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Submission or Seduction

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Jimin felt weak. He was struggling to walk through the narrow hallway trying to find an empty bedroom. He wasn’t sure what was wrong with him but he knew he had to lay down. His vision was blurry, he felt dizzy, his throat was dry and his body temperature kept increasing. Finally he managed to get to an empty bedroom. After struggling to open the door, he got inside and closed the door behind him. Just a few seconds of being in the bedroom and he fell to the floor, panting for air. A burning sensation in his chest was overwhelming him. His entire body started to ache as he suddenly felt the need to be touched. While trying to remember what happened, he started undressing due to his body feeling hotter by the minute. Once he was completely naked, he struggled to climb unto the bed and fell flat on his face. Covered in sweat and softly whimpering from all the various sensations, he realized that someone probably spiked his drink with something. He felt like such an idiot for going to Taehyung’s party. Why did he even go? He absolutely hated Taehyung and his boyfriend Jungkook. They would always flirt with him at school and even though Jimin was gay, he didn’t like them. In all fairness, Jimin did think they were very attractive, but he didn’t like their arrogance.
Jimin suddenly heard the door open and footsteps approaching. With his face buried in a pillow, he couldn’t see who it was. After the door closed, he heard some whispering. But he felt too dizzy and weak to make out who it was and what they were saying. He gasped as he felt a firm hand squeeze his ass. It then dawned on him that he was in a strange bedroom and laying naked on the bed.

‘Well, what do we have here kitten?’ Taehyung said in his familiar deep voice.

‘Looks like a thirsty little slut to me daddy.’ Jungkook replied in his soft voice.

Jimin started to panic as Taehyung and Jungkook started laughing. He turned his head to look if it was really them or if he was simply having some terrible nightmare. They stood next to the bed staring at him with sinister smiles, Taehyung’s hand still firmly rested on his ass. Taehyung lifted his hand and spanked him hard, making him arch his back and moan softly.

‘Oh he likes that.’ Taehyung smirked. He then moved closer to Jimin and whispered in his ear ‘I always knew you were a submissive little slut.’

Jimin didn’t know what was happening but he started to feel scared so he tried getting up but he couldn’t, he felt far too dizzy. He tried speaking, but that was a real struggle as well since his throat felt so dry.

‘Looks like the aphrodisiac I dropped in your drink is taking effect. You badly need to be fucked right now, don’t you baby?’ Taehyung said while softly rubbing his round mounds.

‘W..What? Why?’ Jimin managed to say.

‘Because, when I asked you nicely if I can fuck you, you said no. And me and my kitten here, we just really want to fuck you baby. How nice of you to come to my party and then wait for me naked on my own bed.’

Jimin wanted to scream, but he couldn’t. His heart was beating faster due to fear and his sudden arousal. He tried very hard to hide the fact that his dick was hard and twitching. Soft whimpers were escaping his mouth because of his painful erection. Those whimpers did not go unnoticed by Taehyung and Jungkook.

‘Daddy, can we play with him now?’ Jungkook begged.

‘Sure, let’s give him what he wants.’

Jimin lay there, paralyzed, tears streaming down his face as he watched them undress. Once they were both completely naked, Taehyung moved towards him and forcefully spread his legs. He tried to resist, but sadly he was too weak.

‘Fuck baby, your hole is dripping wet. Do you really want it so bad? I bet I don’t even have to prep you. I could just ram my cock up there.’ Taehyung smirked.
He licked and bit his bottom lip as he pushed two fingers in Jimin’s soaked hole, making him gasp and shudder. Jimin buried his face in the pillow again as an attempt to stifle his moans. Taehyung was fingering him hard and fast, just the way he liked it. Pre-cum started dripping from Jimin’s cock as Taehyung kept scissoring him hard. Jimin started to feel really good, but he knew it was just the effect of the drug that was increasing his pleasure. Jungkook stood and watched closely, gently stroking his length as Taehyung fingered Jimin mercilessly. Jimin lifted his head and let out a lewd moan when Taehyung pushed a third finger in.

