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Push and Pull

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Hawks notices Dabi nodding off in the middle of the movie. They are sitting, or in Hawks’ case lying, on the couch of Hawks‘ apartment. Dabi is at the end of the couch, leaning against the backrest. Right after the beginning of the movie, Hawks sprawled out, resting his head on a pillow at the other end of the couch while letting his bare feet be in Dabi’s lap, wearing nothing more than a pair of boxers and an undershirt.

At first, the villain scowled at him but eventually, he gave him a small massage.

He stopped only few minutes ago, which was one of the first indicators of him falling asleep. Hawks can’t blame him as the movie he’s chosen is even worse than he thought it would be. The winged hero can’t remember the plot, spend most of the movie on his phone.

A smile grows on Hawks‘ lips and he puts his phone away quietly as Dabi’s head tilts down and his chin drops down. The hero watches with fascination as the man’s chest moves up and down in steady, calm rhythm that’s so unlike Dabi.

The hero enjoys the show and even thinks about grabbing his phone and taking a picture but then decides not to. He feels like with only his eyes, he can savor it more, put it into his memory and never let go of it.

Hawks doesn’t say or do anything till the movie is over and the credits are scrolling down on the screen. Then, he thinks if Dabi’ll stay in this position for more, it’ll give him neck ache and decides to wake him up.

Dabi is an extremely light sleeper, it’s a small miracle he didn’t wake up from the TV, and so, when Hawks moves his ankles in his lap, he stirs immediately, his eyes flash open in an instant and he sets his gaze on the other man.

Hawks grins and nudges Dabi’s inner thigh with one foot. “You stopped massaging,” he purrs.

Dabi grins at him, grabbing the Hawks by the ankle. The grip is tight, not enough to bruise, but enough to make Hawks‘ cock twitch. “You are importunate, little bird.”

“Dabi, my man, I haven’t even started,” Hawks returns the grin and nudges Dabi with his other foot, this time, gently nudging his cock.

Dabi grabs this leg as well and then holds both ankles in one hand, sending a thrill through Hawks‘ body, before running the hand up across Hawks’ leg, caressing this skin. “Careful, you are behaving like a spoiled brat.”

Hawks gives him a seductive smile, Dabi’s sentence playing exactly into his hands.

“Well, don’t spoiled brats deserve to be punished?” he purrs.

The grip on Hawks‘ ankles gets tighter but after the initial arousal from the touch fades off, he notices the dark expression on Dabi’s face. The realization of what he’s just said hits him like a slap in the face.

“Dabi-“ before he can finish the sentence, Dabi lets go of Hawks‘ ankles and pushes his legs off him. He’s not exactly rough with Hawks but the actions feel cold, especially when Dabi gets up, grabs the empty bowl where they had chips earlier the evening, and walks to the kitchen.

Hawks lets him go, staring at the ceiling for several seconds with empty gaze, quietly hating himself for the mistake, before he sighs and gets up as well.

Hawks is not fond of apologizing; it makes him feel uncomfortable, especially since he usually means what he says but he knows when to swallow his pride.

“Dabi,” he says again, no trace of seduction or teasing in his voice.

The villain doesn’t say anything, he’s standing in front of the sink, washing the bowl with a stream of water despite it already being clean.

Before Hawks gets the chance to even properly apologize, Dabi murmurs: “It’s fine.”

“If you want to-”

“I said it’s fine!” Dabi growls, there’s a deep frown between his eyebrows and the water pouring on his fingers turns into steam upon contact with his fingers.

Hawks stares at him, his eyes piercing into the turquoise ones until Dabi sighs again, turns off the water and leans against the sink. “It was just unexpected, is all.”

“I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable,” Hawks admits, stepping closer, his bare feet making soft sounds on the wooden floor.

Dabi rolls his eyes and once Hawks is within reach, he pulls him closer. A breath is brushing the hair near his ear, sending new waves of desire through the hero’s body: “I said it was just unexpected, not that it was unwanted.”

They are pressed against one another, close and tight, Dabi’s hands securely wrapped around Hawks‘ waist, and Hawks knows Dabi can feel the shiver that goes through his body upon hearing the words. He also lets his excitement be know through a pleased sigh that leaves his mouth.

He would die before admitting it, but he loves that Dabi is tall – he knows it doesn’t take much to be taller than him but it’s still a nice plus, as well as the heat of Dabi’s body. The man can surround him so easily.

“Are you sure?” Hawks purrs seductively, his hands already moving to Dabi’s waist and under his shirt to feel the muscles that. Also, to tease a bit more, Hawks presses into the growing bulge in Dabi’s pants and chuckles when he’s rewarded with a surprised gasp. The sound is quickly changed into a growl and before Hawks has time to react, Dabi presses harder against his body, pinning him against the sink.

