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Angel with Clipped Wings

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   Gabriel was in shock,  he couldn't believe his eyes.  He removed another rock from the pile,  and set it aside.  Then chaos broke out. He stood frozen,  he doubted anyone realized he wasll the. 
   He stared as the vampire ripped a chunk out of Sams neck,  and drag off with him. Cas had gone after him before Gabriel could comprehend it all. 
   No. Sam can't be dead.  This thought became incoherent as it replayed over and over in his mind. He barley herd Cas' voice tell Dean,  he couldn't save him. 
  Always the protective one,  Cassie.  He thought to himself.  I'm always the screw up.  He kept quiet on the way out of thw tunnel.  He stared at Cas as he was affected by the warding. Taking a heavy breath,  he scratched the warding off of the sign. 
   After that it was all a jumble.  His heart ached watching Jack ponder over the idea of losing Sam.  It was ripping him apart. Gabriel felt guilt piled ontop of guilt.  Damn it.  He thought to himself.  He shouldn't have hooked up with Rowena,  even if... Even Sam didn't know the truth. 
  His facial expression deepend. He wouldn't let himself believe it.  When Sam returned with Lucifer,  his heart skipped a beat.  Love. Was that what he feeling?  Love? 
  He stood from the log he was sitting on,  eyes fixated on Sam.  Sighing a breath of relief,  he  watched as the Winchesters reunionited.  Jack threw himself into Sams arms. 'I can't believe it.' He managed out of his mouth.  'I knew you couldn't be dead.'
  Over in the distance,  Gabriel herd Lucifer struggling with a couple of the guards. He tuned them out,  eyes glued on Sam.  Lucifer saved him.. That's the only way he could be alive.
  Damn.  That should've been me. Sams eye caught his for a split second.  Gabriel smiled a weak grin. As everyone separated, each going their own way.  Sam wonders over to him. 
No words were spoken,  just nods of their heads.  'Sam, over here! ' Dean cried, waving Sam over.  Sam nodded once more,  then headed towards his brothers direction. 
   Gabriel was left alone with his thoughts.  So many regrets.  So many. 
I'm just a failure,  he thought to himself.

Gabriel was jolted away from the memory. What were they doing? Oh. Right. Him and Cas had found a way to kill the prince. He glanced as Sam who stood tall, even when he was slouching.

"So? What is it?" Dean snaps. "Uh." Gabriel threw down a book onto the table. "Its in here. I'll be right back." He says, before wondering off on his own.

Sam quickly excused himself, before following Gabriel. Something was wrong.