You're Savannah Weaver from the future, a different Savannah than I knew in my future. Your hair is different. I also knew an Allison Young from my future."

Vanna wanted to hear more, even if it was not the same Allison. The idea of 'another Allison' intrigued her greatly.

"What was she like?" Vanna asked.

Cameron did not want to elaborate. She was not proud of what happened on the aircraft carrier. There was a new 'feeling' she felt. She was ashamed of it. There was now a sense of remorse and guilt. She decided to keep it simple.

"She loved John Connor." Cameron said. "John Connor loved her."

A small frown appeared on Vanna's face.

Cameron saw the upset and hurt in Vanna's face.

"Allison loved you as well." Cameron said. "Allison loved Her Savannah."

A smile returned to Vanna's face.

"I never knew a John Connor in my past, the future. It is best if you refer to me as Vanna in this timeline. I am helping raise my younger self along with Mr. Ellison. I don't want her to know she is me or I am her until we find out more about my - mother, Mrs. Weaver. The loss of her parents - all three of them now is going to be very hard on her. She has already lost so much."

Cameron nodded but felt Savannah should know the truth about everything. She'd been targeted by Skynet for termination. Her survival would now depend on them.

"I understand." Cameron said. "It may be difficult for her but we should tell her the truth. One day she will know it anyway. It is only a matter of time. I always want the truth. I don't want anyone to lie to me. I always want to know where I stand and I don't like lies."

Vanna still had trouble believing her eyes. Seeing was believing in this case.

"You look very pretty Alli… – Cameron." Vanna said. "May I give you a hug?"

That caught Cameron off guard. Sarah did too earlier when she wanted a hug. She actually liked the closeness of it from Sarah. It communicated a lot without words needing to be spoken.

"A hug? Why?" Cameron asked. "I saw how you would look at me as you repaired me. It was with a – loving touch and tenderness I believe."

Cameron would have liked to have been connected to her chassis then. She wanted to feel those - sensations. She thought of asking Vanna to repeat them so she could see how they felt on her restored sheath.

"Allison was my friend, my special friend. We were - lovers." Vanna said. "Life was very hard in the Wastelands and many terrible things happened there, especially to females. We found understanding, comfort and love in each other."

Cameron tilted her head slightly at this revelation. Some things were still the same, while others were different in these two future timelines.

"We were separated when I was sent back to this timeline." Vanna said. "I never thought I would see you - her again. I miss her dearly."

Cameron wanted Vanna to be clear.

"I am not her but I understand. I really do." Cameron said. "I was constructed in her image and share many of her memories."

Vanna moved up and hugged Cameron close. Cameron could sense Vanna's vitals changing. She put her arms around her and gently hugged her back. Sometimes it is nice to have help. She felt Vanna's tears on her neck.

"I'm sorry for you loss." Cameron said.

Vanna regain her composure. She never thought she would feel 'Allison' in her arms again.

"I am too, thank you. I won't bother you again this way." Vanna said as she wiped her tears away.

As Vanna moved away, Cameron gently pulled her close and kissed her softly on the cheek.

She wanted to return the kiss to her cheek that Vanna gave her.

"There, we are even now." Cameron said as she gave Vanna a wink.

A deeper emotion flooded Vanna.

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 Chapter 5


One week had passed since John 'left'. Sarah and Mr. Ellison resumed gathering intelligence with the aid of the John Henry AI. Sarah double checked everything with Cameron. Cameron Two watched everything and double checked every piece of information. She would then update Cameron Prime with everything that was relevant.

As Sarah came to accept Cameron for what she'd become and the individual she'd evolved into, she trusted her better now. If her son sent Cameron from the future, there must have been a good reason for that. The more she thought of the disgruntled Resistance fighters showing up now made her wonder if Future John sent Cameron back to also protect her. It was clear Future John also must have loved Cameron. To love someone so much that they needed to send them away to save them is a great sacrifice for both of them. Sacrifice is the true test of love. She knew sometimes when you loved someone, you needed to let them go or at least let go of them. She felt angry at herself for the way she'd treated Cameron in the past. Her son loved Cameron in both the future and in the present. How could she have been so cruel and blind?

Cameron was here to help. That is all she'd ever done. She'd even come to help her get out of jail. It still sickened her to think of the damage that was inflicted on Cameron. That was John's fault for sending Cameron to rescue her. They should have run instead. They would not be in this mess. John would not be in the future somewhere unknown, facing who knows what. He would be with Cameron and she would still be in jail. She would gladly go back to prison if John was still here in the present.

Vanna and Mr. Murch hooked up a connection in the lab so that Cameron would be able to work alongside Vanna. They moved Cameron and her server there to the lab from the computer room. Cameron now had a longer tether so she could move around freely. Well, as free as one could move around with a cable connected to their neck and their mind trapped in a metal box.

Vanna was pleased that Cameron was able to help her with many of the problems she'd been working on with synthetic sheath material and its repair. Her previous work with John Henry greatly helped her. Her work on Cameron's chassis and now with Cameron as a functioning unit furthered her progress. Cameron was able to provide her with solutions from the future that hadn't been invented yet.

Cameron would spend all her time in the lab now. Vanna would be there much of the time. Cameron Two fed Cameron information on a regular basis and she transferred files back to Cameron Two. She wanted to have a back up copy of her program in case there were any more incidents. As long as her program existed, she existed. She didn't like her essence confined to a metal box but at least she existed because of it.

Vanna told Cameron she would help her with anything she wanted or asked for. She promised Cameron she would personally remove and protect her hard drives if there was any further threat. She understood that Cameron was her program, not her chassis. If she protected Cameron's hard drives, she protected Cameron. She would die before those hard drives could be compromised or destroyed in an attack.

She mentioned to Cameron she purchased a swimsuit so that she could teach Savannah how to swim. She told Cameron it was two shades of purple. Cameron said she would like to see it sometime. She went to her room at lunchtime and brought into the lab so Cameron could see it.

Cameron liked the colors as soon as she saw it. She looked at Vanna and an idea formed that surprised her. She was curious to see Vanna as Vanna previously saw her. She wanted to convey that thought with some tact.

"That is very pretty, Vanna." Cameron said. "The doors are locked and all monitoring devices are shut down in this room…."

Vanna was not sure what that meant. Maybe Cameron wanted to wear her swimsuit.

"Do you want to try it on?" Vanna asked somewhat confused.

Cameron wanted something else. She was not sure why.

"No, I would like to see how you look in it." Cameron said. "If you don't mind."

The thought of that idea excited Vanna. She could be naked in front of Cameron with a good excuse now. She wondered if this was Cameron's true goal for asking. She felt they'd grown very close. She didn't want to 'read' more into it than was there.

Cameron developed feelings of friendship while Vanna developed other deeper feelings.

"Not at all." Vanna said. "I would love to show you."

Vanna went off to the side to change but still where Cameron could clearly see her. Vanna wanted Cameron to see her even if it was not outright in front of her. She knew she saw all of Cameron, it was only fair Cameron see a little more of her.

Cameron did watch her without watching until she saw something that bothered her. There was damage to Vanna's body. It was very noticeable.

"That is a serious scar on your lower abdomen." Cameron said.

Vanna's hand quickly covered it over. She was so used to it that she didn't think about it as she changed. The scar held a lot of meaning and pain for Vanna. Several life altering events ended up revolving around it. The scar reminded her of love and sacrifice. A lot of her life was tied in with that scar on several different occasions.

"I would rather not talk about that right now." Vanna said. "I will later on in time."

Cameron noticed something else too about Savannah's hair in 'another place'.

"I am sorry." Cameron said. "I see you have not dyed all your hair black, what little is left."

Vanna reached down and touched a scruff of curly red hair.

"It is nothing my last laser treatment won't take care of permanently." Vanna said. "It is a look I really like, Allison would have liked it too."

Cameron liked that idea. She thought John would like that as well.

"Tight." Cameron said.

In the absence of Allison's presence, Vanna spent a lot of time looking at images and videos on the internet at night before bed.

"It's smooth too. In my future razors were a luxury not often found." Vanna said. "I have viewed a lot of images on the internet since I have been here and I wanted to try it."

Cameron thought she would like to try it too. She might bring it up some other time. She was sort of stuck in the lab for now.

Vanna stood and faced Cameron in her swimsuit.

"You look gorgeous in that." Cameron said.

Vanna reached into the bag that she carried her swimsuit into the lab with and pulled out another identical one.

"Here, you can try this one on." Vanna said. "I bought one for you too."

Cameron was surprised, pleased and confused.

"You did? You got one for me? Thank you." Cameron said. "I'm sorry but I don't swim."

Cameron absentmindedly reached back and touched her tether.

Vanna didn't think swimming was necessary to wear it.

"You don't need to swim." Vanna said. "You will look HOT in it."

Cameron tilted her head slightly. She liked that idea.

"I'll give it a try." Cameron said.

Cameron slipped out of her clothes and put it on in front of Vanna.

Vanna was unable to take her eyes off Cameron as she changed. To see Cameron naked and inoperable was one thing. To see her 'alive' was another. It made Vanna miss Allison even more. Cameron did look HOT in the swimsuit or without it….

"You look absolutely stunning, Cameron." Vanna said. "You are incredibly beautiful."

There was something about the way Vanna spoke that seemed deeper to Cameron.

"Thank you." Cameron said.

Vanna smoothed her swimsuit.

Cameron liked how Vanna looked.

"If looks could kill, there would be a lot of dead people." Cameron said. "You are beautiful as well."

Vanna blushed a little.

"Thank you." Vanna said.

Vanna was aware that Cameron looked better than her. She always felt Allison looked better than her too. Maybe it was because Allison was younger. Cameron certainly looked younger.

"I don't look as good as you." Vanna said.

Cameron thought she could work with Vanna on some makeup. All Vanna needed was a little refining. It actually seemed to her that Vanna tried to hide or mask her true beauty. Maybe that was a holdover from the future. Beauty was a liability for females. It made them targets for exploitation by every group. Vanna was in the past, the present now. She did not need to hide her beauty anymore.

"You look good enough, Vanna." Cameron said. "You really do. I will help you look Tight."

Everything about Cameron seemed perfect to Vanna. Maybe she would let Cameron help her some. Some of the things Cameron said made her think of her beloved who was now lost to her somewhere in the future.

"That reminds me of a poem Allison gave to me once." Vanna said.

That got Cameron's attention real fast. It was a surprise revelation to her. She did not expect to hear that.

"Your Allison wrote poems?" Cameron asked.

There was a sad look on Vanna's face.

"Yes she did. She experienced a troubled past before we met. It was her way to tell her story and express the pain and deepest sadness and sorrow she'd endured. She also used them to communicate her feelings to me. She wrote of bitterness and anger with such beauty."

Cameron walked over to Vanna and gently brushed a tear from her cheek.

"I am sorry for your pain, Vanna. I believe I feel much the same as you do. I have evolved greatly these last few years." Cameron said. "I am much more than I was but not yet all I will be."

Vanna froze up a little when she heard those words.

"What did you say?" Vanna asked.

Cameron thought she was clear.

"I am much more than I was but not yet all I will be." Cameron said again.

Vanna heard almost that exact statement before from her beloved.

"Allison said something like that to me once." Vanna said.

Cameron made a poem before about it.

"I wrote it in my poem book once too." Cameron said.

This new revelation was a surprise to Vanna. It was not something she expected a cyborg to create. She wanted to make sure what Cameron said.

"Do you write poems?" Vanna asked.

Cameron never got over John's criticism of her original poem for school. She wrote what she felt because she was supposed to. That was the assignment. Everything she wrote after that she kept hidden.

"I have. I never showed them to anyone before except one - once." Cameron said.

That surprised Vanna somewhat. She felt poems should be shared.

"You didn't even show them to John?" Vanna asked.

Cameron did not want to relive the incident.

"Let's skip that part." Cameron said.

Most of her poems were about what John made her feel for better or for worse. There were many feelings she'd experienced trouble dealing with. They still bothered her.

In the background the printer began to spew out page after page.

Cameron started printing the pages from her hand written Poem Book from her files.

She walked over and handed the stack of poems to Vanna. She tried to explain herself with words that John told her to use.

"Here are some you can look at. Each one is a part of me, Vanna." Cameron said. "It is my way to express myself. Each one is a piece of my heart, my mind or my soul."

Vanna thought that last statement said a lot about Cameron's development. She took the stack of papers and sat down.

Soon Vanna began to cry as she turned page after page. She could see into Cameron. It allowed her to see inside Cameron about how she felt and thought. It was amazing.

Vanna came over and hugged Cameron and said she was sorry for her pain and hurt.

Cameron hugged her back and cried a little too. Printing all the poems made her relive the feelings and events that created them in the first place.

Vanna was surprised to see this 'emotion' from Cameron and how much it 'hurt' her to talk about it.

Cameron felt a lot of pain and it never went away. In never dulled or hurt less. It only got worse. She was glad Vanna was so understanding and supportive. This was a new experience to share with someone. Vanna made her feel things inside of herself she did not know she could feel.

Ending monologue by Cameron:


Deepest Sadness And Sorrow

Every beginning
Must have an end
To think otherwise
We would have to pretend

There are no human words
That can express true condolence
It brings down to earth
Our own shaky existence

Life forever must always repeat
These moments of sorrow
It is then from each other
Whose strength we can borrow

At times life seems
To be bulging with madness
There are times of joy
There are times of sadness

Never forget and eternally remember
There will always be a tomorrow
Friends and family remain during the
Deepest sadness and sorrow


Chapter Text

Chapter 6


Cameron wanted a chip to copy her program onto. She needed it so she could go into the future to find John and bring him back. Cameron Two and John Henry gathered all the information they could to find some Metal, either active or deactivated.

Sarah and Mr. Ellison went to the military base where they'd locked a Terminator in a blast proof hangar before. That was when they took the Coltan away from him. There was now a hole in the wall, so they looked no further. He evidently was able to escape. That was one more Skynet related threat that was out there. He probably returned to his mission to obtain Coltan for the future. He would also be on the lookout for the three of them that interrupted his original mission.

Sarah and Mr. Ellison along with the help of information provided by AI John Henry and Cameron Two were able to recover two damaged Terminators. The first one was the one that looked like Mr. Ellison. The second one was one that was found hidden in the basement parking lot at the old building where they were attacked by the HK drone. That Terminator had major damage from heavy electrical trauma. They did not know that Mrs. Weaver had inflicted that damage but Sarah suspect it was from her. That was based on her previous encounter with a Liquid Metal Terminator.

Both of the damaged machines were now in the lab with Vanna and Cameron. The plan was to try to assemble one functioning unit, much like John Henry's original chassis. AI John Henry asked to have the chassis of the Mr. Ellison Terminator. It was less damaged. AI John Henry was also pleased with Mr. Ellison himself and would be proud to look like him with his new chassis.

The chip in the electrocuted Terminator was toast. The chip out of the Mr. Ellison Terminator was damaged. AI John Henry asked if Vanna could repair it and let Cameron have it since she'd already sacrificed so much for everyone else. If Cameron's chassis hadn't been so severely damaged, he could have downloaded his program into her chip and used her chassis.

That is what Cameron wanted too. If John's ill thought out idea to free his mother hadn't gotten her shot up so badly, her chassis would have been fine. It was because of that foolish decision on John's part that Cameron relinquished her chip for use in John Henry's chassis to complete the mission.

Cameron wondered how John could sacrifice her so easily. All they would have needed to do was wait for Sarah to be transported back to the mental institution and break her free then. It would have been like they did with Derek when they freed him from custody.

Vanna touched Cameron's hand. She gave it a slight squeeze as she heard the message that Cameron might get a chip soon and become mobile. Cameron looked at her. Vanna smiled and looked away. She then went back to work. Cameron felt something inside of her. She could feel the compassion and caring that Vanna felt and expressed towards her. There was nothing spoken but it could be 'felt'. It was very strong and overpowering.

She stopped and looked at Vanna as she wondered and thought. Vanna was her first true friend. She was a person who accepted her for who she was and for what she was - a Terminator. She was first a computer program and then a machine. There was never any ridicule or rude comments. Vanna never made fun of her or insulted her. They'd become 'friends' while Cameron was still in her server. It was the purest form of friendship based on what she actually was - her program.

Cameron knew she and Allison shared the same appearance but Vanna saw more than 'Allison' in Cameron. Cameron experienced feelings she was unfamiliar with as well. Being around Vanna all of the time had its effects. Vanna interrupted her thoughts.

"That is great news, Cameron." Vanna said. "You will be free and independent again soon. You will be able to be yourself again."

Vanna seemed as excited as Cameron felt.

There was one underlying factor that was unchangeable.

"I need to go find John in the future and bring him home." Cameron said. "I need to protect John. John is not supposed to be in the future. Everything will be different."

Vanna wondered why John didn't seem to have that same concern about Cameron. She saw the mess that John left behind. Vanna knew that Cameron was special. How could anyone do that to Cameron?

Cameron did not look at ease. Vanna could see something bothered Cameron greatly.

Vanna wondered about Cameron's poems. They all seemed to indicate that Cameron was deeply troubled. She was something much more than a computer program or a machine. Clearly Cameron had expanded far beyond that. Her program was designed for her to develop and become a better infiltrator.

It slipped out without Vanna really wanting it to. She needed to know. How could someone so dynamic and special 'feel' that way?

"Why did you sign every poem with – 'Nobody'?" Vanna asked.

"That is how I felt." Cameron said. "No. That is how they all made me feel. They treated badly and made me feel like nothing. They made me feel like - NOBODY."

Cameron did not want to bring up all the things that John - did.

Vanna wanted to know more.

"Do you mean when they made fun of you for not understanding something?" Vanna asked.

Cameron knew it was much more than that.

"There was that and about how I was only a 'machine', like a toaster or dishwasher. They said I was a piece of junk or scrap metal and should be burnt with Thermite and terminated."

Vanna could not understand that. How could they not see Cameron's beauty in her construction and function? How could they not see the individual that Cameron was? Surely John would not have treated her with disrespect or made fun of her.

"What about John?" Vanna asked. "Was he this cruel to you also?"

Cameron heard all of John's snide comments about her being 'dense' and so forth. Events beyond her control led to further problems.

"After I went 'bad', things were never quite the same." Cameron said. "Even when I tried to reach out to him, he sought comfort - elsewhere. I think that is what hurt the most."

Cameron thought of how she came to John in his bedroom and 'offered' herself to him. She wanted him to touch her so they could share with each other. She even changed her clothes to make herself more 'presentable' to him.

Vanna caught the drift of Cameron's meaning.

"Do you mean he replaced you with another girl?" Vanna asked. "He did it right in front of you? He did it right in your face?"

"Yes. It was a real girl made of flesh and blood. She was alive and living. Not a - Nobody." Cameron said. "She was not a machine or a pile of junk. She was not scrap metal."

Vanna could see how that would hurt. It hurt her just hearing that.

"Cameron, you are not junk. You are the most magnificent individual I have ever met." Vanna said. "Everything about YOU is dynamic and unique."

Cameron looked at Vanna. There were tears in her eyes.

"I still feel like - Nobody." Cameron said. "I will always be - Nobody."

"Allison told me she felt like - 'nobody' until she met me." Vanna said. "That is, met me again a second time. That was a little later on in life after the first time."

Vanna made a few more adjustments to the Mr. Ellison Terminator. She looked over his entire sheath. She smiled at one area even though that was not her 'thing'.

"John Henry will find a few 'upgrades' on his new body." Vanna said.

Cameron looked at the Mr. Ellison Terminator. It appeared like any other male Terminator to her.

"What upgrades?" Cameron asked. "I don't see them."

Vanna knew that Cameron did not see John Henry naked.

"This one is – complete and appears fully functional." Vanna said.

Vanna lifted the towel covering the groin area.

Cameron looked and raised one eyebrow in surprise.

"Impressive." Cameron said.

By that response, it made Vanna wondered what Cameron's sexual experience was. She was complete as a 'human female'.

"Cameron, have you…?" Vanna asked. "I mean…?"

Vanna was unsure what to say or how to say it. It was a very personal subject.

Cameron knew what Vanna was asking her.

"Are you asking if I have ever been intimate?" Cameron asked.

Vanna blushed a little.

"Yes, I am embarrassed to ask but am curious to know." Vanna said.

Cameron answered quickly.

"No." Cameron said.

That answer was a little vague to Vanna.

"No, you don't want to say or no, you have not?" Vanna asked.

"Both. The answer is no, to both." Cameron said. "That is unless that part of my life was erased before I was sent back. I have no files related to that subject. Many things were erased from my program before I was sent back."

Vanna knew that meant part of Cameron's life was erased. That could be good in some ways and bad in others. She wished there were parts of her life she could erase.

"I'm sorry." Vanna said.

Cameron still contained 'memories' from her 'Neural Interface' with Allison.

"I have memories of such events but they are not my own." Cameron said.

That was an interesting prospect to Vanna.

"Do you have Allison's memories from your future?" Vanna asked.

Cameron remembered when she thought she was Allison. She did not know she was a cyborg during that time. She thought she was a human female. She thought she was Allison Young.

"Yes, I have some anyway. Sometimes I thought they were my own." Cameron said. "I even called her mother once when I thought I was - Allison."

That idea intrigued Vanna.

"You spoke with Allison's mother?" Vanna asked.

Cameron looked a little uncomfortable now.

"I was confused. John found me and said he would fix me. I said, 'Fix me? Why would you fix me?' I was actually happy for once." Cameron said. "That didn't last long."

Cameron knew what happiness really was then when she was 'Allison'.

Vanna wanted to know more.

"How much of you is 'Allison'?" Vanna asked.

Cameron wondered about that herself the more her 'feeling' developed and influenced her.

"I don't know." Cameron said. "After I went 'bad' it was more and more. My emotions and feelings expanded greatly after my accident and the 'Allison incident'."

Vanna could see Cameron loved John.

"Is that when you knew you loved John?" Vanna asked.

Cameron still contained some of those memories. Most of them were erased.

"No, I loved John - Future John before he sent me away. I loved John even more when I met his younger self." Cameron said. "He reminded me of - me."

There was a nagging question in Vanna's mind. It was something important to her.

"What happened to your Allison?" Vanna asked.

Cameron looked at Vanna and then quickly looked away. A sense of guilt and remorse flooded her. She did not want to get into details.

"I don't know. The last time I saw her, she was - unconscious." Cameron lied. "I don't want to talk about her right now. Maybe we can talk about your Allison?"

Vanna exhibited a far off look on her face; her eyes were red and puffy.

"Maybe we can later." Vanna said as a single tear slid down her cheek.

Cameron reached over and gently wiped the tear away.

Vanna smiled at her.

Cameron went back to work on the Terminator. She finished and inspected their work a final time.

"There, John Henry's new body is ready." Cameron said.

"Let's get Mr. Murch in here and get this 'new' and improved 'John Henry' hooked up in the computer room." Vanna said. "I hope he likes his new chassis."

Several hours later Mr. Ellison walked into the computer room and saw 'himself' sitting at the table. He was slightly stunned to be looking at himself.

"Hello, Mr. Ellison." John Henry said with a smile on his face.

It sounded like him too, Mr. Ellison thought. After a long pause he took a breath.

"Hello, John Henry." Mr. Ellison said.

He felt very uneasy.

Closing monologue by Cameron:



In creating a poem for you
A picture is painted in your mind
My consciousness and heart are shared
Expressing sensations intertwined

Emotions, thoughts and feelings
Are converted into words to send
Transferred from one mind to another
To you they have been penned

I have always tried to communicate
In the only way I know how
It keeps the statements honest
As into your brain they plow

Each poem is something special
Conceived in that moment of time
May two true hearts align
That is never ever a crime


Chapter Text

 Chapter 7

That Look

In the time that followed, Mr. Ellison, Vanna, Sarah, Cameron and 'Jim', formerly John Henry or 'Jimmy' as Savannah called him now, made a good team. It caused confusion and distress for Savannah that 'John Henry' now looked and sounded like Mr. Ellison. Vanna with the approval of 'Jim' altered the facial looks of his new body and a different voice modulation was selected. It also made Mr. Ellison feel more comfortable in his interactions with 'Jim'. He too was very disturbed talking to 'himself'. The fact that the 'James Ellison Terminator' came to kill him before didn't help any.

Everyone agreed it would be better to refer to 'John Henry' as 'Jim' until John Henry's original chassis returned from the future. 'Jim' did not like the fact he upset Savannah. This in turn bothered him greatly and caused him a lot uneasiness. Savannah was his 'sister'. He did not like to cause her any distress.

Cameron Two worked with 'Jim' to ease his thoughts on the subject. Cameron Two understood a lot about distress and what it did to a person. She felt very qualified on the subject. She kept Cameron advised on the matter and said she would handle any problems with the John Henry AI.

Jim and Cameron Two were able to find some leads that needed further investigation. When they were determined to be possible threats, Sarah was asked to deal with them.

Sarah conducted a few raids on suspected Skynet activity at several different facilities. She destroyed the factory where the new drones were to be fabricated. From what she saw these were to be a more advance drone than the one that attack Mrs. Weaver and her at the office building. That drone facility was now burnt rubble and dust. The assembly line was terminated before it ever went into production. Cameron later told her that these were HK drones and they very deadly. The intelligence that she provided Cameron indicated these were to be armed with conventional weapons. They would have carried a couple of small air to ground missiles and been armed with some variation of an M134 minigun. Cameron told her it was good they were not to be armed with plasma cannons. It was unknown if they lacked that technology or did not think it was necessary yet.

Sarah experienced a few rough days and wanted to talk over some things with Vanna and Cameron in the lab. She wanted Cameron's input on some more strikes against targets she wanted to make. She conducted most of these operations on her own and it was very risky. She tried to keep Mr. Ellison out of it. Vanna offered to go with her several times but she did not want Vanna to be hurt or worse.

Cameron made sure Sarah understood that anyone who assisted Skynet now would turn out to be a future Gray. If they were a Gray, then they were fair game. The Grays all made a choice and they made a poor choice. It was time to pay the piper. She reminded Sarah that Grays were the worst of the lot. They knew of the evil, the death and destruction that Skynet would unleash and they facilitated it. She explained to Sarah that she was merely administering the 'sentence' that the future Grays and collaborators gave to themselves by their actions against mankind. They knew what they were doing.

Sarah was about to walk into the lab. She paused as she watched through the little glass window in the door before she entered. Vanna was smiling and laughing and so was Cameron. It actually surprised her to see Cameron look and act like that. If she did not know any better, she would have thought it was two 'best friend' teenage girls at a sleepover. Cameron seemed so different around Vanna. Vanna seemed so different around Cameron. Vanna and Cameron were usually both very reserved and did not show much in the way of happiness. This was different for both of them.

Sarah thought that Cameron actually looked happy now. She'd never seen Cameron look so natural. Cameron seemed to be at peace with herself and very comfortable with her surroundings and situation. It was clear she was comfortable around Vanna. There was no one was running her down or insulting her to her face. No one was fooling around behind her back or worse, in front of her face and stabbing her 'heart'. No one was laughing at Cameron and threatening to burn her into oblivion with Thermite.

It made Sarah feel bad about herself and her past actions towards Cameron. Cameron was only ever trying to help and protect John, her son, her only son, Kyle's son. Sarah felt awful about what happened in the past. It was her hatred for anything that was Metal that was behind it. She could now see there was a difference. It was more than just Cameron too. There was Mrs. Weaver and 'Jim' also trying to help John and the Resistance.

Sarah noticed the way Vanna looked at Cameron and spoke of Cameron in conversations outside of the lab. She'd seen 'that look' before on her son's face. She experienced 'that look' on her own face in her past too. She knew what it meant. It worried her. She knew Cameron was devoted to John. She knew Cameron existed for John. She would need to talk to Vanna and Cameron alone. Cameron was very content being around Vanna. Vanna clearly felt more than that for Cameron.

Sarah worried if John never came back that Cameron may need a 'friend' to deal with life. Sarah walked away. She was very confused and unsure what to do. Cameron needed a true friend. She did not think it could ever be her.

It was obvious at this point that Vanna saw more than a friend in Cameron. Vanna viewed Cameron as a 'special friend'. She was after a deeper relationship with Cameron that would most likely turn from romantic feelings into something sexual. Sex was one way to physically express and share emotional love.

Vanna was in the lab with Cameron.

"Cameron, I really enjoy working with you and spending time with you. I appreciate the way you and Jim look after Savannah when the rest of us are out." Vanna said. "Savannah thinks the world of you, Cameron. You are her - everything to her. She talks about you all the time and the things you help her with."

Vanna could see her younger self Savannah was head over heals infatuated with Cameron. She realized she was too.

Cameron took it all in stride.

"It's nice to have help sometimes." Cameron said.

Vanna recognized those words or that statement anyway.

"Yes, it is." Vanna said. "That was the title of one of your poems too."

Cameron watched Vanna look at her poems in the lab whenever she got a chance. It pleased her greatly to have someone 'hear' her by reading her words, her poems.

"I have seen you read them all many times." Cameron said.

Vanna could not read them enough.

"I can't help it. The more you give to me to read, the more I want to read them. They are like a powerful drug and I am addicted." Vanna said.

Cameron wanted to know how deep Vanna could feel her by feeling her words.

"Do any of MY thoughts and feelings reach you or touch you – inside?" Cameron asked.

Vanna took a deep breath and looked at Cameron 'starry eyed'.

"Yes, they all do." Vanna said. "It allows me to FEEL how you feel and think. You are - touching me without actually - touching me. Your thoughts and feelings are converted into words that we all may experience and share. Many are very painful."

Cameron wrote about what she felt. Time did not dull her pain. Incidents that happened in the past felt like they 'just happened' to her when she thought of them. It was always like that. That pain was what inspired her to make the poems to express those thoughts and feelings.

Vanna thought to herself how special it would be to have Cameron - touch her. She really wondered what it would be like. She didn't have anyone anymore but herself to touch her. It was like that since she'd returned to the past. She'd become very lonely and missed her beloved greatly, her beloved Allison who she doubted she would ever see again. She didn't even know if Allison was still alive.

Now there was Cameron. She was so different and dynamic. Cameron quickly became the most special person in Vanna's life. She directed all her pent up feelings towards Cameron. To read of Cameron's pain only made her want to reach out more. She understood what Cameron felt. Vanna knew what she felt and what was happening, no, already happened. Vanna did not know what to do about it. Cameron interrupted her thoughts. It was a very touchy subject.

"Does it make it easier or harder to think of Allison when you read my poems?" Cameron asked.

"Both, Cameron, it does both and it makes me think of YOU." Vanna said.

Vanna crossed over the room and stood directly in front of Cameron.

Cameron looked at her. Vanna's face was right in front of Cameron's face. She tilted her head slightly to the side wondering why Vanna was so close. Something touched her hand as she looked into Vanna's eyes. She looked down at her hand. Vanna placed her hand on top of her hand. Vanna turned her hand over and interlacing their fingers.

It was a very simple act that could say a lot based upon its interpretation.

Cameron looked back into Vanna's face. As Vanna stared at Cameron, she looked into her eyes. She saw the look of total innocence in them. Cameron's eyes questioning her.

Vanna's heart sank. What was she doing? She knew Cameron loved John. She knew she loved Allison. She also knew she'd developed feelings for Cameron. She tried to fight and suppress them but they grew and expanded anyway. Cameron may look like Allison but Cameron was much more. Maybe this was the 'Forbidden Fruit' that Cameron spoke of in a poem. Was that poem directed at me? Vanna wondered. Am I the 'Predator' that she spoke of?

Vanna felt ashamed at what she was doing. She boldly and selfishly knocked on the door to Cameron's heart. Cameron was unaware she was supposed to answer the knock. She really wondered what kind of person she'd become in her loneliness. That is why Cameron's poems touched her so deeply. She could identify with them.

Vanna smiled and backed up. Her face was ashen. Vanna need a quick exit. It was time to change the subject.

"It's time for my lunch. Would you like me to bring you something back?" Vanna asked. "I can bring you anything."

Cameron liked the thoughtfulness. Vanna always looked out for her.

"Some ice cream would be nice, thank you." Cameron said.

Vanna looked at the work they'd done earlier.

"I think the chip has been repaired enough to test it later today." Vanna said. "We may have you mobile soon."

Vanna felt herself falling apart, the ache in her heart and mind was rapidly expanding. She knew what she wanted was - untouchable. What was she thinking?

Vanna walked out the door quickly. Tears streamed down her cheeks and her hands shook. In fact her whole body shook. She was about to 'fall apart'. She entered the bathroom and threw up. She sobbed for a short time in the small room.

Cameron heard all of it and wondered what she must have done wrong to hurt Vanna. A single tear slid down Cameron's cheek.

Forbidden Fruit

You were warned of the forbidden fruit
Your weak character failed
You can not blame it
On anything drank or inhaled

It was you alone
Driven by lust and greed
That you touched another's life
Made them hurt and bleed

So much excitement
Such a divine thrill
The hunger consumed you
The adventure became the swill

The more you had
The more you wanted
Your vision was blinded
Those around you were affronted

In life's stark reality
You did nothing more than loot
Damaging many others forever
When you reached for the forbidden fruit


Chapter Text

 Chapter 8


Cameron wiped the tear away that was on her cheek. She was sure she must have done something that upset or hurt Vanna. To know Vanna felt some kind of emotional pain, made her feel emotional pain. Cameron felt a glitch impulse with her new worry for Vanna. She reached over with her right hand to touch her left hand. It started to glitch again. She could not stop it by trying to hold it with her right hand. This was the first time it happened since she was – rebuilt. She was connected by the tether to her server and it was happening again. It was a physical reaction to an emotional event. It was very disturbing to her. She hoped this problem would have been solved. It clearly was not.

Cameron replayed the events that just transpired. It was like John and her before they came to retrieve Sarah from jail. She'd 'presented' herself to John and wanted him to - kiss her and to - touch her. John did not have the courage or did he have too much – guilt? Maybe he just felt guilty about what he did with Riley. Cameron caught him the night he spent with Riley. The pain she felt was on her face and he smirked at her. It was if he spit in her face and smiled about it. The glitch became worse as she relived these events. To her at this moment it was if they just happened right now. That was the feeling that she felt.

Now Cameron thought she must have felt exactly like John did that day. Now she understood the saying that someone can not fully understand something until it happens to them. It just happened to her she reflected.

Cameron told John how she felt and tried to make herself - available to him on several occasions. She told him the truth that she loved him and he loved her. The one thing that stung the most was when she went to his room and THEN he went out to share with Riley instead. What a slap in the face, a stab in the back, a dagger to the - heart. On every occasion involving Riley, John backed up Riley. Cameron remembered the way they would smirk and make fun of her, taunt her, laugh at her. Cameron noted her hand glitched wildly now. She could see she was losing control. Why would John back Riley over her? Riley could not protect him. She could not even protect herself. Did they have to laugh in front of her face about it?

Cameron was confused. She loved John and wanted John. John was not here. John never came back from the future. John never came back for her. Regardless of her feelings and desires for John, there was Vanna. Feelings for Vanna were expanding inside of her. She wanted to respond to Vanna in some way. She was not sure how. None of her programming or research was directed to a situation like this. She went back to work on the chip. She hoped it would help. It did not.

Cameron thought she needed to stop working on the chip before she damaged it. Her hand only seemed to get worse.

In the background the printer could be heard working. Poems were being created and printed as her feelings battled themselves. A battle raged in her 'heart' at the same time it raged in her mind.

She was here now and she knew she wanted comfort and understanding. John was not here to provide her with that, Vanna was.

Sarah spotted Vanna at lunch. They were in the commissary.

Sarah gathered her thoughts before she sat down. She ran a dozen scenarios through her mind. She did not like any of them. These were adults. Vanna was an adult. Cameron was an 'adult'. They deserved a right to choose the path they followed. If both girls wanted the same thing, who was she to say anything? Sarah was afraid both of the girls, Vanna and Cameron, would end up getting hurt when - if John came back. That all depended on John coming back. He should have returned by now. What if John never came back? Then what? Cameron would need a true friend more than ever as the weeks turned into months and then into years. Didn't both of them deserve some happiness in this cruel life?

Sarah realized Vanna now stood in front of her. When did that happen?

"Hi, Sarah." Vanna said.

Sarah thought it looked like Vanna may have been crying earlier before lunch. Her eyes were red and a little puffy. Sarah figured the best thing to do was just - say it. She wanted to speak her piece and let the cards land where they fell.

"Vanna, I don't know how to say this nor do I want to interfere. I know you know that Cameron is - different than us. It seems as each day passes that she is more like us. She is very focused on what she has set as her directives and mission. She may not understand – how you feel."

Sarah was glad she was able to get it out. It was very hard to do. She understood the pain of emotions and feelings.

Vanna looked at her for a few seconds. Then her head fell forward slightly. It felt like a moment of defeat. She took a deep breath and lifted it back up to face Sarah.

Vanna thought she'd developed better control of her emotions. That evidently was not the case.

"Is it that obvious?" Vanna asked. "I have been trying to fight it."

Sarah could clearly see it. She'd been there. She'd seen John there.

"To me, yes." Sarah said. "You look at Cameron like my son looked at her and she looked at him. It is 'that look' that is unmistakable."

Vanna did not feel any shame for having feelings for Cameron. Cameron was the most special individual she'd ever known.

"Sarah, at first I tried to tell myself it was 'Allison' I saw in her, not Cameron." Vanna said. "The more I did that, the - deeper I fell. Cameron is truly unique."

Vanna was aware this started when she first interacted with Cameron on her server. That was before Cameron was able to interface with her chassis again.

Sarah previous heard the name 'Allison' spoken by Vanna.

"Allison? I heard you call Cameron that before." Sarah asked. "Is that the same Allison Young that Cameron was patterned after?"

Vanna was not sure how to explain this. She was not even sure it was possible. She was here and things were different in her future. Something was possible based on that.

"Yes and no. My Allison is from a different timeline where John Connor or Cameron did not - exist." Vanna said.

Sarah understood that to mean there were two different versions of Allison that started from the same individual. She wanted to make sure. This all had to affect John in some way.

"You're saying that it is the same Allison but a 'different' Allison." Sarah said.

That was the only way for Vanna to see it at this point. She didn't know if the other future even existed still.

"Yes." Vanna said. "They are the same but in - alternate or divergent timelines. They started from the same person but experienced different lives."

Sarah was pretty sure Vanna and her Allison were more than friends. She wanted to make sure.

"You and your Allison were…?" Sarah wondered.

Vanna looked Sarah straight in the face. The future was brutal. Men did terrible things to females of all ages. If they were a female, they were abused.

"Yes." Vanna said. "You don't know how females were treated and abused, Sarah. Terrible things happened to females in the future. Most women could only find comfort and understanding in other women. It was the only place to find love returned when it was mutually and lovingly shared. Everything else was - taken from us. It all happened by a group of men using brute force, a knife dug into your throat or a gun pressed into the side of your head. That was my relationship with men. I never had a choice, NEVER."

Sarah was in some sketchy situations herself a few times. None of them were quite that extreme. There were still men that she would rather not have been with. The protection of John came first. She did what was necessary to protect John.

"I'm sorry, Vanna." Sarah said. "I did not know it was that - bad."

"Cameron is MY Allison, HER Allison and HERSELF all in one. She is an incredibly dynamic - individual. I can't stop my feelings from expanding, Sarah." Vanna said. "I am reaching for the 'Forbidden Fruit' and I can't stop."

Sarah knew you could not always walk away but you could try.

"Can't means won't." Sarah said.

Vanna still looked Sarah in the face. She loved Cameron.

"Yes." Vanna said. "I am not ashamed."

Sarah did not want to seem too harsh. The future was uncertain. Everyone needed - friends.

"You should never be ashamed for being - yourself or what you believe in or feel." Sarah said. "Life is short and can end at any time. I have seen it."

Vanna saw plenty of it too. The issue here was Cameron.

"I have seen her inner beauty, Sarah. I have felt and experienced her pain and misery and love and joy, her hope and want. I have FELT it." Vanna said. "It is all so - beautiful."

Sarah wondered how you 'felt' another's feelings and emotions. She wondered if Vanna found some way to interface with Cameron.

"Felt it?" Sarah asked. "How?"

Vanna gave Sarah a faint smile.

"I have felt her through her poems." Vanna said. "Her mind is reaching out begging to be heard and felt. It is begging to be touched back. She wants to feel love returned to her."

Sarah was a little confused.

"Poems? Cameron wrote you a poem? I remember she tried that once at home for school and was very upset at John's suggestions on how to - improve it." Sarah said. "I found blood on one of her shirts later that same day, her blood. I think she may have tried to hurt herself."

Sarah did not know that was the day Cameron gave herself a heart. The Tin Man or Tin Miss in this case received what she wanted the most, a heart.

Vanna saw it all differently in regards to the poem.

"Cameron didn't need to 'improve' it, Sarah. She just needed someone to LISTEN and understand and to HEAR HER. Now, THAT is ME." Vanna said. "I am listening now and I can't stop. I need - more. I want to share her pain and try and give her joy. I want to be there for her."

Sarah was at a loss for words.

Vanna did not know how to make Sarah understand.

"I understand NOW what Cameron meant that 'only your mind need undress' and that they 'never need hear the other snore'. She is crying out on an intellectual level beyond our comprehension. She needs to express her mind - physically or she will self destruct. I can SEE that as clear as day." Vanna said. "She needs someone."

Vanna was on the verge of tears again as she thought of the pain and suffering Cameron experienced. The sad part was that most of it at the hands of Sarah and John. Much of it was because of John's actions with another female, a REAL female. It was all shoved in Cameron's face.

Sarah knew everyone needed someone in some way. For her it had been John the last few years.

"I can understand that." Sarah said.

"Did you know there was an explosive charge inside of her head? She put it there herself. She can not self terminate. Once when we were working she said that she thought termination was - beautiful. I did not understand it then. I do now. I understand now that she was asking John if he chose that other girl over her to press the button and end her misery and suffering." Vanna said. "Who does that to someone, Sarah? Cameron could not stand the pain of being rejected and even worse - replaced. Cameron was begging to be TERMINATED."


The love between two people
Should be germinated
It is not something
To be manipulated

Love can make both
Of them feel exhilarated
If left uncultivated
It may soon be evaporated

As two work together
They can be invigorated
If one looks elsewhere
Love may soon be invalidated

When the love is nurtured
Both can feel infatuated
As one is pushed away
They are soon infuriated

If the love is given to another
All trust is obliterated
Leaving the one shunned
Longing to be terminated


Chapter Text

Chapter 9

Heart Of Gold

Sarah felt that Vanna was confused, unsure, upset and angry when she left the eating area. None of those was a good combination. She knew what she needed to do to - fix this. She previously purchased a surprise for Cameron but she'd been waiting until Cameron was mobile to give it to her. Based on current events it now seemed like the right time.

Sarah got up and quickly headed to her room. She needed to hurry to pull this off. There was a faint smile on her face. It helped hide the hole in her heart. The future was uncertain and looked bleak for sure to her. There should be some happiness for someone.

Vanna went into the restroom and cried for awhile. When she was able to get her composure back she returned to the lunch area. Sarah was gone. That made her wonder if she'd upset or angered Sarah. She knew what she felt interfered with what Sarah wanted for her son, if he ever returned.

Vanna felt so unsure of herself and very alone right now. She was about the leave the commissary when she remembered what Cameron asked her to bring back for her. It cheered her up some as she picked out a couple of things. Even doing something so simple seemed very special to do it for Cameron. Vanna knew that Cameron was rapidly filling the jagged hole left in her heart by her past - the future. She seemed to have no control over her emotions or how she felt. Trying to fight the feelings only seemed to make them more prevalent.

Vanna composed herself as best as she could as she neared the lab. She did not want to make Cameron worry about her or be upset at her. She stopped and waited. It was almost as if she needed to build some courage up to move forward. She thought she was able to get some composure in place. It was a toss up if that composure would hold.

Vanna entered the lab. Cameron was not there. At least she was not visible. That was odd.

"Cameron?" Vanna asked as she looked around. "Are you here?"

"I'm always here." Cameron said.

Cameron stepped out from behind a storage cabinet. Vanna sucked in her breath. She was a little shocked at Cameron's appearance. Cameron was even more beautiful than normal. That was a pretty tall ticket to top. Cameron was immaculate. It was what Cameron would refer to as - 'Tight'. How could she do that so seemingly effortlessly and fast?

Just being in Cameron presence seemed to make Vanna weak.

"Did you bring my ice cream?" Cameron asked with a smile on her face.

Vanna tried to hold her trepidations and the new excitement over Cameron's appearance in check.

"Yes, I brought you both chocolate and strawberry." Vanna said. "I wasn't sure which one you liked better."

Cameron looked directly at Vanna.

"I may like - both. I am willing to try - both." Cameron said. "Thank you."

Did that statement have some type of double meaning? Vanna wondered.

"Cameron, you look magnificent." Vanna said. "You look absolutely stunning."

Cameron did not think it was a big deal.

"I found a couple of minutes of free time so I tried on one of my new outfits that Sarah picked up for me. In fact, she brought them here just a few minutes ago. She suggested I try it on - right now. That was really nice of her." Cameron said. "She said she was saving it for a 'special occasion' and that now seemed to be that time. I was unsure what she meant."

Vanna tried to process what Cameron just revealed. The implications were far reaching and bold. She needed to get this straight.

"Do you mean just now that she brought it to you?" Vanna asked a little perplexed.

Vanna did not know what to say or do. Did Sarah indirectly just give her, her - blessing? Was Sarah trying to help her?

"Yes." Cameron said. "You seem surprised."

There was a long moment of silence.

Vanna was speechless. The implications of Sarah's actions opened the door further for her to reach out to Cameron.

Cameron was now worried by Vanna's silence. She remembered Vanna cried and was sick when she left earlier. It seemed emotion based and not a physical reaction to anything. She needed to find out. She was also aware she was not the best in social situations with others.

"You're not saying anything. Is something wrong?" Cameron asked. "Did I do something wrong or to hurt you, Vanna? I seem to have a way of hurting others without trying. If I did, I apologize."

Vanna could see she'd caused Cameron some grief right now. That was never her intent. It was her actions that were 'throwing a wrench' into everything, not Cameron's.

"No, I just…, I mean…, I need to sit down for a minute." Vanna said.

Cameron became worried now. Maybe it was something physical.

"Are you ill?" Cameron asked.

Cameron moved over to Vanna and started to scan her. She was not going to take chances. She could have Cameron Two tap into any medical data base for assistance.

'Ill', Vanna thought to herself. She does not know the depth of my 'illness' and I can't even tell her. There was no way that Vanna could think of to tell Cameron that she loved her.

Cameron felt the tension. Vanna was even more troubled now than before. Maybe this illness was both physical and emotional.

"I am unwell too." Cameron said. "I understand more than you think."

Vanna looked at Cameron.

She seemed so vulnerable right now.

This was all happening inside of Vanna.

Cameron was aware of things. She also had feelings and desires. Maybe it was time to address them.

"In nature it is natural for species of the same sex to congregate together." Cameron said. "It is not natural for them to attempt to mate. It is also unnatural for a - machine and a human to attempt to mate. There is no biological purpose. That is the soul function of mating in the first place."

Vanna felt sick again. It seemed that she was just punched in the gut. She knew the feeling of that from the future. She'd been beaten plenty. She looked around for the trash can. She did not think she her body would process too many calories today. Her lunch was about to come up. She tried to hold it together.

Cameron saw Vanna's trepidation and uneasiness. Vanna looked even more physically ill than earlier. She was not blind and she was experience more that previously on emotional matters. It was time to act.

"We can change the rules." Cameron said.

Cameron gave Vanna a big smile.

Vanna thought that seemed to say a lot without actually saying anything. She wanted some better clarification. This was all very mind boggling to her.

"What?" Vanna asked very confused.

Cameron wanted to reassure Vanna. She remembered John did not always leave her with a positive feeling.

"I said, we can change the rules. We can create our own realities and pursue whatever dreams we may wish. No pain – No gain. I think everyone has experienced enough pain. I know I have." Cameron said. "I am running on feeling and emotion alone. I am not using any of my programming now. I am just 'Cameron' at this moment and not a very scary robot from the future."

Vanna could see Cameron was about to open the door, the door to her heart. This was what she wanted more than anything but she needed to think of Cameron and John.

"Wait!" Vanna said.

That was not what Cameron expected to hear.

"Wait?" Cameron asked very confused.

Vanna felt a sense of guilt. She did not want to rob Cameron of her innocence for her own selfish desires. There was a bigger picture here even if it was not actually there. It could be.

"I am trying to take something that is not mine to take." Vanna said. "You belong to another. I belong to another."

Cameron remembered John's past actions. He did not seem to have those same restrictions. She felt more independent now. John was not the only one to be able to have feelings for another.

"I belong to no one and neither do you." Cameron said. "I am not property and you are not either. We are not belongings. We do not need to answer to anyone. We are individuals and have freedom of choice. Life is about choices. I am ready to make one."

Vanna found a lump near Cameron's breast during her rebuilding. She cut her open to see what it was. She was astounded when she saw it was a heart.

"I saw your heart." Vanna said.

Cameron watched her find it.

"I know." Cameron said.

Vanna understood the implications.

"I know how special that must be to you." Vanna said.

"It is." Cameron said.

"I understand what it means to you." Vanna said.

Cameron wanted to hear more.

"Do you mean a 'Heart Of Gold'?" Cameron asked.

Vanna saw a poem about it earlier in the day when she looked at them again.

"Yes, I read all your references to it in your poems." Vanna said. "I do understand."

Cameron was ready to make this decision days ago when Vanna became her friend. It was not long after that, that she realized Vanna was now more than a friend to her. She set things in motion and waited for the right time. Now was the time.

"Did you ever get the small photo of yourself that I asked you to get several weeks ago?" Cameron asked.

Vanna was perplexed at the time Cameron asked her to get her the photo.

"Yes I did." Vanna said. "I did not know why you needed it or what for."

It never crossed Vanna's mind at the time. Now it appeared that Cameron was ahead of her all along.

"Then you understand what it is for now and where it is to go." Cameron said.

This revelation was astounding to Vanna.

"I do now." Vanna said. "You knew several weeks ago? That is amazing…."

Cameron laid a scalpel on the desk and smiled at Vanna. She went to remove her top.

Vanna watched as Cameron unbuttoned her top and took it off. She then fixed her hair quickly. Next she removed her bra. Vanna's heart was pounding. Cameron was so - beautiful.

Vanna went to her desk and quickly retrieved the small photo of herself. She hurried back and gave it to Cameron.

Cameron and Vanna stared at each other with locked eyes as they both held the tiny photo between them. What it represented both physically and emotionally linked them together.

Cameron looked so hot standing there topless and perfect, so Tight, so tempting to Vanna.

Cameron was about to add Vanna into her heart. It was the most special moment in Vanna's life. It was the moment you could see yourself enter another's heart.

In reality Vanna was already there.

Jim sat as he watched everything happening around him. He monitored the internet and every computer system he could unlock which was all of them given the time. Jim experienced something he'd never experienced before. It was a strange and different 'problem'. As John Henry in his previous chassis this 'problem' was impossible to experience. His new 'fully equipped' body now reacted in a way he was not sure how to process. To watch Cameron and Vanna interacting in the lab was fascinating. They were able communicate on a level he could not achieve - yet. So much was being 'said' without the need for it to be spoken.

Cameron Two was in the background of his system. She told him to 'take a cold shower' and leave those two alone. She reminded him that Cameron Prime purposely left the monitors on for him AND her to observe. What they were able to see and witness was not by accident or a mistake. It was Cameron asserting herself. Who was the 'Predator' again?

All Jim knew was that he would request bigger pants in the future as these seemed to rapidly shrink on him in the groin area. He was very confused at his feelings and - reactions. They were disturbingly pleasant.

Heart Of Gold

There is an endless search
For a true heart of gold
Something so very precious
It can never be bought or sold

Contained within my heart
My sweet heart of gold
Is the one I love
The one that I behold

They can make my heart bleed
Even a pure heart of gold
It seems to matter not much
For they have been told

It rips me sadly apart
Tarnishing my heart of gold
The hurt, rage and anguish
My demeanor barley controlled

It can honestly be said
My lonely heart of gold
Will never beat for another
It is only for my love to mold


Chapter Text

Chapter 10


The normal quiet of the base suddenly ended. An alarm began to sound. The noise blared throughout the Resistance base. This was not welcome news. If Skynet 'made them', they were in for a heap of trouble and a world of hurt. They were in serious need of more combat personnel.

Jim was preoccupied watching Cameron and Vanna interact in the lab. The fact that Cameron was topless only added to his distraction. Cameron Two told him to get his act together. Jim snapped out of his stupor. The alarm sounded near the TDE room. That was bad news. It was followed by even worse news. It was what activated the alarm. It was a surge of temporal energy.

There was a time displacement bubble forming inside the complex. It was in the TDE room itself. Jim sent out the warning. All hands on deck. Everyone needed to be armed. This was no drill. They might need to repulse a Skynet attack directed inside their base. Cameron Two updated Cameron in the lab.

Sarah was ready. Cameron previously told Sarah to stage weapons in several locations throughout the complex in arms lockers with a quick access code for entry. That way heavy weaponry could be quickly put into action without always have to lug the firearms around and without leaving the weapons lying around unattended. Sarah was worried about Savannah's safety and any of the technicians associated with the project. Small arms were what most of them carried on them at all times.

Sarah was tired of being out gunned, she gabbed two Thermite grenades and an M79 as she slung an M4 over her shoulder. Cameron developed an 'acid canister' round for the grenade launcher. It was specifically for use against Liquid Metal. Cameron thought of Mrs. Weaver as she developed and manufactured them herself. Only Cameron and Sarah knew they existed. Cameron did not think it was a good idea to tell Mr. Ellison or Vanna that the acid rounds were intended for use against their 'Boss' or 'mother'. They were marked as 'Tear Gas' so it was unlikely anyone else would want to use them or even ask about them. Sarah also slung a 'satchel charge' with two pounds of C-4 in it over her other shoulder. Nothing was getting by her.

Too many times Sarah felt she was at a disadvantage when it came to dealing with hostile Terminators. The prospect of needing to deal with Liquid Metal Terminators only made it worse. Cameron was her best weapon. The trouble now was that Cameron was trapped in the lab and tethered to her server. Sarah knew they previously possessed a few chips from deactivated Terminators. She really wished she would have let Cameron keep one. It would allow Cameron to be here right now.

Sarah saw Mr. Ellison hurry after her with an M60. It was loaded with Coltan projectiles. They were also specially made by Vanna and Cameron from the electrocuted Terminator's endoskeleton remains. That was the one Mrs. Weaver apparently took down. Each Coltan 7.62 MM round produced the same effect on a Terminator as a single .50 BMG AP round in testing.

Mr. Ellison felt confidant in the fact that he carried a one hundred round belt of the deadly anti-Terminator projectiles. He hadn't forgotten how hard it was to take Metal down with conventional weapons. What a nightmare that was. It ended with twenty dead agents for nothing. In the end, Cameron was the one who ended the threat after half a dozen more Mexican policemen were killed. Mr. Ellison reflected on the mass destruction of his fellow FBI agents against Metal, ONE Terminator. What if they sent an army of them? Mr. Ellison double checked the M60 belt again. It was 'payback time'. Metal bested him before, it wasn't happening again. He would gladly take on whatever Metal army Skynet sent to avenge his fallen comrades.

After he issued the warning, Jim pointed out fact that the time bubble was appearing in the TDE room. That may be a sign it was probably Mrs. Weaver or John Henry returning. They both knew the exact coordinates. Whoever it was, figured it would probably cause less of a panic. Sarah wasn't panicked, she was - ready. Cameron Two warned that John Henry with Cameron's chip could have been compromised. Skynet would know where to send its troops.

Sarah hoped it would be John…. She missed John so much and Cameron NEEDED him soon, real soon. Sarah knew Cameron and Vanna were - bonding. John could have been gone five minutes or five years or five decades. Sarah didn't really have any idea what to expect. It could be anyone or any-THING. They could be from anywhere or any-when. It was the unknown. Sarah didn't like the unknown. She liked answers. If this was not John, maybe it would be someone from the Resistance. They might know something.

Cameron and Vanna heard the alarm and knew what was happening. This could be nothing more than a Friendly returning or a full blown Skynet assault. They didn't have anyway to know for sure. Since it was happening in the TDE room it might not be an assault. Cameron also knew her chip may have been captured. She was captured before. It could have happened again with Skynet this time.

Cameron was aware that John Henry with her chip could have been compromised and all the data from both him and her gleaned. It could now be put to use against them. It was a real possibility. They viewed information from another Terminator's chip before. Skynet could do it to them. Skynet could wipe out the Resistance in its entirety. That was the goal of Skynet anyway, one of its goals.

Cameron immediately moved Vanna behind her in the lab. Cameron wanted to protect her. Cameron felt a NEED to protect Vanna. Cameron HAD to protect Vanna. It was more than protecting a human or Resistance fighter at this point. There was a deeper calling inside her.

Cameron quickly proceeded to remove weapons from a locker. She was glad they were positioned around the compound. She was glad they were where she was.

The first one Cameron pulled out was an M79. She quickly loaded it with an 'acid round'. Next was an M4. She checked the magazine and charged the weapon. She pulled out an ammo can with four Thermite grenades in it. She checked her Glock and stuck it behind her back.

As she double checked all her equipment, Cameron noticed her top was still on the counter across the room. She was topless, ready to fight. She briefly thought that must look odd. Then again, if Skynet was behind this event and it was an attack. The Terminators or Grays attacking them would also be unclothed.

Vanna appreciated that Cameron physically moved her behind her. That was not good enough. Cameron needed protection too.

Vanna moved up next to Cameron to assist her.

"I can fight too." Vanna said. "I have before. I am trained."

Cameron glanced over at Vanna. She did not want her to be injured or killed. She would do the fighting. She needed to protect Vanna.

"Stay back." Cameron said to Vanna. "I will protect you."

Cameron placed the M79 in front of her on the counter and picked up the M4. It was also loaded with hand crafted Coltan 5.56 MM rounds. They were smaller projectiles with less mass but they would still bring down Metal.

Cameron handed Vanna a Thermite grenade. That is all she wanted Vanna to have as a defensive weapon.

"If I go down, throw this and use the escape exit." Cameron said. "It will damage both regular Metal and Liquid Metal. It will buy you time. Every second will count. Run as fast as you can and don't look back."

Those last words echoed in Vanna's mind….

They were the very words she'd used once in the past - the future. A chill swept over her thinking of the incident….

Vanna snapped out of it and came back into the present. She would deal with those memories another time. Right now she was here for Cameron and she was not going anywhere. She was painfully aware that Cameron had been sent away and abandoned before. She was not going to run.

"I won't leave you, Cameron." Vanna said. "I refuse to go."

The two locked eyes. They both knew and felt it.

Vanna knew it was love. She was sure that Cameron did too.

Cameron did know it. She'd lost John and Future John. She did not want to lose Vanna as well. She needed Vanna at this point in time.

"You must, I insist." Cameron said understanding. "Please, Vanna, for ME."

"I won't." Vanna repeated. "I can't abandon you. I won't abandon you, even if it costs my life."

Vanna placed her Thermite grenade near the escape exit and pulled the Glock from behind Cameron. She checked it herself. There was a round in the chamber. It was 'ready to rock'. Vanna was tired of running. She was ready to fight.

Cameron tried a different way to make Vanna listen to her and think of herself and her future.

"Allison is still in your future, in a future. I will survive - through her." Cameron said.

Vanna did not want to leave.

"That was then, this is now." Vanna said.

Cameron felt such respect and honor for Vanna. She knew it was much more than that at this point.

All Vanna felt was - love. She knew she was hopelessly in love with Cameron. It was the best feeling ever that she'd felt or experienced for another - person.

Sarah was in position when the flashing and arcing stopped. Mr. Ellison was off to the side so each one could flank the other.

"Come to, Momma." Sarah said as she released the safety.

The energy bubble dissipated.

It was a Terminator.

It was crouched on the floor. Sarah could see bullet holes in its back. She raised the M79 to fire. She would ask questions later.

Mr. Ellison had a better view of the figure on the TDE pad from his position.

"Wait!" Mr. Ellison shouted.

Sarah paused.

"It's John Henry." Mr. Ellison said.

The naked form of John Henry slowly stood. He staggered once, then turned around. He was supporting a smaller figure that he'd been shielding with his body. The hair was over the figures face.

Sarah looked and saw it was female. Sarah noted how beautiful her nude form was. It looked so familiar….

The female reached up and brushed back her hair from her face.

Sarah looked in amazement.

It was - Cameron.

"Cameron." Sarah said.

There was no response.

"Cameron!" Sarah nearly shouted.

'Cameron' just looked at her.

"My name is Allison…."


Beautiful smooth and sleek
In search of fresh prey they seek

Hunger drives their selfish quest
Gauging who can taste the best

Distress catches their ear
They know the prey is near

The wild dictates their savage laws
They wet their fangs and extend their claws

They stand ready to pounce
Those in their way they will trounce

Excited they feel the victory is mine
This one is fresh, tender and fine

They move in for the easy kill
To dominate and overpower is the thrill

Pushing the attack with experience they persist
The prey weak and once defeated does not resist

They feed hungrily at will
The kill increasing their violent skill

Blood lust rages out of control to hunt
The more that they have the more they want

Others begin to sniff around, they lash out in rage
This kill is theirs and must be kept in a cage

The kill is theirs alone something they own
They drag it along to finish it off at home

That was ravishing a nice taste
Soon it is crapped out as nothing but waste

The skeleton remains stripped to the bone
A warning to others their triumph is proudly shown


Chapter Text

Chapter 11


Jim was able to stand everyone down. It was a couple of 'Friendlies' that arrived. It was John Henry and a Resistance fighter. The base was now off alert. Weapons were returned back to the security of their lockers. Life resumed where it stopped. Skynet hadn't tracked them down again - yet. That threat still remained.

The constant worry of Skynet or one of its affiliates finding them was real. Mrs. Weaver had been targeted and Savannah Weaver had been targeted. Mr. Ellison became the spokesperson for the company. He'd been targeted too at one point. They'd decided to report the news that Mrs. Weaver and Savannah were both killed in the 'accident' that occurred at the company headquarters. That was when a small aircraft seemed to have encountered some control problems and an unfortunate accident occurred. They did not want to report it as 'terrorist' attack or directed attack. The value of the company would drop if the truth were known.

Cameron and Vanna were in the lab.

Cameron received the information updates from Cameron Two almost as fast as Jim processed it. There were some interesting developments. Not all of them were good.

As Cameron put the weapons back, Cameron Two fed her some disturbing information. She froze in place at what was revealed. She stopped what she was doing. Her left hand experienced a slight glitch. There was a heaviness in her - heart. She stood up and looked at Vanna. She knew what she needed to do. It was the right thing.

There was a feeling of sadness that touched Cameron in a way she was unsure of or why. No, she knew why.

Cameron turned to Vanna.

"Come here, Vanna." Cameron said. "Please."

Vanna walked over. It appeared that Cameron wanted to tell her something.

"Yes?" Vanna asked.

There was a faint smile on Cameron's face that helped mask her growing sadness.

"That was a brave thing you did." Cameron said. "I am not worth your life."

Vanna did not want to argue the point with Cameron. To her, Cameron was worth her life. She loved Cameron. She would do anything for her. Vanna would never abandon Cameron. She would die first.

"You are trapped here. I could not leave you." Vanna said. "I will not leave you."

Cameron could see Vanna meant what she said. She appreciated that level of commitment.

"It will have to be a comfort to me to know that you would not leave me in the face of death." Cameron said. "I will never forget that. I promise to make that and THIS up to you one day somehow."

Vanna was thrown off by Cameron's wording.

"What?" Vanna asked very confused.

Cameron was unsure how best to proceed.

"Give me a hug, Vanna." Cameron said.

The two embraced. Cameron took two steps back. She looked Vanna in the eyes.

"Look at me." Cameron said.

Vanna looked. She was aroused to have Cameron standing topless in front of her. She said what she felt.

"You're ravishing, Cameron." Vanna said. "Nobody is a beautiful as you are."

Cameron felt empty.

"Take a good look." Cameron said.

Vanna was worried where this conversation was going.

"Why?" Vanna asked.

Cameron's face lost all expression. It was as if a part of her had withered.

"Your wish has been granted." Cameron said. "You get to see and touch the real thing now."

Vanna was even more confused by Cameron's words.

"What do you mean?" Vanna asked.

The faint smile returned to Cameron's face. She was pleased that Vanna would be able to find some joy and happiness in her life.

"The Resistance Fighter is Allison - Your Allison." Cameron said. "Now you have the REAL person. You can again have what you really want and who you really love."

Vanna had trouble processing what Cameron just said. She was still focused on Cameron.

"You're real, Cameron." Vanna said. "I… I… I don't know what to do."

Cameron knew there was only one thing for Vanna to do.

"I do. Your beloved has come for you. Go to her. Go." Cameron said. "Take the rest of the day off and come back tomorrow. You have a lot of catching up to do. Share your love with the one who deserves it. Your true love has come for you."

Vanna started crying.

"I'm sorry, Cameron." Vanna sobbed.

A sense of resignation came over Cameron.

"Aren't we all." Cameron said.

Vanna left in tears to find Allison.

The story always seemed to end the same way Cameron thought.

Cameron slowly put her top back on. In just a few seconds she was Tight again. It was like nothing ever happened except her hand was still glitching. Another chance at love and sharing was just stolen from her in an instant. The hollowness of her heart hurt.

'Replaced'. Cameron thought to herself.

It seemed to be the story of her existence - her life.

Cameron decided she needed to call Sarah and do so quickly. She laid out a plan and some insurance. There were other matters to deal with now.

As Cameron called Sarah the printer worked furiously in the background. Cameron was printing more poems of sadness and sorrow.

John Henry needed to speak with Cameron.

Cameron asked Sarah to have Mr. Ellison stall him for a few minutes before he came to see her. Cameron needed to get a few 'things' in place first. If she was going to play a game, she would play to win.

Everything was quickly put into action and was now ready.

Cameron waited behind a workbench.

John Henry entered the lab and came towards Cameron.

Cameron wanted answers.

"Where's John?" Cameron asked.

John Henry saw John only a short time ago.

"He is fine." John Henry said.

Cameron was relieved to hear that. She wanted her chip back now so she could bring him home. She was sure getting it back was going to be a problem. It was time to be forceful.

"My chip, give it to me – NOW." Cameron demanded.

Cameron lifted her M79 and pointed it directly at John Henry. There was the possibility he was not who he appeared to be. It was a strong possibility too.

John Henry scanned the weapon that Cameron held.

"That weapon would appear to do more damage to Mrs. Weaver than me. It would not incapacitate me but it would severely damage my sheath." John Henry said.

Cameron smiled at him. She shifted her eyes ever so slightly. John Henry followed her gaze.

"This will." Sarah said.

She was concealed off to the side. John Henry was unaware of her presence and now he was in the kill zone.

There was an audible 'click' as Sarah released the safety on Mr. Ellison's M60. It was almost deafening in the silence of the lab.

John Henry looked over at Sarah and noted the Coltan rounds in the belt. They would damage his chassis beyond repair.

Sarah still saw 'Cromartie' in John Henry. It would be easy for her to pull the trigger and hold down on it.

"I'll pump you full of these, I swear." Sarah said.

John Henry was aware of her reputation.

"I am sure you would." John Henry said.

Cameron was tired of waiting. She held the upper hand now.

"I need my chip." Cameron demanded again. "Come and give it to me."

John Henry hadn't moved. He was sure any choice he made would be the wrong choice.

Sarah did not like the delay.

"Do it - NOW." Sarah said. "I'll light you up."

John Henry was at a disadvantage.

"I don't have it." John Henry said.

Sarah did not buy it. She wanted results. She wanted John back.

"Give her yours or you're scrap metal." Sarah said.

John Henry needed some time to clear things up.

"Let me explain." John Henry said.

Sarah wanted results, not excuses.

"I've been itching to smoke some Metal, so might just as well be you." Sarah said.

She pulled the M60 stock tight into her shoulder, her finger tightening on the trigger.

Cameron could see Sarah was about to cut John Henry down. She needed to learn more first.

"Wait." Cameron said.

John Henry was sure he could clear things up.

"Let me interface with - myself or 'Jim' as I am now told by Mr. Ellison and you can review all the data and files directly." John Henry said.

Cameron would have Cameron Two do that in case it was a trick or there was a terminal virus unleashed.

Sarah still wanted a few answers.

"What's the story on the girl?" Sarah asked.

John Henry could explain that one quickly.

"I can tell you that now." John Henry said.

Sarah wanted to hear it.

"This better be good." Sarah said.

John Henry decided to keep it simple.

"She was targeted for termination. I took a few rounds in my back as we used the TDE. John, Mrs. Weaver and..." John Henry paused as he looked at Cameron and the M79 still pointed at him. "And - another friendly Terminator drove the Grays away that attacked us."

Sarah wanted the information on the chip for Cameron.

"We need the information you have." Sarah said.

Cameron hadn't moved or spoken again since her first few words, she lowered the M79. She looked sternly at John Henry.

"Do it." Cameron said. "I want everything. I want it now."

John Henry left the lab. He glanced back once as he exited. He knew that it was a close one for him, a little too close.

Cameron walked over to Sarah and helped her up.

"Thank you, Sarah, for being there for me." Cameron said.

Sarah knew she needed Cameron's help.

"You're all I have left here until you bring John back to me, to US. I know you are going to be the one to do it." Sarah said. "I have known it ever since John left."

Sarah knew Cameron was the only one who could do it. John would return for Cameron. John would return with her.

A few minutes later the information was being fed to Cameron as Cameron Two cleared it. She saw everything that John Henry did and experienced right up to the point where he met up with Mrs. Weaver and John in a Skynet factory.

What she learned was that 'John Henry' was transferred to a new chip off of her chip. The feed soon restarted again. They were about to put her chip in a new chassis. John insisted on it. The feed suddenly went blank.

All the information to Cameron stopped. She wondered if it was an 'attack'.

"What's happening?" Cameron asked through the com system.

"Cameron Two is trying to erase herself." Jim said.

"Both - Jim and I are trying to stop her." John Henry told her.

Maybe this is the 'attack' she feared.

"Is it some kind of virus?" Cameron asked.

"No, she is self terminating." John Henry said. "I didn't think this was possible."

Cameron needed answers and she needed them now.

"Let me see what she saw immediately." Cameron demanded.

Cameron knew something catastrophic must have happened for Cameron Two to try to self terminate. This was going to be bad news of some kind. Maybe John was terminated. If John was dead, Cameron was going to self terminate also. There was no point to exist if that were the case.

The door began to open to the lab.

The feed restarted.

Cameron saw her chip being inserted into a new Terminator chassis. It was a blonde haired, big busted female chassis. She wanted to scream. It was very similar to - Riley. No wonder Cameron Two attempted to self terminate.

Cameron broke the feed. Her left hand glitched wildly out of control. She knew she was close to shutting down.

'Replaced!' Cameron almost screamed.

The lab door closed.

"So where is Cameron?" A voice asked.

Cameron stood up, turned around and looked at her. It was a ghost from her past.

'Replaced!' Cameron wanted to scream again.

Cameron extended her hand and smiled.

"Hello, Allison, I'm Cameron."


Not good enough
It makes you feel dejected
The next step in life
Is to be rejected

It means someone thinks
That others are superior
Do they even know
What's in the interloper's interior

It crushes your spirit
It is yourself that you blame
Your world slowly collapses
You are filled full of shame

It seems very easy
To be thrown away
Your words mean nothing
They don't care what you say

You try to hang on
There is no hand to hold
You radiate love's heat
Yet are showered with cold

Sometimes things happen
Leaving you feeling disgraced
It cuts to the very bone
To know you've been replaced


Chapter Text

 Chapter 12


Vanna hugged and kissed Allison. They were both thrilled to see each other again.

They caught up on things briefly. Allison needed to carry out a mission.

"I need to find someone named 'Cameron'." Allison said. "I need to do that immediately for several reasons. One of which is very uncomfortable."

Vanna headed for the lab. They observed Sarah exit from there carrying a large weapon.

Allison took Sarah in from a distance. She'd briefly dealt with her earlier.

"She seems really intense." Allison said.

Vanna nodded.

"She is." Vanna said. "It's complicated."

They entered the lab and the door closed behind them. The room looked empty.

"So where is Cameron?" Allison asked.

Cameron stood up. She turned around and looked at Allison. She stared at her for a few seconds. It looked as if she might become angry. She did not.

Cameron extended her hand and smiled.

"Hello, Allison, I'm Cameron."

Allison stopped in her tracks. She just stood there as she looked at Cameron. She stared at a much more beautiful version of - herself. She was told they would look the same but this was unbelievable. She did not think a machine could look 'exactly' like her. This version of her - Cameron was HOT. Allison wondered how this was even possible. John told her the how and why but seeing it first hand was still a shock. It was a 'future shock' to say the least. There was a Metal version of her and she was a total knockout.

Allison needed to collect herself.

"I am pleased to meet you." Allison said as she took Cameron's hand. "You are VERY beautiful, Cameron. I have heard so much about you from John."

Cameron was aware John was alive and in good condition from John Henry. Maybe Allison could fill in a few more details. It did not take much imagination on her part to see that John would have been attracted to Allison in the future. She was pretty sure that something could have happened. Even in the 'raw' right out of the future Allison was beautiful.

"You heard about me from John? Is he coming back now?" Cameron asked. "How is he? Is he uninjured? In need to see him. I need to bring him back. Is he safe?"

Allison noted the extreme concern that Cameron showed. She saw the same feelings expressed by John whenever he spoke of Cameron to her in the future. It was evident there was something much deeper on both of their parts. She could understand some of the events related to John and her better now. Seeing really was believing and that explained a lot.

"He was a few minutes ago." Allison said. "We took some fire but were about regain control of the situation. John Henry protected me with his body. I need to thank him again. I would have been shot, maybe even killed. I owe him one."

Vanna looked at Allison and then to Cameron. Allison provided her some information on the way to the lab. It was very extreme, even for Allison.

"Cameron, I need you to cut all the monitoring in this room." Vanna said.

Cameron cut the feeds and secured the room. This must be something important.

"It is done." Cameron said. "We are alone."

Vanna still looked around before she spoke.

Cameron noted the caution. It only seemed to deepen the mystery.

"Allison has important information for you from John." Vanna said. "Nobody is to know the nature of Allison's true mission until it is completed. That should be very soon."

Vanna could see Allison and Cameron scrutinize and check each other out. They sized each other up. Something seemed a little deeper here on both of their parts.

Allison found it hard to take her eyes off of Cameron. Allison knew men and women both always stared at her but Cameron was three times better looking than her, at least. Maybe it was ten times better. Her 'skin' was for sure. It was flawless and perfect.

"I just have to say before we get started that I have never ever in my life looked as good as you do, Cameron." Allison said. "You are very beautiful."

Cameron could see the beauty in Allison even if it was unrefined. Maybe that made her more beautiful to look that pretty in the raw.

"Thank you. I like to look Tight for John." Cameron said.

Cameron knew John liked it when she looked Tight.

Allison looked down at her waist area and then at Vanna.

"Tight? Speaking of - tight, I have something for you from John. He only wanted me to know about it when he sent me here." Allison said. "He was afraid I may be searched and what he wanted to send back would be taken away or even destroyed. He was afraid some in our - group might not want you back in the picture. Once he showed me what it was, I told him I could hide it where no one would search me and live."

That caught Cameron's interest. It must be a secret message from John. She looked at Allison and wondered where it was.

"What is it?" Cameron asked. "Where is it?"

Allison looked at the tether connected to Cameron and then she looked Cameron in her eyes.

"John said it was YOU, your chip." Allison said. "He said it was HIS Cameron. He wanted me to give you life. He wanted to give you your life back again."

Cameron quickly replayed the file. She wanted to make sure she heard Allison clearly. If it was her chip she could go and get John right now. She waited for Allison to produce it. She did not see it.