The shorter man yelps in surprise but then moans as he feels Dabi’s lips pressed on his own. The edge of the sink digs uncomfortably into the lower of Hawks’ back but the man doesn’t mind a little of pain, especially when Dabi distracts him so sweetly.

One of the villain’s hand finds the back of his neck while the other grabs Hawks by the wrist. Dabi moves the hand away from his crotch as he deepens the kiss and Hawks whines again, their tongues dancing with each other in now familiar rhythm. Dabi’s tongue is greedy, always is, and tastes like a bit of smoke and cinnamon. Every time they kiss, Hawks feels like he’s being consumed by the sensation

He doesn’t complain, not at all.

Without breaking the kiss, Dabi pushes more against him. Hawks gets the hint immediately, spreading his legs to let Dabi in. Another obscene whine escapes his throat when Dabi rolls his hips against him, their crotches rubbing against each other.

Dabi breaks the kiss, then, a wide grin growing on his lips as he watches the man from above. Did Hawks mention he loves how tall the man is?

“You are so eager,” the villain grumbles, his voice deeper. “You should learn to be patient.”

“And you should learn to get on with it,” Hawks purrs, putting his hands on Dabi’s belt, looking up at the man with challenge in his eyes. He hopes that Dabi will join the little play but is ready to back down if Dabi won’t want to.

Fortunately, Dabi grins again and this time, there is something animalistic in his expression that sends chills down Hawks’ spine. The hero hisses slightly when Dabi grabs him by his wrists, trapping him.

“I said, be patient,” Dabi says, half-warning, half-purr.

The ache in Hawks’ wrists makes him bite his lips but he can’t help but to push some more. He rolls his hips against Dabi’s again. “Come on, hot stuff, don’t be a spoilsport.”

Dabi still holds his wrists with one hand while he moves the other to Hawks’ neck. He doesn’t squeeze exactly but the hero still moans when he feels the pressure.

The taller man then leans down to Hawks’ ear, his lips brushing, just so lightly. The whisper is thrilling and dangerous: “The only spoiled thing here is you, little bird.”

Before Hawks gets any chance to answer, Dabi’s lips are on his again. This time though, it’s more of a conquest than a dance, fiery and demanding, Dabi’s tongue immediately deepening the kiss, exploring Hawks’ mouth in eagerness as if it held the biggest secret that has to be his.

Hawks can just moan and whine into the kiss desperately, wanting more.

Without breaking the kiss, Dabi’s arm wraps around Hawks, making the smaller man hum happily. He lifts both legs and hooks them around Hawks’ waist, holding onto Dabi’s shoulders as the other man moves them back to the couch. It’s not comfortable but it’s closer than the bed.

“You are so impatient, little bird,” Dabi murmurs against Hawks’ neck after breaking the kiss before sucking on the skin, making Hawks squirm under him as he pins him on the couch with his body.

“Just do it,” Hawks’ voice sounds more desperate than he wants it to be but Dabi seems to love it as he feels the man’s smirk on his skin.

And surely, Dabi undresses Hawks. He starts with his undershirt, throwing it leisurely to the side, then pauses to look down at Hawks, the smirk still playing on his lips, admiring the view.

Hawks just smiles, spreading his legs more, seduction in every one of his movements.

“Like what you see?” he teases.

Dabi doesn’t answer. Instead, still watching him from above, his fingers find Hawks’ nipples and Hawks squirms again, whining loudly.

“Come on,” Hawks rolls his hips again.

“I wonder,” Dabi rumbles. “What you’d do if I teased you with one of the feather of yours.”

“Some other day,” Hawks sounds breathless. “Now fucking take my clothes off and fuck me.”

Dabi chuckles but, thank the goodness, he hooks his fingers behind the hem of his boxers and pulls them down. Hawks groans, his cock finally free.

The other man leans down again, still clothed, and pins him down. Hawks starts to moan and whine again after Dabi starts gently rocking his hips against him while biting and sucking on the skin of Hawks’ neck and shoulders. It’s too much and too little, fire and magna running through Hawks veins.

“Dabi, come on,” he urges but when he tries to wrap his arms around Dabi’s shoulders, the man above him clicks his tongue disapprovingly and pins them above Hawks’ head.

“I’m not done with you,” he promises with a whisper into Hawks’ ear before biting down on his earlobe.

Hawks’ shivers and bites down on his lips to keep himself from moaning.

Dabi continues teasing him, biting, sucking and rocking his hips, driving Hawks slowly crazy, and the hero loves every second of it. Finally, Dabi pushes himself up and looks down at him.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” he asks, smiling down, eyes narrowed seductively.

By this point, Hawks is so close to begging. “Yes, do it, hot stuff!”

Dabi kisses him again and then leans down to whisper into Hawks’ ear: “And do you think you deserve it, little bird?”

