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You Make Me So Hot (Hot Just for You, Baby)

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Seokjin had been expecting it, but for some reason, it decided to hit the one time he left Jeongguk alone.

It had become habit to stay holed up in the apartment with Jeongguk in the week leading to when his heat was supposed to arrive. However, they needed food from the store. They were running low, and it was especially important that they both ate a lot to keep up energy during the heat.

Seokjin had a bad gut feeling as he unlocked the door. It was almost like a sixth sense; something had definitely happened while he was at the store.

He set the groceries down in the kitchen. Usually, Jungkook would be on the couch, waiting for him to get back, but he wasn't. Instead, Seokjin heard what sounded like water running. "Jeonggukie?" he called out. "Are you okay?"

It's a few moments before he gets a response, which comes in the form of a loud whimper. The noise sets Seokjin into action, and he quickly rushes down the hallway, pushing open the bathroom door. He's greeted with the sight of Jeongguk sitting on his knees on the shower floor, hair and bunny ears drooping from the water, and a hand under himself as he tried to shove three fingers way deeper into his hole than what the length of them would allow. His eyes were closed, and the older man doubted that he heard him enter.

"Shit!" Seokjin groaned out, feeling his pants tighten as his member slowly began to harden at the sight. This caught Jeongguk's attention and his eyes snapped open. "H-Hyung!" he said in a sob. He pulled his fingers out of himself, dropping down onto the floor the rest of the way.

Seokjin quickly stripped himself of his shirt before ducking into the shower, turning off the water and gathering Jeongguk into his arms, not caring that his pants were getting wet from both the water and slick dripping off of the boy.

"Oh, poor baby... I'll make sure you feel better, don't worry." Jeongguk curled into his chest and wrapped his arms around his neck, sobbing and whimpering against his skin.

"Pl-please, make it stop, i-it hurts so b-bad..." Seokjin stroked his back softly as he carried him to their bedroom. "I'm sorry baby, I'm gonna help you, don't worry," he cooed softly into his ear, laying him on the bed carefully.

Jeongguk immediately started making grabby hands towards Seokjin, keening in the back of his throat. "Pleeeaaaasse," he dragged out, eyes tearing up from the painful heat ripping through him.

"Hush, baby," Seokjin said back to him. It was already a known fact between them that Jeongguk liked being plugged up and filled with cum, and that need was intensified greatly during his heat. Seokjin squatted down and pulled their... toy box out from under the bed, picking out a pretty pastel pink plug. He stood back up and set it on the bedside table, deciding that he would not make Jeongguk wait any longer.

As he began undoing his pants and crawling up onto the bed with Jeongguk. As soon as he was on the bed, kneeling next to Jeongguk's head, the hybrid rolled over onto his side and took a hold onto Seokjin's underwear, pulling them down just enough to reveal his cock.

Seokjin groaned quietly as his hot skin met the cold air. Jeongguk quickly manuevered so he was laying on his stomach in front of Seokjin with a head resting on his thigh and his hands wrapped around the thick length in front of his face.

"Don't you want me to fuck you, baby?" Seokjin cocked his head to the side, setting a hand on top of Jeongguk's head and stroking his soft bunny ears. The smaller boy shook his head slightly. "I wanna taste y-you first." He eyed the length hungrily as it pulsed in his hand and gave it a few pumps befofe closing his mouth over it.

The first eight inches slipped in his mouth and down his throat easily. At this point, his throat was basically cocktrained, rarely struggling to deepthroat at all.

He whimpered softly as Seokjin bucked his hips into his mouth, the older man groaning and breathing heavily. The hot wetness over his member was fantastic, but he really wanted to fuck his baby boy's ass. Though, he wasn't gonna fight against anything Jeongguk did while he was in his heat. It'd just end with the boy being upset and even more needy.

Seokjin threaded his fingers in Jeongguk's hair, holding on tightly as the boy began bobbing his head up and down the length. He made small gagging sounds as he slowly worked in more and more of the length, tears springing in his eyes and drool rolling down his chin.

Seokjin felt himself growing close to the edge, gasping and moaning as he pulled Jeongguk off of the length. "Thats... thats enough, baby. How do you want to do this."

Jeongguk sulked slightly, as he had been hoping to be able to taste his owner's cum. But he guessed that being filled with it would be just as good, if not better. He wasn't going to argue it, deciding that the slick pooling between legs and his aching, rock solid cock was a bigger issue than swallowing cum.

"I w-wanna see your face," he panted out, sitting up and crawling into Seokjin's lap. He worked the larger man's legs the rest of the way out of his pants and underwear. He sat down the rest of the way on Seokjin's lap and cried out as he felt his member press against his ass, catching on his rim.

Seokjin closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around Jeongguk, moaning softly as he felt Jeongguk's dripping hole rub against his cock. "P-please, Hyung," the boy begged, grinding against his cock harshly. "I n-need you in m-me, please!" Tears rolled down his face as Seokjin rested his hands under his ass and lifted him up slightly. Jeongguk cried out as his cock rubbed against Seokjin's stomach and rested his head in the man's neck. "Hurry!"