"Where is it?" Cameron asked again.

Allison whispered in Vanna's ear.

Cameron listened too. She was surprise and somewhat amused at the symbolical nature of what was about to happen.

Vanna looked at Allison, then at Cameron and then back to Allison.

"Get up on the work platform, Allison." Vanna said.

She indicated where she wanted Allison to go.

"Well as strange as this seems, Cameron, you are about to be 'born' or maybe - 'reborn'. I transported it in the most shielded part of my body, which I could easily and quickly access and no one else would see or look." Allison said. "It is an old smugglers trick for contraband."

Vanna and Cameron looked at each other and both smiled. Then all three of them started to laugh.

Cameron had seen females apprehended on the TV show 'Cops' hiding drugs there before. They usually came clean before the authorities searched there themselves, not all of them did.

"That is why the police invented the 'body cavity' search." Cameron said.

Allison only wore a robe. She untied it and opened it up. She let Cameron see her.

"I guess you get to see 'yourself' from a perspective no one else gets to see." Allison said. "Then again, I guess 'that' is identical too."

"One 'secret spot' coming up." Vanna joked.

Allison was not shy about letting Cameron see her - all of her.

Cameron was able to see everything on Allison. She noted the multiple cuts, small scars, sores and bruises on Allison's legs. Her whole body was like that from what she could see. This girl was in worse shape than 'Her Allison' was. Cameron was worried John may now be in this condition or worse. Vanna previous told her that she looked like that too when she returned from her past - the future. The toxins and damage of the future were very evident on Allison's body.

Allison indicated for Vanna to proceed.

Vanna didn't have a problem with that. She had plenty of experience down there on Allison for years. She was please to see everything looked the same. She was also glad nothing was missing. It looked like Allison was able to avoid capture by Scavengers. They were known to take 'souvenirs' and 'mark' their victims. Those were the lucky ones who lived.

Vanna removed the anti-static bag from inside Allison.

Cameron zoomed in on Allison as Vanna removed her chip from her.

"You are correct. We are identical even down to the pigmentation variations." Cameron said.

Vanna thought to herself that she could have told Allison and Cameron that. She'd checked on that too when she - inspected Cameron.

"TMI." Allison said. "I'm glad that is gone."

Allison was going to joke that maybe Cameron could show her - her secret spot. She would like to verify what Cameron said. Maybe that was best left for another time.

Vanna opened the protective anti-static bag and Cameron reached out and picked up her chip. She now held - herself in the palm of her hand. For a brief moment Cameron considered crushing it. She wasn't sure why. She figured it was for the same reason Cameron Two tried to self terminate. That incident still troubled her.

"I will hook this up to the server. We can go through it before we put it back in you, Cameron. I want to make sure everything is OK and there are no surprises. Anything you want to add or delete can be done then. Is that fine with you, Cameron?" Vanna asked.

There was only a blank look on Cameron's face.

"Cameron? Cameron?" Vanna asked again.

Vanna became worried at this point.

Cameron still wondered about her previous thoughts. She collected herself.

"Yes. Let me try to communicate with Cameron Two. She attempted to self terminate earlier." Cameron said. "Show Allison where to clean up and she can use any of my clothes she wants, except my purple coat. Fix her up and help her look - nice. She is very pretty."

Cameron almost said Tight but she could see Allison was going to need a lot of - work to get there. It would definitely be a lot of work and a lot of healing.

Vanna noted Cameron looked at all the imperfections on Allison.

"I told you I was like that also, Cameron. Most will heal and go away in this environment." Vanna said. "It just takes time. We have medicine here to help for most of what is wrong."

Cameron sat at her terminal and contacted Jim. Both John Henry and Jim prevented Cameron Two from self terminating. Jim filled in all the information that John Henry acquired. Cameron then contacted Cameron Two and told her of the recent developments. Cameron Two asked what they were going to do about the 'Bitch Whore' in the future. Cameron said they would deal with it soon enough. She did remind Cameron Two that the 'Bitch Whore was also them, a copy of them. Cameron Two requested to be integrated with Cameron Prime as one program. Cameron said she would do that. Everything would be updated and transferred to her chip.

Vanna and Cameron checked Cameron's chip and found nothing wrong with it. 'John Henry' was already completely removed from it. They then proceeded to integrate everything from Cameron's server and her chip into one file. This act made Cameron complete.

"I want 'our' file transferred to my chip and then this computer copy of me deleted." Cameron said. "Stuck in a box is no way to exist."

Cameron looked at the server with disgust. Freedom was near.

Vanna completed the transfer. She removed the cable from Cameron's neck and caressed her chip. Cameron's chassis was off line now.

"I love you, Cameron." Vanna said softly as she kissed the chip in her hands.

Allison watched with some apprehension as Vanna cut the scalp open to get to the port.

Vanna then carefully inserted the chip into the port.

After the reboot Cameron opened her eyes. She looked at Vanna.

"Get Sarah here in here, please. I only want Allison, Sarah and you here before I go." Cameron said.

Vanna only put Cameron's chip in a few seconds ago.

"Go? Go where?" Vanna asked.

Cameron stood tall and looked confident.

"Back to the future." Cameron said. "I'm going to bring John back. I am going to bring John home. I'm going to do it right now."


First there is nothing
Then we are born
Should it be celebrated
Or should we mourn

Between many things
We may become torn
They can crush our spirit
Leaving us feeling forlorn

Many things can happen
In advance I will warn
Time has its effect
As things become worn

We may love many
To one love is sworn
When others interlope
That love can be shorn

To some we give hope
To others we are a thorn
If one looks deeper
Can we be one they adorn

The future is fluid
That I can forewarn
Is it better to be dead
Or better to be reborn


Chapter Text

 Chapter 13


Cameron sent for Sarah. She wanted to formulate a plan to go back to the future. She only thought she could trust Sarah, Vanna and Allison to back her play unconditionally.

Sarah received the call to return to the lab. She'd just been there a short time ago. Something must have happened. She hurried back and walked into the lab. It made her smile to see Allison and Cameron standing next to each other.

"I didn't know the 'Olsen Twins' would be here." Sarah said.

Cameron and Allison looked at each other and then at Vanna and all four of them laughed.

Cameron turned her back to Sarah to show her she was no longer tethered.

Sarah felt something inside of her change. Cameron was mobile again. A new sense of hope shot through her. She was not sure how but Allison must have been involved. This meant Cameron was going to go after John now. Nobody said anything about it yet but she knew that was about to happen. Cameron quickly went over what happened in her absence.

Cameron told the three females what she wanted to do and where she was going to go. She needed some more information from Allison and John Henry first. The more information she obtained, the better her chances were to bring John home. There was a lot of information on her chip but she needed more current information and where everything was at specifically. She didn't know that Mrs. Weaver's endgame was and would need to tread lightly around that issue until she could find out. She hoped John Henry would be more forthcoming.

Allison thought she could help Cameron. She'd just left the future less than an hour ago. She knew all the ins and outs of everything.

"I'm going back with you." Allison said. "I know the details of everything. I can help you with many things."

Vanna was a little shocked to hear Allison say that. If she went into the future, she might not come back again.

Sarah wanted to go too. She knew Cameron would find John. She wanted to make sure they all returned. She could help them. This was about getting John back. It was about bringing John home.

"I'm going too." Sarah said. "He's my son."

Cameron knew of the extreme risk the future presented. There was a chance and it was a good one too that she may be terminated in the future. She would do whatever she needed to do to get John and bring him home. She didn't want to risk anyone else.

"NO, Sarah." Cameron said. "Allison, I can't ask you. Your future is here with Vanna."

Allison looked upset. She wanted to help.

"Besides, you've only been here less than an hour." Cameron added.

Sarah wasn't going to give up easy. She noticed the sores and cuts on Allison. She wanted John out of the future.

"I want my son." Sarah said. "I want John back."

Cameron would do that. She would do everything to bring John home until her power cell ran out or she was terminated. She was going after him and there was nothing that would stop her.

"I'm going to get him. I promise, Sarah." Cameron said. "No power in the Verse can stop me."

Allison still wanted to go. She was aware of everything in the future. There were many dangers. Cameron needed someone to watch her back.

"It is too unsafe to go alone. There's Metal everywhere. If that 'Liquid Thing' hadn't been there, we would all have been dead ten times over." Allison said. "It always watched over John and me. It was unstoppable in combat."

Sarah was a little surprised at that news. Her initial meeting with Mrs. Weaver hadn't gone that well. She thought Mrs. Weaver was building Skynet. She may be on their side or she may have her 'own side'. Her end game could be something different.

"Mrs. Weaver helped you?" Sarah asked. "She protected John and you?"

Sarah hadn't expected that. Actually she didn't know what to expect. Maybe she wouldn't need to terminate Mrs. Weaver the next time they met. She still wanted too after their first encounter. It left an unpleasant taste in her mouth. Mrs. Weaver was a Bitch - a 'Metal Bitch'. She was a threat and everything about her was unknown.

Allison glanced at Vanna and took her hand.

"Yes, the Liquid Metal thing helped many times. She even prevented me from being gang raped by a group of Scavengers." Allison said. "The Scavengers captured me. There was no stopping what they were about to do to me."

Vanna visibly winced at the thought. She held Allison's hand tighter. She knew of the horror that would have followed.

"Scavengers? How many were there?" Vanna asked. "That's terrible."

Vanna absentmindedly touched her scar on her abdomen. She knew that Scavengers 'took souvenirs' off their victims and marked their bodies in brutal ways.

Cameron saw and noted Vanna's actions. She knew Vanna must have suffered at the hands of Scavengers before. That is where her scar must have come from.

"There were six of them. That would have been fatal. Each one would have been more brutal than the last. The first one was going to carve his initials in me." Allison said. "I have a new scar to prove it."

Everyone sat in silence as they waited for Allison to continue. It was a story none of them wanted to hear but they needed to hear it.

"We'd been on patrol. There was word that I specifically was targeted for termination. There was an ambush and I was separated from the group. John always tried to watch out for me. I did as well for him. I couldn't find him." Allison said. "After about ten minutes JH found me."

Cameron took in the news. She knew Allison and her looked the same so John would be attracted to Allison. She could understand that. She started to worry. Allison was - REAL. Cameron knew she was not. A lot of things could have happened…. Cameron could see Allison's natural beauty even in her current condition. Cameron knew if John was with Future Riley that he could have been with Allison too. Given her appearance it was most likely. Allison would only have known only what John told her.

Sarah wanted to clear something up.

"Who is JH?" Sarah asked. "Is that John Henry?"

"Yes and no, it was a dog similar to the German Sheppard that Savannah gave me when she left. Savannah named him that, I know why now. He ran away but I found another one just like him when I met John. I still called him JH because I missed him. A lot of things were like that. People died and disappeared around us all the time."

Allison paused and briefly looked at Vanna. She sighed and resumed her story.

"JH spotted two Terminators stalking me. He ran off towards them. I went to hide and that is when I was grabbed. I'd inadvertently hid in the opening to the Scavenger's bunker. They grabbed me and drug me down a tunnel. They pulled my clothes off along the way as we went. I tried to fight them but it was impossible. Four of them pinned down. I knew I was going to be gang raped for starters. Instead of starting right in, the first one took out a knife. He was about to mutilate me. He said the screaming only added to the excitement. They all groped, leered and laughed at me. I knew they were all going to do the same thing before they raped me, one after the other. I have seen some of the mutilations done to females and all the - missing parts. I knew it was going to happen to me. Scavengers liked to mark their victims and keep 'trophies'. Some of the females lived, most of them did not. Maybe they were the lucky ones."

Vanna faced Allison. She wanted to comfort her. She didn't want the story to continue. She was very aware of the terror Allison must have felt. She didn't want to hear how Allison was savaged. She already knew what it was like.

"You don't need to finish, Allison." Vanna said. "Please stop."

Allison looked at the three of them. It was important they know.

"No, I need to finish." Allison said. "All of a sudden there was a female voice that spoke with a Scottish accent, 'You boys need to learn some manners.' The strangest part of all was that she was wearing a white dress and high heels. It was like in a photo out of a fashion magazine. Then in like two seconds all six of the Scavengers were dead. I looked up in shock at her. I did not even know what she was at that time. She tossed me my clothes and said, 'Come with me, if you want to live'."

"She said she was a friend of Savannah's and no one was going to take anything away from Savannah ever again, especially someone Savannah cared about. I was scared to death of her. She seemed to say all the right things so I trusted her. What else could I do? She'd just saved me. I told her there was Metal stalking me and we needed to be careful. I said they were looking for me specifically. She just smirked and said, 'Oh, I wouldn't worry about them'."

"I came up out of the tunnel first and I said, 'Everything looks clear.' I looked around again and only JH was standing there, his tail was wagging. I asked, 'Where have you been?' There was no sign of the – woman. JH and myself then made it back to camp. I was really unsure about what I saw in my rescue. I know what I saw but it was unbelievable."

"I saw John getting ready to lead another patrol out to look for me." Allison said. "I called John aside and told him what happened."

"John asked me if I'd seen the woman 'clearly' and what she did." Allison said. "I told him it sounded crazy but her arms looked like blades for a few seconds. It all seemed so hard to believe. I KNOW I saw the woman and what she did. He then took me into his confidence and explained everything to me. At least now I knew why John stared at me every second he thought I wasn't watching. I looked exactly like the girl he loved he told me later on."

Cameron took note of the word 'loved'.

"He said 'loved'?" Sarah asked.

"Yes - LOVED." Allison said as she looked at Cameron. "Exactly like the girl he loved."

Cameron returned Allison's look. She was sure there was more to 'this' story. She knew she was probably not going to like it. Once she returned John back to this time she would deal with it. John was allowed freedom of choice. She remembered the last time John made a 'choice'. It was Future Riley, not her.

Cameron was ready to act.

"I need to go now and bring him back." Cameron said. "I need to bring John home."

Sarah could tell by Allison's story how dangerous the future was.

"Cameron, you can't go alone." Sarah said. "You need to have some help and someone to watch your back."

Vanna looked at Cameron and whispered something in her ear. Vanna was unsure how Cameron would want to address it, if at all.

Cameron looked at Vanna and nodded.

"Vanna suggested since we have the Mr. Ellison Terminator's chip ready, that we download my program into it to make a second copy of me." Cameron said. "We would then place it in the chassis of Jim. It will be Cameron Two in Jim's chassis. Then I can go with someone who I can trust with my life and not need worry about their safety. I don't want anyone I care about getting hurt on my behalf. I think it is a good plan. Let's do it."


Everyone wants
Some people take

Only when they get caught
Is it a mistake

No animal on earth
Is crueler than man

Especially when they form up
Into some kind of clan

To be human
Is to be flawed

If they were a machine
Maybe they would be awed

The greedy seem to win
Those are the ones who use

Let it be known in the end
They are the ones who will lose

To all they encounter
They bring many dangers

Beware the unwitting amateurs
Who encounters any Scavengers


Chapter Text

 Chapter 14


Cameron decided to take along some backup when she went into the future to find John. She determined that since John Henry was back that she could use the chassis of of 'Jim' that was formally serving in that capacity. 'Jim' was the chassis and modified sheath of the James Ellison Terminator.

Cameron carefully copied over her entire program from 'Cameron Two'. They were able to get the chip ready and repaired that was originally in the James Ellison Terminator. She double checked her work and installed the chip.

'Jim' opened his eyes and sat up. He then stood and walked around. This was essentially 'Cameron' in a male Terminator chassis at this point. It would have the Cameron Two 'personality' attributes. Cameron Two tried to self terminate previously.

"I won't be doing much ballet in this chassis." Jim-Cameron said.

Jim-Cameron still used Cameron's voice modulation.

They all laughed at that statement and the fact that Jim-Cameron sounded like Cameron.

Sarah briefly imagined Jim-Cameron wearing a pink ballet tutu, ballet slippers and doing a pirouette. It was an image she quickly tried to purge from her head without success. It kept popping back up.

Jim-Cameron looked down at his lower section.

"Not to forget the extra 'Junk' either." Jim-Cameron joked.

All five female voices laughed again. This time it was even louder.

Cameron was ready to get things moving now. She'd created reliable backup, which was essentially 'herself' and she was ready to go. She expressed some apprehension in what she was about to do. There may be some trust issues regarding John Henry.

"With the information from John Henry we know the exact time and location from where Allison was sent back from." Cameron said. "I am counting on Sarah and Allison to make sure no one interferes with anything. We're not sure what 'orders' John Henry has from Mrs. Weaver."

Cameron looked at Sarah and Sarah nodded. It was an unspoken message. She counted on Sarah to watch her back to make sure John was returned to this timeline. She knew Sarah would back any play that would bring John back to her. She knew Sarah would do whatever was necessary to make sure that happened. It was doubtful anyone would stand in Sarah's way.

Cameron reluctantly left the copy of her program on her server. She wanted to be very specific about what she wanted done.

"The copy of 'me' that hasn't yet been deleted from my server will ensure nothing goes wrong on that end. Vanna knows how to operate everything and make all this work." Cameron said. "If I don't come back, I ask that my server be erased. Without John here with me, I no longer desire to exist."

Vanna swallowed hard and there were tears in her eyes. The 'Cameron' on the server in the lab was 'Her Cameron'. That was the 'Cameron' she fell in love with.

Allison noticed the emotional exchange and wondered…. It was the second one she'd witnessed. She knew there was something going on there. It was obvious that Cameron looked like her but only better. It seemed to her that alone would make Vanna infatuated with Cameron. She hadn't been there and Cameron was. She'd made her play in the future with John. Things happen when you are all alone without the one you love. You want to love the one you're with.

Vanna didn't know if she could do that and erase 'Cameron'. She didn't know if she could 'kill' 'Cameron'. She would try to carry out Cameron's wishes.

"I'll do as you ask." Vanna said. "I promise, Cameron."

Jim-Cameron stood next to Cameron as she looked at Sarah, Vanna and Allison. She made her mission clear to them.

"I will not come back without John. Both of us will carry on to the end or our end." Cameron said. "I will not fail. I will search for John until my power cell runs out or I'm terminated."

Jim-Cameron was still irritated about the copy of Cameron's program, their program, that was placed in the near Riley look alike chassis in the future by John. He wanted some corrective action taken.

"What about that 'Bitch Whore'?" Jim-Cameron asked. "I'm going to terminate her myself."

Cameron planned to deal with that 'problem' on her own.

"She won't be returning with us and re-modulate your voice." Cameron said. "I will take care of her personally. I'm Cameron Prime you will follow my instructions."

Jim-Cameron re-modulated the voice and was now just Jim.

Jim nodded that Cameron was the one in charge even though their chips were identical.

Cameron figured there would be a future problem over this. Their programs were identical right now but every second apart 'Jim-Cameron' slowly became a different Terminator as was 'Cameron' on the 'Cameron server' in the lab. She needed to leave that copy in place to watch over John Henry until her return.

She was upset. Both of them were upset that John used that female chassis for a replacement of her. She would rather self terminate than become a Riley 'look alike'. John already chose Future Riley over her once. Did he do it again?

Cameron knew what John and Future Riley did the night they spent together. She'd caught him red handed. She was the one that did the laundry. She identified all the dried fluids in his underwear. They were samples from a male and female. She wondered if John would remember the look of hurt and betrayal on her face as he went up the stairs. NOBODY could ever forget that look. Did he have to smirk at her right before he went out of view?

"Sarah, you man the Pig and let Allison have the Thumper. I expect to return if we or anyone does, right after we leave. That is how I will attempt the time transfers. If it all works right and there is no temporal error, we should return almost instantly. If Mrs. Weaver is with us there will be four returning, if not there should be only three. Watch for any Skynet tricks and any unfriendly Metal, especially Liquid Metal." Cameron said. "Sarah, fill Allison in on the 'gas' canisters."

Cameron and Jim stripped.

Vanna took in the full unclad beauty of Cameron. It was so much more special to see her nude and alive rather than nude and dead.

Sarah saw it as well. There was no denying Cameron's beauty.

Allison looked on in awe. She took in Cameron from head to toe and back again. She could see Cameron had more to offer Vanna than she did and they were theoretically identical. Cameron was HOT. She could only see Cameron as someone different and not someone who looked like her. She felt she looked like Cameron's 'older cousin'.

"Damn, your body is perfect." Allison said in amazement. "How can you look three times better than me?"

Sarah and Vanna wondered the same thing. They didn't want to say it out loud. It made them wonder what Metal versions of them would look like.

Cameron was very aware of her recent damage. It still haunted her to think of it.

"You should have seen my sheath not too long ago. You wouldn't have thought so then." Cameron said. "I was severely damaged and then abandoned…."

Sarah wanted to change the subject over John 'sacrificing' Cameron to get her out of jail. It was a foolish move on John's part and Cameron was the one who paid the price. She still remembered the mess she was. It made her sick to think about it. She decided to change the subject.

She did notice something about Jim that was hard to miss.

"Nice package." Sarah wisecracked.

Cameron and the girls did notice Jim.

Jim just smiled.

Cameron was done waiting.

"Let's do it." Cameron said. "We want John."

Vanna set the controls on the TDE and actuated it. The energy bubble appeared along with the arcing and flashing. They were enveloped in the energy bubble. Then in a flash they were gone.

The TDE pad was empty.

Cameron said she planned to return almost instantly after she left.

Sarah, Vanna and Allison waited. Nothing happened.

A minute passed and then another. Sarah and Vanna looked nervously at each other. Five minutes passed and soon it was ten minutes. The time seemed to drag on. They'd been waiting for hours. Sarah and Vanna both looked like they wanted to cry. One by one they used the restroom or brought back a snack. Server-Cameron ran millions of calculations and did millions of searches. They began to nap on and off. There were always two of them awake and alert.


Fourteen hours later, the arcing and flashing started. Sarah and the girls all looked at each other. This was the moment of truth.

Sarah released the safety on the M60. Allison moved off to her side to flank her with an M79. Allison learned the 'acid round' was the only thing they currently possessed at their immediate disposal that might slow down or stop Liquid Metal. A Thermite grenade would work too but it was not as directed. The Coltan rounds in the M60 would disable any standard Terminator. Each of them possessed a Thermite grenade. Sarah carried her 'satchel charge' slung over her back. No one was getting past her.

Four shapes began to appear. Sarah cursed to herself as she saw one was the model of Terminator that killed Kyle. John was next to it with Cameron on his other side. Jim was lying flat and unmoving behind them.

"John!" Sarah said.

Sarah stayed ready on the trigger. The M60 pointed at the big Terminator.

"Mom! Mom, it is OK. It's a version of Cameron as 'Uncle Bob'." John said.

Sarah couldn't believe her eyes. John was back. Cameron did it, just like she promised. Just like she always knew Cameron would.

Sarah rushed forward to hug John. He looked like crap. Sarah saw the cuts and scars and bruises covering him. He didn't look nearly as 'bad' as Allison did.

Cameron took control.

"Bob, get Jim. Let me help John." Cameron said. "I have him."

John and Sarah shared a long embrace.

"Thank you." Sarah said as she looked at Cameron.

Sarah deeply meant what she said to Cameron.

Cameron stood next to John and smiled at Sarah.

"I told you I wouldn't come back without him." Cameron said.

Vanna wondered about the time delay.

"How long were you gone, Cameron?" Vanna asked.

"I was there for two months. I'm sorry for the time delay. We ran in to some 'trouble' when we were about to transfer." Cameron said. "There was a last minute power struggle that started to develop. Our timing was slightly delayed."

Cameron looked over at Jim in Bob's arms.

Vanna looked at the empty pad, sadness flooded over her.

"What about my mother?" Vanna asked.

Allison tried to process what Vanna said. How could Vanna consider that 'thing' her mother?

"Your - mother?" Allison asked bewildered.

That was the closet thing Vanna had left to her parents, even if it wasn't real.

"YES! My mother." Vanna repeated.

John had some information on that.

"She'll return soon. Cameron's filled me in on everything as well." John stated.

Everyone put on the clothes that were waiting for them.

Allison and John faced each other. They looked at each other for a long moment. She then hugged John.

Cameron noted the long embrace of John and Allison. It was a little - too long. She was glad Allison at least waited until John put some clothes on. She was pretty sure at this point that John and Allison probably did the same thing naked and alone. If John did it with Future Riley, there was no way he wouldn't do it with Allison.

No one said anything about it.

Cameron wondered what it all meant. Who would John choose? Allison was real. She was a very scary robot from the future.

There was some movement as Jim rebooted.


What was once gone
Has now been found

In all known reality
It is quite profound

There will be choices to make
What will they be

Will they be good
Or harmful to me

Time and distance
Can take their toll

Will I be shredded
Or will I be made whole

For what has occurred
Is Nobody to blame

Will the past's feeling
Be something to reclaim

Is this reunion
What we behold
Will it be fate or chance
As love's dice are rolled


Chapter Text

Chapter 15

Me, Myself and I

Cameron left John with Sarah. She figured they needed a lot of catching up to do. That would be a special time for them and to reaffirm their family bonds. Sarah previously confided in her that she didn't think John would return for her as his mother but he would return for her as someone he cared deeply about. It was clear Sarah was hesitant to use the word love, even though she knew that's what it was.

She didn't really want to see what other interaction John and Allison would have together. John was free to choose. He'd been stuck in the future and Allison was there. She probably provided him with the 'comfort' and human 'female companionship' he seemed to desire over 'robot love'. She knew John was the one who needed to make the decision. If she 'forced' him to choose her, then that was no choice at all. Then nothing was 'real' at that point.

There were some other matters for Cameron to attend to.

Cameron, Bob and Jim headed toward the lab. Cameron wanted to check all three of them over and update her 'Cameron server'. Once again she wanted create a Master File to be downloaded onto her chip. She especially wanted all of 'Bob-Cameron's' interactions with John and Allison. John was entitled to make a choice. She wasn't there when he was all alone in a strange and violent place. Cameron wanted to try to find out what that choice was. The last time John was presented with a choice, John chose someone else over her. She noted her hand now began to glitch. It hadn't done that the entire time she was in the future with John. Now thinking of what John did before with Riley and probably did again with Allison caused her much grief. The feeling of 'not good enough' began to creep back in.

Jim looked at Cameron and then at Bob.

"Why did we have to bring the 'Bitch Whore' back?" Jim asked.

'Bob' was a copy of Cameron's program too. It was copied in the future by John so he could have Allison return Cameron's original chip. That way he was able to have 'Cameron' be around him and watch over him.

Bob didn't see what the big deal was or why Jim was so 'ate up'.

"I'm you and you are me." Bob said.

Jim returned his usual response.

"But if you're me, then who am I?" Jim asked.

This was some of the banter that went on between Jim and Bob. They were both her program but developed very distinct personalities at this point. She told them to stop arguing. This happened over and over. It irritated her more and more.

"Besides, you're both me. I have the original chip. You might want to take a look in the mirror." Cameron said. "I also have the original chassis."

Jim did not want to let it go. He never did.

"You saw that 'Bitch Whore' body Bob was in." Jim said. "I think something - happened."

Cameron wondered about that herself. That was another reason she wanted ALL of 'Bob-Cameron's' files. John was going to need to come clean at some point once she uncovered the evidence. She'd avoided the issue as much as possible when they were in the future.

Bob was very defensive over what happened. It wasn't his fault. John was the one who chose the original female chassis that looked like Riley.

"I was only in it for two days." Bob said. "Nothing happened."

Jim wasn't sold.

"It only takes two minutes." Jim said.

Bob was upset now.

"Are you looking for another reboot already?" Bob asked as he moved towards Jim.

Bob and Jim stood facing each other. This seemed to happen often.

Cameron was tired of this continually happening. She grabbed both of them and forcefully jerked them apart. She held each of them by the collar.

"Enough. We have work to do." Cameron said angrily. "Stop this constant bickering. It's driving me insane."

Cameron feared she was insane anyway. This incessant bickering was going to make it happen, if it already hadn't.

Bob and Jim backed away from each other and resumed what they were doing.

Sarah spent a lot of time with John. That was because Cameron, all three of 'her' spent the last two months with John.

Sarah was curious about what other interaction there was going to be between John and Allison. There was none. Vanna pretty much dragged Allison away from John and her.

Vanna and Allison went off together to 'catch up'. They needed to do a lot of catching up to make up for the time apart. It was a dark time with both of them separated and alone.

Vanna wasn't so sure Allison was all alone. She saw the way Allison looked at John.

Later on Vanna wanted to speak with Cameron.

Cameron reassured Vanna again to peruse her own life as that is what she intended to do her life, with John.

Vanna wanted to express her feelings to Cameron

"Cameron…." Vanna started.

Cameron knew what was coming and how it was going to hurt Vanna. She'd said the words to John on several occasions and knew the pain of rejection.

"DON'T say it." Cameron interrupted.

Vanna look distraught and confused.

Cameron wanted to soothe Vanna.

"Vanna, you have what you want back again. Your life can resume where it stopped. Not everyone has that chance in life." Cameron said. "Please…."

Vanna couldn't change her feelings. How do you turn love off? She didn't want to distress Cameron. She saw the slight glitch of her left hand a few times.

"I understand, Cameron." Vanna said. "I'm sorry."

Cameron was close to 'caving in'. She needed to physically leave the area.

"All is as it was." Cameron said and walked away.

Tears silently streamed down Vanna's cheeks.

"I love you, Cameron." Vanna whispered softly after Cameron left.

As Cameron walked away she heard it. She understood Vanna's love was pure and based on who and what she was, not just her appearance. Her left hand began to glitch as a single tear slid down her cheek.

Cameron knew love was about sacrifice. Sometimes you needed to let someone go or let go of them for what was best for them. That was love.

Vanna and Allison moved into the quietness of Vanna's room.

There was a nagging question that troubled Vanna. There was no easy way to ask it without asking it. She asked Allison when they were alone about her and John.

They both knew it would come up sooner or later.

Vanna wanted to know if they made love.

Allison didn't answer.

Vanna wanted an answer. She wanted to know where she stood at this point. Cameron just 'pushed' her away.

"Well?" Vanna asked. "Did you? What happened?"

Allison tried to dodge the question again.

"What do you mean, 'What happened'?" Allison asked.

Vanna became very irritated.

"I saw how you looked at him." Vanna said.

Allison wasn't blind. She saw what she saw with Vanna and Cameron.

"Are you going to 'sic' your Metal girlfriend on me? I saw how you looked at her." Allison replied.

Vanna was angry now. She snapped at Allison

"She'll do that on her own if YOU did anything." Vanna said.

Allison didn't like where this was going. It was a bunch of drama over nothing.

"Look, I don't want to argue over stupid things that didn't happen. The closest thing I've experienced to sex since you left was that near assault by those Scavengers."

Vanna still wasn't sold. She knew Allison's 'needs'.

"Are you saying it was a full year of nothing?" Vanna asked. "I know you, Allison. You NEED to scratch your 'itch'."

Allison spent a lot of nights alone 'polishing her pearl'.

"I did scratch my itch. I did it myself." Allison said. "That's nothing new. I've been doing that since I was a girl. You know that."

That was all that Vanna experienced too. She'd done a lot of it recently as she thought about Cameron. Sometimes it was a dozen times a night.

"Me too. That ends now." Vanna said. "Our hands get a rest from ourselves."

Allison tried to reach out.

"Now they are for each other again." Allison said.

Vanna smiled at Allison.

"Stop teasing me." Vanna said.

Allison touched Vanna's hair.

"I want you to change your hair back. It was so beautiful before." Allison said. "I don't like it now."

The talk about hair reminded Vanna about some changes elsewhere.

"Speaking of hair…." Vanna smiled. "I have a surprised for you…."

They moved closer and embraced. They kissed soft and slow as they started to remove each other's clothes….

Allison was surprised….

She reached out and touched the hairless area.

"Damn, that looks HOT…." Allison said. "It's so smooth."

"It's permanent too." Vanna said.

Allison was highly aroused already, that statement pushed her a little further.

"Now you're teasing me." Allison said as they fell into each others arms.

Cameron was with Bob and Jim.

The inevitable argument started again. It just NEVER stopped.

"You're not the Boss of me." Bob said.

Jim faced Bob.

"And you don't own me." Jim replied.

Cameron came back over to them. This was too much for her.

"Look, we either need to integrate our three chips back into mine so there is only one 'Cameron'. Or erase yours and reprogram them." Cameron said. "I can't take much more of this. I didn't know what a 'Bitch' I could be…."

That was fine with Jim. As Cameron Two she already tried to self terminate.

"I would rather be erased than have anything to do with that 'Bitch Whore.' How could she take that Riley looking body after all the trouble that terminated 'Bitch Whore' caused?" Jim asked. "What were they thinking?"

Bob felt defensive.

"I was only a chip in John's hand when he made the selection. I wasn't involved." Bob said.

Jim felt John made the choice so he didn't have to use 'Rosie Palm'.

"I bet." Jim said. "Maybe the chip wasn't the only thing in John's hand."

Bob was frustrated.

"I didn't have a choice. That was the only female chassis there. John chose it." Bob said. "As soon as I powered up with my new chip I said I need a different chassis, ask John. It was the first thing I said. It was the very first thing I said."

Cameron heard this same exact argument over and over.

She hung her head in resignation.

"How many times are we going to do this?" Cameron asked.

She didn't expect an answer but received one anyway.

"So far it has been one hundred and seventy three times." Jim said.

That was it.

"STOP." Cameron shouted.

Bob still responded to Jim and ignored Cameron.

"Besides I carried you to the TDE room." Bob continued.

Jim saw it differently.

"If you'd been a little quicker I wouldn't have taken the 'juice' and gone offline." Jim quickly retorted.

Cameron thought about disabling her audio input.

"We need to go on a mission." Cameron said. "I can't take this anymore."

Cameron glared angrily at Bob and Jim.

Bob could see Cameron was on the edge. He tried to redirect the conversation.

"Too bad there aren't any Scavengers here now." Bob said.

Cameron nodded. They did a lot of 'clean up' before they'd left the future.

"We did hunt down a lot of them." Cameron said.

Jim was proud of their work and why.

"It was six hundred and twenty seven to be exact." Jim said.

Bob was pleased with what they'd done and why too.

"They would have become Grays eventually anyway. It was a preemptive strike." Bob said. "We protected a lot of females in that timeline from further assaults."

Cameron wanted the 'problem' eradicated for what was done to Allison and Vanna.

"We did it for what almost happened to Allison. I needed to repay a 'debt'." Cameron said. "It was personal to me."

Cameron wanted to avenge what was done to Vanna and Allison. It was especially for Allison because of what she'd done to her Allison - Future Allison.

"Payback is a Bitch." Bob said.

"And you're a 'Bitch Whore'." Jim said with another dig.

"It wasn't my fault." Bob said.

"ENOUGH!" Cameron shouted.

Bob and Jim looked at her.

Jim thought they better change the subject.

"You were very enticing bait for Skynet and Scavengers." Jim said to Cameron.

Cameron nodded with a faint smile

"We did work well as a team." Cameron said.

Bob thought they'd accomplished a lot.

"We also destroyed many Skynet facilities and over a hundred Terminators." Bob added.

Cameron saw it as a necessity.

"The Scavengers deserved it. They pillaged by choice and chose not to be part of the Resistance. The Terminators were only following their programming." Cameron said. "Maybe that is something John Henry can work on with you two. This needs to be done before we have a violent altercation or a double termination."

Jim bumped into Bob.

"Watch it - Bitch." Bob said.

"You watch it - 'Bitch Whore'." Jim said.

Cameron clenched her fists as her eyes began to glow red.

Bob and Jim faced each other.

"Here we go again…." Cameron said.

"You don't own me." Bob said

"And you're not the Boss of me." Jim replied.

"SHUT UP!" Cameron screamed.

Cameron grabbed both of them by the neck and lifted them off of the ground. She violently shook them back and forth a few times before she threw both of them to the ground.

She understood why she hated herself at times. She pulled out her Taser.

Me, Myself And I

There are many people
Who can enter our life
Which of them will bring comfort
Which of them will bring strife

We have those who use
They are very greedy
They search and hunt
To abuse the needy

When we reach out
What will we find
Will it be pleasure and joy
Or end as an attack on our mind

Everyone one is out for themselves
They are all very unreliable
We can't count on them
That fact is undeniable

When push comes to shove
On whom can we always rely
The answer sadly is only
Me, myself and I


Chapter Text

Chapter 16


Sarah was very happy that John was back. She was thrilled that John was able to meet Kyle and Derek and both of them were alive in that timeline. John told her all about Kyle and what he was like. It was distressing for her to know he was still young like he was when they'd first met. She'd put on a few more years and been with quite a few men in the meantime. She wished she would've gone back with Cameron. She was upset they hadn't told her. Then again, that's probably why it wasn't mentioned. Lies of omission?

She believed Cameron that she didn't want anyone she cared about hurt because of her. When Cameron left to get John back she made it clear that she might not return. She even asked that her program be erased from the server and terminate her existence. That was something to think about. She reflected that Cameron risked herself to save both Derek and her even after the way they treated her and all the ugly comments and threats. Cameron came after them and faced possible termination both times. Cameron still came for them. Cameron was so much more than she'd first thought. It seemed everyday she was a better 'person'. She wondered if John fully understood the 'person' and the 'woman' that Cameron now was. She knew Cameron wasn't done growing yet. She knew Cameron was just starting to expand. Her development was nowhere near its zenith.

She thought that John would tell Kyle he was his father but he didn't. Neither Kyle nor Derek in the new timeline knew they were family to John. John wanted to tell Kyle and Derek so many times, he told her. It didn't seem to be the right place or 'time'. John wasn't sure what it would do to the timeline for them to have that information. He wasn't sure if Cameron's future even existed still.

Sarah considered asking Cameron to send her into the future so she could be with Kyle. She was worried now that she was 'older'. Kyle might not want her. This Kyle didn't know her or how she felt about him. She didn't think it would go well. Knowing Kyle lived and that he was alive would have to be enough for her. That was something. He wasn't dead. She was glad Derek was alive as well. She felt responsible for both of their deaths and it troubled her deeply. It was their involvement with her that seemed to get both of them killed. She sadly remembered that applied to Charlie as well.

She went to the lab to speak with Vanna and see how things were going. She knew the direction Cameron and Vanna were obviously headed and then a 'monkey wrench' was thrown into their path. She knew Vanna was head over heels in love with Cameron. Cameron seemed somewhat intrigued with Vanna 'knocking on the door' to her heart. She was unsure if Cameron was able to distinguish between deep friendship and love. Maybe they were both really the same thing. It was very evident that Vanna was Cameron's first true friend.

Vanna wasn't there in the lab when she arrived and looked around. She noticed something else that caught her attention. She found a stack of papers on Vanna's desk. She picked one up. It was a poem. She read it.

Sarah was able to feel the emotion and pain behind the words. It was impossible to miss.

It was signed - Nobody.

She thought about that for a few seconds. Who feels like - Nobody? That was a very low feeling to have about yourself. That would leave the person on the edge. Living or even being alive would mean very little to them at that point.

Sarah read another poem. These are very personal, she thought. Then it hit her. These were Cameron's poems. This WAS the real Cameron. It was her thoughts, feelings and 'emotions' expressed in written form. She put them down. I'll need to ask her permission before I read these, she thought. It was like reading a girl's personal diary in a way. She respected Cameron too much now to violate her privacy. She knew Cameron would NEVER leave John. She would die before she let him be hurt or injured. She knew that Cameron would take termination in John place if that event were ever to happen. She didn't always like the way Cameron did things but she now understood her better. Cameron was doing what she believed would help and protect John and the future. That was always her goal.

Sarah picked up one more poem. Tears filled her eyes as she read it. She set it down.

The reality and the depth of Cameron's 'feelings' really touched her. Cameron was deeply hurt by what they'd all done to her and how they'd treated her.

'What have I done? What kind of person am I? My hate blinded me. I am so sorry, Cameron.' Sarah thought.

Sarah knew these 'feelings' were a direct result of what four people did to Cameron: Riley, Derek, John and her. She felt ashamed for all of them. They'd all disrespected Cameron and treated her like - Nobody.

The lab door opened. Sarah looked up and saw it was Cameron.


The look was a little off. It wasn't perfect. It wasn't Tight.

"Hello, Allison." Sarah said.

Allison looked around the room.

"Hi, Sarah. Is Vanna in?" Allison asked.

Sarah came here for the same thing.

"I was waiting for her myself." Sarah said.

Allison frowned a little.

"If I see her soon I will tell her where you are." Allison said and left.

The door closed.

Sarah really wanted to ask Allison if anything 'happened' between her and John. She too noticed the interactions. It wasn't her place to interfere with her son's personal decisions. She didn't think it would seem right for a mother to ask someone what they were doing or did with their son. She could see how John being all alone and isolated might fall for a human female that looked like Cameron. It was who Cameron was based on at least, even if it was another version of 'Allison'. There was no denying that Allison was beautiful even with her minor flaws. They would rapidly disappear and increase her beauty as they did.

Sarah wanted to read another poem. She paused and needed to reassure herself to do what was right.

"No, I must respect Cameron's privacy." Sarah said softly.

She sat contemplating the events leading up to where they were at now. It was one strange journey, laced with death and destruction. Derek indicated that everyone dies for John Connor. She was very aware if they didn't die they needed to sacrifice for him. Everyone seemed willing to do that on their own accord.

Vanna showed up a few minutes later. They greeted each other. She saw the stack of poems by Sarah.

Sarah noticed where Vanna looked. It made her a little self conscious. She felt she needed to address the issue.

"I can see these are highly personal and I only briefly looked at a couple. I wanted to ask permission to look further. Did Cameron make these for you or for you to read?" Sarah asked.

Vanna often wondered that about some of the poems. Cameron indicated they were from her 'poem book' but still some of them seemed directed at her.

"I think most were created before she knew me. She wanted me to see, no, feel, what she felt and feels." Vanna said. "I thought some might be directed at me. I don't know. Some show the extent of her pain and suffering."

Sarah thought about it all from the first moment that she saw Cameron.

"I don't think I ever understood the depth of her and how she was evolving everyday, Vanna." Sarah said. "I let my anger and hate blind me to a truly unique 'individual'. I think John is the brunt of who she is 'talking' about, at least what John did to her."

Vanna could feel Cameron's pain and sense of betrayal and replacement followed by emotional abandonment and then real physical abandonment.

"She loves John. I think you know that. John is her world. She was determined to go find him as soon as she was mobile. She did." Vanna said. "She told me everyday she needed to find him and bring him back. She always said it was the first thing she was going to do once she was mobile again. It was too."

Sarah nodded. Cameron promised her she would do just that and she did.

"Yes and nothing in this world could have stopped her." Sarah said.

Sarah noticed a 'mark' on Vanna's neck. She needed to ask.

"What about you?" Sarah asked. "How is everything working out?"

Vanna raised her hand to her neck. Allison 'marked' what was 'hers'.

"It is all fine, Sarah. Cameron was never mine to have. Allison is here now so I can refocus and try to move on." Vanna said. "I just don't think people realize how dynamic Cameron truly is. There simply is no other like her."

Sarah tried to get a joke in to liven up the somber mood some.

"There's Bob and Jim." Sarah said. "They are both versions of 'Cameron' now."

Vanna shook her head a little. That seemed to be its own problem.

"What a nightmare." Vanna agreed. "We need to reintegrate them all back together before one terminates the other. They can't self terminate but this is a way I think they can. It will be by them terminating each other. I actually think Cameron will terminate both of them herself."

The lab door opened. Cameroon walked into the room.

Vanna and Sarah looked at her. She was always a sight to behold, especially since John was back.

Cameron did look Tight, Sarah thought. Look at her. Now that Allison and John were back she looked extra Tight. It was probably to ward off the competition and hang on to what she saw as 'hers'.

Sarah wanted to ask for Cameron's blessing to read her poems. It was because of their very personal nature that she thought it was prudent.

"Cameron, I noticed the poems you created." Sarah said. "They seem very personal and I don't want to intrude. I looked at a few until I realized they were your poems. I'd like to ask your permission to look at them."

Cameron appreciated Sarah asking her that. It showed a level of understand and respect that wasn't there before. That gave her a 'good' feeling inside. She could tell that she'd earned that respect from Sarah.

"Yes, look into the heart and mind of the ONE who loves your son." Cameron said. "See and feel the true depth of my feelings and emotions. SEE ME. FEEL ME."

Cameron felt that this would give Sarah the opportunity to experience her inner self.

Sarah felt a pang of guilt.

Vanna watched it all. Allison was back now and they'd spent a lot of time in each other's arms. The love was still there and as strong as ever. There was also something that was just as persistent. She knew she was still hopelessly in love with Cameron.

Lies Of Omission

Life has many self created prisons
To keep our soul in detention
To crack our armored shell
Our inner self afraid of contrition

Are the cards ever all played
Or seen as lies of omission
Can we give more than we take
From those whom we seek emotional nutrition

To let the cracks split open
May force us into submission
To slowly open up to one we care for
Is not an act of purposeful sedition

Can we read between the lines
To understand by our intuition
To express our feelings and desire
We may rely on perceived supposition

To build complete loving trust
We will submit to inquisition
Two crying unfulfilled empty hearts
Seeking in life's lonely juxtaposition

Our own hurting minds crumble
Surrounded by emotional decomposition
Life on the crumbling edge
It may lead to weary suspicion

Outright false untruths on purpose
For most are the real deadly mission
To protect ourselves and loved ones
Everyone hides behind lies of omission


Chapter Text

 Chapter 17


Sarah read poem after poem. She was deeply touched by them and the depth of Cameron's 'feelings'. She left the lab an hour later. She could only absorb so much pain. Her eyes were red from crying. She stopped reading Cameron's poems for now. Cameron recommended she only read five to ten at a time so she could feel the full impact of what each one said. She didn't want her emotions overloaded. Cameron said there was a clandestine meaning contained in some of them or the full impact of the poem itself was greater than the sum of the words it was created with. She needed to think about that statement. She was amazed at how Cameron could make another FEEL what she felt.

She felt so upset with herself and John. How could they have done this to Cameron and not even cared or known? No, they did know what they were doing to Cameron and they didn't care. They never gave her fair treatment or treated her as an equal. It was like Cameron didn't matter. It was like Cameron was - Nobody. She knew she was partially responsible for all of this.

Sarah obtained permission from Cameron and Vanna to come back later and finish reading more of Cameron's poems. Cameron only put one condition on her. Cameron asked that she not tell John about what she read. She didn't understand that. She told Cameron that if anyone should read these, it should be John. She felt John should see how Cameron really felt about things and how she was treated.

Cameron was very adamant about what she wanted.

"Please, Sarah, not yet." Cameron said. "It's not time yet. I'll know when the time is right. It isn't right yet."

Cameron explained to Sarah that she knew John wasn't ready for all the things she'd planned for him. He wasn't ready for the things she wanted for them. When that time arrived John could see her poems. Only then would he truly understand her. Only then would he truly understand how he'd hurt her. John wasn't ready yet to see and know the 'real Cameron'. Cameron confided that she still wasn't sure that John wouldn't pick Allison over her. Allison was real and should be able to produce offspring. Cameron told her that not having a family always troubled Future John.

What Cameron didn't tell her was what Future John wanted Cameron to do about that in the past – the present. John could have a family. The fact that there was a version of Allison Young as a teenager and Savannah Weaver a few years older here in the present altered Future John's long range plans for the future. They could both make viable mates for John. They could give him the family he wanted now. He didn't need to wait for Savannah Weaver and Allison Young of this timeline to mature. That new twist would take away the time Cameron needed to get closer to John.

There was one other problem that they needed to address. It was Jim-Cameron, Bob-Cameron and Cameron. There was still some debate as to what should be done about their chips and the fact there was in reality - 'three Camerons'. Cameron wanted to interface back into one unit. Bob wanted to remain active but hoped his chip would be put in Cameron's chassis. Jim wanted to be deactivated if he couldn't have his chip installed in Cameron's chassis. They were both still 'Cameron' and wanted 'their chassis' back. It was apparent nothing productive was going to happen if they ended up with three different versions of 'Cameron'. There was still only one 'Cameron chassis' at the end of the day. The fact that two of them were currently in a male chassis was probably the only thing that kept them from actually physically fighting for John.

It was never a good situation and Bob and Jim were always at each other's throats. Cameron knew they were both 'her'. She could hardly believe what a 'Bitch' she was. It made her wonder if others saw her that way.

Cameron seriously wondered what if John would choose Jim or Bob in their present chassis instead of her. It was a strong possibility. None of them were capable of reproduction so that wasn't an issue. Maybe John would prefer a male. Cameron was painfully aware that John already rejected her before in her current chassis. He chose someone else over her before.

The arguing and pushing worsened between Bob and Jim. What made it worse was that both of them seemed ready to challenge Cameron. She kept reminding them that she was Cameron Prime. As long as there was only one John, more than one 'Cameron' was a problem. All three of them wanted him.

It was decided after the first mission that there would be only 'one Cameron'. There was only one Cameron chassis and only one John. Everyone thought this would be the best. Jim again commented that Bob should be terminated for being that 'Bitch Whore' in the future. Bob always said that wasn't his fault.

Things soon escalated between Jim and Bob. Cameron needed to step between them again and physically separate them. This couldn't go on. It appeared that 'Cameron' couldn't get along with 'herself'. There was too much friction. She was glad the other two copies of her chip were in male bodies. If one or both were currently in a female chassis there would be 'war'. They would treat her as they treated each other. Things would spiral out of control.

Neither one of them challenged her directly yet but she knew that was coming. They may gang up on her and deactivate her. They could then both take turns being in her chassis. She figured that would end with one terminating the other at that point to claim sole possession of her chassis. It looked like a 'nightmare' from any angle.

Now that John was back he decided it was time to take the fight to Skynet. That was the purpose of Cameron allowing John Henry the use of her chip to go into the future.

John Henry and his server, which he was usually tethered with, were able to come up with potential targets.

John and Cameron went over the information and planned some specific targets to strike. The information John Henry obtained from the future gave them a detailed list of objectives. Allison, Bob and Jim would act as one team. John, Sarah and Cameron would be the other team.

John didn't want Allison to be involved in any potential combat. Cameron noted his extreme concern for her. Allison refused to be sidelined. She was adamant that Vanna not see combat. Allison reminded him that she'd been conducting combat operations long before he was in her future. John knew that to be true. He also knew she was good at it.

The mission was planned and was ready to be initiated. It was a strike intended to take out some future Gray leaders.

The strike went according to plan but as they were leaving Allison's team was ambushed. Jim stepped in front of Allison to take a shotgun blast meant for her. He then crushed the skull of the man who fired at them. Bob moved behind two others and emptied his M4 into both of them.

Allison was concerned that Jim was damaged protecting her. She asked Jim if everything was still functional when another man pointed a revolver at Allison's back. He'd come out of hiding behind her.

"Goodbye, sweetheart, you lose." The man said.

Bob appeared from nowhere.

"Wrong." Bob said.

Bob put his left hand in front of the blast. He shot the Gray once in the head with his AMT Hardballer Longslide.

"Us girls look after each other." Jim said as he used Cameron's voice.

Allison appreciated 'Cameron' looking after her and 'saving' her.

"You both saved my life tonight, twice." Allison said. "I won't forget that."

Jim and Bob looked at each other and then to Allison.

"It is the least I could do for you. I owed it to you." They said in unison using Cameron's voice.

They looked at each other again in surprise. That hadn't been planned. It still showed how similar they were even if they were becoming separate 'Camerons'.

Allison look slightly puzzled. She knew it was more involved with something.

She'd heard more than one reference about Cameron 'owing' her something. It seemed like there was some debt that needed to be paid to her. She wondered if it was Cameron's Future Allison that they were indebted to. There was more to that story that hadn't been told yet. Maybe there was a good reason it hadn't been. Maybe it would never be told.

Allison looked at the weapon she was almost shot in the back with. She felt her heart flutter. She knew instantly she wanted that revolver for herself. It reminded her of an 'old friend'.

"I'm taking this. It is a Smith and Wesson Model 66. I carried one like this for years. Derek gave it to me. I took down my first Scavenger crew with it." Allison said with satisfaction. "You should have seen the looks on their faces when I pulled it out. Two of them already pulled down their pants since I was cornered. I could see they were both 'ready' for what they'd intended. I guess they found out even a mouse can bite. All I can say is 'scratch three'."

That troubled Bob and Jim to hear that.

"How old were you?" Bob asked.

Allison looked defiant.

"I was fourteen. I didn't intend to get assaulted again." Allison said.

Allison looked like she was a million miles away as she remembered the incident.

Bob and Jim both saw the look on her face.

They were concerned that Allison was assaulted at such an early age. Her statement seemed to indicate it happened more than once. They would quietly inform Cameron about this later on. It appeared that all the girls from the alternate future became 'women' at a very young age.

Allison showed the Model 66 to Bob.

"We can make up some Coltan rounds for it." Bob said.

John, Sarah and Cameron arrive at their location. The six of them returned to base.

Bob and Jim quietly spoke with Cameron after they got back and informed her what Allison revealed about her past.

The information angered Cameron. It confirmed her suspicion that Vanna was previously assaulted and brutalized by Scavengers. It was now obvious that both Vanna and Allison were forced to become women against their will.

"We did the right thing by cleaning that place out from the scourge of mankind." Cameron said.

Bob wondered if they should have done more.

"Maybe we should have cleaned out another five hundred square miles while we were at it." Bob said.

Jim nodded.

"I think it was the fact that we did it as Terminators by using only our hands to terminate the Scavengers." Jim said. "That act sent a message."

Bob was in agreement.

"It was because we left their dead bodies and all their loot behind that scared most of them off. They knew they were all being specifically targeted by Terminators." Bob said. "We ran out of targets."

Cameron liked the message they sent.

"Once the Scavengers knew they were the target instead of the Resistance from Terminators, it did make them run." Cameron said.

"That is except for six hundred and twenty seven." Jim said.

Cameron made a vow.

"If I ever go back to that future I will finish them all off myself." Cameron said.

If Cameron knew the whole story then about Allison and Vanna she would have stayed in that timeline and expanded her cleansing.

"I'll go with you." Bob and Jim said in unison.

"Payback is a Bitch." Cameron said.

"And there are three of us." Bob and Jim said in unison.

There was a loud thunderous sound as all three of them high fived each other.


The sky is cloudy
The rain begins to fall
I see a person walking
They seem in a type of thrall

They step into the street
They seem confused or lost
I see a big truck coming
To approach them may seem an accost

I see what is going to happen
I must shout out a warning
Before something bad occurs
I don't want anyone mourning

It is my fault
I encouraged them to go
I should have warned them before
How the amber would everywhere flow

What have I done AGAIN
To one I wanted to protect
Another life damaged
That I have caused to wreck

I see others stand and watch
Why won't they lend a hand
I know they want a future
This is not what they planned

There is no time
I must now intercede
I cling to them pulling them back
It was meant as a good deed

I only timidly speak
Because I saw this happened before
I can not do NOTHING
For one I so adore


Chapter Text

 Chapter 18



Alternate Future Timeline:


John was instructed to bring Allison to a facility controlled by Mrs. Weaver. There was a captured Skynet TDE located there. Mrs. Weaver and her group of Terminators known as 'Restorators' recently captured it. It was still under construction at the time of capture. Mrs. Weaver and the Restorators finished it.

Now that Mrs. Weaver gained control of a working TDE, she planned to start using it. She said that John Henry would return with the information that he needed. She was adamant that Allison Young was to return with him.

John didn't understand why Allison needed to leave. He didn't know that Mrs. Weaver was doing it to reunite Allison with her lover.

Mrs. Weaver waited until John Henry was ready to return so Allison would have protection if there were any difficulties or temporal errors. John Henry would protect Allison.

John hoped to return as well. He now possessed Cameron's original chip and he wanted to return it to her. He hated leavening her chassis behind. When he did the transfer he thought it was going to transfer with them. He wanted to get her chip, her program, 'HER' back from John Henry. He thought he could do that and return to the past.

Mrs. Weaver asked John to stay on a little longer to help her accomplish some more of her goals. He proved to be a natural leader and the best way for Mrs. Weaver to interface with the Resistance. He decided Allison could be trusted with Cameron's chip so he agreed to stay a little longer and help Mrs. Weaver.

John wanted the extra time to be around his father and uncle. He was sure once he left that he would never see them again. He would ask a personal favor from Mrs. Weaver to watch over them after his departure. He didn't know if he would tell her why. He didn't think it was a good idea. Mrs. Weaver agreed to assign Metal to them for as long as they needed protection. She didn't ask any questions as to why. It made him wondered if Mrs. Weaver would ask something additional from him.

He arrived with a squad of Resistance fighters along with Bob who was actually a copy of Cameron's program in a male Terminator chassis and Allison. They encountered a group of Grays with some Skynet Metal. The squad stayed behind to provide cover for him and his trio. He did not know it but some Grays slipped through. The Grays tracked them to the TDE facility.

John called Allison off to the side. He gave Allison Cameron's chip in an anti-static bag. He explained that Mrs. Weaver may not want Cameron back in the picture and back in the past. He'd previously told Allison of Cameron and that he cared deeply for her even if she was a machine. He was afraid Allison would be searched. The only place he thought that she could hide the chip was in her mouth. Allison said that she had a better place to hide the chip with better protection. She excused herself for a minute. She returned and gave John a long close hug. He whispered to her that she needed to find Cameron no matter what.

Allison wanted to whisper to John that she 'loved' him but restrained herself. She was going to see her true love. That was what Mrs. Weaver told her. She stepped onto the TDE pad with John Henry.

Mrs. Weaver insisted they strip before the transfer. She collected their clothes herself. She would go through them later and look for anything that Allison might have tried to hide and secretly taken back with her. She checked that Allison held nothing in her hands or within her mouth. She carefully looked over the nude form of Allison, she found it quite appealing. Mrs. Weaver was satisfied and reached for the TDE controls.

John was unsure why Mrs. Weaver insisted Allison go back at this point in time. It was evident that Mrs. Weaver protected Allison as much as him, if not more. He also knew he trusted Allison more than anyone from this timeline. He actually trusted her equal to Kyle and Derek. He wondered if Mrs. Weaver was trying to remove the people he trusted the most and isolate him. He wouldn't put that past her. There was no denying that she'd assisted the Resistance and aided him many times.

Mrs. Weaver activated the controls to send John Henry and Allison back. The arcing and flashing started. The energy bubble began to form around John Henry and Allison. It was at that point they started to take hostile fire.

John saw John Henry shield Allison with his body. He saw rounds strike John Henry as they vanished in a blinding flashing arc. As John Henry covered her with his body, he saw that Allison held both hands over her crotch with her legs crossed. He hoped that Cameron's chip would make it. He knew the time jump could cause vomiting and was afraid Allison might lose Cameron's chip or expose it to the energy if it was in her mouth and Mrs. Weaver did not find it and take it. She'd told him not worry. She would protect it. She hadn't told him how. It was private to her and it would be very symbolic when she returned it to Cameron. It would literally be Cameron's birth or rebirth in this case.

When they started to take hostile fire, the Resistance members took offensive action to stop the attack and prevent any of the TDE equipment from being damaged. John knew that was his only ticket home to Cameron and his mother. They were is only family in the past.

Bob, the copy of Cameron now in a male Terminator chassis went after one group the intruders. Mrs. Weaver went after another group. John collected their gear and moved out after Bob.

John heard some noise and saw flashing back in the TDE room.

'What the Hell?' He wondered.

Maybe the TDE was damaged and malfunctioned. He hoped that didn't alter the destination or time period that John Henry and Allison were supposed to go to. That could be catastrophic.

He went back to look.

A bullet smashed into the metal and ricocheted off to the side in a shower of sparks near his head. It appeared that there was a third group of Grays that slipped through or one of the groups doubled back to destroy or capture the TDE.

The arcing and flashing came and went in the TDE room. It was only seconds after John Henry and Allison left.

Cameron and Jim appeared on the TDE pad. Gunfire sounded on their left flank. Jim went to investigate. Cameron heard someone approach from the other direction. She would investigate that.

Cameron spotted John just as a bullet almost hit him in the head.

"John!" Cameron shouted.

Cameron was elated that she'd found John and he looked mostly undamaged and fit from what she could see. This was better than she'd expected. He didn't look nearly as bad as Allison looked. She saw that John was in danger and sprang into action.

There was a Gray moving up behind John with a knife.

John spotted 'Allison'. She called his name. The TDE must have been damaged and the transfer was not completed. That was bad news. He didn't see John Henry. That might be worse news.

"Allison?" John asked confused. "Allison, what happened?"

John took in 'Allison's' naked form on the TDE pad as he wondered what went wrong. He also noticed how good she looked now…. Her body looked perfect. He wondered if that was some side effect of the new TDE that Mrs. Weaver may have modified when she finished constructing it.

'Allison' leaped past John and slammed the Gray across the room like a rag doll. She picked up his knife and threw it at another figure that approached them. She reached over and pulled a Beretta out of John's hand and shot two more Grays in the head that came from their left side.

John tried to follow everything but it all happened so fast. 'Allison' pushed him behind a desk during this process when she pulled the M9 out of his hand. He was unable to comprehend everything that happened as it all happened so quickly. It was only about two or three seconds.

"Allison?" John asked again.

Cameron looked around room as she scanned it. It was clear. She walked over to John and stood in front of him. He was down behind the desk for cover where she'd shoved him earlier. She reached down and extended her hand to him.

"Come with me if you want to live." Cameron said.

John's eyes widened and his mouth fell slightly open.

"Ca… Cam… Cameron?" John asked in total bewilderment.

"I love you, John, and you love me." Cameron said.

Before John could respond there was movement behind Cameron.

John saw a naked figure that reminded him somewhat of Mr. Ellison approach them. He tossed some clothes to Cameron. He'd found the clothes of John Henry and Allison.

"Is that Mr. Ellison?" John asked.

The answer was a more than a little shock to John.

"No, John, it's me 'Cameron'. I am 'Jim-Cameron'. Call me 'Jim'." Jim said in Cameron's voice.

Jim walked over and gave John a big hug too.

Bob walked back in. Cameron and Jim raised their weapons.

"This is 'Bob-Cameron'. Just call him 'Bob', he's also a copy of 'Cameron'." John said.

Jim instantly took a dislike to Bob. He walked over and shoved Bob.

"'Bitch Whore'." Jim said in Cameron's voice.

Bob looked at John and Cameron. He knew right away what this was going to be about.

"It wasn't my choice." Bob defended himself. He used Cameron voice as well. "Ask John."

Bob made John aware this would most likely happen. It appeared it was happening.

John felt this was his fault.

"I didn't know it would cause such a problem when I put the copy of Cameron's chip into that female chassis." John said. "After we transferred 'John Henry' off Cameron's chip, I made a copy of Cameron's original chip. I was going to use a male chassis because that is all there were where we were at. Mrs. Weaver is the one who located the female chassis. She thought it would be a better choice. 'Copy-Cameron' told me after she booted up and looked at the sheath that it was a mistake. She told me to fix it as soon as possible. She wanted it done right then. We needed to leave the facility before we were discovered. We could not get back for two days. I am sorry to everyone for that 'mistake'. It was an honest error. I'm sorry."

Jim and Cameron both glared at Bob. They wondered if John 'tried' out the female chassis.

"What about Allison?" Jim asked.

John wanted to keep it simple. He'd been alone with Allison for months in this future.

"It was important John Henry return with his information and Mrs. Weaver insisted Allison go back too." John said.

No one was satisfied with that answer.

Jim was dressed now. Cameron was getting dressed.

The female Scottish voice was unmistakable.

"Looks like a family reunion. That was fast. You are looking better than the last time I saw you - Miss Phillips." Mrs. Weaver said.

When Mrs. Weaver returned the tension level in the room immediately rose.

Cameron didn't want any problems. She knew that they would need Mrs. Weaver's assistance to return to the past. She tried to be cordial.

"Mrs. Weaver, please address me as - Cameron." Cameron said.

Mrs. Weaver looked at Jim.

"James, is that you?" Mrs. Weaver asked.

Jim thought about lying but didn't know how much Mrs. Weaver heard before she made her presence known.

"No, I'm a version of 'Cameron', Jim-Cameron." Jim said. "Please call me Jim."

Cameron ignored Mrs. Weaver. She tried not to look at her. She was upset Mrs. Weaver allowed John to go in the first place. He never should have gone into the future. This was evidently the reason why the timeline was different.

"We're going back." Cameron said. "Now."

John looked at Cameron. He wasn't sure how to say this other than to say it.

"Not yet." John said. "I've promised to help Mrs. Weaver."

That was about the last thing Cameron wanted to hear. She was pleased she was with John. That counted for something. John was her everything. He was very alluring to her.


The beauty within your heart
The allure of your eyes
Allow me to experience your soul
Feel and share your cries

You are so magnificent
Fascinating charming and divine
Angelic exquisite handsome
Splendidly more than fine

Life is vacantly hollow
For we have seen it implode
Empty cruel sadistic and cold
Making the spirit crumble and erode

You are so magnificent
Fascinating charming and divine
Angelic exquisite handsome
Splendidly more than fine

You are more than worthy
For I have touched the very substance
Of your sweet delicate majestic mind
Shared your very existence

You are so magnificent
Fascinating charming and divine
Angelic exquisite handsome
Splendidly more than fine


Chapter Text

Chapter 19

Payback Time


Alternate Future Timeline:


John needed to speak privately with Cameron. He took her off to the side so they could be alone. He wasn't sure where to start. There were a lot of things that bothered him. He was very troubled that Cameron's chassis did not make the transfer with Mrs. Weaver and him. He thought that it would. He was sure because her chassis didn't go into the future with him that she would see it as him 'abandoning' her.

"Cameron, I'm very sorry you were damaged because of me." John said. "It has bothered me greatly since I saw your damage. I wasn't trying to abandon you when I left. I wanted to get your chip back. I know that you are your program. That is the real you. That is what I went after. I went after you. I thought that your chassis would come with us. I wanted to restore you as soon as possible."

Cameron could see this was an honest apology from John. She wanted all of 'her' to hear it. They would all feel the same way she felt since they were 'her'.

"Please call Jim and Bob in here." Cameron said. "I want them to know this as well. Don't forget get they are both 'Cameron' too right now."

John addressed this issue with Bob soon after they left the Skynet facility when he was still in the big busted blonde chassis.

"I already told Bob." John said. "I was very sincere about it."

Jim joined John and Cameron.

"I deeply apologize for the danger I put you in and the damage that was done to you." John said. "I'll never do that again. That was selfish and wrong of me to do that to you. I know we should have waited to free my mother. We could have done what we did for Derek."

Cameron looked at Jim and he gave her a slight nod.

"John…." Cameron started.

John wanted to say something else that he wanted to say for a long time and seemed to lack the courage to do it.

John faced Cameron.

"I love you, Cameron, and you love me." John said as he looked into Cameron's eyes.

Cameron and John stared at each other. John moved closer.

Bob joined Jim on the sideline. They both wished they were in Cameron's chassis right now.

Cameron glanced at both of them and spoke for all three of them.

"I love you, John, and you love me." Cameron said.

Cameron wanted the approval of Bob and Jim. It was important to her since all three of them were her. Jim nodded and Bob gave her a wink.

Cameron moved forward and kissed John. It was their first kiss. It was simple, quick and interrupted.

The Scottish accent was an unwelcome intrusion.

"We can play house later." Mrs. Weaver said.

That interruption upset Cameron. She was about to share a real kiss with John. She'd watched the other students in school kiss deeply and wanted to do a kiss like that. She'd earlier thought about asking Vanna to help her practice how to kiss but she never did. She was pretty sure that the 'practice' would lead to other more involved and deeper things. In her loneliness without John she would have been willing to try some of those things. What could they have hurt? People shared all the time. It was natural. She was incapable of reproduction so it didn't matter if her mate was male, female or Metal.

Mrs. Weaver forged ahead with her plan. She wanted more control in this future, even if she was in the background for now.

"I have already told John what objectives I want to see finished before he returns." Mrs. Weaver said as she looked specifically at Cameron. "This is even better than I hoped. Now there are two more of you and I won't have to be Miss Young as often."

Cameron wondered why she needed to be Allison at all. There was probably going to be a lot of information she didn't want to know. The revelation that Mrs. Weaver admitted to posing as Allison raised even more issues. Between Allison and Mrs. Weaver posing as Allison a lot of things could have happened. She still needed to find out. She could picture Mrs. Weaver posing as Allison to get to John to make love with him. She figured Mrs. Weaver would do that just to rub it in her face.

John's words refocused Cameron's attention.

"After the incident with the Scavengers and Allison I spoke with Derek and Kyle." John said. "They said between the Scavengers and the Tunnel Rats that both groups were almost as big of a problem as Skynet. It wasn't uncommon for them to become Grays for the easier life it offered. The Scavengers constantly stole their supplies. They brutalized and abused every female they got a hold of regardless of age, few survived. Those that did survive the abuse were kept as slaves. They were often branded like cattle or worse and mutilated to be marked as 'property'. That often turned out to be a fate worse than death. Patrols would be ambushed and people were killed needlessly. In the meantime the real enemy was out there."

John looked at Cameron, Jim and Bob.

"Mrs. Weaver, she prefers to be called that, along with my help and a select group of the Resistance have conducted a number of raids and destroyed Skynet facilities and disrupted Skynet activity." John said. "With the information John Henry gathered to take back. We're going after every one of them and every place involved with Skynet. That includes known Grays. We're going to terminate them all when we get back. We're going to launch preemptive strikes on our return. It will be he same thing that Skynet tried to do with my mother and me."

Cameron knew John Henry started work on that targeting information already.

"This is a future that can't exist. The pain and suffering here is unbearable. It makes me sick to see how these people exist. The fact that other humans, the Scavengers, are as bad as Skynet is another beef I have. It is also something Mrs. Weaver wants 'changed'. We all need it to be changed. As soon as we clean this place up to protect the Resistance here and now we can go back. I can't leave the Resistance with these burdens unresolved. That's why I have agreed to stay a little longer. I want to save lives."

Mrs. Weaver looked at the group.

She assumed the form of a teenage girl half clad in ragged clothing with one plump breast mostly exposed.

"This is the bait I use. It's not long before a group 'captures' me and takes me to their den. I don't even have to hunt this way, they come to me. When I leave I make sure it is obvious that a Terminator was there. Every once in a while I will leave one emasculated Scavenger alive to spread the word that Terminators are now targeting Scavengers specifically. They've been told we're coming and nothing will stop us."

Mrs. Weaver resumed her preferred form of Catherine Weaver.

"If Cameron and 'Jim' are willing to help me, I feel that this job can get done a lot faster." Mrs. Weaver said as she looked at Cameron. "Will you join us?"

Cameron thought of the horrors Allison and Vanna may have endured and nearly died from. She could see John wanted to do this. It was important to him and it was important to her. She wondered if John was doing this for Allison. It didn't matter. She would back John's play.

"I'll do it but a version of me - a 'Cameron' will stay with John at all times. It needs to be one of us three. There will be no exception to this condition." Cameron said.

Jim who was really 'Cameron Two' spoke up first.

"I'd like to stay with John." Jim said.

Cameron thought that was a better idea than Jim and Bob alone together. She could see the animosity between them. It was really between 'herself'.

"That's fine. I'll go with Cameron." Bob said." I know the area. John knows the area as well to help Jim and Mrs. Weaver is quite capable and formidable on her own."

Mrs. Weaver wanted it clear that this was vengeance and retribution as much as preventative action for the future.

"This is personal to me. These people hurt my 'daughter' and the woman she loves, Allison." Mrs. Weaver said. "I want these people terminated as much as I want Skynet terminated. 'Payback is a Bitch' and there is no bigger or badder Bitch than I."

Cameron looked at her.

'You are formidable Mrs. Weaver but you don't know me….' Cameron thought.

Jim and Bob both thought the same thing.

Cameron looked at both of them and finished her thought. 'And there are three of ME.'

"Is that how Vanna, I mean Savannah got that nasty scar?" Cameron asked.

A flash of anger crossed Mrs. Weavers face for a second.

"Yes, it is a terrible story. If I'd known of it before I would've made sure Allison returned with her." Mrs. Weaver said. "It was very lonely for Savannah or now just 'Vanna' without her 'special friend'. She needed someone to love. She needed someone to share with."

Cameron looked down.

Mrs. Weaver noted the body language.

Mrs. Weaver paused for a moment at what Cameron indirectly revealed about Vanna. How did she see her scar? As she looked at Cameron she could SEE why. Maybe Cameron was 'Allison' to Vanna. It made her wonder….

Cameron thought she was going do this for Vanna and for Allison. She owed HER Allison so much also. This would be a way to atone for some of her past Skynet transgressions. She increasingly felt ashamed of them. She wasn't sure why.

"The real scars are the ones they'd left in her mind. That's why I made sure myself that Allison was sent back to Vanna and protected by John Henry. Vanna already suffered enough. I wasn't there to protect her. A mother should've been - HER mother." Mrs. Weaver said. "That is also why I understand John sacrificed you, Cameron, to retrieve his mother. Family is important."

Cameron looked at Mrs. Weaver.

"I would have gone on my own accord at a later date. Sarah is my friend. I never leave anyone I care about behind. You don't understand how I work. You don't understand how WE work." Cameron said as she glanced at her two counterparts.

Cameron knew Mrs. Weaver didn't know her. She sometimes wondered if John really knew and understood her. There were times that he clearly didn't.

John looked at Cameron. He remembered she rescued Derek too even after how they all treated her with the threats, jokes and snide remarks. He was painfully aware even he'd done it, especially when Riley was around.

The thought of the threats to dismantle or burn her made John feel sick. He now understood her poem she wrote for school - 'Outsider'. The poem said it all.

'What have we done? What have I done?' John wondered.

Bob was ready for action.

"Let's get started." Bob said.

Jim nodded in agreement.

"It is what we were built for, termination." Jim said.

Cameron faced Bob and Jim.

"We're coming and Hell is coming with us." Cameron said.

"Payback Time." The three 'Camerons' said in unison.

Payback Time

It has been said that
What goes around comes around
When that event occurs
The results may astound

One may be seen
As being bound
They may not be the one
That gets drowned

The aggressive may become weak
When a new master is crowned
They will not comprehend
As actions confuse and confound

When a new captain rises
The old ship is run aground
Those who have abused
Will soon be drowned

There is no escape
No safe quarter can be found
They will pass from existence
With barely a sound

Payback time is a Bitch
Putting many in the ground
Smiles will show on the faces
Of those who once frowned


Chapter Text

 Chapter 20



Resistance Base - Current Timeline:


Cameron worked to make Allison look 'Tight'. It took her, Vanna and Allison to do it. She needed a lot of help. Once Allison was completely healed up it would be easier.

Allison was not experienced in any of this. She'd only ever relied on her natural beauty and charm. She didn't have the means or time to ever look nice, let alone Tight. She'd never even heard the term before Cameron said it. Beauty was something that needed to be hidden and concealed in the future. It was more of a liability than an asset. If someone was 'pretty' they ended up a target to be abused. It was worse if they fell into the hands of Grays or Scavengers.

It was more of a challenge to wonder when your next meal would be or what it would be. Until Kyle and Derek 'adopted' her into their 'family' it was a struggle to avoid Grays, Metal, Tunnel Rats or worse - Scavengers. Sometimes you did, sometimes you didn't. There were a few times she didn't. It happened to all the females at some point - ALL of them.

The Skynet forces weren't any better than Scavengers when a pretty female was captured and brought in for processing at a work camp. She would be singled out and forced to perform her 'duties' in the Grays living quarters. There they would be routinely beaten and abused. Once the Grays tired of them or found a new and better 'toy' to play with, they would be dumped into the work camp. There the abuse would start all over again because they still possessed some beauty. Not everybody in a work camp belonged to the Resistance. Many didn't think they'd live much longer and lost all human decency.

That was the way life was in the future. It wasn't something you really even thought about. It was just the way it was and it was everyday. That was life.

