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My Constant Temptation

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The moment Jungkook’s life turns upside down…..


A deep, raspy voice speaks up from behind Jungkook, saying, “Well, well, well, look what we have here; they sent us a pretty little angel this time.”

Jungkook slowly turns around and sees the most stunning, wickedly handsome man he’s ever laid eyes on sitting on the edge of a sink, his slim legs hanging off and swinging casually, a sinful expression on his face as he bites down on his lower lip; he’s taking his sweet time to obviously check out Jungkook, slowly raking his eyes over him from head to toe, liking what he sees if the smirk on his plush lips and spark in his beautiful devilish eyes are anything to go by.

Jungkook takes his time to more subtly admire Yoongi as well, deciding he’s sexy as sin with the way his black enchanting clothes fit him so alluringly, hugging him in all the right places: his shirt pulls tight across his broad chest and shoulders, his toned arms and stomach threatening the seams; his pants barely contain his beautiful trim hips and thighs; his tail wraps seductively around his leg, moving as if it has a mind of its own, sweeping temptingly across his body. His jet black wavy hair appears all tousled as if someone just ran their fingers through it, his horns somewhat hidden by the thickness of his locks; and his mesmerizing red eyes… glowing like flames while he takes in every inch of Jungkook, just now noticing the way he is looking at him as well, raking his eyes over his body just as obviously, though a bit more innocently, Yoongi’s cock stirring in interest as he sees the blush now staining his cheeks and neck.

Jungkook is flustered; never before has he seen such an incredibly captivating man nor been so obnoxiously ogled. He’s also never been attracted to anyone before, man or woman, and he’s surprised and embarrassed by his physical reaction, not only the blush he can sense heating his cheeks but also the hardness he can feel straining his pants as well as his heart trying to escape from his chest. “And who are you?” he asks, using his calming aura to help keep his own nerves hidden away, trying to slow his racing heart, not wanting to let Yoongi know he’s having an effect on him.

“Surprised you haven’t heard of me. The name’s Yoongi, I’m one of the senior devils here on earth, tempting and luring all the youth over to my dark side,” he brags, making it sound like he wins every case.

“Never heard of you,” Jungkook tells him, which is an outright lie, the first he’s EVER told, his heart clenching when he realizes what he just did. Jungkook knows of Yoongi by reputation only, but he is said to be one of the most difficult devils to work against, that he’s relentless and so persuasive that once he’s involved with a youth, it’s nearly impossible for the angels to turn things back around. “I’ve never lost a human to a devil before and I don’t plan on starting today.”


A look back at Jungkook’s peaceful life before meeting Yoongi that fateful day….

Jungkook is born into Heaven’s realm as an angel and greatly enjoys spending his time with his family and friends, being trained to be one of Heaven’s GATE Keepers (Guardian Angel Training Entrepreneurs) when he turns 18, at which point he will be assigned his first human to assist, starting out with the easiest of cases.

He’s sent down to earth on his 18th birthday and is given the role of being the protector of San-ha, a young six-year-old boy in the first grade, who is just about to tease a little girl in his class.

Jungkook swoops down to earth and shrinks down to his miniature guardian size, just like they taught him in his classes, looking adorable in his angelic white outfit including his beginner wings, fitting all curled up on San-ha’s shoulder, and as he’s riding along he sees him approach the girl, lifting his hand as he gets ready to pull on her adorable little pig-tails, and Jungkook whispers in his ear, “Uh-uh-uh San-ha, you don’t want to do that,” using his calming aura to minimize startling him but he still turns around in surprise, Jungkook having to hold on tight to San-ha’s shirt so he doesn’t get dislodged and thrown to the ground.

San-ha still doesn’t see Jungkook and has no idea where the voice came from, but for now he’s forgotten about the girl and her pigtails. Jungkook tells him in a calm, soothing, angelic voice, “You need to be a good little boy, you can’t do mean things and pick on other children.” San-ha isn’t afraid of the voice, he’s instead reassured and now feels kinder and calmer.