Hawks gasps, didn’t expect this from Dabi but it brings tingles to Hawks’ belly anyway. He looks at Dabi, his eyes undoubtedly wide with shock and arousal. It must be a funny view because Dabi chuckles darkly, his hand presses on his cheek, caressing it before he runs his thumb on Hawks lips.

The hero parts them without really thinking about it.

“Because I think you’ve been a little brat,” Dabi murmurs, his gaze fixed on Hawks’ lips as he lets the thumb press inside, running across the teeth gently, exploring.

“Please,” for a second, Hawks forgets that his mouth is occupied, and the plea breaks his voice.

Dabi chuckles again. “No please is going to help you here, pretty bird. Now,” Hawks can’t help but chase after the thumb as Dabi pulls away. “Get down and suck my dick.”

Hawks shivers in pleasure at the order but he looks Dabi in the eye and says: “Make me.”

There’s fire and danger in Dabi’s eyes as he smirks.

He’s rough but careful not to actually hurt Hawks as pulls him up with one hand then grabs the hero by the hair with the other, not quite dragging him but the pull is still strong and it gives Hawks goosebumps. He whines helplessly as Dabi tilts his head and looks down at him.

“You’re a little brat,” he tells him before giving him a bruising kiss, rough and more teeth than tongue.

Before Hawks can come up with an answer, Dabi pushes him down from his lap on the ground.

“If you want me to fuck you, you better work for it, little bird,” Dabi purrs, tilting his head to the side, his lips curling into a dangerous smile.

Hawks isn’t nervous, yet his hands are shaking as he’s working Hawks‘ pants open. He loves Dabi and everything about the man so usually, he prefers if both of them are naked, the feeling of warm skin on his own, but today Hawks finds it… fitting for Dabi to still have his clothes on. His own cock is almost painfully hard but he wants to beg again. For Dabi to fuck him but he also wants to feel that big, long cock on his tongue.

Dabi is as hard as he is and Hawks licks his lips at the sight of it.

The other man reminds him of his presence again by pulling at his hair. “What are you waiting for, pretty bird? Written invitation?”

Hawks laughs, his heart beating fast in his chest with lust. “That would actually be rather chivalrous of you.”

Dabi grits his teeth but there is amusement in his eyes. He doesn’t say anything but pushes Hawks’ face more to his cock.

“You better put that mouth to better use if you know what’s good for you,” he threatens darkly, tightening the grip on his hair.

A part of Hawks wants to push more, just to see how far Dabi will go, but he’s also hungry for that cock. He gives Dabi a playful lick, from the bottom to top, staring deeply into his eyes, loving the way the other man’s gaze clouds with lust at the sight of him. Hawks would lie if he said he doesn’t like attention.

The villain then clicks his tongue impatiently. “Get on with it, I don’t have all day for you.”

It’s probably a lie but the order still makes Hawks’ cock twitch. He obeys and wraps his lips around the tip of Dabi’s penis, and the man takes in a deep, labored breath but doesn’t groan straight away. And so, Hawks hollows his cheeks and sucks.

The grip on his hair tightens and Dabi grunts in pleasure.

Hawks steadies himself, putting his hands on Dabi’s thighs and takes him deeper, loving the salty taste and how heavy it is against his tongue. It’s almost too big to take in but Hawks pushes himself down more till the tip of the cock hits the back of his throat.

“Look at that,” Dabi says but when Hawks tries to look up and pull away, the hand on the back of his head pushes him back down. He whines loudly around the cock as he’s handled roughly, his nails digging into Dabi’s thighs through his jeans.

“If only you could see yourself, the way the throat of your expands,” Dabi rolls his hips up, making Hawks take it with another sob. “What would people say if they saw you, the Number 2 Hero, like this - taking my cock so deep.”

Hawks knows he must look obscene - the dick stuffed in his mouth, saliva escaping the corners of his mouth but he can’t stop. He moves his head up and down, sucking in, listening to the groans Dabi makes like it’s the sweetest music he’s ever heard.

Soon, Dabi’s hips are rocking again, his breathing getting harder and harder, and Hawks is sure the other man will come down his throat but before that can happen, Dabi pulls him away by his hair.

Hawks’ breathing is heavy and harsh and he wants to wipe the drools away from his mouth but before he can do that, Dabi grabs him by the chin. Hawks whines, closing his eyes.

It moves to stroke Hawks’ cheek. “Okay?” the word is a question as Dabi’s fingers are caresing the skin.

The hero takes a moment to enjoy the gentle contact before he opens his eyes. Dabi is looking at him with hunger but there’s also something softer in the look that Hawks and probably Dabi himself don’t dare to think too much about.

“Yea,” Hawks’ voice is hoarse when he speaks.

