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Red Light Special

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Patsy lay stretched out like a cat in a sunbeam. Her exposed arms and legs sprawled out slightly on her towel as she positioned herself to get more comfortable, interlocking her fingers behind her head, bending her knees, digging her toes into the sand. There was a sheen layer of sweat that she could feel all over her body when the gentle ocean breeze decided to roll through, and Patsy thought there was no doubt it was because of the sun beating down on her. She pushed her sunglasses up her nose and smacked her lips a little sleepily. A tune on her little portable radio softly played some pop tunes she could barely hear over the roar of the waves.

She would roll over soon, just a few more minutes, she thought, just a few more minutes of getting this pale belly of hers sunkissed and listening to the waves crash against the beach.

Her time relaxing on her back was cut short when she heard a loud pat and a spray of sand over the left side of her face. She grimaced angrily as she heard someone shout, ‘Sorry!’

Sitting up and removing her sunglasses, Patsy looked over to see none other than her girlfriend Delia trot over to her apologetically. She sighed. Here she was ready to give the offender an earful about minding other people trying to relax and in an instant she felt her anger evaporate at the sight of Delia in a bikini, her hair swaying freely down her back. It was embarrassing how much of an affect the woman had on Patsy.

‘I’m sorry, honey, are you alright?’ Delia asked, barely concealing her amused smile.

Patsy rolled her eyes and tried to look angry as she wiped the sand from her face, ‘I’d be better off if you went and played farther away,’ she scooped up the football and tossed it in Delia’s direction.

‘I’m really am sorry,’ Delia said kneeling down next to Patsy in the sand. She reached over and tried to help Patsy brush off some sand on her arm, ‘I’m trying to teach Barbara a bit of control when she kicks the ball… though it seems the woman has never kicked a football in her life.’

Barbara and Trixie ran over, appearing next to the two women on the ground.

‘I’m really sorry, Patsy,’ Barbara said, looking genuinely apologetic.

Patsy sighed and moved to tie her hair back. She was sweating enough that it was sticking to her face now.

‘It’s alright,’ she said, ‘I needed to get up anyway and roll over.’

‘Ooh, that’s a good idea,’ Trixie said, ‘I’m knackered,’ she remarked, turning to Barbara, ‘Babs, will you be a dear and put some lotion on my back?’ she asked as she removed her wrap dress, revealing a red polkadot bikini that made Barbara forget words.

‘Ohm erm, uh, mmhmm, yup,’ Barbara stuttered like a typical endearing English person.

‘You too,’ Delia said, twirling her finger as a command for Patsy to turn around, ‘all the freckles on your arms and shoulders have popped. If you get much more sun you’re going to turn into one giant freckle,’

‘What’s wrong with being a freckle,’ Patsy harrumphed, but followed orders, settling on her stomach propped on her elbows while Delia pulled the cream out of the little cooler that also carried some cold waters and snacks. Patsy jumped a bit when the cold cream hit her lower back, and relaxed when Delia worked her skillful hands working it into her skin.

Patsy sighed and lay down with her head in her arms, enjoying the feeling of Delia’s hands on her body as she spread the lotion over her hips and sides, her fingers just tickling under the elastic waistband of her bikini bottom.

She felt Delia apply two dollops of lotion on her shoulders and began firmly working it in there, Patsy sighing, relaxing into her touch, feeling slightly turned on right about now if she were honest. She yelped a bit when she felt the tie of her bikini string come undone and she turned her head to look at Delia.

‘Hey,’ she pleaded, feeling a blush feather across her cheeks.

Delia gave a cheeky smile, ‘I want to make sure I get everything,’ she leaned down and sweetly kissed Patsy’s shoulder, ‘Don’t worry, I’ll tie you back up.’

Patsy huffed and lay back down with her head in her arms, taking a peek at their friends Barbara and Trixie who were in a similar predicament, but Trixie was not bashful at all with showing off any skin. Barbara was to engrossed anyway with giving Trixie a good rub down for her to even notice Patsy’s state of undress.

Patsy sighed again and felt herself relax at her girlfriends touch once more, enjoying the feeling of Delia applying just the right amount of pressure to her back as she rubbed in the cream. Patsy thought she really did have the most talented hands.

She felt Delia tie her back up, and sealed it with a light kiss on her lower back.

Patsy zoned in on the tune playing on the radio as the women around her idly chatted, a lyric catching her attention.

Ah ya ya ya ya
I keep on hoping we'll eat cake by the ocean

‘Cake by the ocean?’ Patsy repeated.

‘Hmm?’ Delia asked, looking from Patsy to the radio. She smiled and turned up the tune, ‘What, Pats, you’ve never heard this song before?’

‘No, I haven’t,’ she mumbled, ‘but I was just wondering why cake?’

‘How do you mean?’ Barbara asked.

‘Who wants to eat cake on the beach?’