Jungkook stays on his shoulder for weeks, being sure he doesn’t stray, and just when he’s about to leave a month later San-ha is again tempted to perform a misdeed. They are in class this time, and San-ha has the basic box of 24 crayons while his classmate has the deluxe 96 count, and he really, really wants the “robin’s egg blue” crayon for his picture of the sky, and when the boy isn’t looking he reaches across the table to take the crayon. Jungkook whispers in his ear, “Ask if you can borrow the crayon, don’t just take it without permission, San-ha.”

San-ha sits up straight and drops his hand, forgetting all about taking the other student’s crayon, and Jungkook is almost thrown off his shoulder when he sits up so quickly, as he once again looks around the room, trying to figure out who is speaking to him. After class on the way home Jungkook flutters in front of San-ha, his aura instantly calming him, the child in awe of the beautiful miniature angel. He tells him, “My name is Jungkook, and I’m your guardian angel. I’m the one who stopped you from pulling on that little girl’s pigtail, and from taking that child’s crayon. I’m here to help sway you from doing bad things that can hurt others.”

San-ha stares at him inquisitively, reaching out a finger to touch him, Jungkook allowing the gentle touch to prove he’s really there with him, that he’s there to help him. San-ha asks, “Are you always here with me?” while he continues to run his chubby little finger over his miniature wings.

Jungkook replies, “I’ve been here for a while, and I can always see you; I’ll always watch over you and protect you. I’m your guardian angel, and if you ever need me all you have to do is wish for me, and I’ll come help you.”

Jungkook has been riding along with San-ha for two months now, spending all his time holding on for dear life as the energetic little boy plays soccer and goes to karate classes and tumbles across the gym floor mats. Occasionally he needs to sit on the sidelines with the families and other angels, getting too dizzy trying to cling onto his soccer uniform or dobok.

Over the next few years Jungkook gets additional guardianship cases, the children getting older and their misdeeds getting a bit more difficult to stop, but he’s always been successful so far, persuading the children to take the “right” path, and he’s risen through the ranks and has been promoted several times now.

One day Jungkook receives a new guardianship assignment, a twelve-year old boy named MJ. MJ is going to be more of a challenge for Jungkook; it’s the first time he needs to help a child who has already rebelled against multiple Guardian Angels. He swoops down and lands on MJ’s shoulder just as he’s about to slide a Snickers bar into his jacket pocket that he obviously hasn’t yet paid for. Jungkook sheaths MJ within his calming aura and gently tells him, “You need to go pay for that, MJ.”

MJ snickers back at him, looking at his shoulder for the offending angel, and tells him, “Trying to calm me down and talk me out of this ain’t gonna work, angel. I’m hungry and I’m taking this candy bar.” He slips the candy into his pocket and starts walking to the door, and just in the nick of time Jungkook slips into his pocket and removes it, putting it back in its spot, MJ not knowing what happened.

MJ doesn’t realize the store owner had been watching him pocket the candy and he gets stopped at the door. The owner tells him, “Empty your pockets kid, I saw you take the candy bar. Either pay for it or put it back.” MJ is terrified; this isn’t the first time he’s defied his guardian angel but it’s the first time he’s ever gotten caught stealing something. He’s just about to start crying, knowing he really screwed up this time, when Jungkook calms him down and gently says, “Turn your pockets inside out, show him.”

MJ starts to empty his pockets with shaking hands, a few tears starting to roll down his cheeks, when he realizes there’s nothing in his pockets. He mumbles to the store owner, “I put it back, I changed my mind.” He starts walking quickly to the door as the owner tells him, “I don’t wanna see you back in here unless you’re paying. I’m gonna be watching you extra careful from now on.”

MJ gets outside and angrily wipes his tears away, yelling at Jungkook, telling him to mind his own business. Jungkook tries to calm him, telling him, “Hey, if I didn’t put that back you would have gotten caught, and he would have called your parents if not the police. What were you thinking?”

“What do you care? All you try to do is make us do what’s “right”, you don’t care about us,” MJ yells, walking down the alley, kicking at an empty beer can. Jungkook doesn’t think he’d appreciate him sitting on his shoulder right now so he just hovers nearby, fluttering along so he can listen to what he’s saying.

“Of course I care about you, why would you say that?” Jungkook asks, unable to comprehend why the boy would think he doesn’t care.

