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The Hokage's blossom

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One shot. Kakasaku lemon.

Part: I. .....turning point



It all started one fine day. Just an ordinarily simple day he had managed to steal for him self. A day he had fought for on numerous occasions. Being the Leaf 's new Hokage was certainly taking it's tool on his private life, unfortunately not the only down fall at the moment. No more was he able to just sit by idly contemplating on nothing but utter nonsense nor was he allowed to hang out casually with his fellow shinobies. He had even forgone the simple pleasures of being with a woman now that his activities were constantly being monitored. So many privileges had he lost the moment the godaime decided to appoint him the title of Hokage.

He sat there on his window ledge, staring at mostly nothing for a very long time. His mind it seemed was beginning to wonder again. An annoying habit he had suddenly picked up. As much as he wanted to enjoy the view in front of him his thoughts just wouldn't let up.
Kakashi fisted both his hands in his hair in a rather frustrating manner, gripping his white silver like locks a little too rough but what the fuck. He didn't care any more. He would do any and every thing to chase those horrible inappropriate images from his mind. His new found frustration was purely and entirely Naruto's doing. Him and only him was solely responsible for the erotic images that plagued the copy nin's thoughts.

Again he forced him self to concentrate on his surroundings. Besides who knew when again such an opportunity would arise, allowing him to have an entire day all to him self. One with out the responsibilities as well as the ever growing hurdles that came with being the Leaf 's new leader. The copy nin turned Hokage closed his onyx eyes one last time. He took a deep breath then followed by a loud audible grown. After a few short seconds of silently battling his thoughts he was finally able to really enjoy the peacefulness of his morning as he admired the golden rays of the sun, allowing himself a moment of distraction. To him it was absolutely perfect. It wasn't blindingly bright nor was it overly dull. A beautiful compliment it seemed that went along with an equally perfect breeze. Even the slight back ground noise had a certain charm to it.

The Hokage had spent the better part of his morning catching up on some much reading thanks to one overbearingly obnoxious ex student of his, whom by the way had decided to follow in his sensei's foot steps.... No... not kakashi but the deceased sanin better known as Jiraiya or as Naruto would refer to him 'Pervy Sage'.

It had been only about a year ago since the kiyube vessel made the questionable decision to honor his late teacher simply by continuing on with his work. Now the term 'work' usually meant the use of ones body or mental powers in aiding in the completion of various task. But this work was quite different. How?... Well firstly it was immoral and secondly there was nothing honorary in the least meaning of the word about it. This kind of work which Naruto choose to carry on in his dead teacher's name was no other than the writing and publishing of well made porn. Yes...good old paper back smut famously referred to as Icha-Icha.

Only a year had passed since his first publication and to be honest it was quite a thing of beauty. At first Kakashi was a bit apprehensive. He was rather hesitant as he felt a slight feeling of betrayal towards his favourite author. But slowly and surely he began to warm up to the ridiculous notion of Naruto becoming a writer, aside from his shinobi duties that is.

He had been captivated by the orange clad temptress better known as Icha-Icha Blossom from the very first chapter. A title that didn't go unnoticed by him nor the other famously known blossom of Konoha. Another triggering factor that piqued the copy-nin turned hokage's curiosity. It was entirely her fault, the publication of said book and everyone dam well knew it. Kakashi was stunned the moment he learned that his pinky of a kuniochi was responsible for the epidemic that swept the bookstores as well as most lovers bedrooms. Sakura was the one who had insisted on Naruto finding a hobby to fight his ever growing boredom. Well to be honest she did use the term 'healthy' more than once with hopes of him taking her advise. He did however took the encouragement to heart but boy was she regretting it now.

Thank kami the future Hokage was almost done working on his second edition. That little news had the pink haired medic doing back flips the moment he broke it to her. It meant that she was going to be free finally of all the unwanted attention the orange clad devils had brought on her life. Kakashi was also equally excited upon hearing such good news. As much as he was enjoying the awkward situation she was put under he too also wished for it all to be done and over with. This book was definitely going to be his undoing if he kept on reading. Its contents were scary and downright threatening towards his and Sakura's relationship, one they had managed to keep professional for many years. As much as he was enjoying every word, every phrase, every dam dirty, erotic details of it he couldn't wait for it all to be over, for him to go back to his old semi elusive self again.

At first the copy nin was completely disgusted with himself for harbouring such elicit fantasies of the real blossom, his blossom also known as his ex student turned medic turned secretary to none other than yours truly. That alone in it's self should have been enough of a reason for him to cease his new found obsessive behaviour towards his medic nin but no, Hatake Kakashi couldn't just help himself anymore.... He spent almost all day lounging around his ancestral home with no particular care at the moment. For a while he was enjoying the quietness of it all that's until the rain decided to pay the citizens of Konoha a little unexpected visit, leaving both shinobies and civilians alike in a state of irritation.

The time slowly ticked by and before kakashi knew it evening was upon him. He absent mindedly scanned through his kitchen with hopes of making himself a rather neat dinner but the contents of his cupboards were not of his particular liking so he ventured out in search of suitable ingredients with his ever present anbu guards following at at respectable pace behind. After navigating his way through the heavy downpour he was now comfortably rummaging through the many packets of frozen meat of one very small mini mart.

