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I'm jealous of the way...

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For her I would do anything. Seems like a cheesy line doesn't it? which everyone says once in a while when they fall in love and the relationship is new and exciting. Well for me it's been four years of being irrevocably in love with a caped crusader with ocean blue eyes who wears a cardigan every morning she walks into Catco.

For her I would do anything, for her I have already done so much. I went against my family, I bought her Catco when Edge was on the verge of buying it, I have helped supergirl and the DEO numerous times in saving the world and I can say without a doubt in my mind that I'd take a bullet for her, well a kryptonite bullet in her case.

For so long I wished to tell her about my feelings but at first she was pining over James and then Mon El came in the picture and I never got a chance, I never stood a chance. So I never told her and here we are now, at complete odds with each other. She was still mad over the Kryptonite I made and I couldn't forgive her after she basically called me a Luthor in front of Alex and the DEO.

It's been 6 months since we saved the world from Reign and Mon El returned to the future, Kara's been dating some guy again whom she met in a bar months ago, of course I still see her as she works for me. But I think she knows that I know she's Supergirl because we haven't talked properly for the past 6 months and she never looks me in the eye anymore when we do talk as a boss and an employee. Well I'm over being so crazy over her ever word, I may love her but I do have a little bit of pride left in me.

I have also been seeing someone for a few months, yes I broke up with James, it was a mutual discussion and there were no hard feelings. I just wanted to distance myself from Kara and everyone who reminded me of Kara and Lauren seemed like a perfect distraction for me, Lauren being my girlfriend who also happens to be our new CFO of Lcorp. We have been going slow and steady but she proposed to me last week in our favourite restaurant in the outskirts of National City and I couldn't help but say yes. It seemed like the right thing to do, I deserve to be happy and moving on in life rather than go mad over a Kryptonian just like my big brother. Lauren and I moved in together last week in my penthouse and things have been going great.

After Kara and I parted ways, her friends also started distancing themselves from me and I couldn't care less and I do have Sam and Jess and even Maggie has been keeping contact with me, just to see how I've been doing which I must say is very sweet of her.

So here we are, six months later, a Luthor and a Super, against each other.

Or so I thought.

Kara came bursting into my Lcorp office just as I was preparing for a board meeting this afternoon.

"What the hell is this?" Kara asked as she slammed a newspaper down on my desk.

Taking a close look I stifled a chuckle and with a straight face asked her "what are you talking about?"

She glared at me and started pacing around.

"This Lena, you got engaged and you didn't even tell me? some friend you are!"

"Friend? oh I'm your friend now? I thought the girl of steel didn't want a Luthor as her friend," I replied with a straight face.

"What? what..."

"Let's skip the part where you try to deny being Supergirl and fail and let's just talk about the real reason you're here, I have a lunch date with my fiancé in a few hours and I don't wanna be late so go on, ask me what my true intentions are, what evil plot I'm planning next..."

"No no Lena, I know that things have been rocky between us and I have said things that I can't take back but I believe in you, you have saved me and this city countless times, you are my best friend and I l..."

"Stop, just stop. I can't handle you being so hypocritical for a minute more, on one hand you accuse me of being like mother and my brother and on one hand you call me your best friend. I'm done Kara, I'm so done of being treated like this. Look there's no point in talking about things that are not gonna change, what's done is done, it's best that we stop pretending that we still have something between us. Now excuse me I have a meeting to attend, you can see yourself out."

I watched as her face fell and she opened and closed her mouth as if to say something but decided against it. She walked away with her shoulders slumped and a frown on her face, she's still so beautiful even when's she's stressed out. No, no Lena stop thinking about her.

Just as Kara was about to open the door and leave, Lauren came in probably to surprise me and they bumped into each other.

They muttered a few apologies and Lauren came around my desk to greet me and I stood up to give her a not so innocent kiss, not to make anyone jealous or anything but just because I missed her even if we just saw each other this morning.

From the corner of my eyes, I saw Kara fuming as she slammed the door as she left.


"I am sorry if I disturbed you, I just wanted to see my fiancé and lunch seemed like decades away. I'm being stupidly cheesy right?" she asked blushing as she buried her face in my neck.

I stroked her back as she sat on my lap, "No it's perfect, you're perfect."

I took hold of her face and kissed her more firmly. She moaned a little as I pressed our chests closer and started moving my hands down her thighs. I picked her up and sat her on my desk and I heard the wind rustle as if someone's cape was hovering over my balcony. Feeling like giving the person a show, I pushed her dress up and plunged two fingers inside her without warning, she was so wet that I added two more fingers and started kissing down her neck. Lauren was moaning my name so loud that I'm sure the whole building must have heard but I only cared about the person who was still hovering near my balcony. I sucked and bit her neck as I kept moving my fingers at a mad pace and she came screaming my name at the top of her lungs but I wasn't done with her yet, I motioned for her to turn around and moved to shut the blinds, Kara has seen enough. It was a clear indication for her to know that I knew she was watching, plus she has x-ray vision so it's her choice whether to stay or go.

"Get on all fours and close your eyes."

She let out a groan as she closed her eyes but she knows better than to question me.

I shuffled through my drawer to find my little surprise for her and moved to stand behind her.

I started kissing down her back and ran a finger through her wet folds, she shuddered as I started massaging her clit. Making sure she was wet enough I moved my fingers away from her and took a few steps behind to step into the harness. I heard someone's breathe hitch and I'm sure it wasn't Lauren.

I went behind her once again and started to rub the tip of the strap on against her wet folds, this time it was her whose breath hitched. She moaned in anticipation as I went straight to fucking her mercilessly.

The desk shook by the force of my thrusts and I took hold of her hair and pulled as I slowed down and fucked her more thoroughly.

"You like it, don't you? when I fuck you like this, with the door unlocked, anyone can walk in and see you getting fucked like a bitch hmm?" I asked as squeezed her nipples and gave her a hard thrust.

"Yes mistress," she whispered as she started feeling her orgasm coming.

I picked up my pace and started massaging her clit with my free hand, she shuddered and moaned loudly as she came and we both collapsed on the desk.