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What about Love

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Chapter 3:

“Hello Carlisle” Billy said simply. Let's get straight to the point, It would be best for noone to interrupt me while I explain this. My son Jacob has imprinted on Edward. “What is imprinting?” Edward barked out, Billy gave him a slight scowl before continuing “Imprinting is when a shifter’s wolf identifies its soulmate, This is uncontrollable and cannot be broken in any way. If a shifter is rejected by their imprint they will fall into a depression and with time will slowly die. Edward just stood there taking all this information in. He could hear everyone's reactions. His family’s thoughts were sympathetic, while the packs thoughts were a mix of disgust and violence, It was all getting to much for him then he was brought out of his stupor when Carlisle spoke “So what happens now Billy. I mean of course we accept Jacob into our family with open arms” but he was cut off by Edward scoffing. The situation was starting to anger him. Everyone's talking like he didn't have a choice, like he had to love the man that has been his enemy. “No’ was all he said before he ran away. Jacob feel to his knees crying his wolf’s pain of being rejected was too much for him to bear. Carlisle tried to run to him but the pack was in front of him in seconds. “There is nothing you can do. Jacob will die without his mate.” Billy said trying to keep his face neutral but there was a tear threatening to fall any second. “We will do whatever we can” Esme said sadly. “Alice and Jasper” Carlisle said “Find your brother and bring him home. I don't care how just do it.” Carlisle said with a tone of voice that he rarely used with his children. The two ran off into the woods with Alice already knowing where her brother was brooding. The pack decided to take their leave. Sam shifted back and carried Jacob home. As soon as they hit the doorstep Jacob ran to his room and slammed the door behind him. He felt broken and alone. There was a hole inside of him growing and he didn't know how to fill it. He laid in his bed and closed his eyes and prayed he didn't wake up.



Jacob in fact did wake up and he felt even worse. His wolf had stopped wailing but now he felt its lifeforce fading. He stood up and started packing his backpack with different clothes. He couldn't stop to think about what he was doing because if he did h would surely die. So he blocked his mind off and ran around his room filling the bag with things until it was full. He then went to open the door but he smelled his pack brothers down stairs. They would never let him leave so he used his only other exit, the window. When he landed on the ground he jumped into his beat up old truck and drove away. He had no Idea where he was going all he knew was he had to get away from everything, Every mie felt like a knife in the heart but he kept going and didn't look back.


Everyone in the living room sat there quietly noone wanted to say anything. They just all stared at the tv blankly not really watching it. “Is jacob really going to die?” Seth let out “No he's not because i'm going to go find that little bloodsucker and force him to fix Jake.” Embry said through his teeth,” Let him stay away” Paul said simply “Jake will be fine without having his own personal mosquito hovering around” Paul said with a laugh “Enough” Sam screamed in hi Alpha voice. Jacob is our brother and at this very moment he is dying. We will not make light of this situation. Now we will let the coven handle Edward.” “ But Sam” Embry whined “But nothing. We will let them handle him. And if they cant get him to see the light then that's when we will intervene.” Sam then got up and walked to Jacob's room to check on him. He knocked and heard no answer. He knocked again and still nothing so he decided to barge in. His eyes widened when he saw the room a mess and the window open.