‘You wanna cum baby? I can feel your hole getting tight around my fingers.’ Taehyung said in his deep seductive voice as he moved faster.
Jimin bit down on the pillow and gathered all the energy he had to hold back his orgasm. He didn’t want that asshole to make him cum. Taehyung smirked when he realized that Jimin managed to fight off his orgasm.

‘Let’s see how long you can keep that up.’ Taehyung said as he pulled his fingers out and licked them clean. ‘Fuck, you taste so good baby.’ He said while jerking his length.
Jungkook moved closer and positioned himself between Jimin’s legs. As he looked down at Jimin’s pink wet hole, he lustfully licked his lips.

‘Daddy, can I taste him?’ Jungkook asked in a soft voice, his eyes begging for permission.

‘Of course kitten. Use that pretty little mouth of yours to make him cum.’ Taehyung answered.

Jungkook wasted no time in spreading Jimin’s legs wider apart so he could lick his dripping hole. Jimin could no longer stifle his moans. Jungkook was making him feel too good. His warm, wet tongue penetrating him made Jimin move his hips back and forth, desperately seeking more friction. Taehyung pulled the pillow under his head away and threw it on the floor. Then he lifted Jimin up a little so he could position his head between his legs. Once he was carefully seated before Jimin, he held his head up to make him look at him. Jimin’s face was contorted due to the pleasure Jungkook was giving him. Unable to resist the sexy look on his face, Taehyung leaned down and kissed him roughly. He got even more turned on when Jimin gave in to the kiss, all the while still moaning and whimpering. Abruptly, he pulled away and looked down at him with a lustful smile.

‘Suck.’ Taehyung demanded.

Jimin felt too good to resist anymore. He did as he was told, wasting no time in taking Taehyung’s huge throbbing member in his mouth. He felt so aroused that he enjoyed the taste of Taehyung’s thick cock in his mouth. Taehyung started moaning as Jimin started sucking him harder, taking him all the way in. Jimin could no longer fight off his orgasm, he moaned as loudly as he could with Taehyung’s dick in his mouth as Jungkook’s tongue made him cum all over the silk sheets he lay on. The vibration of Jimin moaning on his dick while sucking him so hard, his tongue circling around his tip, pushed Taehyung closer to his high. He looked at Jungkook who lustfully had his face buried between Jimin’s legs, softly moaning while he sucked on his hole and jerked his own length. The amazing view and the incredible feeling pushed Taehyung over the edge. He groaned loudly as he came down Jimin’s throat, forcing him to swallow all of it. After he came, he and Jungkook both got up and looked down at Jimin who helplessly lay there, still softly whimpering.

‘Came after all, did you?’ Taehyung grinned.

‘Daddy, can I fuck him now?’ Jungkook pleaded.

‘Right, you still have to cum, don’t you kitten? Okay, go ahead. But turn him over. I want to see the look on his face when you make him cum again.’ Taehyung instructed.

Jungkook nodded and moved towards Jimin again. Carefully, he flipped him over. Jimin let out a soft sigh as he laid on his back looking up at Jungkook. His eyes were pleading him to stop. But Jungkook didn’t care, he was too aroused and Jimin was too sexy. He had been wanting to fuck him ever since Jimin first transferred to their school three months ago. The long wait is finally over. Jungkook carefully lifted his legs and put them over his shoulders. Then he moved closer until his cock was rubbing against Jimin’s hole. Slowly, he pushed in, making Jimin close his eyes and bite his bottom lip from the overwhelming sensation. Taehyung was seated in an armchair next to the bed, intently observing them while stroking his cock. Once Jungkook was fully inside of Jimin, he held still a few seconds, giving Jimin time to adjust. He started slowly moving inside of him, making Jimin grab the sheets while moaning softly.

