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Burn The Candle At Both Ends

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Go to bed late and get up early to get work done

Something about the night was alluring to you. Bright city lights created dancing shadows on the sidewalks. The sound of muffled music as you passed clubs. Sweet words from hosts and hostess looking to make ends meet. Yeah, something about it just calmed you.

Each night, you'd take long walks through the rougher parts of the city to get to your second job. It wasn't a job as much as something to do since you were awake. Now we're stalling so let's get to the point. A friend of yours ran a small club. Nothing fancy but the music was decent. Your job was to prepare the drinks. You made decent drinks to get the people to where they wanted to be, on their ass drunk. The rest of the crowd would down 'vodka', or at least that is what you'd tell them.

You made sure to dress light, but still modest. You didn't need any special attention nor did you want anyone to think they could move on you. Your friend had also advised you to look different in case anyone recognized you in the daytime. No one has approached you yet, good for you.

Tonight's crowd was no different from any other night. You watched from a safe distance as the patrons crowded the DJ. Wallflowers and lovers were the only ones not congested in the group of drunkards. You pretended to be busy by polishing a glass, hoping no one would approach you. Too bad the tall stranger had other plans.

A hand slid onto the counter in your peripheral view. It startled you because of the wrist area being different from the rest of the hand. You looked up and met light blue eyes surrounded by darkness. "Give me something that tastes good" he ordered. You set the glass down carefully before reaching for the vodka. "And not that watered down shit you give those idiots" he caught you before you could pour him a glass. "Caught me red-handed, call the cops," you said sarcastically as you made him a basic cocktail. He took a long sip from the glass, grimacing slightly. "I said something that tastes good..." he repeated. "It's alcohol, what did you expect?" your reply earned you a grin from the stranger.

"Fair enough" he sat down directly in front of you, still drinking from the glass. You tried to go back to polishing your glass, but you could feel his eyes examining your body. "How long are you going to polish that same glass? I can see my reflection in it from here" he blurted out. You felt your face grow hot from being found out, this guy wasn't going to let you enjoy your solitude. "Would you like me to make you another drink? Y'know, to keep you busy?" you put the glass away and stared at him. He propped his head on his palm and rested his elbow on the counter. "Nah, still have to finish this toilet water" he stirred his drink slowly.

"You'd have to taste it before to be able to compare" you shot back. "Try everything once" he replied taking another long sip. By now, you were trying to find anything else to make yourself look busy, even another drunk would be nice. Strangely, everyone seemed to be good and dandy stumbling across the dance floor. "This all you do? Make drinks and pretend to be busy?" he spoke up again. You glared at him from down your nose, in an attempt to intimidate him. "I dislike nosey patrons" you replied.

The corners of his mouth turned upward and his eyes lit up with amusements. "I dislike women who aren't honest" he shot back. While he wasn't good company, he wasn't the worst you had. You could tell he was trying to agitate you, and it was working. You took a deep breath and calmed yourself. "Since we're getting this familiar, can I have your name?" you asked in an attempt to change the subject. "Dabi" his reply was quick, making you frown. "Oh, so we're using fake names?" you teased. His eyes darkened a bit, but you blamed the shitty lighting. "Is your name any better?" he challenged downing his drink. You took the glass from him and told him your name.

"Mine sounds cooler" Dabi boasted as he watched you. "I don't think my parents were thinking about that when they named me" you stated while you mixed his drink. You poured the liquid over some ice and slid him the glass. "This should be more to your taste" you continued. Dabi took the glass and examined the drink. "Looks better than the last one at least, did you spike it?" he chuckled. Dabi watched you tilt your head, thinking carefully about your response. "If I did, it'd only be to shut you up" you confessed.

He nodded in acknowledgment, taking a long sip from it. "Glad to see you trust me," you said dryly. Dabi sighed and placed the drink down. "You don't look the type, besides that was pretty damn good" he admitted. For a brief moment, you felt a swell of pride until you remembered who you were talking to. "That warms the hollows of my cold heart," you said sarcastically. Dabi smiled and leaned more on the counter. His lanky frame made him nearly stretch over the whole surface.

