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Beth steps out of the black SUV, and slams the door shut after her. She walks towards the worn reddish brick house with rusty chain link fencing. The grass is dead and weeds over populate the yard. The evergreen bushes have overgrown and block the front window. She glances at the officer keeping the crowd back and flashes her badge. He nods, giving her clearance, she then ducks under the tape. The walkway is cracked and uneven. The weeds jut out into the walkway, it’s almost as if Beth is moving through a jungle. The railing on the entrance is painted white, and the paint is chipping and rusting.

She waltzes into the doorway and gags: the smell never gets old. She examines the room. The carpet is a cream color, but is littered with stains and could use a good scrubbing. The walls are floor to ceiling in an old fifties wallpaper. There is one green lawn chair and a tiny box TV set up on the floor, other than that the living room is bare.

Beth sees Hannah crouched down documenting a blood stain and mapping the bullet’s path. She is dressed in her white coveralls, blue booties with gloves that match, and purple face mask.

“What are you doing Han?” Beth asks walking over. Hannah turns to her, she smiles at her twin and twists back to the evidence.

“Documenting the bloodstain and trying to determine the trajectory path.” Hannah explains her voice slightly muffled by her mask. The CSI team took wearing their gear very seriously: Beth could understand why. Hannah stands and indicates with her head for Beth to follow her to the window.

“If you look at the window, you can see that the glass is perforated in such a way that indicates the bullet came from outside.” Hannah says leading Beth to the window. The window leads to the side of the house, there is a narrow cement walkway, that leads to the back. The window has to be roughly five feet off the ground and gives a good angle to see into the barren room.

Beth can see the way the glass broke; the sharp edges and shards on the inside of the window. She then meets Hannah’s eyes and Hannah points back to where they were once standing. Hannah begins to move back that way.

“And it then entered the victim here-” Hannah stops as she points at the bloodstain.

“Where are your booties?” Hannah asks her finger moving from pointing at the bloodstain to Beth’s boots on the cream carpet. Beth drops her eyes to her uncovered feet.

“I didn’t put any on.” Beth says pointing back to the bloodstain. Hannah meets her eyes and pulls her face mask down.  

“Why not?” Hannah asks. Beth sighs and turns from her sister and follows the blood trail with her eyes.

“He didn’t die here.” Beth says and Hannah shakes her head.

“Nope, he either moved or was moved over there, we’re not sure which yet. But it was either an army crawl motion or being dragged along the ground. You can tell by the way the blood pattern is. The doors don’t have any working locks, so if the unsub did come in, it’s wouldn’t have been hard.” Beth nods and follows the trail to her brother. He is crouched over the body, and he is checking it out as best he can before he moves it to his van. The body is the middle of the empty dining room.  

“What’s his problem?” Beth asks and Josh snorts.

“Well besides being dead, he has a bullet wound in his lower abdomen, and severe trauma around his neck and head.” Josh says without turning around. He opens the victims mouth and sighs.

“Got any ID?” Beth asks and Josh shakes his head.

“No. I was gonna use his teeth imprints but seems whoever did the dirty work thought ahead. We’ll have to go off fingerprints.”

“Who’s the house registered to?” Beth asks and Josh shakes his head.

“It was supposed to be abandoned.” Josh states. Beth nods and glances over the guy. He’s gotta be about 30, with hair that is slightly graying and a five o’clock shadow. He’s white and his blue eyes have hazed over. Beth can see bruising along his neck and bleeding from his scalp.

“Got a time of death?” Beth asks and Josh tilts his head to the left.

“I can’t give you a definite answer, but due to rigor and the smell I’d say 24 to 72 hours. He was found this morning by the new homeowner, guy bought the house to fix it up. As for cause of death can’t say yet, not till I open him up.” Josh says spinning on his toes. He stares at Beth’s feet for a second.  

“You have no booties on.” Josh says and Beth releases a breath.

“I know.”

“Emily is gonna kill you.” Josh says meeting his younger sister’s eyes.

“I doubt that. Where is CSI Tightass anyways?” Beth asks and Josh tilts his head to the back of the house.

“Thata way. Just follow the footprints” He responds spinning to face the body again, his suit making a crunching noise as he does so.