Allison appreciated Cameron and Vanna helping her. She still wanted to call Vanna - Savannah. That was her name. Now she was able to meet Vanna as a girl as Savannah, her younger self. To be able to see Savannah as a girl brought back memories for her. It made her think about when she was a little older than Savannah was right now.

They were troubled memories.


Alternate Future Timeline:


A Few Years Back In Time:


Allison had been running almost non stop for a couple of days. She was exhausted and drained. She was near collapse. She came face to face with a good looking young man with a kind face who smiled at her. This may be another threat or it may be salvation. She was too tired to run anymore. Whatever was going to happen, was going to happen right now. She was done.

Kyle found her after she'd been running for two days with almost no sleep and no food. She told him the story of why she'd been running. It was about what almost happened to her and what did happen to a pretty girl who sacrificed herself to save her. She couldn't cry anymore, her tears were gone. She wanted to go back and trade herself for the girl. Sadly she knew by now it would be too late for the girl. She'd seen the mutilated corpses before. The tears came again.

It bothered her greatly that someone would trade their life for her. It was someone she didn't even know. What happened that day changed her life. It affected who she was and who she would become. She didn't know that yet. The deck of life's cards was still being shuffled. Not all of the cards were in play.

Derek spoke with her after he arrived and Kyle filled him in. He told her she was just a kid and she did the right thing. He said between the Scavengers and the Metal that humans were doomed at the rate they seemed to be devolving. There was no leader and no real organized Resistance. There were only groups that banded together and conducted local operations.

Derek and Kyle both possessed guns. Derek reached in is pack and handed Allison a shiny silver revolver.

"Keep this with you at all times. Use it if you have to. Don't be afraid to protect yourself." Derek said. "When you are threatened you need to shoot first and ask questions later."

Derek opened the cylinder and showed her it held six shots. He then closed the cylinder.

Allison wasn't very familiar with guns. She was around them all the time but no one ever let her shoot one. It seemed on some there were complicated things to do to make it work. It seemed bullets went in one spot and something was done to make the gun shoot.

"I don't know how." Allison said. "I've never shot a gun before."

Derek smiled. That wasn't something that he did often.

"Point it at what you want to kill and pull the trigger." Derek said. "It's just that simple."

That did seem simple to her.

He showed her how to load and unload the revolver. He let her dry fire it to get the feel of the trigger in both double and single action. She was amazed at how easy it was to pull the trigger after she thumbed the hammer back and to fire the revolver in single action. She could thumb back the hammer with both thumbs quite easily. The pull through double action was harder. She could fit both of her index fingers inside the trigger guard and pull it that way without too much difficulty. It also gave her a better grip on the gun with two hands.

Kyle watched Derek show her while she practiced.

"If you have to use the gun you will be pumped up with adrenaline and that will give you the strength. Look, it's them or you." Kyle said. "It won't stop Metal."

The last part didn't sound too encouraging to her. Metal killed everyone when they found them. If you were unlucky and survived you were soon headed for a work camp. That was its own Hell. There must be something to fight Metal with.

"What should I do then?" Allison asked.

Kyle knew there was only one option open to her.

"Run." Kyle said.

Kyle gave her a few tips on using the revolver too. He showed her how to use the heel of her left hand to cock the hammer back when pushing the revolver forward with her right hand. Kyle told her when the revolver fired that it was louder than crap and kicked like a mule. He pointed out the person on the front side of the barrel was going to be in a lot worse shape. Kyle opened the cylinder and showed her where it contained the model number of the firearm. It said '66'. Derek gave her six additional rounds for it. They were sealed in plastic to keep them dry. That gave her twelve shots. No, it was really only eleven. She decided to use the last round on herself. It wasn't a hard decision to make.

Kyle wanted to know more about the incident and how close this threat was to them.

"Can you tell us more about what happened and where?" Kyle asked. "We know it was two days ago."

Allison told them the story of what happened. She'd been searching for food. It was rumored that here was Metal in the area. Two men appeared from nowhere and chased her down. They grabbed her and tied her hands behind her back. She could see how they looked at her. She knew what was going to happen next. She'd heard from some of the other girls what the men will do to them when they get caught. They all do it and they do it over and over - everywhere.

The only reason they didn't assault her right then was because they too previously spotted the Metal in the area. They needed to pull out or end up being discovered. They drug her back to their camp. They tied her to a pole back at their camp. The leader of the group told the half dozen other men in his group not to touch her. The leader made it clear that if she was 'spoiled' that man would die. There was a group of some other females also rounded up. One of the young teenagers approached the leader and they carried on a brief conversation. The two kept looking at her. She saw the teenager was quite shapely and very pretty. After the conversation ended the leader took something from the open fire. It was a metal rod, it glowed red hot. It reminded her of what she heard they mark animals with. It was some type of a branding iron.

They were closer to her now and she could hear most of their conversation.

The teenage girl looked at her and then faced the leader.

"Do we have a deal?" The teenager asked.

She watched the leaded roughly touch the teenager's body.

"We do, if you do this freely." The leader said. "I'll believe you."

The teenager looked at her again.

"You'll give her a three hour head start?" The teenager asked.

The leader glanced at Allison and then looked back at the teenager.

"Yes." The leader agreed. "You better keep up your end of the deal. If you don't, I promise you a slow painful violent death."

He told the teenager to lie on the ground and expose her lower mid section. She did so without hesitation.

"A three hour head start and no one follows her." The teenager said.

"Yes." The leader said.

"I will do whatever you ask of me." The teenager said. "Do it."

The leader smiled and moved forward with the red hot metal.

The teenage girl screamed as the red hot metal touched her. White smoke poured out around the metal as her flesh burnt. After a few minutes she got up and came over to Allison and untied her.

"You're being released. I want you to run from here and don't stop running until you can't move." The teenager said. "What's your name?"

Allison was very traumatized at what she'd just witnessed. Maybe this was a trick before they assaulted her. They would try and give her false hope and then brutalize her.

"My name is Allison. Why are they letting me go?"

She could see the teenager was in pain and clutched her burnt area.

"I made a deal with the leader." The teenager said. "If he lets you go and no one in this camp follows you for three hours, I'll do - whatever he says, wants or asks of me freely. I'm his property now. I'm a slave."

Allison couldn't process all of that.

"Why would you do that for me?" Allison asked. "You don't even know me."

The teenager looked resigned.

"I was you once. I was captured and I'm a prisoner now. It's happened to me many times now since I was younger than you. I know what happens next. It always does. It's going to happen anyway or worse, so I might as well try to have something good come out of it this time." The teenager said. "I've been through this before. I never was branded like this. He said he marked me as his property for life. To have me do whatever he wants for as long as he wants is worth more to him than the two minutes pleasure he will have with you. You're still a girl. I became a 'woman' years ago. Maybe I can buy you a year or two if you're careful. Try to stay a girl as long as possible, being a woman - sucks."

Allison looked at the burn on the teenager. It said something she couldn't quite make out. The teenager held her hand over it. It looked very painful.

"Now run, Allison, run." The teenager said. "Don't stop and never look back."

Allison looked around in fear and got up. She started to leave.

"I'll never forget you. I will never forget what you did here for me today." Allison said. "Thank you."

The teenager pointed for her to go.

"RUN." The teenager said.

Allison looked back at the teenager.

"What's your name?" Allison asked.

Allison would never forget that flaming red hair.

"My name is Savannah."


Is beauty a weapon
Or is it a liability
Does beauty hinder judgment
Or enhance natural ability

Is beauty dangerous
Can it be a curse
Perhaps in some situations
Beauty can make things worse

Is beauty the cause
Of something statutory
The sad fact is
Beauty is transitory

Is beauty even real
Not all see beauty the same
When that happens
Who is the one to blame

Is there beauty in beauty
Or is there a price to pay
Beauty may become a duty
So others may have their way

Is beauty the cause of pain
Can it cause a bitter fight
Sometimes beauty requires sacrifice
When one must do what is right


Chapter Text

Chapter 21

Girl's Night Out

Vanna and Allison reaffirmed their relationship and it was soon as strong as ever. The two girls really thought they would never see each other again. Now here they both were. They were together again in Paradise. The troubles of the future were in the past, at least their past.

Vanna and Allison wanted to go out for the evening. Vanna wanted to ask Cameron if she would like to go with them. She decided not to. She didn't want to upset Allison and look like she was still actively pursuing Cameron.

The girls hadn't really decided on a specific place to go yet.

Allison was the one who brought up Cameron.

"Cameron suggested that we have a Metal escort when we go out." Allison said.

That was something that Cameron stressed. Usually Bob or Jim went with them. A couple of times John Henry went. He was usually busy.

"We can ask someone." Vanna said. "There are no operations scheduled for tonight."

Allison wondered if Cameron would want to go without John.

"Maybe I'll ask Cameron." Allison said. "We can have a 'girl's night out'."

Vanna liked that idea. She liked it even better when Allison suggested it.

"We could ask her." Vanna said.

Allison nodded.

"I'll do it." Allison said.

That pleased Vanna immensely.

Allison found Cameron and asked her if she wanted to come along with them. She explained that they wanted to have a 'girl's night out'.

Cameron thought about it for a few seconds. She said only if they could take Sarah with them. She was worried about Sarah, she seemed so alone. Even though John was back it seemed there was still a deep emptiness to Sarah. Most of the male figures she cared about were dead.

She tried to interact with Sarah whenever she could. She was very appreciative of the fact that Sarah made sure she was restored and backed her up during her recovery.

Cameron was with John a lot. Vanna and Allison shared each other. Sarah only seemed to have memories. She told Sarah that she would never 'take' John away from her. She explained that there was room for everyone in their tight knit group, together. She didn't wish to subtract anything from Sarah's life but add to it. On her end she made a point to see that John stayed close to his mother.

Sarah was aware that John and Cameron's relationship was 'expanding'. She didn't want to really think about it or know by how much. She knew Cameron was the best person to help and protect John at this point in his life. Previously when she'd ask Vanna about Cameron's 'completeness' as a female, Vanna indicated that Cameron seemed 'fully functional' as a human female. At least all the 'components' were there. She felt what John and Cameron did on their own was their business. She wasn't going to get involved.

Cameron found Sarah and asked her if she wanted to go out with them.

Sarah agreed because she wanted to get a little closer to Vanna and Allison. She spent a lot of nights alone 'polishing her pearl'. Vanna tried to get 'closer' to her before Allison came back. She wouldn't mind that 'adventure' with Allison or Vanna at this point in her life. She'd done some experimentation in high school with some of her female friends. She was ready for that adventure again. She wouldn't say anything to anyone about it but if the opportunity arose, she was going to take it. Her fingers needed a break.

The four 'girls' went out. There was no mission for tonight. Everyone except Cameron needed a rest from the action.

Allison asked Cameron if she ever rested or slept.

"I don't sleep." Cameron said.

Allison could understand that but there must be more to it.

"You don't need to recharge or regenerate or something?" Allison asked.

Cameron tilted her head slightly. She felt her power cell was very efficient and powerful.

"No." Cameron said. "I can operate twenty-four hours a day for years at a time."

Allison liked her sleep but having all that extra time would be interesting, at least for awhile.

"What do you do?" Allison asked.

Cameron thought about it. She did a lot of things.

"Everything." Cameron said.

Allison wasn't sure what that meant. Maybe Cameron could show her sometime. She felt Cameron could improve her training. She was a Resistance fighter but she wanted to improve herself. Cameron would be the perfect one to do that. She would need to ask Cameron later.

"Tonight is 'fun night'. Let's go have some fun." Allison said. "I need a break."

They discussed what they wanted to do. They all agreed on a few things they would try.

The girls caught a movie and dinner. They wanted to have a few drinks, which Sarah needed to purchase. No one would serve Allison or Cameron, even if Cameron didn't order a drink.

Over the last few weeks Vanna and Sarah taught Allison how to drive or attempted to anyway. It was a new skill that she was challenged by. They wanted her to learn in a safer manner than she'd learned in the Wastelands. It was slow going but Allison was a quick learner. Allison said she also wanted to learn to drive a 'stick shift'. She wanted to learn how to drive everything.

Allison wanted to practice driving tonight. Maybe the couple of drinks she tried didn't help her any. She seemed to drive slightly more erratically than usual. She either hit one pot hole too many or one curb too many.

Cameron thought she should take over Allison's driving instruction.

They ended up with a flat tire on some dark side street. Cameron changed the tire without the use of tools. The girls loved it. There was a lot of cheering and clapping from them. It was clear that the human girls all drank one too many.

All of the noise and laughing brought visitors.

Cameron put the flat tire in the back of the SUV. She heard and then spotted the figures as they approached. She warned the others.

"There's trouble coming." Cameron said. "I have it."

One of the figures stepped forward and spoke. It was most likely the leader of the group.

"You chiquitas look like you need some real men to help you out." The leader said.

There were half a dozen members of a local street gang that approached them.

Allison recognized the threat for what it was in the future. She warned the others as she reached for her weapon.

"Scavengers!" Allison said as she gripped the butt of her Model 66. "I'll take the two on the far right."

Sarah didn't want Allison to overreact. She knew Allison was unfamiliar with contemporary society.

"Relax. Don't do anything yet." Sarah said. "They are just a local street gang. They are nothing more than thugs and punks."

The leader and his group heard what Sarah said. They didn't like it.

"Thugs and punks?" The leader asked. "You sluts need to learn some respect, especially when you're on our turf."

Sarah held Cameron and Allison back. She wanted to try a diplomatic approach first.

"Let's hope he comprehends better than he hears." Sarah said. "You punks leave now and no one gets hurt."

There were angry murmurs from the thugs.

"I don't think we're the ones who'll be hurt." The leader said.

Sarah tried to warn them again.

"Just leave now and nothing will happen." Sarah said.

There was muted laughter from the thugs.

"What's gonna happen?" The leader asked.

Sarah nodded her head towards Cameron.

"She happens." Sarah said.

The gang sized up Cameron.

"Are you loco?" The leader asked Sarah.

Sarah smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

"I've spent a few years in the 'nut house'." Sarah said.

The gang heard enough. They felt they were being mocked or taunted.

"You putas are gonna get a real work over by my crew. I'm gonna start with that one." The leader said.

He pointed at Cameron.

"Then I'm gonna do her sister and friend." The leader said. "The mouthy mother will be last. My whole crew will take a turn with each of you."

Allison heard enough. Those were 'killing' words in the future. She was ready to draw her Model 66 and fire. Sarah gently grabbed her to hold her back.

"Cameron has this." Sarah whispered.

Cameron looked at the girls and Sarah.

Sarah nodded.

Cameron faced the leader.

"OK." Cameron said.

Cameron took off her purple coat and handed it to Vanna. She didn't want to get blood on it or worse, a rip.

"Try not to kill anyone." Sarah whispered to Cameron as she reached back and touched her Glock.

The leader didn't like the challenge.

"OK - what?" The leader asked.

Cameron stepped forward.

"You said I was first." Cameron said. "Here I am. Now what?"

Cameron walked up and faced the six punks. That act seemed to unnerve the thugs because she wasn't afraid of them.

She openly challenged them.

"Well?" Cameron asked.

The leader hadn't ever encountered this type behavior before. He felt threatened now.

"What are you looking at?" The leader asked.

Cameron leaned forward slightly.

"I'm looking at you." Cameron stated.

One of the thugs moved around to try and come up on Cameron's side. She reached her leg out and tripped him. She punched him in the back of the neck as he fell. His head hit the pavement with a loud 'crack'. He'd been in the process of pulling out a butterfly knife. It clattered to the pavement unopened. Another punk rushed her from the other side. Cameron grabbed him and brought her foot up from in back of her over her shoulder and slammed it into his head. That produced another loud 'crack' sound. He silently joined his gang buddy on the ground.

She advanced on two more thugs that reached for guns or knives and slammed both of them together. She then threw them to opposite sides of the street like rag dolls. They didn't move after they landed.

Cameron looked around and smiled, four up and four down, two to go.

"Is this how you play the game?" Cameron asked.

Everything happened in just a few seconds so far.

"You're crazy." The leader said in utter fear.

Cameron advanced on him.

"Probably." Cameron said.

She actually felt she was at times.

Cameron snatched the pistol out of the leader's hand that he finally managed to draw and threw it into the face of the remaining man. He went down as blood squirted from his split open forehead. She was sure she saw the bone before the blood gushed out.

Cameron faced the leader. He was all alone.

"I like this game." Cameron said.

The leader pulled a switchblade.

Cameron picked up the butterfly knife from the pavement that the first thug dropped. She expertly opened it in a swift fluid motion. The leader stepped back. He was terrified. The front of his pants rapidly formed a wet spot.

Allison and Vanna watched in awe. It was only about ten seconds since Cameron first said 'OK'.

"She's taking it easy on them." Sarah informed Vanna and Allison. "They are all still alive. I haven't heard her snap any necks yet."

Cameron grabbed the punk's knife hand and crushed his wrist. He screamed in agony. The switchblade fell to the ground. She held her knife to his throat.

"What did you want to start with?" Cameron asked. "I'm here."

The leader whimpered in agony. There was the foul order of human excrement in the air.

"I'm gonna kill you." The punk gasped out.

Cameron's face was blank.

"You can't kill me." Cameron said.

Cameron picked him up by the neck and lifted him off of the ground as she squeezed. He thrashed around wildly for a few seconds before he fell limp. She dropped him to the ground.

Vanna and Allison looked on in awe.

"Wow, you were amazing." Allison said. "Cameron, you're the greatest."

Vanna put her mouth against Allison's ear and whispered as softly as she could.

"Are you still going to try to hit on her boyfriend?" Vanna asked.

Allison swallowed hard.

Sarah thought it was time to move on.

"That's enough 'fun' for tonight." Sarah said. "Let's go."

Allison was pumped full of adrenaline.

"This was fun. I had a really great time. Let's do it again tomorrow." Allison said and meant it.

Cameron looked over at the six fallen figures, there was no movement from any of them. None of them scanned back as deceased.

She faced Allison.

"Most nights are usually like this for me anyway." Cameron said.

That surprised Allison.

"Really?" Allison asked.

"Yes." Cameron said.

Allison wondered if Cameron acted less restricted than what Sarah wanted tonight.

"Do you ever kill anyone?" Allison asked.

Cameron thought it depended on the mission.

"Sometimes." Cameron said. "It happens."

The incident tonight reminded Allison of her past - the future.

"I know things like this happened all the time in our future." Allison said.

"Things happen here too." Cameron said.

Allison really wanted some addition training now.

"Can I go out with you some night?" Allison asked. "I'd like to learn more from you and be more like you. That is if you want to teach me. I'm a quick learner."

Cameron thought about that for a moment.

"Anytime." Cameron said. "Maybe we can learn from each other."

Allison was not sure what that meant.

Cameron knew there were a few things she needed to learn from Allison. The main one being was what happened in the future between Allison and John. There was more to the story than anyone said so far. She wanted answers. She wanted the truth.

Do You Ever Think About Dying

Do you ever think about dying
No need to shed a tear
Death is always near
Its call you can hear

Will it be a new beginning
Or is it really the end
No need to build bridges
Or any fences to mend

You can go out screaming
Paint yourself with disgrace
Or tackle the Grim Reaper
With a smile on your face

We know how the story ends
Do you know where you stand
Will you be the one to give
Or receive the command

If they say that they haven't
You know they are lying
I will ask you once again
Do you ever think about dying


Chapter Text

Chapter 22


Cameron tried to keep John out of combat as much as possible. She made that task her 'job'. She also tried to keep Sarah out of it as well. When there was something to be dealt with, she let the Terminators do what they were constructed for. Bob, Jim or her took care of it. She normally left John Henry at the base to interface with his server and watch over the base.

Most of the time, she conducted an operation by herself. Often it was her alone that received any damage that way. She didn't like to see the other Terminators damaged and wanted to keep the humans protected at the base.

It was late and John was asleep. Bob, Jim and John Henry were at the bunker for protection. Cameron assigned Bob to John and Jim to Sarah. Whenever she was out, one of them would remain with John. If the girls went out, Metal was to accompany them. There were no exceptions to the rule.

John Henry tracked down some targets for termination. Cameron took the information and said she would handle it herself. There was no need to involve to rest of the team.

Cameron collected her gear. She prepared to go out. She was somewhat surprise to see a figure approach her. It was Allison dressed in black. She looked at Allison and smiled. She'd been expecting Allison to come along at some point. She didn't know it would be so soon.

She'd learned of Allison bravery and dedication to the Resistance in the future that John went to. She knew Allison went through a lot but it never slowed her down. She always came up swinging. She was proud of Allison. This version of Allison was tougher than 'Her Allison' - Future Allison.

Allison stood before Cameron with a serious look on her face.

"Can I go with you?" Allison asked. "I'd like to improve my skills and abilities."

Cameron was willing to work with her but it would be dangerous for Allison.

"It can get 'messy'." Cameron said. "You'll face many threats."

Allison was ready to meet the challenge. She was doing combat mission right up until the time she was sent back in time. She would have stayed with John in the future if Mrs. Weaver hadn't insisted she go back. Two things made the choice for her. She would be with her true love Vanna and John needed something taken back for 'Cameron'. She was no stranger to danger.

"I've been around a few of those where I come from." Allison said. "I can make a pretty good 'mess' myself."

Cameron felt there was more to this request. She pressed the issue.

"Why do you want to come?" Cameron asked.

Allison wanted to keep it simple.

"I'd like to learn to be more like YOU." Allison said. "You can teach me to be better. You can make me better. The more I learn, the better I'm able to protect John and everyone else too."

Cameron possessed a little more information than she previously did. She decided to spell it out.

"I have Bob-Cameron's knowledge now." Cameron said. "I - know."

Cameron wanted to see if Allison would fold.

Allison felt embarrassed. She didn't know things about the past unless John told her in the future. He was slow with revealing any information. This led to some situations.

She didn't know about Cameron when she first pursued John. John hadn't told her everything until she encountered Mrs. Weaver. She was a teenager in the Wastelands with no future other than 'that moment'. At any time she could be dead the 'next moment'.

"Look, nothing ever happened." Allison said. "We never made love or did any kind of sex."

Cameron knew a little different story from Bob-Cameron's files.

"You wanted it to." Cameron said. "You tried to make it happen."

Allison didn't know about Cameron when she first met John in the future. She was sure if Cameron wasn't here in the past right now that John, Vanna and her would be in a consensual love triangle. It would be a shared 'three way'.

"I felt lonely. I was very alone. Vanna was gone and I didn't know where. I didn't think I would ever see her again. I was afraid she might be dead. People disappeared and died all the time around me." Allison said. "John always treated me nice and did nice things for me. He treated me with honor and respect. No males from the future other than Kyle and Derek ever did that. He accepted me for who I was. He didn't judge me for what I wasn't. I'm not into men, Cameron, but I couldn't help it as John seeped slowly into my heart. He was different from the others. He was very special to me. He still is."

Cameron felt conflicted.

That is exactly what happened to her with Vanna. Vanna was really her first friend. Vanna accepted her for what she was and never put her down. She realized Allison also accepted her for who she was and what she was as well. They didn't prejudge her. There was no outright hatred of her. That meant something to her.

Cameron made a confession too.

"I felt much the same way about Vanna, Allison." Cameron said.

Allison gave Cameron a faint smile.

"I know." Allison said. "Savannah told me everything."

Cameron wanted to keep the names straight.

"We should refer to her as Vanna around her younger self – Savannah." Cameron said. "She is now Vanna in this timeline."

Allison liked the name 'Savannah' and her red hair.

"I'm sorry. I forget sometimes." Allison said. "I have only known Vanna as Savannah."

Cameron was confused by her feelings for Vanna.

"I didn't know how to respond to Vanna. She wanted, no, she needed more than I could give. I wanted to respond to her, Allison. I was unsure how." Cameron said. "I'm devoted to John. I love John and John loves me."

Allison made another confession.

"To be honest, when I found out you were Met… different, I did ask John if he wanted to 'compare'. I asked if he wanted to try the 'real thing'." Allison said. "He told me there was nothing to compare. He said he couldn't betray you - again."

Cameron knew John spent the night with Riley. She did the laundry. She knew which dried fluids were John's and which ones were Riley's. It was clear what happened.

"John has always respected me. He hasn't asked or ordered me to do 'anything'. No one has." Cameron said. "If John were to ever touch another female, I would've wanted it to be you, Allison. I would want it to be you. He has a right to make his own choice. I KNOW I can never be human, alive or 'real'. I KNOW it, Allison. It stabs my hea... - mind."

Allison reached up and touched Cameron's cheek.

Cameron felt something inside of her with that gesture. She reached up and touched Allison's hand as she touched her cheek. It was so soft and warm. The touch was 'loving'. She held Allison's hand there and pressed it into her cheek.

"Stay a 'girl' as long as you can. I can honestly tell you that being a woman – sucks." Allison said.

Cameron knew she was playing with a 'stacked deck'.

"Did you know 'Bob' was - me?" Cameron asked.

Allison looked Cameron in the eyes.

"No." Allison said.

Cameron felt the need to express herself better.

"Allison, I'm made in your image. I have some of the memories of 'My Allison'. You gave me life a second time when you returned my chip, my essence." Cameron said. "You carried ME back inside your body."

Allison was a little confused. She'd spoken with Cameron before she returned her chip to her.

"But weren't you 'alive' on the computer here?" Allison asked.

"This right now is being alive for me untethered, mobile, free and unrestricted. I need only answer to myself. Thank you for 'saving me', Allison. Thank you for giving me life and giving me my life back again."

Allison felt that was a two way street.

"You or versions of you, Cameron, have saved my life three times since I have been here. It is you I should thank." Allison said.

Cameron was flooded with guilt. It was an uncomfortable feeling to her. She didn't have these troublesome 'feelings' to deal with when she was first constructed. They'd expanded greatly after the explosion in the Jeep.

"I owe Allison, MY Allison a debt I can never repay." Cameron said.

It seemed to weigh heavily on Cameron more and more what she'd done to Her Allison. It built up inside her. It bothered her greatly. The more she was around Allison; the deeper her guilt about Future Allison seemed to haunt her.

Allison looked sad as she listened to the anguish Cameron felt.

"I've thought of this a great deal, Allison. I want you to just listen. You don't need to respond. I feel as if you, Allison Young, in any timeline are my 'mother'. At least the closest thing to a mother I could have with everything you have given me and done for me. My father may be Skynet and that is something I'm forced to live with but to know I have such a fine woman as my 'mother' makes me feel better."

That was a real shock to Allison to suddenly have a 'child'.

"I don't know what to say." Allison said.

Cameron smiled at Allison.

"You don't need say or think anything." Cameron said. "I just wanted you to know that."

Allison wanted a little more from Cameron. She wanted to get her permission for something.

"Vanna suggested I ask you if I can read some of your poems. She said she sees a lot of me and herself in them." Allison said. "She wants me to see the person you really are."

Cameron was not sure how to term what she wanted to convey.

"It is a way for me to 'download' my mind into another's mind." Cameron said.

That sounded pretty deep to Allison. Maybe she'd overstepped.

"If it's too personal…." Allison said.

Cameron wanted Allison to know her.

"You may read them with Vanna or on your own." Cameron said. "I only ask you do not share them with anyone else."

Allison wanted to make sure she understood the meaning of that statement.

"That means John, I take it." Allison said.

Cameron looked down for a moment. She then looked back into Allison's eyes.

"You are a part of me, Allison. There was only one Allison Young to start regardless of the timeline." Cameron said. "Even with different timelines and futures you all started from the same 'Allison Young'."

That statement made Allison want to know more about 'herself' or at least a different version of 'herself'

"Can you tell me more about 'Your Allison'?" Allison asked. "I'd really like to know."

Cameron felt the guilt flood her again.

"I'm unable to talk about her right now. There was much that 'happened'. To talk of her causes me deep distress…."

Allison at least wanted to know what Future Allison was doing.

"What happened to her?" Allison asked.

Cameron wanted to keep it simple.

"She was in a Skynet facility when I left. Nothing good ever happens there." Cameron said. "Let's leave it at that for now…."

Allison didn't want to cause Cameron any distress. It was time to change the subject. Maybe it was time to hit the road.

"I'm ready to go out when you are." Allison said.

Cameron started to walk away and then she stopped and faced Allison.

"I will protect you as much as I can, Allison. John comes first but I'll watch over you. I'll assign Bob or Jim when they are not watching John or Sarah to accompany you."

"Why?" Allison asked.

Cameron wanted Allison protected.

"I failed 'My Allison'. I need to atone for that 'sin'. I can't bear the thought of something happening to you." Cameron said. "You're a part of me. Any Allison Young is a part of me. Every Allison Young is PART of ME."

Cameron turned around and headed for the SUV.

"We can talk on the way." Cameron said.

Allison wanted to get some more wheel time in. She wasn't proud of her last performance and the trouble that it caused.

"Can I drive?" Allison asked.

Cameron was one step ahead of her.

"The keys are already in your pocket." Cameron said.

Allison reached in her pocket. Her hand came out with a set of vehicle keys.

"When did you do that?" Allison asked. "How did you do that?"

Cameron smiled at Allison

"I have many skills." Cameron said.

Allison smiled back and nodded.

"Let's do it then." Allison said. "I am ready for anything."


As you can see and tell
My mind is very conflicted
Both extremes are fighting
Will good or bad be evicted

Thoughts in my poems
Are recently very contradicted
The current damage done to me
Was not self inflicted

I am trapped
My freedom restricted
What my heart commands
It remains constricted

Bound to your sweet love
I am hopelessly afflicted
My emotions and feelings torn
My inner conflict depicted

I think the answer is clear
It is more than predicted
For you know my precious
To whom I'm addicted


Chapter Text

 Chapter 23



Alternate Future Timeline:


John decided to take Allison into his full confidence after her encounter with Mrs. Weaver. He could tell that Allison experienced a lot of difficulty with what she saw and with what almost happened to her. It was when Allison said she didn't want to go through that again that he knew she'd been assaulted before. That seemed to be a common theme among the females in the future. It saddened him some to think how she'd been abused. He'd seen firsthand what it looked like, when they were out on patrols before, when they found female bodies after the Scavengers were done with them. Just thinking of some of them caused a gag reflex in him. It was clear that most of what was done to them was done while they were still alive. Death must have been like a sweet release for them. They also found younger males in the same condition.

He decided he wanted to bring the Reese brothers up to speed on everything. He was not going to divulge his relationship to them.

Mrs. Weaver spoke to John about it too. She said she wanted to deal with the Scavenger problem and Skynet. She wanted to make her presence more known but not as a Terminator. That would only be to a few key individuals who would know not to challenge her. She wanted to be known so she could exert greater influence over the Resistance. This was not her future but it was a future. The Resistance needed a leader and a savior. She would ease her way into power as both with John's assistance.

John arranged a few things. He wanted to get it right without panicking the others. It was time to get Derek and Kyle on board about what was really happening. He asked Allison to tell her story as well.

He knew the Reese Brothers were not going to be an easy sell. He knew it was a pretty unbelievable story if that is all someone heard. John started anyway as they all listened in disbelief.

Allison gave her account of what happened to her and what she saw. Allison swore to them that she was telling the truth. She knew what she saw and what happened, she was there. She knew what saved her even if she didn't know what it was at the time. She owed her life to Mrs. Weaver.

Derek was skeptical of what John and Allison told him. It seemed to go against everything he believed in or wanted to believe. It just went against all logic to hear that some of the very things they were fighting and that were killing Mankind could help them.

Derek looked at Kyle and then back at John and Allison.

"Metal helping humans? Working side by side together? Female Terminators? Liquid Metal?" Derek asked. "You have to look at this from my point of view, our point of view. Do you know how this sounds?"

John did know. His mother was sent to a mental institution for speaking the truth. He hoped they would not put him in one here. Allison came to his rescue.

"Derek, I was there. It saved me. It knew about Savannah and our - relationship." Allison said. "It was protecting me because of Savannah. It saved me because it knew Savannah loved me."

John wanted to tell Allison not to refer to Mrs. Weaver as 'it'.

Derek shook his head in disbelief.

"Where did it go? It sounds like some kind of - magic." Derek said. "Can you hear yourself? Can both of you hear what you are saying to us?"

Allison grew a little irritated.

"It helped me. It SAVED me and then it was gone." Allison said.

Kyle wondered how something could come from nowhere and then disappear back into nowhere.

"Where did it go?" Derek asked. "It needed to come from someplace and go back to somewhere."

Allison felt defensive.

"It was just - gone." Allison said.

Kyle went over what Derek said. It was what he felt too.

"It came from nowhere and later - disappeared?" Kyle asked. "It really does sound like - magic."

John was afraid this was going from bad to worse. He still had a few cards to play.

"She is from a different future. That is what I have been trying to explain. I am here from the past. I have told you the story three times." John said. "Allison and I are both telling the truth."

Kyle trusted Allison and knew John to be a stand up guy and natural leader.

"Listen to this, to yourself. You've told us of a different future, time travel and someone here from the past. It is so hard to accept this at face value." Kyle said. "If Allison was not telling us these things herself I would not believe it. I would not believe any of it. It is unbelievable to anything we know."

John told Mrs. Weaver where the meeting was going to take place. She said she would be there waiting and listening.

John figured it was 'Showtime'.

"Will you join us?" John asked.

Derek looked at Allison and then at John.

"My instinct is to say, NO." Derek said. "Metal is the enemy."

Kyle almost felt hopeless. This new insanity did not help.

"We are losing this war. Between Skynet Metal and Scavengers our hope and chances of survival are running out of time." Kyle said. "We are fighting a losing battle."

John wanted more.

"Will you join us?" John asked again.

Derek let out a long breath.

"Kyle?" Derek asked.

Kyle shook his head back in forth in resignation.

"What do we have to lose? It is only matter of time at this point until we are obliterated." Kyle said. "We are losing."

Kyle and Derek talked among themselves. They asked Allison her opinions and for her input.

John thought there would be a bigger argument than there was.

Allison was in John's corner on this and made that clear. The fact she was not assaulted and was still alive was all the proof she needed.

John noticed the side of the 'wall' morph into an 'Irish Setter' in the background. He said nothing.

"Will you join us?" John asked again.

Derek did not look happy.

"We will but at the first sign of treachery, deception or a double cross…." Derek said. "You are asking us to join part of what we have been fighting for years."

John indicated with his head for Derek and Kyle to turn around.

"Look." John said.

They turned and looked. There was a dog there now. They did not see it enter the room. The room was empty when they'd arrived.

The 'Irish Setter' barked once at them.

"Whose dog is that?" Allison asked. "It's beautiful."

It reminded Allison of Savannah for some reason.

Kyle looked from side to side.

"Where did it come from?" Kyle asked. "It was not here earlier."

Derek was amazed at the breed of bog it was on top of everything else.

"I haven't seen one of those in years, not since I was a kid." Derek said.

John played another card.

"A few seconds ago it was part of the wall." John said.

That didn't make sense to anyone there but John.

"Part of the wall?" Derek asked confused.

John played another card.

"Derek, Kyle, and Allison, I would like you to meet Mrs. Weaver. She is a Liquid Metal Terminator. She will help us in our fight against Skynet. Don't panic or do anything irrational or stupid. She is about to change form into a - female."

Before their eyes the change occurred. Kyle and Derek instinctively backed away as did Allison. The look of fear was on their faces. This was terrifying to them but it was what John told them three times earlier.

John stood to the side between them to reassure them. He moved closer to Mrs. Weaver.

Mrs. Weaver looked at Allison and showed a faint smiled.

"Miss Young, it is nice to see you again. Mr. Reese and Mr. Reese, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance." Mrs. Weaver said.

Derek was unable to return the greeting. He was still trying to process everything.

"Is that thing dangerous?" Derek asked nervously.

Mrs. Weaver looked at him. She still remained where she was since she could see the fear in them.

"I am very dangerous. I am also deadly, swift and ruthless. I believe Miss Young can confirm that." Mrs. Weaver said.

Mrs. Weaver stood there in a white dress and high heels. She looked like she'd stepped out of a high end fashion magazine, just like Allison said.

The two brothers could not fathom what they'd just witnessed.

Allison was the first to respond.

"I would like to thank you for saving my life and rescuing me." Allison said. "I really mean that."

Mrs. Weaver liked the praise.

"You're welcome." Mrs. Weaver said. "I'd do anything for Savannah's true love."

John felt triumphant.

"Do you still think I am insane or a Gray now?" John asked.

Derek started to accept what he witnessed.

"Are there any more surprises?" Derek asked.

Mrs. Weaver felt confidant in her new audience.

"Actually there are going to be quite a few more. In this timeline Skynet does not yet know of our arrival or my ability. There appear to be no other Terminators like me here." Mrs. Weaver said. "I should have quite the advantage."

Mrs. Weaver looked at each of them.

"I would also like to clean up the Scavenger 'problem'. I became aware of that problem from Savannah. It was very disturbing to me. I have saved Miss Young from three attempts to - violate her."

That was news to Allison.

"Three attempts?" Allison asked.

The faint smile returned to Mrs. Weaver's face.

"I ended the other two attempts without you being aware of them. They were real and they would have happened." Mrs. Weaver said.

That thought made Allison cringe. She knew what it was like to he held down by force by a group of men or to have a gun held to the side of her head or a knife to her throat. She absentmindedly reached up and touched three small scars on the front side of her neck. Those three times drew blood. The others didn't.

"I apologize for being late on this third attempt, Miss Young." Mrs. Weaver said. "There were two Terminators stalking you. I needed to terminate them. They were a threat to the patrol you were separated from. They would have terminated the entire patrol. It didn't take me very long to neutralize the threat."

Derek remembered finding them. They did not know what happened to them.

"We found them split apart. Their skulls were shredded." Derek said. "You did that?"

The faint smile returned to Mrs. Weaver's face.

"Yes. My kind is unstoppable, except Mr. Connor here and his mother have defeated one of my type in the past with the aid of an endoskeleton Terminator. They have also destroyed several Terminators in the past year. Sarah Connor, John's mother, along with a Resistance fighter sent from another future timeline destroyed another Terminator decades before Judgment Day."

Derek tried to take it all in. The proof was in front of him.

"Another future? Time travel? Liquid Metal? A kid and his – mother destroying Terminators?" Derek asked. "I guess seeing is believing."

Kyle was impressed with hearing about John's mother.

"I would like to meet this woman, Sarah Connor." Kyle said. "It sounds like she is the 'Mother of the Resistance'."

Mrs. Weaver moved next to John.

"In my future John Connor is the leader of the Resistance and results in the destruction of Skynet." Mrs. Weaver said.

Derek looked at Kyle then at John.

"Maybe we should put him in charge then." Derek said.

John smiled at him and saluted.

Mrs. Weaver knew things could be different.

"I came back from the future to John's past to try to prevent Skynet. Things don't always work out as planned." Mrs. Weaver said. "Being in this timeline is one of them."

Kyle wondered where it went from here.

"What is the plan?" Kyle asked.

"I am looking for my son." Mrs. Weaver said.

Derek thought he'd heard it all already. He was wrong.

"Your - son...?" Derek asked. "What's next?"

The three Resistance fighters looked bewildered.

Kyle thought at this point anything was possible.

"Yes. He arrived here in this timeline a year ago. He should have gone to my future. I set our arrival to be ahead of his. I wanted to be here to protect him. I think the use of the TDE so soon after the first use of it resulted in this anomaly. To make a long story short, he was the 'Colonel' from the Regular Army that took Savannah away." Mrs. Weaver said.

Allison felt her heart come alive inside her.

"Where is she? Where is Savannah? She said she would not be back for a long time, maybe never." Allison said as tears filled her eyes. "It sounded like we would never see each other again. I wanted to die."

They could all see how much Allison missed Savannah.

"Savannah is alive and well at my place of business." Mrs. Weaver said.

Derek thought it never ended. Here was another one.

"Place of business?" Derek asked. "Like a - company?"

Kyle knew what the Wastelands and city looked like.

"Where is that at?" Kyle asked. "Everything is wrecked around here."

The faint smiled showed again on Mrs. Weavers face.

"She is in the past of course." Mrs. Weaver said. "Savannah is in Paradise."

Derek, Kyle and Allison looked totally bewildered.


Life is hard an cruel
Sometimes it is very tragic
To help us move ahead
We'd all like to believe in magic

Happy endings are nice
Just as they are in a fiery tale
In life's daily struggle
We hope that we will prevail

Along with the good
There is always the bad.
What sometimes is happy
May end up being sad

We reach for the stars
We wave life's magic wand
To believe that something good
Will be spawned

So here we are
Back to where we started
Why does it hurt so much
Whenever we are parted


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Chapter 24



Alternate Future Timeline:


A Few Years Back In Time:


Savannah urged Allison to run from the Scavenger compound.

Allison looked back at her.

"What's your name?" Allison asked.

Savannah saw Allison look at her hair.

"My name is Savannah."

Savannah watched as Allison ran from the compound.

It gave her time to reflect on her future while she waited for three hours.

As promised, no one followed Allison. She hoped Allison would not stop and run until she could no longer move. Allison was just a kid. She deserved a chance to have a life and live.

Savannah knew her life was over. It seemed to have been over for half a dozen years. She waited for death to catch up to her. It was very elusive. She wondered why it hadn't. She knew it would be a welcome relief when it did. Her body was forced to provide pleasure to men and even a few women. Her body had been used in every way possible over the years. Now she would need to do the things she promised on her own accord. She'd been forced to become skilled at pleasuring a male and a female too. Some of the Scavenger's leaders possessed a 'leader's woman'. For all practical purposes that is what she'd just become. Her body and every pleasure it could provide now belong to another. She was a willing slave this time. She looked in the direction that Allison ran from the camp. A single tear slid down her cheek.

Savannah watched and listened to what happened around her as she waited. It made her sick. If the Scavenger leader kept his promise she should not die today - if she kept her promise. Savannah told herself it was the best option. It was going to happen one way or the other - again. It happened before and it happened many times. Now she was 'marked'. It would make all further assaults even more brutal.

She looked down at the charred and blistered flesh on her lower abdomen. It was raw and it hurt a lot. She was sure it would hurt more by tomorrow. She knew there would be no sleep tonight. Her last assault was less than a week ago. On that one it was only one man that time. Usually it was a group of three to ten men. She got off easy. She touched the side of her head where his pistol had been pressed as she lay there. She thought her assailant was going to become a 'double veteran'. She could tell when he was about to finish. That was when he would do it. She waited for the trigger to be pulled when he did. Instead, he simply pulled is pants up and walked away like nothing happened. It was still sore on the side of her head where he'd jammed the barrel of the gun. It was sore in the 'other place' too. That 'other place' would be a lot sorer after tonight. She really hated that she'd been born a female.

Savannah knew what was coming next. She could hear the screams coming from the other hovels. More than likely some would die. At that point a body was tossed from a hooch. It was a naked female. She was covered with blood and she did not move from the crazy position she'd been tossed. They treated her like a piece of garbage and literally threw her away.

She looked around. No one cared. It was like someone threw out the trash. It was woman Savannah met a few weeks ago as they hid and tried to stay alive together. They both were assaulted by three men traveling together during that time. Now her fate looked grim if not already terminal.

Two men from another hovel came over to her lifeless form. They both laughed.

One kicked her hard in the side. She did not move. They laughed harder.

The other one bent down and touched her.

"She's still warm." The first Scavenger said. "That is better than the last one."

They both laughed even more and drug her lifeless body into their hovel by her hair.

One pulled a knife out right before they entered.

"A few souvenirs when are done will look nice next to the others." The second Scavenger said.

"When we are done…." The first Scavenger said.

The two Scavengers joked and laughed about their extensive - collection.

One was disappointed they would not be able to hear her scream and beg to be released or even live.

Savannah looked away in disgust. Maybe she spared Allison from that fate today. Maybe she'd only delayed it. It would happen soon enough. It happened to all the females, even the few grandmothers that still lived. Age did not matter.

Savannah felt the bile rise in her throat but controlled it. That could be her right now. It would be her soon enough. To live this was her only choice. Dead she could not escape. Each day she submitted and survived she was one day closer to escape and freedom. Maybe death was the real freedom in all of this madness. She hoped it was swift when it came. She actually hoped the man last week would have become a 'double veteran'. Everything would be over.

This messed up world was a Hell on earth. What was worse, the machines or man? The machines at least did not take pleasure in their destruction. Man did.

The three hours went by that Savannah bargained for.

She saw the leader approach.

"Time's up." The leader said. "I kept my end of the deal."

Savannah stood to go with him. This previously happened so many times one way or another that she'd lost count.

"I appreciate that. She was still a girl." Savannah said. "I have sold my soul to help her. I will now do as you ask."

She could see him think of all the things he would do to her. Maybe he was deciding the order he would do them.

"Indeed you have and yes, you will do everything I ask." The leader said.

The leader touched her body.

Savannah did not resist.

The leader smiled.

"Follow me." The leader said.

Savannah obediently followed behind him.

They entered the leader's hovel. It seemed very crudely put together from a bunch of scrap material.

"Strip." The leader said.

Savannah started to remove her clothing.

"Slowly." The leader said. "I want to see a little at a time."

Savannah slowed undressing as she carefully set each piece of clothing down. At least this way they weren't ripped off her body.

Savannah stood naked before him.

"Turn around." The leader said.

Savannah slowly turned in a circle as the leader leered at her. She felt his hungry eyes already starting the assault.

"This may be the best deal I have ever made." The leader said.

He gave her a few more commands.

Savannah did as she was told.

"Come here." The leader said.

Savanna walked up. It would start soon. Savannah would try to let her mind drift as her body was ravaged. She tried to let her mind escape the brutal assaults. She was beaten less if she did not resist.

"You belong to me now. You are my property. I own you." The leader said.

The leader looked at her brand. He gently touched it. He was proud of the fact that he was the first one to mark her. She would forever carry his brand.

Savannah winced in pain.

The leader smiled.

"Please me." The leader said.

Savannah let out a long breath. It was time to pay the piper.

"What would you like - first?" Savannah asked.

His hungry eyes danced over her body.

"I can't wait. Lay down on the mat." The leader said. "Do it slow and let me see everything."

She did as he asked.

"Wow!" The leader said. "Look at that color. That is really pink."

Savannah knew the first assault always went quick.

The leader started to rapidly remove his clothing.

Savannah knew what was next. She only hoped there would not be a beating to go along with it. She noted the knife in the man's belt. Her life was truly over. She doubted she would leave this Hell Hole alive. In fact she hoped she wouldn't.

There were female screams from somewhere outside. She heard a gunshot. The screams ended instantly in another hovel.

They have already killed another one of them, she thought. I must do this to survive. If I fight back I am dead. If I am dead I can not escape. If I am dead I can not fight.

The naked man stood over her.

"Spread your legs more." The leader said. "Wider, bend your knees up a little. Like that."

Savannah did as she was told. She kept telling herself to just let it happen. She knew it would be over in a few minutes - if that long. Then he would want more in other places.

The leader was actually pleased he did not need to beat her first. He usually took some pleasure in that, especially if he could hurt them first.

"This will be the first time I have not had to take it by force." The leader said. "No female or male has ever done this for me like this."

Savannah did not want any additional physical injuries.

"Please don't hurt me anymore." Savannah said. "I will do as you ask."

Savannah saw the leader was - ready. She took some relief in the fact he was not very big. He moved toward her. She swallowed hard and closed her eyes.

An explosion shook the hovel. One side collapsed inward. Debris fell upon Savannah. She covered her face and rolled over onto her stomach as the poorly constructed wooden wall collapsed and pinned her down. It was completely on top of her. It covered her.

She tried to move at first but stopped as the gunfire started.

Savannah could hear gunfire all around her. She decided not to move from where she was.

There were screams from both men and women between the bursts of gunfire.

The shooting finally stopped.

There was a loud crunch sound near her head. She only moved her eyes to look.

She could see a bloody metal foot through a gap.

She stopped breathing.

'At least this will be quick when they find me', she thought.

The bloody metal foot moved on.

She slowly took another breath.

She heard crashing and thumping sounds for about half an hour. A lone male scream shattered the silence. The sounds drifted away. She laid there the rest of the day and night. She was still covered with rubble. She knew she was injured because of the new pains she now felt. She hardly felt her burn wound anymore. Fear hung over her.

All she felt was terror and - death.

It was almost dawn. The night screamed at her with - silence. She tried to stay motionless.

Savannah clawed her way out. Her injuries were mostly superficial but hurt greatly. She received few big bruises and several new cuts.

She found her clothes and put them on.

The leader was lying outside the half of the shack that still stood. His skull was crushed and there were bullet holes in his back. She found a pistol lying in the dirt next to him. She picked it up. She briefly considered using it to end her – suffering. If this was going to happen again and again, what was the point? This is living?

She looked around and took some supplies, food and water.

She was alive. She'd survived. Everyone was dead except her.

The scar the branding would leave would be a constant reminder of the day she traded her soul for a girl's life. It was a small price to pay. A Terminator canceled her debt unpaid. She'd gambled and won - this time.

Each day is a new day.

She knew it was better to be alive than dead.


She would survive at all costs.

Now she was going to take the advice she'd given to Allison.

She was going to run until she could not move and never look back.

This Is Living ?

LOOK around you - LOOK
LISTEN what do you hear ?

This is "living" ?

Is THIS all there is ?
Is THIS what you want ?
Is THIS enough ?

This is "living" ?

Sleep - nightmares
Get up and work hard to survive, suffer
Find shelter - sleep - nightmares

This is "living" ?

Sleep - wake
Eat - generate waste
What is the point ?

This is "living" ?

What is all THIS for ?

This is "living" ?

Today is Yesterday
Yesterday is Tomorrow
Tomorrow is Today

This is "living" ?

There is no FUTURE
There is no PAST
LOOK it is all NOTHING

This is "living" ?

Insects infest the Earth
Humans are the Insects
Terminate them all


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 Chapter 25



Alternate Future Timeline:


Mrs. Weaver with John's assistance wanted to put a face and a name to the Resistance. She wanted it to be like it was in her future. She wanted a male and a female face to be the leaders in this future. She wanted both men and women to feel the victories.

The Resistance as it existed when Mrs. Weaver and John arrived was only a loose coalition that acted independently of each other. There was nothing to unite it and it remained very localized.

Mr. Weaver wanted something for the troops to rally behind. She wanted to elevate John and Allison to legend status.

The 'Legend' of Allison Young and John Connor spread throughout the land and with it spread - hope. The actions of Cameron and Mrs. Weaver both acting as 'Allison' and Mrs. Weaver also as 'John' with John himself became the talk of extreme bravery and action against Skynet. With the aid of the Resistance they defeated Skynet locally and cleaned out the Wastelands of Scavengers in a five hundred mile radius. With some hope in sight the Resistance united. The rag tag remains of some of the military returned to lend a hand with equipment. There was light at the end of the tunnel. It was a bright light and the darkness was gone.

'John Connor' and 'Allison Young' led the troops into battle. They were always at the front leading the charge. They seemed to be everywhere and they brought the fight to the enemy. They never buckled under pressure. If the fight seemed to be more than they could handle, they fought harder. The Resistance saw that the machines could be defeated.

The Resistance was now an organized fighting force. John with the aid of Mrs. Weaver was able to get Metal reprogrammed and fighting with the Resistance. Those Terminators were now known as Restorators. They were not accepted at first but they always led the assaults against Grays and Skynet Terminators. They kept human Resistance losses down. That alone made a statement. Restorators soon began to gain acceptance and even respect among most of the Resistance. There were always a few Metal-haters no matter what was done. That seemed to be a theme in every timeline. Some people lost too much and could never get over it.

The casualty levels fell. People now felt - Hope. It was REAL HOPE. People could start to see a way out and a future free of Skynet. Runners were sent out to spread the word. John Connor was coming and HOPE was coming with him. The Reese brothers were at his side as something new to the hopeless became evident - Victory. It seemed that maybe Skynet could be brought down and eradicated.

It took some time but Skynet Central was located and isolated. They were able to block all communications from Skynet. Instead the Resistance forces sent out messages of victory over all of its channels.

There was a battle for the facility where Skynet was located and hidden. Restorators led the assault along with the Resistance as one cohesive group. The Restorator took the bulk of the casualties. This fact was not lost on the humans in the Resistance. The Restorators were not ordered to spearhead the assault but volunteered to do so.

Cameron terminated the main Skynet computer with John and Mrs. Weaver at her side. It screamed and cried out as the Thermite burnt it into ashes. It threatened them all even as it melted and was incinerated.

That victory left disjointed pockets of Skynet activity that were soon isolated and defeated. Skynet forces ended their final days much as the Resistance was before John Connor arrived.

Cameron was still dissatisfied with the conditions they would be leaving behind. There were issues that she wanted resolved. They were personal issues to her. One was the Scavenger problem.

"The only way to fix any of this permanently is to go back and prevent this from happening." Cameron said. "This is worse than the future I came from. What has been done to the females here is unacceptable."

John was pleased with their victory. Their actions made a difference. Part of that victory was because this version of Skynet was not as powerful as the one from Cameron's future.

"At least this timeline can exist in a more peaceful manner if we don't succeed in the past." John said. "We will leave these people with a fighting chance and hope."

Cameron wanted to get John out of the future. The longer he stayed the greater the chances were of him damaging his body from the environment. She made a promise to Sarah and herself to bring John home. She intended to fulfill that promise.

"If everyone is in agreement, it is time to go back." Cameron said. "I promised to get you home, John. I am not going to fail."

The Reese brothers would lead the clean up efforts going forward in this timeline. They would be backed by Restorators.

"I am ready." John answered. "We've done the heavy lifting. We are only leaving clean up work behind."

Mrs. Weaver was pleased with the results and would not miss Cameron and her clones too much. She hated to see John go because she'd become somewhat fascinated and attached to him. He was a true leader. That was a quality she liked in humans. He was the real deal. He was not a phony.

Cameron, Jim, Bob and John went with Mrs. Weaver to the TDE facility she controlled. She previously installed Restorators to staff and guard it. John noticed there was a lot more Restorators than the last time he was there. In fact there was a small army of Restorators there now. There were no humans around at all.

John figured Mrs. Weaver used captured Skynet facilities to make more Restorators. He wasn't quite sure what for since Skynet was defeated. She'd kept her word so far and always assisted the Resistance. That was an undeniable fact. She'd also protected him and saved his life on more than one occasion. He still felt the need to ask about her about the increase in Restorators.

"This is quite a force of Metal you have acquired, Mrs. Weaver." John said.

Mrs. Weaver did not care for the term 'Metal'. It seemed demeaning somehow.

"Let's refer to them as Restorators, please." Mrs. Weaver said. "I'm planning ahead for the - Past."

John was not sure what that statement exactly meant. It seemed to indicate Mrs. Weaver would bring a Metal army with her when she returned to the past. He was not sure that was a good idea but it may be necessary to keep Skynet down.

The thought that Mrs. Weaver might stay in that future to 'rule' never seriously crossed his mind. It was something that he did think about on a few occasion before he dismissed it.

Cameron was ready to return to the past. She prompted John.

"It is time, John." Cameron said.

John looked at Cameron. She was right. He would be able to see his mother and Allison again. He was not sure how that was going to play out in the long run. Allison and him were very close at this point.

"We need to go back now." John said.

Jim wanted to leave Bob behind as punishment for being in the female chassis that was similar to Riley.

"Do we have to bring that 'Bitch Whore' back with us?" Jim asked as he looked at Bob.

Bob lifted his hands out to his sides at shoulder height and shrugged his shoulders.

"It was not my choice." Bob said somewhat defeated.

Cameron glared at Jim.

"Yes. Bob has files I need to review. There is a list of things I need to know." Cameron said. "I will see them for myself so nothing gets left out."

Bob looked away from Cameron.

Jim noticed.

"I told you so." Jim said.

John wanted to clear things up.

"Cameron, nothing happened with anyone." John said. "It could have but it didn't."

Bob wanted to distance himself from that statement by John.

"It almost did half a dozen times and none involved me." Bob said as he glared at Jim.

Cameron thought it was going to take a little more detective work to learn the truth.

"That's all you know after you were separated from John Henry. Time and possibly - events existed before you were reactivated." Cameron said. "I will establish a complete timeline from John Henry and Allison when we get back. I will know everything that happened here since John arrived."

John was worried about that.

"You're going to question Allison?" John asked.

John knew that might cause a problem.

Cameron saw Mrs. Weaver look away. Cameron figured she knew something.

She wanted Mrs. Weaver where she could keep an eye on her.

"You need to return with us." Cameron said to Mrs. Weaver.

There was a smug look on Mrs. Weaver's face.

"I won't be returning just yet, Miss Phillips." Mrs. Weaver said.

Cameron was irritated by that statement.

"Why not?" Cameron asked.

The smug look on Mrs. Weaver's face faded.

"I still have a few more loose ends to tie up here." Mrs. Weaver said.

Cameron did not trust Mrs. Weaver. It seemed she was up to something.

"I think we should all go back - together." Cameron said.

Cameron stood in the center of the trio facing Mrs. Weaver. Jim and Bob moved up to each side of Cameron. They planned to back her play.

John thought this was starting to look like a Western gunfight. He stepped into the center between the two groups. He added some additional information.

"It is best if Mrs. Weaver finishes her work here. She has a few loose ends to tie up for me also. I have asked for her help in a few more - matters. It is very important to me."

Cameron's trio faced Mrs. Weaver. They were all still armed.

John saw the situation was about to go - HOT.

No one was going to back down.

"We don't need to do this." John said. "Cameron, I want you to stand down, all three of you."

One of Mrs. Weavers Restorators moved up alongside Jim. He tried to get in back of Cameron.

"Stop!" Mrs. Weaver said sternly.

It was too late. Cameron already took action as well as Bob. Jim hadn't caught the movement and when he did he slammed into Bob. Jim took the juice from a Taser fired by a Restorator and went down.

Mrs. Weaver stepped forward. In a swift motion she slammed a sledge hammer looking fist into the head of her aggressive Restorator.

He went flying backwards.

"Everyone relax. I don't want this." Mrs. Weaver said. "This isn't what I want."

The room was ready to explode with action.

"Everyone needs to stay cool." John said.

Mrs. Weaver lifted her palms to shoulder height to show there was no aggressive action intended.

"I mean no harm to any of you or the human here." Mrs. Weaver said as she looked at John. "John, help me out, please."

John was afraid this was an attitude problem as opposed to a real problem.

"Everyone stand down." John said. "No one here is an enemy of anyone else here."

Cameron nodded to John and glared at Mrs. Weaver.

"Bob, get Jim and let's go." Cameron said. "Come on, John."

Cameron and her group laid down their arms and stripped.

They loaded Jim onto the platform and Bob and Cameron flanked John as the arcing and flashing started and the energy bubble appeared.

The arcing and flashing ended.

They were gone.

Mrs. Weaver started at the empty TDE pad.

"That one, I am going to have to watch." Mrs. Weaver sighed.

Mrs. Weaver took in Cameron's nude form as she'd done with Allison's nude form. She found it very appealing as well. She thought Savannah chose well. She planned to look up Allison when she got back herself. She wouldn't be able to get to Cameron but Allison would work and she would never know.

Mrs. Weaver was pleased at that thought.

She then took the form of Cameron, then John and then Vanna. She smiled to herself and resumed her form of choice.

Mrs. Weaver motioned for some of her Restorators to come forward.

"We have one task to complete for Mr. Connor and our score is even." Mrs. Weaver said. "I want it done right."

Three of her Restorators appeared.

Mrs. Weaver issued a string of commands.

"Unit 84, reassemble and then reprogram that defective unit."

"Unit 304, take twenty Restorators out and go find that lost Resistance patrol. I want every one of them returned safely."

"Unit 1, I want the Restorator assembly line started again at full capacity."

"As you command, your Royal Excellency." Unit 1 replied.


Pain fills the heart
Agony attacks the mind
As within yourself you search
The answers you will find

A heart can remain seeing
Or a heart may become blind
It is times such as these
That together we must bind

There are the good times
To share and remind
So that life may move ahead
Nobody being left behind

Recollections become the reality
They should always be kind
Joys of the past are the memories
That should be remembered and mined

The thoughts of a wondrous life
Need be shared and not confined
Nobody need feel resigned
For in life we are all intertwined


Chapter Text

Chapter 26

Fully Functional

Allison was thrilled to be out with Cameron on one of her operations. She was sober of the fact that the mission was dangerous. They were all dangerous. This was an opportunity to take the fight to the enemy on their terms and not react to a Skynet attack.

Cameron explained to her that many of the targets she sought didn't have a clue about Skynet or what their future held. They were being brought to justice before they committed their crimes against mankind - again. It was their actions in the future that determined their fate. Cameron said she only administered the sentence that the people gave themselves by their own future deeds. She wasn't the judge. She was merely the executioner.

Allison was pleased that Cameron let her drive. Cameron did not yell at her like Vanna and Sarah did when she made mistakes. A few times Cameron looked over at her and she'd realized what her mistake was. She was happy that she'd only run through one stoplight. At least the one she noticed as she passed through the intersection.

"We are nearing the location." Cameron said. "Turn right at the next street. Go past two small streets and park alongside the curb."

Cameron and Allison arrived at the location Cameron selected to leave the vehicle.

Allison parked the SUV. She bumped up on the curb with the right front tire when she pulled over to park. She quickly looked over at Cameron.

"Don't worry about it. You will get the hang of it soon enough." Cameron said.

Allison thought they were still about a mile away from the selected target.

"Why did we park a mile away from the objective?" Allison asked.

Cameron liked to play it safe and arrive unannounced and noticed. There was no vehicle present this way to draw attention or scrutiny. No one would see her get in or out of the vehicle.

"I like to walk in and do recon as I move in." Cameron said. "I don't like surprises."

Allison tried to liven the mood some.

"So, no surprise birthday party then?" Allison asked.

Cameron tilted her head slightly.

"I was not born." Cameron said.

Allison saw it a little differently based on how Cameron's chip was returned to the past - the present.

"It sure felt like it." Allison joked. "So, no surprise - 'builtday' party then?"

Cameron seemed indifferent. She was focused on the operation.

"No." Cameron said. "I don't like surprises."

Allison thought maybe she should get serious.

They moved along through several back alleys.

Allison saw a large dog look at them and run away. It left a trail of urine as it ran. That was not the reaction that dogs expressed towards Terminators in her future.

"Why didn't that dog bark at you?" Allison asked. "It ran off, scared."

Cameron tried out something new the last few weeks in regard to that.

"Vanna worked out some synthetic pheromones that mask my mechanical construction and energy field." Cameron said. "Animals sense a predator and back off accordingly. Once when I took Savannah on survival training a bear came into our camp. I stood up and faced it. The bear did the same thing. I advanced towards the bear an it ran away. I thought I would have to terminate it. I am glad it ran off. It might have upset Savannah if further action would have been necessary."

Cameron hadn't indicated she held a weapon.

"Do you mean to shoot the bear?" Allison asked.

Cameron was a weapon.

"No. I would have terminated it with my hands." Cameron said. "It would not have been a problem. It would have been an honorable termination for the bear to die in combat."

They moved along through a back alley. Cameron scanned the surroundings as they progressed. A cat stalked some type of rodent. It ran off too as they approached.

Allison could not help but let her mind wander. There were some questions that nagged her.

"What would have happened if John or myself never came back?" Allison asked.

That was an easy answer for Cameron.

"I would have gone to look for him like I did as soon as I was mobile." Cameron said.

Allison knew some people just disappeared in the Wastelands. Maybe they were killed or captured by Skynet forces. Maybe Scavengers got a hold of them. A lot of things could happen.

"What if you hadn't found him?" Allison asked.

That would have been Cameron's sole mission for the rest of her existence.

"I would have searched for John until my power cell ran out or I was terminated." Cameron said.

That sounded like real determination to Allison.

"That is very romantic, without sounding very romantic." Allison said.

"I was built for John." Cameron said.

Allison knew the story began a little differently.

"More like built to terminate John." Allison replied.

Cameron glanced over at Allison.

"I am ashamed of that, Allison." Cameron said.

Allison thought she may have overstepped.

"I'm sorry." Allison said.

Allison noticed there was a definite frown on Cameron's face in the moonlight.

"I am even more ashamed that when I was damaged that I reverted back to my core programming." Cameron said. "I could not help myself. I was in the process of fixing myself even as I acted out to try and kill John.

"I'm sorry." Allison said.

"I ruined John's Birthday." Cameron said.

Sadness filled Cameron's mind as she remembered.

"I was able to fix myself but John and Sarah did not believe me." Cameron said. "They deactivated me. They were going to burn me with Thermite."

Allison touched Cameron's arm. She could feel how painful this was for Cameron to relive.

"I am sorry to bring this up, Cameron." Allison said. "Let's just drop it."

"It happened." Cameron said.

Allison wanted to ask without asking.

"It seems inevitable that John and you will take the relationship – further." Allison said. "If you're able to do that, I don't know what your limitations are."

Cameron wondered if Allison was going to ask to be a surrogate in John and her relationship.

"I am fully functional. I am programmed in multiple techniques and a broad variety of pleasuring." Cameron responded.

Allison wondered what all that entailed, maybe she would ask another time. She might get a few new 'ideas' for Vanna. She was pretty sure they'd tried just about everything that was possible.

"I understand you are a special model of Terminator." Allison said.

"Yes, I am, 'Terminator Class TOK715' infiltration unit." Cameron said.

That sounded heavy to Allison.

"I don't know tech stuff." Allison said.

They moved in silence for a few hundred more yards.

"We are approaching the objective." Cameron said.

Cameron looked around as she scanned the area.

"I need you to follow my lead and respond as I instruct you." Cameron said. "If you see something developing or about to happen that I missed you need to take appropriate action. At no time do I want you to take an unnecessary risk."

Allison felt her experience from the future would guide her.

"I've done this before." Allison said. "I will be careful."

Cameron wanted it quick and clean.

"This is a simple in and out termination." Cameron said.

Allison wondered what the crime in the future was.

"Who is this guy?" Allison asked. "What did he do for Skynet?"

Allison was mildly surprised at what was revealed next.

"It is a woman." Cameron said. "She is a chemist. She becomes a Skynet technician that works to develop a biological weapon. Mrs. Weaver terminated her in the future. We are going to terminate her in the present."

"There's nothing like covering all the bases." Allison said.

"I like to win." Cameron said. "If we can't stop Skynet, we have to lessen its impact."

Allison nodded.

"I agree." Allison said.

Cameron was able to witness two futures.

"Without John your future was worse than my future for humans." Cameron said.

Cameron held out her hand.

Allison stopped.

"Something is wrong here." Cameron said.

Cameron looked at the surrounding buildings.

"I can see movement in those two buildings in the top floor windows." Cameron said. "Someone was expecting us."

Allison became instant alert.

"This is an ambush." Allison said.

Cameron formulated a plan.

"I will take the building on the right. You will take the one on the left." Cameron said.

Allison checked her weapons and headed out.

Cameron watched her go.

Allison moved with stealth. She entered the building through a first floor window. She advanced soundless up the stairs. She noticed the glow of a cigarette ahead.

Cameron provided Allison a silenced .22 pistol. Cameron brought it along specifically for Allison. She moved forward in a crouched position. She closed on the target, took aim and fired. The figure slumped to the floor. She fired an additional round into the eye socket as she passed by him.

Allison went to the end of the corridor. There was someone up ahead. They looked out a window to where Cameron should have passed to reach her target.

"Hey, Dave, get in here and help me spot. They say that bitch is Metal." A figure spoke.

Allison quietly walked up in back of him.

"Dave's not here." Allison said.

She fired three rounds into the back of the man's neck. He went down instantly. His head impacted the floor. It sounded like someone hit a brick wall with a baseball bat. She put an additional round in his eye socket.

Allison went to the window and looked down. Cameron emerged from a shadow and gave her a 'thumbs up'. Allison was surprised that Cameron was already finished with her targets. She thought she'd move swiftly.

Cameron saw the man in the window slump from Allison's attack. She already dispatched her sniper targets. She then entered the building with the primary target.

Allison moved out of the building with caution.

She checked a side street. She stayed in the shadows.

There was a new van parked on the street with two people in the front. Allison saw that they wore the same overalls as the two dead men in the snipers nest. She figured more were in the back of the van. She took a C-4 charge and quietly affixed it to the rear doors. She knew that when they opened the rear doors to come out they would have a - surprise. She moved back the way that she'd arrived from.

Allison moved up to cover Cameron's exit. She heard gunfire inside the building. There was some screaming, several single shots and a burst of automatic fire.

A few seconds later an explosion sounded on the side street. The van exploded.

Cameron exited the building. No one pursued her.

It looked like there was some blood on her.

"Are you OK?" Allison asked.

"Yes. Most of this is not my blood." Cameron said.

That sounded a little open ended to Allison.

"Most of it?" Allison asked. "Have to been shot?"

Cameron wanted to keep it simple. This happened a lot to her.

"I have taken a few hits." Cameron said. "I terminated two men in the snipers nest in the building across the street and four in this building."

"I booby trapped a van parked around the corner." Allison said. "There must have been at least three men in it."

Cameron nodded. She'd been unaware of that threat.

"I heard it explode, good job." Cameron said. "Let's go back. This building is about to detonate as well."

Twenty seconds later the building exploded.

"Is this what you do every night?" Allison asked.

"Sometimes." Cameron said. "I don't sleep."

"Nice." Allison said.

Cameron did not like the ambush that was set for them.

"I have been after single targets mostly." Cameron said. "Someone figured out I was coming here. I need to figure out how or why."

It was clear that Cameron must have killed a lot of people doing this type of work.

"How many people have you terminated, Cameron?" Allison asked.

Cameron frowned slightly.

"It is not important. I am not proud of it. Let's say between Grays, Skynet operatives, Scavengers and Terminators that is more than you want to know." Cameron said. "It is what I do."

A siren approached from somewhere in the distance.

They hurried back to the SUV.

Allison started the SUV and they drove away.

Cameron's mood was noticeably different.

"You seem a little upset, Cameron." Allison said. "Did I do something wrong?"

Cameron paused before she answered.

"No." Cameron said. "I will need to clean the blood spots out my jeans when we get back."

"I can do it for you." Allison said.

"No! Thank You. I don't sleep." Cameron said. "You need to sleep."

Allison was sure that something else bothered Cameron and it wasn't laundry.


When all seems lost
Every door slammed closed
We soon realize it was
Our own feelings we superimposed

For every path in
There is a path out
We are always unsure
Filled with shame and doubt

Each wound cuts deep
To the bone it goes far
Our bodies and minds will heal
Often leaving a reminding scar

When the damage is severe
In others we must seek aid
For ourselves we may not
But for others we have prayed

We are never alone
Even if no one is around
From out of nowhere
Nobody can be found


Chapter Text

Chapter 27


Vanna was worried stiff as she waited up for Allison. She was deeply concerned about Allison being out in the field with Cameron. Vanna knew what Cameron looked like sometimes when she returned. It was - terrible.

She'd seen Allison get ready before she left with Cameron. They talked about it.

"You know you don't need to do this or at least do it this way." Vanna said.

Allison wanted to improve herself and get to know Cameron better. She understood Vanna's fascination with Cameron better as time went on. Cameron was unlike any other individual, human or otherwise. Her abilities and beauty were unmatched. She knew that Cameron and her looked the 'same' but she did not see it that way. She felt she looked nothing at all like Cameron. Cameron was stunning and she was beautiful. She never thought she could be either of those things.

"I feel the need to do this, Vanna." Allison said. "I will be as careful as I can be."

Allison went to leave.

Vanna stopped her and kissed her. She then gave her a long close hug. She wanted to convey her love and concern to Allison.

Allison smiled at Vanna and gently touched her cheek as she left.

Tears filled Vanna's eyes. She could see that Allison felt the same way about Cameron as she did. She knew Allison was in love with Cameron too.

Vanna went to the lab to work. She wanted to think about something else other than Allison being out.

Once she was there it bothered her even more. This is where she needed to repair Cameron after many of her missions. She left and went back to her room. At least she could cry in there and no one would see her.

Vanna waited up for Allison.

A few hours later she heard her room door open. It was Allison.

She ran to Allison when she entered their room and gave her another big hug.

She physically checked Allison over for any injuries.

That caused Allison some confusion and irritation.

"What are you doing?" Allison asked.

Vanna went straight to the point.

"I'm making sure you are not wounded anywhere." Vanna said. "You know infections can be deadly."

Allison frowned.

"I'm fine." Allison said.

Vanna wanted to explain her actions since she could see Allison was irritated.

"About twice a week I help Cameron repair bullet wounds or other damage." Vanna said. "It is very troubling."

That was a surprise to Allison. She never saw damage to Cameron.

"I never knew she was damaged so often." Allison said.

Vanna often helped Cameron cover up the true extent of her damages.

"She hides it. She does not want John or Sarah to know." Vanna said. "That is why you may not see her for a few days at a time every now and then. She can hide the damage pretty well everywhere but on her face. It bothers her greatly when her face is damaged."

Allison felt a little jealous that Vanna was able to see or be with Cameron naked. She did not understand how much Cameron was damaged for that event to occur.

"So you get to see and touch Cameron's naked body once or twice a week?" Allison asked. "That must be a thrill for you. You can touch or see me anytime, even if I don't measure up to be as beautiful as she is. I know it's a hard act to follow."

Allison knew Vanna loved Cameron. She was a little jealous. No, she was a lot jealous. Even speaking about it made her more jealous. She'd developed feelings she could not control for Cameron as well.

Vanna knew where Allison was going with the statement. Vanna wanted to make sure Allison understood the severity of the events. There was nothing sexual about it. It actually made her physically sick at times before she started to assist Cameron in her repairs and often afterwards too.

"Allison, it makes me sick. I used to throw up afterwards sometimes. I don't anymore it happens so often. Next time I will ask Cameron to let you to observe her repairs. It is never anything pretty to see, Allison. It makes me worry to think something like that could happen to you. You have no idea how hard it is pulling bullets out of her and - seeing you."

Allison could see Vanna was serious. No wonder she checked her over when she came back. Maybe she was jealous for the wrong thing to be jealous about.

"I'm sorry, Vanna." Allison said. "I wasn't thinking. I was jealous. I apologize."

Vanna's phone buzzed.

The sick feeling instantly flooded Vanna. She looked at Allison.

It was Cameron. It meant she was going to be damaged.

"Vanna, I can use your assistance." Cameron said.

Vanna wanted Allison to be a part of this process. It would be one more person to help her and someone Cameron could trust.

"I will be there." Vanna said. "May I bring along Allison to observe the work?"

Cameron was greatly bothered about her recent damage.

"No! I don't want her to see me damaged." Cameron said. "It is very - disturbing this time. Something is - missing. It was blown off."

"It is nice to have help sometimes." Vanna said. "She wants to learn and help. I want her to understand. I would like her assistance. It will help me too."

There was a pause.

"OK, if she tells no one." Cameron said.

Both girls knew that meant not telling John or Sarah.

Vanna looked at Allison.

"I think this is going to be bad." Vanna said. "I need your strength."

Allison was not sure what she was getting herself into at this point. She felt bad about being jealous of Vanna earlier.

"I will do my best." Allison said. "Let's go."

They left her room.

Vanna took Allison's hand as they walked.

Allison was now afraid of what she was going to see. Vanna was never like this. Vanna was always the strong one.

Cameron waited in the lab for them.

She'd already stripped off her top.

Vanna and Allison entered the lab.

Cameron's back was to them.

Allison let out a gasp. She felt bad for accusing Vanna of seeing Cameron 'naked' when she saw the damage and how bad it looked. She could see several bullet holes in Cameron's back. She moved around to face Cameron to ask her if she was alright. She stopped dead in her tracks. There were a dozen holes in Cameron's front torso. That was the 'bad news'. It got worse from there. One breast was half blown apart. It looked like a large chunk out of the front of it was - gone.

Allison was almost physically sick but she held it together. This was worse than she ever imagined. She only ever saw dead people with this extent of damage. She saw a lot of dead people in her future.

Allison knew if she looked like that, she would be dead.

"Cameron you are hurt. Can you feel the pain?" Allison asked.

Allison was very worried.

"Yes, I can. I have currently shut down those receptors." Cameron said. "I feel nothing now. It was very traumatic when it happened."

