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Hell is a Place Called Home

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“Detective Carisi!”

Barba yelled as he walked into the bullpen, Carisi flinching and turning his head around to see who called him. He turned his entire swivel chair when he saw who it was, raising an eyebrow.

“Sorry to scare you, Olivia said you had new information regarding the Atkinson case?”

Carisi nodded and turned back around to get his file, handing it to the lawyer before promptly turning back around in his chair to his computer without saying a word. Barba met Amanda’s eyes above his head, motioning to the man with his head. Amanda shrugged, not knowing what was off about him herself. He left without pressing further into it, but Amanda didn’t take the same courtesy.

“Sonny are you okay? You jumped like a bat out of hell when he called your name.”

“I’m fine ‘manda, just tired” He said without looking up. Amanda didn’t let him off that easy.

“Would you tell me if you weren’t?” She questioned and only got a nod in response
The matter didn’t come up again until everyone was leaving to go home for the night, Amanda running to get in the elevator with Carisi before the doors closed and left him alone.

“Amanda I already told you not to worry about me.” He said before a word could leave her mouth, his tone laced with frustration.

“You said you were tired. I’m your friend, I’m always going to worry about you.” She said as the elevator started moving down. His face softened and for a moment it seemed like he was going to open up, but it faded as someone else got in the elevator.

“Well try not to lose sleep over it.” He said as they got off, going a different way than her out of the building.
By the time he got home, Sonny was exhausted. The train was late, someone laced up on every drug imaginable tried to accuse of him of stealing his watch, and he still felt guilty over making Amanda so worried over him.

“Daniel?” He said as he slipped into the apartment before he noticed the other man sitting at the counter, beer can in hand. He turned when he heard his name, a scowl etched on his face.

“You’re late.” He lamented and slammed his can on the counter, crossing his arms.

“I’m sorry, we got caught up with new information about a case,” Sonny said quietly, staying in his spot by the door. Daniel got up from the counter, walking to Sonny and pulling his phone out of shirt pocket.

“I don’t know why I let you keep this damn thing if you can’t use it to tell me when you’re going to be late.”

“I said I was sorry Daniel can we please not start this now, I’m exhausted.”

Daniel only laughed, throwing Sonny’s phone on the ground and grabbing him by the neck.

“Last time I checked you don’t tell me what to do.”

Sonny flinched hard under Daniel’s fingernails but tried to let his shoulders relax. It was easier when Daniel didn’t get the impression that he was going to fight back.