“Right.” She says heading towards the back. She runs into Matt who is snapping pictures of the two sets of bloody footprints; one that trails out of the house and heads towards the back, the other who deviates to the bedroom.

“What've you got Matt?” Beth asks and Matt glances at her. The corner of his eyes crinkle indicating the smile beneath his mask.

“Bloody footprints. They lead from our stiff and out to the garage. They also head to the bedroom, we have yet to determine if it was one killer or two. We also can’t confirm who’s blood this is. Though we do assume it is the vic's.” He explains bringing the camera back to his eye to continue taking pictures. Beth nods, the kitchen is also empty and Beth assumes the bedroom is in the same state.  

“I’m assuming Em is at the garage?” She asks and he nods.

“Ash too.” He states pulling the camera away from his eye.

“You’re bootieless.” He states.

“Yeah, I noticed.” She says walking out the door. She sees Ashley dusting for prints on the handle.

“Hey Ash.” Beth calls and gets a grunt in response. Beth shakes her head, the science geeks got so into their craft, and sometimes it was almost impossible to get a response out of them.

“What’cha got?” Beth asks bending down to be eye level with the handle and Ash. Ash looks at her.

“I got your breath all over my evidence.” Ash says and Beth looks at her.

“I don’t even have to look down to know you don’t have booties on.”

“You know me so well Ash.” Beth says raising to her full height.

“Em’s inside. She’s looking over things that may be out of place.” Ash says. Beth looks at her and Ash nods her head to the front of the garage.

“The whole house is practically empty what could possibly be in the garage.” Beth says and Ash shrugs

“Beats me, but the big door was open when we got here.” Ash explains as Beth heads to find Emily. When Beth enters the big door Emily is snapping pictures of the scene.

“CSI Davis.” Beth greets and Emily cracks her neck and turns to face Beth.

“SSA Washington. I see that you are underdressed. Unsurprising.” Emily replies and gives her a tight lipped smile.

“Come on Em, you and I both know those blue booties and rain gear don’t really capture my essence.” Beth jokes and Emily nods her head.

“Yes, right, your essence . Which is now all over my crime scene.” Emily mutters turning back to continue taking pictures.  

“Did you hear Jack’s officially out?” Beth asks and Emily drops her head.

“Of course I know SSA Fiddler is out. I knew before any of you did, and I was left wondering who would help me lead you idiots.” Emily grunts and Beth snorts.

“I’m senior SSA now, and I had no idea that Jack was retiring till now.” Beth remarks and Emily nods.

“It’s crazy Beth, how being head of your department gives you so much power.” Emily snarks and it cuts Beth a little, who laughs bitterly.

“But, I’m almost sure you’re just bitter because it’s not you becoming the new unit chief, right?” Emily asks and Beth shrugs.

“I’m not bitter Em, but to me it sounds as if you’re a little worried.” Beth enjoys bothering her fellow team members.

“Yes, Beth I am worried.” Emily turns to face her and lets her camera dangle around her neck.

“I’m worried that instead of upgrading you to unit chief they made you senior SSA, and now they are gonna stick me with some alpha male who tries to control my people. Instead of seeing, that even if we are a team, I don’t take orders from him.” Emily snaps and Beth smiles sadly.

“I’m too reckless for them. They don’t see me as responsible enough to lead a team.”

“Yeah, well, I still wish it was you. I can’t say I blame them though. I still remember almost losing my medical examiner and lead lab tech due them being just being related to you.” Emily says and Beth looks down.

“You anger one serial killer. Next thing you know they take your brother and twin sister hostage.” Beth mutters and shrugs, Emily can see the pain that still lingers in her eyes. Emily licks her lips and knows she has to defuse the guilt Beth carried with her.

“Nevermind, I’ll take the alpha male dick head instead.” Emily says and Beth lets out a laugh.

“You know all that alpha male stuff is B.S, right? The alpha, beta, and omega stuff is derived from wolves, but alpha wolves don’t exist. The guy who came up with the term is the same guy who debunked it, he realized the leader wolf wasn’t the alpha, but in fact was just the parents.” Beth explains and Emily walks forward. She stops right in front of Beth.

“Thanks for the zoology lesson.” Emily comments and walks past Beth then stops.