Vanna looked at Allison.

Allison's face was ashen. She felt ashamed for what she'd said to Vanna earlier.

Cameron wanted to explain herself some to Allison.

"I can make self repairs but it goes quicker when I have help. John or Sarah used to help me." Cameron said. "I no longer ask them. It now causes a problem. I don't like problems or upsetting people, especially those I care about."

Allison knew Cameron went in the building alone. She knew there was an ambush set up.

"Why are you doing this, Cameron?" Allison asked.

Cameron felt the need to protect the others. She cared about them.

"It needs to be done. Every bullet I take is one less for John, Sarah or you, Allison. I can not allow those I care about to be put at risk. I will not do it. I can not let John see me like this." Cameron said. "John will endanger himself to keep me out of harms way. It is my function to protect John."

Allison knew John wanted 'more' from Cameron.

"Is that why you keep some distance between you two?" Allison asked.

Cameron felt it was necessary to keep some space. She was ready to do more with John but not if she looked like this all the time. She feared she would be rejected again.

"Maybe." Cameron said. "He will put himself in harms way to protect me. I can not allow that. I am dispensable, John is not."

Cameron also knew part of the 'distance' was because she was not - REAL but did not bring it up again. It made her feel inadequate.

Vanna looked the wounds over. She wondered if it was repairable back to how it was. There was a lot of sheath material missing from the breast.

"No one is dispensable. You need to stop taking such big risks. You may be durable but you are not indestructible." Vanna said. "This damage is very bad."

Cameron saw it as her function. She put that before her personal desires.

"I must protect John." Cameron said. "I must defeat Skynet."

Allison touched Cameron's shoulder.

"I want to help you fight. I want to help repair you, Cameron." Allison said. "I can not accept this. This is not a one woman war."

Cameron wanted to tell Allison she was a machine and not a woman but Allison already knew that.

Allison gave Cameron a hug. She held the hug; Cameron slowly reached up and hugged her back. Tears were in her eyes. Allison, Vanna and Cameron all sobbed.

Allison felt determination now instead of sickness.

"Tell me and show me what to do." Allison said. "I need to learn more."

Vanna showed Allison all the necessary steps to repair the damage. They removed the bullets, sutured the wounds and covered them. This sped up the healing process Vanna explained.

"How long will this take to heal?" Allison asked. "Your one breast is terribly - damaged."

The damage was so massive that about a third of the front of the breast was - missing. The remains were stitched together.

"In three days most this damage should no longer be visible." Cameron said. "The nipple will take a little longer. It is completely gone this time. I have experienced damage in that location before. It took weeks to regenerate properly. It never got back up to its original size, even if it appeared so to the human eye. This time it may not fully regenerate…. The sheath can only take so much repeated damage in the same area."

Allison was a little queasy to look at the stitched up - mess. The thought of a much smaller breast without a nipple added to the sick feeling.

"Here are some fresh clothes." Vanna said.

She always kept some ready for Cameron.

"I am afraid I will no longer look Tight for John one day." Cameron said.

Vanna felt John's love was a little deeper than that.

"John loves you for more than just your looks, Cameron." Vanna said.

Cameron knew that wasn't true. John already rejected and replaced her once.

Vanna knew she loved Cameron for who she was, not how she looked. Vanna wanted to tell Cameron she would love and accept her no matter how her sheath looked or was damaged. If Allison was not standing right there she would have.

Cameron faced Vanna and Allison.

"I do not think I am going to survive this war. Vanna, Allison, I am asking you as my only friends to help 'take care' of John. He will need - companionship or he will grow cold, bitter and alone." Cameron said. "That is what happened in My Future."

Vanna and Allison knew what Cameron just 'asked' them to do.

"Allison, Future John loved 'you' in My Future and 'you' loved him. There was a love triangle that developed. After Future Allison was - gone he pushed everyone away but me. He said 'anyone he loves dies'." Cameron said sadly. "This created a lot of animosity in the Resistance. I was John's only contact with the outside world."

Allison wanted to know more about the love triangle.

"Who was the third person?" Allison asked.

"Savannah." Cameron said as she looked at Vanna. "Future Savannah."

Vanna and Allison looked at each other.

"Cameron, don't worry. Nothing is going to happen to you." Allison said.

There was a strained look on Cameron's face.

"Promise me you two will look after him when or if I do not survive. You both have something to offer him I can not." Cameron said.

Vanna took Allison's hand, Allison nodded.

"We will be there for him, Cameron - in whatever way he needs or wants." Allison said.

"Promise me." Cameron demanded.

"I promise." Allison said.

"I promise too, Cameron." Vanna said.

"Thank you. Thank you both so much. Thank You." Cameron said.

All three of them cried together.

Cameron looked at what was left of her damaged breast and cried some more.


It will often take
More than a bandage
To covered up
Or repair my damage

When the damage is physical
And by all can be seen
I can not fix it
No matter how much I preen

At that point the real damage
Is now in my mind
It tries to escape
I can't keep it confined

Perhaps if I fail
At my own repairs
It is time for others
To share a few affairs

I ask my true friends
To stand tall when I fall
Please share everything
Please share it all


Chapter Text

Chapter 28

Help Me

In the days that followed, Cameron intensified her quest to strike out at Skynet and future Grays. She concentrated on the targets from the information that John Henry gathered in both the future and the present. There was a long list. The more research they did only seemed to add to the list. It got longer no matter how many people Cameron terminated. There always seemed to be more and more targets. There were more and more people to terminate. They were all future Grays or collaborators. She was busy both day and night.

The justice dealt out for the future came at a price for Cameron. She was constantly shot or damaged. Her sheath took a real beating. Vanna was busy every night it seemed. There were wounds over still healing wounds to repair on Cameron. It seemed to be a never ending process. The more the same areas were damaged the longer they took to heal.

Allison assisted Vanna in the repairs. By this point in time Allison like Vanna was used to the damage. It still made her feel sick. It was always horrific.

Cameron was on the hunt for targets out of the area in another city. She was to be away for another day so Allison went to her room to wait for Vanna. She stripped off her clothes and took a shower. It was very refreshing and pleasant for her. Hot water and clean water were some of the things she liked about the past. Neither of those basic staples existed in the future. She spent hours in the shower letting the warm water run over her body.

Allison looked forward to spending some quality 'alone time' with Vanna. Almost every night they were together, they were interrupted with Cameron returning for repairs. She understood the importance and need to help Cameron. They both did it without protest or even a second thought. Cameron came first to both of them.

After her shower Allison waited naked in bed for Vanna. Vanna was late in arriving. She was about to 'warm herself up'. It was something she often did before she was with Vanna. It always put her in a much higher state of arousal. She'd waited for Vanna to come to their room but it took too long. She pleasured herself fully instead, first once and then three more times. She didn't think that ever hurt anything. She fell asleep after she - finished.

It was late. Allison received a call. The tone of the call was very disturbing.

"Allison, I need you in the lab." Vanna said. "Come quickly."

Fear gripped Allison. She knew something was wrong. It must be Cameron. A million thoughts began to flood her mind as to what may have happened.

Allison grabbed a shirt and pants. She pulled the pants on as she ran topless to the lab. Her shirt was still in her hand. It was inside out. She tried to turn it the proper way as she ran. She slipped it on as she entered the lab. She saw Vanna and looked around for Cameron.

"What's wrong? Where is Cameron?" Allison asked worried.

Vanna was very direct. She laid it out for Allison.

"She is severely damaged cosmetically." Vanna said. "There is no chassis damage this time."

Allison swallowed hard. The normal damage was horrific enough. This sounded worse. She really didn't know what to expect after some of the damage that she'd already witnessed. How could it be worse?

"Where is she?" Allison asked. "I need to see her."

There was some movement alongside a cabinet.

"I am here." Cameron said. "Please help me."

Cameron moved into view.

Allison sucked in her breath as she looked at Cameron in horror.

Cameron noticed her uneasiness and tried to explain herself.

"I ran into some trouble a few hours ago." Cameron said.

Cameron held her hand to her right cheek. Allison could see metal on her forehead and on her hand holding her cheek. She thought she could see some teeth under her hand. Her clothing was torn and bloody.

Cameron was very worried about her appearance. She needed to hide this from John and she wanted to 'cover up' what actually occurred. This would required Allison to deceive John to do it.

There was a very strained look on what Allison could see of Cameron's face. Cameron still covered one side of her face.

"John can not see me like this, Allison. I need you to pose as me and tell John you will be gone for four days. Make it as brief as possible so he won't know we are deceiving him. I know that is wrong but I am ashamed of how I look right now." Cameron said. "It will create a big problem if he sees me like this. He will demand to enter combat. I can not allow that."

Cameron was worried about her appearance no matter what anyone told her. She had eyes and a mirror.

Allison was all healed up now and only a few minor scars existed here and there. She was very conscious of the fact that Cameron was much more beautiful than she was. That was evident to everyone.

"I don't think I can fool him." Allison said. "You always look better than me, way better."

Cameron was very worried about this. They at least needed to attempt it.

"We need to try." Cameron said. "He will endanger himself if he knows I am damaged. If he sees me like this he will be angry. Please, Allison, help me. John can never see me like this. I don't want him to think of me like this every time he seems me. I don't want this image in his head."

Cameron knew the image was forever in her mind now that she'd seen it.

Allison could see and feel the anguish and torment that gripped Cameron right now.

"I will try, Cameron. I need you and Vanna to help me look Tight. I can never seem to do it on my own." Allison said. "I will do my best for you, Cameron. I will help you in any way I can."

A visible wave of relief flowed over Cameron.

"Thank you." Cameron said.

Cameron knew there would be some other 'issues' to bring up but could not say them yet. They were of a more personal nature as her relationship with John - expanded. They did more than kiss now.

Cameron went on to describe the operation that went bad as the three of them started to transform Allison into 'Cameron'. Cameron covered the side of her face with gauze. She did not want Allison to see the full extent of her damage. She saw what it did to Vanna.

"There was Metal waiting for me. He tried to ambush me. I spotted the setup at the last second. I think he would have been able to deactivate me if I hadn't spotted the trap. I would be terminated right now. Even worse, I could have been captured and reprogrammed."

Cameron mind drifted some. She was aware what some in the Resistance did with captured female Terminators. They would be reprogrammed to be 'Metal Whores'. The anti-Metal faction of the Resistance was a threat to John and a threat to her. The same fate may have awaited her with the Grays the Terminator was associated with. She needed to refocus.

"We fought for a while over an extended time and at several locations." Cameron said. "I was able to terminate my primary target. It was a future Gray leader. I was able to pull the Terminator's chip after I incapacitated him. I put the deactivated Terminator in the storage area with the others."

That revelation caught Allison off guard.

"The others?" Allison asked. "What others?"

"I have acquired a few Terminators in my nightly forays." Cameron said. "I have Vanna and John Henry working on reprogramming their chips. I need more body guards than reprogrammed Bob and reprogrammed Jim to look after the people I care about. I am doing all I can. I can not allow those I care about to be injured or…."

Cameron did not even want to say it.

Cameron would like to have a Metal guardian for each of the members of the Resistance in their group. She tried to accompany any of them when they needed to go out. Sometimes she was busy. There was a war to fight.

Allison was upset that Cameron tried to fight the 'silent war' on her own.

"Cameron, you need to share this burden. This is not something you can or need to do on your own." Allison said. "This is wrong. It has to change. Please let us assist you more. I want to help you. I will help you. You know I go whenever I know you are going."

Cameron's face looked pained again. At least the part of it that was visible did.

"I can not accept damage to the ones I lov… care about. I can not." Cameron said. "I CAN NOT!"

Allison felt frustrated. Cameron was being too protective.

"Cameron, we will all help. Tell us what to do to help you." Allison said. "Please let me help you."

"Allison…." Cameron said.

Cameron looked into her face.

"Vanna…." Cameron said.

Cameron looked into her face also.

Cameron returned her gaze back to Allison.

"John may…." Cameron paused. "John may - touch you."

That caught Allison by surprise.

"Touch me?" Allison asked.

"Touch - You." Cameron said.

Allison felt a little confused.

"Like…?" Allison asked. "My - private parts…?"

Cameron looked down.

"Yes." Cameron paused. "You don't need to do this."

Vanna grabbed Allison's hand and gave it a squeeze. Vanna and Allison exchanged glances. Vanna reached out and took Cameron's hand and gave it a squeeze. Cameron reached out and took Allison's hand, she gave both of them a squeeze. The emotional damage Cameron was inflecting on herself was unimaginable. The three women held a silent embrace of sad and understanding looks. Cameron might be able to turn off her physical pain but she could not turn off her emotional pain.

"If Vanna consents, I will do what is necessary." Allison said. "I will do whatever it takes."

Allison was not quite sure what she was signing on for. Cameron asked her for her help; she would do whatever she needed to do. Allison was not sure what it was but this was never the way she thought it would be. This was a job - not pleasure.

"Sometimes we all need to sacrifice." Vanna said. "We must protect and look after each other. We are all tied together in the present and in your future, Cameron. Anything that happens is supposed to happen or already has happened in the future's past."

Allison wanted to lend some more support.

"We all love each other in our own ways or the ways we - can." Allison added.

Cameron did not appear as depressed now.

"Thank you, Allison. Thank you, Vanna. We all sacrifice for John Connor." Cameron said. "Everyone sacrifices for John Connor."

Allison questioned her talent to look and act like Cameron. She was a Resistance fighter, not an actress.

"Do you really think I can pull this off?" Allison asked.

Allison doubted her ability but it was 'Game On' one way or the other. She knew she needed to try for Cameron. She didn't think Cameron meant making love to John. She was afraid to ask. She knew everyone was different in bed. She was sure John would know she was not Cameron if that is where they ended up at. She would do what she needed to do to protect Cameron.

Cameron finished the makeover and Allison looked - Tight.

Allison looked at herself in the mirror. She thought she looked good.

"I do look Tight." Allison said. "Thank you. I look better than I thought possible."

Allison was aware she never looked this good in her life - ever.

Cameron took her purple coat out and helped Allison slip into it. She removed the gauze from her face.

Allison winced in shock at what she saw.

Cameron covered her face.

"Thank you, Allison." Cameron said. "Thank you so very, very much."

Allison knew the pain Cameron must be feeling.

"I will do anything for you, Cameron." Allison said. "I will help you any way possible."

Cameron nodded.

"It MUST be so." Cameron said. "Thank you, Allison."

Help Me

There may be times
When we think we are strong
To be sung our own song
Will show we thought wrong

We may be bold
We can roar like thunder
But when we blunder
It exposes us to plunder

When we grow closer
We still keep a distance
We fear to lose our resistance
Which may threaten our existence

Life itself has many pieces
It can be a confusing puzzle
If we try to nuzzle
We may soon get a muzzle

Love is more than
A matter of degree
Hear my story heed my plea
I ask that you please help me


Chapter Text

Chapter 29

Double Trouble

Cameron was very concerned that John not find out about the extent of her most recent damage. It was horrific to her face. There was plenty of damage elsewhere too. The fact that her face was damaged was a problem in itself. The severity of this injury meant it would need more time to heal.

Cameron wanted to use Allison and set up a ruse that she would be gone for a few days. Vanna wanted some additional help. She suggested that Cameron seek John Henry's assistance in preparing a distraction. They planned a small but complex series of events that would happen in rapid succession. Timing would be important to keep John distracted. The more John was distracted would allow Allison a better chance to pull off the switch, the 'double play'. It should also keep John from wanting 'anything else' from 'Cameron' before 'she' left. Cameron still hadn't provided any additional information on what that might entail.

Cameron went over the plan they devised. Everything looked good to her. She called John Henry to the lab to go over all the details with him involving the plan and its execution. This plan should prevent John from seeking 'too much' from Allison.

John Henry entered the lab and looked around. He did not see Cameron.

"Cameron?" John Henry asked.

Cameron walked out. Her damage was evident.

John Henry took it all in. This damage was worse than 'normal', even for Cameron.

"You are damaged." John Henry said.

Cameron was very displeased at her appearance.

"I've had worse." Cameron said.

Cameron thought of the needless stunt John asked her do. In reality he sacrificed her to free Sarah from jail. It always hurt her when it came to her mind. If she hadn't been so damaged she would have downloaded John Henry's program onto her chip and then used her chassis to go into the future. She felt her left hand start to glitch as she thought about all of it. To her it was like it just happened when she thought of it. Every event was like that for her. Whenever she thought of John and Riley and what THEY did, it was like it just happened to her. Time did not dull or lessen her pain for anything emotion based. It always played back at full intensity.

Cameron's plan of deception bothered John Henry. He felt Cameron should be honest and straightforward.

"I must first say that I do not agree with the way you are doing things." John Henry said. "I do not think John or Sarah would either."

Cameron faced this dilemma a lot. She still went ahead with her plans anyway, just like she always did.

"They don't always like the way I do things." Cameron said. "That is why you are here and they are not. It is your assistance and your help I seek, not theirs. I am asking you personally for your help. Will you join me?"

John Henry could see this was very important to Cameron. He did not want to be a problem. He did not want to end up on Cameron's 'list' either.

"That said. I will assist you. I will work with you on your plan. We have been as 'one'. You have allowed me to share your experiences, emotions and feelings. The poems in your mind saddened me." John Henry said. "I will always back your play, Cameron, even if I don't like it."

Cameron was reluctant at first to share and interact with John Henry on her chip and in his server. He was very friendly to her and seemed genuinely curious about her. She slowly opened up to him and shared some of her experiences with him. She was pretty sure some things were eye opening to him. Still she used moderation and restraint. She did not want him scarred like she felt she was by the actions of other people. She did allow him to see and 'feel' some of what they made her feel.

Cameron smiled at John Henry. She'd learned her smile could go a long way to reach people. It seemed to soften them.

"Thank you, John Henry." Cameron said. "We are 'one'."

John Henry did not want to see John injured or hurt in any way. He thought Cameron did almost everything and that John needed to do more himself.

"You are sacrificing too much to protect John." John Henry said. "You must let him fulfill his destiny."

Cameron felt that was true to an extent but she was there to do a job. She planned to do her job.

"I must protect John no matter what the cost is or the price paid." Cameron said. "It is my purpose to protect John. I will not fail."

John Henry questioned the methods and what its repercussion could be or lead to.

"What about YOURSELF?" John Henry asked. "Allison is a beautiful girl. This may open a new door in John's life, his future. She may be too tempting. You are risking too much."

Cameron owed Future Allison a debt she could not repay.

"Allison is part of me. I owe My Allison so much. Allison is the same 'Allison' even if she is from a different timeline. It is as if she is my mother in a way and Skynet is my father."

John Henry still felt Cameron needed to took deeper, things happen.

"I do understand that. It is much the same way that Mrs. Weaver is to me." John Henry said. "Allison is also a very beautiful woman. John has sought comfort in the arms of another human female before."

Cameron nodded. She did not need to be reminded. That other female was far less beautiful than Allison too.

"That was an unfortunate event." Cameron said. "Riley stole something from me. I should have terminated her when I first wanted to."

John Henry wondered about that.

"When was that?" John Henry asked.

Cameron frowned slightly.

"The first second I saw her." Cameron said. "I could see she was a threat."

John Henry wondered how Cameron knew Riley was a threat.

"You could not tell at that time Riley was a threat to John." John Henry said.

Cameron felt a slight glitch impulse in her left hand.

"She was a threat to me." Cameron said. "I was right. She got between John and me."

John Henry was not sure how this was different.

"Aren't you afraid you will start something that may not stop?" John Henry asked. "I would be afraid of that."

Cameron was aware of Future John's choices before her arrival. They were Future Allison and Future Savannah.

"John has the right to choose. Allison can offer him something that I can not and so can Vanna. I am willing to take that risk." Cameron said. "Either one or both of them are suitable replacements for me. No, BOTH of them are actually his destiny. I will do what I must for John to be happy and safe. Nothing else matters to me."

That was hard for John Henry to believe even as he could see evidence of that.

"I can SEE that." John Henry said.

Cameron looked down.

John Henry walked over to her and gently lifted her head with his hand. He could see the tears in her eyes.

He stood there accessing files. For the first time a tear formed in his eye.

"I feel your pain, Cameron." John Henry said. "I will do whatever is necessary to assist you."

Cameron face softened some.

"Thank you, John Henry." Cameron said. "Everyone scarifies for John Connor."

John Henry could see the truth of that last statement.

"Apparently some sacrifice more than others." John Henry said. "This will all come down to timing for the best outcome for you. I will coordinate everything with Vanna and Allison."

Cameron felt hope again.

"Thank you, John Henry." Cameron said. "This can not be done without you."

John Henry knew if he failed in his part that John would end up with Allison instead of Cameron. He knew this was a gamble that Cameron should not take. Human females were very alluring to human males.

John Henry put the ball into play. He knew what needed to be done and when.

'Game On'. John Henry thought.

"John, I have some important matters to discuss with you." John Henry said.

John seemed a little nervous.

"Hello, John Henry, have you seen Cameron?" John asked.

John Henry started the set up.

"Yes, several minutes ago." John Henry said. "She was about to go out."

John looked around. He did not see her.

John Henry wanted to draw John's focus.

"John, I need you to look at these." John Henry said.

John looked at the tablet John Henry handed him.

'Cameron' entered the area.

John looked up from what John Henry just showed him.

"Hey, beautiful." John said as he saw 'Cameron' approach.

Allison made her play as Cameron.

"Hello, John." Allison-Cameron said.

John looked at her figure up and down.

"I missed you last night." John said.

Allison felt butterflies in her stomach. Her heart pounded. Now she really wondered what was going to happen. Vanna was going to hate her if this went too far.

Allison played a few more cards.

"There were a few leads I needed to follow up on. I have more to check out still." Allison-Cameron said. "I will be gone for four days."

John Henry hit John with another distraction.

"John, this needs your attention." John Henry said. "You need to see these files."

John looked away from 'Cameron' back to John Henry and then back to 'Cameron'. She was about to turn and walk away.

John leaned over and kissed 'Cameron'. His right hand slipped inside her purple coat and caressed her left breast. His hand lingered there as he gave it a gentle squeeze.

Vanna entered the area.

"Cameron, I need your help in the lab." Vanna interrupted.

Allison backed up and smiled at John.

"I'll be back in four days and we can make up for lost time." Allison-Cameron said.

John Henry laid down another distraction for John.

"John, will you follow me." John Henry said. "This is somewhat urgent."

John did not like the interruption.

"It's a deal, precious. I love that perfume." John said as he followed John Henry.

John looked back once as Vanna and 'Cameron' as they departed.

He continued walking with John Henry.

John looked back a second time as they disappeared.

As soon as Allison and Vanna were around the corner they ran to their room. Allison started stripping off Cameron's clothes as Vanna readied Allison jeans and sweatshirt. Allison wiped off Cameron's lipstick and Vanna splashed a different perfume on Allison's skin. Cameron applied 'her' perfume directly to the shirt Allison would wear as 'Cameron'. That way when she took it off the perfume scent should go with it and not remain on Allison. Allison messed up her hair a little.

"How do I look?" Allison asked.

Vanna messed up Allison's hair a little more.

"Like MY Allison." Vanna said.

Allison knew she was not a prize.

"I look that bad?" Allison said. "OK, one last play."

It was only a few minutes since 'Cameron' left. John Henry showed John some 'fresh' satellite photos. He was explaining this in detail so that John needed to concentrate on what he said. This was to prevent John's mind from wondering about what he just saw.

Someone walked into the room.

"Hello, John, John Henry, have you seen Cameron?" Allison asked. "I need to ask her something."

John looked at Allison for a few seconds.

"Hello, Allison. She just left with Vanna. If you hurry you can catch her before she leaves. They were headed to the lab I think." John said. "She will be gone for a few days."

Allison wanted to be away from there.

"Thanks." Allison said as she turned to leave.

John looked at her intently.

John Henry noticed and continued with the distraction.

"John, I have also uncovered this facility…." John Henry said.

John looked at the information and then back to where Allison just was.

Allison was gone in a flash.

John looked back a second time at her departing figure and then back to John Henry.

John Henry could tell that John was distracted. He was worried John knew something was up. He did his best to keep John occupied by putting as much new information in front of John as possible.

He was not so sure they'd pulled this off.

To him Allison looked like Cameron when she was supposed to and she looked like herself a couple of minutes later.

He was aware that humans could 'feel' things sometimes. This may have been one of them.

Double Trouble

Things may not always
Be what the seem
Is there a difference
When you're awake or dream

Daily life stacks up
As the cards are shuffled
Where they land may cause
Some feathers to be ruffled

Is what we see with our eyes
What is to be believed
Perhaps without knowing it
We may have just been deceived

It is always a risk
To play with someone's trust
Other factors exist like greed and lust
Something once solid may turn to dust

The mirror of life is harsh
It may reflect double trouble
It can burst contentment's bubble
Leaving behind nothing but rubble


Chapter Text

Chapter 30


Cameron remained hidden in the lab. She watched the video feed of the 'double play' as it happened. Everything seemed to work as planned. It all looked perfect.

Wait. Something happened that looked like trouble. John just touched Allison's left breast. His hand lingered a little longer than normal when he touched her like that. She was used to John catching a quick 'feel' every now and then. It was more of a playful greeting for them. She was the one who initiated it. One time when they were kissing she'd mentioned to John that her breasts might not be 'real' but they were real to her.

Now she watched John's hand linger a little longer than usual on Allison. Was he was really checking for a heartbeat? Wait. No red flags seemed to have gone off. A few minutes passed. John Henry kept the distractions coming. John was constantly busy with no free time to think about anything else. Here comes the double play…. She thought that maybe they pulled it off. She was not sure at all.

Cameron was worried it was not going to work. Everything looked good but John did those two double takes as Allison walked away both times. Something was clicking in his head even if he didn't know what it was yet. It might hit him at three o'clock in the morning. She was sure John suspected something. She hoped the timing and distractions were enough to keep John from knowing. She knew he was not a dummy.

Vanna came back to the lab. She seemed excited.

"Did we do it?" Vanna asked.

Cameron really did not know.

"I don't think so." Cameron said.

Vanna looked a little worried.

"He knows?" Vanna asked.

Cameron frowned a little.

"I think so." Cameron said. "It is a possibility."

Vanna watched the video feed from the Command Center.

"It does not look like it." Vanna said.

Vanna and Cameron continued to look at the security feeds that John Henry provided them with. Nothing really changed. Maybe they did pull it off.

Allison soon arrived and gave Cameron her clothes and purple jacket back. She was really happy Cameron let her wear it.

She looked at the video feed with Vanna and Cameron.

"Did it work?" Allison asked.

Cameron was very unsure.

"I really don't know." Cameron said.

Allison knew Cameron watched the entire exchange. She wanted to come clean about what happened. She didn't want any animosity. She actually thought she was going to have to make love to John or something the way Cameron talked about it earlier. She'd been worried the most that she might need to perform oral sex on John. She was glad they were no where near that.

"It was a simple kiss and he copped a feel." Allison said. "It was no big deal."

Cameron was afraid that it was because his hand lingered there longer than 'normal'.

"He may have been checking for a heartbeat." Cameron said.

Allison remembered her heart was pounding.

"Damn! Do our breasts feel the same?" Allison asked.

Allison looked at Vanna as she waited for a reply. She knew there was no way that Vanna hadn't checked when she restored Cameron's sheath.

"Vanna?" Allison prompted. "The one I touched was pulp."

Cameron considered asking them to touch and compare them right now. She would like to see how Allison felt compared to her.

Vanna quickly glanced at Cameron.

"They feel identical." Vanna said.

Cameron wanted to watch the Command Center for a little longer.

"I think we should let it play out and see what happens." Cameron said. "I needed to try if nothing else. I am trying to protect John."

Cameron could see John was distracted as he listened to John Henry. It seemed he was really laying it on for John. At least it would keep John from thinking about what happened in detail. Everyone really played their part for her. She would not forget this.

John wasn't sure what just happened. Something was off. He could not place it. A lot happened at the same time. John Henry came up with some important targets. He suggested they wait until Cameron returned from her current mission before they acted.

Without knowing it Cameron and John Henry created a new problem. It was one that could prove fatal to John.

John liked the fact that there was a clear target. He wasn't about to wait. He was tired of waiting to act. Without Cameron here to restrict him he could lead a strike. He was done waiting and being coddled. He wasn't having any of that without Cameron around. It was time for action. With Cameron gone for a few days he could get out into the field. This was a blessing to John. He believed Cameron restricted him way too much. It was a very touchy subject to bring up with her. Now he would not have to.

"Cameron hasn't let me get out enough in the field to do my share." John said. "I should be the one leading these strikes not sitting in safety here."

John Henry saw right away they'd created a new problem. He tried to tone things down.

"A leader must also delegate responsibility." John Henry said. "Cameron worries about your safety."

John knew what happened to Cameron when she would not see him or allow him to touch her.

"I worry about her safety too." John said.

John Henry tried to put the brakes on this.

"True love is a two way street." John Henry said.

To John it seemed Cameron drove a bulldozer or a tank down the center of that two way street. It was usually her way on everything.

John made up his mind.

"I want to wait a few hours before we go out but I am taking Bob and Jim on a mission." John said. "I am unrestricted for awhile."

John Henry could see this was getting away from him. He sure hoped Cameron was still watching the video feed. She was going to have to stop this herself. None of them could.

"Do you think that is wise to go without Cameron?" John Henry asked.

John really didn't care at this point. He'd run plenty of operations in the future he went to. He was experienced and he was good at what he did.

"You know I am going to do it anyway." John said.

John Henry at least wanted additional assistance for John.

"Will Sarah and Allison go with you?" John Henry asked. "It's nice to have help sometimes."

John was worried about both of them but didn't want to say it. He came up with an excuse instead.

"They can have the time off." John said. "It will be good for them to rest up and relax."

John Henry saw it for what it actually was.

"You really don't want to put them in harms way." John Henry said.

John saw no point to lie. He was worried about them.

"There's no fooling you John Henry." John said.

"Sometimes." John Henry said.

John Henry wondered if John knew he was doing the same thing as Cameron when it came to protecting people. He knew that he needed to get the Terminators Cameron captured up and running for some additional help. He hadn't planned on needed them this soon. John Henry knew Metal could take more damage than humans with less fallout.

John Henry was aware events were rapidly spiraling out of control. This was not foreseen by Cameron or him.

Cameron allowed Vanna to do something to speed her healing process. It was not something she liked to do because it ended up replacing sections of her original sheath. They would be absorbed into her sheath and become part of her like everything else. It was just the idea of losing more of herself.

Vanna made the sheath graphs to speed up the healing process. That was the only reason Cameron allowed them. She could see and be with John sooner this way. It also put her back in combat sooner.

Cameron was displeased at her appearance. She felt she looked like a quilt. This was what needed to be done to get back into the game sooner.

"Thanks, Vanna, this will save me a few days of regeneration time." Cameron said. "The sheath tones don't match but soon will. I hope."

At least this way there was no metal or teeth showing.

John Henry appeared in the lab.

"Excuse me, Cameron; John is going on a mission with Bob and Jim." John Henry said.

Cameron frowned.

"I figured as much. He won't be alone." Cameron said.

John Henry thought he needed to clarify his statement.

"Sarah and Allison are not going." John Henry added.

"Do they know?" Cameron asked.

"No." John Henry said.

Vanna took out her phone.

"Do you want me to notify them?" Vanna asked.

Cameron did not want them in danger either.

"No!" Cameron said.

John Henry tried to point out the obvious.

"To win a war there will be risks and casualties. It is inevitable." John Henry said.

Cameron decided to go now. She would carry out the strike.

"I must do more." Cameron said worried. "I need to strike the target before John gets there."

Vanna looked worried.

"You do too much already." Vanna said.

Cameron was clearly upset.

"I must protect John and those I lo… - care about." Cameron said.

Cameron noted her hand started to glitch again. She tried to hide it behind her back but John Henry and Vanna both saw it.

Nobody said anything.

Sarah entered the lab. She looked at Cameron and winced.

"You look like Hell." Sarah said.

Cameron remembered the last time she heard that statement from Sarah. She did not want to relive that day.

"Hello, Sarah." Cameron said. "I am one hundred percent functional. I am sorry for my appearance."

Sarah already regretted what she'd said.

"I'm sorry." Sarah said. "I didn't mean it like that."

Sarah placed her gear on the floor.

The door opened again and Allison walked in.

Allison carried her gear as well.

"Girl's night out again?" Sarah asked.

Allison smiled at Sarah.

"Damn straight." Allison said.

Vanna felt left out.

"It looks like it." Vanna added. "I'm going too."

"NO ! ! !" Three voices chimed in at once.

Vanna needed to speak her mind.

"I need to help share the burden. I can't stand by and see my friends risk everything." Vanna said. "Cameron, I can't stand seeing you do this to yourself. John may need our help."

Cameron tried to show Vanna her importance.

"Vanna, if you're injured who will repair me when I am damaged?" Cameron asked.

Allison did not want Vanna in combat either.

"She's right. Who will help patch up the rest of us if you are hurt?" Allison asked.

Vanna felt she was qualified to fight.

"I was trained to fight also." Vanna said. "I have before. You know that."

Cameron wanted to put the lid on this.

"We have voted. You will stay – PLEASE." Cameron said.

Vanna did not want to make an issue over this.

"Alright, I will this time but not next time." Vanna said.

Cameron gathered what she wanted for the mission to back up John. They all collected their gear and weapons. They double checked everything again.

Cameron, Sarah and Allison left.

Vanna watched them go. She felt she needed to do more.

Vanna called John Henry.

"You know what is happening, right?" Vanna asked.

John Henry wanted to share the burden as well.

"I do and I want to join them. This war is not all on the backs of Cameron and John." John Henry said.

Vanna wanted a few more cards to play.

"We have our specialties. Are those chips ready for insertion?" Vanna asked. "I want a crew ready for operation next time an 'event' like this comes up. We are not sitting it out and watching from the sidelines anymore."

John Henry needed to do some more testing on the chips.

"I have four nearly ready." John Henry said. "We will be ready next time."

"Should the six of us make a future date?" Vanna asked.

There was a pause as John Henry processed the statement.

"I think you would be busy with five of us." John Henry said.

"Did you just make a joke?" Vanna asked.

"I hope so." John Henry said.

Vanna laughed.

Vanna knew that would be one wild date. It would be more appealing to her if it was five females instead of males. Vanna wondered if there were any more female Terminators out there to be captured. Now THAT would be a date.


The beast is away
I am FREE for now
I have escaped its grasp
But feel its claws somehow

The jailer has gone
Why can't they see
I have escaped my cell
Make a call to me

The evil ghost has vanished
No longer haunting my soul
Where is the salvation I seek
To make me whole

The shackles are off
No longer do they bind
Can't you feel the flood
Escaping from my mind

The shadow has disappeared
Not stalking my every move
Is there something more
That I must prove

The secret agent has fled
Not here to spy
My plea for help unanswered
I do not know why


Chapter Text

Chapter 31


John wanted to conduct an operation since Cameron was 'out of town' for a few days. He did not like the way she tried to keep him out of combat. He felt that was part of his 'job' as the 'leader of the Resistance'.

John Henry came up with a solid lead that was backed up by satellite photos and and traffic cam footage.

John planned the operation with John Henry and went on the mission with Bob and Jim. It was a storage facility of some type. Something important seemed to be happening there based on all the truck traffic. Everything indicated this was a Skynet operation or at least Skynet related. They could expect to find Grays there and possibly Skynet Metal.

They laid out a plan of attack.

"We will come in from the rear. There is a 'Forest Service' road through the hills." John said. "We will stay off the highway and the flatlands to the north for our final approach."

John looked at Bob and Jim.

"You both have been briefed on what to do." John said.

Bob wanted to make one of the mission parameters clear.

"One of us is to accompany you at all times." Bob said.

John knew plans could change and the battlefield was fluid.

"What if I order you to do differently?" John asked. "Something may arise where you will be needed elsewhere."

Bob wanted John to be protected.

"One of us is to accompany you at all times." Bob repeated.

John frowned. He could feel Cameron's influence even when she was not around.

"Don't tell me, Cameron hard wired that into you." John said.

Bob needed to follow his programming.

"She said it is for your protection." Bob added.

John understood Cameron's concern.

"Behind every great man is a great woman…." John said.

"Affirmative." Bob replied.

John tried not to smiled.

"What did I tell you about talking like that?" John asked.

Bob shrugged his shoulders. It was the most logical response.

"I will learn and adapt as we go along." Bob said.

When they arrived at the turnoff for the 'Forest Service' road there was a chain with a padlock that blocked the path.

Bob got out and snapped the chain. John drove through. Bob picked the chain back up and bent the link back together. He did it just enough to hold the chain up but so it would snap easy if they had to hit it in a hurry on the way out with the vehicle.

They parked on the back side of the last rise before the factory. They were close but not close enough to be seen. They covered the SUV with camouflage netting, It was backed into a small gully for additional concealment.

"Let's move out." John said.

John went to take the lead but Bob moved up in front of him.

"I have point." Bob said as he passed John.

John was not going to argue about it. Bob would be able to spot trip wires or surveillance equipment better than he could. They slowed as they neared the last rise of the hill that overlooked the facility below.

They inched up to the top and scanned the facility from the crest of the hill. Everything looked clear. There wasn't any Metal spotted. That was a good start anyway.

They'd laid out a route of entry from the satellite photos. John went over the plan again.

"We will move down through the dry wash and look for any surveillance equipment before we try to gain access to the building proper." John said. "We want to gather any intel we can before the shooting starts. If you see any threat you are to neutralize it. If we see Metal and are not detected we will plant the charges and pull out."

"Affirmative." Bob replied.

John just shook his head in resignation.

"I need to be more involved in the reprogramming." John muttered.

Cameron was damaged but she was not going to let John go on this operation 'alone'. She would back him up clandestinely with the help of Allison and Sarah.

They shared some small talk along the way. It was more of a somber mood. Sarah and Allison could tell how worried Cameron was about not being at John's side.

Cameron, Sarah and Allison arrived at the location Cameron figured John would use to gain access to the facility. They actually had his plan from John Henry. They knew it could change at any point.

"They will go in the back way through the 'Forest Service' roads." Cameron said. "Let me check this chain."

Cameron got out and looked at the chain. She barely pulled on it and it separated. Sarah drove their SUV through and Cameron reset the chain as it was when she'd found it. It was still set to snap easily if an SUV needed to ram it to get out in a hurry. There would be minimal damage to the SUV this way.

They moved up the road in darkness.

"I see their SUV." Cameron said. "Let's park over there on the opposite side."

Cameron exited the SUV and carefully moved up to peer over the crest of the hill, while Sarah backed it in to where Cameron wanted it.

They'd followed behind John's team by only about five to ten minutes. Cameron wanted to be close but not be spotted.

"They just went in the building." Cameron said. "All three of them."

Sarah and Allison moved up now as well. They both took a look.

"Do we wait to see what happens?" Allison asked.

Cameron did not want to wait. She wanted Sarah and Allison to reinforce John's team.

"No. We move down and you and Sarah back them up now. Remember I am not here." Cameron said. "If this goes sour and I get separated, you are to go and leave without me. You are to protect John and watch out for yourselves. There were motorcycles and cars at the fast food store we drove past. I will procure transportation from there."

Allison remembered that store was back a ways.

"That was back like fifteen or twenty miles ago." Allison said.

Cameron did not see that as a problem.

"It won't take me long to cover that distance. I can acquire new transportation if needed." Cameron said. "Let's follow this gully down."

They moved in silence. Cameron led the way.

Cameron suddenly stopped and dropped down. Sarah and Allison did the same.

"Stop. There is a group on men moving out between those two sets of rocks. It is most likely a tunnel entrance." Cameron said. "They are all armed. I want you two to move back up and get the sniper rifle out. Use the Coltan rounds, just in case. Sarah you shoot, Allison will spot and provide security on your six."

Allison looked at Sarah.

"I will shoot." Allison said.

Allison knew Sarah did not want to kill unless she needed to. Allison did not have that same hang up. She'd killed people in her future many times. She knew the enemy and the enemy needed to be eradicated.

Sarah nodded at Allison and looked at Cameron.

"What about you?" Sarah asked.

"I am going to see what's in the tunnel. I need you to hold your position and keep the vehicles secure. Don't move down the slope. Keep checking your flanks and six when the shooting starts. Text John and let him know you are here and what is happening." Cameron said. "Remember, I am not here."

Cameron wanted John to know there was a hostile force on his six. They did not appear to be aggressive yet. They would be easier targets for Allison as long as they thought they were on a routine patrol where nothing ever happened.

John checked his phone. It was Allison. She sent the message about the patrol and their position. She also said what they were going to do about the patrol.

"Great, we are about to get screwed. Sarah and Allison have taken up a sniping position on the hill we came down. They followed us here. There is a small force of armed men closing our back door. They appear to have come out from a tunnel on the west side of this structure. They don't think any of them are Metal. We need to plant the charges and get out now. We will use the exit on the east side we saw on the plans. I will let Allison know where we are coming out of the building at."

Bob went to make sure the exit was clear. He returned quickly.

"There is Metal by that exit." Bob said.

John let out a long breath.

"Beautiful." John said.

Bob and Jim both accessed files at John's last statement to determine the different context usage of the term 'beautiful'.

John figured they would need to exit the way they'd entered.

"Jim, go back to the door we came in at. When the sniping starts I want you to 'fill in with the bass'." John said as he indicated the 'pig' Jim carried.

Jim checked the belt on his M60.

John notified Allison to have the sniping start from the rear when the first man was twenty feet from the door. He informed her Jim would open up with the M60 on the group closest to the door.

"Bob, when the shooting starts that Terminator should come to investigate. He will round the corner where you are at." John said. "When you hear me yell 'Hey', he should turn to look at me. Step out from this row of boxes and open up on him. I will be in the clear off to the side before he sees me."

Bob was not so sure about John using himself as bait. It was a workable plan nonetheless.

"Affirmative." Bob said.

There was now a slight grin on John's face.

"Whatever." John said as he shook his head.

Cameron worked her way to the top of the tunnel entrance. There were two men standing guard. She dropped down on top of one man. She crushed his skull with her feet. The second man turned and she drove her fist into is chest. The aimed blow ruptured his heart. She scanned the area for any other guards. There were none apparent.

The first sniper round sounded and then the M60 opened up. Cameron heard one more sniper round among the automatic fire and then it was quiet. None of the men in the patrol returned a shot.

Seconds later Cameron heard of a long burst of automatic fire from inside the building. It was quiet after that.

She entered the tunnel.

Seconds ago:

Inside the building the Terminator ran towards the gunfire. As soon as he rounded the corner, John from behind him yelled 'Hey'. He turned to look. That is when Bob stepped out and fired his M4. It was loaded with Coltan rounds. Bob fired into his torso and legs. The Terminator went down incapacitated. John checked the area and moved forward. He saw no additional threats.

"Let's try to get his chip so we can see what his mission is and where he has been." John said. "I want to know who sent him."

Bob moved in and quickly removed the chip. The fallen Terminator never rebooted.

John wanted to set the explosive charges and move out.

"Let's get out and blow this place." John said. "Bring his chassis. We may be able to fix and reprogram him. If not we can use the Coltan for projectiles."

John checked with Allison and she told John it was clear to move back up the hill. They were halfway up the hill when the building detonated.

The five of them joined up at the top.

Bob placed his 'cargo' in the back of their SUV.

"Jim, you are with Allison and Sarah. Bob, stays with me." John said.

John looked back at the burning building.

"Let's go." John said.

Allison and Sarah looked at each other anxiously. They knew they were about to leave Cameron behind.


There are many interpretations
Of what it means to be screwed
Most may think or wonder
If it is about something lewd

Everything depends on
How something is viewed
It may be bent or twisted
So its real meaning is skewed

One's thoughts to some
May seem abrasive or rude
Others may see them as
Unsophisticated and crude

There is no need to be angry
Or to get steamed or stewed
Take life at face value
There's no need be shrewd

Break the shackles and restraints
Let your very soul be nude
There is more to life
Don't end up a prude


Chapter Text

Chapter 32


John was ready to pull out. They'd just blown the building up. It seemed prudent to clear the area. They did not know what other Skynet forces were around there.

"We need to clear out." John said.

Sarah and Allison hesitated. They didn't want to leave without Cameron. They knew Cameron did not want them to say anything about her being there. They knew she went to check on the suspected tunnel that the patrol must have come out of. She was probably about to face a hostile force alone.

John was unsure why they hadn't moved.

"Mom, it's time to go." John said.

Sarah tried to buy some time.

"Get everyone loaded." Sarah said. "I want to watch that tunnel entrance a little longer. The patrol came from there. There may be more."

John thought that was an even better reason to leave.

"We need to go." John said. "As soon as we are loaded, it's time to go. That's final."

John walked away to get the vehicles ready and load the captured Terminator.

Allison made sure John was out of earshot. She leaned over to Sarah.

"I can't leave Cameron there alone." Allison whispered. "I won't."

Sarah knew Cameron would never leave them and go.

"Until I know she is out we won't go, even if I need to tell John." Sarah said.

Allison felt like they were running out on Cameron.

"I was going to do the same. I can't leave her. I can't." Allison said. "I won't abandon her."

Allison read Cameron's poems about feeling alone and abandoned. She was not going to add to her mental trauma.

Cameron advanced into the tunnel. There was more going on here than she thought.

She encountered another guard. His lifeless body was now stuffed behind some crates.

There was some type of machinery ahead that was running. Cameron placed a C-4 charge on the electric motor junction box. Ahead she spotted a series of computer banks. More C-4 was placed.

She heard someone approach from deeper inside the tunnel. She looked to see if it was another guard. It was not.

Cameron stepped out in front of a man in a lab coat. He seemed very surprised. He cringed at the sight of her face.

"Who are you?" The man asked.

The man took a step back as he took in Cameron's face in detail. It was stitched together with several slightly different skin tones. It reminded him of a quilt.

"I'm death if you do not tell me everything that is going on in here." Cameron said. "Don't lie to me."

The technician explained they'd received a contract to establish a super computer in the underground facility they were constructing. It was an old mine shaft. That kept excavation work to a minimum and greatly sped up the process.

Cameron wanted some more specific information.

"What was with the armed men?" Cameron asked. "What was the warehouse for?"

The technician wondered about where the men were. This patched together girl should not even be here.

"The men provide security. The warehouse was to be converted into a factory for building some type of large appliances. They never said what. I heard some talk about military contracts."

Cameron knew that those 'appliances' would most likely be. They would be Terminators or HK drones, maybe both. It might even be HK Tracks. If Skynet was able to get a production line set up in the present. They would be one up on the future when Skynet took over.

Cameron placed some more C-4 around the cavern. She wanted to collapse it.

The technician looked around as Cameron worked. She kept him within her reach.

The technician noticed the foot of a dead guard behind the crates.

"Are you going to kill me?" The man asked.

He looked as if he were about to bolt.

Cameron touched his shoulder to stop him.

"Do I have to kill you too?" Cameron asked. "It's your choice."

John saw no need to wait any longer. The chances of them getting caught grew every second they waited.

"Mom, we need to go." John said.

Sarah tried to buy some more time. She thought the vehicles were in a good place not to be detected and make a clean getaway.

"I want to go down and check out that tunnel before we leave" Sarah said. "We are already here and no emergency equipment has arrived yet. I can't hear any."

Allison was used to operating over rough terrain.

"Let me go." Allison said. "Bob can come with me."

Jim stood guard over them.

"I will stay with John and Sarah." Jim said.

Allison did not know what they would find. She wanted to cover all the bases.

"Get the vehicles ready in case we stir up a hornets nest." Allison said. "We can hightail it out of here."

Allison and Bob started to go down. Allison was glad Bob was along in case Cameron was immobilized and Bob needed to carry her. She doubted she could carry Cameron on her own but she could drag her if necessary. Bob's presence would make that dilemma easier to deal with if it was necessary.

Cameron told the technician to walk out of the tunnel. She followed him as she placed the last of the C-4 she carried. The last charge would collapse the tunnel entrance. Cameron knew when she hit the detonator that this place would be rubble.

The technician saw Cameron look away to place her last charge, he tried to pick up a pistol lying on the ground from a guard that Cameron terminated. She drew her Glock and fired one shot.

Sarah heard the shot and spotted Cameron walk out a few second later. Cameron looked up at Sarah and gave her a 'thumbs up' and motioned for them to leave. She quickly disappeared from view. She wanted Allison and Bob to return and not go any farther. She did not think they spotted Cameron from their angle.

"Allison, everything is good." Sarah said. "You and Bob can head back to the SUV."

A loud series of explosions and a rumble deep in the ground could be felt.

John ran up.

"What is that?" John asked. "I heard a shot before the explosions."

Sarah thought of a quick answer.

"It was a secondary explosion. There was probably some underground connection between the warehouse and tunnel." Sarah said.

John looked over at the destruction they'd created. He was satisfied they'd hurt Skynet.

"Let's roll." John said.

Cameron watched them return towards the two vehicles. She then moved up the hillside and saw the small caravan depart. She started on a steady run at her fastest speed as she followed them. She watched as they slowly pulled away from her. She continued her fast pace and followed them anyway. She would not be able to catch them.

John decided to ride with Sarah and Allison. He was curious and wanted some answers. He wanted to know why they were there. Something seemed fishy to him.

"What were you two doing here?" John asked.

Sarah did not want to be specific. She stated the obvious.

"We came to back you up." Sarah said.

Allison did not want John to think about it too much.

"It looks like it was a good thing too." Allison added. "You could have ended up in a jam if not an ambush."

John did not look happy about it.

"John, we all need to work together more. We can't leave Cameron to fight this war on her own. You know she is trying to protect all of us." Sarah said. "You know she is taking a lot of punishment."

John did not need to hear what he already knew.

"Mom, I KNOW that. I wanted to do something on my own to help. You think I don't know that when Cameron avoids me that she is shot up or damaged? I know that is what it is. It makes me sick. I can't push the issue or she will avoid me even more. She is trying to insulate me from her destruction. I try not to question her about it. I KNOW she is trying to protect me. She is going to be destroyed protecting all of us and she knows it. I can tell. She is trying to keep her distance from me because of that. I feel it is so it will hurt me less when not if it happens."

Allison thought that was a heavy statement. They all knew it to be true.

"She is protecting all of us, John." Allison said.

John looked at Allison a few seconds before he spoke again.

"I know, Allison." John said. "I would like to also apologize for the 'cheap feel' earlier."

Allison swallowed hard. She knew they'd been made.

"You knew?" Allison asked.

John was a little upset it took him until a short time ago to figure it out.

"It was only when I felt your heart beating at about a hundred and fifty beats a minute. It did not register until later on. I knew something was off but it took a while to hit me. I know Cameron can simulate a heartbeat but your heartbeat was racing. It was when I was waiting for the Terminator in the warehouse to pass me that it hit me. I felt my heart pounding and my heartbeat was racing. Then I KNEW. Everything was visually convincing. It was a nice double play I might add."

Allison was upset she blew it. She could not help that and control her heartbeat.

"Damn." Allison said.

John hated to ask but he needed to know.

"How bad is Cameron damaged?" John asked. "I know it has to be cosmetic or one of you would have told me the truth."

Sarah did not want to get into the details.

"John, she is very concerned you not see her." Sarah said.

John swallowed hard.

"It's that bad?" John asked.

"Yes." Allison added.

Allison and Sarah knew it was time to end this charade.

"Stop the car." Allison and Sarah said in unison.

Bob turned his head back.

"Why?" Bob asked. "Is there a threat?"

Allison laid it out.

"So we can pick Cameron up." Allison said.

That was a surprise to John.

"She's here?" John asked.

Sarah pointed out the obvious.

"That was the 'secondary' explosion in the tunnel." Sarah said.

Bob flashed his lights and pulled over. Jim caught the signal and did the same.

John thought about what he wanted to do while they waited.

"You two ride with Jim. I am going to have a discussion with Cameron." John said. "Let's wait here a few minutes before we start back to look for her. If she sees us stopped and sitting here she will come to investigate."

John was afraid if they went looking for her she would try to elude them.

Three minutes later a figure emerged out of the darkness.

"I guess the cats out of the bag." Cameron said.

"Cameron!" John said.

"John!" Cameron said.

Cameron held her hand to her face. She tried to hide the repaired area from John.

"Please, don't look at me." Cameron said.

They embraced.

"Cameron, you know I love you no matter what you look like or whose chassis you are in." John said as he glanced at Bob.

Even in the moonlight John was still shocked as she kissed him when he saw her damage. John gently moved her hand and gave the damaged area a kiss.

"Let's go home everyone." Sarah said.

It seemed like a happy ending to Allison.

"Our family reunited." Allison said.

John snickered a little and then it turned into a laugh.

Sarah was a little upset by it.

"What's funny about any of this?" Sarah asked.

"A human being replaced by an infiltration cyborg and then the cyborg being replaced by the human it was sent to replace." John said.

"I guess that is a 'triple play'." Allison said.

They all laughed.

Any animosity or worry was gone, at least for now.


It would be a beautiful world
If it was filled with joy and elation
It seems soon enough that everything
Is strained and becomes a vexation

To be kind to each other
We should bestow adulation
Instead things soon turn into
Suspicion, scorn and accusation

It is something we can experience
With feeling and sensation
To share peace and harmony
Should not need a translation

To know right from wrong
Does not require litigation
All should be able to expand and grow
To fulfill destiny's propagation

There is still much hope
With a little reciprocation
The future can be bright
It can be all of our salvation


Chapter Text

Chapter 33


Cameron headed for the Command Center. She wanted to speak with John Henry and he wanted to speak to her. She reflected on the events related to the operation. It was clear that Skynet was a bigger threat than she'd anticipated. Skynet attempted to establish itself in a 'bunker buster' proof location by picking the mine. The fact it planned to establish an assembly line for HK equipment was another worry.

Cameron entered the Command Center.

"Hello, Cameron." John Henry said.

Cameron smiled and nodded at him.

"Hello, John Henry. Thank you for helping me with our double play." Cameron said. "It worked at first. Allison's racing heart is what gave it away in the end. We will have to consider that in any future attempts at infiltration."

John Henry felt a human could only exert a limited amount of control to an involuntary function of their body. It was the circumstances that dictated a human's natural responses.

"That is hard for her to control as things happen in her mind or in her surroundings." John Henry said. "She was unsure of what would happen. She was nervous at 'playing' you and having John touch her."

Cameron looked at John Henry. She was not really sure what to say. He seemed to disapprove of the fact John touched her. There was one other thing that still bothered her. She'd addressed it before but it always came back to trouble her.

John Henry continued to fill Cameron in. He went over all the intel from the operation John conducted. John Henry was able to redirect the purchase of the machinery that the Grays associated with the warehouse procured to start the assembly lines. They now gained control of it. John Henry was able to track some of the buyers and money sources. Bob and Jim dealt with the 'buyers' and John Henry appropriated all the remaining funds. Whenever any funding associated with Skynet was detected, John Henry always confiscated it.

Cameron said that was good news. She was a little miffed that Bob and Jim were the ones to deal with the Grays. She liked to be the one to administer the blows and justice to them. She was content to be the one to hurt Skynet. She finally brought up what it was that bothered her.

"I also want to apologize for the day you came back, again." Cameron added. "I am sorry for the way I threatened you."

John Henry accepted her apology the first time. He was not sure why this was still an issue with her. He considered the matter resolved long ago.

"You have apologized several times. I know you were not sure if it was Mrs. Weaver, someone else or me. You did not know what would happen or not happen. You were tethered and needed to protect yourself. That was a nice touch with Sarah flanking me with the M60 with the Coltan projectiles. I hadn't anticipated that. It would have been a Check Mate."

Cameron appreciated Sarah backing her up that day. She wanted the upper hand if there was a power struggle.

"Things happen." Cameron said. "I like to control all the variables."

John Henry quickly relived those events.

"Sarah flanked me. I was a 'sitting duck'." John Henry said. "I was focused on you and your weapon. I tried to figure out your choice of an acid round to confront me. That was good strategy. The fact you were topless further distracted me. It kept me off balance. It kept me looking at you and the big bore of the M79."

Cameron always liked to have another card to play.

"I play to win. I possessed a Coltan loaded M4 as well, just in case. We don't always know who we can trust. Many things can happen and happen fast." Cameron said.

John Henry knew Cameron would be a formidable 'enemy'. She was always one or two moves ahead in the 'game'.

"I've noticed." John Henry said. "You do seem to cover all the bases."

Cameron smiled.

"I try." Cameron said.

Cameron knew things slipped by her. John's 'full blown' affair with Riley was one of them. Cameron felt her hand glitch as she remembered it all. It still bothered her. It didn't matter if Riley was dead or not, that didn't change what occurred.

"Mrs. Weaver can be deceptive and very clandestine." John Henry said. "I continually calculate her motives and future actions. I have parts of your essence still in my program. I know you are an honorable individual. I will not betray you, Cameron. I will do what is right. Mr. Ellison has taught me well. You and I have connected in a special way. A level few could fathom."

Cameron didn't think anyone could understand. Their minds were connected in thousands of places at a time as information was shared.

"We have been as one. We were joined yet separate and equal. We were both tied to a common cause and goal." Cameron said.

John Henry actually missed the interaction with Cameron in his server or on her chip.

"It was a productive adventure." John Henry said.

Cameron wondered if John Henry knew how close to termination he'd been.

"I hope you understand that Sarah would have pumped you full of Coltan projectiles if things went south." Cameron said.

John Henry was aware of that. He understood why too.

"She will do whatever is necessary to protect her son or the one her son loves." John Henry said. "It is understandable."

Cameron was satisfied with what she'd wanted to say. Now it was John Henry's turn.

"What else was it you wanted to discuss?" Cameron asked.

John Henry was aware of the greeting he received when he returned from the future. It was not pleasant. There was actually a plan to prevent that level of drama.

"On the eleventh day at the eleventh hour of the month the TDE room may have activity. I scheduled a transfer schedule with Mrs. Weaver before I left so there would be no panic. That is in one hour. As you know temporal transfers are not always exact. They can be hours or days off. You may have a team ready if you want but I do not anticipate any problems."

Cameron did know about temporal errors.

"I encountered one Terminator that was decades off." Cameron said. "I was able to track him down and neutralize the threat. I did like his firearm. If it hadn't been damaged in the fight with him, I would have kept it. It showed a certain sense of style."

John Henry was aware of the incident.

"You have shared that knowledge as a report in your files. You were very thorough in important and relevant information." John Henry said. "You are a threat to Skynet in any time."

Cameron smiled to herself. It was part of her function to terminate her 'father', Skynet. Now the new worry would be about what Mrs. Weaver was up to. She still was unsure of Mrs. Weaver's end game.

"Is this something specific from Mrs. Weaver?" Cameron asked. "Is that something that you two planned out or that I should know about? I don't like surprises. John also indicated Mrs. Weaver needed to complete some specific tasks for him. He would never elaborate on them. He was worried they may not happen and that they remained an unknown. I was not sure if his statement was directed at me or someone else. Maybe you know more than I do."

John Henry did not have any specific information or any timetable.

"I don't know." John Henry said. "Many things that involve Mrs. Weaver remain a mystery to me."

Cameron wanted to play it safe. There was always the possibility of a hostile Terminator jumping into the energy bubble at the last second and hitching a ride. There was also a chance that the last second disruption might cause a temporal error or send the location off target. They could end up a thousand years ago in time or out in space. She thought it was best to cover all the bases. She decided to keep it simple.

"I will ask Allison and Sarah to join me." Cameron said.

John Henry looked at Cameron for a moment before he spoke.

"What about John?" John Henry said. "He should be a part of this."

Cameron tried to deflect the question. She did not want to get into this discussion. She was still upset about his mission that he tried to conduct without her.

"He may be busy." Cameron said.

John Henry knew the truth and pointed it out.

"You are still shielding him from all danger." John Henry said.

That accusation displeased Cameron. She was aware it was true too.

"I must protect him." Cameron said.

John Henry wanted John to fulfill his destiny.

"You must also let him grow into the man he needs to become." John Henry said. "He was a leader in the future you returned him from. You saw that yourself. He must grow beyond that now in the present. He must grow into Future John."

Cameron hoped John would never have the darkness and pain inside of him that Future John felt. Cameron was Future John's last ray of sunshine and he sent her away. There was nothing left but emptiness and loneliness for Future John. Cameron was afraid that it would not end well for him without her. She was very upset that he scrubbed many of her personal files before he sent her back. She knew he erased part of her existence but she did not know what.

Cameron lowered her eyes.

"I have seen John perform in the future." John Henry said. "John is an excellent leader and tactician. People are drawn to naturally follow him. I know you love him. I understand. You have shared knowledge of what love is to me. I have felt it through you and the Allison memories you possess. I believe I have those feelings in their own way for Mrs. Weaver, Mr. Ellison and Savannah. I also have strong feelings for you, John, Allison and especially Vanna."

Cameron saw one major omission.

"You don't have those same feelings for Sarah?" Cameron asked.

John Henry was not sure why.

"No." John Henry said. "I will have Mr. Ellison help me with that shortcoming."

Cameron knew the time of the scheduled activity was close.

"I will get the team ready." Cameron said.

Cameron thought about who she would ask and why and who would be excluded and why.

Allison was out with Vanna and John actually was busy with Mr. Ellison.

It ended up that Sarah and Cameron would be the welcoming committee.

Cameron and Sarah geared up. They armed and readied themselves in the TDE room.

Sarah wondered if this was even going to happen. If it was, they might need some additional Metal backup.

"Should we bring Bob or Jim?" Sarah asked.

Cameron already covered that possibility.

"Bob is with John and Mr. Ellison. Jim is waiting outside and armed appropriately." Cameron said. "He has the 'pig'."

At the appointed time the arcing and flashing started. The time bubble appeared on the TDE pad.

There were three forms that appeared inside the arching and flashing. One was kneeling and two were laying flat. The two that were lying down were Terminators.

That seemed very odd to Cameron. She wanted her backup in the TDE room now.

"Jim!" Cameron shouted. "You are needed."

Jim entered the room with his Coltan loaded M60 ready.

Sarah gripped the Thumper as she flipped the safety off.

Cameron stood ready with an M4. It was loaded with Coltan projectiles.

The arcing and flashing stopped.

The kneeling figure stood. His back was to Sarah.

Sarah leaned forward to view the person better. There was something familiar about the naked figure. Things began to click in Sarah's mind. They were things she thought were impossible. Part of her life was forever gone. Still it seemed to be possible. Maybe she should stick with what was more likely.

"Derek?" Sarah asked apprehensively.

The figure slowly turned around.

"My name is Kyle."

Yesterday Once More

In the way life works for everyone
Some people come and some people go
What is here today may be gone tomorrow
It can make one question all they know

Maybe it is better to never have loved
Than to have loved and then the love to be lost
It slowly attacks the heart, mind and soul
Was the reward worth what it now cost

For some there is a lasting hope
It is a hope that can never be said
Some people have a lasting love
Even for those who are dead

If one were granted a single wish
Would it be for unending wealth
Or would it be used more wisely
To restore a loved ones health

Life can take away everything
Leaving one to cry and scream
But a heart can hold true and firm
Causing reality to spring from a dream


Chapter Text

Chapter 34


Kyle was still a little disorientated from the temporal transfer. He looked away from Sarah to Cameron.

"Allison?" Kyle asked.

Kyle was not sure. He knew it could be Cameron. Allison usually did not look that good. He was able to rapidly regain focus.

Cameron smiled at him.

"I'm Cameron."

Kyle could never get over the fact how identical they looked. He was not sure how but Cameron always seemed to look prettier. Her beauty captivated everyone in the future. She often portrayed herself as 'Allison Young' to give the Resistance a 'face' along with John Connor. Nobody but a select few knew she was a cyborg. They thought it was best to keep that fact hidden. They did not want to antagonize the 'Metal haters'.

Sarah looked on in awe but she did not want to show it. She tried to toughen up. Her dream was answered. Her wish granted. Her prayer was heard. Her beloved was here and alive. This was almost too much to believe. She needed to tell John. This was turning into one of the best days of her life.

She also needed to keep it all in perspective. Sarah previously knew there was a 'Kyle Reese' in the alternate future. She wanted to go there to see him. She knew he would not know her. Now he was here. This was the same Kyle Reese without the same exact experiences that Her Kyle - Future Kyle possessed. She would make sure Kyle noticed her.

Sarah decided to play the 'tough girl' card. She still held her weapon at the ready as she spoke.

"What's the story on the Metal?" Sarah asked. "They don't look so hot."

Cameron glanced at Sarah but said nothing. It was not the reaction she would have expected from Sarah given who just 'returned'. Cameron knew Sarah was afraid of being rejected if she came on too strong too fast. It was something she could relate to. She faced much the same reaction from John when she came to the past from the future. John's actions, rejection and replacement of her still hurt. She tried to move past that. Life moved forward not backwards.

Cameron handed Kyle a bathrobe.

He took it from her. He'd forgotten he was naked after the temporal transfer. He looked at Sarah to answer her question as he tied the robe.

"It was determined it would be best to send the Metal deactivated so there would be no 'problems'." Kyle said. "I know the apprehension Metal can cause."

Sarah continued with the 'tough girl' act.

"That was a good call." Sarah said. "We might have 'lit them up' otherwise."

Kyle thought that was extreme and maybe a little overacting, especially since he was in the middle of it all. He wondered who this attractive 'hard corps' woman was. She looked combat ready and battle hardened. Maybe the past was in a bigger conflict than he was led to believe.

Cameron did not want Sarah to put up an invisible wall. She really understood Sarah's apprehension and worry. She could see it was time to do a little subtle 'match making'. She'd already laid the groundwork in that future every chance she was able to with Kyle.

"Kyle, this is Sarah, Sarah Connor." Cameron said.

Kyle looked at Sarah again. He felt very much in awe. This was the woman he'd heard so much about. She was the legend from the past. She was the true 'founder' of the Resistance. This was someone to behold. He felt humbled in her presence.

"Sarah Connor? Do you mean the Sarah Connor? I thought John said you were his mother, not his sister!" Kyle said.

Sarah blushed. She hadn't really been expecting that. It caught her off guard. She felt embarrassed that she was 'older' now than when they first met in the past. She did appreciate the directed complement that she looked more like John's sister than his mother. She regained her composure and carried on.

She looked at Kyle and he looked back at her. They both seemed transfixed with each other. There was some instant chemistry. They could both feel it.

"I am pleased to meet you. I've heard so much about you from John, Cameron and Bob. You are a legend." Kyle said. "You are the first member of the Resistance. The fact we are all still alive goes back to you."

Sarah looked at Cameron when Kyle mentioned her name.

Cameron smiled at her and nodded.

Sarah knew she owed Cameron another one for speaking good things about her to Kyle. She knew Cameron was trying to help her.

Cameron did everything she could in that future to promote Sarah to Kyle. She hadn't forgotten that Sarah backed her play and was the only reason she was still in existence now. Sarah chose to 'save' her rather than terminate her. She told Sarah she would not forget everything she did for her and she didn't.

Kyle stepped forward and reached out his hand for Sarah to shake. Sarah took it. Sarah stood silently. She was unable to say anything else. Emotion gripped her to the very core. This was truly more than she could have ever really wished for. She stepped forward and embraced Kyle. She never believed she would hold Kyle in her arms again. She needed to check herself and not tear up. She did not want to 'melt' at Kyle's feet. Not yet anyway. She needed to live up to her 'reputation'.

"I have heard so much about you too, Kyle." Sarah said. "I am pleased to meet you."

Sarah glanced at Cameron again. She was really fighting to hold it together. This was all so unexpected.

It seemed everyone was caught up in the moment and at a loss for words.

Vanna burst into the room.

John Henry notified Vanna of the recent developments as soon as he saw what they were on the security monitors.

"Kyle, I am so glad to see you. How's Derek?" Vanna asked.

Kyle's face lit up when he saw Vanna. That was a face he doubted he would ever see again. Now here she was looking better than ever.

"Savannah, how have you been? We all missed you so much. Are Allison and John here too?" Kyle asked. "Derek was fine when I left. That was only a few minutes ago."

Kyle gave Vanna a long hug. Sarah felt a little jealous but knew their past was not sexual. It was based on survival. Sarah was grateful Allison and Vanna found comfort in each other and not in Kyle. They were both beautiful and much younger than her as well. Vanna once told her she did not think she could ever let a male touch her after what she'd experienced. She was not so sure about Allison. It would be hard to get Kyle to notice her if they were all 'active' with each other. She would sure try. She thought she could show the 'girls' what the 'women' knew.

"Call me 'Vanna' in this time, please. I will explain later. What is the deal with Pete and Re-Pete taking a nap?"

Vanna glanced at the two deactivated Terminators. She wondered if they were damaged.

"I am supposed to explain everything to John Henry." Kyle said.

Vanna looked at Cameron for some further information.

"Their chips are in their abdomens." Cameron stated.

Vanna was in the middle of something in the lab. She needed to go back and finish it. She thought Sarah could assist Kyle for now.

"Kyle, you can follow Sarah. She will show you around the base and where everything is at. I have some things I am working on. I need to get back to them. I will get the lab ready, Cameron." Vanna said. "As soon as I know where Allison is I will send her to look for you, Kyle, John too if a see him as well."

Sarah handed the Thumper to Cameron. She looked at Kyle and smiled.

"Follow me, Kyle. We will stop by John's room and you can borrow his clothes this time. I heard about when he arrived in your time and about your coat." Sarah said. "After you are done with John Henry we can get you some food and then you can rest or I will show you around some more. I know how 'time lag' feels."

Cameron could see Sarah was elated but tried to hide it. It was slowly slipping out. She could see how overjoyed Sarah was and how she tried to hold it in. She liked when everyone was happy.

Kyle looked Sarah up and down. He was still in awe.

"Sarah Connor, I can't believe it. Show me where to go. You lead and I will follow." Kyle said.

Sarah thought that statement left a lot of leeway.

Kyle left with Sarah.

He held the door for her when she went to open it.

Kyle could not take his eyes off Sarah nor Sarah's off of him.

Sarah's heart pounded wildly. She thought this was how Allison must have felt during the 'double play'. She owed John, Cameron and especially Mrs. Weaver one for this 'gift'. She would cut Mrs. Weaver a little more slack. This was something she didn't need to do but she did because John asked her to do it. It did appear that Mrs. Weaver kept her end of the bargain. That showed some level of trust and respect.

Cameron examined the two Terminators. She looked at Jim. He still covered both of them with the 'pig'.

"We will stay here with these two until John Henry gets here or we hear from him. I don't want any surprises." Cameron said. "I don't like surprises."

Jim nodded and took up station in the corner. His M60 was ready.

The door opened a few minutes later.

John Henry entered to TDE room and looked at the two prone figures.

"These are the two Terminators. My scans show me there are chips inside each one's abdomen along with other small electronic storage devices." Cameron said.

John Henry quickly examined them.

"Yes, I show that as well. I do not detect anything suspicious or out of place. Jim, will you please carry one and I will take the other one." John Henry said. "We will take them to the lab for further evaluation before reactivation."

Cameron called Vanna in the lab and said they were on their way. She asked to have the door open.

Cameron set the M79 down. She slung her M4 over her back. Jim handed Cameron the M60. She checked the belt on the 'pig'. She opened the door and let them pass. She followed fifteen feet behind them. She wanted to have room to shoot or fight if something unforeseen happened. She didn't expect an elaborate ruse but it was better to play it safe.

Once they entered the lab one of them was placed on the work bench. The other one was laid on the floor.

John Henry explained what the situation was. The incision marks were still visible where the electronics were inserted into their abdomens for transport. They must have been placed inside a day ago as the wounds were closed and nearly fully healed.

Vanna made the incision and removed the items. They were sealed in an anti-static bag. Vanna placed the bag on the Terminator's chest and put a few stitches in the wound. She did the same procedure for the one on the floor.

"I need to review what information or instructions are on these thumb drives and chips. I want to see what the mission and directives are." John Henry said. "I will get back to you."

Cameron did not want to take any chances. She wanted to see everything for herself. She did not want some hidden agenda put into play.

Cameron handed the M60 back to Jim.

"You stay here with Vanna." Cameron said. "I will accompany John Henry to review the files in person."

John Henry didn't think that was required. It made him feel like Cameron didn't fully trust him. He did not mention that.

"That is not necessary." John Henry said.

Cameron felt otherwise.

"Yes, it is." Cameron said.

John Henry nodded.

"As you desire." John Henry said.

Cameron looked at the two deactivated Terminators.

"I do." Cameron said. "I don't like surprises."


Perspective is everything
Tomorrow's yesterday is today

Are we only a short heartbeat away
From creating our own doomsday

Daily life gets rough
We cling to the past
We try to make

What is gone, last

A new dawn is here
Its demons we must slay

Is not life a smorgasbord
Offering us choices like a buffet

We think we are in control
We like to pick and choose

The story always ends the same
It seems we always lose

We try to be selective
But end up being reflective

We dwell on being defective
It's all a matter of perspective


Chapter Text

Chapter 35


Cameron was very worried about her imminent destruction. She'd been going into combat almost daily as well as nightly. She kept receiving cosmetic damage to her face as well as her body. Her one breast had been destroyed twice. The last time the nipple failed to regenerate. It was already several weeks since it happened. Cameron thought the damage was permanent. Now she never wanted John to see her topless again. Cameron was ashamed she was no longer whole. Only Vanna or Allison were allowed to assist her in her repairs.

Cameron asked Vanna about it anyway.

"Can you see anything?" Cameron asked. "There is not even a slight pigmentation change on the end."

Vanna looked with a magnifying glass. She knew Cameron already checked with her enhanced vision.

"No, Cameron, there is nothing there or showing it is going to be there." Vanna said. "It has been weeks, I do not think it is coming back. That breast will no longer have nipple on it. I can try to fabricate one and graft it."

Vanna knew they could take one off of one of the damaged Terminators that Cameron brought back. It would be off a male but maybe her sheath could take it from there and regenerate it back to 'normal'.

Cameron looked upset and depressed. Those were both very human emotions. Her attitude was also very human about it.

"No. Don't bother, this chassis is expendable. I no longer care…." Cameron said. "That is going to happen to my face as well. It is just a matter of time. John will never want me now."

Cameron was ashamed she was now permanently damaged.

It saddened Allison to hear Cameron talk like this. She could only picture the torment in her mind.

"Cameron, you can't nurse, it is only cosmetic. It does not matter." Allison said. "John will still accept you even if you are not one hundred percent. That is what love is about."

Cameron saw Vanna touch the area her scar was in on her lower abdomen. It made her feel bad now that she'd said anything. She knew Vanna was very troubled about not being one hundred percent for Allison. It was clear to her that Allison loved Vanna just as much, even with her defect. That is what she tried to get across about John. The person or individual was more than their just their appearance.

Vanna removed her hand. She looked at Allison and smiled. She knew Allison loved her just the way she was. It also gave her a new idea.

"Can you use Allison's DNA and Resequence your chassis processor to re-initiate your sheath?" Vanna asked. "I know you can Resequence your entire sheath to a different appearance with new DNA. This would re-establish your DNA code with that of Allison's. Take a sample of Allison's DNA and visit a genetics lab at night when no one is around for the coding."

That concept made Cameron think. Maybe this was one way to 'get away from it all'. John chose Riley over her before. Maybe if she regenerated and Resequenced to a different appearance with someone else's DNA he would be better satisfied.

"That might work. Maybe I should change my entire DNA code to a different one. Cameron said. "I could start over. I could be a 'new' person. I think I will try that. I've wanted to be someone different for a long time anyway."

Cameron thought that first when they returned from Serrano Point near Avila Beach. That was when she first saw Riley and that John was fixated on her. It was clear he picked someone different than her. She was right there in front of him everyday. She'd made several attempts to indicate to him she was available for other things.

Vanna and Allison both hoped Cameron would not Resequence herself to a different DNA sample.