He had made many life staking decisions in the past with out so much as a moment's notice but tonight he was being tested in the cruelest of manner. There stood firmly in his hands two parceled packages, one thinly sliced pork, the other,one thick slab of beef. There was no making up his mind tonight it seemed. Kakashi stood there in the middle of isle 6 weighing his options, quite seriously might I add when out of no where a mild hint of honey mangled with cucumber alarmed him. He hadn't the need to look to make certain it was her for that particular scent was enough of a prof to tell him that she was here, and very near it seemed.

From the looks of it Sakura seemed to be pretty deep in conversation with a fellow jounin such as her self, and one kakashi recognised all to well.
"Gemma", he groaned inwards not liking the way she was smiling and tucking her lose bubblegum strands behind her ear for KONOHA'S number one playboy. It was no secret that the senbon sucking leach had a major thing for the Hokage's only female student, ex student that is. He had tried many years to woo her in ways equally impressive and ridiculous. Never mind the age gap Genma still crawled after her like the dog most women knew him to be.

That particular relentless attribute of his and of coarse his famous playboy status were the reasons behind Sakura's constant refusal, but from the looks of things it seemed she had finally changed her mind. A thought that didn't sit well with the copy nin. He kept a silent watch on them both as he masked his chakra, trying desperately to listen while they spoke. But he was too far out of range, not a single word was heard. Fortunately for him though, years of constant practice through undercover missions had taught him easily how to read peoples lips. His focus on them deepened as he skillfully deciphered very easily every word exchanged between his blossom and the senbon idiot.

"Oh stop it Genny", Sakura slapped him playfully on his arm while he closed her off in a tight space between the confectionary and liquor isle.

"Common cherry you cant tell me that after all these years their isnt a part of you that wondered what it would be like with him?". Genma pressed on.

" I have but you know what he's like, all elusive, totally fucking clueless and openly perverted".

Kakashi froze. "Wait are they having a conversation about me?".. He spoke to himself in disbelief. Why was Genma and Sakura talking about him, and in a mini mart of all places and since when had she started referring to the brown hair horn dog as Genny? The sound of that ridiculous pet name made him cringe on sight. Nevertheless, they were still talking and he was more than interested to find out just where this conversation was headed.

"To be honest sakura his behaviour has changed drastically, havent you noticed this?"

"Yes i did but what I still don't understand is why the fuck are you interetesd in what goes on between the Hokage and i Genma?".. Sakura pinched his ear playfully.

"Because cotton candy i think he has a thing for you. And more importantly i think you like him too, if not more. Or", he paused a little for added dramatic effect. "Maybe after reading those sultry erotics of one crazy but beautifully written orange paper back, you've finally decided you want dear old sensei to push his, might I quote, throbbing hard cock into you."
He finished off his sentence with a sly smile as his pink haired friend looked up at him with an astonished expression while one brightly crimsoned blush overtook her delicate face.

That little confession was all kakashi heard before ..."bammmm", he dropped his packets of meat unexpectedly, sending them crashing to the ground with a loud thud. All thoughts of buying dinner had disappeared from his confused mind. The only thing he heard was the seemingly confession that fell from Genma's evil mouth, ringing in his ear like an abrupt explosion. He made a dash for it, before anyone noticed, running clumsily through the pouring rain. The last thing he wanted was to be caught by either of them.

The sudden noise caught both jounin's attention. They stopped in mid conversation surveying their immediate surroundings for signs of lurkers. After a few careful seconds of glancing around they decided to leave the topic at that for now. Sakura watched as Genma walked off. Then she quickly made her way over to the cashier. As she proceeded to check out her items she couldn't for the love of kami feel at ease. Something seemed odd to her.
A light scent of cinnamon and earth lingered about the air, sending goosebumps all through her body. She knew this particular smell, she was sure she did. Apparently the loud thud from earlier had alarmed her more than she had let on. She couldn't help but wonder who or what made that sound. After carefully packing her groceries in two large handbags a very clever idea popped in her head. Well it wasn't that clever to begin with just really simple that's all. Sakura eyed the young man counting his money before deciding to just go ahead and ask him.

"Hey .....I was wondering was there anyone else in here earlier other than Mr Shiranui and my self mmmmmmm". She took a peek this name tag.."Shin is it?"

The young man was very startled. He couldn't believe a beautiful woman like Miss Haruno was speaking to him more than she had to.

"Yes I believe the Hokage was in here as well altho I didn't think he bought anything." The cashier studied for a moment. "Yes he definitely didn't buy anything. He was at the back standing in the meat isle for while. But then he suddenly left and in a hurry no less.".

Shin nodded an affirmative yes to her question. She immidiaetly froze on the spot with only the word 'fuck' running through her already melting mind. She walked quickly over to said isle now being bombarded with his strong scent as it almost stifled her or was she just overreacting to being caught red handed. Probably the latter. Sakura neared the area where his aroma was at it's highest only to find two packaged piece of meat lying snugly against the corner of the freezer, in the wrong section no less. That's when it finally dawned on her the severeness of her and Genma's little chat. They were both dead fucking meat. No pun intended.