“One more thing SSA Washington, next time you enter one of my crime scenes, you will wear protection.” Beth opens her mouth and Emily puts her finger up, stepping right into Beth’s face.

“I know, I know. The rain gear isn’t your style. To be honest it isn’t any of ours, but we still wear it. So you will wear some god damn booties and gloves at the least, and if you don’t. Then I will have you forcibly removed from my crime scene.” Emily says keeping eye contact, both girls keep the staring contest up till, Beth breaks and glances down. Emily backs away and heads to the house, probably to check back with her team. Beth rubs her chin and sighs.

She seen all she’s needed for now, her and the team will get the full rundown later when they return. God knows how long the science nerds will take at the scene. She walks up the driveway and ducks under the tape and avoids the cameras like the plague. She can’t have cameras shoved in her face right now, not with the little info she knows.


Jess spins the pencil between her fingers as Mike sits at his desk across from hers and Chris sits on Beth’s empty desk. They watch as Section Chief Barnes shakes hand with the blonde woman.

“So Blondie is our new unit chief?” Mike asks and Jess nods.

“Yeah, that’s her.” Jess replies and glances at Mike as he snags a Twizzler from Chris.

“Well, damn. She’s hot.” Mike says and Jess rolls her eyes.

“Shut up Micheal.” Jess orders and Mike sighs.

“What it’s true, right Chris?” Mike asks and Chris glances between the two and sighs.

“I mean, uh- yeah, obviously, she’s uh- attractive but, she’s our boss so.” Chris stumbles over his words and Mike sighs.

“That’s the last time I ask you for help.” Mike grunts biting his Twizzler. Jess huffs and shakes her head amazed that she once found him attractive.

“What I don’t understand is why Beth isn’t our new unit chief?” Mike asks with his mouth full and Jess shakes her head.

“Well besides the giant bulls-eye Barnes has on Beth’s back, it would be what Beth told us. They don’t see her as leader material.” Chris says.

“So she’s got a reckless streak, big deal? She still gets shit done and she knows us all so well. Introducing a new person could ruin the team dynamic.” Mike says turning to face them instead of the two blondes talking.

“All that is true, Beth is reliable, but she is also a liability.” Chris says and Mike sighs.

“Whatever, Beth is Senior SSA, so she still got some pull. This one better be good, or we’ll all be feeling the loss of Jack a lot more.” Mike mutters and Jess rubs her face.

“Why the long face Jessica, you forget your hairdryer?” Beth says walking over to Jess and rubbing her shoulders.

“Ay Beth, check out the new unit chief.” Mike says and Beth glances up to see Barnes and a short blonde.

“Hot, right?” Mike asks. Beth runs her eyes over the blonde and has to admit Mike is right. But Beth would never say that out loud.

“Keep it in your pants Monroe. If Barnes wants her to lead the team over me, Lord knows she has to be a stickler for the rules.” Beth says feeling Jess laugh underneath her hands. Mike frowns and sadly eats his Twizzler. Beth watches as Barnes turns to her and narrows her eyes.

“Senior SSA Washington come here.” Barnes calls and Beth raises her eyebrows and Mike snorts.

“The master beckons for me.” Beth says and the other three SSAs laugh as Beth floats and makes a scene of running to Barnes, who looks less then impressed.

“SSA Washington, I’d advise you to be more respectful.” Barnes commands and the other three shut up, but Beth just grimaces and climbs up the stairs.

“Jeez, buzzkill.” Beth grunts and Mike being the only one who hears it has to bite his tongue.

“SSA Washington meet Undercover Agent and new unit chief of the BAU/CSI team Samantha Giddings.” Barnes introduces them. Beth reaches out her hand which Sam takes and they shake hands.

“What’s your specialty?” Sam asks and Beth licks her lips.

“Barnes didn’t tell you?” Beth responds and Barnes impassive face twitches.

“She has said many things-”

“I bet she has.”

“But not your specialty.” Sam finishes.

“I’m an ex-Marine and I specialize in special ops and hostage negotiation.” Beth explains and Sam nods her head.

“Good to know.” Sam states and they release hands. Barnes looks at Beth then at the three SSA’s watching with interest.  

“Washington, gather your hooligans and tell them to report to the meeting room.” Barnes commands guiding Sam to the room.