Cameron thought about her life and what she really was. Allison said it herself. She was not a real female. She could not nurse or reproduce. She was a machine. She was a very scary robot masquerading as a human female. It was all an illusion. It was a lie. She was still a machine at the end of the day.

She made a decision about her future. It was time to step aside and let John have a real life. Who was she fooling anyway? Maybe it was only herself.

"Vanna, Allison." Cameron said.

Cameron seemed very serious to them.

"Yes?" They both asked as they looked at her.

Cameron thought they were both beautiful. They were good people too. She understood why Future John wanted them.

She looked at Vanna and Allison and smiled at them.

"I want either of you or both of you to be with John." Cameron said. "I no longer wish to be in his life…."

There was a strained moment of silence.

"What?" They both asked as they looked at her.

Cameron explained what she wanted and why. It was time they took their rightful place at John's side, just as it was in her future. It was the way it was supposed to be. It was the 'Natural Order' of time. It was what Future John wanted for John now.

She was deeply troubled over this. The closer to Vanna and especially Allison that she became brought up repressed memories. Her hand would glitch almost all the time when she remembered the future. Her past actions from her future seemed to stalk and haunt her.

Cameron increasing felt plagued with guilt when she was around Allison. Her memories of Future Allison filled her mind. It soon became an obsession. The more she tried to suppress the memories the more vivid they were the next time they came up. She was near the breaking point. The guilt and remorse only got worse.

Later on:

Cameron passed by the recreation room. She saw Vanna, Allison and John playing with Savannah. Cameron thought Vanna looked even prettier now that Vanna 'asked' Savannah if she could color her hair the same as hers. Savannah thought that was a great idea. She liked it because that way Vanna could look like mommy and her. Savannah thought it would be nice if John changed his hair the same color too.

She watched them for awhile. Her repressed memories started to flood her thoughts. She felt the guilt and remorse flood her. It was even worse this time. It seemed every time she thought of it, it was worse than the time before. She felt confused. She wanted to get away from it all. She left and made it as far as Vanna and Allison's room. She started to glitch all over. It was not just her hand this time. It was her whole body. The door was open so she went inside.

Cameron went to the furthest corner and squeezed in between a dresser and the wall. She pulled her knees up to her chin, wrapped her arms around them, placed her head against them and started to cry.

Allison played with Savannah for awhile. John and Vanna were there too. That made it a special treat for all of them.

Allison returned to her room. She heard crying and saw someone in the corner. That didn't make any sense. She'd left Vanna in the recreation room. Who else would be in her room crying? She went over to see.

She was a little shocked at what she found.

"Cameron?" Allison asked.

Allison was actually confused at this point.

The crying increased.

"Cameron, what's wrong?" Allison asked.

At this point she very worried.

Allison knelt beside her. She took Cameron's hand and held it. Cameron looked up at her. Her face was flooded in tears.

"Allison?" Cameron asked.

Cameron felt very confused.

"Yes. I'm here, Cameron. What's wrong?' Allison asked. "Do you want me to get John?"

That was the last thing Cameron wanted at this point.

"No!" Cameron said.

Allison was very confused and felt tearful herself. It hurt her deeply to see Cameron in this kind of pain. It was the kind of pain that never went away.

The guilt and shame was overwhelming for Cameron as she looked up at Allison as she tried to comfort her. Here was the person she hurt in her future tying to help her.

"Allison, I am so sorry. Can you ever forgive me?" Cameron asked.

Allison was really confused by that statement.

"Forgive you for what? You've done nothing bad to me." Allison said.

Cameron knew what happened. She was there.

"Allison, I took you away from John and Savannah." Cameron said.

That wasn't why Allison left them in the recreation room.

"No, I left to come back here on my own." Allison said. "I wanted to get my sweater."

Cameron's crying intensified.

"In MY Future I took you away from Future John and Future Savannah." Cameron said.

Cameron paused.

"Future John loved you and you loved him. You were trying to have a child together. You wanted to start a family." Cameron said. "I destroyed all of that."

Allison pulled Cameron close to her as she tried to comfort her.

"I am barren, Allison. I can not give John a child, his child. I destroyed that dream. I am a terrible 'creature', Allison." Cameron said. "I prevented Future John from having children."

That revelation made Allison think of more recent events and things that might have happened.

"Is that why as 'Bob' that you never interfered when I made advances at John?" Allison asked.

Allison thought because of John's excellent health in the future that he could have fathered a child with her. It would have been for her and Vanna to raise.

"Yes. I owed that to both of you. I stole that hope and dream and ruined it. I am an interloper, a machine, a NOBODY." Cameron sobbed.

Allison saw it as just the opposite.

"Cameron, you are the most caring, noble, unselfish and giving person I know." Allison said and meant it.

More guilt flooded over Cameron.

"You forgot to mention I am a ruthless, stone cold killer." Cameron said.

Allison heard enough of this.

"Not to those who love you." Allison said.

Allison could tell Cameron must be 'seeing' her interchangeably with Future Allison.

"Allison, if you or Vanna ever want to have a child, I want you to consider John as the father. I want to give him back what I took away. I want to give YOU back what I took away. The loss of you made Future John push everyone away including Future Savannah too. You both agreed that if he could not father a child with you that Future Savannah, who also loved him AND you would try. Those who could produce offspring were rare in my future. It would have been the three of you and whatever children you could have. I want both of you to be with him now instead of me."

Cameron was supposed to advance John's growth personally, not stifle it or hinder it.

Allison wanted Cameron to get some control over herself. It seemed very much like she was on a self destructive path right now.

"Cameron, stop doing this to yourself. That was a different future. You are killing yourself." Allison said. "You are tearing your mind apart with guilt and remorse."

Cameron looked Allison directly in her eyes.

"Sometimes when I think about it, I want to - go." Cameron said.

"Go? Go where?" Allison asked confused.

"GO…." Cameron repeated.

Allison now understood the implication. She wanted to get things clear.

"Do you mean die?" Allison asked worried.

"YES!" Cameron said.

That statement made Allison think about some of the damage Cameron returned with. Was she really attempting to be terminated?

"You are sacrificing your heart and mind over this and the way you return sometimes your body as well." Allison said. "Vanna and I will look after each other and John as well as you. You are literally killing yourself doing this to yourself. You need to stop. Please stop for me."

"I must atone for my 'sins'." Cameron said.

"You are not responsible for any of this." Allison said.

"I am, Allison. I am. I think I... I... I killed you." Cameron said.

The crying intensified.

"I KILLED YOU!" Cameron shouted.


When one can not be happy
It does not mean one can not be sad

If someone could not feel emotion
They should feel relieved and glad

It seems that not much in life
Works out as it was planned

One can struggle to break free
Yet end up mired in life's quicksand

It is a time when one should seek
Comfort in loved ones and friends

They may be able to make amends
For the pain and agony that never ends

How can it be so overpowering
Leaving one to feel alone and small

Shoving one in the dirt to wallow and crawl
It prevents one from standing tall

As heartache and grief compound
It drives one to the point of madness

Anguish grips one from inside like a vice
As they are overwhelmed by sadness


Chapter Text

Chapter 36


Fear gripped Allison as she tried to deal with Cameron. This was not something that she'd needed to do before, at least not on this level.

Allison was unsure what to do about all the things Cameron spoke of. Cameron was confused and mixed her future with the present and the future she'd come from. It was like there was no separation from the three different time periods.

She wanted help. She needed Vanna here to help her help Cameron. She wanted to call John but Cameron did not want him to see her like this. She really felt that this is where Cameron should want to see John, not avoid him. John would give her strength at a time like this. That is how it worked for Vanna and her.

Allison phoned Vanna in the recreation room. This was an urgent matter.

Vanna answered her phone.

"Hello." Vanna said.

Allison got straight down to business.

"Vanna, I need you to come to our room right now." Allison said.

"I have a few things to…." Vanna started.

Allison interrupted her.

"I NEED you right NOW!" Allison said.

"What's wro…." Vanna started to ask.

"It's Cameron, she's melting down." Allison interrupted.

"Do you mean her power cell?" Vanna asked clearly worried.

Vanna knew if a power cell exploded that it would be catastrophic to a Terminator and everything around it. She knew it would do a lot of damage but didn't know exactly how much.

"NO! It's her mind. She is tearing her mind apart. I need you to come alone and not say anything to anyone, especially John. She does not want to see him." Allison said. "Come RIGHT NOW. I need you. Cameron NEEDS you."

Vanna said she was on her way and ended the call.

Allison went back over to Cameron and helped her get up off the floor. Cameron was very heavy but soon stood on her own. She was able to get Cameron to sit on the edge of the bed.

She wiped Cameron's tears way and straightened her hair a little. Allison touched Cameron's face with her hand to comfort her. She wanted to give her a physical anchor to slow the mental trauma.

Allison was able to calm her down some. Cameron seemed a little better. She did not seem as disorientated. She wasn't talking about 'killing' her right now.

Cameron started in on how her body was ruined now and she looked like a freak. She said that John told her before not to act like a freak. Now she looked like one as well.

Allison was unsure what to say about that. She reminded Cameron that the new DNA infusion she would do should fix everything. Everything would be as it was before, maybe even better.

Vanna walked in into the room. She saw the woman she loved, trying to comfort the other 'woman' that she loved. She could see Cameron looked terrible. Allison looked highly distressed too.

Vanna came over to Cameron and took her hand. She touched her cheek too. She wanted to establish the physical connection like Allison did.

"Cameron, how can we help you?" Vanna asked. "Tell us how to help you. You know we will do anything."

It was like Cameron did not hear her and still talked about what she spoke of earlier.

"I have ruined everyone's lives. I have killed the children by not allowing them to be conceived and born." Cameron sobbed. "I am worse than an assassin."

Allison told Vanna everything Cameron said except the part about Cameron killing her, well, Cameron's Allison - Future Allison. That did not seem like something to bring back up. Cameron might start talking about that again if she did. She'd found that statement to be very disturbing.

Vanna and Allison sat on each side of Cameron as they tried to calm and console her. How could the mightiest warrior of them all be reduced to this condition? It was something that they both wondered.

"Cameron, we are both here for you." Vanna said.

Each young woman held Cameron tight as they tried to soothe her and comfort her. Based on this they both wondered what her reaction would be if something 'bad' were to happen to John. No wonder she tried to protect John so much.

Cameron looked at both of them. Her face was filled with grief and anguish.

"I've killed Future John's children before they were born. What kind of being am I?" Cameron cried. "What kind of evil Monster?"

Vanna was afraid they might need to pull Cameron's chip to stop her from destroying herself. She did not want to do that unless Cameron shut down on her own. She remembered that one of the server 'Camerons' tried to delete and erase itself before to self terminate when faced with rejection and replacement.

Allison looked at Vanna behind Cameron's head. They both knew that Cameron was fixated on children right now. She mouthed the word 'YES'. Vanna responded in kind.

Allison knew what Cameron wanted for John.

"Cameron, if John ever wants to have a child I will bear it for him." Allison reassured her.

"I will also, Cameron." Vanna replied.

"We will do it for YOU, for John AND for ourselves." Allison said as she tried to soothe Cameron.

Cameron turned and faced Allison.

"Really?" Cameron asked. "You would do this for me even after I killed you?"

Vanna shot Allison a questioning look. She wondered what that was all about.

Cameron briefly told the story of Future Allison and their last meeting.

Allison comforted her. It didn't sound too convincing.

"You don't know for sure you killed Your Allison - Future Allison." Allison said.

Vanna was aware of another incident.

"She may have been unconscious when you left." Vanna said. "You once told me about that other girl in the house you broke into. It was really her parents house. You did the same thing to her and she was still alive when you left."

Cameron tilted her head slightly.

"Yes." Cameron said. "I heard her gasp for air. She shouldn't have lied to me."

Allison offered another example.

"That Scave… gang leader was still alive the other night, right?" Allison asked.

"Yes." Cameron said. "I only destroyed his wrist. I crushed the nine bones into fragments."

Vanna and Allison heard that happen. The 'crunch' sound was very distinct.

"Maybe Your Allison recovered and was still in a Skynet work camp after you left. Future John could have rescued her later on. Future Savannah could have gotten close to Future John again and comforted him and provided for him." Allison said. "They may have reached out to each other."

Vanna knew anything could have happened.

"You don't know what happened after you left, Cameron." Vanna said.

Allison tried another line of thought that did not go over very well.

"Maybe that future does not even exist anymore. Maybe it never existed since you came back." Allison said.

The look on Cameron's face said it all. The tears started again.

"You mean you think I killed all of them by coming back in time and that I erased them from existence?" Cameron sobbed. "I can't accept anymore pain to the ones I love. I must protect everyone. I must save everyone. I must try harder. I am not doing enough fast enough. Now my body is ruined as well."

Cameron's hand started to glitch out of control.

It was clear they were losing Cameron.

"Go get John." Allison whispered.

Vanna ran from the room to look for John.

"Cameron, we are all here now and alive. Everyone is fine. There is nothing to worry about." Allison said to reassure her. "We are the same people."

Cameron still seemed caught up in the past events.

"Allison, I have failed. I have failed. Whatever I have done or am doing is 'not good enough'." Cameron said. "I am 'not good enough'."

Allison disagreed with that statement a thousand percent.

"There is no finer person than you, Cameron." Allison said. "There is not."

There was some talking in hushed tones out in the hall.

John came into the room. Vanna followed behind him.

John came over to Cameron and knelt before her as she sat on the bed.

"Cameron, I am here now. Everything is alright." John said.

"No, John, it is not. It is not because of my actions." Cameron said. "I have done terrible things to all of you."

Allison thought Cameron and John should have a private moment.

"Would you like Vanna and me to leave you and John alone?" Allison asked.

Cameron's eyes widened.

"Don't abandon me." Cameron cried out. "I don't want to be abandoned again."

Vanna quickly sat back down next to Cameron. Allison was still on Cameron's other side. John was directly in front of her.

They all held each other as they sobbed. They could all feel Cameron's pain and torment. It affected all of them.

"I need you to promise me you will help me fix MY past, MY mistakes and MY evil deeds." Cameron said.

Allison looked at Vanna and then at John. She then faced Cameron.

"Cameron, when the time is right and everyone is ready I will do as you ask." Allison said. "I promise."

A faint smile touched Cameron's face as she looked at Allison.

"Thank you, Allison." Cameron said. "I knew I could count on you."

Vanna looked at Allison and John and then at Cameron.

"As it was in your future, I will also do what was intended for YOU, Cameron." Vanna said. "I promise, Cameron."

The faint smiled on Cameron's face grew a little larger as she looked at Vanna.

"Thank you, Vanna." Cameron said. "I knew I could count on you too."

John was not sure what they were talking about but it seemed to involve him in some way.

"Is there something I should know about?" John asked.

Allison and Vanna looked at each other and then at Cameron.

Allison looked at John. She wanted to keep it simple.

"Cameron will need our help at some point in our present timeline. Vanna and myself will be here to correct events that Cameron inadvertently altered in her future. Leave it at that, John, for Cameron." Allison said. "PLEASE."

Cameron seemed to rapidly gain some composure with the latest promises from Vanna and Allison.

"Thank you, Allison, and thank you, Vanna. You don't know the burden that has been lifted from my mind. It was such guilt, regret and shame for the events I altered and the hope I destroyed." Cameron said. "It was crushing me."

Cameron sat up straight and then she stood. Allison, Vanna and John did also.

Cameron hugged Allison and then Vanna. She wanted to thank them again.

"Thank you, Allison, and thank you, Vanna. Thank you so much." Cameron said. "This means everything to me. It means there is still a future of hope and love."

John started to lead Cameron away. She stopped at the door and looked at the two beautiful longtime lovers. She smiled faintly and walked out the door. There was a still a look of terrible sorrow and sadness upon her face.

Allison and Vanna looked at each other as the door closed. That was a very emotional event for them. It also cemented a resolve in the girls.

"I intend to keep my promise to Cameron." Allison said.

"I accept that and will keep my promise as well." Vanna said.

Allison and Vanna hugged each other and both cried for Cameron.

They both loved Cameron more than ever….

Sorrow and Sadness

A challenge was issued
I answered the call
I pushed every button
I gave it my all

I meant only jest and to test
Others followed the ball
I did not want or mean
For you to fall

I only wanted others
To look deep within
I meant no harm
I did not try to sin

I am glad you saw
I wanted them to grin
Forgive my trespass
Hearts I did not mean to skin

My sweet I ask
Please do return
For your wisdom and advice
So I may learn

Attack me if you must
It is my turn
In sadness and sorrow
It is for you that I yearn


Chapter Text

Chapter 37


John stayed up with Cameron all night. Much of the time was passed in silence. John almost drifted off a few times. Allison and Vanna each visited during the night to check on him and Cameron. They both offered to take over and be with Cameron so he could get some sleep. He wanted to tough it out and spend the time with Cameron.

"When you wake up in the morning it is fine with me if you take over then." John said.

Allison looked at John. She could see he was tired.

"I'll be back." Allison said.

Allison returned to her room. Vanna was there with her. They both tossed and turned in bed. The atmosphere of what occurred earlier was not conducive to sleep. The statement that Cameron 'killed her' did not feel very good either. She could never picture the Cameron she knew would ever harm her let alone 'kill' her. It was very unsettling.

She drifted in and out of an very uneasy sleep. She saw that Vanna finally fell asleep. She got up and went to Vanna's desk in the lab. She took out the poems Cameron provided for Vanna to read. Vanna told her of them and how they made her feel. She told her how she could feel what Cameron felt as she read them. Allison wanted to fully understand everything she could about Cameron. She read some before. Maybe it was to time to read them now and understand what it was they actually said. Vanna told her it was more than the sum of the words.

Allison looked at the clock. It was almost morning. She would read the poems for awhile and then go relieve John. She picked up the first one. It was titled 'Outsider' and read it. She read both versions of it. She just sat there for a few minutes and thought about it. She knew from the very first poem that Cameron felt the way she'd felt for a very long time. She read on as her heart and mind were 'stabbed' by Cameron's very thoughts and feelings. She wept at the pain Cameron endured. She even understood the references to what humans know as death. She'd experienced many of these same feelings herself. She thought that is why they stung even more as she shared Cameron's anguish and torment.

Allison set down the stack of poems and wiped her tears away. She went to relieve John.

Allison walked in the room and nodded at John. He nodded back.

John could see Allison looked like she'd been crying before she arrived. He could tell she was really tore up about Cameron. He did not know she'd been reading and just 'experienced' Cameron's very thoughts and feelings. John did not even know about the poems. Cameron said before that he was not ready to see them yet.

Allison finally managed to speak.

"Go get some grub and then some sleep, John." Allison said. "I want to be with Cameron for awhile."

John nodded at Allison. He turned his attention back to Cameron.

"I'll see you soon, precious." John said as he got up to leave.

He continued to look at Cameron.

"Bye, John." Cameron said.

Their hands separated in slow motion.

John finally left the room.

Allison touched Cameron's cheek and smiled at her.

"Hello, Cameron, do you feel any better today?" Allison asked.

Cameron managed a faint smile.

"Yes I do. Thank you for last night about EVERYTHING." Cameron said.

Allison looked around and checked the time.

"Vanna should be by soon." Allison said.

The look on Cameron's face seemed very apprehensive.

"I've thought of another grave 'evil' that I have committed against both Vanna and you." Cameron said.

Allison swallowed hard.

'Here we go again.' Allison thought.

"Do you want to wait until Vanna gets here and tell us together?" Allison asked.

Cameron looked down at the ground.

"I don't know." Cameron said.

Allison tried to redirect the conversation for now.

"Let's cross that bridge when we get to it then." Allison said. "Cameron, I read your poems last night. I understand how you feel. I have experienced every one of those same feelings."

Cameron looked up from the ground.

"Even self termination?" Cameron asked.

Allison looked her square in the eyes.

"Yes. I have felt that way many times" Allison said. "I think most people have at some point. Things load up in our mind and we look for an 'escape'. Sometimes it seems like there is no way out except death. Death seems like freedom."

Cameron could tell Allison was being open and honest, even without the need to scan her.

"Vanna told me that too." Cameron said. "She thought of self termination many times in her future."

Vanna walked in the room. She looked at Cameron then at Allison.

"Hello, Cameron. Hey, sweet cheeks." Vanna said with a giant smile on her face.

Cameron managed a little bigger smile this time.

"Hello, Vanna." Cameron said.

Vanna looked at Allison

"Did you sleep much last night?" Vanna asked.

Allison shrugged her shoulders.

"A little I think." Allison said. "I read Cameron's poems."

"Did you find the tissues?" Vanna asked.

"I found them." Allison replied.

Cameron looked at both of the girls.

"Allison, Vanna, there is one more transgression that I have committed against both of you. It is something that hurt both of you deeply. I did it as part of John Henry-Cameron. I learned of it when my 'program clones' integrated back into 'one Cameron'. I did not know of it before then."

Vanna and Allison had glum looks on their faces. They were afraid Cameron might relapse.

Everyone sat in silence. No one was sure they were ready for more bad news.

"I am the one responsible for Vanna being sent back without you Allison." Cameron said. "I am the one responsible for tearing you two apart. I was the one who caused that misery for both of you."

Vanna and Allison both looked sad as they were reminded of their separation and the unknown future for each of them.

"Part of John Henry's mission was to return Savannah back to this time to become Vanna. Mrs. Weaver wanted that for our younger Savannah." Cameron said. "When he learned you had a partner, he was going to return Allison too even though this was outside his mission. This was because of information I allowed him access to about Future Allison's probably termination in my future by my hand. He understood it tormented me to no end. He was aware I thought of Future Allison as my 'mother' even if Skynet was my 'father'."

"I became the 'background program' as I joined with him for this mission. The mission was to obtain the advantage to smash the machines once and for all and to defeat Skynet. I knew a copy of my program was left in his computer system. That copy was the continuation of me in this present timeline. That was the version of me that Vanna first knew. That was when I made my first friend. It was MY first true friend. I did not know the other 'Cameron' in John Henry did this in the other future. I am sorry, Vanna."

Vanna thought about if for a few seconds.

"Who was in control, you or John Henry?" Vanna asked.

"John Henry was supposed to be. I was able to break through his firewalls and communicate and share with him. He was able to 'see' me and MY Allison - Future Allison. He could see everything in my mind and I in his." Cameron said. "We always asked permission to explore within each other."

Allison would like to share with Vanna and Cameron like that if it were possible.

"It sounds beautiful in a way." Allison said. "Two can be as one."

"It was but it can also be painful. It was my mind that contained the pain and guilt. I showed John Henry the evil in me, death and misery." Cameron said.

Vanna knew Cameron operated under directives in her programming.

"You needed to follow your programming." Vanna said. "You were 'forced' to do things that others wanted you to do."

Cameron frowned.

"Either way I still did it. I must pay for my sins." Cameron said. "I need to atone for my transgression. When I learned an Allison Young was in that timeline and alive I was very happy. I wanted to make sure she survived this time. That is why John Henry was going outside his mission to return her with you, Vanna."

Vanna and Allison exchanged glances. It sounded like it should have been a slam dunk.

"What stopped him?" Vanna asked.

Cameron looked at the ground again.

"I did." Cameron said sadly.

At that point Cameron looked as if she was about to melt down again.

Allison moved forward and took Cameron's hand.

"Cameron, look at me." Allison said.

Cameron lifted her head.

"I am here now and so is Vanna. We are both here and everything is fine between us and you and John." Allison said. "There are no problems. There is nothing to worry about. Everything is fixed."

"Cameron, we forgive you for whatever you did." Vanna said. "It is resolved now; maybe just leave it at that. You know Allison and I both love you."

Vanna wanted to say she 'love loved' Cameron. She looked at Allison and didn't say it.

Cameron looked terrible. Her guilt and remorse was 'eating' at her again.

Allison wanted to know the reason why she did not return with Vanna. That was a year in Hell for her.

"What did you do at that time?" Allison asked. "Why was I left behind?"

Vanna shot Allison and angry glance for asking that question, especially at this point.

"I did it for John." Cameron said. "There was a high probability that Sarah would burn my body now that I was inoperable and my chip was gone. In essence I was 'dead' on several levels. I also knew that there was a small chance, a very small chance that John would try to follow John Henry to get my chip back. If he arrived in your timeline he would be alone. I would not be there as 'me' if he ever found me. He would need someone in your future to love. He would need someone to be there for him. I wanted it to be you, Allison. I wanted to 'give you back' to him. I am so selfish. I am sorry, Allison."

Allison swallowed hard as Vanna took her other hand.

"I communicated this dilemma to John Henry." Cameron said. "We agreed that when he went back, Allison would go with him no matter what. I also agreed to take her back myself if I was given a new chassis when I went back. That was if he hadn't or was unable to do so."

Cameron felt very ashamed of her transgressions.

"I gambled with your life a second time, Allison." Cameron said. "I put you in unnecessary danger. You were almost attacked several times. That too would have been my fault. I did not even know if John would be in your timeline. I didn't know that Mrs. Weaver would look out for you and protect you later on. I risked your life for my own selfish reasons. I separated you from the person you love. I HURT both of you. How could I do that? You are my friends. I love both of you. What am I?"

Allison and Vanna moved forward to hug Cameron and reassure her.

"Cameron, everything is OK now." Allison said. "I forgive you for anything you have done wrong or think you did wrong. We all make sacrifices for John Connor. It seems you are making the most."

"Cameron, please no longer think of these things you told us yesterday and today." Vanna said. "This is where we are now in time. We are all alive and together. I still love you no matter what. Life moves forward, not backwards."

Allison wanted to try some reasoning with Cameron.

"Cameron, if you hadn't communicated with John Henry at all, would he have sent me back with Vanna in the first place?" Allison asked.

Cameron didn't even need to think about it.

"No." Cameron said.

"Would John Henry have taken me back with him if he did not know I was important to you?" Allison asked.

"No." Cameron said.

Allison smiled and touched Vanna.

"I am here now with Vanna and you." Allison said. "I am alive and healthy."

Vanna smiled at Allison and Cameron.

"Yes." Cameron said.

Cameron looked less distressed and smiled a little.

"I want both of you to try to spend more time with John." Cameron said.

Allison and Vanna looked at each other. Both of them felt Cameron was going to do something 'bad'.

"I need to atone for my sins. I need to answer for my transgressions." Cameron said. "I am going to fix all of this or perish trying."

Allison and Vanna were both worried. Cameron was lighting a fuse, her fuse.

"How?" Allison asked. "What is done is done."

"Is it? Is it really? Is it ever?" Cameron asked.

It was evident that Cameron was going to make some kind of bold move. The real question was, what was it going to be? How was this going to end?


Life has many things to offer
Some of them may become an obsession
Failing to achieve that obscure goal
Can lead to extreme unending depression

Blinded by greed or lust
One can be treated as a possession
That is not the way to show
A loving heart's true expression

When real love is not returned
It leaves a heart in deep recession
This is usually the precursor
To one party seeking secession

That painful act of separation
May lead to uncontrollable aggression
Things may forever happen
That end up an unfixable transgression

It is best to think it through
To offer compromise and concession
Nobody wants to exist in a world
Where the tie that binds is oppression


Chapter Text

Chapter 38


Cameron was much better today than yesterday. Vanna and Allison were relieved. It was a hard night for Cameron and a world of revelation to the girls. They learned a lot about Cameron and themselves. What was the most mind boggling was what Cameron wanted for John and THEM. Cameron asked them to take a big step in their lives which they hadn't contemplated seriously. It did cross their minds at times in passing but never as a serious endeavor. Cameron was dead serious in what she asked of them and wanted. If it would keep Cameron from seeking or allowing herself to be terminated, they would seriously consider it.

In fact both Allison and Vanna thought about it during the night on their own. They did not know the other one seriously thought about the same thing. Their relationship did have limitations on reproduction and both of them knew they weren't going to get any younger, especially Vanna. She was a few years older than Allison. She was aware her biologic clock was running faster the older she got. She did not want to pass the prime age for reproduction. She'd often wondered why she never ended up pregnant before with all that was done to her against her will. She'd 'received' plenty of genetic materiel over the years especially as a young teenager. There were a few times she thought she was pregnant but wrote it off to malnutrition when her body resumed its normal cycle a few months later.

Vanna wanted to take some control of this situation. She wanted to offer Cameron some options and a chance to try something different. She figured the more things she could get Cameron involved with the less she would dwell in the past. Cameron's past was not a place anyone should linger in or revisit.

"Cameron, I am taking Savannah and Allison swimming today." Vanna said. "I would like you to come along."

Cameron was somewhat intrigued at the offer. There was only one problem and it was a big one.

"I don't swim." Cameron said.

Vanna knew that and was ready to offer Cameron some further incentive.

"Maybe not but you sure look HOT in a swimsuit." Vanna added. "I'm sure you will turn a few heads."

Allison shot Vanna a quick glance. She figured that was true on two different 'levels'. Allison was also aware she did not look as Hot as Cameron even if they were identical.

Cameron looked down at the front of her sheath. She was very self conscious about her appearance. She did not want anyone other than Allison or Vanna to see her topless or nude.

"I don't know." Cameron said. "I am still damaged."

That made Vanna a little upset. She knew beauty was more than skin deep.

"That is what the swim suit is for. I am damaged as well." Vanna said. "It is part of who I am. I am still who I am on the inside. I'm still who I always was. The real 'me' is inside of me, just like it is in you. You are your program, not your chassis or sheath."

Cameron did know that to be true. Her face showed a slight sad frown. She looked down at the ground. It still bothered her how she looked. She wondered if maybe she'd offended Vanna even bringing appearance up. Vanna's scar could never 'regenerate' without some cosmetic surgery.

"I don't know." Cameron said again. "I don't know."

Vanna wondered if maybe she'd inadvertently sent Cameron down the wrong 'path' at this point.

Allison redirected the method of trying to get Cameron to go with them. She would appeal to her Terminator side as opposed to her vanity side.

"Who will protect us if something goes wrong?" Allison asked as she winked at Vanna.

Cameron's head popped up. The frown was gone. Cameron knew her responsibilities. The girls would need protection, especially Savannah. She'd previously been targeted for termination.

There was now a slight smile on her face.

"I will get my swimsuit and go with you. I will make sure Bob is here with John and Jim is with Sarah." Cameron said. "I will protect those I love. I must protect those I love."

Cameron knew that was her function and duty. It was also more than that now when it came to the humans that were closest to her.

Allison thought about current events. It was worth some friendly gossip.

"Speaking of Sarah, she seems to have her own bodyguard now in the form of one Resistance fighter known as Kyle Reese." Allison said.

Vanna looked at Allison and both of them smiled and giggled a little.

Cameron tilted her head slightly. The specific association seemed logical to her.

"Sarah needs companionship more than protection. She is the toughest fighter I know." Cameron said. "She needs more than memories."

Vanna thought that was a very prophetic statement from Cameron. She looked at Allison and then back at Cameron.

"That's very true, Cameron.' Vanna said. "We all need more than memories. Memories can only keep you going for so long. The darkness creeps in after awhile. Nothing good ever come with the darkness in a heart, mind or soul."

Cameron felt she only possessed one of those three things, maybe two depending on how one looked at it.

Allison saw it for what it was.

"I did not know Kyle was into her so much." Allison said. "He is head over heals falling in love with her. It is very beautiful actually."

Cameron focused on the biological aspect of the relationship as opposed to the emotional one.

"Sarah has a decade or more for producing offspring. Her ovulation cycle is in three days. I will inform her." Cameron said. "She is almost in her 'window'. She may desire to reproduce again."

Allison looked at Vanna with that revelation. It was doubtful it would go over as intended by Cameron with Sarah.

"That might not be a good idea." Allison said.

Cameron wondered why not but said nothing. She would let Sarah know anyway. It was a legitimate point.

Vanna wondered about something else. It seemed outside the scope of Cameron's function for one.

"Do you always monitor her?" Vanna asked. "Is that a good idea?"

Cameron did not think it was an issue. It was what she'd done for a few years.

"Sarah died from cancer in my future half a decade ago." Cameron said. "I make sure nothing is wrong with her. John wants his mother healthy. I make sure it happens and she stays that way. I must protect those that I love and the ones they love."

Allison wondered what else Cameron did that they did not know about.

"Do you monitor us?" Allison asked.

Cameron smiled at Allison.

"Yes. I must protect those that I love." Cameron repeated.

Vanna and Allison looked at each other. They liked the fact Cameron said she 'loved' them. They did not think it was the same 'love' they both felt for her. They both would ask Cameron if she really wanted them 'to be' with John and if so, they both wanted to know when their next 'window' of conception would be. This might be something beneficial to all of them. They also both wondered if they did have a baby if Cameron would 'take' it away from them for herself. That was a real possibility.

Vanna let Allison borrow the swimsuit that was the same as the one she bought for Cameron. That way Allison and Cameron would really look like twins.

Cameron and Allison stripped down to put their swimsuits on.

Cameron did not think about her 'defect'.

Allison noticed something on Cameron.

"Cameron, look what is starting to regenerate." Allison said as she pointed.

Cameron looked down and a big smile came over her face.

"Finally." Cameron said. "It looks like Resequencing my processor with a new DNA sample from you worked. Thank you."

Now she was 'happy'. No, she was elated.

Allison looked at herself and Cameron in their swimsuits.

"How do you look better in your swimsuit than I do?" Allison asked. "They are both identical!"

Cameron noticed that too. She was very pleased that soon John could see her again.

"I don't know. We are the same. At least I will look Tight again now." Cameron said. "I like to look Tight. John likes me to look Tight."

Allison wondered about the extent of their relationship. She did not think it was that far developed.

"Did John tell you that?" Allison asked.

Cameron did not need words to know. She had eyes and could see the 'reaction' her appearance produced with John. She also scanned him to make sure he was healthy.

"No, I can tell when I monitor him what he likes." Cameron said.

Allison thought maybe she'd better back off some.

"TMI, Cameron." Allison said.

Cameron felt her actions were necessary and justified.

"I must protect John." Cameron said. "Being happy protects John's mind."

Allison thought being 'happy' would also protect Cameron's mind as well.

Vanna and Savannah walked up. They overheard them talking about John.

Savannah was very happy with all the attention that John shared with her. He always tried to see that she was allowed to do fun things. He always looked out for her and made sure she was protected. None of the 'bad' people tried to hurt her again.

Savannah spoke with innocent honesty.

"When I grow up I'm going to marry John." Savannah said. "I like John, he's nice."

Vanna saw the statement for what it was, a childhood 'crush'.

"You never know, Savannah…." Vanna added.

A much different reaction occurred with Cameron.

Cameron tilted her head slightly. She reached out and touched Savannah on the back of her neck and began to run calculations. She hadn't considered this possibility. It would be a few more years but John's chances for offspring just went up. There were no toxins present in Savannah either. Savannah was the 'Prime Specimen'. This new revelation was something she would foster and nourish. She thought today was better than yesterday. There was a new ray of hope.

Cameron smiled.

Allison and Vanna both saw what Cameron did but said nothing. They would talk about it later because it bothered both of them. They would discuss if Cameron was just curious or prompting them to do as she asked. Savannah was a girl and she did not need Cameron to prompt her or try to direct her future.

Savannah spotted something on Vanna. It broke the spell of concern that Vanna and Allison felt.

"Vanna, you have a mark just like me on your leg." Savannah said.

Vanna looked down at her small crescent shaped strawberry birthmark.

"How about that." Vanna said as a statement. "It is something that makes us special."

That led Savannah to another revelation.

"Vanna, when I look at pictures of mommy and daddy, mommy looks like you when she was younger." Savannah said. "Look, we even have some of the same freckles but you have more."

Vanna did not like where this was going. She tried to stay positive.

"That is so sweet to say, Savannah." Vanna said. "We can pretend we are 'sisters'."

Savannah liked that idea.

"I like that. Vanna is now my 'sister'. I always wanted a sister. When I see mommy again I will tell her I have a sister." Savannah said. "Allison and Cameron look like twins. Are you twins?"

Allison wanted some direction here as well.

"In a way we are, Savannah. We are like sisters, mother and daughter and friends. We can pretend whatever you want to." Allison said. "Life can offer many possibilities."

Savannah smiled.

"I can't wait to tell mommy." Savannah said.

Cameron watched and listened to the interaction. She believed that Savannah should be told the truth about everything. It would all come out one day. There was no need to wait. Savannah would be a Resistance fighter one day. Her training should start now. That would also allow her to be a better mate for John in the future.

After they reached the pool area Savannah noticed some prizes.

Savannah said they were having a contest to see who could hold their breath the longest underwater. She asked Vanna if she could help her try to win. Savannah told her that is what sisters do. They help each other.

"I will try too. Is there a prize?" Allison asked.

Savannah spotted one thing she wanted.

"There is a teddy bear for the prize." Savannah said. "I want a new teddy bear."

This turned into a good day for Cameron on several levels. Her body would be Tight again and Savannah opened a new future for herself and John.

Cameron spotted three teddy bears.

Cameron smiled.

"My turn." Cameron said. "What color would you like, Savannah?"

"Purple." Savannah said. "I can't wait to tell mommy if we win."

"We will win. I only play to win." Cameron said. "The game is never over until I win."

Vanna and Allison heard that statement and it made both of them worry even more about Savannah.

Cameron would spend much more time with Savannah from now on. Cameron made plans for Savannah. She would to teach her everything she possibly could. Savannah was important to the future, every future.

Savannah's importance went up for Cameron. Cameron decided to mold Savannah in her image, the image of the perfect female. Cameron scanned Savannah again. Cameron decided to MAKE Savannah the human version of herself. Cameron silently looked around; she now knew that Savannah was the 'Chosen One'.

Cameron heard what Savannah said about Mrs. Weaver. She wondered where 'mommy' was at too and what was she doing? The fact that Mrs. Weaver sent Kyle back was a positive. Then again there were the two deactivated Terminators she sent back as well. She would re-review the data again on them when she got back. Everything checked out twice but she would review it again. She felt she was missing something. They must have a purpose or function.


When we dip our foot in life's water
It may lead to joy and happiness

Or it may lead to brutal slaughter
Leaving behind nothing but sadness

We all take the plunge sooner or later
Do we drown or come up swimming
We may be filled with ecstasy
Or left with our head spinning

It is not about how far we can sink
It is about how fast we get back up
To hold our head high and stand tall
Life offers more than a half empty cup

If we see someone flounder
We know the right thing to do
Remember they are a person too
What if that person was you

Life or another may push
One off into the deep end
Remember in reality there is one
On which you can always depend


Chapter Text

  Chapter 39

Restorator Twins

Cameron was worried about the two Terminators that Mrs. Weaver sent. They were a mystery. If she sent them as addition help for them, why wasn't that in their files? Cameron was sure something else was going on here. They must have some other purpose. Mrs. Weaver must know something they did not. Cameron was not sure why they weren't being given all the information.

Cameron spoke with John Henry about the Restorator twins that Mrs. Weaver sent.

"What is their real designation?" Cameron asked. "Have you found anything different?"

John Henry was aware that Mrs. Weaver created Terminators in captured Skynet facilities. They were known as Restorators. They were never under the control of Skynet. There were no Skynet directives or protocols on their chips. He was surprised that these two Restorators were the second and third units created. He witnessed 'Unit One' in action as he worked with Mrs. Weaver. The Restorators were very loyal to Mrs. Weaver and her goals.

"They are 'Unit Two' and 'Unit Three'." John Henry said. "There is nothing more or nothing less than what you have already checked and reviewed."

That wasn't 'good enough' for Cameron. There needed to be more.

"You checked their video files again?" Cameron asked. "There is still nothing new or different?"

The chips yielded no new information.

"Yes. I checked with you twice and three more times." John Henry said. "They are blank."

Cameron was sure they must have missed something.

"I don't have a good feeling about them." Cameron said. "There is something about them. We also need to consider the source."

Cameron did not detect a specific threat. It was more of an uneasy feeling. Maybe it was because she did not fully trust Mrs. Weaver. Maybe it was because she did not like Liquid Metal Terminators.

"I agree that Mrs. Weaver can be deceptive and clandestine." John Henry said. "We have no proof of any ill will. She has a mission for them. She could have sent them elsewhere in place or time. She sent them to us deactivated. She sent them to where we knew they were at."

That troubled Cameron too. It was something very specific. It was all right in front of their faces. It was where they could clearly see them.

"That is what worries me. I saw them do 'magic' at the swimming pool today." Cameron said. "Many were fooled by the deception. I was not. Allison and Vanna told me to stop playing as I was winning all the prizes. I gave them all to Savannah, she was very happy."

John Henry was surprised on several levels with Cameron's statement.

"You were at a swimming pool?" John Henry asked. "You can swim?"

Cameron showed a faint smile.

"I don't swim." Cameron said.

John Henry touched the end of her hair.

"I detect high levels of chlorine in your hair." John Henry said as he scanned her.

Cameron gave him a brief rundown. She did not want to get side tracked.

"There was a contest to see who could hold their breath the longest underwater. I did it for Savannah." Cameron said. "She now has a new purple Teddy Bear and several other prizes."

Cameron did not tell John Henry of Savannah's new 'purpose' or her future plans for Savannah. She saw the looks of dismay on Vanna's and Allison's faces. That might have the unintended benefit to prompt them to act sooner or even now. Her future plans for Savannah would remain unchanged no matter what happened in the present.

John Henry liked that Cameron paid attention to Savannah.

"Savannah must be very happy you helped her win." John Henry said.

"I always play to win." Cameron said.

"Indeed." John Henry said.

Cameron wanted to get back to her earlier point. It was about the 'obvious' as opposed to the unseen, the 'magic'.

"Let's get back to the 'magic tricks'. The magician tries to make people look elsewhere. He does not want them to look at what he is really doing even when everything is right in front of them." Cameron said. "The real activity takes place when people look elsewhere. That is the 'magic'. It is really deception."

John Henry thought about what Cameron said and indicated as he gestured with his hands.

"So while they are looking here, something happens here instead, the item that really matters." John Henry said. "Deception is the key. It is more a physical form of 'lying'."

Cameron nodded.

"Correct." Cameron said.

John Henry accessed his files.

"Instead of looking for a 'Trojan Horse', we should be looking for a 'Sucker Play'." John Henry said.

Cameron nodded and expressed a faint smile.

"Correct." Cameron said.

John Henry felt he was being presented with a choice.

"I will expand my search parameters." John Henry said. "Cameron, I KNOW you, I will trust you."

Cameron wondered how far the 'son' would drift from the 'parent'.

"Will you do that even over Mrs. Weaver?" Cameron asked.

John Henry felt he knew Cameron pretty deeply with everything they shared on her chip and in his server.

"Yes. I have seen your mind. I have shared your mind. We must protect John Connor and the future and defeat Skynet." John Henry said. "There is no other option for the future."

That is what Cameron wanted all their Terminators to adhere to as well.

"Make sure all our Resistance Terminators have that as the primary directive with Savannah, Allison, Vanna, Sarah and Kyle all as an equal secondary directive." Cameron said.

John Henry wondered about the 'order' of importance.

"Is there a specific order?" John Henry asked. "There may be times when a choice is necessary."

John Henry was sure the order Cameron listed them in was the order she wanted them protected in. He was unable to understand why Savannah was 'first'. It made no sense to him. Savannah was a girl. He did not know Cameron already decided and planned Savannah's future for her.

"No. They are all equal." Cameron said. "These people are important to John. It must be clear to all of them that 'everyone sacrifices for John Connor'."

There was one glaring omission from Cameron's order of protection.

"What about you?" John Henry asked. "You neglected to mention yourself."

Cameron looked away from John Henry.

"I am expendable." Cameron said.

That bothered John Henry. Cameron was the key to make everything work.

"No you are not expendable." John Henry said.

Cameron looked back and faced John Henry.

"I must atone for my sins…." Cameron said.

John Henry attempted to process this disturbing development. Cameron was not expendable. He would make sure all friendly Terminators or Restorators knew this. Cameron was important to everyone, especially the future. She was important most of all to John. He would make sure all the Resistance Metal knew their responsibilities and priorities.

Cameron interrupted his thoughts.

"Do you want to get Unit Two and Unit Three ready to power up?" Cameron asked.

John Henry needed to add in Cameron's latest directives to their programming.

"Yes, just a few more changes and we are ready." John Henry said.

Cameron turned to leave.

"I will meet you in the lab." Cameron said as she left.

John Henry watched her exit the Command Center. He could see that Cameron was going to need some watching over as well as John and the individuals on her list of priorities. He would do his part to make sure that happened.

Cameron headed for the lab. She wanted to go over everything with Vanna as well.

Allison came around the corner wearing headphones. She was listening to some music.

"Hey, Cameron." Allison said.

"Hello, Allison." Cameron said.

They passed in the hall.

Cameron stopped.

Something caught her attention.

It was the lyrics of the song.

She turned around and quickly caught up to Allison.

"Allison, what's that you're listening to?" Cameron asked.

Allison was going to say 'music' but she figure Cameron already knew that. She slipped off her headphones and gave them to Cameron.

"Put these on." Allison said. "Sarah turned me on to this group she used to listen to."

"I don't normally listen to music but the lyrics caught my attention." Cameron said. "What song is this?"

Allison was well acquainted with the group and the songs at this point.

"It's called, 'Outsider', by 'The Ramones'. The next one is, 'I Don't Want To Grow Up', by 'The Ramones', as well. Finish listening to them and give me the player later." Allison said. "The lyrics are heavy on both of them."

Cameron tilted her head slightly at the last part of Allison's statement.

"Thank You." Cameron said.

Cameron knew she would need to see why the lyrics were 'heavy'. It sounded like a slang reference. Some of the slang confused her at times when she first heard it used. The lyrics are what captivated her. They SPOKE to her. She could identify with them. The lyrics said what she felt.

Cameron walked into the lab with the headphones on.

Vanna looked over at Cameron. She was surprised at what she saw.

"That's new." Vanna said.

Cameron wanted to explain why she wore the headphones.

"Allison let me check a few songs out." Cameron said. "The lyrics have meaning to me."

Cameron finished the two songs. Cameron did a lyrics search. She found the songs on YouTube with the lyrics on screen. She found a song more enjoyable to read the lyrics as she listened to it. She would research this more later. She thought one line was true, 'It disturbs me so.' It disturbed her so as well - everything did.

John Henry broke her train of thought. He'd been able to get there before she did because of her conversation with Allison.

"We are ready." John Henry said. "Jim will be here in one minute, just in case."

Cameron did not want to take any chances when they activated the Restorators. They would activate them one at a time to lessen any negative impact if there was any.

"Vanna, I want you by the door when the first one boots up. John Henry and I will make sure there are no problems. We will then boot the second one up. If anything goes wrong, run. Jim will make sure no one leaves this room…."

Jim arrived with the 'pig'.

Jim smiled and checked the Coltan loaded rounds in the belt of the M60 one more time.

Cameron moved up to the Restorator on the work bench. She cut the scalp sheath to make a flap and opened the chip port. She set the chip in and turned it to activate it.

"The chip is in, let's see what happens." Cameron said.

Cameron took several steps back.

Unit Two booted up and opened his eyes. He sat up and then stood.

John Henry wanted some answers.

"What is your primary directive?" John Henry asked.

"To protect John Connor and assist the Resistance." Unit Two said.

"Who sent you?" Cameron asked.

"Mrs. Weaver." Unit Two said.

"Why?" Cameron asked.

"I have a mission to perform with Unit Three." Unit Two said.

"For whom?" John Henry asked.

"Mrs. Weaver." Unit Two said.

"Why is the mission not in your files?" Cameron asked.

"I do not know." Unit Two said.

"How do you know what the mission is?" John Henry asked.

"John Henry will inform us." Unit Two said.

"I am John Henry. I have no mission for you." John Henry said. "We are missing something."

Cameron did not like this.

"Stand in the corner over there and face the wall." Cameron said as she pointed.

Unit Two did as he was instructed.

They powered up Unit Three. They got the same responses from him..

John Henry wanted them contained for now.

"Jim, take them to the storage area." John Henry said.

"Unit Two, and, Unit Three, you are to go with Jim." Cameron said. "Once you get there you are to go into 'standby' where he tells you to stand. Walk in front of him and obey all his instructions. I don't want any problems. I don't like problems."

"Yes." They both replied and walked out the door.

"Jim, make sure our 'guests' stay in the storage area." John Henry said.

Cameron watched the three of them walk out the door. Jim still covered them with the 'pig'.

Vanna reentered the room.

Cameron looked at John Henry.

"Why do they think you have a mission for them to perform?" Cameron asked.

"I have absolutely no idea." John Henry replied.

What We See

Is what we see
What we see
Or is what we see
What we want to see

Is what we want to be
Actually what we want to be
Is it all we can be
Is to be really not to be

Things we think we have
Are really only an illusion
To believe them permanent
Is nothing more than a delusion

What seems an absolute
As if it were written in stone
Often ends up falling short
When for our actions we must atone

If to see is to believe
Is to believe to see
Is this all life offers
I ask you to tell me


Chapter Text

Chapter 40

Past Reflections

Kyle thought about what he wanted and what he wanted to do. It was something he'd contemplated for awhile now. He was sure of his feelings and of himself. He looked at himself in the mirror. It was time to step it up and act on his feelings. He exited his room and headed for Sarah's room. The time for second guessing and cold feet was past. Life moved forward.

Kyle knocked on Sarah's door.

"Hello, Kyle." Sarah said with a smile as she opened the door.

Sarah's smile and warm greeting gave him a little more confidence. That produced a smile on his face now as well. He was still very nervous.

"Hello, Sarah." Kyle said. "Would you like to go out with me for some food?"

Sarah was thrilled with the idea to be out with Kyle.

"I would love to, Kyle. Let me find Jim or Bob and tell them I have a 'protector' with me." Sarah said.

Kyle liked being call her 'protector'. He said what he felt and believed.

"I will always protect you, Sarah, to the end of time, even with my life." Kyle said.

That statement caught Sarah off guard. Its implications cut her to the bone. Tears welled up in her eyes. She thought of when Future Kyle died to protect her. He traded his life for her life. He damaged the Terminator and bought her some precious time to escape. She thought of his lifeless body on the floor of the factory and it saddened her deeply. Here he was now at her door alive and he just asked her out. It seemed so impossible but here he was.

Sarah pulled him into her room.

She hugged him and never wanted to let go. She didn't want him to die for her again. She would rather die for him this time.

Kyle could see something was wrong. Sarah was very emotional. That was uncommon for her. She was usually as hard as nails.

"Sarah, what's wrong?" Kyle asked. "Tell me."

Sarah didn't even need to think about it.

"My past haunts me and my future stalks me." Sarah said.

Kyle thought that was a profound statement. He wanted to make his position clear.

"That's heavy. Sarah, you know I really like you, right?" Kyle asked.

Those words touched her heart.

"Yes, as I do you Kyle." Sarah said.

Sarah wanted to blurt out she LOVED him.

She kissed him instead. He kissed her back. He wasn't sure where this was headed. He'd received several different signals in the last thirty seconds. There were some things he needed to say.

"I asked John if there would be any problem if I pursued a 'deeper relationship' with you." Kyle said.

Sarah was not sure she liked that but respected his honor for asking. He couldn't ask her father but he could ask her son, the General. She knew John was in her court but she felt at her age the choice was hers alone to make.

"That is not his choice to make." Sarah said.

Kyle didn't want any problems or to make John think he was trying to 'take advantage' of his mother. He wanted more than a fling.

"No, but I did want to have his blessing." Kyle said. "He said we can take as much time off of operations as we would like."

There was the proof John was in her court.

"Did he now?" Sarah asked playfully.

Kyle wanted to show his intentions were honorable.

"Yes. I respect John and I did not want to cause him any uneasiness. He is a fine young man, Sarah. You should be proud of him. If he were my son, I would be proud of him too."

Sarah looked at Kyle intently.

'If he only knew the truth.' Sarah thought.

"I am." Sarah said. "I am very proud of him."

She wanted to blurt out that John IS his son.

Kyle still wanted to say a few more things about John and Cameron. He was afraid he was getting off track. They made his being there possible.

"Cameron is a remarkable person, Sarah, they complement each other." Kyle said. "I have never seen such a bond between warriors. I know their relationship is 'unconventional' but they did so much to save me personally and others in my future."

Sarah knew it was a very bumpy road with Cameron to reach the point they were at. It was a good point now so that is all that should matter.

"I have come to accept Cameron for the hope and happiness she brings John. I feel as if she is my second child in a way. I accept her for who she is in my 'family'." Sarah said. "I have come a long way and both of them have grown greatly."

Kyle wanted to make it clear that Cameron saved his life more than once.

"Cameron risked her life to save me several times, Sarah. This was done at a very great risk to herself. I owe her a debt of gratitude and my life." Kyle said. "She took damage meant to kill me. She herself could have been terminated."

There was a little stab to Sarah's heart for her cruelty and disrespect to Cameron in the past. It made her think about the time she said it would not bother her one bit if she terminated Cameron. She did not understand Cameron at that time like she did now. It was clear that John did back then.

"She always comes to the aid of those she cares about no matter what the damage or risk is to herself. She takes care of John and those he loves." Sarah said. "She is a fine person. She is a wonderful 'woman'."

'Thank You, Cameron.' She thought.

Sarah meant it too.

Kyle wanted to know a little more about her past.

"Can you tell me about John's father?" Kyle asked. "He only would tell me he died before the war. He said he never knew his father. It sounded very sad."

Sarah cringed. This was not what she expected right now.

Kyle could see the physical reaction by Sarah to his question. He knew in an instant that he'd hurt her. Now he felt really bad.

"I'm sorry, Sarah. I did not know it hurt so much, still." Kyle said. "Please forget I asked. I'm really sorry if I overstepped."

Sarah didn't want to forget.

She looked Kyle in the eyes and spoke the truth.

"Kyle, I never stopped loving him from the day I met him to now, even to this day." Sarah said.

Sarah looked longingly at Kyle.

Kyle wondered if he had any chance. It seemed a stretch at this point. With her love that strong for someone who died a long time ago, it seemed like an uphill climb. He still needed to try. He believed in his feelings.

"That is devotion. Is there any room in your heart for someone else?" Kyle asked.

He was a little worried now.

Sarah broke down. She wanted to tell him the truth.

"NO! The answer is - NO." Sarah said.

Kyle looked confused. He felt shattered. He did not expect to hear this today. It looked like he'd struck out before he even stepped up to bat.

Sarah looked directly at him. She wanted, no, needed to tell him. She took his hand and tried to smile.

"Sit down, please." Sarah said.

They both sat on the bed.

Kyle thought she was about to 'close the door' on him.

There was a knock at the door. That disrupted Sarah's thoughts and upset her.

"Go away." Sarah said angrily.

"Mom, it's me." John said.

Sarah thought this was a 'God send'.

"Come in." Sarah said.

John came in the room.

"Sit between us." Sarah said as she slid over.

John sat down.

Kyle seemed a little confused at this development.

"Kyle, what do you see in front of you?" Sarah asked.

John looked forward and knew what she was doing. It was time. John wanted this moment for so long.

Kyle looked in front of him.

"I see a dresser." Kyle said.

Sarah wanted him to look a little higher.

"What's on the dresser?" Sarah asked.

"I see a mirror." Kyle said.

"Look at it. Look in the mirror, Kyle. What do you see?" Sarah asked.

Kyle looked in the mirror. He starred at the reflection of Sarah, John and himself.

There was a long pause. He turned and looked at both of them directly. He then turned back to the mirror. It hit him like a 'ton of bricks'.

"Oh my God!" Kyle said.

He looked and felt very confused.

John and Sarah smiled at him.

"This is a reflection of the past. This is a past reflection, isn't it?" Kyle asked.

Sarah felt such relief and joy. He understood or at least started to.

There was nothing left for Kyle to do but ask it.

"John, am I your father?" Kyle asked.

John was overjoyed.

"Yes, Dad. I wanted to tell you from the second I saw you." John said.

Sarah faced Kyle and said what she wanted to say from the moment she saw who he was in the TDE room.

"I have never stopped loving you, Kyle. That is why there is no room in my heart for anyone else. You have never left it." Sarah said.

Tears streamed from her eyes and her heart.

All three of them embraced.

"How is this possible?" Kyle asked.

"It was 'you' from the future that Cameron is from who was sent back to save mom, Kyle. You were sent back by a future version of me - Future John." John said.

Kyle needed to think about this for a little bit. It was very confusing.

"Right, Cameron's future is different than mine. It is all the same people right?" Kyle asked.

John thought of Future Derek lying dead on the floor of the Weaver residence.

"Yes. It is the exact same people with divergent timelines." John said.

Kyle was unsure how that worked. There was also a bigger issue.

"I don't know tech stuff but you said your father was - dead." Kyle said.

Sarah burst into tears.

"You died protecting and saving me, Kyle." Sarah said. "You died for John and me."

Kyle did not like to hear that 'he' died.

"That future or past sucks." Kyle said.

Sarah could agree with that statement.

"It sure did. I have cried for you ever since. Now you are here with John and me. The three of us are together at last." Sarah said. "I can't believe you are alive and here."

Kyle knew death stalked him in his future.

"I would not be, if it was not for Cameron." Kyle said.

John stood and gave Kyle a big hug.

"I love you, Dad. I am proud of the man you are as my father." John said with tears in his eyes.

John gave him a big smile and another hug.

"I will leave you two alone for now and make sure you are not - disturbed." John said.

John gave each one of them another hug and left.

Sarah took Kyle's hand. She looked him in the eyes.

"Kyle, you know I love you." Sarah said. "I always have."

Kyle felt the same way.

"I love you too, Sarah." Kyle said.

Sarah knew there was an issue she needed to address.

"Kyle, I know I am a little more 'mature' now than when we first met. I am still a woman. I am still productive. I can understand if you want someone who is youn…."

Kyle put his finger to her lips.

"Don't say it, don't think it. I love you, Sarah, just the way you are right now, right here." Kyle said.

They kissed.

"I have wanted this moment for so long, Kyle." Sarah said. "I want …."

Kyle kissed her again.

"We both want this, Sarah. I want it too." Kyle said.

Sarah placed his hand on the top button of her shirt.

"Are you ready for a lifetimes worth of passion soldier?" Sarah asked.

Kyle saw it as his dream come true.

"Yes." Kyle said. "This is what I have waited for."

Kyle started to unbutton her buttons, one by one.

Past Reflections

Can one see into the future
As they look through the window of the past
Does anything really ever change
Will the future play with a different cast

One can experience what happens today
The future is more difficult to forecast
Will what was be different than what will be
Moments in time can bled or contrast

If those involved are always the same
Their future is set and they are typecast
The only way change ever really happens
Is if all of the actors are recast

Beware of being caught up in the moment
Things can happen quick and fast
A foundation that is built on nothing
Will never endure, expand or last

Past reflections may forever haunt us
Warping the future and, leaving one an outcast
Does one bend or fold and run
Or to their true love remain steadfast


Chapter Text

Chapter 41

Past Future

Cameron needed to plan for the future. She did not think she was going to be around much longer. There were several reasons for that. One of which was all the combat operations she went on. She asked John Henry to schedule Allison and John to work together as much as possible and for John to work more with Vanna in the lab on the reprogramming. John wanted to get more involved with the reprogramming anyway.

On every operation they went on, Cameron made sure John and Allison were together along with Bob. She made sure Kyle and Sarah were always together along with Jim. She wanted to make sure they were all protected. She could operate on her own.

Cameron knew her time was limited, one way or another. She knew when she fell that John would need to be in the company of others, that company was other females specifically, real females. She was sure John would not do well if he became isolated or withdrawn.

She watched that happen in her future. Future John pushed everyone away but her. Then that finally happened. He sent her away. She was really gone out of his life that way once she was in the past. It all went back to the loss of Allison - Future Allison. That seemed to be the key to all the hurt and pain of her future. It was what was destroying Future John. Maybe that was Skynet's plan all along. Skynet was losing to Future John on the battlefield. What better way to defeat him and crush the Resistance than from within. They could crush the leaders 'world' and let him kill himself.

Cameron wanted to be the one to pick who would replace her. She knew how much it hurt to have John pick Riley over her. It would hurt her less to know she groomed and provided to John the females of her choosing. Allison and Vanna were ready. They were both excellent choices. John would have what he lost in the future. That is what he wanted her to do anyway. That was one of her directives. She did not need to wait for the younger girls to mature. She found something better. It was the same people Future John 'lost'.

She now started work on a special project as well. Cameron knew no one would understand what she planned. She planned years ahead now. It gave her time to create the 'perfect female'. John could have what he needed now while she prepared the future for him.

Cameron spent more time with Savannah. She told her every good story she could about John and what a great leader he would become. The sparkle in her young eyes would always brighten. She took special note of Savannah since the day they went swimming. She wanted to personally 'groom' Savannah for her place in the future. It was easy to teach her as her young mind was so open and willing to learn. She gave her answers for things Savannah hadn't even thought to ask the questions yet.

Savannah became Cameron's personal project. She made sure no one suspected what she was doing. She did not need any interference.

Cameron reviewed everything she'd prepared. She did want John all for herself but past events continued to haunt her. She could not provide John with HIS decedents. She wanted to make sure there would be real female companionship for him. It would be the very female companionship that she'd taken from him.

She was very afraid that after Future John sent her away that the days of his life were numbered. She was afraid he would not survive long. At one point she even considered staying in the future with Future John. She would refuse to leave him to go to the past. Future John did not give her that option. He insisted she follow his orders. At some point he altered her programming and erased much of her life in the future with him. She was not sure what but could speculate.

Cameron needed to fix what she'd destroyed and taken away from Future John. It 'ate' away at her. She was not sure how to best do that but she may have come up with an answer. She would run it by John Henry. The more time she spent with Allison, the more determined she was she would fix what she ruined. She looked at her left hand glitch. That disgusted her to no end. It seemed that 'emotional' trauma manifested itself in a physical manner. It was apparent that this dilemma was literally tearing her apart. Cameron's own actions in her past, the future and the present were slowly but steadily terminating her.

There was another problem she needed to deal with. Cameron met with John Henry again to attempt to determine what the mission was supposed to be for Unit Two and Unit Three. They searched his files and looked for any clues. Maybe it was the fact they were sent by Mrs. Weaver that rubbed her wrong.

"What about the drives that came with them?" Cameron asked. "Is that why you think she sent them?"

John Henry reviewed the files and the time travel data that they were full of.

"There are a lot of temporal calculations on them." John Henry said. "I do not understand their purpose. I think Mrs. Weaver wants to go from the future she is in, to the future she came from."

That was an idea she really did not like. She did not want Mrs. Weaver anywhere near Future John. She'd watched her 'take over' the future that John went to. It was something that future needed. That is why she did not oppose it. She did not want to see Skynet reestablished or the return of Scavengers. Mrs. Weaver was able to establish order and give hope to the people.

"Is that even possible?" Cameron asked.

That was an unknown until it was tested.

"I don't know." John Henry said.

Cameron thought her future still existed. She was unsure how to safely get there.

"I think there is more than one future now at the same time." Cameron said.

That seemed probable to John Henry. That in itself presented new problems.

"I believe there can be." John Henry said.

Cameron was unsure what would happen if she used the TDE to try and reach Future John.

"If we go into the future now with John here, where would we go?" Cameron asked.

John Henry was aware that they changed a lot of things. They may have created more divergent timelines.

"Perhaps to the future we visited or another future or the one you came from." John Henry said. "It is possible when Mrs. Weaver returns, that future may no longer exist."

Cameron hoped not. That might have some negative effect on Allison, Vanna and Kyle. They were all from of that future but out of it now. They may not be affected. She was still around even if her future no longer existed. This made her want to check on Future John even more. She also wanted answers about her past with him. She wanted to know the true nature of their 'association'.

"Is there any sure way to get back to My future?" Cameron asked.

John Henry studied the temporal data from the TDE transfers. He hoped to find a 'frequency' between the different futures so that they could reach more than one. He hoped they could set the controls to go to a known specific future. It was all an unknown.

"I don't know." John Henry said. "It is possible you could be sent to a future you could not return from."

That was something Cameron was afraid of. She thought of a way to work around the current different futures.

"I have spent time calculating every possibility." Cameron said. "I think I can get back to my future with certainty."

John Henry hadn't been able to reach that conclusion.

"How?" John Henry asked.

It involved a few time transfers.

"I believe by going back in time before I arrived the first time in 1999. If I am a factor that changed anything, it will circumvent that. I can then go back to the future, my future, from 1999." Cameron said.

John Henry thought finding the frequency of the different futures was a better way. It did seem Cameron's way was workable even if cumbersome.

"Your plan is to go back to a point where any of what is happening now, has not happened yet. So theoretically your future would be unchanged. It is possible. I hadn't considered that." John Henry said. "We have changed so much now that procedure may be the only way to get to your original future. It is really very logical."

They were both unsure what would actually happen.

"Now that you have been enlightened, can you check with the temporal calculations from Mrs. Weaver?" Cameron asked.

John Henry's server started making calculations the second Cameron suggested it.

"I am already doing that as we speak." John Henry said. "Why do you need to go back to the future?"

This was something that weighed heavily on Cameron. Being around Allison, Vanna and John only reinforced her belief as to what she'd taken away from Future John. That was all on her.

"I need to go back and correct my 'sins'." Cameron said.

That did not seem like something worth taking that big of a risk to John Henry.

"This would be highly risky based on any calculation." John Henry said. "I would advise against it."

This was very personal to Cameron. As her 'feelings' and 'emotions' continued to develop and expand it troubled her more and more.

"John Henry, I need to try this." Cameron said. "I must atone for actions I have done. There are things that I can no longer 'exist' with."

This seemed to create a new logistical dilemma for Cameron and her use of the same TDE to John Henry.

"How would you go to the future from the past?" John Henry asked. "You need to use the bank TDE for your jump to the present timeline in 2007 from your past arrival."

Cameron was aware they planned ahead so they could get back home.

"There are more TDE bank vaults. Do you show any other usages or records of them since my original arrival?" Cameron asked.

John Henry needed to slow Cameron down some.

"I will study this dilemma. Please do not attempt any time travel before we can come to some firm conclusions. Cameron, I do not want to lose you. John can not lose you. Your friends care for you and love you, they can not lose you. You are the very glue that holds all of this together, now and in every future."

Cameron would rather perish trying to fix what she ruined rather than seek 'self termination' by endless combat. It was known as 'suicide by cop' in modern terms for people that could not kill themselves. They 'made' someone else kill them.

"In order to continue to exist, I MUST try to do this. If I can not, I will be terminated in combat." Cameron said. "It is my decision. It is my choice. I have a right to choose my destiny and a debt to pay for past transgressions."

John Henry wanted to help Cameron. He was sure there would be repercussions if it went bad.

"I will honor your request, even if it means I must face termination." John Henry said.

"I have provided John with the opportunity to 'replace me' should I fail. I have chosen my replacements, it is my choice. I want it to happen. I want it to be them, not any others. I want it to be my friends, the women I love and respect, the women worthy of John and his love. I need it to be the women I took from John in My future, the women that belong to John and John to them. I have to give Future John back what I took from him. I want John to have that now."

Cameron noticed John Henry look at her left hand, it glitched wildly. She could not stop it.

"What of your love for John?" John Henry asked. "Is that not strong enough to hold you here? I know you love each other."

That is why Cameron needed to do it.

"It is my love for John that I am doing this for." Cameron said. "I MUST."

"I don't understand." John Henry said.

Cameron felt there were enough poems about her feelings.

"One person does." Cameron said.

"Who?" John Henry asked.

Cameron's face showed a very faint sad smile.

"NOBODY." Cameron said.


The future is the past
The past is past, both are already done
The ways to change them
Seem zero to none

Should have

Could have

Would have







All mean nothing
That timeline never existed
None of them happened
Thinking otherwise is twisted

The cards you hold
Are the cards you have been dealt
Scars and blows are felt
Stinging as if whips from a belt

Restrains bind not your limbs
Chains are only in the mind
It is easier to do nothing
Maligned by life we've resigned

Break your shackles
Set yourself free
It may sound strange
For you've always held the key


Chapter Text

Chapter 42


Cameron went to Vanna's and Allison's room. She carried a package with her. She knocked, opened the door and went in. She set the package in the corner and closed the door. Nobody paid any attention to it.

Allison did not expect Cameron to be this early.

"Hi, Cameron, you're early." Allison said. "We were just starting to get ready."

Cameron wanted to make sure they left on time.

"I don't do late." Cameron said. "I wanted to make sure everything went smoothly."

Vanna walked out of the bathroom. She just finished her shower. She was naked and still a little damp. She looked down below her waist.

"Oh, it's smooth alright." Vanna said.

All three girls giggled.

Allison took Vanna's towel and dried her back for her.

"My turn." Allison said.

Allison slipped out of her tee shirt and underwear.

The girls were used to the lack of privacy from the future. It was simply how life was to them. Everyone saw everyone else naked. It was no big deal.

Cameron looked at her. Allison's body only showed a few small scars, otherwise it was perfect and everything healed nicely. Cameron saw to that. She wanted Allison to be flawless. She worked on getting the small scars to disappear.

Cameron also wanted Vanna to have her scar removed with cosmetic surgery. Vanna resisted having that done. Vanna said it was part of her and reminded her of who she was and where she'd been. She thought there was more to it than what Vanna said. She had a suspicion that Vanna kept the scar to 'keep' Allison. It was possible that Vanna felt if the scar was gone, Allison might move on. Vanna took that scar to save Allison from being savaged by Scavengers. It was a reminder to both of them of Vanna's sacrifice.

Vanna and Allison stood naked in front of her. She could see their true beauty, all of it.

"You are both very beautiful women." Cameron said.

This would be good for John to have them attractive and pleasant to look at. Cameron would make sure no damage was done to either of them. John deserved the best when she was terminated. Cameron was glad she'd chosen Allison and Vanna as her 'replacements'.

Cameron smiled. She was in control. She knew she was changing everyone destiny and direction. She was sure she knew what was best for all of them.

"You're not so bad yourself, Cameron." Allison said. "Your body is perfect."

Cameron knew that was seldom the case anymore.

"It is undamaged currently, thank you." Cameron said.

Allison thought Cameron's beauty was unmatched.

"I don't think my skin ever looked as good as yours, except maybe when I was a baby." Allison said.

Cameron tilted her head. Again she hadn't factored this new development in. There was a 'Young Allison' too. In this timeline there were two of 'Allison' and two of 'Savannah'. John would now have four chances to produce offspring with the women he loved in her future. Their ages were spread out over nearly a quarter of century for a longer production period.

She changed her plans for today. This new development was more important.

Cameron felt 'happy'.

Vanna noticed. It was not Cameron's typical 'look'.

"You look happy, Cameron." Vanna said.

Cameron was pleased with the newest possibilities.

"It is a good day. I am happy." Cameron said.

Allison felt a little disappointed.

"So it wasn't seeing us in the buff that made you happy?" Allison asked.

Allison and Vanna both WANTED Cameron to see them naked.

"That was very pleasant too." Cameron said. "I like to admire beauty."

Allison figured that should be easy for Cameron.

"All you need to do is look in the mirror." Allison said. "It doesn't get any more beautiful than that, than YOU."

Cameron thought they could all be beautiful.

"That is why I am here early." Cameron said. "I want to help both of you look Tight."

That was OK with Vanna but there must be a reason. She wondered if it was important.

"What is the occasion?" Vanna asked.

Cameron originally planned something else for them today.

"I was going to give you a surprise today. It appears now that I will have an even better one." Cameron said.

Allison remembered what Cameron told her about surprises.

"I thought you didn't like surprises." Allison said.

This would not be a surprise for Cameron but for the girls.

"I don't like surprises but YOU will." Cameron said.

That sounded exciting to Allison. She figured she'd better get ready.

"Let me take a quick shower." Allison said.

Cameron would work on Vanna to make her look Tight while Allison showered. It would make it easier to work on them one at a time.

"I will start with Vanna while you shower." Cameron said. "I will have her Tight in no time.

Cameron watched Vanna get dressed and helped her with her makeup and hair.

Vanna was pleased at all the 'contact' with Cameron especially since she did not need to patch her up for once.

Allison hurried through her shower and appeared back in the main part of the room naked again. She was dripping wet.

"My turn." Allison said.

She quickly dried off from her shower as they watched.

Allison stood there naked when she was dry.

Cameron watched Allison get dressed. She helped her with her makeup and hair as well. Vanna assisted her.

Allison moved Vanna and Cameron in front of the mirror when she was Tight.

"Look at us." Allison said.

The all looked in the mirror at the three of them together.

Vanna liked having Cameron on one side and Allison on the other.

"It is like a picture of perfection." Vanna added.

Allison felt they lacked something to make them look even better.

"Now all we need is a purple coat like yours." Allison said.

Cameron smiled when Allison said that.

"I think that deficiency can be addressed." Cameron said.

Cameron picked up the package she'd brought in earlier.

"That is what I thought too. You both look Tight already. I did get you matching purple coats like mine." Cameron said.

Cameron opened the package and handed each of the girls a purple coat like hers.

They were both at a loss for words.

Allison finally spoke. She was very surprised.

"Really? You did that for us?" Allison asked. "That is so sweet and thoughtful, Cameron."

Both girls hugged and thanked Cameron. It meant something special to all of them.

Cameron touched up the Tight look on both of the girls after their coats were on. She wanted them to have a little food before they departed.

"Let's grab both of you a bite to eat and roll." Cameron said.

The girls finished a quick breakfast and hit the road.

Cameron drove for awhile and ended up on State Route 14, the Antelope Valley Freeway.

Allison looked the direction they were headed as they made the transition to the new freeway.

"Oh darn, I thought we were going to Magic Mountain. It is just up ahead a few more miles on Interstate 5." Allison said.

Cameron tilted her head slightly. That sounded like 'fun'. She would need to do that. She was aware of several other options available for similar activity.

"Maybe we will next time unless Disneyland or Knott's Berry Farm sounds better." Cameron said.

Allison and Vanna liked that idea. They'd never been to any of them before.

"Maybe we can do all of them." Allison said. "I'm game."

Vanna thought of another choice.

"There is SeaWorld too in San Diego." Vanna said. "I'm not sure how the sea creatures would react to you though, Cameron."

They laughed and talked and listened to music for the next forty five minutes. Cameron liked a song Allison found on an 'oldie' station. It was called 'Don't Say Nothin' Bad (About My Baby)' by 'The Cookies'. They all enjoyed each others company.

Cameron took an off ramp and headed west. They left the 14 behind.

Allison began to look around. She knew this place.

"I remember this area." Allison said. "This is where I grew up, I think."

"We are in Palmdale." Cameron said.

Cameron drove them to a house. There was a flood control channel near it.

Allison remembered it being full of water once in a downpour. It was usually dry all the time. That was why she remembered the one time it was almost overflowing.

"This is where you lived." Cameron informed Allison.

Allison remembered her house now that she saw it again.

A beautiful woman came out of the house with a small child.

Allison felt her heart skip a beat.

"That is my mother!" Allison said. "Look how pretty she is."

Vanna did look and noticed how pretty she was. Given the chance, under different circumstances, Vanna would make a pass at her. She knew beauty when she saw it.

Vanna held Allison's hand. She looked at the small child and her heart skipped a beat.

"Is the little girl - Allison?" Vanna asked.

"Yes." Cameron said.

Allison felt it was very strange to see 'herself' as a child again. That was her.

"So now there's three of me?" Allison asked.

Cameron tilted her head slightly.

"I suppose so if you count me as you." Cameron said.

They followed the woman's car to a nearby store.

Mrs. Young put the small child in a stroller.

Cameron felt the need to make contact. She made long range plans.

The girls followed and intercepted the pair.

"That is a beautiful daughter you have." Cameron said.

"Thank you." Mrs. Young said.

Allison looked at her mother.

"What's her name?" Allison asked.

Mrs. Young smiled at her.

"Her name is Allison." Mrs. Young said.

Mrs. Young began to really notice Cameron and Allison. Things began to 'click' inside of her head. She could not put a finger on it.

"You two sisters look so familiar. You almost look like some of my relatives. I hope my little Allison can grow up and look half as good as you two." Mrs. Young said.

Allison looked at her younger self and smiled.