"If your feeling cold, I can warm you up" he suggested with a smirk. You leaned further back, nearly touching the shelves of bottles. "No thanks, I have central heating at home" you turned him down. You weren't one to get involved with strangers right off the bat. In addition to that, Dabi had an air to him that made you wary. "Really? Can I come over sometime?" despite the request, he didn't appear interested. "No" even after your refusal, he didn't provide much of a reaction.

"Fair enough" he downed his drink and looked at you. At first, you thought he was getting tipsy. His eyes appeared hazy as he stared at you, but he still held composure. "What time are you off?" he asked abruptly. "When I choose to" you answered. He seemed pleased with your answer, humming in approval. "Mind coming with me for a sec? I wanna show you something" he asked with a grin. You shook your head and took his drink, adding to the other glasses that need to be washed. "Ah, I'm not gonna take you outside or anything, just out in the hallway" he explained. You were a bit more relaxed about that, security would still be able to get to you from there at least.

"Fine, but make it quick" you agreed, putting your towel down. Dabit stood up and waited for you to exit the counter. He led you to the back hallway, the one near the storage. You suspected he was trying to show off by treading as close to the 'staff only area'. Nothing was in there, you just put that sign up to have someplace quiet to go. But you weren't about to tell Dabi that.

He led you to the end of the hallway, stopping with his back to you. Before you could ask him to hurry up, he turned and blocked you against. His arm was extended next to your face, pressing his palm to the wall behind you. His body was too close for you to get away, his face hung above you. "Didn't think you'd follow me honestly" he confessed in a low voice. He dipped his head lower, his face lining up with yours.

He stopped as his nose brushed against yours. He was staring into your eyes again. "Hm? am I scaring you?" he asked. You swallowed, keeping a brave front. "No, I expected this kind of thing" you admitted. He pulled back slightly, not breaking eye contact. "Do you want me to stop?" he asked. This took you by surprise. He'd already taken it this far and he was asking for permission?

"No" you confessed, drumming your fingers against the wall. Dabi leaned back in, his warm breath fanned against your lips in a teasing manner. "Do you want me to kiss you?" he continued with a playful smirk. You swore you stopped breathing for a moment. "Yes, but why are you now asking that?" you questioned him. "C'mon, I'm bad but I'm not a villain" he laughed. But he is.

Dabi pressed his lips against yours gently, almost ghostly. You felt his bangs tickle your forehead and his other hand rest on your hip. You leaned into the kiss on habit. Something about him right now was very alluring and made you want to kiss him more. Unfortunately, he pulled back just as you were getting into it. You weren't able to hide the way your body reacted to his kiss, your lips chasing his for a brief moment. "Oh? Did you enjoy that?" he teased leaning back in. "Shut up and do it again," you said wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him close. This time, he kissed you deeply. You felt his chest against yours and your back pressed into the wall roughly.

His tongue ran along your lips, prompting you to part your lips and allow him entry. He felt hot to the touch and your body was burning. Your knees became weak as his tongue reached a depth you never felt before. While your mind was hazy from his kiss, you almost didn't feel his knee slide between your legs. You pulled away and gasped as he pressed his knee to your crotch.

"Dabi..." you warned, leaning against him for support. "Too fast? I suppose this will suffice" he sighed curling his fingers under your chin. He lifted you into another deep kiss. His knee stayed where it was, rubbing against you. Dabi's hand left your chin and traveled down your body. He squeezed and felt you up, stopping near your breasts. You felt his fingers cup your mounds through your clothes. You shuddered from his touch, moaning against his lips. "You like that?" Dabi chuckled in between kisses.