"Miss Haruno you ok", shin called out to her, snapping her instantly out of her mentally panicking state. The pink haired medic grabbed the two forgotten items. She paid for them and took her leave quite hurriedly no doubt making her way over to the ROKUDAIME'S place through the heavy rain.

Sakura fretted non stop while she clumsily made her way over to the Hokage's residence. She was totally miserable with herself all because of one blond haired, blue eyed jerk who chose to depict her in his first piece of badly written porn. Thanks to that idiot almost every guy in KONOHA was lining up on a daily basis to try their lousy luck with the lovely blossom. For months on end Sakura had stayed in on almost every weekend, hiding from men who thought she was their last hope in salvaging their sex life. She hadn't a clue as to who were worst, them for seeking her out or her for being slightly curious about the books contents. Another major mistake she soon made.

Finally after suffering for so long it seemed, she had decided to take matters into her own hands, thanks to one rebellious Hokage also known as her ex sensei. He was her only hope in finding some semblance of peace when walking the streets so it didn't faze her that much when he agreed to her having her own way. If she was to be a bit honest with her self right now she knew kakashi probably enjoyed that book a little more than others. After putting one well known, very experienced ANBU captain in the hospital for rubbing her the wrong way, the entire male populous was now backing off. But unfortunately her actions left her in quite the tight spot for now she was faced with another problem. They were no guys left who even had the nerve to approach her, leaving Sakura dateless and lonely for numerous nights.

As much as she wanted to go home she just couldn't bring hear self to it. Besides she knew he was probably home with absolutely nothing remotely edible in his cupboards, making her feel all the more guilty from her and Genma's thoughtless little banter. Sakura sighed to herself, "he had some dam nerves." He had no right acting surprised when he in turn was the one that left her puzzled from his ever changing mood swings. She felt as tho kakashi was constantly toying with what little sanity she had left. In all fairness the explicit contents of ICHA-ICHA BLOSSOM were wearing her down. Not that she'll ever admit to owning such atrocious reading material.

Being couped up in the Hokage's office most days made her life a living hell. Working so close to him while he read the orange clad garbage drove the medic nin beyond the brink of insanity. The graphic images that haunted her nightly did unspeakable things to her libido, not that she minded but the fact still remained, Kakashi Hataki was her ex sensei and now the village's Hokage, never mind he still choose to live at home.
His privacy was too important to him, almost as important as the few people that knew him through and through. Unfortunately her being his personal secretary as well as the head of the medical board meant that the privilege of visiting him at his private quarters was extended to her infinitely. Sakura was still hurrying through the rain struggling for balance with her bags and one easily breakable umbrella as it swayed violently with the wind when a recognizable voice called out to her.

"Sakura-chan, over here." She made her way very ungraciously over to the happier than usual smiling blond. "Naruto if its what I think it is then thank kami but if you're just wasting my time I'll make you hurt beyond your darkest nightmares. She warned him warily but seriously all the same. Quickly his mood changed to that of a panicked state as he ushered her inside to give her the good news.


The copy nin turned village leader slammed his front door upon his arrival back home. He was halfway out the Mini Mart when he realized he had forgotten his umbrella. Now he stood in his living room feeling lost and thoroughly soaked from head to toe. His mind however refused to register his cold damp appearance as he replayed the conversation that was seemingly stuck in his hentai brain.
What the hell was Sakura talking about, him being clueless. Did that mean she wanted him as much as he wanted her, or was she just playing into one of the Senbon sucking king's elaborate traps? Kakashi pondered the idea for over several minutes until a cold chill rocked his body, reminding him of his state of wetness. He set about drying him self off and changing into a warm pair of slacks, forgoing his ever present mask. Still he couldn't help but study the idea of his pinky having the same fantasies as him rather intensely.

Kakashi collapsed on to his huge Pearl coloured couch, replaying those last words over and over that fell from Genma's treacherous mouth in his already confused mind. He was in the process of breaking down all he had heard into little balls of digestive information, whether they were true or not; until the loud sound of his buzzer going off halted him in his tracks.
He froze halfway through his line of reasoning due to the little distraction. Few people ever visited him which limited the possibilities of it being an enemy standing outside his home, besides, not many people can get pass Yamato taichou's trusted squad dogs. They were an impenetrable force of security specially trained to protect him at all cost, not that he needed them but still it was only because of Tsunade's constant pestering that made him agreed to having two guards stationed outside his home.
He made his way over to his door obviously trying but not finding any chakra signature from whom ever stood on the other side. As he was about to grab the large brass knob he found himself immediately being encompassed by the intoxicating aroma of the very person he was trying to hide from.
"Shit", he cursed him self silently as he flung open his door.


A/N........I hope my first Naruto fanfiction didn't disappoint. So thats it for chapter 1 of my possibly 2 to 3 parts KakaSaku(Kakashi/Sakura) oneshot lemon. .... Do enjoy.