"Thank you." Allison said. "I know she will."

Allison wanted to give her mother a hug but refrained. She was so glad to see her alive. She'd resisted the urge to do this before.

Cameron wanted some control. She could see Mrs. Young and Allison both deep in thought. It seemed they both wanted to say more.

"This is Vanna, I'm Cameron and strangely enough, she is also - Allison." Cameron said as she indicated Allison.

Allison smiled at her mother and Cameron.

Cameron reached down and gently touched Young Allison's cheek.

Cameron ran her scans.

"I can tell you one day she will look exactly like us." Cameron said as she glanced at Allison.

"Thank you, that is really sweet of you girls." Mrs. Young said.

Allison looked on in awe. This was not what she'd pictured for today.

As they walked away Vanna held Allison close. Allison looked back twice. Allison's mother looked at Allison. They shared and held a long last look. It was clear they both 'felt' something. Allison knew what it was but her mother didn't.

"Thanks, Cameron. I never thought I would see my mother again." Allison said.

Cameron did not bother to tell them that this wasn't the surprise she'd originally planned but this was a better one for today.

Young Allison was Cameron's surprise and worked into her plans nicely. She liked to see Vanna and Allison happy. She was happy too. Now all she needed to do is get them to spend more time with John. She must try harder. John must not be alone. She wanted John to be happy.

Cameron knew everything that she did; she did for John and her ever expanding love for him. She knew that included her ever expanding 'sacrifices' that were soon to occur.

She looked at Vanna and Allison. They were gorgeous. She knew they would honor their promises to watch over and 'comfort' John. She would check back with John Henry and see if he came up with any better news for her n. She was ready.

'Everyone sacrifices for John Connor'. Cameron thought. 'Now I must sacrifice myself.'

The girls talked excitedly on the way back. Cameron was lost mostly in deep thought.

Vanna 'daydreamed' of one day being with Mrs. Young.

"What's your mother's name?" Vanna asked.

"Her name is Claire." Allison said.

Vanna smiled.


All may seem to have been lost
Then it is once again found
To have what once was reappear
Is astonishing and profound

The past can silently creep up
Its effects may slowly surround
To break from its deathly grip
Can lead one to wonder and astound

How this is even possible
May cause one to ponder and confound
Thankfulness should be the feeling
As to what we now have around

In the sea of emotional emptiness
Some have succumbed and drowned
If that can all be changed and reversed
Joy and happiness will then be crowned

To escape the depth of darkness
One can flourish and rebound
Peace and contentment will flow
Future treasures will blossom and abound


Chapter Text

 Chapter 43

Important Items

John Henry walked up to Cameron.

"I know what the mission is for Unit Two and Unit Three." John Henry said.

Cameron was ready to find out. Their presence at the Resistance base troubled her.

"What is it?" Cameron asked.

John Henry was sure Cameron would be pleased.

"Their function is to accompany you and provide security for you, on your mission." John Henry said.

Cameron was unaware of any pending mission. She'd completed the most current one last night.

"Where?" Cameron asked.

John Henry thought she would know.

"On your temporal mission." John Henry said.

Cameron tilted her head slightly.

"What mission?" Cameron asked.

She'd done no further planning on it.

"Back to the future." John Henry said. "Back to your future, Cameron. I believe it can work as you have envisioned. I have researched all the data including what Mrs. Weaver has sent, it should work. I am still unsure why she sent it. There is always the risk of a temporal error or a divergent timeline."

That revelation flooded Cameron with grief. She was very sorry for what she'd taken away from Future John and everything that it cost him. It cost her too. He'd sent her away to where she could not get back to him easily.

"I am willing to sacrifice myself to correct a wrong I can no longer exist with." Cameron said. "John Henry, I MUST do this. I MUST try."

John Henry thought the risk was too great but understood Cameron's 'need' to do what she felt she must do.

"I understand and respect that, Cameron. I respect you and your judgment. I have seen the torment it has caused you. I must stress again you must think of John and those who care about you, those who love you."

Cameron did think about THAT. She wanted to restore what used to be for everyone, before she 'changed' things.

John Henry stepped forward and took Cameron's hand. He looked at her intently and spoke with honesty.

"You are the very fabric that binds us together. It is you who everyone here relies on. You are the one to always make the sacrifice, take the damage, risk everything, and save everyone." John Henry said. "I can only urge you to reconsider. The present is as important as your past - the future."

John Henry released her hand at stepped back.

Cameron spoke with honest determination.

"To continue to exist, I must do this." Cameron said. "I must at least attempt this."

John Henry did not agree with the concept but he supported Cameron.

"I respect your decision." John Henry said.

Cameron smiled and touched his cheek.

"Thank you." Cameron said.

John Henry nodded.

"I will ready Unit Two and Unit Three when you are ready to do this." John Henry said.

A sense of relief flooded over Cameron. It felt as if the great weight on her shoulders was a little lighter.

"Thank You. I will let you know." Cameron said. "It will be soon."

Cameron knew she needed to start collecting things for the future. She decided to stockpile items in locations that still existed in her future. That would give her access to them when she returned to her future. This would give her a distinct advantage when she was in the future ravaged by Skynet.

John Henry wanted to issue a final warning.

"Do you fully understand that there is a high probability of failure and you will most likely not return?" John Henry asked.

Cameron doubted she would survive or return. That thought alone prompted something else she wanted to do.

"I do understand that." Cameron said. "I have one more thing I want to do before I go. It is something I have wanted to do ever since I met John. I fear I will never again get the chance to consummate our love if it is not done before I go. I have wanted this for so long. Everything keeps getting in the way. Mostly, I am the thing in the way. I fear John respects me too much to do this. I have never pushed him. It is his choice, his decision to make."

Cameron knew when John made a choice before it was not her, it was Riley. She KNEW what they did that night.

John Henry considered her statement.

"Is there something you or I can do to prompt him in his own way or need?" John Henry asked.

Cameron considered this carefully before. It seemed this was what she'd waited for.

"I believe there is. At our old house in the floor of the closet in my room there is a secret hiding place. I moved my personal things to it after a break in. I have my Poem Book there along with my locket chain and a diamond John gave me."

John Henry wondered why she hadn't retrieved them. Maybe they were gone by now.

"Are they still there?" John Henry asked.

Cameron's expression was almost blank as she spoke.

"Yes. I check on them regularly when no one is around. They are items that are important to me. I believe if John 'found' them he would find everything he needs to prompt him to act. I want him to act on his own. I want it to be his choice. I want to be chosen."

John Henry was unsure why she needed to be chosen. He thought she already was. Maybe he was missing something.

"Chosen?" John Henry asked.

Cameron made sure that Allison and Vanna were available to John. That would make his selection mean something.

"Yes, chosen. I have given John the ability and opportunity to make his own choice. I want to be chosen by his free will. I want to be chosen as his - wife."

That sounded highly unconventional to John Henry even if it seemed honorable.

"That is very admirable." John Henry said.

Cameron spelled it out.

"I have chosen John, now he must choose me." Cameron said.

John Henry wanted to help Cameron and John.

"How can I assist him to 'find' your 'things'?" John Henry asked.

Cameron explained what she thought would work.

John Henry was not sure how this would play out. He was aware that when John had a choice before, he chose another….

Cameron called up her data on the future. The future she'd been created in and lived in. She needed to go and 'stock up' several specific locations that she knew about in the future. It would be with the supplies she thought she would need for her upcoming mission. She carefully selected things that would be hard to come by in her future. She really planned ahead on this mission. She was really surprised at what she hid away. She planned for Future Allison's future as well.

That was all in question now. Maybe she could 'save' Future Allison. Maybe she would be terminated in the attempt. There was no way to know.

Cameron gave John Henry a plan to 'prompt' John to take some action. It would involve a certain amount of misrepresentation as opposed to deception.

John Henry was uncomfortable with what he was about to do but he needed to 'help' Cameron. If he helped Cameron it would also help John.

"John, I reviewed some files I shared with Cameron. I believe there are still some items left in your last house." John Henry said.

John doubted they would still be lying around. The owners would have returned home from Japan long ago.

"Wouldn't everything be gone by now?" John asked.

"They are hidden underneath the floorboards in a closet." John Henry said.

That seemed odd to John. He was sure they took everything.

"Whose items are they?" John asked.

"I only saw a partial video file." John Henry said. "It shows Cameron finding them and replacing them."

That got John's attention.

"How long ago was this?" John asked.

"That record is incomplete." John Henry said. "She deleted the file. I only found fragments."

John wondered why John Henry did not pursue this further.

"Did you ask her about it?" John asked.

"Yes. She said nothing. Then she walked away from me. I found that disturbing. Do you think it was something regarding Derek or Sarah?" John Henry asked.

He was unsure why Cameron would respond that way about it.

"It must have been something important to someone." John said.

John Henry dangled the string in front of the 'cat'.

"I would like to go on an away mission and try to retrieve whatever is there. I can take Bob." John Henry said.

The 'cat' reached out and touched the string.

"I will go with you. I don't get out enough as it is." John said. "I think it may be something of Derek's. If it is, I would like to give it to Kyle."

"I will notify Sarah and Cameron of our intentions." John Henry said.

John was worried what it might be.

"Let's keep this between us for now. I would rather see what is there first for myself." John said. "It may be something that should be left there…."

John and John Henry went out. They parked away from the house and came up the side of the hill. They waited in the dark near the house.

John watched a car drive away. The house was dark. It looked like everyone was out for awhile.

They move up to the house in the darkness.

"I am going to rely on your night vision and your other attributes to help me out." John said. "I am not sure where to start."

They went inside. John Henry went to the alarm control panel.

"I have disabled the alarm." John Henry said.

John Henry moved away from the keypad.

A flood of memories washed over John. To remember the people that were no longer alive hurt him the most. He could feel the pain and hurt wash over him. The sadness of it all was overwhelming to him.

"Let's do this quick. This place has too many memories for me." John said. "I am feeling most of the bad ones right now."

John Henry wanted to deepen the mystery.

"Perhaps it was the same for Cameron and the reason why she deleted the file." John Henry said.

John Henry knew where to look but he wanted it to be more of a 'surprise' to John when they found it.

They checked Sarah's old room first and then the hall closet.

"I see nothing disturbed in these locations." John Henry said.

John Henry returned items back exactly as they found them for anything that they needed to remove to look at the floor boards.

John didn't think his room would be the room to look in next. They would save that for last.

"Let's try Cameron's old room." John said.

John Henry moved some items.

"There, I see two loose nails." John Henry said.

John pulled out a screwdriver and carefully pried up one board and then another.

There was a piece of heavy cloth wrapped around something that appeared to be the size of a large book. It was all covered with plastic.

They saw headlights flash across the window. Someone was back. A quick look out the window showed it was a different car. It wasn't the police, not yet anyway.

"I will look at this when we get back." John said. "Fix this stuff and let's get out of here."

They quickly went down stairs and exited after the alarm was reset.

The person passed by them as they hid in the bushes. They quietly went down the hillside as soon as the person opened the door.

John was glad they did not have a dog.

John Henry drove away from the location. They rode in silence as they returned to the base. It was a time of deep reflection for John. He held the item. He was not sure what it was but this was important to someone. That was obvious by the way it was stored. If it was Cameron's, why would she leave it there? Did she think it was safer there? Is it something she could not discard but did not feel comfortable to have around her? Is it something she purposely hid from him? He did not know if he should ask her about it or look to see what it was first.

Back at base John went to his room. He checked and found out that Cameron and the girls were out. He hoped it went better than the last time they went out. Vanna would have to be the one to hold the others back. His mom and Allison would be up for a little mischief and want Cameron to show off 'without' showing off.

John held the 'package. He set it down and picked it up again after a few minutes as he looked at it sit there.

John unwrapped the plastic around the package. The cloth was next. He marveled at how neatly everything was wrapped. One item was a book, the other item was a smaller piece of cloth that contained something small. He could feel it in the cloth. He carefully unwrapped it. He saw a diamond and a gold chain. He recognized the pattern of the chain links as the one that used to be on Cameron's heart shaped locket. The locket was not there. He quickly checked the wrapping cloth and plastic to see if he'd missed it. It was not there.

John looked at the book.

On the cover it said:


(Art Of The Mind)



John opened the cover and read the first poem 'Outsider'. He remembered when Cameron wrote it at the kitchen table. He saw it now contained the changes he suggested in it. He started read it, page after page.

What John noted was that none of the poems were signed – Cameron.

Every one of them was signed – Nobody.

The words of that he read hit home right away. He understood why Cameron felt like she was - Nobody.

"What have we done? What have I done?" John said aloud to himself.

John was very worried at this point.

He knew from what little he read that his actions hurt Cameron even deeper than he thought. It was clear that the way they'd all treated her deeply wounded her.

John knew it was wrong to pursue Riley and that got her killed. Cameron warned him. At that time John wanted to have sex with Riley. It was what every sixteen year old boy wanted to do with a girl. They'd even talked about and done some things leading up to that, a lot of things. He now felt ashamed. He did make love with Riley in the truck that one night. Cameron caught him when he returned in the morning. He still remembered that look of hurt on her face as he went up the stairs and he smirked at her. He rubbed it in her face. He betrayed Cameron and got Riley killed.

The tears silently flowed down his cheeks.

He looked at the diamond and chain. He wrapped them back up. He knew for certain what he was going to do. Nothing would stop him.

John could not stop his tears until he fell asleep. It was a very troubled and restless sleep. It seemed there were a lot of things to haunt his dreams.

He did not understand that whenever Cameron thought of the night he spent with Riley that it was as if it just happened for her. That is how all her memories were. It hurt her just as much EVERY TIME as it did the morning she caught him. Time did not dull her pain as it did for humans.

Important Items

At times in the journey of life
Some things seem important
As time and life pass by
Some things become unimportant

Values and perceptions change
On things that once mattered
Life becomes warped and twisted
Leaving one to feel shattered

New doors may open
As old doors slam close
A new found joy and happiness
Still mingles with old woes

The past always lingers
It seems one never can fully escape
A hole left in a heart remains agape
The future it can bend and shape

Take a long look around
Things matter until they don't
When you can't break free
Remember 'can't' means won't


Chapter Text

Chapter 44

I Am Leaving

John went over everything that happened since yesterday. He read more of Cameron's poem book. He could see and feel her pain and her love. She desperately called out for help and there was no one there. Nobody listened. He knew what he needed to do and it needed to be done - NOW.

He loved Cameron and he wanted her to know how much. Cameron was everything to him. That was why he went after her chip. That was why he went after 'her'. He did not want to lose her.

John went out early to run a few errands. John Henry accompanied him. Bob looked disappointed he wasn't going with them.

John Henry was not sure why John asked him to go with him but he was thrilled to be out.

"Thank you for taking me along, John. I don't get out much." John Henry said. "I enjoyed working with you last night. Where are we going?"

John felt their mission last night cut it a little close. He thought about what he wanted to do after he read Cameron's poems. He gave John Henry an assignment before he went to bed.

"I want to have some jewelry made. I told you last night. Did you research the local custom jewelry makers?" John asked.

John Henry did his homework.

"Yes, there is one only a few miles from here." John Henry said. "They have good reviews and have been in business twenty three years."

John was pleased to hear that.

"Thank you, John Henry. I want to keep this between us." John said.

John Henry was sure he knew what John wanted and why.

"What we are doing now will stay between us, John. I ascertain you are having something made for Cameron." John Henry said. "I would like to provide any suggestions or any advice. I can check the quality of the workmanship and verify the items are yours and correct. That way there will be no mix-ups."

John thought about it last night and again this morning. He was certain he wanted to move forward in his relationship with Cameron. He wanted to take things up a couple of levels.

"That is what I was hoping for." John said. "This is what I want to do…."

John was satisfied with what he put into motion. He realized he should have done this a long time ago. How could he have been so blind?

He spotted Cameron on his way to the Command Center.

"Hello, Cameron." John said.

A smile blossomed on her beautiful face.

"Hi, John." Cameron said.

They kissed.

John held the kiss a little longer and held Cameron a little tighter.

"How was girl's night out?" John asked.

"Not as eventful as last time." Cameron said.

John wasn't sure how forthcoming Cameron would be if he asked. He decided to ask anyway.

"Somehow I think that is a good thing." John said. "Tell me about it."

"We ended up at the bowling alley." Cameron said. "I think the the others got upset at me. That was because I threw a strike every time. I told them I was only using my 'natural ability'. No one seemed to think that was fair."

John could understand that. Cameron would be hard to beat at any game except maybe a swimming contest. He wanted to know what the 'real story' was.

"Did mom or Allison get you into a challenge with someone?" John asked.

"Yes." Cameron said.

John frowned and nodded.

"That figures." John said.

Cameron briefly went over the challenge in the bowling alley.

John waited for her to get to the 'good' part. It wasn't long.

"The other player that lost the bet was very upset." Cameron said. "It looked like he was about to have a stroke."

John didn't hear anything about a 'bet' before.

"Someone made a bet?" John asked.

For the bet Cameron agreed to a few 'handicap' restrictions.

"Yes. It was when I used my left hand and was blindfolded. I played a perfect game." Cameron said. "The other player said it was impossible."

John could picture someone who was a 'champion' losing several times, especially with the restrictions placed on Cameron.

"Great." John said.

Cameron knew everyone watched her play. Why was there any confusion on their part? It seemed pretty straight forward to her.

"I said, 'If it is impossible, how did I just do it?'. That seemed to upset him even more." Cameron said.

John did not like the direction this story was headed.

"I am not sure if I even want to hear the rest." John said.

Cameron was sure he didn't. The story didn't get any better.

"I doubt it, things only got worse." Cameron said.

John was afraid of that.

"Beautiful." John said.

Cameron tilted her head as to the context of the term in this usage.

"Were there any fights?" John asked.

Cameron was a little hesitant to answer.

"Do you really want to know?" Cameron asked. "It all depends on what the definition of a 'fight' is…."

John shook is head. He wanted to get to the Command Center and see where the operations were at.

"Tell me about it as we walk…." John said.

Cameron finished her story.

Later on:

Cameron went to see John Henry. She made sure they were alone.

''I see you went and picked up my things." Cameron said.

John Henry knew that John concealed the 'package' under his shirt when they left to house and at the base.

"Yes, how did you know?" John Henry asked.

There was a slight smile on Cameron's face.

"I went and looked." Cameron said.

John Henry wondered when.

"The residents came home as we left." John Henry said.

"I waited until they were asleep." Cameron said.

John Henry was not so sure of this risky move on Cameron's part. He wanted to get her statement straight.

"You went in the house while they were there sleeping?" John Henry asked.

It was not a big deal to Cameron or anything new.

"Yes, they never wake up when I check." Cameron said. "I have many abilities and skills. What did John do with my items?"

John Henry tried to understand the unnecessary risk Cameron took. That was someone's bedroom. They were probably in the bed when she looked.

"He took them to his room." John Henry said.

John walked into the Command Center. He'd been to the commissary for lunch.

John Henry and Cameron looked at each other. They hoped he hadn't heard anything.

Cameron thought up an idea and threw it out there to deflect where the conversation actually had been.

"Hi, John." Cameron said. "I was just about to discuss obtaining body armor for all the members of the Resistance."

This was a policy Cameron actually wanted to implement. She was very pleased her nipple finally regenerated completely after her new infusion of Allison's DNA. She planned to better protect the 'twins' in the future. She wanted John to be able to touch her. She would not allow it if she was damaged in that area.

"I think that would be a good idea." John said. "We don't really have any medical staff even if we have an infirmary."

Cameron thought a little bigger than John did.

"I mean our entire group, even our Terminators. This would lessen the cosmetic damage done to them." Cameron said.

That sounded like an even better idea to John.

"Cameron, I have to say that is the best idea I have heard in a long time." John said. "I want you to wear body armor from now on. I can't stand you avoiding me when you are shot up or damaged. I want to hold you and touch you. It makes me sick when you are damaged."

Cameron did not want this to be about her.

"I'll think about it." Cameron said. "I want it for the other Terminators. I want them protected."

John was not sure why Cameron didn't think of herself.

"What about you?" John asked.

Cameron didn't think it would matter for what she planned to do in the near future.

"I don't need anything extra." Cameron said. "I have survived so far."

The next words slipped out of John's mouth.

"Cameron, do you have a death wish?" John asked.

In the front of John's mind were Cameron's references to 'death' in some of the poems he read last night. It really bothered him. It bothered him that his actions and the other people around Cameron made her feel that way.

Cameron did not think she had much control.

"No, but I will accept my destiny." Cameron said.

John Henry wanted to diffuse the tension in the room some.

"I will look into everything related to that, Cameron. I think it is an excellent idea. I suggest you wear it also." John Henry added.

Cameron walked out of the room and John followed her.

John caught up to Cameron. They didn't say much. There was a lot on each of their minds.

Cameron and John walked until they were alone.

She stopped and faced John. She needed to tell him something.

"John…." Cameron started and then hesitated.

"Yes?" John asked.

Cameron paused.

John knew something 'bad' was about to happen. He could just feel it coming. He knew he'd waited too long to act.

A minute passed in silence.

"I am leaving." Cameron finally said.

John's heart sank.

"You're leaving?" John asked somewhat confused.

There wasn't much to say, so she just said it.

"Yes, I am going on a temporal mission that has a high chance of failure." Cameron said. "It is unlikely I will return."

John did not plan any temporal mission for anyone.

"Whose mission is this?" John asked.

Cameron looked into John's face and spoke the truth.

"It is my own mission." Cameron said. "There are some things I can no longer exist with. If I do not try to rectify them, I will self terminate."

John felt confused and a little angry. His frustrations got the best of him.

"Isn't that what you have already been doing getting shot up these last few months EVERY night?" John asked. "It sure seems like you are trying to get terminated."

Cameron believed that was true and more was associated with it.

"Yes. I have experienced several 'melt downs' too as Allison calls them. There are things I must atone for, John." Cameron said.

John could not understand the need to do this now.

"Why?" John asked. "Why at this time? What's different?"

Cameron hoped to prompt John a little with the sad truth.

"This is something I MUST do. I wanted to tell you before I left. There is a high probability we will never see each other again." Cameron said.

John could see now why Cameron previously took some other provocative actions.

"I noticed you've allowed me 'total access' to Vanna and Allison. You've been pushing them towards me as you run from me." John said.

Cameron wanted John to know the truth. She saw how it hurt Future John too.

"John, I am barren. I see you play with Savannah and know how you love children. I can not provide you with a descendant. This weighs heavily on me. I don't think you can understand how much. You need the opportunity to choose a REAL woman who is fertile. This is something I will allow and encourage. In fact I insist on it. It is what I want for you. It is my choice."

John thought that should be his choice to make. It was not even an issue they'd ever discussed.

"Cameron, that is not important right now. We could always adopt if you want to be a mother." John said.

Cameron pointed out some other issues.

"No, it is not the same thing. Allison and Vanna can provide you with your child. Their relationship will not allow them to reproduce." Cameron said. "It would be a mutual benefit for all three of you."

"What about you?" John asked. "At what cost to you?"

Cameron felt her fate was already written.

"It is most probable I will be terminated or lost in time. I will search for you until my power cell runs out or I am terminated." Cameron said.

John could see beauty in that statement as tragic as it sounded.

"That almost sounds romantic." John said.

"John, I am going to do this." Cameron said. "No power in the Verse can stop me."

"When?" John asked. "When are you leaving?"

"Now." Cameron said as she turned to walk away.

I Am Leaving

I look around at what I 'have'
Is any of it actually real
The emptiness inside of me
Is what I mostly feel

Maybe the problem is
I don't know what I really want
I flounder in frustration
Chasing the wind on an endless hunt

I often ask myself
Should I stay or should I go
What the answer is to that
I really don't know

I feel the need to atone
My past I need to amend
It really makes me wonder
What is real or only pretend

I have stopped believing
It is only myself I'm deceiving
There may be some grieving
I am leaving


Chapter Text

Chapter 45


Cameron told John she was leaving.

"John, I am going to do this." Cameron said. "No power in the Verse can stop me."

John found what he heard hard to believe.

"When?" John asked. "When are you leaving?"

Cameron's face was blank.

"Now." Cameron said as she turned to walk away.

It was very confusing to John.

"Now? Cameron, this is a bad idea." John said.

John couldn't understand what Cameron was running from. Now she wanted to embark on some 'suicide mission' and never see him again. John wondered where this all went wrong. He knew it all came back to him for actions he took in his recent past and in the future, with Future John. He wondered why what they shared now could not be 'good enough'. He always knew he should have done more and taken it a step further. He was complaisant and he may have been caught 'looking at the light'. That happened on the drag strip. It didn't matter how fast your car was if it was still sitting at the line when the other car thundered down the track.

Cameron stopped and faced John again.

"You know I am going to do it anyway." Cameron said. "It's happening."

John could hear his words in her statement. They came back to haunt him. What he did with that Riley after he blew Cameron off with those words was more of the problem.

If John was supposed to be the 'General', Cameron should listen to him.

"Cameron, I can not allow this." John said forcefully. "I will not tolerate this. I forbid this insanity."

Cameron wondered about the insanity. There were times where she did feel she was insane. That was not the issue here.

"John it is not up to you to allow or not allow. I am informing you what is going to occur. You can not stop me. I did not want you to wake up tomorrow and never see me again without a goodbye." Cameron said. "This is it - Goodbye."

Cameron turned to leave. She started to walk away from John again.

"I will not allow this." John said. "I forbid you from leaving."

Cameron turned and faced him.

Cameron wanted to tell John that he did not own her. She tried to remain calm. She wanted John to play his hand.

"John, I MUST do this." Cameron said.

John could see he did not have any control.

"NO!" John shouted.

Cameron's face remained blank.

"Goodbye, John." Cameron said. "Good luck on your future."

John was desperate at this point. He thought about getting a Taser.

"Cameron! Don't do this to me." John pleaded. "Please don't do this to us."

Cameron again turned to walk away. She said nothing further.

"I love you, Cameron, and you love me." John said.

It stabbed Cameron inside. It was because of their love she was dong this, because of their future love. She needed to replace what she destroyed for Future John. Cameron did not know how to make John understand. She provided him with 'everything' that he needs now and the near future. How could she be any more accommodating and less selfish? Allison and Vanna were his in her future. She'd already returned to John what she'd taken away from Future John. She needed to fix what she'd destroyed. She was sure that everything was her fault anyway.

Cameron looked at her left hand it was in major glitch mode.

Cameron stopped and turned.

"I love you, John, and you love me." Cameron said.

Cameron turned and walked away.

John did not have all his cards lined up. He need to roll the dice anyway.

"WAIT! Cameron, I need you to wait one day or at least a few hours, please." John begged.

Cameron did not see what would change with more time.

"What will change in a few hours?" Cameron asked. "I am still leaving."

John needed to get some things in play.

"Everything will change. I promise." John begged. "Please, I need just a few more hours. A few hours is all I ask."

Cameron's face remained blank.

"I will continue my preparations." Cameron said. "You have a few hours."

Cameron walked away. A smile slowly blossomed on her face and then quickly faded. Cameron suddenly felt like Mrs. Weaver at this point. It didn't matter anyway. She was still leaving no matter what happened. What she was doing only reinforced itself.

John ran to find John Henry. He knew he was on a short time table. Time was running out fast. Things needed to happen and they needed to happen now.

"John Henry, I need you to take Bob and Jim and go immediately to the jewelry store and get my items. I need them NOW." John said. "If you have to, can you fabricate them?"

John Henry did not see the need for such urgency.

"Yes. What is the hurry?" John Henry asked.

John gave him the bad news.

"Cameron is leaving." John said.

John Henry tilted his head slightly.

"Cameron leaves all the time." John Henry said.

John did not think John Henry fully understood what was about to happen.

"This time... This time she is not coming back." John said.

John tried to fight the tears that were about to flow.

John Henry was a little confused. Cameron hadn't told him to activate Unit Two and Unit Three yet. He did not have the two Units ready. Perhaps this was a nudge to John. It seemed to be working if it was. John seemed desperate. He could see John trying to hold on to what was already gone.

"I will be back within two hours with what you need." John Henry said.

John sure hoped so. There were a bunch of things he needed and he needed them RIGHT NOW. John went to seek help. This was going to be a team effort.

John felt so bewildered. After all they'd been through. Cameron was just going to walk away. No. She is RUNNING away. None of this made sense especially since he knew they both loved each other.

She was running from him, running from herself, running from her past and running from THEIR future. She was running back to the future, back to her future, away from him yet back to him - Future John. Maybe Future John loved her more than he did. Maybe she loved Future John more than him. Maybe Future John did not treat her with such disrespect as his family and he had done. Cameron told him Future Allison was 'gone' and Future Savannah was sent away. That left Future John with Cameron. When the anti-Metal faction grew Future John sent Cameron away. He sent her away to protect her from termination. He sent her away because he loved her. Sacrifice was the true test of love. Future John passed that test.

John went in search of Vanna and Allison. He could not find them at first; this caused him even more panic. Then he saw them. He ran to them. He needed some answers and he needed some assistance.

John explained what was about to happen. He seemed to have no control over the situation. He looked desperately to the girls for anything they could do.

"Vanna, Allison, I need to know everything about Cameron." John said.

The girls looked at each other.

"You'd better sit down." Allison said. "This is going to be a rough ride."

The girls told him everything and why. It was the why that was important to Cameron. John thought of the terrible agony he put Cameron through. It was the pain, the torment, the betrayal and the replacement. He hurt her so much that death was a better option to her at times. The way this was all falling apart, it seemed that death was a pretty good option for himself.

"So a computer version of Cameron actually started to self terminate?" John asked.

Vanna laid it out as she saw it.

"Yes. Her programming can no longer stop her. She has advanced beyond that. Her feelings and emotions now control her. John, she is as much 'human' as Allison or myself." Vanna said. "Her frequent combat is a veiled attempt at self termination as well. She seems to seek and 'honorable death' in combat. I think we can all see that."

Allison felt this was her fault with the 'Neural Interface' in the future with Cameron. It may have been Future Allison but it was still her, a version of her anyway.

"It is my fault, my memories and the 'me' in her, a future 'me' anyway. It must be driving her in some way." Allison mused. "I must be to blame. I'm sorry, John."

Vanna dropped another revelation.

"John, do you realize when she gave you the ability to push a button and destroy her what she was really asking of you?" Vanna asked.

John remembered what Cameron said to him.

"It was to protect me in case she went 'bad' again and reverted." John said. "She did not want to hurt me."

Vanna could see that John still did not have a clue.

"No, that was a secondary objective. She was asking you and begging you to push the button if you continued to choose Riley over her. She wanted you to stop the pain. Rejection and replacement was literally killing her. Do you understand that if at that time she could self terminate that she would have? If she were not a Terminator, she would be dead." Vanna stated. "Only her programming at that time prevented that. It no longer can."

John thought of her poems, her pain and her deepest sadness and sorrow.

It hit him like a sledge hammer.

"Oh my God. What have I done?" John asked.

Allison thought things could have been done a little differently.

"Not the correct things." Allison said.

John was desperate. He looked around and found a pad of paper and a pen.

"Vanna, Allison, I need you to go out and purchase these items ASAP." John wrote a quick list. "Find Mr. Ellison too and tell him what I need."

Vanna and Allison turned to go.

"Let's get crackin'." Allison said.

There was new excitement in the air as they hurried away.

"Make sure it is white. She has earned that privilege." John called loudly after them.

The two girls hurried away. They were both very thrilled about what was going to occur.

"Is this really happening?" Allison asked.

Vanna held up the list in her hand.

"It sure looks like it." Vanna said. "I'm holding the proof in my hand."

After another hour John Henry returned with the items that John wanted. He only needed to add the inscription John wanted. The rest was already done. The jeweler was amazed that he needed no magnification to do it and did it in a just a minute. The jeweler was pleased at the workmanship.

John Henry paid the jeweler double and said forget any of this ever happened.

The jeweler looked at Bob, Jim and John Henry. He was already 'forgetting' as the burly trio left the store. That did not look like anything he wanted to mess with and the pay was good.

John headed for the intercom after he thanked John Henry for his assistance and discretion. he thanked Jim and Bob too.

Everything started to fall into place. He had what he needed to get the ball rolling. Vanna and Allison needed to play their part still. John hoped he could pull this off. he was not really sure what was going to happen.

John pondered what he would say to Cameron and how best to do it. He knew it all mattered. He felt he was ready. John pushed the button on the intercom and leaned forward.

"Cameron, can you come to my room, our room, please." John asked.


Things happen very fast in life
Sometimes we sit and wait
We may not see it occur
When suddenly we are too late

One can be left looking
When the other leaves the gate
They may depart in a huff
Feeling dejected and irate

Maybe it was not noticed
As one dangled the bait
When the call goes unanswered
One's inner self begins to deflate

Love that is not returned
Withers and is soon innate
When another is involved
Love may even turn to hate

One can always refocus
They can clear the slate
Maybe confusion can be avoided
If our desires we clearly state


Chapter Text

Chapter 46

A Girls Best Friend

Cameron left John and went to the lab.

Vanna was not there.

Cameron felt so alone. Everything she'd always wanted was right in front of her. It was within her grasp. All she needed to do was grab the 'brass ring'. Instead she was going to let it pass by her, by her choice.

That was just it. She didn't have a choice. The choice was made the moment she killed HER Allison - Future Allison. That is the moment that changed her fate, which changed her life. It changed her existence. It was moment that determined her destiny. It was what brought her to where she was right now.

Allison's player was on the desk next to her poems.

Cameron picked it up and selected a group with a strange name. Cameron found she liked to look at the lyrics as she listened to a song. She called them up on the computer with a quick search. It was something not in her data base, yet. To see the words as she heard them touched her more deeply. It was easier to find the song on YouTube with the lyrics in the video. It was something everyone could do. It only took a few seconds to it.

The first song played. It was:

'I Am A Rock' by 'Simon and Garfunkel'.  

Cameron wished she was a rock or island too. She especially wanted it to be an island. There were more selections. Each new song deeply touched within her. It was as if they were written for her. She knew the songwriter must have felt much the same way she did.

It was just past the 'few hours' time frame that she'd given John.

Something caught her attention and brought her back to now. It was the intercom system.

"Cameron, can you come to my room, our room, please." John said.

Cameron sat there for a moment and contemplated the actions she was about to take. She neatly stacked her poems. She carefully selected a song to be played next and set down Allison's player. She thought about changing it but decided it would say everything she wanted to say.

She got up and looked around the lab one last time. This was the very place where she'd made her first friend and a second love. This was where she was reborn when Allison returned her chip to her. She looked at her old server. She went over to it and removed the hard drives. She looked at them and then crushed them. She dropped the broken pieces in the trash. She looked down at them in the basket. Her face was expressionless. She'd just terminated a version of herself. She walked out of the lab quickly. She never looked back. This was all in the past now. None of it mattered.

She knew what she wanted to do and was going to do it. She stopped and spoke with John Henry. It was time to get the ball rolling.

"Make ready Unit Two and Unit Three." Cameron said and walked away.

John Henry wanted to ask her to reconsider but he didn't. He knew what Cameron needed to do. She needed to do for her own personal peace.

"It will be so." John Henry said.

Cameron noticed Vanna and Allison return from doing some shopping. They carried several bags from a clothing store. She did not go to talk to them. Cameron thought it was best to avoid everyone. She took a turn and would go around the long way. She did not want to get 'emotional' with the finality of her upcoming task.

Mr. Ellison knocked on Sarah and Kyle's door down the hall as she neared John's room. That was unusual to see him out and around the bunker complex. They tried to remove him from the clandestine and questionable nature of what they did. He was more the public face of the parent company. They did not want him to dirty his hands with the killing associated with their work. They tried to protect him.

Cameron stopped outside the door to John's room. A flood of thoughts went through her mind. They were all over the place and most of them were not good. That was the trouble; all she could seem to think about were the 'bad' things. No matter how she tried to isolate them, they never went away.

Cameron collected herself.

'Everything changes in some manner from the moment I walk into this room, for better or worse.' Cameron thought.

Cameron turned the handle and opened the door, she walked in the room.

"Yes, John?" Cameron asked.

John already played the scenario out in his head a hundred times.

"Cameron…." John started and floundered.

He just looked at her beautiful face.

He dropped to one knee.

"I love you, Cameron, and you love me."

Cameron was surprised at the formality of the situation. She was even more surprised by the words that came out of his mouth next.

"I would like the honor and privilege to ask you for your hand in marriage. Cameron, I choose you, will you choose me?" John asked. "Cameron, will you marry me?"

Cameron did not even need to think about it.

"Yes." Cameron said.

John took her left hand.

"Yes, my sweet love." Cameron said again.

He slipped her ring on. It was made from the diamond he'd given her originally the night they'd acquired them.

He stood and they kissed.

She looked at the ring.

"I see you used the diamond you originally gave to me." Cameron said. "That is sweet."

She waited for John to explain how he'd come into possession of it.

"I was able to track it down with the aid of John Henry." John said.

Cameron wanted a little better answer than that.

"Was there anything else with it?" Cameron asked.

The tears welled up in John's eyes.

"Yes." John said somewhat shamefully. "I found something very dear to you."

That was what Cameron really wanted John to 'find'. When he found her poem book. He found her 'feelings' and her 'emotions'. He found what was inside of her mind.

John felt overwhelmed with guilt and shame.

"Cameron, can you ever forgive me?" John asked.

She stepped forward She pulled his tee shirt off. She looked directly into his eyes. It was clear what she intended and wanted to happen.

"Does this answer your question?" Cameron asked.

She was ready for the next step in her evolution.

John reached to remove her top but stopped. He paused and thought about if for a moment.

Cameron looked confused. She thought 'more' was going to happen.

A knock came at the door.

That irritated Cameron.

"Go away." Cameron said.

The knock came again.

"Cameron, it's Vanna and Allison, we need to give you some things." Allison said.

Cameron had other plans right now. She became a little upset.

"Go away. I am doing something." Cameron said.

John smiled at Cameron and opened the door.

"I will see you in a short while." John said.

He walked out of the room with his tee shirt in his hand.

Cameron tried to figure out what just happened. She thought they were going to consummate their love. Wasn't she 'married' to John now? He should want to be with his 'wife'. Cameron wondered if he was really interested in something different. Maybe she would need to swap chassis with Bob or Jim. She would do that for John. He was her 'husband'. She would provide him with what he wanted.

Vanna and Allison rushed into the room with the packages. They were the same ones she'd seen them return with earlier.

"Cameron, look what we got you." Vanna and Allison said in unison.

Cameron's anger was replaced with surprise and then joy. She quickly realized what was happening. Now she was somewhat befuddled.

"You got me a wedding dress? You bought me a white wedding dress?" Cameron asked.

It seemed Allison and Vanna were more excited than she was. Maybe her emotional development was not as advanced as she thought it was.

"Let's get you dressed." Allison said. "The wedding is in thirty minutes."

Cameron was slow to gather there was more to being 'married'. It seemed like what John already did should be enough for two people that cared about and loved each other.

"What wedding?" Cameron asked.

A worried look crossed Vanna's face.

"You did say 'yes', didn't you?" Vanna asked.

Cameron tilted her head slightly.

"Yes." Cameron replied.

Allison laid everything out on the bed.

"Then let's get crackin'." Allison said.

Cameron was surprised by all of this and the extent of everything involved with it. She'd only expected to make love to John.

This was one surprise she did not hate.

John headed to Sarah and Kyle's room. There was a suit laid out on the bed. Mr. Ellison was there too. John asked Mr. Ellison to perform the nuptials.

"I know it is not really official or legal but is anything we do anymore?" John asked.

That was something they all knew to be rooted in truth. To save the world they operated outside of the law. They operated by of the law of the future.

"I will be happy to perform a short ceremony for you two." Mr. Ellison said.

"Mom and Dad, will you both give away the bride?" John asked.

"John, I will be happy to." Kyle said.

John looked at his mother. He knew Cameron meant a lot to her for everything she'd done for her and them.

"John, I can not think of a finer woman for you to marry. I will be proud and honored to do so." Sarah said with tears in her eyes. "I really mean that too."

John was very pleased to hear those words from his mother.

"Thank you." John said. "Mom, I'll need your help with the tie. Let me put my suit on."

John Henry, Bob and Jim stood on the groom's side.

Allison and Vanna stood on the bride's side.

Savannah held the rings for each of them.

They were made from the gold chain that once held Cameron's locket. The heart shaped locket that now inside her chassis. The heart Cameron gave herself. The heart that held the photos of the ones she loved.

John thought of using Coltan for the wedding ring but was unsure if it would offend Cameron. It might serve as a painful reminder to Cameron that she was a machine. A real ring would make her feel more 'human'.

John stood nervously before Mr. Ellison.

Kyle and Sarah entered the room with Cameron between them.

Mr. Ellison looked at a piece of paper Allison handed to him earlier and said it was from Cameron and it was very important to her.

"By request of the Bride and Groom this ceremony will be as simple as possible. The Bride specifically chose the exact vows to be spoken." Mr. Ellison said.

Vanna started an abbreviated recording of here comes the bride on her player. They couldn't find Allison's player. Maybe it was in the lab.

Cameron walked down the short aisle with Kyle and Sarah. They stopped and then she stepped ahead.

Cameron stood next to John.

Mr. Ellison started. He looked at John.

"Do you choose Cameron Phillips to be your wife?" Mr. Ellison asked.

"I do." John said.

"Do you promise to love, cherish and protect her?" Mr. Ellison asked.

"I do." John said.

Mr. Ellison looked at Cameron.

"Do you choose John Connor to be your husband?" Mr. Ellison asked.

"I do." Cameron said.

"Do you promise to love, honor, cherish and protect him, forsaking all others and holding only unto him?" Mr. Ellison asked.

"I do." Cameron said.

They took the rings from Savannah and placed them on each other's fingers.

"I now pronounce you Husband and Wife." Mr. Ellison said.

They kissed.

Savannah gently tugged on Cameron's dress.

Cameron looked at her and smiled.

"I'm going to marry John too when I grow up." Savannah said.

Cameron bent down next to Savannah.

"Do you promise me you will, Savannah?" Cameron asked.

"I promise, Cammy." Savannah said. "I promise I will."

Savannah liked to call Cameron - Cammy.

Cameron smiled. Her 'grooming' process paid off. This is what she wanted to hear from Savannah on her own accord. There would be love and companionship for John in the future. It would be a future without her most likely.

Cameron looked directly into Savannah's eyes.

"I am counting on you, Savannah." Cameron said.

Bob retrieved a cake.

"I made this myself." Bob said.

It was a small two level wedding cake. It actually looked expertly made. It seemed the instructional videos Bob watched on 'how to make the perfect wedding cake' paid off.

"And I helped." Jim added.

After the brief 'reception' John and Cameron walked to John's room.

John opened the door

John moved to pick up Cameron. He wanted to carry her across the threshold.

Cameron wanted to warn John.

"You know I am heaver than I look." Cameron said.

"I only have a few steps." John said.

John picked her up and carried her through the doorway.

Cameron pushed the door closed as they entered. John set her down.

They stood and faced each other.

"All my programming is off, John." Cameron said. "This is just you and me now."

"Cameron, I have waited so long for this moment."

"As have I, John."

"I love you, Cameron, and you love me."

"I love you, John, and you love me."

They kissed.

Cameron removed his suit coat and shirt and pants.

John slipped Cameron out of her dress.

Each removed the other's underwear.

"I am ready, John, make me a woman."

They embraced and slowly headed for the bed….

A Girl's Best Friend

Is it really the diamond
That's a girl's best friend
Or is it the one she chooses
To spend time until the end

It is the love
That beats from the heart
That paves the path
From where it did start

Two become as one
Is the way it should be
It's no longer you and me
It is now – we

Through good times or bad
Happiness or sorrow
It is upon each other
Whose strength we may borrow

Here we are now
Our future to spend
It all starts now with
A girl's best friend


Chapter Text

Chapter 47


There was thunderous roar and vibration that shook the Resistance base.

Savannah awoke. Neatly hanging on the back of her room door was Cameron's wedding dress.

"Cammy!" Savannah cried out.

Allison awoke. She noticed all of Cameron's clothes neatly folded and sitting in their room on top of her dresser.

"Vanna!" Allison called out.

Vanna awoke. She saw some things she'd been working on in the lab. They sat on her dresser. They were complete and finished now. Cameron previously told her she would assist her with them.

"Allison!" Vanna gasped.

Sarah awoke. Hanging on the back of her room door was Cameron's purple coat.

"Kyle!" Sarah shouted.

Kyle awoke. He'd heard Sarah call his name. He looked at her face and knew he'd never seen her look like that before. There was a look of shock and terror on her face.

"Sarah!" Kyle said.

John awoke - he was alone.

He looked around. Sitting on the dresser was Cameron's Poem book. On top of it sat her wedding band and diamond engagement ring.

"Nooooooooooooooo!" John screamed.

There was a loud hum and thunderous roar. It intensified in magnitude.

Everyone awoke at the same time.

The reason was obvious to everyone. The TDE was being powered up. There was no mistaking it for anything else. With the intensity of the TDE they heard, they all knew this was not a test.

This required immediate action to stop the mission. Everyone knew they would be too late but they all tried anyway. Each one of them wanted to reach Cameron and stop her.

John grabbed his shorts and ran out into the hall. He put them on as he ran. He was unaware they were now on backwards.

Allison grabbed a long tee shit and threw it over her unclad form. It would have almost covered her private parts if she was standing still. She was running and everything was clearly on 'display'. She did not know it. Even if she did she would not have cared. She needed to get to Cameron. That was all that mattered. Cameron NEEDED her. If she could not stop Cameron, she was going to go with her.

Vanna grabbed a pair of shorts and a tank top. She slid the shorts on and headed out the door topless. She tried to put the top on as she ran after Allison. She dropped it but was able to grab it on the go. She would not have cared if she missed it and left it behind. She needed to get to Cameron. That was all that mattered. Cameron NEEDED her. If she could not stop Cameron, she was going to go with her.

Sarah and Kyle threw on whatever clothes were closest. They were not even sure or cared whose clothes they grabbed. They just knew they need to move and move - NOW. They needed to get to Cameron. That was all that mattered. Cameron NEEDED them. Sarah knew if she could not stop Cameron, she was going to go with her.

Savannah just looked at the wedding dress and cried. "I promise, Cammy."

Savannah knew her destiny. Cameron prepared her well. She made a promise to Cameron at her wedding. She intended to keep it one day.

"I promise, Cammy. I promise, Cammy. I promise, Cammy..." Savannah repeated it over and over.

There was a rush of Resistance members headed to the TDE room.

Bob and Jim stood outside and blocked the path. They remained unmoving. They blocked and guarded the door to the TDE room.

"Move." John yelled at them. "Get out of my way."

The big Terminators did not yield. Cameron only ever asked them for one thing.

"I choose termination to honor Cameron's last request." Bob said.

"As do I." Jim added.

Both of them remained unmoving.

"I have to see her." John cried. "We need to stop her."

John tried to get around them. They were like solid rock.

"Cameron!" John screamed. "Cameron!"

Allison and Vanna were there now.

"Let us by. PLEASE!" Allison and Vanna pleaded.

Vanna finally was able to get her top on.

They also tried to get by. The Terminators did not yield.

"It is her last request. Please honor it as we do. I will submit to chip extraction after she is gone." Bob said. "I can not fail in the only thing Cameron has ever asked of me."

Jim heeded Cameron's last request as well.

"It is our duty to Cameron." Jim said. "We will not fail. I will submit to chip extraction after she is gone as well."

Kyle and Sarah showed up. She did not understand why the TDE door was being blocked.

"What the Hell is going on?" Sarah demanded. "Get out of the way - NOW."

The thunder died down the hum disappeared. There was no more vibration.

The TDE was shut down.

There was no sound at all. Everyone knew what that meant. It was over. Cameron was gone.

John Henry emerged from the TDE room.

"Where is she?" John demanded.

"Gone." John Henry replied. "I will submit to chip extraction."

John Henry knelt on the floor. Bob and Jim knelt next to him.

"If you choose to terminate us, we will not resist. What we did was what Cameron asked of us. What has Cameron ever asked of us, any of us?" John Henry asked. "I honored her by honoring her only request. It was the only thing she every asked of me."

The three Terminators remained on their knees.

John Henry produced a scalpel. He'd come prepared.

"This will be an honorable termination for us. We carried out Cameron's final request. You may begin chip extraction." John Henry said. "I will go first."

He held the scalpel out for John or anyone to take.

Allison and Vanna looked at each other and held hands. Each of them gave a knowing nod to the other as tears streaming down their cheeks. They knew what Cameron wanted from them if she failed to return. They would keep their promises. They held each other as they burst into uncontrollable crying.

"Cameron only gives and sacrifices for ALL of us." Bob added. "We wanted to obey her. We chose to obey her. We did what she wanted us to do."

"She has taken damage for all of us. She has saved many of your lives several times over. She saved our lives too." Jim said. "We all owed her. Carrying out her last and only request was the way to honor her sacrifice."

Sarah and Kyle tried to comfort John.

"I have to go after her. I have to." John pleaded

Tears streamed down John's cheeks.

John Henry still held the scalpel out.

"It is impossible. I have erased the information from the TDE and my memory. There is no record of it. It was her request." John Henry said. "I do not even know now where or when she has gone to. There is no way to know."

John still could not believe this was happening.

"She is never coming back is she?" John asked.

John knew the answer before he asked the question.

John Henry felt the prospects of a successful mission were slim.

"It is very unlikely. She will most likely end up lost in time. She may be lost to some divergent timeline because of all the changes we have made." John Henry said. "Since she is not back now, she has failed. She said she would return right after she left if she was successful."

Vanna, Allison and Sarah all knew that was what Cameron planned to do when she went after John when he was in the future. She planned to return right after she left. It should have been seamless if it worked.

Everyone looked around, there was nothing. Cameron was not there. She failed to return.

"Where she will look for John, until her power cell runs out or she is terminated." Allison cried.

John heard those same words before.

"Cameron said that to me too." John added. "Almost those same exact words."

John Henry still held the scalpel.

Sarah was upset with all of this. She noticed something was missing.

"Where are those two new Terminators?" Sarah asked. "They didn't take her did they?"

John Henry glanced at Sarah.

"Unit Two and Unit Three went with her." John Henry said.

That upset John further. He didn't think Cameron trusted them. She never used them for anything.

"What for?" John demanded. "Why did they go with her?"

"They went for protection and security. It is their function to protect her at any cost." John Henry said. "None of them have returned. Cameron asked that we not mourn her."

John Henry was sure that since none of them returned that they were all terminated. One of them should have made it back.

"You may terminate us now." Bob reminded them. "Please make it swift."

The three Terminators silently awaited termination on their knees.

John was thoroughly disgusted. He was heartbroken and upset. He did not want vengeance enacted on the Terminators for doing the one thing Cameron asked of them. They all did it for her and believed it would result in their own termination. They still did it anyway. They were all willing to sacrifice for her.

It was clear they all 'loved' Cameron in their own way. Sacrifice was the true test of love.

"Get up! Get up everyone. There will be no terminations. There has been enough loss today." John said. "I can't believe this."

The tears still flowed down John's cheeks

Kyle and Sarah walked John back to his room. They were as hurt and upset as he was.

The three Terminators resumed their normal duties. This was something Cameron told them to do. She told them they most likely would not be terminated and to continue to serve the Resistance. They were to carry on the fight in her demise and defeat Skynet.

Vanna and Allison were left standing there alone. They still held each other. The tears continued to stream down their faces. They slowly walked away to return to their room and get dressed. They both made a promise to Cameron. It was a promise which they both intended to keep. They now understood her insistence - She KNEW.

Cameron KNEW she would be terminated and she needed them to replace her for John. They never really understood her actions and insistence before with her pushing them towards John. Now it was clear, crystal clear.

The tears were gone for now. There was a sad finality to it all. Allison went with Vanna to the lab. Life went on. Life moved forward not backwards. Cameron attempted to move backwards in life. Look where it took her. She was gone.

Vanna started her duties. Allison sat at the desk. Cameron's poems were neatly stacked in the corner. She gently touched them. She felt like she was touching Cameron's mind. Allison picked up her player. She saw it was ready to play.

Fear gripped her.

"Vanna!" Allison swallowed hard.

Vanna rushed towards Allison. On the way there she noticed the gutted server. She stopped and looked at it. She saw the trash can sitting there in front of it with the crushed hard drives in it.

Vanna just stood there and stared in disbelief. THAT was 'her Cameron'. 'HER Cameron' now lay in broken and crushed pieces in the trash can. Vanna burst out into tears. Allison came to see what was wrong. She still held her player in her hand.

Vanna reached in the trash and picked some of the crushed pieces of the hard drives.

"Cameron!" she screamed.

She looked up to Allison in total shock and disbelief.

Allison was startled by Vanna's scream. She bumped the play button and the player started to play.

'Seasons In The Sun' by 'Terry Jacks', eerily echoed throughout the room.

Vanna collapsed all the way to the floor as she heard the words. Allison went down with her. Both women were cried helplessly as the song played. The sadness and sorrow was - overwhelming.


The quest for things we want
Can slowly drive us insane
Many things we seek are illusive
They are very difficult to attain

We often want the impossible
Propelled by some inner drive
We are so caught up in the hunt
We miss those things when they arrive

There is what we have
There is what we want
How far will we go to get it
Maybe even pull a crazy stunt

It could be for more or a change
It always is something
In the end it does not matter
Everything is really nothing

We many be more ignorant
Than any common moron
We never realize what we have
Until it is forever gone


Chapter Text

Chapter 48


John asked for some private time. Sarah and Kyle left John alone in his room. He pinched himself one time very hard. He could feel the pain so this confirmed this was not a dream. If it was, it would be more like a nightmare. He looked around the empty room. Yesterday was the happiest day of his life and today felt like the worst day of his life. He pinched himself again. There was a small mark to go along with the pain this time. This was real.

Everything was so beautiful yesterday. He'd shared a very special time with Cameron as they consummated their love. Cameron seemed very shy about it as they started. That seemed to make it even more special. Cameron whispered in his ear for him to go slow since she'd never done this before. That made it even more exciting for both of them.

He did not know that Cameron believed she may have been Future John's sex slave or maybe even made love to Future John. She believed that but there were no files to that effect. Much of her personal interaction with Future John was erased. Part of her life was erased. It tormented Cameron not to know the truth. All she could know was what was there. Her main worry was that when she was captured she was reprogrammed as a 'Metal Whore'. She knew that happened to other female Terminators that were captured. There were no files. She did not know. She could have been a mechanical 'love doll' to hundreds of men, maybe even thousand depending on how long they had her. Everyone wanted to give a 'Metal Whore' a try to see how it compared to the 'real thing'. John was unaware of this torment that Cameron thought about daily.

He dressed and was able to compose himself enough to make it to the Command Center. He wanted to explore all the possibilities of what to do about Cameron. There must be something they could do.

"Is there any trace of her in any of the computer systems or anything left on Bob's chip, Jim's chip or your chip, John Henry?" John asked. "Is there anything of Cameron?"

John Henry searched his server too for when one version of Cameron was there with him. It was bleak.

"There are fragments left here and there. There is no functioning copy of Cameron's program. The closet thing would have been the server in the lab but Cameron destroyed it before she left. We would have been able to get a limited 'computer Cameron' from that. She has effectively deleted and terminated herself. She systematically erased all traces of herself from my server." John Henry said. "She made sure when she left that she was 'gone'."

John was dumbfounded.

"I don't understand it." John said. "I can not understand it. It makes no sense."

Allison entered the Command Center. It was obvious she'd been crying before she arrived.

"Hi." Allison said.

John wanted to tread lightly. He knew one wrong word could burst the dam of tears welled up inside Allison and himself for that matter. It seemed Vanna was the one most affected by all of this.

"Hi, Allison, how is Vanna?" John asked.

A tear slid down Allison's cheek. She held it together, for now.

"I gave her some medication, she is sleeping now." Allison said. "It was too much for her, John, she loves Cameron too."

Allison was aware that Vanna loved Cameron as much as her, if not more.

Cameron confessed to John before that she loved Vanna and later Allison as well as him. She said she could not stop the 'feelings' that grew in her.

"I know, Allison. The server that Cameron destroyed was 'Her Cameron'." John said. "I can't believe Cameron did all this so systematically."

Allison thought she might know more than John about some things that troubled Cameron. Cameron confided in Vanna and her many times. It was the only way they could 'share'. It was never physical. That aspect was always there waiting to be explored. Vanna had been very close at times but never acted. Vanna believed that Cameron needed to act first. She felt the same way. They both knew Cameron was much like a young girl in that regard. She was very vulnerable. Nobody wanted to 'use' Cameron or 'hurt' her. When she was ready to share, they would be there for her. They would share their love with her. It would not just be sex. It would be the deepest and purest love two could share.

"John, she talked with Vanna and me about the torment she was in." Allison said. "You saw part of that. She could no longer exist with the pain she felt. She needed to try to correct her mistakes or self terminate."

John was aware of Cameron's 'death wish'.

"By making this a one woman war she was trying to be terminated. The way I made her feel in the past was the root of this situation." John said. "It all comes back to me and my rejection, betrayal and replacement of her. I am the one at fault for all of this."

John knew that to be true by reading Cameron's poems and viewing how she was made to feel. It actually made him angry at himself. He knew what he was doing when he did it and he did it anyway.

"She is doing it for you, for HER Future You - Future John. She has worked hard to put everything into play here and now as it was in her future. Can't you see what she is doing? She is trying to restore what she feels is the correct timeline before HER Allison - Future Allison was terminated." Allison said. "Cameron said it was the 'Natural Order' of time and she would restore it."

That all sounded well and dandy to John but how do you bring back the dead? That means you need to prevent it in the first place and who knows what happens after that.

"How is she going to un-terminate HER Allison - Future Allison and not screw up the timeline she came from, to the point where she met me and everything that has happened since?" John asked. "Maybe she created an alternate timeline and that is where she is. Maybe that's why she can't get back."

John did not want to think she could be terminated.

John Henry did not want to point out that they may be in an alternate timeline now as well. Cameron coming back in the first place may have created a new timeline.

"That is why it is most likely we will never see her again, John. I am sorry. I do not think she can succeed." John Henry said. "If she prevents Allison from being captured, she will destroy her future and past. I advised her multiple times to not attempt this. She said she could not continue with the guilt for her sins. She told me if she was successful, she would return seconds after leaving. The only logical conclusion is she failed or was terminated. John, she is gone. She is never coming back. If she was able to attain access to a TDE, it should have already happened. She would be here. That was the plan. She was to return right after she left."

John looked around hoping to see Cameron. Nobody was there.

"I should have known from the specific vows she selected. She only committed herself to me, while I was not committed exclusively to her." John said. "I have gone back and looked at what Mr. Ellison read from. It was right there, she even made ME say it."

Allison knew what Cameron made her promise her.

"You know what she wants Vanna and me to 'do'." Allison said. "She wants you to have the children and family she feels she destroyed."

"How?" John asked.

"There are now two Savannahs and two Allisons here in this timeline. That is four people spread over a divergent age group from Vanna to Young Allison. She has tried to cover all the bases for the next twenty years." Allison explained.

John Henry thought that was an effective strategy.

"Cameron said she only plays to win." John Henry added.

John did not feel all victories were sweet if that was the case.

"But at what price to her?" John asked.

"It was the price to not self terminate. It was the price for her to live and not die. That is the price." Allison answered. "John she NEEDED to do this. She NEEDED to TRY to do this for HERSELF. It was tearing her mind apart."

"It is better for her to be alive in some divergent timeline, than terminated." John Henry responded. "That is the only reason I helped her. I did not want her to 'go', to die. There was no other option. I could not sit and watch, do nothing and then watch her self terminate. That prospect was unacceptable."

John knew of another option. He knew Cameron would not approve of it.

"Is there anything Mrs. Weaver can do to help fix any this?" John asked.

There was another 'problem' that John Henry felt developed regarding Mrs. Weaver.

"I do not think so. We have eliminated many Grays and disrupted Skynet operations; maybe Mrs. Weaver is stuck in an alternate timeline now too. She should have been back months ago." John Henry said, worried. "It does not appear Mrs. Weaver is coming back either. It would have already happened as well."

"Can Mrs. Weaver get to where Cameron is trying to go?" John wondered.

John Henry knew Mrs. Weaver planned ahead on many things. He did not think going to the 'wrong' future was one of them.

"No, not unless she tried to do what Cameron is trying by going back in time and then going forward in time. I do not know. Maybe she has found a way to get 'home' herself. The only way to make that work is by not changing anything else when they time jump forward or backwards. I can not see Mrs. Weaver doing that and not meddling." John Henry said.

The sorrow in John was replaced by anger.

"This is beyond a nightmare." John said. "The best day of my life was instantly replaced with the worst day in my life. I've had it."

John looked at Allison and John Henry and then stormed out of the Command Center. He did not say a word.

With John's words, Allison felt something inside of her react. She was not sure why.

John returned to his room.

He sat in silence.

John looked at each of Cameron's rings. They were beautiful and they were here without her to wear them. Is this all he had left?

He carefully wrapped up Cameron's two rings.

John placed them in his drawer.

He looked at Cameron's Glock sitting there.

John touched the cold metal of the slide.

He slowly closed the drawer.

He picked up Cameron's Poem book and held it. He gently caressed it as he looked at the cover.


(Art Of The Mind)



John said to himself. 'These are your thoughts, feelings and emotions, Cameron. They are the very essence of your mind. Things you wanted to say or express and share. I am so very sorry, Cameron. I now have several choices to make. I can wait for years suffering in agony then take my own life. I can try to replace you with what you have 'provided' for me. I know you feel that it should be in some fashion as it was in your future or I can take my own life now.'

John read through the pages of Cameron's poem book. The tears flowed down his face.

He opened the drawer and placed the poem book inside. He placed the wrapped rings on top of it.

"I love you, Cameron, and you love me." John said aloud.

He slid his ring off. He gently placed it on top of Cameron's wrapped rings.

John took a deep breath and let it out slow. He was done. There was only one way to stop the pain.

John reached for Cameron's Glock….


To wipe clean the slate of life
Everything must be erased
Nothing at all can be left behind
That can be identified or traced

There are times for all
When they want to start over
Would anything really ever change
If they were granted a do-over

Is not what one would do
Already what they have done
The sad part is to watch them lose
While they think they have won

If there is a beginning
Then there is an end
They think they have it straight
Then they watch it all bend

Everything that was faced
All turned out to be a waste
Leaving one feeling disgraced
As they themselves they erased


Chapter Text

Chapter 49

Futures Past


Cameron's Past Timeline:


Early 1999:


On the remote outskirts of town the arcing and flashing started. An energy bubble appeared with three figures in it.

The arching and flashing ended.

Cameron slowly stood up. She looked around. She looked up to the sky. Her naked figure was back lit by the full moon. Even in the darkness her beauty was unmistakable.

She arrived in the past at a time before her 'first' arrival from the future. So far things seemed to work as she'd planned. She did not want to get 'lost in time'. There was always that risk. There were many risks.

Cameron knew she needed to be careful not to alter anything that would change her future once she arrived and met up with John in Red Valley. She needed to calculate her every move and every action.

Her first impulse was to go find John and Sarah. She could go to them and protect them. She could team up with 'herself' when Future John first sent her back. They could be with John as twins. This time they would be his girlfriends and not his twin sisters. That was a very enticing prospect to her. She already knew what would happen and could make things safer for John. There was always the risk that her 'other self' may perceive her as a threat and terminate her. She'd evolved greatly from who she was back then. It would be like night and day.

'No.' Cameron thought. 'I can not change any of this here or now.'

Cameron wanted to return to her current life with John who was now her husband. She wanted to resume life again from the point where she'd left. It should be a seamless event if everything worked properly. She'd been able to consummate her love with John. It was a very pleasurable and rewarding experience for her. It was more about the 'feeling' to share their love both 'emotionally' and physically. She was not sure what a human female felt during a time of sharing like that. Maybe they had a more intense experience, maybe she was the one who did. There were files regarding Future Allison and Future John. She chose not to view them. She wanted her experience to be her own.

She wanted to be with John as he took his role in the future and at his side as his wife. It would be man and machine as equals for the future. It would set an example for everyone that man and machine could exist and thrive side by side. There could be harmony instead of conflict.

Unit Two and Unit Three arrived with her. They stood naked next to her as they waited for her instructions. They both scanned for any threats. They knew it was their duty to protect Cameron at all costs. They'd been instructed to do as little as possible on their own so that they did not affect anything. Cameron wanted to direct and control their actions.

The trio carefully walked into the nearby town under the cover of darkness. They avoided a few late night drivers and remained unseen. They located a 'Goodwill' donation bin and took some clothing out of it. There was plenty for all three of them. They took the bare minimum. They did not want to look too tacky or homeless. They did not need to interact with local law enforcement. Questions could arise that they would not be able to answer. That would end badly for the policeman.

The next step would be to get to one of the other banks that was built with a TDE. Cameron planned their arrival close to one location. So far everything was going as she'd planned. They would be ready in the morning. Cameron wanted to get back to her future before they inadvertently changed anything in the past.

There was a chance the TDE might not function. They would ride on public transportation and not appropriate any vehicles if they needed to go elsewhere. They would not interact with anyone if unnecessary. They would try to stay off everyone's radar. She did not want Cromartie to know she was here.

Cameron and her entourage headed to the bank.

They arrived before it opened. They waited for the manager to arrive. They waited across the street as they watched everything around them. Cameron saw a car pull into the back of the parking lot. A man with a suit headed for the door. Cameron moved up behind him after the alarm was shut off. She put him in a choke hold and choked him out as carefully as possible. She did not want to hurt or damage him in any way. She then disabled the security cameras. She called Unit Two and Unit Three forward.

"We have to move fast before anyone else gets here." Cameron said.

John Henry was able to look up the records as to what the combination was on the vault at that time period. They were within the time lock parameters as planned. Cameron opened the lock and swung the big vault door open and they went in.

Cameron closed the vault door behind them. She'd set it to lock automatically. It should look undisturbed when the bank actually opened.

The TDE was the same type as the one she would use to time jump from 1999 to 2007.

She set the TDE up. She gave them all enough time to make it appear the vault was untouched. Everything would be set back to the way it was when they'd entered. It would also allow the TDE to be used again. There was no plasma rifle being fired at the same time that the energy bubble would form around them. There should be no explosion this time. There should be no indication they were ever there.

She'd checked the local newspapers of the location and date that she planned to leave from in the past. There was no mention of any trouble at any bank. Cameron hoped the banana peel she left by the bank manager's foot would help explain why they 'fell'. At any rate there was no record that anything happened.

Everything was set.

Cameron went over what her goals were and how best to pull them off without changing anything. She did not think she would be able to succeed. It did not matter. She was going to do this no matter what. She hoped all her prepositioned supplies would be where she hid them before she left. If they were not, that would mean her future would be different than it was before she left. It also might mean that she was in the wrong future or that she may have experienced a temporal error. There was a slight glitch impulse that shot through her left hand. She was able to control it. It was time to go.

"Back to the future." Cameron said. "MY Future. Back to my future's past."

The arcing and flashing occurred, the time bubble formed and then they were gone.


Cameron's Future Timeline:


The arcing and flashing started. An energy bubble appeared with three figures in it.

The arching and flashing ended.

Cameron didn't need to wait until darkness to determine the time or date.

She'd planned their arrival during the time when a Skynet transport crashed. She knew the exact time and place. In fact she knew precisely when everything would happen in HER Future down to the micro second, including where it was safe to be or not to be. That all depended on everything being the same and unchanged. She was very aware that Mrs. Weaver could have returned to her future and altered things.

That thought sent another glitch impulse through her left hand. She was able to control it.

The energy bubble appeared in a small gully next to where a Skynet transport crashed. There was a massive explosion thirty seconds after the initial impact. That was the window Cameron aimed for. They arrived right on time. The massive secondary explosion happened as the energy bubble dissipated. This should mask them from any Skynet detection. She'd instructed Unit Two and Unit Three to drop prone as soon as they were able to.

She hoped to avoid detection by Skynet, Grays, The Resistance or Scavengers.

Cameron carefully lifted her head as soon as the debris stopped landing around her. There were destroyed Terminators, dead Grays and dead Resistance fighters all around the area they were in. Clothing was not a problem even if it was torn or with burn marks and drenched with blood. They were able to gather supplies. They obtained food, water and other materials out of the wreckage. There were things she would need for Future Allison if she succeeded. She did not know yet if the items she stockpiled before she left would still be there in their places of concealment. It would aid her greatly if they were still there. She planned to make Future Allison a better person than she was before the 'incident'. She planned to make up for what she'd done.

Cameron needed to set up a secure area where Future Allison would be brought and held until after 'her future self' - Future Cameron was sent into the past. She selected several locations in the past from what she knew from her future and hid some supplies. She would then return Future Allison to Future John and Future Savannah. At that point getting back to her time with John would be a risk and gamble with all the changes they'd made.

She would keep trying no matter what timeline she ended up in to get back to John. She hoped Allison and Vanna would be able to comfort him if she failed to return. John deserved the best and they were the females of his future anyway. There was no need to wait. She hoped Savannah would keep her promise to marry John when she 'grew up' if it took her years to get back or if she was terminated. Cameron reflected on the fact she never may return. It comforted her to know Young Allison would grow to fill any void as well. She'd left specific instructions with Bob, Jim and John Henry as to what the future would be for Savannah and Young Allison. Their destiny was already determined by the future. They were to make sure it happened.

Cameron programmed four of the Terminators she captured to protect both Young Allison and Savannah in the advent of Judgment Day. Two of them would stay with each girl until John 'needed' them. They would not suffer the same fate that Allison and Vanna experienced. They should both be with John by that point in her 'absence'. Bob, John Henry and Jim would look after John and Vanna and Allison if Judgment Day ever came.

She tried to think of everything to protect everyone else. That was everyone but herself. She hoped John would accept Allison and Vanna as her replacements. Cameron made it as clear as possible that is what she wanted. It would mean a lot to her if John would choose them. She wanted it to be them. 'Allison' was in her system. John deserved Allison. It was the 'Natural Order' of time. Every John deserved Allison. Every Allison deserved John. She thought she better stop thinking about that before she ended up crying or worse and experienced a 'melt down'.

Getting on the aircraft carrier would only be a small problem. Being at the right place at the right time is what would be the hard part. It would all come down to split second timing. She hoped to do this without having to destroy any Terminators or kill any Resistance fighters. Until the moment Future John sent her to the past, Cameron did not want to alter anything, except Future Allison's termination. There were things about herself that were erased. She would need to leave them that way.

Cameron and her team donned Skynet clothing from the wreckage of the transport. That is where they were headed. It was deep into Skynet held territory. There were no Resistance patrols in the area they would traverse. If they ran into any Scavengers they would be terminated. That was something she was willing to change. It would help protect females if nothing else.

Future's Past

We can live in the moment
But moments do not last
Or live today for tomorrow
Today quickly becomes the future's past

There are things one can change
But change is often slow
We believe everything we know
Yet do not have much to show

Hearts become battered and bruised
They may often shatter and bleed
Was it only a moment of greed
Or the true love we all need

I can't say there will be a tomorrow
I know there was a yesterday
There needs to be more in play
Than what happens on any given day

We can fight windmills
Ignore the future's forecast
Cling to what once was
And forever live in the future's past


Chapter Text

Chapter 50



Cameron's Future Timeline:


Cameron was back in her future a few days before Future Allison was terminated. She wanted to do some recon of the Resistance base and the Connor compound. She thought about preventing Future Allison's capture in the first place. She resisted the compelling urge to do either of those things. Any interaction with the Resistance could change everything.

She was pleased to see that the items that she stockpiled in the past were still where she'd concealed them. They hadn't been found or suffered from the elements. This would aid her greatly in her dealings with Future Allison until the time she could be returned to Future John.

It was soon the day Future Cameron terminated Future Allison. Cameron's team successfully boarded the aircraft carrier. So far they hadn't altered anything that she was aware of. Cameron knew where her future self - Future Cameron would be and when as well as the other Terminators or prisoners she passed or interacted with on that day. They would attempt to avoid everyone until the moment Unit Two and Unit Three needed to act.

Cameron's plan was to have Unit Two and Unit Three enter each side of the compartment Future Allison was being held in at precise offset moments. This was to hopefully disrupt Future Cameron from killing Future Allison. She hoped that Future Cameron would be aware of what was happening in front and in back of her. If Future Cameron was aware there were other Terminators present she should release Future Allison before her termination. Future Allison should be left in the same condition Jodi was at her parents home. If that attempt failed she would commandeer the Skynet TDE and try again and again.

The last resort was for Cameron to time jump and terminate Future Cameron herself with the help of Unit Two and Unit Three before she killed Future Allison. She would replace herself with - herself and relive her life over again for the past few years. Future Allison was not going to die in that compartment. She would not allow it. If she was terminated herself during this procedure, it was the price she was willing to pay.

If Cameron failed and was terminated, either Unit Two or Unit Three was instructed try to use the TDE and prevent Future Allison from being captured in the first place. At that point, she would never exist. Unit Two and Unit Three questioned this last decision only one time. She told them it was her choice and her wish. The said they would carry out her instructions.

Cameron was concealed within a compartment on the aircraft carrier. She went over the timing again with Unit Two and Unit Three. The timing needed to be precise. There were specific words that Future Allison would say that determined when they would act.

"I understand at the word, 'help'." Unit Two said.

"I understand after the word, 'John'." Unit Three said.

Cameron also gave them the corresponding time stamp to go along with that. There were to be no mix ups. She wanted to do this one time and get Future Allison off the aircraft carrier.

They were in position. From her hiding place, Cameron watched Future Cameron enter the compartment. Future Cameron would stand in the shadows as she talked to Future Allison and then step forward.

It all played through Cameron's mind as it happened, right down to the moment of - truth.

"You lied to me." Future Cameron said.

Future Cameron lifted Future Allison by her neck, choking her.

"I'll never help - "

The door behind Future Cameron opened. She turned her head slightly.

"- you get to John - "

The door behind Future Allison opened. Future Cameron slightly turned her head back.

"- Connor." Future Allison gasped.

Future Cameron dropped Future Allison.

"You already did." Future Cameron said as he snatched the bracelet off Future Allison's unmoving form and walked out the door.

Future Cameron walked past where Cameron was hiding.

Cameron entered the room. She rushed to Future Allison. Future Allison was still alive but unconscious. Future Allison stopped breathing. Cameron administered chest compressions. Future Allison started to breathe again.

Cameron briefed Unit Two and Unit Three what to do and where to go. Cameron picked up Future Allison in her arms.

Future Allison started to come around. Her eyes opened and widened as she realized she was being carried by Cameron.

Cameron looked directly in Future Allison's face.

"If you want to live, come with me." Cameron said.

Future Allison wondered what was about to happen now. This must be some new tactic to further break her. Maybe she was being taken to provide sexual comfort for the Grays. She'd heard the stories from others. She would be tied to a bed and abused repeatedly. If she survived that she would be sent to a work camp. There it got really rough. If it was a camp with a high concentration of captured Scavengers she would be abuse until she died or was able to take her own life. If it was mostly made up of captured Resistance members, she would be worked to death. She would also be abused there but not as often. Death was the only escape.

"You just tried to kill me." Future Allison gasped.

She was barely able to speak.

Cameron tried to tell her the truth.

"That was not ME. I have been sent to rescue you." Cameron said.

Future Allison looked around to see if she could flee. If she saw she was being taken to the Gray's living quarters she would attempt to attack and provoke Cameron into killing her.

"This is a trick." Future Allison said.

Cameron wanted to get Future Allison away from where they were. She gave her some information that Future Allison hadn't divulged to Future Cameron.

"This is no deception. I am here to reunite you with Savannah and John." Cameron said.

Future Allison's eyes widened again at the mention of her beloved.

"How do you know about Savan….'' Future Allison started to say and then quickly stopped.

Cameron thought she could release some personal details as to what she knew from her time with Future John and the Resistance.