Seokjin rolled his eyes at the younger's bratty behavior, but didn't say anything about it. He knew that the boy was in pain.

He slipped his fingers of one hand to press against his rim, already loosened up some from Jeongguk's previous fingering and his body's own natural response to needing to be filled. He pressed in three fingers anyway and rubbed them against Jeongguk's prostate, smirking in satisfaction when he gasped and rutted against his stomach.

Seokjin began rubbing the tips of his finger's against Jeongguk's prostate almost viciously, the small biy quickly falling apart and crying out as his hips bucked and white streamed from his cock, making a mess against Seokjin's stomach. However, it was far from over.

"Hyung?" Jeongguk whimpered at how empty he felt when Seokjin pulled his fingers out of him. Instead of his fingers doing the work, he pulled Jeongguk's soft cheeks apart with his hands before owly lowering the boy onto his member. It took everything in him to not buck into the warm, wet heat. Jeongguk's cycle had made him even warmer on the inside, his hole sucking at the intrusion and enveloping it tightly. "Fucking hell..." Seokjin groaned out, throwing his head back as Jeongguk slowly slid down the entire length.

Jeongguk didn't allow much time for himself to adjust to the full feeling and quickly began bouncing himself up and down the large member under him. Cries and moans filled the room, the loud, whimpery ones of Jeongguk as Seokjin's cock slammed against his prostate and the deep groans of Seokjin as he met Jeongguk's bouces with thrusts of his hips.

"Shit, shit, oh f-fuck," Jeongguk cried out, feeling his body heat up even more with pleasure. "I-I'm gonna cum again, Hyung, harder, please." He rubbed his face against Seokjin's neck, and was surprised when he felt arms wrap just under the small of his back, lifting him up. Only a couple of inches were still in him and he whined at the loss.

"H-hyung! What-" He was quickly cut off as he felt the man begin pounding into him, hips snapping up with a brutal force and pace. His moans turned into screams as his second orgasm ripped through him. It still did not quell the fire burning under his skin.

Seokjin did not stop his pounding, even as he felt cum splatter against his stomach and felt Jeongguk clench so tight around him he saw stars. He himself hadn't came even once yet, and he knew that the smaller boy would need more.

"Are you still good, baby?" Seokjin asked softly into Jeongguk's ear before kissing and nipping at the side of his head. Jeongguk nodded frantically, doing his best to move down to meet each thrust of Seokjin's hips, despite the firm hold the older man had on him that prevented him from moving too much.

"Don't stop, p-please," Jeongguk whimpered. His stomach muscles clenched and flexed as his body chased a third orgasm. Both of the men knew that it wouldn't take long at all for him to reach it.

Jeongguk screamed out in displeasure as Seokjin suddenly lifted him off of his lap and layed him down on the bed. It didn't take long, though, for him to be moaning again. Seokjim threw one of Jeongguk's legs over his shoulder and held onto jt tightly, exposing the boy's wet, pink hole. He quickly shifted closer to him on his knees and used a hand to hold Jeongguk's hips as he slammed back into him.

The pace he set was no less brutal, possibly even more so, than the previous one. He leaned over the bunny and bent him nearly in half as he attacked his lips, swallowing the moans that were let out. He felt an arm wrap around his back and his hold on Jeongguk's leg tightened, squeezing the soft skin of his thigh harshly. The pleasure of being in his lover's sopping, tight hole was becoming too much as he felt himself nearing the edge. He pulled away from the kiss to tell Jeongguk as much.

"Sh-shit, baby, I'm close." He panted and groaned as his thrusts became erratic and sloppy growing closer and closer to the edge every second. "Me- fuck, Hyung, me too." Jeongguk whimpered as he felt Seokjin thrust even deeper and harder into him than before, completely wrecking him. It almost felt like he was pushing his insides out of the way to make room for his cock. The thought was weird, but it made Jeongguk sob and his legs shook.

"Cum in me, H-Hyung, I need your c-cum so bad." He looked up at Seokjin with watery, tear filled eyes and the man nodded, grunting out praises and moans.

"Yes, baby, I've got you, Hyung's got you, shit!" His hips bucked wildly as he felt himself tip over the edge, pushing as deep into Jeongguk as he could possibly go and releasing into the boy's body. Jeongguk screamed and sobbed as he came a third time, cock weakly twitching with the remnants that he managed to have left from his first two orgasms.

He buried his head into Seokjin's chest and cried out as he felt the older man begin to pull out of him. His legs wrapped around Seokjin's hips, keeping him from pulling out. "N-no! I n-need you still." Seokjin cupped his face with a hand and tilted it up to give him a kiss before responding. "I know, baby. I'll take care of you more, don't worry, I just need to rest. You need to do the same." Jeongguk whined, still not liking the idea, but complied anyway. His legs dropped onto the bed and Seokjin pulled out carefully, doing his best to not make any of his cum spill. He shifted over so that he could grab the plug off of the table and quickly brought it over to Jeongguk.