“You’re my fourth angel, all you guys keep doing is telling me that what I’m doing is wrong, but no one cares. No one can change anything,” he mumbles, running ahead, trying to lose the angel, which is impossible. Jungkook gives him time to calm down on his own, watching from a safe distance, before he approaches him.

“I’m not going to use my calming powers on you, I want us both to be open and honest with one another. Can you tell me why you think I don’t care?” he asks the boy, completely flabbergasted by his comments. He’s never heard of an angel that doesn’t care.

“All of you angels only want me to do what’s right. But it’s not always that easy, sometimes you have to do something wrong because you don’t have a choice,” he tells him, not looking at him but finally opening up as he sits on the curb to rest.

“Why would you have to do something wrong?” he asks, completely clueless why this could happen, and MJ immediately gets up and is ready to run away again.

“No wait!!” Jungkook yells out, fluttering in front of him to stop him. “I really want to know why you feel that way. I want to understand why you can’t do what they asked of you.”

“Serious? You really want to know?” MJ asks in confusion, not sure if he’s just stalling before he gives him the “talk” or if he really cares.

“Yes, I really want to know. Why were you stealing the candy bar?” he asks him in a caring, concerned voice, already worried about the boy he just met an hour ago.

“Because I’m hungry. Because I haven’t eaten in 2 days,” he tells him, embarrassed but too hungry and too tired to try running away again.

“Can you tell me why you haven’t eaten in 2 days?” he asks softly, not wanting to scare him away.

“My dad is away on work and we’re out of food. Until he comes home I don’t have any money to get anything to eat,” he confides, hanging his head down in shame.

“Hey, I can help with that. Let’s go get you dinner, then we’ll talk, ok?” he asks, resting on his shoulder now.

MJ still looks reluctant to listen to him, but if he has a way to get him a meal he’s willing to give him a chance. They head down the street to Jin’s Diner, a small restaurant in town that is owned by Kim Seokjin, a kind, generous man who had his life turned around by the angels many years ago and is always willing to lend a hand to someone in need.

They enter The Diner and Jin instantly sees Jungkook sitting on MJ’s shoulder, and he knows immediately that MJ needs some type of help. Jin bellows out, “Kookie!! What brings you here! I haven’t seen you in months.”

Jungkook introduces them when Jin walks over, “Jin this is MJ, MJ this is my friend Kim Seokjin. Everyone calls him Jin here, he owns The Diner. Best chef in the state.”

Jin just stares at him, eyebrow raised expectantly, making MJ nervous, and Jungkook corrects, “Country. Best chef in the country.” Jin smiles now and lets out the loudest, most obnoxious laugh but his whole face lights up, and MJ relaxes, feeling welcome and not afraid for the first time in a really long time. “That’s better Kookie,” Jin tells him, scratching his tiny back gently with his finger.

Jungkook quietly tells Jin, “MJ hasn’t had a meal in a few days. Can we help him out?”

“Of course!! Here’s the menu, go grab a table and pick out what you like! (and then in a quieter voice) “If you haven’t had much to eat for a couple days start small, we can always add more if you still have room, ok?” Jin tells MJ, going off to get him a glass of water and the milkshake that he requested.

“You know I can’t pay for this food Jungkook,” MJ tells him quietly, not opening the menu because he knows he can’t afford it.

“Jin is a friend of mine, the angels helped him turn his life around a long time ago. He helps those who need a hand, like providing a meal if you don’t have one, or a job for those who are struggling. Don’t worry, there’s no strings attached and you don’t need to pay him back. You’re always welcome to lend a hand if you won’t just accept a meal from someone who wants to help,” Jungkook tells him.

Jin comes back with the milkshake and water for MJ and a tiny shot glass for Jungkook with his favorite chocolate peanut butter milkshake, a little coffee stirrer cut in half serving as his straw. Jungkook witnesses MJ’s first real smile as he watches Jungkook hop off his shoulder and sit down with his legs straddling the shot glass, sipping the milkshake through the tiny straw, focused on his drink.

“So what would you like to eat?” Jin asks him kindly, and MJ is brought crashing back to his current dilemma, whether to accept this meal.