‘Ah… so fucking tight!’ Jungkook exclaimed as he closed his eyes and threw his head back in pleasure. It was an unfamiliar feeling to him and he fell in love with it. Nothing had ever felt so good. Taehyung was the only person he had ever been with and he would always top. Jungkook was enjoying every second of being the top for once.

‘You don’t have to go easy on that little slut, kitten. Fuck him really hard.’ Taehyung insisted.

Jungkook could see the tears streaming down Jimin’s face but it felt too good to stop. So in stead he listened to his boyfriend and picked up his pace. Jimin started moaning loudly as Jungkook mercilessly slammed into him over and over again. Jungkook started whimpering as he felt his orgasm getting closer. Wanting to make Jimin feel just as good, he grabbed his hardened length and started jerking him roughly. While basically screaming out in pleasure, Jimin bucked his hips as he came hard all over Jungkook’s chest. This pushed Jungkook over the edge. He moaned loudly while coming in Jimin’s ass. Both of them were panting loudly, trying to catch their breath. Jimin could feel the effects of the drug starting to wear off, but he still felt weak and on top of that he was very tired from coming so hard twice in a row. Jungkook got up and crashed on Taehyungs lap. They started making out and Jimin just lay there blankly staring at them. Due to the exhaustion, Jimin closed his eyes, almost drifting off to sleep. Suddenly he felt himself being flipped over onto his stomach. He turned his head around and saw Taehyung looking down at him with a seductive grin.

‘My turn.’ Taehyung said while winking at him.

‘Please no. I can’t…’ Jimin pleaded, unable to finish his sentence due to exhaustion.

Taehyung simply smirked and climbed on top of him. It was Jungkook’s turn to observe while resting on the chair. Taehyung rested both hands on his mounds and forcefully slammed into him, making Jimin whimper. He was thrusting hard and deep, hitting Jimin’s prostate with every thrust. Being the experienced guy he is, Taehyung knew exactly how to make someone feel as good as they possibly can. Nobody could fuck you better than Kim Taehyung. Jimin felt his dick get hard again. He didn’t even know it was possible to come three times in a row. Taehyung started moaning while thrusting even harder into him, feeling his orgasm starting to build up again. He wanted Jimin to cum first so he purposefully brushed against his prostate over and over again until Jimin became a moaning mess underneath him.

‘Taehyung please, I can’t take it anymore.’ Jimin begged in between moans.

Taehyung picked up his pace when he felt he was close to his climax. Without wanting to, Jimin came on the silk sheets once again. Jimin moaning beneath him and clenching around his cock as he came again, pushed Taehyung over the edge. He bit his lip and rolled his eyes back as he came in Jimin’s tight ass. After Jimin came for the third time, he passed out because of the utter exhaustion.

The next morning Jimin woke up in his bed. He jumped up to discover he was in his own room. How did he get there? Who dressed him in his pajamas? Wait, what happened last night? He remembered going to Taehyung’s party and…Did he really have sex with Taehyung and Jungkook? Everything was so blurry. He tried to get out of bed when he felt the pain in his lower back and legs. A tear streamed down his face as he started to remember what happened, what those jerks did to him. He wiped his tears and went downstairs.

‘Ah, finally awake are you?’ His mother asked with a straight face.

Jimin was confused. Clearly his mother was upset but he didn’t know why. He slowly walked towards the coffee table in the kitchen where she was seated.

‘Mom, what happened last night? How did I get home?’ Jimin inquired in a soft voice while taking a seat across his mother.

‘Oh so you don’t even remember. You had too much to drink at that party you went to last night and you passed out. Your friends Taehyung and Jungkook had to drive you home and carry you up to your room. They even helped you get changed into your pajamas.’ His mother calmly explained.

Jimin could feel the anger boiling up inside of him. But he knew he couldn’t say anything, after all, who would possibly believe him. Both Taehyung and Jungkook came from very powerful families. However, they would have to pay for what they did to him. Jimin was going to make them pay.