Delia smacked her forehead and laughed at her girlfriend, ‘Pats, no,’ she giggled, ‘Cake is a euphemism for sex. Or, pussy, rather.’

‘It is?!’

‘Yes!’ she laughed again, ‘Pats, how old are you again?’

‘Is that what the kids are calling it these days?’ Patsy mumbled, ignoring her girlfriends comment.

‘So the song is about sex on the beach then?’ Trixie clarified.

‘Guys come on,’ Delia said exasperated, ‘No one knew that ‘cake’ ment ‘pussy’? Am I really the only one who has heard this song before?’ she asked as she sang along, waving her fists in time to the beat.

Let's lose our minds and go fucking crazy
Ah ya ya ya ya
I keep on hoping we'll eat cake by the ocean

‘I suppose you are,’ Patsy remarked, her face laden with amusement as she watched her girlfriend sway along to the music.

The group of them were silent for a beat while the song ended and another tune kicked over.

‘Both still sound like rather unpleasant activities to do on the beach,’ Patsy quipped quietly.

‘What? Why?’ Delia asked, leaning on her elbow to look at Patsy.

‘Sand, that’s why,’ Patsy remarked plainly, ‘I don’t want any sand in my cake. The confection or otherwise.’

‘Here, here,’ Trixie remarked as she spread lotion on Barbara’s back.

‘Oh, come now Pats,’ Delia winked, her voice lowering, ‘you haven't really lived until you’ve tried a little sex on the beach.’

‘Are you saying you have?’

Delia merely grinned, ‘I feel like going for a swim,’ she said, ignoring Patsy’s comment, ‘want to join me?’

Patsy looked curiously at her girlfriend, mulling over her sudden request. It was rasther hot and a dip in the ocean right now felt like a particularly good idea.

‘Oh, alright,’ she said sitting up, ‘just let me put some lotion on you, too.’

The two women situated themselves so that Patsy could smear the sun cream on Delias shoulders and back, Delia holding up her hair for Patsy to get at her neck. Patsy was drawn to the smooth skin, gentle wisps of brunette hair falling from her hand, and she couldn’t help but lean in and kiss her there sweetly before she spread the cream over her neck. Delia looked back at her and smiled slyly.

‘Would you two like to join us?’ Delia asked innocently of Trixie and Barbara, who had both by now situated themselves on their own towels, lying lazily in the sun with their sunglasses pushed up their noses.

Trixie waived her hand dismissively, ‘You two go on ahead. I need a nap.’

‘I’ll come in a little later after I’ve warmed up,’ Barbara said, though Patsy knew she probably didn’t want to leave Trixie’s side.

Delia stood and helped Patsy to her feet, the taller woman throwing her sunglasses down before Delia led her by the hand to the crashing waves. Other groups of friends and families with children playing in the sand and the waves flitted about, their laughter and playful screaming carrying through the air by the ocean breeze.

The two women fought off the oncoming waves and made it in waist deep into the water before Delia felt playful and jumped on Patsy, pulling the two under the water. Patsy emerged with a shout and dunked her right back, Delia laughed gleefully as she resurfaced, kicking and splashing around while Patsy did her best to chase after her in the water.

Their giggling subsided and Delia finally let Patsy catch her, they bobbed in the water as Delia grabbed hold of Patsy's legs and wrapped them around her waist, the buoyancy of the water allowing for the taller woman to be held by her like this with no issue. Patsy wrapped her arms round Delia’s shoulders, giggling as she felt the brunette grab a tight hold of her bum

‘Deels,’ she asked, ‘have you seriously had sex on the beach before?’

Delia’s smiled as she lovingly brushed Patsy's matted fringe out of her eyes, ‘Nah, but I think it would be rather fun, don’t you?’

‘I refer to my earlier comment about the sand,’ Patsy remarked, turning up her nose.

‘Oh, you’re no fun. Besides, it doesn’t have to be on the sand,’ she said as a stealthy hand reached between Patsy's legs, a firm finger grazing her pussy over her bikini bottom.

Patsy yelped, ‘Deels!’

Delia merely chuckled at her girlfriends wide eyed expression, giving a dimple inducing smile, ‘Oh, what’s the matter?’

‘Well we’re in public for one…’ Patsy said looking around, feeling as if the cool waters of the Atlantic were suddenly boiling around her.

‘So? We’re far out enough. There’s no one around. No one can see what we’re doing…’ she said softly, her finger stroking Patsy again over her suit.

Patsy clenched her teeth, trying not to let on how much she was actually enjoying being held and touched like this. The added excitement of fooling around in the ocean basically in front of their friends and a bunch of strangers was turning her on, too.

Delia twirled them around to that Patsy was facing the beach.

‘You can keep a look out for me,’ she whispered, kissing Patsy sweetly on the lips, ‘tell me if someone is coming,’ she gave a cheeky grin as she pushed Patsy’s suit aside, ‘especially if it’s you.’