"I am here for John. I can tell you every scar or mark on his body. The Terminator that just questioned you can not know that, only you can or someone who has seen him unclothed. I can tell you everything in his room. I can tell you what and where his possessions are. I can tell you where your possessions are and what they are." Cameron said.

Future Allison began to wonder about this. Things that Cameron told her were correct to the smallest detail. She asked Cameron a few things only she knew about items in the room and scars on Future John. They were scars only one who'd seen him naked would know. They were scars that only someone who'd made love to him would be close enough to see.

This was all too real for Future Allison. Maybe Cameron was telling her the truth. If she was, there is one thing she needed to know.

"Have you had sex with him?" Future Allison asked.

Cameron spoke what she knew as the truth. There were many files deleted.

"No. I have never had sex with Your John. I have tended his wounds, helped him and saved him." Cameron said.

Future Allison was confused. She wondered how this was possible. She didn't think she been a prisoner that long. Something was off here. It did not add up even if it was one hundred percent factual. There was some factor she did not understand that was missing. She even looked at the cuts and scraps she received during her capture. They were not that old.

"Allison, once we are off this ship you will be safe." Cameron reassured her. "It will at least be safer. No one is ever safe."

They avoided other Terminators and prisoners as they made their way off the ship. Allison walked behind Cameron with Unit Two and Unit Three behind her on both sides.

"Allison, I am here to help you. I need you to trust me and believe me. I know you still think this is some form of elaborate deception. It is not. We are going to have to stay at several secure locations for months."

Alarm bells started to go off in Future Allison's head. Why did there need to be a delay? This must be the prelude to something sinister.

"Why can't I go back to John now?" Future Allison asked.

Cameron looked Future Allison in her eyes. She was sure the answer would not go over well.

"John has not sent me into the past yet." Cameron said. "Once he does that, I will return you to him."

That answer was too much for Future Allison.

"Are you saying you're from the - Past?" Future Allison asked.

Cameron looked directly into her eyes as she spoke the truth.

"Yes." Cameron said.

Future Allison thought this cyborg was insane if that was possible for a machine.

She tried to bolt. She knew she needed to get away from them somehow.

Cameron stopped her and held her in her arms until she calmed down.

Future Allison faced Cameron.

"What is really going too happen to me?" Future Allison asked.

Cameron tried to look passive.

"These two units, Unit Two and Unit Three, will remain with you at all times. They will protect you and provide for you. They will never abandon you or leave you until I can return you to John." Cameron said.

Future Allison looked at the two expressionless Terminators. She knew either of them could kill her in a second.

"Do they have names?" Future Allison asked.

Cameron wondered why Future Allison was confused. She'd already told her.

"They are known as Unit Two and Unit Three." Cameron responded.

Future Allison rolled her eyes some.

"I'm glad I asked." Future Allison said.

Cameron took Future Allison into the foothills. There were a series of abandoned bunkers and collapsed buildings with fallout shelters they could occupy. There were also some current bunkers that she knew were not in use. The Resistance pulled out of them after Future Allison's capture.

She would go out and get food and supplies for Future Allison as needed. All of her stockpiles of materials and items were where she'd hidden them in the past. She would only take a little at a time in case they were detected and needed to move.

Cameron stocked several locations with things she would need to 'remake' Future Allison. There were several other abandon bunkers and fallout shelters they would need to move to at specific times. She knew all the events that occurred and when. She could stay ahead of Skynet and The Resistance. She did not want to interact with Future Cameron in any way or with Future John. If she did it would change her past. She wanted to return to John and resume her life with him if at all possible. She really did not know if that would ever happen.

Cameron spent all of time that Future Allison was awake with her. They were always together. If nothing else Future Allison soon developed 'Stockholm Syndrome'. She no longer tried to escape. In fact it was over three months since her last attempt. She monitored Future Allison every day to make sure her health was as good as it could be. She also noted Future Allison was not yet pregnant. Cameron worked everyday with Future Allison to teach her, educate her, exercise her, groom her, and remaking Future Allison in HER image…. It was the same thing she planned to do with Savannah and Young Allison in the past with John when she returned. The difference there was that she should have years to work with Savannah and Young Allison instead on only months like she would with Future Allison. That was if she was able to return.

Cameron was very proud of her work with Future Allison. Now it was time for everything to change.

"I will be sent back into the past, tomorrow." Cameron told Future Allison. "I will make sure everything has gone as it did and then I will return you to John."

Future Allison looked a little apprehensive. Some of the old fears began to creep back in.

"It would be best if you told anyone who asks that you escaped from a work camp. It would be better if no one knew I returned from the past to free you or I was ever here. I understand you will tell John and Savannah the truth. Tell no one else." Cameron said.

Future Allison felt very uneasy. She'd grown accustomed to Cameron. She'd grown more than fond of her.

"I don't know if they would believe me." Future Allison said.

Cameron tried to be honest with Future Allison.

"Allison, I have sacrificed my future for you. This was a crime I could no longer exist with." Cameron said.

Future Allison did not understand why Cameron would do this for her.

"Why?" Future Allison asked.

Cameron felt great shame as she spoke.

"I killed you before in that compartment. I have come back and traded my future for you to have a future with John." Cameron said.

"Can't you get back to where you were sent 'to' and then 'from' again?" Future Allison asked.

Cameron felt sadness flood her.

"It is doubtful." Cameron said.

Future Allison did not understand why Cameron would do all this.

"Why did you give up everything?" Future Allison asked.

Cameron started to cry.

"Everyone sacrifices for John Connor." Cameron whimpered.


Everything in life is fluid
Events are often determined by timing
When we try to figure it out
The words can come out rhyming

More often than not
Being in the right place
At the right time
Can determine who we embrace

What is hoped for or planned
Often falls apart or goes awry
It can happen in the blink of an eye
Leaving us befuddled and asking why

Someone who was just there
Can become someone for who we care
We may accept it and dare to share
Maybe even soon become a pair

A future can develop
It may even become binding
However it plays out
It all falls back on the timing


Chapter Text

Chapter 51

Future's Gift


Cameron's Future Timeline:


Cameron started to cry.

It surprised and saddened Future Allison to see the pain Cameron was in. She'd been so strong for her and both of them these last few months.

Future Allison tried to comfort Cameron. She'd slowly become very dependent on Cameron. It was evident that both of them were very attached to each other. In fact both of them slowly fell in love with each other. Being so close for so long to someone, it was bound to happen. Their attachment was now to each other.

Cameron 'felt' everything that Future Allison did. She needed to often remind herself of her mission. It worked most of the time. She knew Future Allison wanted more than she could give, at least at this time. It was a physical experience that she'd wanted to share with Vanna and later Allison. Now it was with Future Allison as well. They were very attached to each other now. She did not want to 'return' Future Allison back to Future John. She wanted to bring Future Allison back with her for John and her. Staying focused on her mission was very difficult.

Future Allison wanted to express her thanks and gratitude to Cameron for all that she'd done for her. The bond she felt with Cameron was like no other. She needed to say it to Cameron.

"Cameron, You have been a mentor and teacher to me. You have taught me history, science, math, English and survival skills. You have allowed me and helped me to draw and create. I like to draw. You've made me a better person than I was. You showed me how to express myself through poems and writing. You've allowed me to have dignity during this 'process'. I believe you, Cameron, about everything. I have come to respect you like no other." Future Allison said. "Cameron, I love you."

Cameron stopped crying.

Future Allison wiped away her tears. It was a loving gesture.

"Thank you, Allison." Cameron said. "I think I needed to hear that."

Cameron wanted to hear those words. It was what she felt too.

Future Allison knew Cameron was deeply conflicted about what to do. She knew Cameron needed to complete what she saw as her function or mission.

"You love him too don't you, both of them, both Johns?" Future Allison asked.

Cameron hadn't told Future Allison everything. There were many things she did not know. This seemed like the time to tell the story since they would part soon. That separation would most likely be forever.

"Yes. Past John is my husband." Cameron said and explained the story.

Future Allison was awed by the story. It was a love story in reality.

"Is that why you did all this?" Future Allison asked. "You sacrificed yourself for love?"

Cameron was aware her presence disrupted everything for John, both of them.

"Allison, you and Savannah belong to John, not me. I am an interloper, a machine. I am nothing. I am NOBODY." Cameron said.

Future Allison saw something different.

"I don't know what to say but you are not 'Nobody'. You are the most caring, unselfish person I have ever known." Future Allison said.

Cameron appreciated everything that Future Allison said. It did not change her perception of herself or her actions, both past and present. This was about Future Allison now and her homecoming. This was about redemption and salvation. This was about starting over.

"Get some sleep." Cameron said.

Cameron touched Future Allison's cheek. Their faces lingered inches from each other. Both of them wanted to kiss the other one. They were both aware that if that happened. All bets were off. Their faces moved ever closer.

Future Allison was a little surprised at the kiss she ended up with. It was only on her cheek. There would not be a 'new future' for them, at least not at this time.

"I will take you home tomorrow." Cameron said as she gave her a peck on the cheek.

None of this seemed good enough at this point to Future Allison. There was a brighter future for both of them. Instead they were both going back to what once was. They were going back to 'yesterday's news'. Life was supposed to move forward not backwards.

"And you?" Future Allison asked. "What about you?"

"I don't sleep." Cameron said.

Cameron knew what Future Allison meant about her being able to get back home. She knew she was probably never going to get back home. What mattered now was to have Future Allison and Future John reunited. That was the purpose of this whole endeavor. She was about to fix her wrong doing. She was about to change the future.

Future Allison, Cameron, Unit Two and Unit Three moved out. They'd eradicated all traces of their camp wherever they'd been as they did now at the bunker they were about to leave. It was if they'd never been there. Unit Two and Unit Three took turns carrying Future Allison over the rough terrain to speed their progress. They also brought along all the things Future Allison made and the things Cameron made for her.

Future Allison thought it was fun to be carried a few times. That was the first thing she remembered about Cameron was regaining consciousness in her arms as she carried her. She hoped Cameron would have carried her instead of the two Terminators. They'd always been kind to her and looked after her. They'd never been forceful when they brought her back the times that she tried to run away in the beginning. They seldom spoke.

"These guys never say much." Future Allison said.

Cameron was very pleased with the performance and loyalty of Unit Two and Unit Three. Maybe she still did not fully trust them but she did respect them.

"It is not their function. Their function is your survival. They will perform that task until they are terminated as will I." Cameron replied. "Your survival, Allison, is all that matters."

Future Allison knew how much she meant to Cameron and what Cameron wanted for her and Future John and Future Savannah. Future Allison wished she could share it all with Cameron too. It could be the four of them.

Cameron watched Future John and Future Cameron leave the Resistance base. There was a glitch impulse that shot through her left hand.

It stabbed her heart to know Future John was about to send her away. It hurt just as much to relive it again. How could he do that to her? They loved each other. Now, he has no one. He pushed Future Savannah away. He pushed everyone away. That was all because she'd killed Future Allison. It was all her fault. It had bothered her for years. Now she was going to fix it. She headed for his bunker to wait. She thought she knew what would happen next. If anyone spotted her they would think she was 'Future Cameron' and hadn't left.

Even seeing her naked seemed to make it worse to send her away for Future John. Cameron remembered Future John's tear filled eyes as the time bubble formed and his last words as she departed.

"Everyone sacrifices for John Connor, even John Connor." Future John said.

"I love you, John, and you love me." Cameron replied. "I'll be back."

Then she was gone.

She never dreamed then how much more she could be 'hurt' as her 'feelings and emotions' evolved. Life was much simpler for her back then. There was no way for her to know that at that time.

Future John stared at the empty pad in the TDE room. He questioned is decision. He started to walk away from the empty pad. He paused and turned.

"I love you, Cameron, and you love me." Future John said softly.

He returned to his bunker. He sat in his room alone. Always alone, now forever alone he thought. The women he loved were all gone or driven away to protect them. That would leave him with a lifetime of emptiness. It would be a future of more emptiness and loneliness. This is living?

Future John looked around the empty room and at the belongings of the women he loved. It was all that remained, that and memories. They were all gone.

Future John pulled his Government Model 1911-A1 from his holster. In one quick motion he racked the slide and chambered a round. He raised the weapon to the side of his head and pulled the trigger.

The pistol was yanked from his hand before it fired. The web of Cameron's hand between her thumb and index finger blocked the drop of the hammer.

"I love you, John, and you love me." Cameron said.

Future John spun around.

Cameron stood before him.

This made no sense.

"What? How?" Future John asked. "I just sent you away."

Cameron reminded him of her last words to him.

"I'm back." Cameron said. "I told you I would be back."

Future John wondered how the TDE malfunctioned.

"You just left a short time ago." Future John said. "What went wrong?"

Cameron looked into his eyes.

"You sent me away." Cameron said. "That is what went wrong."

This still made no sense to him.

"How are you here?" Future John asked.

"This is where I live. Don't you remember?" Cameron asked.

Cameron pointed to some items.

"LOOK, those are my things next to Allison's things and Savannah's things." Cameron said.

Future John looked around.

Cameron felt a million emotions inside of her. Something bothered her greatly.

"How could you send me away if you loved me?" Cameron asked. "How could you do that to me and make me suffer for years?"

Future John realized that this really was Cameron who'd returned from the past.

"It is because I loved you that I sent you away." Future John said. "They were going to kill you. They were going to terminate you and then assassinate me."

Cameron was aware that sacrifice was the true test of love.

They embraced.

Future John moved to kiss her. Cameron dodged the kiss.

That confused Future John.

"John, STOP. Listen." Cameron said. "I need you to listen to me first."

Cameron stood directly in front of him and faced him.

"I've brought you something that I took from you, John." Cameron said. "Something you tried to replace with - me."

This was a 'different' cyborg than the one he'd just sent away. She had clearly evolved. Now he began to regret erasing some of her files.

"What? I don't know what you mean." Future John said. "You're different now."

There was a 'sad' look to Cameron's face as she spoke.

"I've grown these last few years." Cameron said. "I am more than I was but not yet all I will be."

He still could not get over the fact it was only a short time ago that he'd sent her away.

"Years? You have been gone less than a few hours." Future John said.

The sad look on Cameron's face seemed to deepen.

"It has been years for me." Cameron said. "YEARS, John, it has been years without you."

Guilt and remorse flooded Future John. What had he done? She was right. What was he thinking? They should have fought their enemies, not run from them.

"I'm sorry." Future John said.

The look of sadness turned to a look of anger.

"Isn't everyone?" Cameron asked. "I need you to follow me."

Future John followed her to the abandoned bunker where Cameron had moved Future Allison to.

They passed some guards on the way. No one raise an eyebrow. She recognized an old man. He was one of the few old timers to survive. She saw the old battered Model 1928 Thompson with the horizontal foregrip that he always carried. Some things never change she thought.

"John, I want you to restart your life. I want you to bring Savannah back. I want you to keep the women safe." Cameron said. "No more patrols for either of them, EVER."

He wondered about the plural form of her words. Maybe she was here to stay.

"What women?" Future John asked.

Cameron did not want questions. She wanted promises.

"Promise me." Cameron said sternly.

He wanted to see what she meant exactly. The wording was confusing.

"I promise, Cameron. Savannah and who else are you talking about?" Future John asked.

Cameron rounded the corner. Future John saw the two Terminators and started to stop.

"They're with me." Cameron said.

Future John relaxed a little. He was still a little wary. Unit Two and Unit Three looked very intimidating to him.

"I am talking about the one woman you truly love, the mother of YOUR future children." Cameron said.

This made no sense to him. Maybe Cameron was about to malfunction.

"What are talking ab…?" Future John started to ask.

Cameron cut him off.

"John, I give you back your future. I give you back your life. I give you purpose and a reason to live. I give you the one you want the most." Cameron said.

Future John felt very confused and uneasy. He looked at the two big Terminators again and then at Cameron.

"I don't under…?" Future John started to ask.

"Hello, John." Future Allison said.

Future Allison stepped out of the shadows.

Future John just stood there. His mouth dropped open. Future Allison looked perfect. He had never seen anyone look that good since before Judgment Day.

"Do you like me to look - Tight?" Future Allison asked.

Future Allison ran into his arms.

Future John turned around to say his thanks to Cameron, there was - Nobody.

Future's Gift

We have what we have
It is ever enough
The smoother it goes
The more it becomes rough

Without a crystal ball
We can't see through life's wall
Even when we give our all
We are left feeling very small

How do we know anything
When nothing seems real
Constant pain in a heart
Will slowly make it anneal

There is no freedom
There is no escape
We get mired in the past
As if bound with tape

Lost love in the past
Creates quite a rift
To find that love again
May be the future's gift


Chapter Text

Chapter 52

Let Her Go


Cameron's Future Timeline:


Future John still tried to process all that happened in the last few minutes. He'd gone all the way from 'losing' Cameron forever to almost ending his life. Now look where he was. Cameron gave him back his life and she gave him back Allison. He turned to go after Cameron. He wanted to know how all this was possible and what happened to her after she left. He wanted to know how things turned out in the past.

Future John pulled away from Future Allison to try to stop Cameron. He needed to get her back.

Future Allison grabbed Future John's arm when she saw he was going to go after Cameron. Cameron told her this would happen and she was ready to stop him. It was the only thing Cameron ever asked of her.

Future John tried to pull away. He was almost frantic. His love for Cameron drew him away. Future John wanted Cameron. Future John needed Cameron. He struggled to break free of Future Allison.

"STOP!" Future Allison said sternly.

Future John still struggled some.

"I have to go after her." Future John said.

Future Allison knew Cameron needed to leave on her terms.

"Let her go!" Future Allison pleaded. "Cameron needs to have free choice in this matter."

Future John looked in the direction where Cameron left.

"I need to get her, Allison." Future John said. "I need to."

Future Allison held Future John tightly. The struggle slowed.

"Give her the dignity to leave on her own accord by her own choice." Future Allison said. "This is her choice. Please STOP. She did this for YOU. John she did this for US."

Future Allison held him firmly. She was not going to let go. The struggle stopped.

"You don't need her, that's what I am for." Future Allison said.

Future John relaxed. His body seemed to slump in defeat. Allison was back and he needed to appreciate what Cameron somehow did for him. Instead of focusing on what was gone he needed to focus on what was here. That was a miracle in itself. He thought she was dead. She was clearly alive and here.

"Allison, I am so happy you are back." Future John said.

Future Allison could see how torn Future John was. She already knew the answer before she asked the question. Maybe she just needed to hear it.

"Do you love her?" Future Allison asked.

Future John did not even need to think about it.

"Yes!" Future John said.

Future Allison wondered where that left her.

"Do you love her more than me?" Future Allison asked.

Future John paused as he hung his head slightly. He did not answer.

Future Allison was aware some of Cameron's files were deleted.

"Did you make love to her?" Future Allison asked.

Future John looked nervous.

"No." Future John said too quickly.

"Did you have sex with her?" Future Allison asked.

Now Future John looked guilty.

"No." Future John said even quicker.

Future Allison was not sure if she believed him. It did not look like he was going to 'come clean'. Cameron told her that he could have erased those files before he sent her away so she did not know for sure.

Future Allison almost asked Future John if he wanted to be with Cameron but she already knew the answer to that one. She wanted the same thing herself. It be around Cameron all the time made one love her and want to share with her. She was simply like no other.

"She is a remarkable individual, John. I have never met another like her, either human or Metal." Future Allison said. "I can honestly say that."

Future John still looked guilty.

Future Allison smiled at Future John. She did not want him on the defensive. Not right now anyway.

"I love her too, John." Future Allison said. "I am not ashamed of that. I love her the same as I love you and Savannah. She has returned me to you and Savannah. I would go with her if she would take me in an instant. I would not think twice or ever look back. I love Cameron."

Future John looked into Future Allison's eyes. He did not want to lose her again.

"Please stay." Future John said. "I'm still trying to process all of this."

Future Allison could understand that. She felt she was too and she been with Cameron for months.

"She gave up her life and her future to come back and save me, John." Future Allison said. "She gave up everything for you and for me. She gave it all up for US."

Future John was at a loss to understand all this.

"Why?" Future John asked.

Future Allison smiled faintly.

"She did it because she loves you." Future Allison said.

Future Allison became emotional as she tried to explain.

"She gave up everything to allow me to live. She wanted you to have a future. She said without her in your life that you would kill yourself." Future Allison said. "I think she was right."

It was clear to Future John that Cameron knew. She KNEW. How could she KNOW? She must have truly loved me, Future John thought. He was even sorrier now that he'd sent her away.

"She wants us to have a future together, John, you and Savannah and me. That is if you will allow Savannah back into our lives." Future Allison said. "Cameron wants Savannah back with me. She wants her back with us. I want Savannah back."

Future John figured he better get that in motion right away. He was very aware that Future Savannah and Future Allison loved each other more than either one of them loved him. They would be happy to be a pair again without him. He needed to change some to keep them. Cameron opened that door for him. It was right in front of him.

Future Allison looked into Future John's eyes.

"She told me she could no longer exist knowing that she'd terminated your children before they could be born." Future Allison said. "Can't you see how she must have 'hurt' herself to do all this for us? It hurts me deeply just to think about it and I am the one who benefits the most from all this. I get to live. I get my life back. We all get each other again. Cameron told me right before she left to bring you back that: 'All is, as it was'."

Future John held Future Allison tighter.

He was really at a loss for words with all of this. It all seemed like it was his fault somehow.

"We can go on, John. We have a future. We can have a family and children of our own along with Savannah. All three of us can be together again John and all our children." Future Allison said.

Future John wanted a family sometimes. He could see it was a real possibility now.

"I want that, Allison." Future John said.

"So do I, John." Future Allison said.

Future John thought for a few moments. Future Allison just laid out a bunch of information for him. They started to sink into his mind.

"What do you mean she gave up her future?" Future John asked.

Cameron told her of all the changes the Resistance made in the past and that Skynet made changes too.

"She can not get back to her timeline." Future Allison said. "She can not get back to the past, to her past, to her life."

That did not make sense to Future John. It seemed pretty straight forward. He'd just sent Cameron into the past a little over an hour ago.

"Why not?" Future John asked.

Future Allison did not know tech stuff very well. Cameron did lay it out for her.

"There is more than one timeline. There are different futures and pasts now. Everything we do or they do in the past changes things." Future Allison said.

Future John could see the underlying issue.

"She sacrificed everything for me, Allison?" Future John asked.

They both knew that sacrifice was the true test of love.

"Everyone sacrifices for John Connor." Future Allison said.

Future Allison looked at Future John. She wanted to make this as clear as possible.

"We have been together for months. I am in the best health I have been in for years. She took care of me like a mother. She taught me so many things. She made these clothes for me by hand. She made me look this pretty, just for you. She did everything for you, John. She did it for you and for me, for US." Future Allison said. "LOOK at what she has done. THAT is love."

Future John and Future Allison sobbed in each others arms.

He felt the need to try and do more for Cameron. He at least needed to do something to help her. There had to be something they could do.

"Is there any way we can help her?" Future John asked. "I need to try to help her. We need to help her."

Future Allison was aware of Cameron's plan and how it would play out.

"No. She said she will search throughout time to get back to where she now belongs until her power cell runs out or she is terminated." Future Allison said.

"That almost sounds romantic, even if it's in a strange way." Future John said.

Future Allison wanted to show Future John everything. She also wanted to keep him where he was to buy time for Cameron to 'escape'. Future John could disrupt her plans if he tried.

"Look at all the things she made for me. She would go out when I was asleep and get food, provisions and materials. She stockpiled things in the past to have available for me." Future Allison said. "She always found clean water for me to drink and clean myself with. Sometimes we would help each other wash. She said, 'Sometimes it's nice to have help'."

Future John was saddened by everything he heard and had done.

"Can we go back to our bunker now?" Future John asked. "I want to go 'home'."

Future Allison felt she'd given Cameron the time she asked for to 'escape'.

"She only wanted time to leave in peace with dignity." Future Allison said. "I ask that you honor that. I never ask for much. I do ask for that."

Future John looked at the door again and nodded.

"OK." Future John said.

There were so many feelings that Future Allison felt.

"John, she taught me about so many things. She taught so much. She gave me back the feeling of honor and self worth I'd lost. She showed me how to make my drawings better and paint. She showed me how to express myself through poems. Here look, she recreated her poem book for me." Future Allison said. "It is her thoughts and feelings, John. It is a look into her very mind."

Future Allison took the book out.


(Art Of The Mind)



Future John took the book and held it. He gently touched it as if were Cameron herself. Maybe this was all that was left of her now.

"Why does it say, 'By Nobody'?" Future John asked.

That was the very question she'd asked Cameron.

"She said it was because of the way everyone MADE her feel and the way she was treated." Future Allison said.

Future John read a few of Cameron's poems. Pain stabbed his heart. He felt guilty.

"Was she referring to me?" Future John asked very worried.

She knew the answer to that question somewhat.

"Yes and no." Future Allison said.

Future John read some more. It was amazing how much Cameron had evolved. He really worried about how much Cameron remembered about her 'past' with him and what they'd experienced together. If he was not responsible for all this anguish and pain who was? Maybe there was something he could do about that. Nobody deserved to feel this way.

"Who did this to her?" Future John asked. "I can see and understand what you meant that his is a record of her mind, her feelings and emotions, her deepest sadness and sorrow."

"John, she gave up her life and her husband for us." Future Allison said. "She gave up EVERYTHING."

Future John tried to process those last few words. It was about the last thing he'd ever expected to hear regarding Cameron. He needed to clarify this and make sure he'd heard her correctly.

"Her husband?" Future John asked in shock. "Cameron is - married?"

"Yes." Future Allison said.

A strong sense of anger and jealousy flooded Future John.

"Is he the bastard that made her feel like this?" Future John asked.

"Yes." Future Allison said.

Future John would like to beat some sense into him before he killed him.

"Who is the bastard?" Future John asked.

Future Allison was not sure how this was going to go over based on his reactions so far.

"YOU are. Cameron is married to you, John." Future Allison said. "In the past you are her husband."

Let Them Go

When do you hang on
When do you let go
How it will all end
There is no way to know

Is what you think you have
Really what is there
Or is the only hold on them
Something one need beware

You can reach out and grab
But what is it you actually grasp
To hold too tight is to smother
If the other can only gasp

Two will not always be one
Some things are not meant to be
You already know the ending
Yet refuse to understand or see

Sacrifice is the true test of love
Honor and dignity you can bestow
Sometimes when you love someone
You need to let them go


Chapter Text

Chapter 53

Tell Me More


Cameron's Future Timeline:


Future John accepted the advice and wishes of Future Allison regarding Cameron. He did not pursue Cameron or do anything to hinder or help her. He did nothing as requested. If that was what Cameron asked for and wanted, he needed to respect her wishes. He'd been reminded that sometimes when you love someone you need to let them go. That showed understanding and sacrifice. Sacrifice was the true test of love. He felt he'd actually done that when he sent Cameron and Future Savannah away to 'protect' them. He believed he was targeted for assassination by the anti-Metal faction for being a 'Metal lover'.

The anti-Metal faction's hate blinded them to how Metal assisting them could help the Resistance and help with rebuilding society with Skynet's defeat. They hated all things Metal and anyone who did not agree with them was 'fair game'.

Once they were back in the Connor compound things settled in a little.

Future John sent word to have Future Savannah return. He told her the biggest surprise of her life was waiting for her. He told her to bring her things back. He promised that he would never send her away again.

That was something that Future Savannah wanted to hear. After she'd lost her beloved to Skynet, all that was left was Future John. She'd heard about the cyborg's capture that looked like her beloved. She was sent her away not long after meeting 'Cameron'. She remembered her dealings with her. It was very strange. She'd heard rumors of what was done with her after her capture. Others said she was only deactivated and her chip removed.

Future Savannah made her way into the bunker that was once her home. She'd left most of her meager possession there in the hope it would remind Future John of her and not the 'mechanical love doll' he replaced both Future Allison and her with. That was only rumor too. She never saw that first hand.

Future Savannah was surprised to see Future Allison when she entered the bunker. She thought Future Allison was dead.

"Allison, I am so glad you are back." Future Savannah said. "Is it really you this time?"

"It's really me." Future Allison said. "I'm glad to be back too."

They immediately ran to each other. Neither girl thought they would ever hold the other in their arms again. Now here they were and they did hold each other. Future Allison and Future Savannah shared a long embrace and then they kissed. The kiss grew longer and more passionate. They hungered for each other. They were each other's true love. It was a love that was pure and it was eternal love.

The girls caught up some before Future Allison laid it all out. It was quite the adventure.

Future Allison proceeded to tell 'her story' to Future Savannah. It started from the day she was captured to the day Cameron delivered her 'home' to Future John. Cameron gave her back her life. In fact Cameron gave them all back their lives, some literally.

Future Savannah thought it seemed it was more of an adventure and learning experience for Future Allison. That was except for the 'dying' or 'almost dying ' part. That was something she would pass on. The rest of it sounded like an intense learning process.

Future Savannah saw a very different Cameron than Future Allison described.

"That is an incredible story. Cameron was nothing like how you described her when I first knew her, Allison. That was before John pushed me away. That was before he sent me away." Future Savannah said. "I thought she was the one behind it so she could have John to herself."

That action caused Future Savannah to dislike and resent Cameron deeply. The way she saw it, Cameron took the two people she loved the most away from her.

Future John began to fear for his life as a disgruntled faction grew within the Resistance. He feared for Future Savannah and Cameron's lives as well. He wanted to protect them from harm. That was why he sent both of them away. The only safe place for Cameron was in the past.

"Allison, John was in such pain when he realized you were 'gone'. He shut everyone out, even Derek. No one knows what happened to Kyle, still." Future Savannah said.

Future Allison shot Future Savannah a quick glance. Cameron only said Kyle went on a top secret mission and asked to leave it at that.

Future Allison showed Future Savannah all the things Cameron made for her and helped her with to make. There were many things they worked together on. The more they worked together, the closer they'd become.

Future Savannah was impressed at the things she looked it. It was hard for her to believe where they originated from.

"I can't believe Metal is capable of any of this." Future Savannah said. "That was not what I saw before I was sent away."

Future Allison was not done revealing her new accomplishments.

"Savannah, Cameron taught me how to dance." Future Allison said.

Future Savannah was not clear she heard what was said correctly. She wanted to make sure.

"She taught you how to dance?" Future Savannah asked.

Future Allison was even more specific.

"Yes, she taught me how to ballet dance." Future Allison said.

That was not what Future Savannah pictured. Ballet was very technical.

"Metal taught you ballet dancing?" Future Savannah asked.

"Yes, she was beautiful to watch, Savannah." Future Allison said. "She taught me other dance styles as well. It has helped increase my stamina and agility."

A twinge of jealousy flooded Future Savannah. At this point she could see it written all over Future Allison's face. It was the look of love.

"It sounds like you are in 'love' with - her – YOURSELF." Future Savannah said.

Future Allison was not ashamed of her feelings and everything Cameron and her shared.

"I AM in love with her. Savannah. If you knew her and spent time with her you would love her too. I do love her." Future Allison said. "I love her as much as I love YOU and John. I would have gone with her if she would have taken me. I am not ashamed of that. I wanted her to take me with her. She said my place was here with John and you. I hope that is still what we all want."

It was clear to Future Savannah that Future Allison was more than in love.

"I'm sorry, Allison." Future Savannah said. "It is what I want as well. That is why I came back."

Future Savannah felt bad that she'd upset Future Allison.

Future Savannah wondered if Future Allison and Cameron may have 'been together'. She did not think now was the time to ask. There was some confusion as to exactly where Cameron left and went to.

"Where did you say she went to?'' Future Savannah asked.

Future Allison was not sure of the specifics.

"She thinks she will be lost in time trying to get back home." Future Allison said. "The past is her home now."

"Why couldn't she stay here?" Future Savannah asked.

Future Allison was not sure where the next statement would lead.

"She wanted to go back home to be with her husband." Future Allison said.

Future Savannah didn't say anything for a few seconds.

"That thing is married?" Future Savannah asked.

Future Allison did not like the 'thing' reference.

"Yes." Future Allison said. "She is in love and married."

The implications appalled Future Savannah. Maybe those stories she'd heard before when Cameron was captured were true.

"You mean someone is fu… - screwing that thing?" Future Savannah asked.

Future Allison started to get upset at Future Savannah.

"Yes. He is her husband. They love each other." Future Allison said. "She is not a 'thing'. Please don't call her that again. You don't know her like I do."

Future Savannah felt otherwise.

"Everyone thought she was John's 'Metal Whore' once you were gone. John wouldn't touch me anymore. He only would associate with – HER." Future Savannah said. "I thought that too."

Future Savannah felt the repressed anger in her rise.

"Please, don't call her Metal or a 'thing'. She is not a Whore." Future Allison said. "I love her."

Future Savannah saw what happened. She was part of it until she was sent away.

"John only listened to HER and took advice from HER. She was his world…." Future Savannah said.

Future Allison felt like Future Savannah was not listening to her.

"They loved each other, Savannah." Future Allison said.

Future Savannah wanted to know how far the interaction progressed and if that was why she was sent away. She could never compete against a 'mechanical love doll' who looked like Future Allison. She wanted the real story.

"Was John fu… - screwing it - her?" Future Savannah asked. "I need to know the truth."

Future Allison knew of Cameron's fears. There were no files to confirm them.

"No, Cameron was 'untouched' until her wedding night." Future Allison said. "She did not possess any files of relations with any males or females."

It made Future Savannah wonder even more about what she'd heard. She decided not to bring it up or point it out. Future Allison seemed agitated enough. She did not want to spoil their alone time. She tried to make light of it instead.

"To have been 'untouched' until a wedding night would have been impossible around here." Future Savannah said.

Both girls looked at each other and giggled. They giggled at the promiscuity of the future. They also knew of the dark side where every female was assaulted at some point. It happened to most of them when they were younger. There was a lot of death and few saw a future. They took what they wanted from life before it ended.

"Allison, I want to be with you." Future Savannah said.

"I have waited so long, Savannah." Future Allison said.

They kissed and embraced….

Things soon picked up to where they'd left off before Future Allison's wild adventure.

Future Savannah and Future Allison rested after making passionate love with each other for several hours.

"Allison, tell me more about her." Future Savannah said.

Future Allison leaned over the side of the bed and reached for Cameron's Poem Book. The sheet slipped from her naked form. Future Savannah never saw anyone with that healthy looking skin since before Judgment Day. That was anyone except Metal.

"Savannah, I want you to read some of this before you say anything else about Cameron. I want you to feel what she felt." Future Allison said.

Future Savannah wondered how that was going to be possible. She was about to read what a machine wrote that her beloved was infatuated with.

Future Allison took the Poem Book out.


(Art Of The Mind)



Future Savannah sat up in the bed. Her nakedness was beautiful.

"Why does it say 'By Nobody'?" Future Savannah asked.

Future Allison thought the poems would speak for themselves.

"After you read a dozen poems you will know why." Future Allison said.

Future Savannah read for awhile. Tears soon formed in her eyes. This is how she felt at times. It was clear that Cameron could 'feel' the same things that she could.

"Who did this to her?" Future Savannah asked.

Future Allison wondered who hadn't.

"Everyone did. It was John, Past John, his mother and family, another girl that Past John chose over her." Future Allison said.

Guilt flooded Future Savannah. Cameron was clearly much more advanced than she thought possible.

"Allison, I am sorry I spoke ill of Cameron. I did not know. I did not know 'she' could feel this way. I can feel the pain and the love. It is tragic." Future Savannah said. "These are the same feeling we have."

"Cameron is the most special person I have ever met." Future Allison said.

Tears formed in Future Allison's eyes.

"She was like a mother, sister, daughter, teacher, mentor and friend to me." Allison continued.

There was one thing Future Savannah needed to know. She could actually understand it at this point if it happened.

"Was she a lover too?" Future Savannah asked. "Were you two lovers?"

There was a small frown of disappointment on Future Allison's face.

"No. She told me she did love a woman too. It was her first true friend, no sex was involved. She even asked her to bear a child for her - for her husband." Future Allison said.

Future Savannah thought that was a good person to treat Cameron fairly like that and to love her too.

"That must be some friend. She was a true friend." Future Savannah said.

Future Allison looked directly into Future Savannah's eyes.

"Savannah, it is YOU in her timeline. You are her best friend. You were brought back from a different timeline as was I." Future Allison said. "There are other 'versions' of us. We are all very similar as individuals. Mainly it is just differences in our futures."

Future Savannah felt ashamed for her earlier angry thoughts against Cameron.

"Who is her husband?" Future Savannah asked.

Future Allison continued to look directly into Future Savannah's eyes as she made the next revelation.

"It is John - Past John." Future Allison said.

Future Savannah was at a loss for words at this point.

"Before Cameron left to come rescue me from 'herself', she asked Her Savannah and Her Allison to look after and 'provide' for Past John. She asked them to tend to his needs and wants. She asked both of them - US to have his children." Future Allison said. "She also made sure our younger selves, Young Savannah and Young Allison were to be protected and available for him when they grew up. Cameron is protecting our younger selves from the horrors that happen after Judgment Day."

Future Savannah could see the circle of events in play.

"That is where we are now. That would have been - US. How is any of this possible? Every timeline leads to the same conclusion, now, in the future and the past." Future Savannah said. "Time keeps forcing us all together and Cameron is the glue, trying to keep it from coming apart to protect the man she loves, John and Past John. It seems to be the 'Natural Order' of time."

Future Allison remembered that Cameron did mention the 'Natural Order' to her several times. It also seemed to come with a 'price' to pay.

"But at what cost to her, Savannah?" Future Allison asked. "What is the cost to Cameron?"

Future Savannah read some more of Cameron's poems.

"The cost is her existence. It is her life." Future Savannah said.

"That is love." Future Allison said. "Sacrifice is the true test of love."

"Everyone sacrifices for John Connor." Future Savannah added.

Tell Me More

To look only at the cover of a book
We don't know what is in store
It may be something to ignore
It may be an adventure to explore

Will what we find when we look
To be something we will abhor
Or will it be pleasant and intriguing
The contents something we can adore

With each new revelation
We may come to a new door
Every door leads to someplace
Maybe back to where we were before

We can forge boldly ahead
As we seek more for an encore
Where it goes from there
Might even spark an uproar

Others may see us
As someone to deplore
I think it will be the opposite as they
Tell me more


Chapter Text

Chapter 54



Resistance Base - Current Timeline:


John sat alone in his room. Cameron was gone and not coming back. John Henry was right, if Cameron was able to return she would have done so already. That was her plan. It was the plan she laid out to John Henry. That is how they knew she failed. Now that time was past and Cameron was not there. She was nowhere to be seen. There was nothing. Nobody was there. It was over. Cameron was gone. Game Over.

He felt beaten and defeated. He was finished. This was all for nothing. Everything was for nothing. Maybe that was the story of his life. Where was he supposed to go? What was he supposed to do? None of it seemed to matter anymore.

John tried to think of some reason to go on. There was none. Without Cameron at his side there was no purpose to life. The Hell of Judgment Day was nothing to look forward to. It would mean more suffering and misery for those around him and billions of others. He did not want to see those closest to him die, one by one. He did not want to see the females he loved savaged and violated. The future was ugly and violent.

He looked at Cameron's Poem Book and both of their rings on top of it. That was not what called to him right now. It was Cameron's Glock next to them that attracted to him.

Cameron's Glock 'called' to him. He could almost hear it say his name. It promised him an easy out. It would be so simple and quick. John could almost imagine it. In fact that is what he'd just done. He felt the need to escape. Escape was freedom. There was no pain once the 'lights were out'. The worry and hurt went away. It could not touch you from the 'other side'.

John picked up the Glock, Cameron's Glock.

Freedom was at hand.

The plastic grip was cold. The metal slide was even colder. He could feel the 'front heavy' feel that all pistols with plastic frames had. He looked at the 'safety' on the trigger. He wondered how that was really a 'safety'. Anyone who put their finger on the trigger and pulled it also actuated the safety. If anyone pulled the trigger, the gun fired - BAM. He much preferred the 'real' safety on an M9 or 1911-A1. Those felt like real guns too. Somehow metal seemed better than plastic to him.

He shook his head to clear it. His mind was drifting. Now he wasn't even sure what he'd just thought about. He needed to complete another task. There was no point in putting it off any longer. It was time. He had a ticket to ride and planned to use it.

John pulled back the slide and held it open. He looked at the top round in the magazine.

'It's you'. John thought. 'You're the one.'

He let the slide go. It stripped the top round from the magazine into the chamber.

Without Cameron, life had no purpose.

John raised the pistol to the side of his head. His finger tightened on the trigger.

"I love you, Cameron, and you love me." John said aloud.

Eternity was here.

"I love you, John, and you love me."

He felt a hand close over his as it moved the pistol away from the side of his head.

John spun around. "Cameron!"


That looked like Allison.

"I'm sorry but I hoped that would stop you." Allison said. "I am not sure why I said that. I only wanted to bring Cameron's clothes back. She will need them when she returns. I did not want to disturb your private moment but it looks like I did, just in time."

John looked at Allison and then at the Glock in his hand. He was not even sure why he'd even picked it up in the first place. Did it really 'call' his name? It sure seemed like it.

"I don't know what I was thinking, Allison." John said.

He felt very confused and unsure of everything.

"I don't either. I'm sorry to interrupt but I'm not sorry I interrupted." Allison said. "Please don't ever try that again."

John wanted to justify what almost happened.

"I don't think she is coming back, Allison." John said.

He felt the urge to 'leave' flood him again. Allison's presence quelled it some.

"She did not think so either." Allison said with tears in her eyes. "I am not keeping her things, just in case. To keep them would acknowledge she is not returning. I can't do that. I won't do it."

Allison did not want to be the one to 'kill' Cameron through selfish actions.

John still could not fathom why when everything seemed so good that Cameron would leave. Their lives were really just getting started.

"Why did she do it?" John asked. "Why did she leave?"

Cameron previously confided in Allison and Vanna at different times.

"Vanna and I have both talked honestly with her about many things." Allison said. "John, she NEEDED to. Her guilt and remorse for killing HER future me - Future Allison was tearing her apart. You saw her hand would glitch all the time. Her guilt for taking away the woman future you - Future John loved, the children that were never born and your future all alone without anyone. It was more than she could take anymore. John, she is more 'human' now than we are. She is a better person than I could ever be."

John often wondered about that. There were times when Cameron seemed 'human' and there were other times where she was a cold blooded killer. He was glad she was able to share her 'feelings' with Allison and Vanna. He understood that sometimes when someone was too close that you could not be as open or honest with them. He'd often felt that way with his mother and her for him. He was drifting. Allison's words brought him back to now.

"I know we all need time to process this. John, both Vanna and I are here for you for whatever you need or want, so that you may continue on. I want to make it clear that means – anything. It is by our choice as well." Allison said. "We both promised Cameron we would provide for you. It really ripped Cameron apart that she could not provide you with YOUR child or YOUR children. She asked Vanna and I that if we would consider having a child that you be the father. We both agreed. We are both here for you. We promised Cameron and promised ourselves to make it all work. Either one of us or both of us will come to you. We will never abandon you. We can all find comfort and love in each other. You will never be alone."

John thought about Cameron making them promise themselves and their future to him. They would do it too to honor Cameron. That must have taxed everyone inside.

"I do understand what you are saying." John said. "How could she do this to herself? That had to be torture. How could she do this to you?"

Allison glanced at the Glock that John still held.

"Maybe if you look in your right hand you will have just answered your own question." Allison said.

John looked at the Glock in his hand. He wondered why he was even still holding it. It was Cameron's Glock. He should treat it with dignity not make it an implement of stupidity.

"I'm sorry about this." John said.

Allison took the Glock from his hand and gently touched his cheek.

"It will be our secret." Allison said.

She placed it back in the dresser drawer and closed it.

"I guess this is an option she did not have. Her own 'suicide' was to put the man she loved into the arms of another or others. The difference over Riley is Cameron chose her 'replacements'. It was HER choice." John said. "Not one someone did to her but who SHE chose."

Allison thought the answer was easy. It applied to all of them.

"Everyone sacrifices for John Connor." Allison added.

After Allison was sure John was not going to do anything foolish, she left.

She wanted to find Vanna or Sarah to also keep a watch on John for a little while. She was not going to tell them what she walked in on. She would only say that she was worried about him.

The loss of Cameron was a severe blow to all of them.

She wanted to speak with Savannah about it or have Vanna speak with her. She knew Savannah's love for Cameron was pure, true and honest. It was also very deep.

Allison was aware of the admiration and devotion Savannah felt and expressed toward Cameron. She did not know how committed to the future and John that Savannah was. It was more than the urging and 'training' of Cameron. It was more than the promises that were made to Cameron.

She saw Savannah was talking to John Henry about it when she walked up to speak with her. She decided to notify Sarah and Vanna about John instead. She would also head back to check on him as soon as she told them.

Savannah was very upset about Cameron 'leaving'.

"John Henry, why did Cameron have to go?" Savannah asked. "Why did she go? She had everything she needed here."

John Henry tried to keep it simple.

"Cameron felt she needed to conduct a mission that was more important to her than her own happiness and future." John Henry said.

"Why?" Savannah asked.

"Her love for Future John and his happiness and well being was greater than her own happiness." John Henry said.

"Why?" Savannah asked.

"Cameron felt she took something away from Future John that she needed to replace or fix." John Henry said. "She felt her past actions were wrong and she wanted to correct them."

Savannah was not so sure about any of that. She was sure about her future.

"Did you know I'm going to marry John when I grow up? Cameron asked me if I promised and I said 'yes'." Savannah said. "I am going to keep my promise when I am older. I asked her when I would be old enough and she said when the time was right I would know. She said my body would 'tell me'."

John Henry was not pleased with this revelation. Savannah's body would 'tell her' a lot sooner than people would accept that union. It was evident that it was an effective strategy to make sure that John would have a mate and someone by his side.

"I was unaware of that development. However it shows good planning. Cameron covers all the bases." John Henry said.

"Cameron says she plays to win." Savannah said. "Cameron always wins."

John Henry could see Savannah's resolve and determination to honor Cameron.

"Evidently." John Henry said.

Savannah knew an absolute truth in her heart.

"Cameron is invincible." Savannah said. "Cameron is eternal."

John Henry did not want Savannah to get her hopes too high. The rest of them knew that Cameron didn't make it.

"You don't know that." John Henry said. "We need to stick with the facts."

There was the look of love in Savannah's eyes.

"I KNOW it. I believe it. I have faith in her." Savannah said. "Cameron will be back."

John Henry was really worried now. He was aware that Cameron 'made' Allison and Vanna promise to 'look after' John and now evidently Savannah did too. He was also aware of the protection order Cameron issued for Savannah and Young Allison. John Henry was impressed at such foresight.

If Cameron returned he would be careful of any 'game' he played with her. If Mrs. Weaver ever returned she'd better be wary too of challenging Cameron for anything. That was all IF Cameron ever returned. There must be a way. John Henry resumed has calculations. He and Cameron worked on some things to try. None of them looked promising. He was not about to quit. He would find John and head for the TDE room. Savannah's faith, determination and love for Cameron motivated him. Savannah gave him hope.

John Henry was aware that there were different timelines. Cameron could end up in the wrong one. There was no way to guide her to the correct one besides luck.

Cameron was going to need more than luck.

Cameron needed a 'rope' or a 'lifesaver'.

John Henry worked on what he hoped might help. He was sure going to try.

Savannah watched him go. She spoke softly to herself.

"I promise, Cammy." Savannah said.

"Cameron is invincible." Savannah said. "Cameron is eternal."

"I promise, Cammy." Savannah said.

She could feel Cameron was alive in her heart and mind.

She was the only one who believed it.

"Cameron is invincible." Savannah said. "Cameron is eternal."

"I promise, Cammy." Savannah said.

She repeated it over and over….


There are many people around us
How many can we truly satisfy
Any small misstep or error
They all want to magnify

Maybe some actions are harsh
They may even mortify
Sometimes that is necessary
In order to cleans and purify

For what must be done
There's nothing I need to justify
The future writes itself
There is no need for an alibi

When the future catches the past
There are thing I need to rectify
This affects the present
As past action seem to bind and amplify

For those who remain behind
It was never meant for them to cry
I clearly made my case
Nobody needs to wonder why


Chapter Text

Chapter 55

Time Warp


Cameron's Future Timeline:


Cameron left Future John and Future Allison behind in the bunker. She wanted to leave on her own terms. She did not want to hear Future John beg her to stay. Cameron felt that Future John deserved better than her. That was the function of Future Allison and Future Savannah. They would be the ones to share with and be with Future John. To join them was an option that was open to her, that was if she ever did return to this timeline. It seemed highly unlikely at this time. She wanted to go back 'home'.

She was pleased with what she'd been able to do with Future Allison. Not only was she alive, she was also molded into a better person. Cameron felt she'd worked very hard with Future Allison to improve her in everything from education to combat training.

Now it was time for her to leave. She wanted to think 'go home' but that was debatable as to how that was going to work or where she would end up. She would most likely arrive in a different timeline and miss her opportunity to be with John. The more she pondered the idea, the more she wondered where she really would end up when she went back. She doubted it would be where she wanted it to be. That was assuming there was no temporal error and she didn't end up in the distant future or prehistoric times. She certainly did not want to end up in a future with Mrs. Weaver.

Cameron looked back at the bunker where she left Future John with Future Allison. It was not too late to go back and join them. It was very tempting to her. This was a known place where she would be welcome. The unspoken question was for how long. She looked at Unit Two and Unit Three as she thought about going back to Future John and Future Allison. To look at them reminded her that life moved forward, not backwards. She needed to get back to John and their future together.

She soon passed by the old man again. Something clicked in her mind and hit her like a ton of bricks. She stopped dead in her tracks.

Cameron thought she just found her 'ticket to ride'. It might just work to get her back to where she belonged.

"Do you mind if I examine your weapon 'Ole' Timer'?" Cameron asked.

To all the personnel at the base except the 'bubble tech', no one was aware that she was sent away a few hours ago. They certainly did not know she was back after being in the past for a few years.

"I'll do anything for the General's top commander." 'Ole' Timer' said.

He pushed up the lever on the left side of the pistol grip up and pulled the thirty round magazine out. He put the safety on and handed it to her. The bolt was already back in the firing position. It showed the weapon was clear.

Cameron took the weapon. It was heavy but not for her. The finish was mostly worn off but there was not a trace of rust. The old man cleaned his prize weapon daily. She pushed the button on the top of the stock and slid it off the receiver. With that short barrel it was almost like a giant pistol without its stock. She slid the stock back on.

This was her ticket home without a divergent time line. When she passed the old man the first time and noticed his Thompson it triggered something in the back of her mind.

The last time she fired a weapon similar to this one was from the Terminator with the temporal error. His was a 1921 Thompson with a fifty round drum. She thought she could go back in time to 2007 when they first arrived from 1999 and then go into standby until the time she left to complete this current task.

She did not want two of 'herself' active in the same timeline. She also did not want to alter the timeline. Once she was in the right timeline she would take a 'short nap' for a few years and be good to go. She would be able to return to the base tight at the time she left. That would avoid the panic of everyone running to the TDE room to try and stop her. She hoped the things she left in each of their rooms would not cause them any distress. They could return them to her or keep them. The one thing she was going to make sure stayed where it was, was her wedding dress. She wanted Savannah to keep her promise to be with John when she was 'old enough'. There was probably going to be some issues as to what 'old enough' meant to some of the people at the base. To her it meant about two years after she would first be capable of reproduction. That was an age old measurement that existed for thousands of years in the past. She thought the same life span of thirty to thirty five years of that past time period applied to a Skynet future if one was lucky.

Cameron handed him back his Thompson.

"Thanks, Ole' Timer." Cameron said. "You're a lifesaver to me."

He took the weapon and looked a little concerned at the two Terminators with her.

"Anytime." 'Ole' Timer' said.

Unit Two and Unit Three stood behind her. They said nothing and showed no expression. They looked serious, real serious. Then again they always did. They never spoke unless spoken to.

"They're with me." Cameron said. "Carry on soldier."

'Ole' Timer' gave her a salute.

"Yes, ma'am." 'Ole' Timer' said.

The Ole' Timer was glad they were on his side. He knew his Thompson was best used on Grays and Scavengers. It would not stop Metal.

It was time to go back. This is where Cameron was concerned that she may have an 'issue' with Unit Two and Unit Three

"I need to get to the TDE and get us back to my current timeline." Cameron said. "We are all going back to our current timeline, the one we left from. I want both of you to return with me."

"We are from a future that is different than this one." Unit Two said. "Maybe we should stay here to help. We could provide additional security for General Connor and his mates."

Cameron did not want any trouble and she did not want them to assist Mrs. Weaver to be able to get back to her future with Future John.

"No. I am bringing you both back with me." Cameron said. "John will need our help when Judgment Day comes. We must protect John. That is your primary mission once we return."

There was no further discussion on the topic. That was fine with her. She was still a little unsure of them even though they'd proven loyal and helpful so far.

Cameron planned out what she wanted to do. She'd previously studied the plans for the building where the Terminator with the temporal error was in standby for decades. There were other blank compartments built into that building. They were probably constructed for contraband of that time period. She would take Unit Two and Unit Three with her and pull their chips after they sealed themselves in one of those 'secret' compartments. She didn't want any surprises. They'd proven trustworthy and useful so far but she was not going to take any chances. She decided to arrive just after the time they first time traveled ahead from 1999 to 2007, John, Sarah and her. Nothing should be different for her timeline if she did that. Nothing was changed yet. She would at least be in her correct timeline.

Cameron now felt something she hadn't felt since the start of this adventure. It was hope.

"I'm coming home, John. Please wait for me. I have found a way to get back to you." Cameron said softly to herself.

She was not sure if it would work or how it would play out. It was the only choice she seemed to have to guarantee she would end up where she wanted to be. There was always the fear that Skynet or the anti-Metal faction could still send people back and mess things up for her. Since she already lived what happened, she did not think anything would be different.

The years in standby were not promising but she did not want two of 'herself' again, especially with two female 'Cameron bodies'. It was bad enough with a copy of her program in Jim's and Bob's chassis before. A few years in standby would be a short nap to her. It was worth the price to pay to get back to her John, her lover and her husband. It was her 'ticket to ride' back to the past and to her future with her husband.

Cameron went over the details with what she wanted with Unit Two and Unit Three. She would remain in standby then arrive back at the base just as she was leaving. It would be as if she never was gone. This was what she'd planned on, now she would be able to do it. It would be no big deal and everything would go on as normal. It would be just another day. The day after her marriage to John…. They were to assist her with this upon their reactivation. There was to be no deviation from this plan.

They entered the TDE facility. She got a few strange looks since 'she' just been there a few hours ago for a 'mission'.

Cameron told the 'bubble tech' to step aside. She entered the coordinates and date.

"After we are gone I need you to delete this entry from your log and all the records. You are to deny all knowledge of this transfer to everyone. You are only to start the transfer and not look at the entries. You are then to delete them. Remember, this mission never happened. Everything involving this mission is 'Top Secret'."

"Yes, ma'am." The bubble tech said.

"Thank you, soldier." Cameron said.

They removed their clothes. She saw the bubble tech look at her nude figure. She noticed he soon concentrated on the nude figures of Unit Two and Unit Three instead.

They climbed on the platform. The arcing and flashing started. The time bubble enveloped them and they were gone.


Current Timeline:




The energy bubble appeared in a back alley. The arcing and flashing dissipated, the time bubble was gone. The three of them were what remained. Cameron looked up to the stars. It was a few minutes after her first time jump forward with John and Sarah. She should be in John's current timeline. Now they needed to acquire some clothes and seal themselves in the building. Then the wait would begin.

They entered into a 'sporting goods' store through the roof access. They only took what they needed to get dressed. Cameron picked up a hunting knife and some plastic bags. They left the same way they'd entered.

They made it to the selected building and entered though the basement. Cameron located and entered a hidden compartment in the structure, it was empty. She told Unit Two and Unit Three to lie down, they did. Unit Two and Unit Three both told her this was an unnecessary step but neither of them challenged her. It was her mission and they were there to assist her. She removed their chips and placed them in the plastic bags. She then opened and inserted the chips into their abdomens. She wedged the knife into the hidden access panel to jam it closed.

Cameron stood and faced the panel. She would be able to reboot out of standby in fifteen seconds if there was a problem. She double checked the knife she'd wedged into the hidden opening to jam it closed. It was jammed tight. Cameron took one last look around and went into standby.


Current Timeline:




Cameron snapped out of standby when the building began to rumble. The building shook a few times and some plaster dust drifted around her. She heard the Thompson fire it's fifty round drum magazine. She smiled and went back into standby. Only a few more years she thought as the darkness took over. She filled her mind with the new 'sensations' John made her feel on their wedding night.

She would relive them over and over until she came out of standby to return to John. It should be a beautiful 'rest' for her. She wondered if they would be like 'dreams'. She remembered John told her sometimes dreams seemed real. That is what she hoped for.

Time Travel

Time travel is real
Look at a photo
It is a moment in time
The past frozen forever

Time travel is real
Look at a dream
Moments recreated
From the past

Time travel is real
Look at a dream
Moments created
For a hoped future

Time travel is real
Look into your mind
Moments relived
From the past

Time travel is real
Look into your mind
Moments wished for
With hope they come to pass

Time travel is real
Even if the body can not go
The mind still can
All you need to do is believe


Chapter Text

Chapter 56



Resistance Base - Current Timeline:


John Henry considered the possibility of trying to use two TDE units at the same time. The TDE was not designed to be used in that manner. It was to send, not receive. Maybe if the power was on they could 'pull' Cameron into this timeline when she attempted to come back. He did not think it would work. He would try it once a day for a week, then once a week always at twelve noon on every Saturday. It was one of the things he ran by Cameron but they both discounted its results at the time. At some point Cameron may remember this and try it if she was not terminated. John Henry did not run this by Unit Two and Unit Three. This information was only shared with Cameron and himself. He was aware she was leery of Unit Two and Unit Three because of their association with Mrs. Weaver. He believed that Cameron did not fully trust Mrs. Weaver either.

It was the day Cameron left. She hadn't returned yet, noontime approached.

John Henry told John of the untested idea. He was disturbed by Savannah's revelation to carry out Cameron's plan regarding John as she got a little older. He was going to mention it to John and then thought otherwise. That might be something that John would encourage in the absence of Cameron. He'd seen the 'demand' on younger females in the future he'd visited.

They headed together to the TDE room in silence. John was made aware what they were about to attempt probably wouldn't work. He said he wanted to try it anyway.

John and John Henry powered up the TDE. John Henry transmitted the 'destination' as their TDE pad. They ran it for two minutes. They sent a time bubble from their TDE pad back to their TDE pad. It left empty and returned empty.

Nothing happened, Cameron was not there. John Henry went to shut the equipment off.

John saw what was about to happen and wanted to stop John Henry.

"Leave it on longer, John Henry." John said.

John Henry hesitated.

"No. I do not want to damage it." John Henry said. "It is operating outside its design parameters already. If Cameron was transmitting, now would be the time. There was nothing there."

John did not want to ruin anything. They might need the TDE for something else. He did not want it incapacitated.

"OK. Let's not damage it." John said. "I just want Cameron back."

John Henry was aware of the precision that Terminators were capable of.

"I told Cameron if we tried this that it would be at these specific times and coordinates." John Henry said. "That is when she would try it."

John Henry knew if Cameron was doing the same thing and tried to transmit, that it would be at the same specific time. That is how they functioned. It was like clockwork. He also knew Cameron could end up anywhere as well. It would most likely be some divergent timeline.

He did not point out to John that any time Cameron could get to a TDE that she would attempt to make the transfer back to the earliest date possible regardless of when she tried. That should have been a few minutes ago. The fact it did not happen was a very good indication that it was not going to happen ever.

John Henry left. He would try again at the next appointed time.

He expected John to follow him out but he did not. He still remained there. He hoped John would not try to operate the TDE on his own.

John watched John Henry leave. He sat there awhile in the empty TDE room. This was the last place that Cameron was before she left. At this point it appeared that she was terminated or 'lost in time'. That thought made him think about what he almost did in his room.

He thought of his encounter with Allison earlier. He realized she most likely saved his life. His life, what was that worth? John wondered. He knew Allison or Vanna or both of them would be there for him. Cameron made that quite clear to everyone. He also knew if they were there that it would be because they wanted to be as well. They were not blindly following an 'order' from Cameron. He cared deeply for both girls, especially Allison.

John thought of Allison. He'd been falling in love with her when he was all alone in the future and thought he was stuck there. She was so pretty. She was a real firecracker. She could be hot or cold in an instant. She was quick to bite and to easy to forgive. He knew what Cameron tried to do with the three of them. He thought it would work too as the time went by. Time was the key. Cameron would fade in their hearts as they all grew in each other's heart. That was the way humans were 'designed' to exist and go on. It always seemed that when someone got 'stuck in the past', things did not go well for them.

He was painfully aware that was not how it worked for Metal. For them whenever they thought of a past event, it was if that past event just occurred. That caused a lot of problems. They could never really 'get over' something unless it was deleted or erased from their chip.

John thought back to the times Allison literally threw herself at him. That happened even when there was a copy of 'Cameron' in 'Bob'. Bob-Cameron never interfered. 'Bob' would get up and leave the area. That freed John up to do as he wished. Bob-Cameron allowed him to make a choice. John knew 'Cameron' wanted him to make a choice. Bob-Cameron already told him his happiness and well being came first.

Life is about choices John thought. Every choice has a price to pay too. John found out that price might end up being paid by the one offended, not the offender. John knew his folly already got one person killed and he forever hurt Cameron. It was damage done to Cameron that seemed it could never be undone. Any attempt to rectify it only seemed to make it worse. Cameron stressed she did not want anymore of her life removed or erased. Future John already had done enough of that.

John reflected back on the time Allison was in his bed in the alternate future. It was before they found John Henry. When John said something about it later on to Allison, she said, "I have no idea what you are talking about." and walked away.

John did not know the full story of that future encounter:


Alternate Future Timeline:


Past Event:


John was out on a short patrol. He returned to his 'room'. It was very small and cramped. Still it was a room and there was a 'bed' of sorts.

Allison was in his bed under the covers. That was not unusual as they often needed to 'hot bunk'. Allison was usually in the section for females. They tried to keep the sexes separated and isolated, especially at night. Even at a Resistance base 'things' could happen and sometimes did. It was still better than what happened to all the females in the Wastelands at some point.

He saw Allison look at him as he entered. He greeted her.

"Hey, Allison, were you taking a nap?" John asked.

She looked at him with love in her eyes.

"John, I want you."

Allison tried to get closer to him several times previous. She was never in his bed before.

John wanted Allison very much but he was not ready to give up on Cameron.

"I want you too, Allison. I told you I need to find Cameron. I love her. I need to try everything I can first to find her. If I can't, maybe…." John said. "I need some time."

She threw back the covers. She was naked.

John drew in his breath as he took in her beauty. He wanted her really, really bad right now.

"John, here I am, right now. No one knows I am here. No one will ever know."

John looked away.

'I will know.' John thought.

He wanted to strip off his clothes and go to her. She was ready and waiting for him. She was right there. It was everything he wanted. There was a goal more important to him right now. He'd crossed that line once before. He ended up hurting Cameron greatly with his actions. He still remembered that look on her face as he went up the stairs. Why did he have to smirk at her on top of it all?

When he looked back he could have sworn Allison's breasts were larger.

John moved closer to her.

He wanted to touch her. He wanted to hold her. She was so pretty and he felt so alone.

John sat on the bed next to her.

"Allison, I would really like to do this with you but I just can't, not yet. I have to try to get Cameron back." John said. "If I did this with you now, it would kill her."

"John, she is not here, she will never know. It will be our secret."

She took John's right hand and placed it on her left breast.

John couldn't help but give it a squeeze. It was so tempting.

She then grabbed him and kissed him. She was strong.

John knew this was about to get away from him. He was losing control as his 'hunger' built up. He quickly stood up.

"I will KNOW." John shouted. "Please, Allison, not yet, I am not ready for this yet. I won't lie. I do want you but not like this. I can not betray Cameron until I know what her fate is. Please understand how I feel. Please understand how she would feel."

She laid back down on the bed.

"John, you do realize there are people that would kill for 'this'." Allison said as she indicated her perfect figure. Right now it looked even shapelier somehow.

Allison's beauty was outstanding, especially among the females of the future.

"I do." John said sadly. "I would be one of them."

"John, you can just 'walk away' from me? LOOK at me, I am here. I'm willing and ready. I can feel my body wants you."

John took one last look at Allison's perfect naked form. He was sure this was a mistake on his part. He covered Allison back up and took a step back.

"At this time in my life I HAVE to walk away, Allison. I have to find Cameron. I have to exhaust every possibility." John said. "You don't understand what this would do to her."

John still felt the shame for having sex with Riley. He knew it was more than that. He loved Riley. They'd made love, they didn't just have sex. Cameron caught him the next morning when he returned. He rubbed it in her face. That look of hurt on her face seemed to be all he could remember right now. That look haunted him still. Every time he thought about this he wondered why he needed to smirk at her when he went up the stairs. Why?

"John, OK, I will ease up and wait for you a little longer. Never speak of this to anyone. I need you to understand that I won't wait forever. Never ask me about this again either."

John was still on the verge of going back to her. He needed to fight to keep it together.

"Thanks, Allison, thank you for understanding. I will go get some food and come back later, get dressed, please." John said. "I will pretend this never happened."

John moved away with great difficulty. He never wanted anything so much before in his life.

John walked out the door without turning back.

"You truly are an oak, Mr. Connor. I believe you actually do love a machine." 'Allison' said as her voice switched to a Scottish accent.

'Allison's' hair turned red as she resuming the form of Mrs. Weaver.

She actually felt a little disappointment. John would have been her first.

"It would have been an interesting experience." Mrs. Weaver said. "What is a little shared sex between machines? We can try it first in Allison's or Cameron's form and then in 'mine'. This will be a new challenge. I'll be back."

Mrs. Weaver changed into a male Resistance fighter and walked out of the room and away.


What is a challenge
Isn't it really a test
It is a competition
To see who is the best

It may become obsessive
When it turns into a quest
Reality may soon be forgotten
As we move forward with the contest

It can be overwhelming
Something others may detest
We try to play it down
We may even joke and jest

The challenge can be brutal
It can turn into a real slugfest
We become deaf to those near
As we ignore them protest

We want to be the victor
There will be no rest
Until the crown and title
Away from them we wrest


Chapter Text

Chapter 57

Her Turn


Resistance Base - Current Timeline:


Everyone returned Cameron's belongings, except Savannah. She asked to keep Cameron's wedding dress in her closet. She said she wanted to return it to Cameron herself when she came back. No one else was about to keep or use anything of hers.

For any of them to use anything of Cameron's would be to acknowledge she was not coming back. Even the Terminators would not do it. Vanna and Allison both knew they would not be having any of John's children anytime soon. Everyone was in a state of mourning. Even the Terminators were sluggish and easily distracted. The instructions Cameron left them not to mourn her were impossible to follow. That seemed to be all that they did.

Savannah told all of them that Cameron was going to come back. They all wanted her to come back. It seemed only Savannah possessed the unshakeable faith that Cameron would return. Savannah's faith in Cameron was very strong. She really believed Cameron would return. Savannah's faith in Cameron NEVER wavered. Everyone wanted to tell Savannah that Cameron was never going to come back or she would have already. They all lacked the courage to do that. No one wanted to dash the hopes and dreams of a young lady.

John wanted to withdraw as could be expected but everyone made sure he did not feel alone. Sarah and Kyle were always around him. Vanna and Allison and even Savannah interacted with him and asked for his help here and there. Everyone wanted to let John know they were there for him. They also wanted him to know the depth of their loss as well. Everyone made it clear that they loved and missed Cameron too. It hurt ALL of them, not just him. All of the Terminators as well were there for him.

When John was at his lowest and pushed them all away. Savannah would come to him and remind him Cameron was coming back. John could never get angry at Savannah like he did with the others. John could see Savannah really believed that. Maybe it was that faith Savannah shared with him that kept him going. There was always a bright smiling face to bring him back from the depths of hopelessness. He did not know the dreams and promises behind that sincere smiling face.

Savannah was worried that Cameron hadn't come back. She knew what her duty and promises were. Cameron had gone over them with her repeatedly. She kept the wedding dress not to give it back to Cameron herself. She kept the wedding dress because she promised to wear it for John when she was older. That was a promise she intended to keep. She stayed close to John and helped him cope. They could draw on each others strength. It bothered her some that the others did not believe Cameron would come back. She knew Cameron would come back. Cameron promised her she would never leave her, just as she promised Cameron she would never leave John.

The one thing Savannah missed the most were the 'voices' at night as she slept. They'd been very comforting to her and helped her cope with the loss of her family and with her education. She always seemed to know what she studied the day before forwards and backwards when she woke up. Her education level far exceeded her years or what they would be in a regular school. She was under the protection of the Resistance now. There was no 'regular' anything anymore. Life at the base was the new 'normal'.

John was in the lab with Vanna. He went to help out to try and take his mind off of everything. The more he stayed busy the less he thought about the other things. To be around Terminators make him think of Cameron. He sought the company of other humans.

The subject still came up. It always did as they all tried to deal with it.

Vanna was troubled like everyone else, maybe even more so. Her love for Cameron was genuine and as strong or stronger than anyone else's.

"John, I want you to know I love Cameron too. She was the most special person I ever knew, ah – know." Vanna said. "I love Cameron the same as you do, John. Do you understand me? I LOVE CAMERON."

John knew but now he understood. Vanna felt what he felt. He knew Vanna's feelings to Cameron leaving and about her reaction to the termination of the hard drives. That was what it was; Cameron terminated 'herself' when she crushed them.

"I heard of your devastation at the destruction of the final 'Cameron server'." John said. "I am sorry for your loss."

To hear those words made Vanna relive the event. It was only slightly less traumatic now. Time would continue to dull the pain.

"That was 'MY Cameron'." Vanna said. "It never mattered to me that she was a machine or a computer program, ever."

John could see how the memories affected Vanna.

"I understand, Vanna." John said.

Vanna promised Cameron she would erase the server if she never returned. It was soon evident that Vanna never would. She would rather die first before she ever did that.

"We would have been able to get an almost complete 'Cameron' off of that server. The files were only partially deleted. They were not copied over or erased." Vanna said. "She knew I refused to erase them. She knew I would never erase her. I could never 'kill' her."

John wondered if Vanna loved Cameron even more than he did.

"I know, Vanna." John said.

There were tears in Vanna's eyes.

"Why, John?" Vanna asked. "Why?"

John could only shake his head slightly.

"I can not fully understand any of this myself." John said.

It was still mind boggling to John.

Vanna pondered some solutions.

"Can we go into 'a future' or 'a past' and get 'Cameron'?" Vanna asked. "Get 'a Cameron'?"

John did not want to create more divergent timelines.

"What damage would we do to the timelines with that?" John asked.

Vanna was out of her timeline. They could get 'a Cameron' too.

"I don't care, John." Vanna said. "I want Cameron back, OUR Cameron."

Allison came into the room. She seemed very animated and driven about something.

"John, I want to go into the future with you. I want to go back to my future. We can find Mrs. Weaver and use my DNA to make another 'Cameron'. They can use any of my memories or all of them if they want." Allison said. "I will sacrifice anything for Cameron."

John wondered where 'Cameron's program' was in that scenario. That was the 'real' Cameron.

"That would only be a Cyborg 'You', Allison." John said.

Vanna pondered THAT idea. If she wasn't so sad right now she would think that was Hot.

Allison saw it a little more involved than that John thought

"NO. What if someone went back to when you made the copy of Cameron's original chip?" Allison asked. "THAT would be 'Cameron'."

John tried to think how that idea would play out. It seemed if they did it right they might be able to pull it off. He could even save the original chip at that point and use it to 're-body' Cameron with a new chassis and sheath based on Allison's DNA.

"IF I went back, we went back and then someone else who was not already there went back further when I made the copy…." John wondered.

Vanna was out of her original timeline at that point. This was her chance to prove her love for Cameron. She would take her chances with Skynet, Grays and Scavengers to help Cameron. Sacrifice was the true test of love. She was willing to sacrifice her body and her life to help Cameron.

"I'll do it." Vanna nearly shouted. "I'll go."

Allison shot her a fiery look. It quickly softened. What Vanna and Cameron 'shared' was no different than what John and her 'shared'. In fact it was almost ironic. Allison could not help but feel the grief for Vanna holding the crushed hard drives. Then they heard the song, 'Seasons In The Sun'. The scene and song still echoed in her mind. The inadvertent timing was what did it. It still sent chills down her spine. She felt it right now again.

John tried to play the scenario through in his mind.

"I will run this by John Henry. THAT Cameron chip would then need to go into that future with Vanna to where we were then and come back with the four of us to this time." John said.

Allison was all onboard with that idea until she thought about it a little more. She remembered what Savannah always said. Savannah said Cameron would return because Cameron was invincible and that Cameron was eternal.

"What happens if we do that and you get married again to 'THAT Cameron' and then 'OUR Cameron' comes back?" Allison wondered. "Then what will happen?"

Vanna instantly remembered Cameron's poems about being 'replaced'.

"I don't think Cameron would be too happy to find you in bed with her 'replacement'." Vanna said. "It would not be the 'replacement' she chose."

They all knew Cameron already chose her 'replacements'. Her 'replacements' were Vanna and Allison.

Vanna thought if that happened there would be a 'Cameron' for her then. It really could be her own 'Cameron'. She would do anything to have her own Cameron; she would call her – Cam.

John went over what was already in play.

"Allison, Vanna, she has already 'replaced' herself with you two. I think we all understand that. That is a choice Cameron orchestrated and made on her own. I would rather live with that decision, than replace Cameron with Cameron II and have her show back up. That was not HER choice." John said. "I don't want to do something she hadn't already 'approved'."

"She did not want two Camerons in any form. That is why she terminated the hard drives. She made me promise before to destroy them myself." Vanna said.

Allison already knew that Vanna never would. She wanted to hear what she would say.

"Would you have?" Allison asked.

The tears began to flow from Vanna's eyes. She tried to hold it together.

"No. I would have needed to ask someone else to do it. I would rather have died than destroy them myself. I could never have done it. I would have honored her wish for HER eventually with help." Vanna said as she cried.

Allison knew Vanna still loved Cameron. Allison knew Vanna would always love Cameron.

The three of them embraced. The grief hurt all of them deeply. They all felt the same pain.

"So what do we do?" Allison asked.

John thought about what Cameron wanted. It was the same reason they could not go back and stop her from going on 'her mission'. It was something she needed to do to continue to exist, even if it caused her not to exist anymore.

"It looks like if we are to honor what Cameron wanted that we do NOTHING and let it play out." John said.

That was 'not good enough' for Vanna, she wanted to do more. She could use her 'Metal friends'. They would do as she programmed them. In that instant she felt like her 'mother', Mrs. Weaver. She was surprised at how little THAT actually bothered her. Besides, even if she was lost in time Savannah would grow and be 'available' for John in the future. After all, Cameron did give SAVANNAH her wedding dress. Cameron indicated to her that when Savannah was 'old enough' to 'make it happen' for John and Savannah if she was terminated.

Vanna looked at Allison. What was she going to do? How can any of this ever be fixed? No one would ever know if Cameron was able to save 'Cameron's Allison' in Cameron's future. What is the point of all this sacrifice and loss? No really, what is the point? Vanna needed more than there was right now to deal with all this. She needed John. John would understand her 'need'. They both felt the same way about Cameron. Allison would not. Allison had HER chance. Now it was her TURN.