Seokjin lifted Jeongguk's legs up and pressed the plug against his puffy, fucked-out hole and watched in satisfaction as it carefully slid in. As soon as it was nestled comfortably in place, Seokjin set the boy's legs back down and kissed his stomach. "You did amazing, baby," he said softly against Jeongguk's skin. He knew that it definitely wasn't the end of his heat, but he could handle it. He had many times before.


They had cleaned up, Jeongguk's heat calmed significantly for the time being. At least, enough for him to use the bathroom, drink some water, and take a nap with his owner without begging for him to fuck him.

It was immediately after dinner, though, that the next wave hit him.

The two men sat at the table, right next to each other, as they ate peacefully. Jeongguk rested the side of his head on Seokjin's shoulder as he took lazy bites. He couldn't lie and say that he wasn't horny anymore, but he wasn't too horny for the time being. He could deal with this. He needed to eat, and he knew that Seokjin needed to rest. Humans didn't have as much sexual stamina as hybrids, let alone a bunny hybrid who was in heat.

Seokjin sat topless in just a pair of sweatpants. Jeongguk's own attire consisted of a huge white tee. He was glad that he was plugged up, otherwise he would be dripping everywhere. The chair he was sitting in would be absolutely ruined.

Seokjin wrapped a hand around Jeongguk, reaching down and giving the boy's fluffy brown bunny tail a squeeze. This earned him a high-pitched squeal in response, and Jeongguk squirmed as he felt himself begin to heat up again. Seokjin didn't seem to notice this, though. What he did notice was that Jeongguk's plate was empty, so he gathered it up along with his own and rinsed them off in the sink. When he heard Jeongguk let out a high-pitched whine, he turned to look at him.

The boy was sitting with his hands between his thighs, putting pressure on his cock through the material of his shirt, and rocking back and forth slowly, trying to move the plug in him.

"Oh, poor baby," Seokjin said gently, making his way back to Jeonnguk.

"I-I need you, a-again please." He looked down bashfully as Seokjin stroked his cheek softly. "I'm still tired, baby. You may need to hold off for another hour."

Seokjin was mostly teasing. He definitely had plans to help the boy if he really needed it. But another hour or two of sleep wouldn't hurt, abd he was sure that Jeongguk was still tired as well, his heat being the only thing keeping him going.

Jeongguk's head immediately snapped back up at the older man's words, meeting his eyes as his face clearly showed his panic. "N-no!" He scrambled out of his seat and stood up, only for his legs to immediately give out. He fell against the table, but decided that this was good. Raising his arms abover his head, he spread his legs slightly and stretched his torso, presenting himself for his owner. "Baby..." He heard Seokjin's breathing pick up and felt a hand rest against his ass.

Seokjin looked at his baby in amazement, the boy appearing so pitiful and needy. He slowly moved behind him and lowered himself onto his knees. "Wh-what are you doing, H-Hyung?" Seokjin doesn't answer, instead just resting his hands on his ass and spreading him apart. He slips the plug out of him and sets it on the ground. The pink, wet hole dripped as more and more slick gushed from him.

The older man leans in and gives a tentative lick across Jeongguk's hole, smirking to himself when he heard the boy gasp and whimper. He pulled back and kisses his skin softly.

"You taste good, baby." Jeongguk doesn't respond. He just pushed his hips back, reaching under himself and wrapping a hand around his cock.

Seokjin decides to not mess around and quickly dives back in, pushing his tongue into Jeongguk's slightly gaping hole and sucks on the rim. He moans against him when he feels Jeongguk clench tightly around his tongue. Moans and panting fill the room as Jeongguk bucks into his hand and back against Seokjin's face, feeling his orgasn nearing as his insides pulsed with heat and he dribbled precum and slick.

"Hyung, I'm- shit, shit, I'm cumming, please!" This only encourages Seokjin to go harder, raising his hands and slapping them down against Jeongguk's ass. The boy cries out as he's pushed over the edge, spilling over his hand. Seokjin licks up and swallows the slick that's pouring from his hole as Jeongguk writhes against the table.

Seokjim doesn't stop his ministrations against Jeongguk's poor, abused hole until he feels him stop moving. He pulls away and stands up to look him over. "Kookie?"

The boy is boneless and passed out against the table, skin flushed red and hair a tousled mess. "Aw, baby..." He shakes his head and laughs. Usually, if Jeongguk passed out, he's wake back up immediately, but he wasn't this time. Seokjin decided that he probably was down for the night, at least until his heat woke him back up to be tended to again.

After slipping the plug back into him, Seokjin gathered Jeongguk in his arms, carrying him bridal style to their bedroom and laying him carefully on the bed. He wipes his slick and cum covered skin down with a wet towel, being sure to not disturb his sleep. Not only would he probably wake up horny, needing Seokjin to touch him again, but he'd probably end up passing out from exhaustion. All the orgasms he had in such a short period of time had wore him out terribly.

Seokjin climbed into bed with him and wrapped his arms around him, kissing him softly on the temple. He could tell that ut was going to be a long week.