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Under the sea and stars

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A 4 year old wondered a lonely tower, standing within the sea. Half of it submerged beneath the waves. The 4 year old was the Prince of Musutafu, Prince Izuku. Who had been cursed at a young age, he had been locked within the tower to wait for his true love to free him from the tower and the curse.


By Night one way, by day another.

This shall be the norm

Until you find true love’s first kiss.

And then take love’s true form.


This curse caused Izuku to transform with the rising moon. By day he was human, wondering the top of the tower, by night he was one of the merfolk, swimming around in the bottom of the tower.

But he was alone, all the time. Day in, day out. However, that all changed with a young mer exploring.


Aizawa Shouta was one of the 7 princes of the merfolk. He was known to be silent, the fastest of the princes, his tail scale were black, and his fins were white and Yellow. The Young prince had hear enough of his father, always talking about finding his ideal mate. How there were plenty of lovely mermaids in their city. Aizawa didn’t care for any of them. So, he swam, planning to explore the sea. That’s where he found the tower, dark eyes watched it cautiously, that was until he heard crying. He swam up to the side and leaned on a sticking out area by a window.

“Hello?” He asked. Expecting some sort of grown human convict, he stared as a child came into his sight. The child looked at him, watching him, before giving him a small wave. “Why are you crying?” He asked

“I’m lonely…” The child muttered.

“Why are you alone?”

“I am cursed.”

“By whom?”

“A witch.” Aizawa frowned, so humans had witches too? But, usually the witches left children alone, unless the parents were caught doing something they disagreed with and thus placed a curse upon their child to either punish them or protect the child.

“How do you break the curse? Maybe I can help.” Aizawa offered, without really thinking.

“I have to wait for true love’s first kiss.” The child sat by the window. “I was told he will come for me when he is ready.”

“Your true love was chosen?” Aizawa stared at him, the child nodded. Maybe that is why the curse was place, because he would have never given a chance to find love on his own. Being cursed and needing rescue was one way of finding someone worthy of his heart. “What’s your name?”

“Izuku.” The child said, he held his hand out of the bars on his window. “Nice meeting you.” Aizawa accepted his hand, he was so warm…

“I’m Shouta, I’ll be your friend.” He said. “I’ll keep you company.” Aizawa found himself promising. Izuku smiled, tears welling up in his eyes.

“Thank you!” he smiled.

“No problem…” Aizawa glanced away.

“What is the sea like?” Izuku asked, Aizawa looked back at him. The child was staring out across the sea. Aizawa relax against the tower and began to talk about life in the sea.


And that is how things worked for six years, Shouta visited the boy during the day, Izuku wouldn’t tell him what the curse did to him at night. But the mer didn’t press the human boy about it. Izuku and Shouta would sit by the window and talk, they enjoyed the time they shared together

“Shouta!” 10 year old Izuku laughed as Shouta splashed him with water using his tail. Even though Izuku was laughing, Shouta did not miss the sad undertone to his voice.

“Are you sad?” Shouta asked, Izuku froze, before looking away. Shouta sighed, he reached between the bars and cradled the humans face. “Please. Let me help you.”

“M-my parents visited me… earlier…” Izuku told him “...They finally came by…”

“That is good right?” Shouta frowned, he knew how much Izuku wanted to see his parents. The human was too good, too pure of heart, he could not bring himself to hate his parents for locking him up.

“They brought my one true love with them… so he is aware of who I am before he continues his own preparations for his journey to rescue me...he…” Tears began to stream down his cheeks. Shouta carefully wiped them away.

“What happened my little sea turtle?” Shouta cooed him with a calming tone.

“He-he just stared at me, be-before saying ‘I’ll guess he’ll do’... He, he doesn’t care…” Izuku cried. “He can’t be my one true love,... he…”

“He isn’t, he clearly isn't. True love can not be chosen by those around you. It needs to be decided by you and you alone. If you don’t like him then… then I guess I shall rescue you before he does.” Izuku looked at him.

“Do you mean it?” Izuku asked, his voice hopeful.

“I shall have to go on a journey first, to prove to you I can make you happy. It’s… it’s a mer thing. But, I will be back, and I will bring down this tower and take you home. I am sure my father can make you one of us.” Shouta smiled.

“You will have to go away though…” Izuku frowned, Shouta nodded. Izuku covered one of Shouta’s hands with his own. “I’ll miss you…”

“I will miss you too, little sea star. But I will be back. I promise you, I will be back.” Shouta said. “Just, hold on for me. Okay?” Izuku nodded.

“I will.”  They stayed together a while longer, before Shouta headed home.


“There you are…” Yamada hurried to his half brother, only stopping as Shouta swam right by him.

“Is father in a meeting?” Shouta asked, Yamada turned and swam next to him.

“Nope, why? Is something wrong?” Yamada asked

“No, all is fine… or at least will be.” Shouta said, entering the throne room, Yamada stayed close to him. The King of the merfolk smiled at his two boys.

“Shouta, Hizashi, what brings you here?” He boomed.

“I wish to take the mating journey.” Shouta answered quickly. Hizashi stared at him with his mouth opened. The King, laughed joyfully.

“So, a young mer has finally caught your attention! I give you my bless wholeheartedly. “ The King smiled. Shouta nodded, and headed to his own room to prepare for his journey, Hizashi followed him, demanding answers.

The next day was the first day in years that Shouta and Izuku did not speak. Izuku stared longingly at the ocean, whilst Shouta began his travels upon the oceans currents. Izuku only hoped Shouta would finish early and come back to him