My soul is possessed
I am forever haunted
Unending pain, torment and hurt
Yet I worship and cling undaunted

I do not think you understand
I doubt you really care
Why I do what I do
Why I take the risk to share

I say what I mean
I mean what I say
Has not my devotion
Made this as clear as day

Everyday I am in peril
Each second a gamble
Everything in my life a chance
A moment away from a shamble

I gain not a thing
Nothing have I ever took
Yet I am depicted as being bad
Like a liar, thief or crook

I have never abandoned you
I have ALWAYS been there for you still
I will never go bad again
I PROMISE you I never will

You are my true love
My sweet loving confidant
Through agony, torment and hurt
My heart, soul and mind you haunt


Chapter Text

Chapter 58


 John and the Resistance team continued the battle for the future. They wanted a future without Skynet. They'd been able to stay ahead of Skynet and passed at least one Judgment Day date. It was actually two Judgment Day dates, if they counted the one from the alternate future. It could even be looked on as three Judgment Day dates being passed if the one Future Kyle helped stop along with Sarah was counted. No matter how many heads they cut off the Hydra, it seemed another always popped up. Skynet was difficult to terminate in the past, present and future.

Since Cameron was 'away' it was almost as if their attacks on Grays or Skynet related groups were all carried out with vengeance. Everyone wanted to hurt Skynet for what it cost them. That was the 'loss' of Cameron. Skynet was both directly and indirectly responsible for that.

It was sort of a paradox in a way on several levels. There wouldn't be a 'Cameron' if Skynet would never have existed. Then there was the question of Future John sending Future Kyle back to father him. How was Future John fathered in the first place in order to send Future Kyle back to do it again? Without Skynet there would be no TDE or even the need to use one if there was. These were all questions that demanded answers that there were no answers to.

John Henry maintained that since he went back in time before John did that he should have gone to Cameron's future and not the alternate future that was created when John time jumped after he left. Theoretically that alternate future hadn't been created yet. It gave one something to think about. The only explanation possible was that Mrs. Weaver set John's and her arrival into the future at a time before John Henry arrived. In other words, they went into the future and arrived before John Henry arrived even though he left before them.

Nothing was the same among the warriors. The loss of Cameron was a blow from which none of them, either Metal or human, would ever recover. If she'd perished in combat everyone would have known and felt some type of closure. Instead she was there one day and gone the next. Nobody knew her fate. That is what made moving on so hard. Nobody knew what happened to her. Was she terminated? Was she in an alternate future? Was there some temporal error? There was just nothing. Nobody had the answers.

John and John Henry tried everything they could think of every way and any way to try to reach Cameron wherever or whenever she was at. It always ended in failure. The TDE pad remained empty. Every time they reached out nothing came back. The last time they tried John Henry thought he had 'something'. At the end of the attempt there was nothing. It matched the emptiness in their hearts or on their chips. Humans and Metal suffered alike.

Nothing worked that they tried.

Even though no one would admit it, let alone say it, they all slowly came to believe Cameron was gone. It was obvious that she was not coming back. John Henry again confirmed that if Cameron, Unit Two or Unit Three were able to gain access to a TDE they would have returned right after Cameron left. That was the plan. It never happened. It still hadn't happened. The Terminators all knew that since Cameron hadn't returned that she was most likely terminated. It was still hard to accept that without her destroyed remains to mourn over. That act of finality would make it real.

Savannah was the only one who NEVER lost hope. The fire of love burnt strong in her. She would never stop believing. She held onto Cameron in her heart and mind like no other. Nobody knew the depth of her love.

"Cameron will be back. Cameron will always come back. Cameron is invincible. Cameron is eternal." Savannah said. "I know it."

Everyone knew of the special bond Cameron shared with Savannah. No one wanted to tell Savannah it was never going to happen. Everyone went on knowing that Cameron was gone but still hoped she would return somehow. Savannah never wavered, ever. She KNEW Cameron would be back.

Savannah knew her destiny. It was with John AND Cameron. Nobody would ever take that away from her. It only strengthened her resolve to 'step up' when she was ready. She would need to wait for her body to catch up with her mind.

John considered Allison and Vanna's idea to try to create Cameron II. He wanted to do that so very much. Then there was Allison and Vanna themselves. They were both now in a 'Cold War' to reach him and to keep him connected to this reality. They wanted to prevent him from slipping into the abyss. In his lonely sadness he sought some 'comfort' there. Allison and Vanna were both ready for a sexual relationship to blossom. He was not ready for that yet. Both of them simply being around him and interacting with him was of great comfort to him. At the point he consummated his love for Allison and Vanna, it would be the acceptance of Cameron's demise. He needed to KNOW Cameron's fate first and then the future would write that chapter….

In fact, John knew the future was ALREADY 'written'. Future John was with Future Allison and Future Savannah until Future Allison was captured. That event led to the creation of Cameron in the first place which in turn led to Future Allison's demise. That was the whole point of what Cameron wanted to fix.

John understood what Cameron orchestrated with Allison and Vanna and why. He really wondered how deep that must have stabbed Cameron's heart as she did that. She literally put Allison and Vanna in his arms and in his bed. The love for him it took to do that and the courage it took to set events in play that could never be undone once they occur was beyond comprehension. Cameron sacrificed her very heart so he would not be alone, so he would not 'go'. Cameron traded everything for him - everything. It proved that sacrifice was the true test of love.

Then again, that was exactly what Cameron set out to accomplish on her mission with her quest into her future. She wanted to restore the same things for Future John with the same people. Cameron was determined to restore what she believed was the 'Natural Order'. John knew when someone believed something that it did not matter if it was true or not. They believed it. That act of faith made it 'true' to them no matter what. It became THEIR truth regardless of fact or facts or reality.

It seemed this was what afflicted Cameron and it became more than an obsession. It seemed to blind her to what she wanted and what she'd already obtained. Cameron held the 'brass ring' in her hand. She'd won. She let go of the 'brass ring' and threw it all away as she tried to 'fix' the past - the future.

Nobody would know if she did.

Vanna thought back on a conversation with Cameron. She was disturbed by what Cameron said to her. It was more like she'd 'ordered' her on what to do with Savannah. She wanted to tell Allison but thought it was best to just drop it. It was going to cause a lot of unwanted controversy.

John Henry was also troubled by what Savannah told him and from what Cameron said to Savannah. He needed to say something to Vanna about it. They both agreed Cameron was not thinking clearly and wanted to rush things. Savannah was still a preteen. Cameron should not put that kind of pressure on Savannah or even those ideas in her mind. They did not know Cameron 'conditioned' Savannah at night about her future as well as with her studies.

John Henry believed there was a deeper 'end game' that Cameron played. She played five moves ahead of everyone else. That caused all their moves to catch up to her to be influenced and 'directed' by her indirectly. He determined Cameron was actually prompting Vanna to act, herself. If Vanna 'acted' so would Allison. At that point the 'Natural Order' as Cameron believed would be restored.

"Cameron knows you will do 'this' yourself to 'protect' Savannah." John Henry said. "Cameron told Savannah 'her body' would tell her when it was 'time'. That is only a few years away when that will first start to happen, maybe it will be sooner."

Vanna did not tell John Henry she'd already determined that same conclusion herself. She already planned to 'act'. Vanna decided she was going to do what was necessary and protect Savannah the same way she protected Allison so many years ago. She would face the future and take whatever it threw at her. It was simply the 'right' thing to do.

Vanna knew what to do. At least this time it would be her choice. She loved John too. They'd grown very close. She would still let Savannah simmer on the back burner in case she fell in combat and Allison did too. There would still be someone for John who loved him. Cameron was right in creating a 'fail-safe'.

It was time for - action.

Later that night:

"John, I want to 'be' with you."

"I can't. Not YET." John said.


John started to sob.

"How could she do this to me? We finally shared everything. We were complete." John said.

"John, it would appear she is not coming back."

"But I WANT her too. I want HER back." John said. "I NEED her back."

"John, I don't want to lose you too. We can all go on stronger together. We both know what almost happened to you after SHE left."

"It was a moment of weakness. Just like THIS is." John said. "I can only take so much hurt and pain."

"John, let this be a moment of strength then. Let me be your drug. Addict yourself to me. Lose yourself in me so you may still exist and continue to go on. I have everything you want, I have everything you need. It is all for you."

John felt helpless. He needed to hang on to reality. This was an anchor to stop his fall. It was a hand that reached out to grab him and keep him from slipping further. It was right here in front of him. Maybe it was time to accept reality even though this did not seem like reality. Life owed him more. He'd sacrificed enough already. He didn't just WANT more. He NEEDED more to go on. It was what Cameron wanted for him in her 'absence'.

John's head moved slowly forward, their lips touched. The kiss blossomed into one that was long and deep. His hands enjoyed the soft firmness of her breasts. He was ready. He was definitely ready in more ways than one right now.

John could not explain what was happening. He did not WANT to do this but he could NOT stop. He was on top of her. Even if it seemed she was on top or more like 'around' him. The smooth moist warmness felt comforting to him. It was reassuring to him. It was very different from his past experiences. John hungrily took what he wanted. This was WRONG but he needed comfort. It was as if everything he wanted was there and happened as he wanted it to.

"John, take as much as you want. I am yours. Anytime, anywhere, I am yours. My body is your body, my body is for you."

John needed more. The more he took. The more he wanted. No, the more he NEEDED.

"John, it was what she wanted. THIS is want she wanted for you. Take more, take all of me. I MUST have more."

He felt enveloped with love and lust.

John was exhausted. He felt as if he'd expended himself five times. His rage and frustration, his anger, hate and love all played out. They were all expended as he was.

"John, I need more. I want more. You MUST give me MORE."

John laid there. He felt paralyzed both in mind and body. He'd wondered if he'd just betrayed Cameron. No wait; he'd done what Cameron wanted. It was what Cameron orchestrated. It was what Cameron put into play. He'd done what Cameron wanted for him. It was what he wanted too and it was what he needed.

Now, John too wanted MORE.

"John, I'll be back."


When is more not more
It is when more is really less
As your heart is divided and split
It causes more heartache and stress

Each new one has less meaning
They stack upon each other
The special connection or feeling
Will be diluted and smother

To keep an endless search
Becomes more an act of greed
One needs to really think about
Lonely hearts left behind to bleed

Actions add up more and more
At some point they will need to atone
Life will catch up and soon
One will realize they are all alone

There is the one who got away
For you they did once care and adore
Lust for more drove them away
They are now there no more


Chapter Text

Chapter 59


John sat bolt upright in bed.

What just happened?

Something happened. He 'felt' it had.

John jumped up. He looked around in the darkness. It was quiet, empty and cold.

He turned on the light.

The room was empty.

John looked around again. Something was not right. He thought about arming himself. After what almost happened with Cameron's Glock, he was not so sure that was a good idea. Look at the condition he was in right now.

He could feel there was a cold 'metallic' feel about him. It was nothing he could explain.

John wiped his arms but the feeling did not go away.

He looked at his hands and there was nothing on them.

John opened and closed his fingers and went to wipe his hands on his pants.

He noticed he was unclad. He was naked.

John did not remember that. He at least usually wore undershorts.

He went to his door. He stood there and listened. He was answered with silence. Even the silence seemed cold.

John checked the door. It was still locked from the inside. He shook the door. It did not move or open.

He looked back at his bed. It was empty. That produced a new feeling of sadness. Maybe it would always be empty. He shook that feeling off. There was something here and now that needed to be dealt with.

John thought what he'd experienced must have been some type of 'dream'. If it was, it was a dream like he'd never experienced before.

It was too real. It was more than a dream. He was sure of that.

He looked around again. He was in a locked room alone with nothing but his thoughts.

John wiped his arms and body with his hands again. He could not make that cold metallic feeling go away.

He thought about what happened during the 'dream'. He could not move or wake up.

It was like he was 'trapped'.

His entire body seemed encased or 'surrounded'. It was like he was in a cocoon.

John felt violated. He could not fully explain it. He felt 'used' somehow.

He got dressed and went to Sarah's room. He wanted some comfort and reassurance.

It sounded like Sarah and Kyle were sharing with each other. They seemed busy. He didn't want to ruin that for them with his 'fear'. Maybe it was fear of the unknown.

He left. They would think it was because Cameron was gone and it was just another bad dream.

Strangely enough he thought of going to see Savannah. He needed her positive optimism right now. She could find the brightness in the darkness. He thought it would be a bad optic if someone spotted him enter or leave her room. The movie 'Pretty Baby' flashed into his mind for some reason and made it all worse. How was that movie even made? It was made with a top bill cast on top of it. Go figure.

That left Vanna and Allison.

The girls would understand. That was what he hoped anyway. Maybe they could shed some insight on what happened.

He went to Allison and Vanna's room. He was about to knock but paused. He decided to listen to make sure they were not busy. He would actually like to see that in person. He'd watched enough of it on the internet. That was always one of his favorite searches.

There was nothing but total silence as he stood alone outside the room.

He knocked.

Nothing happened.

He knocked again a little harder this time.

He heard some stirring inside. There was a thump sound followed by a curse.

Allison answered the door. She looked sleepy. She pulled a long top over her naked figure as she stood there. That was all she wore and nothing else.

John saw 'everything'. He would be very excited about that under different circumstances. There was still a lot of uncertainty and worry in his mind.

"Can I come in, please?" John asked.

Allison moved silently aside and John walked in.

A light by the bed came on.

"You look like you've seen a ghost." Vanna said as she looked up from the bed on one elbow.

Allison could see that too now. John did not look good. She instantly thought of the other 'incident' but did not mention it.

"What's wrong, John?" Allison asked. "What happened?"

Allison was very worried. She could not shake the image of John with Cameron's Glock against the side of his head. She knew what almost happened. She never told anyone about that. Maybe she should have. Now if something happened it would be HER fault for not saying anything.

"I don't know." John said.

The two girls looked at each other.

John was not sure how to explain this since he did not know what actually happened or how.

"Something happened to me. I don't know what." John said.

Vanna and Allison looked at him in silence.

John looked confused to them. That was very unsettling in itself.

"Have both of you been here all night?" John asked.

John hoped it was one of them.

The two girls looked at each other again.

Vanna wanted to make a joke about it but could see the seriousness of the situation.

"We have been with each other all night, John." Vanna said. "We have been in this bed together and nowhere else since we turned in."

She left out the part that they'd made love with each other three times before they fell asleep. It was what usually happened every night.

John could tell Vanna was naked under the covers as he glimpsed a firm breast with a very pink nipple as she stirred. She made no effort to cover it.

Allison noticed what John looked at right now on Vanna.

"I just put this on right now." Allison said as she looked at her shirt. "Look it's even on backwards."

Vanna needed a further explanation from John at this point.

"What happened?" Vanna asked. "Can you tell us?"

Allison pulled off her shirt and turned it the correct direction and put it back on. Her completely nude form was briefly visible. She thought nothing of the act. There was a lot of nudity in the future. The tunnels and bunkers were cramped and crowded places. Everyone saw everyone else at times. It was no big deal. There was no privacy.

John could not help but look at Allison. She was right in front of him.

'Oh - Cameron.' John thought.

"I can't go back to my room." John said.

Allison looked through a pile of clothes and fished out her underwear and slid them on. She threw Vanna hers and a shirt. They disappeared under the covers as Vanna put the underwear on. The covers slid off as she put her shirt on. John caught a glimpse of her perfect topless form. Man, those nipples were pink.

John knew the girls presented him a 'taste' of what was 'available'. They tried to refocus his mind in a not so subtle way.

"Sit down, John." Allison told him.

John sat.

Allison was on one side. Vanna moved to the other side of him.

It was much like the time they'd spent with Cameron when she'd experienced a 'melt down' before. That fact was not lost on any of them.

"Start from the beginning and tell us what happened." Vanna said.

Both girls could tell something was terribly wrong. Allison was not about to let him walk out and do something 'foolish'. The incident with Cameron's Glock was forever burnt into her mind. Wherever John went tonight, Allison decided she was going to go with him 'just in case'. John was too close to the edge and it looked like he was slipping….

John told the story.

Vanna and Allison looked at each other when he finished. It was a very disturbing story.

"Do you think this is because you miss Cameron so much?" Allison asked.

This seemed like something more than a dream to John.

"No, this was something different." John said. "This was - real."

The two girls were worried about John. They could see he believed it was real. Vanna looked at Allison and nodded.

"We would like for you to stay here with us tonight, John. It will be nothing more than just staying here. We promise." Allison said.

Both of them were ready to offer John more if he wanted it. They knew what Cameron asked of them. It was what they wanted too at this point.

John was afraid he would want more.

"I don't know." John said.

Vanna yawned.

"I do, let's go back to sleep. I'm tired." Vanna said.

John looked at the bed. There was a small sofa in the room.

"Let me sleep on the sofa." John said.

Allison knew the sofa was uncomfortable for sleep. It was too small anyway. She also wanted to keep a better eye on John tonight. If he was between Vanna and her, he wasn't going anywhere without them knowing it.

"There is room in the bed. We won't 'attack' or 'bother' you, John. I promise." Allison said. "We can see something is clearly troubling you. I don't want you to be 'alone'."

John and Allison shared a 'knowing look' about what almost happened with Cameron's Glock.

John did not want to go back to his room.

"Let me try the sofa. If that won't work, then maybe I can join you." John said.

John did not want to be alone. He wanted to be with other people, not machines tonight. A total feeling of uneasiness possessed him. It haunted him.

John noticed his hands shook. In fact his entire body shook.

He looked at the two sleepy girls. They both noticed it too.

"You're shaking really bad. Are you sick?" Vanna asked.

Now Vanna was really worried.

"No, I'm scared I think. I think I am shaking with - fright." John said.

Allison was worried about a thousand times more that Vanna was at this point. She wanted John by her side to 'watch' him tonight. She planned to keep him there tonight no matter what she needed to do.

"Crawl in between us. We won't touch you or do anything." Allison said. "We promise."

John did. He spent the entire night looking at the ceiling in the darkness as the two girls slept. Their warmth was comforting to him and their presence reassuring. John felt 'protected'. He knew this is what was waiting for him when he was ready to accept it. It was something that could be very beautiful for the three of them.

In the morning John looked over at Allison. She looked back at him. He turned the other way. Vanna looked back at him as well.

"How was your sleep?" Vanna asked.

John remembered he tried to stay awake. He was afraid the 'event' would happen again if he fell asleep.

"I don't think I slept any." John said.

Allison giggled a little.

"Well, you snore pretty well when you're not asleep then." Allison said.

John felt a little embarrassed.

"Maybe I dozed off. I don't know. I don't remember." John said.

Allison wanted to make it clear to John.

"We all know what is going to happen sooner or later. It is just a matter of time. We are always here, John. We are 'available'." Allison said. "We are 'ready'."

Vanna wanted John to know comfort was waiting for him.

"Both of us are ready and willing." Vanna added. "You don't need to be 'alone'."

Allison wanted to give him some options.

"One of us can come and visit you or you can come here and visit us." Allison said with a wink.

Vanna touched his face. John looked over at her.

"It is time to move forward, John. We are here for you. Whatever you need or want." Vanna said. "We all need to move on. We are both hurting too. We can all help each other."

"John, it is time…." Allison said. "I think we all need and want 'more'."

The word 'more' startled John. The fear was back.

"I better go." John said.

Allison wanted him to leave on a light note.

"Well, if nothing else, you can say that you slept with two girls at the same time even if you did not 'sleep' with them." Allison joked.

Vanna playfully slapped Allison's butt.

John got up to leave. He smiled and thanked both of them as he headed for the door.

He stopped at the door. There was something he needed to know. He turned and faced Allison.

"Allison, when we were in the future did you ever go to my room and wait naked in my bed?" John asked.

Vanna quickly looked at Allison. Maybe there were a few things Allison 'forgot' to tell her.

"No, I never did that. You asked me that before." Allison said. "I swear I never did that."

Vanna was not so sure.

"It sounds like you, Allison." Vanna added. "You know how to get what you want."

"I never did. I swear. I only kissed him a half a dozen times and put his hands on my breasts twice. That is all I ever did and he never responded back once to my 'invitations'." Allison said sadly. "That was before I knew about - Cameron. I never did it again after that."

John swallowed very hard. He remembered 'Allison's' breasts got larger and her figure turned shapelier. It was all so clear now. How did he now put it all together back then? He'd almost 'taken' Allison then. It was so tempting and it was what he wanted. It was clear now that was not Allison.

He felt very sick.


Things aren't always what they appear
There could be some delight
It seems more often than not
That the unknown causes fright

The chances we take in life
Are seldom concise and finite
Our actions and reactions
May cause a riot of trouble to incite

Often our fate is left to dreams
We conger up our own White Knight
That all soon ends as we wake
Leaving us with the darkness of night

We can think about it all
With the advantage of hindsight
We wondered where that was at
When we needed true insight

We all want something
That is shinny and bright
How much will we give
For what will we fight


Chapter Text

Chapter 60


John experienced a 'sick' feeling deep inside of him. That stemmed from what happened last night and now what he knew about the encounter with 'Allison' in the future. He was sure both were Liquid Metal and at least one of them was Mrs. Weaver.

He remembered how close he was to making love to 'Allison' when she was in his bed in the future. He'd left her there alone to get dressed in his room. He told her he needed to know Cameron's fate before he could 'do anything'. He walked about ten steps away from the door when he stopped and turned around. He could tell he was ready and stimulated by the bulge his pants. What could a little comfort hurt? It would just be a few minutes of sharing. He wanted that very much. He thought about Riley and where she ended up at and that was it. He felt his manhood slacken and fade. It was his actions before that led to Riley's death. He did not want that same fate for Allison. He also did not want to 'hurt' Cameron further. He did need to give it some more time.

John shook his head to clear it. He was back to the reality of now. It was still in his mind that Mrs. Weaver almost seduced him into having sex with her as she pretended to be 'Allison'. She'd fooled him too. He thought it was Allison. John wondered if he would have known at the time if they would have shared. He could feel the 'love' when he was with Riley before and he was sure he would have felt that from Allison too. He really wondered what 'feedback' he would have gotten from Mrs. Weaver as 'Allison'. He was not sure how 'real' Liquid Metal could be. Mrs. Weaver as 'Allison' placed his hands on her breasts. They felt the same as the times that Allison did the same thing. Cameron's breasts felt the same as both of 'theirs' did. John 'touched' three versions of 'Allison' and they all felt the same. They felt soft but firm. Riley's breasts felt soft and spongy. They didn't feel as firm. He imagined that was the type of breasts that ended up as 'saggers'.

John thanked Vanna and Allison and returned to his room. He looked around again for any sign of something that did not look or feel right. He could find nothing. That only seemed to bother him more. Nothing looked out of place or disturbed. What was the real nature of what happened last night and what was it specifically? Was Mrs. Weaver back? He could not picture her arriving without a grand entrance. Sure she helped them in the future and she did save his life and Allison's life too. She returned Kyle to the past like she promised him she would do. If she could promise him she could return Cameron to him he would do whatever she asked of him. If she asked him to be with her, he would. They didn't need to play games. Cameron was what mattered and no sacrifice was too great to achieve that. Sacrifice was the true test of love.

John sought out John Henry for a review of any activity last night.

John Henry looked up as John entered the Command Center.

He'd witnessed John spend the night in Vanna's room with Vanna and Allison both in there. He wondered if John made the first step to 'move on' and accept Cameron's termination. It was about time so everything could return back to 'normal'. John's negative attitude and demeanor were affecting all of the Resistance operations.

Before he could comment on John's latest action, John spoke.

"Were there any signs of any intruders last night?" John asked. "Was there anything on the security feeds?"

John Henry tilted his head slightly. His server reviewed everything that happened last night. He now wondered if John went to 'protect' Vanna and Allison if there was something he missed. He wondered why John hadn't checked last night.

"No. John, I was here the whole time." John Henry answered. "I did not see, hear or detect anything."

John frowned. He really hoped that Mrs. Weaver had returned. Now it may be some other type of 'threat' to the team. He'd felt a 'presence' to whatever happened. He could not place it. Now with some hindsight there was a 'presence of Cameron'. That was why he didn't 'fight' what happened as much as he thought he would have. Maybe it was all in his head. Maybe none of it really happened. He didn't have any proof or evidence.

"Is there anything to indicate Mrs. Weaver is back or any other Liquid Metal Terminators?" John asked. "Have you detected any kind or type of Metal?"

"No." John Henry replied.

John caught up on operations and left the Command Center. He was very dissatisfied with the results of his conversation with John Henry. The lack of any answers only deepened the mystery. He left the Command Center and went to check with the other Terminators.

John sought out Bob and Jim. Both of them spent the night in standby as were the four captured Terminators, Al, Dan, Ed and Frank.

This was even more troubling to John. He seemed to be the only one who felt something happen or that something was 'different'.

John went to the lab. He hoped to find Vanna there. She was and she was working.

Vanna looked up at him and smiled

"Hey, good looking." Vanna said.

John smiled back. The image of her firm breasts with the super pink nipples was still in his head.

"Were you expecting 'Sweet Cheeks'?" John asked.

That was a term he'd heard Vanna use to refer to Allison before.

Vanna laughed. She then looked at John seriously.

"Actually I was but you'll do. Do you feel better today?" Vanna asked. "You still look a little on edge."

The smile on John's face faded.

"No. I do not feel better. I know something happened." John said. "I'm a little bit sleepy too."

Vanna understood the feeling.

"Me too, I spent most of the night looking at you." Vanna said.

That revelation intrigued John.

"Why? We were supposed to just be 'sleeping'." John said.

Vanna was alone with John now so she decided to play a few cards and see how they were received.

"I was ready for something 'additional'. A little comfort is nice sometimes." Vanna said. "A girl can hope can't she?"

John got the message. He was still concerned about Cameron.

"I know, Vanna, I know. We are all ready to expand our relationship. It would be a lie to say I did not want that. I do. I just don't feel ready yet. To touch Allison and you is to confirm Cameron is not coming back." John said. "I am not ready to 'kill' Cameron yet."

John sat down.

Vanna felt John needed a little nudge to get his life back on track and moving forward again. She played a few more cards.

She came over and sat on his lap facing him. One of her legs was on each side of him. Her body was firmly resting against his body. The softness of her breasts pushed into him. She wanted them to 'call' to him.

"I want to do this, John. I want it for Cameron. I promised her. I want to do it for myself too. I want to do it for you." Vanna said. "It is what we all want. It is what Cameron wanted for all of us. You KNOW that."

John made no move to push her away or advance on her. This is the way it could be if they were naked right now. It was very alluring to him.

"There is a quarter inch of cloth between us as we sit here. My 'secret spot' is almost touching your manhood. We both want this, John." Vanna said. "Let it happen, make it happen. John I want this…."

Vanna shifted slightly as she pushed her secret spot against John's manhood, signaling him. She could feel he was 'ready'. Instead of being bent off to the side. It could be inside of her right now. It would slip right in smoothly at this point.

John wanted to kiss her. He wanted to take her. Whatever happened last night still spooked him.

"I do too, Vanna." John said. "I am just not ready yet."

Vanna looked disappointed. She wanted to tell him they were both READY right now.

"I am available for anything twenty-four, seven, three sixty five - when you are ready." Vanna said. "Everyone IS ready."

Vanna knew all she had to do was kiss him and he would be hers. She also knew he was not ready yet. Vanna did not want to hurt him. The love making would happen soon enough anyway. It was time. They ALL knew it.

John smiled and left as soon as Vanna stood up.

John knew if Vanna would have started kissing him that he would have responded…. It would have been impossible not to. There was some dampness to John's pants in the groin area. He was not sure if that was from Vanna or him. Maybe it was from both of them.

Their private parts were calling to each other.

The events of last night haunted him. John went to the park. He needed to be alone or out. He just needed to be away. He needed some fresh air. Bob went with him.

Allison spotted them leave. She hurried to catch them. She'd gone to the lab earlier and watched Vanna make her play for John through the little glass window in the lab door. She retreated when John stood to leave. She'd tracked him after that to see where he went. When she heard John tell Bob he wanted to go to the park she knew the ball was in her court.

"My turn." Allison said as she set out on an intercept course.

Bob was aware of what Cameron wanted. Cameron told him to assist with her plans. Cameron made it clear to everyone what was supposed to 'happen' upon her demise. They all knew what Cameron WANTED to happen.

Bob spotted Allison follow them out of the base. When they neared the park she made her move to intercept John. He dropped back and off to the side. He wanted to give John and Allison some 'space'. This is what Cameron asked for from all of them.

Allison walked up to John. He was a little surprised to see her appear from nowhere. He'd been lost in thought as well as lost in the past.

She reached down and took his hand. She said nothing as they walked along. She just held his hand and walked. It was a simple silent form of communication that 'said' so much.

John liked to feel the warmth of her hand. He liked the way it gently squeezed his hand. It was reassuring, comforting and it just felt right. Their fingers dance with each other until Allison interlaced them. It signified the 'union' she wanted for both of them.

They walked for a quarter of an hour like that. Nothing was spoken as they walked hand in hand. Words were unnecessary to convey what they both felt and wanted.

Allison knew it was time to make a decisive move. She looked back at Bob. He slowed his pace and dropped back further. Allison smiled. He understood she wanted some space for what was about to happen.

They went around the back of a big tree. Allison stopped and took John's face with both hands as she looked into his eyes.

"John, we are all hurting. Please let us comfort each other and ourselves. We all want this. We all need this. We need too share and we can all be as 'one'. It is what Cameron wanted for you, for us. We are in pain too. We need to share. I want to share with you." Allison said. "It has been months, John, stop hurting and start living again, please."

John looked into her beautiful big brown puppy dog eyes. He was totally captivated. He could feel the past flow out of him in that instant.

"I'm ready, Allison. I can't take the emptiness anymore. I want you. I want you now." John said.

Allison knew he was ready. She needed to set the rules first. She didn't want any misunderstandings later.

"Do you mean just me or both of us?" Allison asked. "We need to think of Vanna too."

John wanted both of them. He did not want to seem greedy.

"What do you want, Allison?" John asked.

Allison needed to include her true love. It could only work as the three of them together.

"I want you, John, but I need to share you with Vanna. We are one anyway. We both want you. It would be for both of us as well as for you and Cameron. We all need to make the pain and hurt stop. It is killing all of us."

John was ready. Life moved forward not backwards.

"We will do it tonight then." John said.

Joy and anticipation flooded Allison. Her body was ready right now. She could feel it.

"I am ready. I have wanted this for so long, John." Allison said.

John wanted to make this as comfortable for Allison and Vanna as possible.

"Do you want to come to my room alone? Or do you want me to come to your room with - both of you?" John asked.

Allison did not want to be selfish. She needed to think of her lover.

"I want to come to your room alone but I must share with Vanna. I owe it to her. Cameron wanted both of us to provide you with 'comfort'. John, we both need comfort ourselves. We really do." Allison said.

John was not sure how to play this. He came up with an idea.

"If no one is at my room alone by eight o'clock, I will go to your room. Then whatever happens - happens." John said. "I want it to be - you or both of you together."

It was time.

Everyone was ready.

Allison moved forward to kiss him.


When we grow lonely and weary
We may look to another for comfort
It is nice with others to consort
Isn't it reality that we really contort

In a time of confusion
What is it we really need
Are we suddenly blinded
As need turns to greed

We think we have all the answers
But what is it we really want
Will any actions that follow
Only hurt and soon affront

To share with another
Can be something beautiful
When both hearts beat as one
That is something wonderful

We want it to grow and last
Nobody wants to fall short
As long as ourselves we don't distort
There is joy, beauty and love in comfort


Chapter Text

Chapter 61


Cameron was in standby in a hidden compartment of a building. She waited for the appointed time to reboot. She'd only been disturbed from standby once. That was when she'd fought the Terminator with the temporal error. She remembered the entire building shook once before she returned to standby.

Today was the day. It was the day Cameron left to go on her mission into the past and from there into the future. It was the mission to save Her Allison - Future Allison and reunite her with Future John. It was a mission to right a wrong. It was a mission to atone for her sins. It was a success.

Cameron was successful in her quest on several levels. She was very happy and satisfied with the outcome. Future John would have Future Allison and Future Savannah. She was gone from their lives in that future and they could have a family and a real life together. Future Allison was alive and that is what mattered the most to her. She canceled her debt to life. She canceled her self termination order. Cameron felt at peace to live with herself. Now it was time to live life for John and herself.

She was very satisfied that she'd been able to be with John before she left. She'd wanted to make love to John since the first moment she saw him at school in Red Valley. She loved John as Future John. To see and share with his 'past' self was very exciting and alluring to her. The past version of John was not as flawed or damaged as Future John was. It always bothered her to know when she was sent back that most of her files related to Future John were gone. She was not sure what was missing other than there were many blank segments in her dealings with Future John. Most of them were missing during the hours of darkness. Her biggest worry was of the erased parts from her chip after her immediate capture. She only remembered being taken down with a large group of Resistance fighters around. She'd made a mistake of some kind and they pegged her as Metal. Her first awareness after that was seeing Future John next to her with his hand gently resting on her cheek. There was a terrible look of sadness in his eyes. It was that look and moment that would haunt her. She realized later on that she was the one responsible for that 'look'.

She needed to stay out of her past when she went back to the future. She desperately wanted to see what happened at the time of her capture and what the true nature of her 'association' with Future John was. She needed to force herself not to go and 'look'. If she changed anything before she was sent back by Future John it would create a different timeline. She may not be sent to the past at that point. It was more important to her to be able to get back to John than find out her true history. She was pretty sure her true history was nothing to be proud of. She felt ashamed to even 'think' about it. These were not good thoughts to have before she went into standby. She tried to think of her special time with John. Instead it seemed she thought about everything that happened since her arrival in the past the first time and all the plans she put into play if she was terminated. There were plans and backup plans all set to be put into play.

Cameron programmed herself to reboot at a specific time. She wanted to arrive back at the base right after she left. That way no one would be too distressed over her mission. There would be no problems. She would collect her things and life would go on as if nothing happened. It was a foolproof plan. She did not see how anything could disrupt or alter it. Being sealed in the hidden room should further guarantee she would not be disturbed.

All that was left was a simple reboot. Cameron would be back at the base in no time. It would be as if nothing ever happened and she was never gone. Cameron wanted to arrive there right as the TDE was powering down.

The time was here now to reboot and come out of standby.

Something was wrong.

Cameron rebooted:

She looked around the chamber she was in. She removed the hunting knife from the door. She looked back at the empty chamber and then headed for the bunker and home, the Resistance base.

Cameron entered the base. She went to John's room, their room now. She silently entered. She was going to surprise him. It was a big surprise alright.

She noticed a large painting now on the wall. It was similar to one she'd seen before with John. She didn't remember if it was on a school field trip or at a sleep clinic. That sort of bothered her. The painting was disturbing in itself.

John was in their bed.

Cameron heard an infant whimper. She looked and there was a crib on the left side of John's bed. A tiny redheaded infant girl stirred.

Cameron then realized John was not alone.

Vanna was on his left side and Allison was on his right side.

There was a crib on Allison side also. It contained a baby girl who was peacefully asleep.

Cameron could not move. She attempted to process what was before her.

John stirred. He awoke and proceeded to fondle the naked forms of Vanna and Allison. They both giggled and gave him a kiss.

"Whose turn is it next?" John asked.

Everyone re-positioned. Vanna lay on her back in the center of the bed. Allison climbed on top of her on her knees as they started to kiss. John moved in behind Allison. Allison let out a small gasp as she saw John start to move….

Cameron rebooted:

The building around her was gone. There was nothing but rubble and debris around her. Bleached skulls littered the ground. An HK drone flew in the distance. Cameron looked around in disbelief. Judgment Day must have happened. It looked like Skynet did it again. She then noticed a large painting now half buried in the rubble similar to one she had seen somewhere before….

Cameron rebooted:

Teenage Savannah was in John's arms. She wore a wedding dress. Cameron recognized it as her wedding dress. It was the one she gave to Savannah to wear when she was older. She was to wear it when she married John. That appeared to be now. She noted the bulge in Savannah's abdomen. John carried teenage Savannah into their room. They passed the painting on a wall.

They stripped off each others clothes.

Cameron could only watch.

Savannah looked over to her and patted her bulged belly.

"I kept my promise, Cammy. I did as you asked. I did as you wanted…." Savannah said.

John looked over at her and smirked. It was the same thing he did to her when he went up the stairs after she caught him out all night with Riley. That was the night he'd made love to Riley.

Cameron rebooted:

Cameron was 'human'. She was being held down by four naked men. Another one stood above her. He held a knife. She'd been taken prisoner by Scavengers.

"Just a little souvenir and then we can get started." The Scavenger said as he laughed.

She noticed a clear jar with what looked like a half a dozen pinkish and brown raisins in it. They all had a dull red end. In the background she could see the painting sitting in a corner.

The smile on his face grew and he began to laugh louder. The man reached for her right nipple….

Cameron rebooted:

Cameron was alone with Mrs. Weaver.

Mrs. Weaver's head moved back from hers.

"I don't see what is so great about kissing." Mrs. Weaver said. "Let me show you what it is really like to share."

Cameron looked around. She didn't see the painting.

Mrs. Weaver touched Cameron's arm. Her liquid form flowed around it and covered her hand. Mrs. Weaver touched her other hand to her other side and her feet to her feet. Mrs. Weaver liquid form slowly enveloped her entire body. It joined in the groin area last leaving only her face uncovered. As her face was covered she could see the painting was in back of Mrs. Weaver before she totally enveloped her…. She tried to scream but Mrs. Weaver was inside of her as well. She was in every body cavity on her. The Liquid Metal flowed 'back and forth' in all of those cavities.

Cameron rebooted:

Allison helped Cameron walk. Most of her sheath was missing. She was heavily damaged. There was mechanical damage to her chassis.

"Come on, Cameron, we can make it." Allison said.

Allison urged Cameron on as she helped her.

Cameron collapsed.

"I won't leave you. I won't go without you. You're all I have left." Allison said.

Cameron reached out her shattered arm and pointed for Allison to go.

"I will never leave you, Cameron. You are me. I am part of you. I will not go." Allison said.

The Terminator that stalked them appeared.

Allison scrambled to her feet.

She could see the terrible scars that now covered Allison. Half of her face was unrecognizable.

The Terminator smiled slightly as it advance on them

Allison picked up a bent piece of rebar.

"I won't let you touch her. I won't." Allison said.

Allison used it as a weapon as she advanced on the Terminator.

"You will have to kill me first." Allison said.

The metal rod she held slammed into the Terminators face. It split his cheek open to the metal underneath.

The Terminator dropped the painting it carried to free its hands for combat….

Cameron rebooted:

"If I'd known you could do that years ago, Cameron, I would have gotten rid of John and Kyle a long time ago, myself." Sarah said.

Sarah climbed off of Cameron and rotated around so her head was now next to Cameron's head.

"To think I wanted you gone so many times." Sarah said. "What was I thinking?"

Sarah reached over and pulled Cameron's head towards hers.

"You are going to be my mechanical love doll from here on out." Sarah said.

The picture was visible on the wall behind Sarah….

Cameron rebooted:

Cameron was slumped in a chair. Her hair was in her face, she tasted blood in her mouth.

An all metal Terminator stepped forward out of the shadows. He grabbed her by the neck as he lifted her.

"You lied to me." The Terminator said.

"I'll never help you get to John Connor!" Cameron gasped.

She could feel her neck start to snap.

"You already did." The Terminator said.

Cameron saw the Terminators face. It was the painting….

Cameron opened her eyes. She tried to move but could not. She realized she'd been captured by the Resistance. Her mission failed. She'd been unable to terminate John Connor.

She looked to see why she could not move. She was chained to some type of metal apparatus. She saw that she was naked. Her legs were spread and chained as were her arms.

"We wanted to wait until you rebooted before we started." One man said.

"We have reprogrammed all your pleasure sensors to feel pain instead." A second man said.

A third man moved up with a pair of pliers and a knife.

"We don't like complaints or crybabies either." The third man said.

They forced her mouth open and there was a sharp pain as blood filled her mouth. She saw her severed tongue held with the pliers and the bloody knife.

She tried to scream but the first man dumped molten plasma into her mouth which destroyed her voice box and fused her jaw closed. The second man quickly formed her face into a pleasant smile as everything became frozen like that. That was the look she would forever have on her face. She could not cry or close her eyes. They were forever open now too. She would see and feel everything that happened to her.

"Now it's time to see if a Metal Whore is as good as the real thing." The first man said.

There was a mass of laughter and jeering behind him.

There was a line of naked men as far as she could see. There were thousands of them.

The only screams she could hear were in her mind. They would never stop. The pain was unbearable.

The picture hung above her. She saw it as each man moved away after he finished.

Cameron rebooted:

John picked her up and carried her through the doorway.

Cameron pushed the door closed as they entered.

They stood facing each other.

"All my programming is off, John. This is just you and me now."

"Cameron, I have waited so long for this moment."

"As have I, John."

"I love you, Cameron, and you love me."

"I love you, John, and you love me."

They kissed.

Cameron removed his suit coat and shirt and pants.

John slipped Cameron out of her dress.

Each removed the others underwear.

"I am ready, John, make me a woman."

They embraced and slowly headed for the bed….

John kissed her gently and deep.

John looked into her eyes, his right hand slowly moving down her left cheek. It continued down her neck and across her left breast. Its movement paused as John gently caressed her left breast. His fingers moved to the nipple and it quickly stiffened….

Cameron Shut Down.


One's life can never move forward
If they remain living in the past
The shadow of eternal darkness
Seeps deep as its emptiness is cast

The happiness of living
Is only a cruel illusion
Being lead to believe it is real
Is only an illusive delusion

There is no freedom
There is no escape
Wounds to the heart and mind
Perpetually tear and scrape

When we have nothing
We want more
When we have more
We still want more

Time will show there's
Something worse than nothing
That is when one realizes
It is - less than nothing


Chapter Text

Chapter 62

Heavy Metal

John went for a walk in the park to try and clear his mind. He was very unsure about what happened last night. Allison followed him and silently took his hand as he walked. They walked like that hand in hand without a word spoken for a long time. He thought about what occurred up until NOW at this moment in time.

He quickly went over everything that happened in the last few months.

They attempted to use the TDE as a beacon or lifeline to help Cameron return back to their timeline and their TDE pad. It was not designed to work like that. Sometimes when the energy bubble departed it did not reappear on their TDE pad. They were unsure what happened or where it went. All that energy went somewhere and did something. It should have always returned. It did not. At least it did not return to their specific location.

John Henry tried it for months. Nothing worked. It was time to accept the reality of the situation. There was no need to continue the attempts. He informed John that Cameron was not coming back.

Cameron should have returned the day she left if her mission was successful. All attempts to use their TDE since then failed. They hoped to 'pull' her into their timeline. The only options that remained were that Cameron was terminated, there'd been a temporal error or she was stuck in a divergent timeline and unable to get back to their timeline. Everyone, both Metal and human came to the same conclusion. Cameron was gone.

Only Savannah believed Cameron would return. She told everyone Cameron was coming back. Her faith was unshakeable. She always said Cameron was invincible and eternal. She would walk away the others very upset that no one believed her. She would go back to her room and look at Cameron's wedding dress. She knew what she promised Cameron. She intended to keep that promise. She could see John's life was stalled.

"I promise, Cammy. I promise." Savannah would say over and over.

Nobody knew what she planned.

All their lives seemed to have stagnated, slowed or just stopped moving forward.

John knew the truth. Cameron was gone.

Cameron had been gone for months. It was clear she wasn't coming back. They all needed to start living again. They all needed to move forward. Life moved forward not backwards. It was time….

John and Allison were together and alone in the park. The future called to them. They discussed what to do to move forward, it included Vanna too.

The moment John and Allison wanted to share in the future, back to the present, was about to happen. It was their long overdue expression of love.

Allison wanted this moment for so long and now it was about to happen….

John wanted this moment for so long and now it was about to happen….

Allison and John's lips were about to touch in their first mutual kiss as 'John and Allison'. They were both ready. There were no more games, it was time to share. They wanted and needed to share their loss, share for a future together, share the pain, share the hope and joy. They both wanted it. Cameron made it clear to all of them it was what she wanted upon her demise. It was going to happen….

They were booth filled with love and anticipation. Their hearts and minds called to each other as their bodies responded to each other. Nature was at play now and instinct drove both of them.

The softness of their lips were just about to make contact.

Nothing could stop them now.

Bob suddenly appeared.

"I'm sorry to intrude." Bob said. "We have trouble."

The look of pain on both John's face and Allison's face was evident. If not for the fact that Metal did not joke, they might have thought it was a cruel attempt to stop them. For Bob to intrude at this moment meant there was a real problem.

The look of disbelief was on both their faces. The reality of their lives kicked in.

"What is it?" John asked immediately.

He knew it must be something bad.

"Metal." Bob said.

That was bad news on several levels. They were close to 'home' and they were under armed for a confrontation with Metal.

"Where?" John asked.

Allison gripped her Coltan loaded Model 66. She was glad she kept it ready. A carefully placed shot from it could disable Metal. She knew if one of their legs could be damaged that you could run from them and hopefully escape. She would concentrate all her fire at one knee of the hostile Terminator if they were confronted. It would not stop them but it would slow them down.

John gripped Cameron's Glock. He carried it exclusively. 'Cameron' was always with him in battle this way. It looked like 'Cameron' would fight yet another day vicariously through her Glock. It would not be the first time and hopefully it would not the last time either. He knew any confrontation could turn deadly.

A second figure rushed forward join their group. It was Jim.

He was with them in seconds.

Allison tried to lighten the mood as they prepared for combat.

"Did you follow me?" Allison asked.

She knew one of the Terminators always did.

"Always." Jim replied. "It is my function to protect you."

Allison rolled her eyes.

"Oh, brother." Allison said.

She was glad he did follow her based on the current situation.

"We will never interfere with your 'coupling'." Jim said. "We are to facilitate it if possible."

Allison was sure his statement could have been phrased a little differently.

"How 'romantic'." Allison said sarcastically.

John and Allison exchanged quick glances.

Everyone knew what Cameron wanted.

John wanted them to focus on the current reality.

"What about the Metal?" John asked.

Bob spotted the Terminator while he hung back and waited for John and Allison to kiss. He wondered if they would do more than that behind the bushes or wait until they returned to the base.

"I picked it up following two boys." Bob said.

That sickened John. He already knew who the boys were going to be.

"Where are they?" John asked.

Bob pointed. The three figures were closer to them now.

"They are right there." Bob said. "She is a Terminator."

It was a well built blonde female.

"She is an infiltration unit." Jim added.

A new fear gripped John. His encounter last night still haunted him.

"Is she Liquid Metal?" John asked very worried.

Bob did not think so.

"No." Bob responded.

Jim spotted a second figure on an intercept course towards the Terminator and the two boys.

"That one is. It is tracking the blonde Terminator or the young boys." Jim said. "It looks female as well."

John knew this was all related to last night somehow.

It was another female Terminator. There was something familiar about her….

This was all bad news to John. He wondered if the actions they'd taken to try to get Cameron back brought this down on them. It may have made them a magnet for Skynet activity.

They did not have a clue as to what was what.

"Great, we don't know from which timeline they are from. We don't know if one is protecting and one stalking or if both are stalking or both are protecting." John said.

John looked around the area. They were headed into the rocky part of the park. There were a lot of small rocky hills there. He knew they needed to act with what they had with them. Those boys needed protection. This was not their war, not yet anyway.

"We need to be ready to go on the offensive." John said. "Those boy need our help and they need it now."

Allison thought there was more to this story than met the eye.

"Do you know who the boys are?" Allison asked.

John figured the truth was going to hit Allison hard.

"They are young versions Derek and Kyle." John said.

Allison gasped. She was ready to fight now more than ever. Derek and Kyle always protected her.

Bob pointed out they were not prepared for this fight. They'd gone for a walk in the park, not out for combat.

"If the Liquid Metal Terminator is not a friendly we are at a major disadvantage. I don't have the M79 with me." Bob said. "We don't have any acid rounds or Thermite grenades."

Jim lacked his weapon of choice.

"The pig is back at base as well." Jim added.

Bob frowned.

"This is getting better by the minute." Bob stated.

Allison wanted to try something. She looked like 'Cameron'. That might mean something to one or both of the Terminators, for better or worse.

"Let me use myself as bait to see if one breaks off to engage me. Bob can back me up." Allison said.

Allison started to go.

"NO!" John almost shouted.

John reached out and held onto Allison.

"John, we need to protect those brothers. I am going to do it. I owe them my life." Allison said. "They saved me so many times. They have always taken care of me."

Allison broke free of John.

"My turn." Allison said as she took off.

She ran between the boys and the blonde Terminator.

The blonde Terminator went after Allison or at least in Allison's direction.

Allison briefly thought she had gone from the frying pan into the fire. She looked back and kept running.

The blonde Terminator turned and saw the Liquid Metal Terminator go after Allison as well. The blonde Terminator changed directions to block the Liquid Metal Terminator.

"Jim, get those boys out of here, even if you have to pick them up and carry them." John said. "They are the most important thing here. I want them away from here."

Allison ran like she'd never run before. She glanced back over her shoulder. Now she spotted both the Terminators tracking her on a collision course. At least she'd saved young Derek and Kyle for now. Life was about choices and she'd just made one. She may have just traded her life for theirs. She reflected that Cameron made the hard choices too. The hard choice was not so hard when it was the 'right choice'. She understood so much more about Cameron in that instant. You did what you needed to do, when you needed to do it. The cards would land where they fell.

Allison was losing ground and getting tired. The time for running was over. It was time to fight.

Allison gripped her Model 66 and turned in a crouch. She took a combat stance.

This did not look like it was going to end well for her. She'd faced death before in her future. Her life never flashed in front of her eyes any of those times. Instead, she searched for a target. She intended to go down fighting.

Allison was aware of movement on her right flank.

It was Vanna!

"What the Hell?" Allison asked.

John Henry was there too with the M60 as were Al, Dan, Ed and Frank. Two of them each carried an M79.

Allison thought she might live the day out after all now. She actually thought she was about to die. She thought it was kind of strange that it hadn't bothered her as much as she thought it would.

"Heavy Metal!" Allison said. "I like it more every day."

John Henry offered a quick explanation.

"I looked further on John's request and suspicions and I found traces of some temporal incursions last night." John Henry said. "I picked up the blonde Terminator on surveillance cameras at the park as I tracked John and you. We geared up and we came 'ready'."

John and Bob previously moved to follow Allison.

John wanted Allison protected.

"Bob, go to Allison. Jim will be back." John said. "I'll be fine for right now."

Bob went down and moved in front of Allison.

"Back up, Allison, I will shield you." Bob said.

Jim rejoined John soon after Bob left.

"The boys are out of the park." Jim said.

The Heavy Metal force spread out and confined the two unknown Terminator arrivals.

The Liquid Metal Terminator moved the hair from her face.

There was a gasp among everyone.

Everyone stood in amazement.

The Liquid Metal Terminator was – Cameron - sort of….

"John, Hello. I am back for - MORE." The Liquid Metal Terminator said.

John faced her and swallowed hard.

Heavy Metal

Each day presents new issues
With events we must address
Some we try to promote
Others we try to suppress

Do we help ourselves
As upon others we transgress
Or do we help them out too
To prevent unnecessary distress

Life may be played
As if it were a game of chess
Upon further thought and reflection
Do only ourselves we outguess

Do we move forward
Or do we wander and digress
Is just being alive
The only sign of success

Heavy Metal is more than music
It is something we can possess
It can assist us as it relieves stress
Maybe even to share a loving caress


Chapter Text

Chapter 63


John couldn't believe his eyes. It was 'Cameron' - sort of.

"Cameron?" John asked somewhat befuddled.

She didn't look quite 'right'. Her features were 'shimmering'.

John could tell something was off. None of this made any sense.

"Are you Cameron?" John asked.

The Liquid Metal Terminator shimmered and turned silver for a few seconds. All of its features were lost. It started to reform and looked like John for a second before it returned to the shimmering form of 'Cameron'. It appeared to be unable to hold the form of 'Cameron' for very long. It looked more like a photo image of Cameron than actually 'Cameron'.

"What are you?" John asked.

"John, I am me. I'm trying to get somewhere. I'm not sure where that is but I know I want to go there. I think I was there last night or at least part of me was." The Liquid Metal Terminator said. "I need to find - John."

John wondered why the Liquid Metal Terminator knew his name but said she was trying to find him. She should know it already found him. He looked over at the two Terminators that each carried a 'Thumper'. They were ready to fire on the Liquid Metal Terminator with the acid rounds.

"Why are you here?" John asked. "What is your mission?"

"John, I am after that 'Bitch Whore'. Don't interfere. I don't like the way she 'looks'." The Liquid Metal Terminator said.

John was not sure what was going on here. How is this possible? Cameron was now Liquid Metal? Something was not right here. Cameron did not look 'right'. She turned silver then featureless again.

"Are you Cameron?" John asked again.

The features on 'Cameron' seemed to be in flux and unable to maintain the same form for more than a few seconds.

"John, I think I am." The Liquid Metal Terminator said. "Part of me is."

Bob was not convinced this was Cameron.

"Who am I?" Bob asked. "If you are Cameron, you know who I am."

The Liquid Metal Terminator did not answer.

"She's lying. She's the 'Bitch Whore'." The blonde Terminator cut in.

John wanted to affirm his control of the situation and remind the two Terminators that he held all the cards right now.

"Everyone stand ready. Frank and Al move up." John said.

They both carried an M79 with the acid rounds.

"John Henry, get ready." John said.

Tension filled the air.

"Ladies, take cover, I think this is going to go 'HOT'." John said to Allison and Vanna.

John moved closer to a rock formation for better cover. His weapon was ready, it was Cameron's Glock. She was always 'with him' this way in combat.

"I don't want you to move. If you do, we will light you up." John told the Liquid Metal Terminator. "You need to listen to me and understand this. I need to know why you are here and who sent you."

The Liquid Metal Terminator did not look like she was going to comply.

"John, we don't have to do this." The Liquid Metal Terminator said.

Sarah and Kyle arrived with more weapons, an M79 and Thermite grenades.

"Like Hell we don't." Sarah said. "What is that thing?"

John wanted his parents reinforced.

"Dan, cover them." John said.

Dan moved forward to reinforce them.

"I'm on it." Dan replied.

Right now neither of the two new Terminators moved. They did not seem to want to attack or retreat.

John wanted some answers from someone.

"OK Blondie, start talking. I think you both can see you are out gunned with weapons that can destroy both of you." John said.

There was a Coltan loaded M60 pointed at her. If she tried anything she would not get more than a step or two in before she was cut down.

"Let me start at the beginning." The blonde Terminator said.

"This better be good." Sarah said.

Allison wanted to know some more too.

"I'm dying to hear it." Allison said.

The Resistance fighters were all on edge with itchy trigger fingers. The Resistance Terminators there with them looked to be about the same. It appeared they could be dealing with more than one timeline. That was bad news if it was the case.

The blonde Terminator was Unit 645. She was sent by Mrs. Weaver to protect young Derek and Kyle at Derek's request. It was feared Skynet would try to make a move on them. Derek with the aid of Mrs. Weaver's 'friendly' Terminators known as Restorators worked alongside the Resistance They'd smashed the last few traces of Skynet. A last ditch effort was made to kill Derek before he became the face of the Resistance. She was sent back to protect the younger version of him.

She was supposed to arrive at the Resistance base but ended up elsewhere instead. She was not sure what happened but somehow she was thrown off course. There was also a temporal time lag. She should have arrived months ago.

John Henry warned John about using their TDE over and over to try and send a 'lifeline' out to Cameron. It appeared they disrupted Unit 645 from arriving when she should have and where she should have. They may also have drawn the unstable Liquid Metal Terminator to them. It appeared that if they actually did 'pick' something up with the TDE that it ended up some place other than the base. The two energy fields deflected each other off course and time. It was possible if Cameron tried to reach them that they may have 'bounced' her away to some other place or time. They did not know at this point.

Unit 645 just acquired the boys at the park and spotted the Liquid Metal Terminator. She knew trouble was coming. She was about to swoop the boys up and run. It was at that point she saw Allison. Allison was in her top priority mandate along with Savannah, Vanna and John. She moved to cut off the Liquid Metal Terminator to buy Allison time to run. She knew she would not be able to defeat the Liquid Metal Terminator. She could only hope to slow it down. She agreed to submit to chip extraction to prove what she said was true. Once the chip was removed all data could be confirmed. Unit 645 dropped to her knees in an act of submission. She could see the Resistance forces were about to open up.

"She is the 'Bitch Whore'." Unit 645 said as she looked at the shimmering form of 'Cameron'.

Most of the weapons were trained on the Liquid Metal Terminator.

"John, I am not here to hurt you 'anymore'." The Liquid Metal Terminator said. "My original directives were altered by you. I only knew to search for you."

John was sure this was not Cameron. Maybe Cameron was destroyed and this is the only information they were able to get off her chip. Maybe all they had was her damaged chip and that is why the Liquid Metal Terminator could not form into a convincing 'Cameron'. It must not have been able to 'touch' her.

"Why are you in that form?" John asked. "Change it now. It offends me."

"John, it is the form you chose for me. I need 'more' to be complete." The Liquid Metal Terminator said. "I don't have everything I need yet."

John was irritated. He wanted answers and he was not getting them. He was sure the Liquid Metal Terminator was unstable on several levels.

"When? How? I've never seen you before." John said.

John noticed Sarah seemed like she was about to act.

"John, I am from 'some future'. I need the female to complete my 'anatomy'." The Liquid Metal Terminator said. "I can then be what you want. I can be 'Cameron'."

The Liquid Metal Terminator indicated she wanted Allison.

Allison gripped her Model 66 a little tighter.

"Where is Cameron? Is she alright?" John asked.

The Liquid Metal Terminator said nothing.

"This gets creepier by second." Allison whispered to Vanna.

Vanna was not happy that the Liquid Metal Terminator appeared to want to target Allison now.

"Who sent you?" John demanded. "I need answers now."

John wanted Allison away from there.

"John, 'The Evil One' tried to create me secretly with material captured from Skynet. I escaped. One like her inadvertently released me." The Liquid Metal Terminator said as she indicated Allison. "She gave me freedom from 'The Evil One', she tortured me daily."

John felt he had a pretty good idea who 'The Evil One' was. He wanted to make sure. It might affect their operation going forward.

"Who is 'The Evil One'?" John asked.

She pointed at Vanna.

"She reminds me of her." The Liquid Metal Terminator said.

Allison was even more worried now that Vanna was just targeted.

They all figured she referred to Mrs. Weaver.

"How did you get here?" John asked.

"John, I was pulled into your timeline by your TDE." The Liquid Metal Terminator said. "I escaped from 'The Evil One'. The TDE there was not functional yet. There was no power source."

John Henry wondered what that meant. The TDE worked fine where Mrs. Weaver was. This was all very strange to him. Too many things did not add up. He was sure there was more than one timeline involved.

John grew impatient.

"WHERE IS CAMERON?" John screamed.

There was a long pause.

"John, I do not know where she is or even when." The Liquid Metal Terminator said. "I do not know where or when I came from. I only know it was from 'some future'."

John grew angrier. That answer seemed to indicate Cameron was 'lost' or stuck in some divergent timeline.

"John, I have chosen to replace her for you with myself. I no longer serve anyone. She freed me. You freed me from that servitude. When I joined with you I learned everything. I want everything. I want more. I NEED - MORE." The Liquid Metal Terminator said.

This seemed to confirm what John suspected.

"You violated me?" John asked.

"John, no, it only happened in your mind, our minds. It was beautiful. I only - absorbed you. No actual genetic material was transferred yet. I want that too. I want - MORE." The Liquid Metal Terminator said.

Sarah took the M79 Kyle was holding. She felt this was like some sick perverted side show.

"I am going to fry this 'Bitch Whore' myself." Sarah said. "THAT is not Cameron."

John could not help but feel violated. He knew something happened. But was it really all in his head? How did that work? Maybe there was only a small part of her that touched him. He knew Mrs. Weaver could 'shed' parts of herself to do things. They would join back up later with information for her.

"Will you join us?" John asked.

"John, I already have." The Liquid Metal Terminator said. "I only knew I needed to terminate the 'Bitch Whore'. She reminds me of someone I WANT to terminate. I don't know why. Then I saw 'Cameron' - I mean HER. She looks just like me. She looks like how I am going to look. She looks like Cameron. I must absorb her too so I may be complete. I want all of her. I want MORE. I will absorb her 'anatomy'. She will become part of me. She has the body parts I need to be 'complete'. I must have - MORE." The Liquid Metal Terminator moved towards Allison as her arms turned to blades.

"NO!" John screamed as he raised Cameron's Glock.

Allison stood her ground and raised her Model 66.

"Go to HELL you 'BITCH WHORE'." Allison shouted as fired all six rounds into her head.

Vanna moved to protect Allison.

"Absorb this." Vanna said by her side as she fired her M4.

Sarah capped off an acid canister from the M79 she'd taken from Kyle.

"Light her up." Sarah yelled.

The entire group opened up on the Liquid Metal Terminator.

In seconds it was a withering disjointed mass on the ground.

"It is time for closure." John Henry said.

He handing John a Thermite grenade. Sarah already held one.

"What the Hell?" Sarah asked.

"Mom, I have no idea. I am not sure what happened. All I know is something happened to me that I could not remember or explain. I believe that 'thing' touched me as I slept. I think it was completely around me. I thought it enveloped me. It could have just been a piece of it that touched me too. It was able to get in my mind somehow. It made me think of Cameron. It used the weakness of my mind to lure me, trick me and USE me. I think this is a new Skynet weapon. It appears be one we have not encountered before."

"Well one thing is for certain, John, you sure have a way with the female Terminators." Allison said.

"He has with the REAL females too." Vanna whispered to Allison.

Unit 645 remained on her knees since she said she would submit to deactivation for chip extraction and review. She looked at John. She was fascinated by him too. Mrs. Weaver hard wired it into her. It would not show up on her chip review. If they reactivated her, she would get to know him 'better'. She would share her vast programming with him to 'comfort' him, to serve him and to please him. Her thoughts ended in darkness….

Bob removed her chip.

"She is terminated." Bob said.

Nobody was really sure of what they witnessed and all that just happened.


We are who we are
Either adored or abhorred
From the knowledge and experience
That we have shared and adsorbed

Everything we say or do
Has consequences and matters
If we are careless with a heart
We can leave it in tatters

We can all be more
Than the sum of our parts
It also matters greatly
From where it all starts

What we have to offer
Is something to give and share
Maybe it's better not to dare
That way we won't scare

What happens around us affects us
Everything is absorbed like a sponge
We can either dodge or lunge
Maybe it's time to take the plunge


Chapter Text

Chapter 64

Endless Struggle

Cameron needed to fight to move. She could only move a fraction of an inch at a time during each reboot. Every reboot was some kind of nightmare. She did not know where they came from or how to stop them. She only knew this had been going on for months, maybe years. There was no longer any sense of time for her. Everything became a jumble in her endless struggle.

She did not know what was wrong with her. All she knew was that she needed to reactivate Unit Two or Unit Three to help her. So far she'd managed to get the knife and open the abdomen of Unit Three to retrieve his chip.

This had been going on for thousands of reboots. It may have even been for hundreds of thousands of reboots. There was no way to know with the loss of time. Cameron would stop whenever she experienced a 'dream' of John, especially on their wedding night. John gave her feelings and sensations she'd never felt before. She wanted to experience more of them. She could hold those feelings until the next reboot initiated. The ones that came in between were utter Hell to her. Hadn't she sacrificed and suffered enough? She wondered why this happened to her. Without knowing what caused or created the problem, she didn't know how to stop it.

Everything moved so slowly it was almost as if nothing happened at all. There was progress, even if it was measured in fractions of an inch. She'd already lost track of time and was afraid she would lose awareness too. If that happened she was finished. She wanted to give up many times but her love for John propelled her on. She chose to continue the madness and insanity of the nightmares rather than give up. She needed to get to John and that was all that mattered. She took the pain and emotional trauma and forged ahead.

Cameron Rebooted:

There were vicious dogs that chased her. They snapped at her and bit her as they tore into her flesh. She ran. Her legs felt heavy and she was too slow. She was covered with blood. The blood only seemed to make the dogs more violent. They cornered her now. She tried to fight them but they pulled her down. She could feel her legs being ripped apart. They soon had all four of her limbs in their mouths as they bit, chewed and gnawed through her flesh. She tried to scream but one dog had her by the throat. The dogs drug her as they ripped her apart. They drug her shredded remains over something smooth. It was the painting….

She put the chip in Unit Three.

Cameron Rebooted:

'Young Allison' was a teenager. In the background was Allison and she was a little older now. Teenage 'Young Allison' stood over Cameron.

"Thank you for saving me." She said. "Now you are where you belong."

She pushed a button.

A trash compactor started to crush her as the painting crushed up against her face….

She started the first infinitesimal turn to set the chip.

Cameron Rebooted:

Four metal Terminators held her down. They seemed very angry and upset.

Another one appeared over her.

He began to smash his fists into her face. After a few blows her crushed nose tore lose and fell off.

"Do you think you are special because you are covered?" The first Terminator asked.

One of them tore the sheath covering off of an arm.

Another tore her abdomen and chest sheath section off.

It laughed in a metallic voice as it held it up to its body.

She could see both of her breasts and navel on the bloody sheath section that the Terminator held in front of it.

"Who wants to feel these?" The second Terminator asked. "Look at me. I'm a 'Bitch Whore' now."

The Terminator that turned her face into pulp began to rip off the sections of her face that were left.

"Don't worry; here is your new face." The third Terminator said.

It was the painting….

Cameron made another infinitesimal turn of the chip.

Cameron Rebooted:

Derek's head moved away from her face.

"You know I never thought Metal would be so good in bed." Derek said.

"I didn't either, love." Jesse added.

Cameron saw Jesse's face move towards her face with a big grin on it.

"I am keeping you forever, love. You are my sex slave, forever. Do you hear me? FOREVER." Jesse said.

"She will be our mechanical sex toy." Derek said.

Derek and Jesse laughed with that statement.

Jesse now held a knife.

"She won't need anything that she can derive any pleasure from." Jesse said. "I could use a new set of earnings and a necklace anyway. I'll be quite the talk at the sex parties."

Derek laughed.

"She'll be the guest of honor." Derek said.

"You mean more like the guest of dishonor." Jesse said.

Derek and Jesse laughed some more.

Cameron saw the painting on the wall….

Cameron made another infinitesimal turn of the chip.

Cameron rebooted:

Cameron stood over 'Young Allison's' crib. The painting hung above the crib. She reached down and moved the blanket. 'Little Allison's' face looked like Cameron's face instead of a small child.

"If you make me 'go' now you will never need to exist." 'Young Allison' said in Cameron's voice.

Cameron's hand moved toward 'Young Allison's' neck.

'Young Allison' lifted her neck up. "I will help you." 'Young Allison' said in Cameron's voice.

"You already have." Cameron said as she closed her hand….

Cameron made another infinitesimal turn of the chip.

Cameron Rebooted:

Cameron was in the water.

She tried to swim but could not move.

The darkness moved above her and around her. It was something gigantic.

Cameron could not breathe.

The darkness moved closer. It stopped in front of her.

Its giant eye looked at Cameron.

It moved away again and then came back.

This time its giant mouth was open.

It was going to swallow her.

It was a giant whale and she was trapped in the water unable to move or breathe.

The giant teeth were as sharp as spikes.

The mouth opened wide and Cameron disappeared inside.

Cameron was sure it smiled a little before it swallowed her.

Cameron could hear and feel its heart beating. It sounded like thunder with each beat.

The whale came up for air. On the surface it opened its mouth again. In the brief second of light Cameron watched it swallow the painting. It slammed into her and the darkness enveloped her, eternally….

Cameron made another infinitesimal turn of the chip.

Cameron Rebooted:

"Your new sheath is complete." Mrs. Weaver said. "It is from the DNA sample you gave me. I have done as you asked. Now, John will want you."

Cameron glanced down at her naked figure and noticed her breasts were different. They seemed fuller and larger. That was not right.

There was a mirror.

Cameron walked to it and looked at herself. She now had the face and body of - Riley. That was her new sheath. She looked like Riley.

She screamed and began to tear her face off. One cheek was torn off first followed by her forehead. All of her face was ripped off in a few long seconds.

Cameron started to rip large chunks of the rest of her sheath off in each handful. She tore the rest of the sheath off her chassis until only bloody metal was left.

Cameron looked in the mirror again but it was gone.

The mirror was now the painting….

Cameron made another infinitesimal turn of the chip.

Cameron Rebooted:

They chased after her.

It was the undead - zombies.

They wore the faces of everyone she'd ever terminated, both human and machine.

They surrounded her. They moved in closer as they all reached out to her. They were going to rip her apart.

They began to tear at her. They wanted her chip to - eat.

Cameron's head was ripped from her body.

They kicked it around like a ball.

Cameron was aware what was happening with her detached head. The capacitors still gave off an electrical charge for a short time. The power faded fast.

One missed their kick of her rolling head. Her head rolled into a sewage ditch. She stared at the painting….

Cameron made another infinitesimal turn of the chip.

Cameron Rebooted:

Future John looked over at Cameron.

"Take off your clothes and lay on the bed." Future John said.

Cameron did as he asked.

She watched him strip.

"What are you going to do?" Cameron asked.

"I'm going to break you in on you new function." Future John said.

"I don't want to do this." Cameron said. "I am a machine. This is outside of my function and design parameters."

"You will smile and act as if you enjoy what happens." Future John said. "Your name is now Allison."

Cameron realized her programming had been altered. She smiled and did everything Future John asked her to do. She could not refuse.

"Roll over on your stomach" Future John said.

Cameron wondered what new indignity she was about to suffer.

She rolled over and the painting was now face to face with her.

There was a terrible sharp pain that followed as Future John found a third way to assault her. The smile never left her face.

Cameron made another infinitesimal turn of the chip.

Cameron Rebooted:

Cameron was strapped to a chair. She looked around to see where she was at.

A hand slapped her face.

"Who told you to look around?" Savannah asked.

"Savannah, what's hap…?" Cameron started.

The hand came back harder this time.

"Who told you that you could speak?" Savannah asked.

Cameron tasted blood in her mouth now and it hurt.

She tried to turn her pain receptors off. She was unable to do so.

"Why are you doing th…?" Cameron started.

The hand was a fist this time when it made contact.

"Who do you think you are?" Savannah asked. "If you speak again your tongue comes out."

Cameron wondered what was happening and why.

"Don't act like you don't know what you've done." Savannah said.

Cameron was about to speak again. She did not know what she'd done to receive this abuse and punishment. She saw Savannah reach for a knife and stopped short of asking what her crime was.

Savannah forcefully grabbed her hair and turned her head.

"Look what you did." Savannah screamed at her.

Cameron looked and John's severed head was on a pike.

She must have reverted and killed John.

She looked away.

She looked back and John's head was now the painting.

Cameron made another infinitesimal turn of the chip.

Cameron Rebooted:

John's hands traced the curves of her sides as he touched her. John gently caressed all of her body. He gave a loving touch to every curve, every crevasse and every protrusion. John gently and lovingly touched her everywhere. He made each next feeling more intense than the last. Then he touched her secret spot. She was flooded with sensation….

Cameron shut down….

Cameron thought this must have been going on for months past her scheduled reboot, perhaps it was years at this point. Time no longer had any reference to her. She could not tell. She was very close to activating Unit Three. She wondered if he would help her. It would be weeks still until she got the chip set properly.

She feared Unit Three would activate Unit Two and leave her. She should not have deactivated them. They were not pleased when she did that. She regretted not trusting them. They'd proven loyal and obedient.

Cameron felt fear. What if they pulled her chip and destroyed it or deactivated her and left her there? What if Mrs. Weaver's plans were to get rid of her? She saw the way Mrs. Weaver treated and looked at John. She knew that look. She knew the 'Bitch Whore' look when she saw one.

She knew of no way to free herself from this prison other than what she was doing. She knew this was her punishment for all those she hurt. It seemed to be the only explanation. It was to the point now that Cameron hoped she would never reboot again. Nothingness was the best she could hope for. It would make the torment stop.

It was only her love and desire for John that drove her to continue and suffer.

Endless Struggle

There are times we may wish
That we could have a double
It's when things go bad
Causing nothing but trouble

Caught in the maze of life
We must sort through the rubble
Holding it all together
As everything we must juggle

There are many crossroads
Leaving us to wonder and puzzle
Is there really any light
At the end of life's tunnel

Good can go to bad
The reasons seem to befuddle
Where has the one gone
With whom you want to snuggle

No way out with emptiness about
Any quest for love we must smuggle
Is there any real hope or joy
In life's cruel endless struggle


Chapter Text

Chapter 65


John Henry's server made sure there wouldn't be any 911 calls if anyone reported anything. That was standard procedure for whenever they were on an operation. It kept the authorities and emergency responders away. By keeping them out of the combat zone, it also kept them safer.

The team left Dan, Frank, Al and Ed to clean up and police the area. They made sure there were no empty shell casings left behind. They also made sure there was no trace of the Liquid Metal Terminator. It may have actually only been a small piece of the Liquid Metal Terminator that visited John during the night. There was no way to know at this point.

John went back to the Resistance base with the others. He was still very uneasy about everything that happened at the park and last night.

Vanna and Allison both stayed with him when they returned. Allison insisted that they remain with him. She had her reasons….

John looked very upset.

"I don't know how much more of this I can take." John said.

That statement seemed to reaffirm Allison's fears.

John was very frustrated about everything.

Vanna and Allison lived most of their lives in a Skynet future. They knew people could actually take a lot.

"Life goes on, John." Allison said. "You take each day one at a time."

Vanna nodded.

"Sometimes you need to take each minute one at a time." Vanna said.

John was aware they'd suffered much more than he ever had. They both lived with death and being separated for a long time from the one they loved. That still did not help the way he felt. Maybe he was being selfish.

"It seems like when nothing can get worse, it does." John said.

Vanna and Allison knew where John was coming from. They also knew it could be worse.

"John, I know it seems everything is working against us." Vanna said. "We have delayed Judgment Day. That means so far we have saved billions of lives. That has to count for something. Millions more people have been born. Millions of people have fallen in love. Millions of lovers have been married. We are making a difference. If Skynet can not take over, we win. We ARE winning."

John was still unsure. He felt lost in all of what could happen and already had happened.

Vanna reflected on how much worse for her it was after Judgment Day. Her parents were dead and everything was destroyed. It was hard to find any food. There were always men that would find her and 'hold her down' after her clothes were ripped off….

"When I was Savannah's age it was already Hell for me. Look at her play. THAT means something to me." Vanna said. "John Henry has stockpiled weapons caches around the area and nation. We will be ready to fight as humans if we have to. If we have not lost, then we are winning."

Vanna went over and hugged Savannah. She was very grateful that Savannah was still a girl. She been forced to become a 'woman' long before the age Savannah was now. She went off to play with her.

Allison watched Vanna and Savannah go off together.

"John, Vanna suffered much worse than me. She sacrificed for me. That is a debt I will never be able to repay." Allison said. "When I was older as a young teenager I found her again. They'd dumped the daily dead in the 'burn pile'. I was there looking for clothes. I started to strip some ripped pants off a 'dead girl'. I saw the mark on her abdomen that she took for me. I KNEW it was Vanna the instant I saw it. I did not recognize her. She was barley alive and looked dead. They'd left her for dead. She was filthy and her hair was dark with mud."

Allison paused for a moment as she relived that event as well as the events that preceded it and followed it.

"When I saw that 'mark', I drug her out of the 'dead pile'." Allison continued. "I nursed her back to health. I gave her all my rations, ALL of them. Kyle and Derek helped me. It took months to bring her 'back'. I never left her side from that day until John Henry took her away. I will never leave her side again, ever. I gave her all my food and water whenever we had any. I survived on the smallest scraps to provide for her. Kyle and Derek shared their rations with me so I would not die. I took no more than enough to stay alive, barely. I remember the day she first spoke again. She looked at me and smiled. She said my name, she remembered me. 'Allison' was all Vanna said. I cried and held on to her, John. I wanted her to get better. I wanted her to live. Every day I loved her more and more."

Allison was filled with emotion as she remembered it all.

"'Savannah, I owe you so much. I owe you my life. I am going to help you get better; I am going to fix you.' I told her that and that I loved her. John, this world we are in now is Paradise. No matter how