“Hey! Jackasses! Round table room! Stat!” Beth calls and turns to meet Barnes’ angry glare.

“What?” Beth says and Barnes’ face twitches.

“SSA Washington-.” The three scramble to come up the stairs to defuse whatever Beth may say next.

“Section Chief Barnes.” Mike cuts her off and Barnes nods her head.

“Washington introduce the team to Giddings.” Barnes orders and Beth turns to Jess.

“This is Jess, that’s Mike-”

“SSA Washington introduce the team properly.”

“Right.” Beth mutters she places her hand on Jess’s lower back and brings her forward.

“This is SSA Riley, she is our communications liaison and linguistics specialist. She is also well versed in sex crimes.” She takes Jess’ hand and spins Jess around and Barnes clears her throat stopping Beth. Jess shakes Sam’s hand and steps back.

“This is SSA Monroe, he is our weapons and explosive expert. He is also a trained sniper.” Mike nods and does the same as Jess.

“This is SSA Hartley, he is our technical analyst and computer guy. You need anything looked up or anyone’s past deduced, he’s your guy.” Beth says and Chris just nods and waves dipping to be in the back and out of the way.

“SSA Washington, hallway now.” Barnes commands.

Beth grunts and Jess pats her on the back as she heads out. Barnes’ glare is heavy and Beth meets her glare without blinking.

“SSA Washington, if your behavior didn’t just prove why you aren’t unit chief then let me go down a list I have had since I first met you. You are loud, you are grumpy, you either think too much, or you don’t think at all-”

“I get it Elaine, I’m a bitch.” Beth says cutting her off and Barnes fists clench at her sides as Beth crosses her arms over her chest.

“The higher ups may respect you Washington; they may see you as admirable and hardworking, but if they spent a second in my shoes they would know the truth. I basically had to beg them to let me bring in someone else just so I didn’t have you leading this team. So if I hear you in anyway undermine my top pick you’ll be suspended for a month. Be careful Washington, you make one mistake, you get any of those reliable and good agents hurt. I’ll have you on your ass in no time.” Barnes warns and Beth stares hard at the ground.

“I’d die before I let any of them get hurt.” Beth responds. Barnes lets out a cruel laugh.

“Even better Washington. And I mean that. Did my words get through that dense head of yours Washington?”

“In one ear and out the other ma’am.” Beth says turning away and Barnes grabs her and tugs her so their noses barely touch.    

“These are your last legs Washington, tread carefully. Am I understood?”

“Yes ma’am.” Beth mutters and Barnes drops her arm. She turns and heads back to her office and Beth scoffs heading back inside.

“That looked tense.” Mike says and Jess socks him in the arm. Beth watches Sam as Sam stares at her back.

“Isn’t it always with the social blackhole that Barnes is.” Beth comments sitting in her chair. She sighs and rolls her shoulders.

“What did she say?” Jess asks as Beth notices Sam stare drop to the Ipad with the case info on it. Beth turns to her best friend and gives a tight lipped smile.

“Ya know, what she always says.” Beth responds.

“You aren’t funny.” Mike says his voice going up a few octaves.

“If I could fire you, you’d be gone.” Chris follows up.

“I hate you.” Jess sighs.

“Bingo.” Beth points her left finger gun at Mike.

“Bango.” Her right finger gun goes to Chris.

“Bongo.” Beth says giving Jess a wink.

“She also added, which is quickly becoming my new favorite, ‘Glad you aren’t unit chief’.” Beth says and she turns to Sam who has looked up.

“Let’s just hope Giddings here is more responsible then I am.” Beth says and Sam nods her head.

“I can assure you SSA Washington, I’m much more responsible than you.” Sam says and Jess snickers.

“Alright SSA Washington, care to fill us in on the info you got while at the crime scene.” Sam says sitting in the chair just left of Beth and Beth nods standing up.

“I’ll tell you what I got, but it isn’t a lot. The CSI team and I don’t get along to well.” Beth says and Sam makes a face.

“Really?” She asks and Beth shrugs.

“No we do, they just don’t like it when I cover the crime scenes.” Beth explains.

“Why not?” Sam asks and Beth takes a deep breath.

“I don’t like booties.” She mutters and Sam looks taken back. Jess and Mike both cover their mouths, holding back laughter.