Patsy narrowed her eyes at her girlfriends dumb joke before her lips parted in a silent cry when she felt Delia’s fingers gently part and stroke the length of her.

‘Not inside,’ Patsy breathed, biting her lip, ‘ocean water and vaginas don’t go well together,’ she finished when seeing Delia’s questioning gaze.

‘Fair enough,’ Delia whispered, kissing Patsy sweetly as she rolled her finger over her clit.

Patsy gasped again, pulling Delia close to her. The feeling of the cold water with the wonderful pressure of Delia’s finger against her made her tingle all over. Patsy was overcome with the urge to touch Delia back in some fashion. The skin of her back felt slick from the lotion and the water, Patsy’s hands pressing into the skin of her shoulders, rubbing her muscles, making Delia sigh in her ear as her fingers continued their stroking.

‘That feels good,’ she breathed.

Patsy licked her lips, and a mischievous smile crossed her features as her finger played with the string of Delia’s bikini top around her neck. Patsy’s eyes followed the string down Delia’s chest so see two full breasts bobbing in the water, her hard niples protruding teasingly aganst the thin layer of spandex.

Delia gasped and gave Patsy a fake look of incredulity when she felt the tug of string loosen from around her neck, and watched as Patsy slowly pulled away the top.

‘Why Patience Mount, you cheeky girl,’ Delia chastised, though she had a cheeky smile that matched Patsy’s.

‘I want to see them,’ Patsy said looking down as she unwrapped Delia’s breasts like a present. She sighed as she took in the sight of Delia’s wonderfully full, round breasts, firm from the cold water. Patsy ran her hands over the soft mounds while still keeping an eye on the crowd behind them. So far the coast was clear, so to speak.

Patsy happily cupped Delia’s breasts in her hands, pushing them together, playfully rolling her thumbs over Delia’s nipples and then lightly tugging, extracting a moan from the smaller woman. In return, Delia’s stroking grew more firm, she picked up her pace and the result was Patsy letting out a strangled breath, her knees clamping down hard on Delia’s hips.

‘You like that?’ Delia asked, her voice low as her fingers continued at their new pace.

‘Yes,’ Patsy choked out, ‘just like that.’

She sucked her bottom lip into her mouth, her eyes gazing back down on Delia’s beautiful breasts once more before Delia's fingers became too much. They were making her tense up, making her feel that delightful wonderful buildup she knew would throw her over that edge if she just kept going.

‘Don’t stop,’ she pleaded with Delia as she wrapped her arms around her, her mouth sucking urgently at her earlobe, sighing, moaning sweet ‘ooh’s’ as her girlfriends fingers kept their pace, bringing her closer and closer to that edge.

Delia rolled her eyes to the heavens before closing her eyes, loving the way Patsy sounded in her ear, ‘Oh yes, baby, come on. That’s it,’ she coaxed gently.

Patsy pulled away slightly, pressing her forehead against Delia’s as her eyes screwed shut, her mouth gaped open as she let out one last strangled cry before she came, her hips thrusting into Delia’s hand, grinding against her as she rode out her orgasm. Patsy gasped in Delia’s ear, using as much self control as she could muster to let out little moans and whimpers as she came down, not wanting to be too loud, too obvious.

‘Mmm, baby,’ Delia sighed as she felt Patsy finally collapse against her, ‘you make the sweetest little noises.’

Patsy had her arms wrapped around Delia’s shoulders, her head tucked into the crook of her neck as she smiled against her girlfriends shoulder at her words.

‘You make me have the sweetest little orgasms,’ she replied with a small laugh.

‘I would hardly call that little...’ Delia mumbled, and Patsy collected the energy to sit up in her arms and smile back at her.

They kissed sweetly and Patsy helped Delia situate her bikini top back together before she dinentangled herself from Delia’s grasp.

‘Hey you,’ Delia said, swimming after Patsy, ‘what about me?’

‘What about you?’ Patsy asked, feigning innocence as she treaded the water.

Delia splashed at her girlfriend, ‘You very well know what!’

Patsy giggled as Delia wrapped her arms around her neck from behind, ‘Oh, I certainly do, but maybe next time someone should think about where they’re kicking their football around me.’

‘Oh, you’re still on about that! I said I was sorry!’ Delia nearly cried in Patsy’s ear.

‘Yeah, maybe you can say your sorry again later tonight back in the hotel,’ Patsy grinned, looking back at Delia who was playfully glaring right back at her.

The two separated once more and splashed around, bobbing over waves and riding them back to shore to join their friends again on the beach and rest and sun bathe some more. It wasn’t until later that evening after dinner did the foursome part to their separate hotel rooms, Patsy making some excuse about being completely knackered and Delia kindly reminding her that she was not to fall asleep before having some cake first, otherwise there would be dire consequences. Not being one to ever turn down cake, Patsy happily obliged, having several servings in fact, much to Delia’s delight.