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A thrill seeker. That was the most common description you would get once they heard about the rollercoasters, sky-diving, bungee jumping, flying lessons… honestly, it got kind of annoying to have the rest of your personality overlooked for that, so you stopped talking about it.



Or at least, you told yourself you would. But it was so fun, and you wanted to talk about your experiences!


And so Rosalyn rolled her eyes at you as you moaned into the diner table. “I keep telling you, just embrace being labeled, or find something even more outlandish for them to label you as. You can’t escape yourself.”


“I’m a three dimensional person, dammit!” you responded, lifting your head just long enough to pop another fry into your mouth before purposefully slamming your forehead back onto the table. “I love the good things in life, food, adventure, animals, dessert…”


“Gorgeous scenery, long walks on the beach…” Rosalyn’s voice took on a teasing tone. “As long as it’s new. You’re flighty as hell.”


“Am not!” okay, maybe you were just a little. New things were just so fun and exciting! “Ugh i guess i should head home soon, you have that shoot in the morning, don’t you?”


“Yup.” she popped her ‘p’. “The action packed life of a reality television star.” Rosalyn was a popular side character in a moderately popular kid’s TV show. You had met each other when there was a crossover with your travel show, where you showcased interesting towns around the nation and the world, in an attempt to be more educational. You had almost immediately hit it off and become fast friends.


“Have fun. I don’t think i’ll stay in ebott much longer if they keep refusing to let me into the Underground.” you finally picked yourself up and slumped back in your seat, watching as Rosalyn pulled out the money to pay for her meal.


“I think you should give up on that anyway. I mean, a whole tiny nation of mages! That’s way too dangerous for my taste.” a scaly hand dropped the appropriate change plus a tip onto the table, and Rosalyn replaced her wallet into her bag. “You’re lucky we monsters sealed them away all those years ago,” she said with a wink.


You rolled your eyes at your dragon friend. “Yeah yeah, monsters are amazing, humans are lame. I’m still gonna make the journey to that town by the mountain. Maybe if i show up in person they’ll let me in, you know?”


She snorted, exhaling a little puff of smoke. “Yeah, just throw you to the mages. You really are a thrill seeker.” she laughed at your disgruntled response and waved before leaving you to finish your fries.


Thrill seeker. You preferred the term adventurer.

They had denied you entrance. In fact, there had been quite a commotion when you had come by, something about a monster getting trapped there with all the mages, and they didn’t let you past the entry tower. So now you were driving back to the hotel room you had booked in the town near the mountain. You parked and went to get takeout at the little chinese place the next block over. A walk would feel nice, anyway. But as you made your way to the nearby restaurant, you could feel something in your chest. You rubbed at the place below your neckline. Had you eaten something wrong? Or maybe there was an air bubble stuck there? You… couldn’t have a soul sickness, could you? Nah, humans didn’t easily contract those. You reached the place, ordered, and sipped on some water while you waited, hoping it would alleviate the tight feeling of discomfort. It didn’t. And to top it off, you thought you could feel someone staring at you the whole time, even as you collected your food and returned to your room.


The room was comfortable and spacious, because if you could afford it, why not? You ate in your king sized hotel bed, flipping through channels. You eventually fell asleep with the TV still on, a nearly-empty takeout box lying on the other side of the bed.

When you woke, it was the middle of the night. It was still completely dark, save for the low steady glow of the television, and from your current position you could see that the time was in the wee hours of the morning. You could hear the low murmur of the television still; had a noisy show woken you up?


And then with a slight turn of your head, you saw. The television wasn’t on anymore.

Adrenaline shot through your system and you strained your ears to hear what that low murmur was, stared straight ahead as you tried to figure out what it was behind you that projected this light. You resisted the urge to flinch, or laugh, as something stroked your hair. You finally made out what was being said.


“...i’m so sorry, so, so, sorry, i should have been there. stars, you’re still so beautiful. I miss you so much, paps does too, you know, and just… i’m just so sorry. paps told me not to come, that it would only make it harder but…” there was a choked sort of laughter from the voice as whoever it was continued to stroke your hair. “he’s been making ice cream lately. says as long as its sherbert it’s not too unhealthy. he only does it because he never did it before you…” the hand finally left, and the strange light dimmed, and finally went out.


You waited a few minutes before shifting in bed, trying to make it look as if you had just turned in your sleep in case the intruder was still there. It was. What you saw, sitting in the chair beside your bed, was a skeleton, a hand over its eye sockets as some sort of fluid flowed out. You knew of ghost monsters, ghouls, vampires, and the like, but never a skeleton monster. His clean bones shone in the dim light that made it through the curtains, and there was a comfortable warmth in your chest at the sight. Probably because it was just so beautiful, even if they did break into your room. Why weren’t you freaking out over that? They had obviously broken into your room! To do what? Watch you sleep, touch your hair, and talk to your unconscious form? That was creepy. Why weren’t you creeped out? Why did you instead want to comfort him?


Before you even knew what you were doing, you had stood and walked over to the skeleton. When he heard you approach, he froze. You gently laid a hand on his skull, petting him in smooth, soothing motions. After a few seconds, he began quietly sobbing, and you just kept touching him, throwing out soothing hushing coos. Why did you think it was a he? It was rude to assume someone’s gender. But for some reason, you really thought it was. And he was obviously suffering.


Eventually, he took your hand in his skeletal phalanges and looked up at you with small lights that glowed from impossibly dark eye sockets. It was hauntingly beautiful, and for some reason it just felt right. There was nothing right about this situation, but you just couldn’t bring yourself to question any of it as he stood and embraced you, nuzzling his skull into your neck as he breathed your name. You just hugged right back.