“Excuse me?” Sam says and Beth looks confused on how her message wasn’t clear.

“I don’t enjoy booties, the way they look, the way they feel. None of it.” Beth mutters and Chris shakes his head and stands to get a cup of coffee.

“You guys want some coffee?” He asks and Beth shakes her head.

“Yeah, black please.” Jess requests and Mike chuckles.

“Shut it Monroe.” Jess snaps. Chris heads out to retrieve the coffees.

“Okay. So uh, please share the info you have gathered.” Sam says and Beth nods.

“Right so what I know so far is, the unsub killed our vic from outside. He shot through a side window and got our guy in the lower abdomen.” Beth says as the pictures Hannah uploaded to the Ipad pop up on the screen.

“He was found this morning in the dining room, where he either crawled to or was moved to. Either way our unsub strangled the man and beat him over the head. What caused his death unknown, but Josh gave a rough estimate for time of death, that being 24-72 hours ago.” Beth says as the pictures Josh has of the body shows up. Beth swipes and suddenly the bloody footprints Matt was observing show up.

“We do have some bloody footprints. We are unsure of whether it was one killer or two. But one trail leads to the back of the house and one to the bedroom. Last I checked with Ash she was looking for prints on the door handle to the garage. And finally I caught Em in the garage, not sure what she was looking for but, yeah that’s all I got from them.” Beth finishes.

“Yes, because of your distaste for booties.” Sam says still looking strangely confused by that. Chris walks in the door. Ash is next to him and they are talking.

“I need you to run the print though ViCAP as soon as you can. Josh also has the vic’s prints too. They aren’t the same print seeing as one is an arch and the other on the handle is a whorl. So let’s hope we get a hit on one of them.” Ash says and Chris nods.

“Hey guys.” Ash says as Chris hands Jess her coffee.

“Hello.” Sam greets, Ash smiles and reaches her hand out. Sam looks at Beth and Beth stares back wide eyed.

“Uh, Ash meet new Unit Chief SSA Giddings. SSA Giddings meet CSI Brown, she specializes in prints ranging from humans, animals, and even cars.” Beth says the last bit sarcastically and Ash smiles and nods.

“She is also our local forensic psychologist.” Beth finishes and turns to the group. Beth sits in her chair as Ash walks around Sam to sit in a chair.

“Where’s CSI Tightass and her gaggle of science monkeys?” Beth asks and Jess punches her in the arm. Beth looks at her and huffs.

“What?” She asks.

“Why are you such an ass?” Jess responds and Beth sneers at her. Beth knows about Jess’ huge crush on Emily. Other than that Jess would have laughed at the comment.

“Well, they should be right behind me.” Ash says cutting between the two feuding best friends.

“Who is CSI Tightass?” Sam asks still standing in the back.

“That would be me.” Emily says entering the room. Beth watches as Jess’ smile grows and Beth makes a gagging noise, which earns her an elbow. Beth turns and focuses on the Ipad in front of her. Looking over the new evidence added, she pays no attention to Jess’s obvious fawning.

“Hey SSA Dumbass, care to introduce us.” Beth scoffs as Emily talks to her.

“Jeez Em, can’t do it yourself.” Beth mumbles swiping through the pictures taken.  

“Get up, bitch.” Emily commands.

“You aren’t my boss Em.”

“But I am, SSA Washington please introduce me to the CSI team.” Beth closes her eyes pushing her chair back and standing up. Beth licks her lips and meets Emily’s smirking face.

“Em, meet the new unit chief SSA Giddings.” Beth spits her names and meets Sam’s narrowed eyes.

“SSA Giddings meet Lead CSI Davis.” Emily shakes Sam’s hand and bumps shoulders with Beth who says nothing. Hannah smiles supportively at her sister. She must sense how upset Beth is not being the new unit chief. If Hannah knows one thing about Beth, it’s that her twin doesn’t take being ordered around well. She spent six years with that in the marine corps and isn’t too inclined to go back to that.

“Twins?” Sam asks as Hannah steps forward. Hannah’s smile lights up and she nods her head.

“Yep.” Beth says popping the p.

“She’s the nicer one.” Josh comments from the back and knows he should have kept his mouth shut as soon as he meets Beth’s glare.   