“I can’t just take a free meal, that’s no better than me stealing the candy bar,” he starts off, and before Jungkook can even jump in and say a word Jin reassures him, telling him, “First off you’re not stealing, I offered, totally different. Second, if you want to pay it back I have lots of things you can do to help out here after you’re done eating. But I do have one rule: Anytime you don’t have a meal you need to promise to come in here. I refuse to let you eat candy bars or chips or junk food when you can be eating my gourmet meals. If you can live with my rules then look at the menu and call me over when you’re ready.”

Jin walks away and MJ is looking down at his lap now, deciding what to do, feeling like he was kind of put in his place by Jin. Jungkook asks, “You ok? Jin can be kind of harsh sometimes but he means well,” now wiping his face with a tiny torn off corner of the napkin.

“I feel like a charity case, and I’m not sure if I’d hate myself more after accepting this free meal or after stealing a candy bar,” MJ says quietly, his pride keeping him from accepting help.

“Honestly? I’d personally rather help Jin out here as payment for my meal than possibly getting caught stealing and sent to Juvie, but that’s my opinion. I’ve seen kids who decide to steal no matter what we do to help, or even worse things. I’d hate for your life to turn into that because you were hungry,” Jungkook tells him, hoping to convince him without putting too much pressure on him.

“Why are you being so nice to me? And you keep helping me. And you’re not using your calming aura shit on me either,” MJ tells him, still not sure what to do.

“It sounds like you’ve had your share of angels already try that on you without much luck. You’re old enough to make your own decisions, and this is probably the biggest one you’ve had to make so far. I want it to be your own decision without anything swaying you, especially our influence. But to answer your other question, I’m your Guardian Angel. I’m supposed to be nice and help you, it’s kind of what we do. I’m supposed to watch out for you and take care of you.”

“But the others just told me stealing is wrong, they didn’t want to hear why I was doing it. It didn’t matter to them. They never asked,” MJ says, watching Jungkook carefully now.

Jungkook has a frown on his face, realizing that before meeting MJ he had always used the same argument on everyone as well, convincing them there was a right and wrong to everything, not acknowledging or even believing there might a reason for doing something wrong. He looks up with a considering expression, asking MJ, “Did anyone ever ask why you were stealing? Did they ask and you just didn’t want to answer, or did they never ask? Because you were fairly resistant to accept my help today too.”

MJ thinks about his answer, trying to remember his past experiences. “When I took someone’s lunch out of an open locker I had a rookie angel who I don’t think had ever had a case before. I ate the whole lunch before they fluttered away, never to be seen again, mumbling about how bad I was for stealing someone else’s food. But I hadn’t eaten in almost a week by then so I didn’t even pay attention to him. The second angel was a bit more persistent, trying to fly off with the banana I stole from the street market. Eventually I held her wings together while I ate the banana first, and then the apple she didn’t know I had in my pocket as well. She flew off quite upset, mumbling about two angels failing me, but I was just glad my stomach quit rumbling for the night.”

“Now the third angel, he was something else. His name was Jimin, and he was persistent, I’ll give him that, but he kept trying to be sweet and smiley and use his personality to coax me into giving the food back. He tried the calming aura and he even tried to tell me how much trouble he was going to get into if I continued to steal, that all the angels were failing me. I felt bad about stealing with him on my shoulder watching, but I had passed out at school from not eating and they were threatening to call my dad, or social services, and I couldn’t risk getting taken away. So I snuck into the teachers’ cafeteria when they were setting up for a meeting and stole some bagels and muffins and cookies and put them in a bag. I had food for a couple days at least until my dad got back.”

“What happened after that?” Jungkook asks, wanting to know how this could have gone so wrong for so long.

“Jimin was upset, well as upset as his little cherub face could ever appear, and he warned me that they were going to send someone rougher, meaner, next time, that they needed to turn me around before it was too late and the other side came to claim me,” MJ continued, pausing for a moment to think back on that day. “I was so afraid, scared the devil was going to come claim me just because I was so hungry that I stole some bagels.”

