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What about Love

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Chapter 1.

Edward stood there calmly at the cliff. He has come here everyday since bella died. This place has become a sanctuary for him. He sits here for hours watching the ground begging himself to just fall but he knows that's not what Bella would have wanted so he just stares and in a way it gives him a sort of release. After about four hours pass he decides to run home and vows to come back later.


Jacob isn't happy at all. Its been two months since Bella has died and he is still angry. He spends most of his days attacking trees or sulking in his room and today is no different.

“Jacob” Sam yelled. “ You need to get over this she is gone and there is nothing you can do about it.”

“There is something I can do about it” Jacob said through his teeth. “I can find that blood sucker and rip him to pieces.”

“Jacob, Bella fell off of a cliff she wasn't bitten. So as far as I am concerned the treaty is still in tact.”.

Jacob let out a devastating scream and punched a tree right out of the ground “ Thats bull shit Sam and you know it. He should have saved her” Jacob fell to his knees. “ She should have been with me. I would have protected her I would hav--” Before he could finish Sam has him is a bear hug, he tried to get free but Sam wasn't letting up so defeated he just sat there and let it all out.


Edward sat on his patio watching the sky get darker and basking in the silence of the night when he heard the door of his bedroom creek open. Alice walked in with a half smile and sat right next to Edward and put her head on his shoulder.

“I'm here if you ever want to talk Edward” Alice said gently. “I know Alice and I thank you for being so supportive. I'm just not ready yet.” Edward said standing up. “Im sorry I didn't see this coming.” Alice let out with a sad sigh. “I know Alice. I have to go” Edward all but whispered as he left the room and walked down the stairs into the living room. The entire family was there waiting for him.

“Before any of you say anything Im leaving” As edward tried to make a b line for the door Emmet blocked his path. “ Sorry little brother but I can't let you do that” Emmet said with his chest poking out. Esme got up and walked to her son. “Sweetie we are all just so worried about you. You should not be punishing yourself like this. It was not your fault.” Edward didnt say anything he just agrilly pushed Emmet out of the way and stormed out. Before Emmet could charge after him Jasper jumped up and stopped him. “Just let him go he needs this” Jasper said calmly. Emmet just huffed and went back to watching tv. Rosalie sat there rolling her eyes at the situation “ I don't see why the blowhard is still crying about that flimsy human girl, Im glad shes dead” Rosalie said. “Rosalie!” Carlile screamed.”That is uncalled for we don't need to agitate Edward with that kind of talk. He has been through a rough ordeal and we as his family will be there for him no matter how long it takes. Is that understood? Carlile all but screamed. “Yes father im sorry” Rosalie said dripping with sarcasm.


Jacob woke up screaming. This is the fifth time this week that he has done this. He has been having nightmares about seeing Bella fall to her death. He turned over to see a clock that read 2:35 am and he knew there was no way he was going back to sleep so he got up and put on some jeans and jumped out of his window. He decided that he would go for a run to clear his mind and tire him out. He ran for hours when a strange scent that he never smelt before entered his nose. He sat there for a moment and let the smell invade his senses until he heard a sob that broke him from his trance. Jacob felt a weird pull in the bottom of his stomach, something wasn't right. So he decided to phase into his wolf so he could be ready for anything. He followed the heavenly smell to a cliff where he found a person sobbing . He stayed far enough away from the weeping figure so he wasn't noticed but he couldn't help but feel the need to run to them and hug them and let them know that everything would be alright. Jacob kept feeling this weird pull so he decided that he should probably leave, He step backward and landed on a stick which cracked, making the person stop sobbing and look in his direction. “ Who’s there” Edward asked. Jacob recognise that voice then all of a sudden he was filled with so much anger and hated. He leaped from out of his hiding and pounced on Edward snarling uncontrollably with the intent to bite his head off but then something happened. Jacob looked into Edward’s eyes and all he could see was how beautiful he was, All he could feel was Edward’s sad eyes pouring into him. All he wanted to do was kiss the beautiful vampire and hold him until he felt better. Edward layed there in shock. Jacob caught him by surprise and was able to wrestle him to the ground and right when he thought Jacob was going to tear into his flesh he caught some images that Jacob were running through Jacobs mind at top speed. Edward saw him and jacob cuddled up by a fire, he saw him and Jacob Kissing by a lake, and he saw him and Jacob in a bed going at each other relentlessly. Both of them were so frozen with shock neither noticed that Jacob had changed back into his human self. Edward snapped out of it when he felt Jacobs hardening member growing against him. He broke their heated stare and that snapped Jacob back to reality. All he wanted was for Edward to look at him again with his beautiful golden eyes. Then all his sanity finally came back to him and he realized that he was laying fully naked on his worst enemy. Jacob jumped up and away ran as fast as his feet took him.