“CSI Washington, the resident lab rat.” Hannah smile drops and she looks at Beth hurt.

“I mean head lab tech. You need to run a blood test or any DNA thing, she’s your girl. She’s the only one I trust to run those tests.” Hannah’s smile returns and she nudges her sister with her foot.

“Thanks Beth.” She then turns back to Sam.

“It’s an honor to meet you SSA Giddings.” Hannah walks towards the open seat next to Mike and blushes when he pushes it out with his foot for her. Beth looks over to see her brother trying to make Matt go first and Beth smirks.

“Come on Josh.” Beth calls and motions with her hand for him to come over.

“No, that’s fine Matt wants to go first.” Josh explains and Matt looks between the siblings and shakes his head.

“No, Josh come here.” Josh sighs and follows Beth’s command.

“This is Dr. Washington.”

“Washington?” Sam asks and Hannah responds for them.

“Yeah! There’s three of us.” She says happily and Sam smiles kindly at her. She turns back to see Beth giving Josh a death glare and he refuses to look to her.

“He is our head medical examiner.” Beth says and Josh looks at her.

“That’s it?” He asks and Beth shakes her head.

“You have to shake Giddings' hand.” Beth explains and Josh does so cracking a joke while doing it.

“Don’t worry, I always wash my hands after.” Josh says smiling and shaking Sam’s hand. Her smile is fake and uncomfortable and Beth wants to sock him. Instead she sticks her foot out and trips him.

“Careful Josh.” Beth warns and Josh flushes bright red as the others laugh lightly. Accept for Sam who is staring at Beth in way Beth still has yet to decipher. Matt steps forward and offer a kind smile and reaches his hand out.

“CSI Taylor, this guy gets blood, from puddles to trails. He’s good at determining it. And sometimes him and Mike discuss the weapons used in a murder.” Matt nods and heads to sit by Hannah.

“So, Beth shared the evidence that she had recovered while at the crime scene.” Sam says and Emily rolls her eyes.

“Bootieless bitch.” Emily spits and Sam is taken back.

“Watch it, Davis.” Beth responds and Sam nods her head.

“Interesting dynamic we have here.” Sam says and Josh snorts.

“This is only the start.” He mumbles and Sam looks less than thrilled to hear that.

“Right. Shall we share the rest of the evidence gathered.”

“Yes, we’ll start with Hannah.” Emily says and Hannah nods and stands. She goes to the monitor.

“Alright, so from the evidence I gathered it shows the bullet came from the side window. Josh pulled the bullet, and I did some testing and I found that the powder on the bullet was from a .357 magnum. We know that the window is approximately 5’6” off the ground. And where the bullet entered the vic, we can assume the shooter was 5’10”. I also ran the blood from both the footprints, blood trail, and blood stain. All are O neg, which means they are all the vic's.” Hannah says and Jess sighs.

“So we have no ID?” Jess asks and Josh stands.

“His teeth were all knocked out and his fingertips were burned off, but I had Ash dust for prints on the TV and she got some. We’re hoping this guy is the system or else we have to resort to the public to give us something. He died due to strangulation, this I can confirm. The unsub must have wanted to make sure he was dead. Though strangling and beating or not this guy would have died due to the fact that the bullet struck the Suprarenal Abdominal Aorta. Guy didn’t have a lot of time.”

“Do we know why this guy did it?” Mike asks and Hannah shakes her head.

“That’s not our job. Our job is to figure out the who, what, when, where, and how.” Hannah explains.

“Yes, if we could figure out the why, then there would be no use for you idiots.” Emily says and Mike huffs and looks back at his case file. Josh laughs and Hannah looks sadly at Mike and sits down next to him to offer comfort.

“Josh, keep going.” Beth says and Josh nods.

“I got time of death and I was about right before, Beth. 24 hours, but after opening him up and seeing the deterioration, I can confirm there was no way he was dead much longer then that. As for a more exact time, I’d say he died at 8 pm” Josh says and the slide switches to the blood trail.

“The amount of blood here has to be damn near half the guy’s blood supply.” Josh says and Matt stands up and points at the blood trail.