Dabi is looking at him worriedly for a second more before he smiles again and leans down to kiss him, tasting himself.

“C’mere,” Dabi murmurs against Hawks’ lips, wrapping his arm around Hawks waist and pulling him into his lap and kissing him again.

They break the kiss only when Hawks hisses at the feeling of Dabi’s wet fingers on his hole. He didn’t even notice him grabbing the lube. He hides his face into Dabi’s neck, breathing in Dabi’s skin. The taller man chuckles and moves his other hand to squeeze his butcheek without stopping working him open.

He’s more efficient than pleasurable, clearly wanting more as much as Hawks does but he still draws more whines and moans from Hawks when he finds the spot inside him that sends waves of pleasure through his body.

“You’re always so tight even after all the time I fucked you,” Dabi whispers into his ear, his voice drawl, making Hawks whine loudly at the lewd words. “And you make such pretty sounds. C’mon, sing for me, little bird.”

He has three fingers inside him finally, Hawks can feel them spreading him and finding the right spot inside of him time after time while Dabi bites his neck like a fucking vampire.

“Dabi,” he gasps after especially hard bite, the pain fading into pleasure to create perfect sensation. “Please.”

Dabi grins. “I think I love especially this song.”

“Please, please, please,” Hawks repeats, his voice desperate but he is beyond caring anymore.

“I’m not sure if you are all prepared to be honest,” Dabi murmurs, teasing  and taunting.

Hawks does not sob. “Please fuck me.”

Dabi pulls out his fingers, Hawks moans at the lost, but the sound is swallowed by the other man as they kiss again. He’s pushed on the couch again, Dabi’s whole body nicely heavy on his, pinning him down.

Fortunately, Dabi seems to be as desperate for it as Hawks is - he doesn’t waste any time. He lines his cock up to Hawks’ hole and pushes in. The hero grits his teeth as he’s being slowly filled, tilts his head back and by the time Dabi is only halfway in, he’s letting sobs escape him.

The other man has sweat on his forehead and his breathing is hard again as he’s trying not to push right to the hilt inside. However, that’s exactly what Hawks would love him to do. The burn inside him, the feeling of being filled up - he wants more.

“Please, Dabi,” he moans again, trying to roll his hips down, take Dabi’s member deeper. “Fuck me like you mean it.”

Dabi chuckles again whispering into Hawks’ ear: “You should be careful what you ask for.”

It’s a promise so dark that Hawks smirks. “I’ll hold you up to that.”

The other man returns the smile, then his hand grabs Hawks’ thigh and spreads him more. He pulls out almost completely and then thrusts back inside, filling Hawks perfectly and completely. The hero under him sobs as the cocks hits his sweet spot straight away.


“Indeed,” Dabi says smugly.

Before Hawks can come up with something smart to Dabi pulls out and immediately pushes back inside and anything that Hawks could says is drowned in the loud whine Hawks makes, the filthiest sound he’s ever heard himself make. The cock hurts, definitely hurts, Dabi’s big and the preparation wasn’t enough but Hawks already knows this is the best sex he’s ever had.

“Satisfied?” Dabi rumbles pleasantly in his ear before nipping his earlobe, and Hawks only nods, the ability to make out words giving way to obscene moans. Every time Dabi pulls out to rock his hips again, Hawks feels his body tense.

Hawks arches his back under Dabi’s weight, trying to push back against the thrusts. The sounds he makes are needy and even without forming any words, he’s begging Dabi to go faster, to fuck him with everything he has but Dabi continues being unbearably slow - he pulls out very slowly before thrusting back inside, each and every thrust is bringing tears to his eyes.

Just as Hawks is trying to form some kind of words to complain, Dabi picks up his pace, pounding into Hawks so hard the hero hides his face into his elbow, sobbing loudly.

It’s too much. The waves of pleasure that spread through his body when Dabi plows into the bundle of nerves, making him scream Dabi’s name. His orgasm leaves him wrecked, come streaking on his own belly, his whole body trembling.

The orgasm clenches Hawks hot and tight around Dabi and it only takes two, three more thrusts before he’s coming inside Hawks, claiming him with a loud groan before collapsing on top of Hawks.

They stay like that for several minutes, both trying to catch their breaths.

Hawks is the first one to recover. He runs his hand up and down Dabi’s back with stupid smile on his lips and when the taller man, looks up at him, his chin resting on Hawks’ chest, he says: “That was pretty hot, hot stuff.”

Dabi’s smile is tired but genuine. “I aim to please.”

“And you do,” Hawks purrs pulling the man into a kiss.

Dabi’s hand cups his cheeks and when the kiss is over, his thumb runs across Hawks’ throat.


Hawks chuckles, wrapping his legs around Dabi’s waist and before he kisses him again he whispers: “Okay.”