How did he know your name?


“Who are you?” you whispered, and he finally pulled away, rubbing the back of his skull and not quite meeting your eyes.


“ah, i’m sorry, i shouldn’t have… sans. The name’s sans, sans the skeleton.” he forced a chuckle, but it just petered out nervously. “i’m, uh, from another timeline, where you… um, and we’re… soulmates…? But i really shouldn’t be here, i just… really wanted to see you again and… asgore’s beard i’m making a fool of myself…” he shuffled nervously in place.


“I believe you.” what.


“what?” he sounded both reverent and disbelieving.


But it was true. At least… “i believe you when you said we’re soulmates.” you tapped your chest. “I can feel my soul calling for yours.” indeed, it pulsed with warmth and unfounded love at his mere presence, and all but demanded you be closer to him. You prayed to all the deities that for whatever reason he came, he wouldn’t run away.


He took a step, then crossed the remaining distance that separated you, pulling you into a hungry and passionate kiss. Apparently the bone around his teeth could indeed function as lips, and he used those to kiss you thoroughly and mercilessly. There were no options besides kissing him back with just as much passion and need. All the tales you’ve heard, all the accounts of your friends, it was everything they promised, the deep love and content and comfort of being near your soulmate. And you were lucky enough to have a monster soulmate! Human soulmates weren’t attuned to their souls enough to find each other without them being drawn out, but if your soulmate was a monster…


He began shucking his jacket, and you found yourself in a hurry to rid yourself of the pesky fabric that was keeping you from touching this monster. Soon enough, your breasts were pressed to his ribcage, the warmth of his bones feeling, for lack of a better word, perfect. You moaned as he ran his hands over your skin, and he used it to deepen the kiss, pressing a warm, glass-like tongue into your mouth and tasting ever inch. You sucked on it dutifully and he shivered, pushing you back until you fell onto the bed with him on top of you. As you wrestled your pants off he broke the kiss, instead laving his tongue on your jawline, your neck, your breasts, running languid circles around your nipples before nipping at them.


“stars i can’t believe… if this is a dream i never want to wake up…”


Your breathy laugh devolved into a moan as he bit gently at your shoulder. “Believe it, bone boy. Stars i knew soulmates were attracted to each other but i can’t say i expected it to go this fast.” when he paused in his exploration of his tongue on your body you quickly corrected yourself. “No, i’m not complaining! Please don’t stop! Just… surprised.” he seemed satisfied and kept moving, licking at your stomach, your hips, your- “aaaahhh…” you moaned when the smooth warmth of his tongue ran its course from the bottom of your labia and up to your clit.


“Normally it isn’t this fast,” he confessed, “but i just got here from a different universe. A universe where you… no longer exist. For all i know, this is the first and last time i’ll ever see you.”


Well, that was a mood killer. You leaned forward and grabbed his skull, pulling it to your face for another deep and passion filled kiss. “No. you have me now. I won’t leave you. I won’t let you leave me. Not after i finally found my soulmate.” his kiss turned hungry again and he ground his still-clothed hips against yours as you tasted yourself on his tongue. You were so damn wet and needy, and saw no reason to waste time. “Take your damn pants off, Sans.”


He lost all reason as the pants were done away with, and you barely caught a glimpse of one empty socket and one glowing blue before his mouth was at your neck, leaving much less gentle nip and sucks than before. He sucked at your jugular and growled, a real animalistic growl, at your needy whines and moans. That would definitely leave a mark in the morning. But it didn’t matter because he was your soulmate. Some people went their whole lives and never found theirs. And here yours found you, just showed up in your room, claiming to be from another dimension. You didn’t even care if it was true.


He pulled back and you felt him line up his member with your core. You looked down to see a glowing blue dick, lacking the normal details found on a human member but shaped satisfactorily. Damn, how long had it been since you got laid? With it being that thick, this was bound to sting a bit.


You found the thought exciting you.


He was lost in himself, hilting in you with barely restrained vigor. You let out a shriek as he pumped back and forth. Fuck, he was big. After a few thrusts your body acclimated, leaving only a satisfying after burn as he pounded into you. His hands weren’t idle, they moved around your form, grabbing at your breasts and stomach and hips, never staying in one place for long as you screamed his name. He lifted your hips, and his cock began to hit your g-spot. You were so damn close… you reached down to finger your clit, and then you were over the edge, body shaking in beautiful release as you orgasmed. He shifted your legs to lie on his shoulders and his movements became jerky and stuttered as he picked up speed.


You were so lost in the afterglow as he worked towards his own peak that you almost missed your soul rise from your chest and his exiting his own. He leaned down and bit at the shoulder opposite to where he marked before, sinking his teeth in deep. Before you could think straight or say anything, they circled each other and merged, just as Sans roared and came with a final slam that you swear stretched your cervix. You screamed too as you felt him, his very being merging with yours, his teeth pushing into your shoulder and you felt him taste your blood, felt his joy as your souls merged and then horror as he realized he had violated that boundary without your permission, but he couldn’t stop, and you could stop, as you both clutched each other and rode out that wave of bliss.


Eventually your souls separated and returned to their rightful places, but it didn’t change what happened. He had soul-bonded to you. He slowly removed his teeth from your mangled flesh,and the sight of all your blood on his maw was horrifying. But, again, you weren’t scared.


“so, uh… sorry?” he smiled nervously without meeting your eyes.