“I can tell you that this blood trail is one of an army crawl, if the guy had been dragged there wouldn’t be such concentrated puddles, that indicated he would stop. If he had been dragged it would have been a streak. Like it was when you reach the dining room. We are assuming the unsub did drag him here, to finish his work. I took a closer look at the head wound and it seems to be a from a blunt weapon, and no weapon was found on the scene. I would say it was a tool of some kind.”

“Yeah, no way the damage would have been done with a fist.” Josh says and Mike looks at the close up head wound picture.

“Gotta be a hammer or a mallet of some kind.” Mike says and Matt nods.

“I was thinking that too, the wound is a cave in of the skull. A circular cave in that I would tie back to a hammer. Also I found the footprints are all the same sole, and due to the dryness of the blood, the ones that lead to the bedroom were first then they headed back out and then to the garage.” Matt explains as the boot print comes up.

“We’re assuming from the size of the print it’s a man’s foot.” Matt starts and Josh shrugs.

“But we’re unsure cause Beth’s got giant feet and she’s a girl.” Josh says and Beth whips her head to Josh. She glares at him and gives him the arm. Josh is just happy to be on the other side of the table.

“We still have some tests to run, that the fingerprint can give us. Such as race and gender.” Ash says trying to avoid Josh reaching his early grave. Sam is looking at the boot prints.

“Beth. Stop.” Hannah says and Beth looks at her and frowns.

“I didn’t do anything.”

“You gave me a rude hand gesture.”

“I’ll give you more then a rude hand gesture when we get home.” Beth spits and Josh looks appalled.

“Josh.” Chris says and Josh shakes his head.

“Chris you, you don’t agree with her, do you?” Josh stammers and Ash sighs.

“Wait.” Sam says and they all stop bickering. She points at the foot prints.

“Those are hiking boots.” Sam says.

“How can you tell?” Matt asks scratching the back of his neck.

“I’d know that tread anywhere, I see it all the time when I go hiking or a climb.” Sam explains and Ash nods her head.

“I was leaning that way but I was still trying to determine between work boots and hiking ones.” Ash says and Sam stands and walks over to the picture.

“Work boots typically lack the inside tread. They don’t need the same type of grip like hikers do.” Sam explains.

“Though they could be combat boots.” Sam says.

“No, they couldn’t.” Beth says and Sam turns to her and nods.

“At least not the ones we used in Afghanistan, the tread was pretty minimal.” Beth says leaning back and Sam nods.

“Then they are hiking boots.” Sam states and a pager goes off.

“The tests are done.” Hannah says standing and Ash stands with her.

“Those are the test for the prints?” She asks and Hannah nods.

“I’ll run them through ViCAP.” Chris says pushing his chair out and standing up.

“I’ll check out the data with Hannah and then catch up with you.” Ash says as her and Hannah walk out and head to the lab. Chris walks out after them.

“I wanna see the body.” Mike says and Josh claps his hands.

“Well, I’m the man with access to that.” Josh replies standing and Mike nods.

“I’ll come with, we can discuss the blunt object used and hopefully nail it down.” Matt says. The three guys walk out and Jess looks at Beth who is studying the facts.

“Do we have a profile that I can give the police or press?” She asks and Beth clicks her tongue.

“No, all we know right now is a person standing at 5’10” with hiking boots committed the murder.” Beth says leaning back in her chair and rubbing her face.

“Do we know why the unsub went into the bedroom?” Sam asks and Emily shakes her head.

“No, I had each of them canvas the room, hoping to see if different sets of eyes could find anything. Besides the boot prints leading to the comforter and pillow on the ground.

“We collected some hair from the pillow but it was all the vic’s and it had naturally fallen out with gives us nothing.” Emily explains. Beth pushes out air. Sam sighs and looks over the pictures.

“Can I see the crime scene?” Sam asks and Emily nods her head.

“Yeah, an extra pair of eyes never hurt.” Emily says standing.

“You coming, Washington?” Emily asks and Jess stands too.

“I’ll come as well.” She says and Beth scoffs and walks out of the room. She spins the keys on her finger.

“You riding with me Jess?” Beth asks as they walk down the stairs.

“Uh, I was hoping to ride with Emily.” Jess says and Emily shrugs.

“Of course you can ride with me Jessica.” Emily says and Jess smiles.

“Guess it’s you and me Giddings.” Beth says and Sam nods her head.