“And then you showed up while I was trying to steal the Snickers bar. I just laughed because if you were the rougher, meaner angel here as my last chance I figured the devil was one step behind you. No offense but you’re not rough or mean, at least as far as I can tell,” MJ tells him, smiling softly.

“Yeah, I’ve never been described like that. But for some reason I was able to at least get you to stop and listen, consider getting an honest meal,” Jungkook tells him, studying him with interest.

“It’s only because you stole my candy bar right out of my pocket without me feeling it, otherwise I’d probably be at the police station right about now,” he replies. “Speaking of which, you’d be a good pick-pocket.”

Jungkook laughs, telling him, “I’m an angel, remember? Picking pockets is not in my job description. Except for cases like today. So, are you going to open that menu and actually pick something out to eat? Since we’ve been here like an hour already.”

MJ opens the menu and decides on a bacon cheeseburger and fries, his mouth watering at just the thought of that meal filling up his belly. He lifts his hand up and Jin quickly comes over, and before he can ask what MJ would like, he tells him, “I’ll only accept the meal if I can help you out, pay you back for it. I can stay an hour or two today but then I need to get home before it gets too late.”

Jin offers his hand and shakes on it, telling him, “Every meal is an hour’s worth of work. Honest. So if you can stay today and help out after you eat, your meal is paid, your debt is gone. You’re too young or I would hire you, I can use someone who has your sense of honor, of pride. But you need to promise you’ll come in any time you’re hungry, regardless if you have the time to pay me back right away or not. It doesn’t need to be the same day. I refuse to have you stealing or dumpster diving for food anymore. You’re my friend now, too.”

MJ is speechless, unable to believe Jin really thinks he has honor or pride when he’s been stealing food, but he knows not to question him and his generosity. “I promise I’ll come in anytime I’m going without food, even if I can’t stay and pay you back right away. And I won’t steal. Or dumpster dive. Which is really gross by the way,” he tells him.

Jin goes off to get his food and MJ asks if Jungkook is going to eat anything. He tells him, “I don’t need to eat or drink anything to survive on Earth, but when I come in here I can’t resist Jin’s cooking, the smells and tastes are out of this world, almost Heavenly.” Jungkook laughs, MJ flicking his tiny shoulder at the attempt at humor.

Jungkook is relieved he was able to intervene and help MJ, knowing it may not keep him on the straight and narrow forever but at least it gives him a legal, safe way to get meals that are far healthier and consistent than what he was doing. He does need to have a little conversation with the other 3 angels and his superiors though, because this never should have gone on for this long before someone figured out why he was stealing.

MJ eventually finishes his meal and then works for an hour, Jin having him load the dishwasher and stack the clean dishes and glasses, fold the clean napkins from the dryer, and other miscellaneous tasks he can do to fill an hour in the back of the restaurant, being too young for anyone to see him working out front.

When he’s done Jin gives him his business card with his phone number and puts his number in his phone as well, promising to call anytime he needs anything, even aside from a meal. He also sends him along with a bag with some bagels and muffins and bread for breakfast tomorrow, making sure he has a meal to start his day.

Jungkook walks back with MJ, sitting perched on his shoulder, and he sees the neighborhood get a little more down trodden, a little less safe, the closer he gets to home. “Can you promise me you’ll always try to be in before dark? This isn’t the safest neighborhood for you to be out alone in at night,” Jungkook tells him, worried about his safety when he’s young and thin and undernourished, without an adult at home.

“I’ll be fine, I know everyone on the streets around here. We take care of each other,” MJ answers, as they finally reach his place. MJ climbs four flights of stairs, the elevator out of order, and Jungkook is surprised to find their apartment neat and clean even if sparsely furnished. MJ puts the food in a plastic container to keep it fresh and safe from bugs and then pulls out his books from his backpack, preparing to start his homework.

“If you’re in for the night I’m going to go check in with my other kids, make sure everyone is set for tonight,” Jungkook tells him, and MJ tells him he is, that he’s fine. Jungkook says his farewell and then he flutters around, checking in on his other humans, everyone at home having dinner or doing homework or preparing for bed. He didn’t tell MJ, but he’s also heading back to Heaven for a bit, planning to have a little chat with some angels, not realizing he just told his first lie by omission.