You nodded bashfully, kissing him again. You felt his hand apply more pressure against your breast. He carefully fondled your breast, his thumb caressing your nipple through your shirt. You let out a gasp when he squeezed your breast roughly. The change of pace sent shockwaves through your body. "That was a nice sound" Dabi mused. He bit your bottom lip and grinned wickedly. "Don't tell me you thought I was going to be nice with you?" he laughed before kissing you roughly. Your lips felt bruised by his kiss, his tongue nearly choking you.

You gasped for air when he pulled back, his hand still playing with your breast. "I got to say though, you can be pretty erotic when you want to" Dabi praised you crudely. You tried to glare at him, but the wetness between your legs had grown uncomfortable. He was well aware of your situation. "You wanna come don't you? Are you getting off on me?" Dabi whispered in your ear. He delightfully licked your ear, running his tongue along the shape. You tried to repress the moan rising in your throat, oh how you tried.

"It's fine, I'll let you come just with this" he declared kissing your ear. His other hand grabbed your other breast and began playing with it violently. His knee rubbed you more roughly, urging you to move against him. Your hips came to life, seeking your release. Your breaths became erratic and your body felt like it was on fire. "D-da...dabi..." his name was forming on your lips as you desired something to moan at the climax. "Go on" Dabi hummed before you came against him. You clutched him tightly and moaned his name, it echoed off the walls and was muffled by the music.

Dabi pulled away from you slowly, marveling at the sight of you collapsing against the wall. You were breathing hard, your body still tingling from his touch. "Let's do this again sometime" Dabi excused himself and left you alone in the hallway. You were annoyed but at the same time, you actually did hope to see him again.

To make him pay for his goddamned drinks.

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"He was your fire and you were his fuel"

The next day felt different. As for the morning, as usual, you didn't want to get up. Eventually, you were able to have breakfast and get out the door. You carried on at your job, updating the scores for the hero activity. It wasn't difficult but became boring after a while. You would receive the information and file it. Then you'd send a notification to the agency of the hero with a pre-typed message congratulating them on their handiwork. No one bothered you and it was quiet, perfect.

Once the sun began setting, you left and went back home. It was time to get ready for another night of watching people do the stumble-stumble-crawl. You took a short nap before heading out. Your mind was clear as you dozed off, but it was all a ruse.

The minute you were asleep, you saw his eyes again. Those pretty blues looking you over with an excited hunger. You remembered his touch, soft at first and then rough. In your dream this time, you both were on a bed. Dabi was still fully clothed, but you were a mess. Clad only in your underwear and hair askew. You imagined Dabi's length running along your panties as he kissed you into the sheets. His hands groped your flesh in places you never touched before. He kissed down your neck and bit your collarbone. It felt odd at first, but you felt yourself getting wet over it.

"Drenched and I haven't even touched you there yet" Dabi would tease you and run along finger down your abdomen. He would tease you through your panties before pushing them to the side and inserting a finger in you. If you begged enough, he'd add another finger or two. You imagined he would reach a spot that made you writhe for him. To the brink of madness, you'd beg for his cock to ram you into pieces. Dabi would only comply to see more of a wreck of you. The hardness would press against-


Your eyes opened to the sound of your alarm. Reminding you to get up. Disappointed, you sat up and turned it off. You scolded yourself for having such a dream, even more, when you realized your underwear was ruined for the evening. Before you left, you had decided to wear 'fun' underwear of a light blue...

When you arrived at the club, you went through the back door as always. Greeting your friend and her group of lackeys who made the watered down supply for you. Before you went out to the bar, you glanced at the mirror. You hadn't done much, but today you felt good. Something made you feel confident today, it felt nice. But it was time to work.

Your first round of drinks came quick and with tips. Today was a good night, no one stayed long enough to cause a scene and you were getting extra. It all got better when a familiar face strolled up to the bar. "Hey, give me the one good drink you made" Dabi ordered as he sat down. "It'd be easier if you memorized the name, I can't remember every drink you order" you scolded him as you began pouring the ingredients. "I could just make myself unforgettable" Dabi replied quickly. "You are already hard to forget with that look" you were too focused on the drink to look up. "I'm thinking more with my hands actually" he leaned in closer just as you finished up. Dabi's face was inches away from yours, making you swallow. His eyes were cast slightly down to look at you, he looked hungry.

You didn't feel him take the glass from you. He quickly sat back down and began drinking as if he didn't just devour you with his eyes. "Hm, not bad" he hummed seemingly bored. You felt your face grow hot, he was doing it again. But this time you weren't going to let him get to you. "So what brings you back?" you asked, resting your elbow on the counter. "It tastes good here" Dabi set his drink down and licked his lips. "You like my drinks that much?" you mused, slightly proud of your work. "I never said the drinks, now did I?" he said leaning back on the counter. He quickly captured your lips and kissed you deeply.

Before you could get into the kiss, he pulled back with a bored expression. "You're more addictive than the alcohol" he smirked. You were at a loss for words. You remembered how he kissed you in your dream. You didn't want a gentle peck, you wanted his tongue down your throat. "Don't tell me you were shaken by that, you know I am much more capable" Dabi teased before downing his drink. Your eyes followed his throat as he swallowed. Something about it set your body ablaze. You wanted to kiss his neck, your hands ached for his body. You couldn't wait for him to make the move. Tonight was good, and you were feeling lucky.

"Hey, Dabi mind coming with me for a while?" you asked. He perked up and raised a brow. "What for?" he asked. You bit your lips and refrained from speaking your dirty thoughts. "I want to show you something," you said leaning on the counter again. This time, you tucked your arm under your chest. The position pressed your breast together and the angle gave him a clear view of your chest. Dabi didn't even pretend to not look. "You caught my interest, lead the way," he said standing up. You left the counter and headed to the Staff area. There was a room for specifically for you in case you needed to rest. You shot one of the lackeys a signal for them to cover for you. Another thing you liked, they didn't ask questions. Or maybe Dabi was intimidating enough to make them not want to know. Right, Dabi.

You closed the door behind him once he entered the room. You locked the door and took a deep breath. It wasn't for confidence, rather keep you from throwing yourself to him. When you turned around, Dabi was already sitting on the bed. "You stay here or something?" he asked feeling the bed. Nothing was fancy, the bed was decent and the sheets were soft. "No, it's just when I need a break" you admitted. "Oh? When I finished you last, did you come in here and touch yourself?" Dabi asked. You shifted on the spot, that was a better idea than you toughing through it and doing it at home. "Or did you hold out until you got home?" he continued. You nodded slowly, pushing off the door. Dabi watched you walk over to him and perch yourself on his lap. "How admirable, now I wanna test your endurance" he teased running a hand along your thigh.

You rested your palms against his shirt, feeling his hard chest through his shirt. "I want to see more of you" he looked away as you spoke. "In due time, first let me see you" Dabi's hands inched up to the hem of your shirt. His fingertips played with the fabric before going under it. The pads of his fingers felt rough against your skin. Your shirt bunched at his wrists and climbed up with his movements. Your breath hitched when he reached your bra. He went around it, leaving your chest covered as he removed the shirt. The cold air tickled your shoulders and made you shiver slightly. "I told you, I can warm you up" Dabi sighed as he placed his mouth on your neck. He kissed up and down the expanse of your neck. When he came closer to your collarbone, he licked the shape of it. You let out a small yelp, grabbing his shoulders.

"Ticklish?" he chuckled while he pulled back. You couldn't take it anymore and pulled him into a kiss. He didn't resist, letting you lead the makeout for now. Your tongue brushed up against his and urged him to attack you like last time. But Dabi was being different today. He pulled away and held your waist firmly. "You're acting differently tonight" he observed from a distance. The needy pout, feverish movements, flushed cheeks, all telltale signs. "You're into me" he smirked letting his hands go lower. He cupped your ass as you began to protest. You suppressed a moan as he felt you through your jeans. His fingers traveled dangerously close to your crotch. "That makes this easier," he said lifting you up. He stood up and switched places, putting you on the bed. You felt his hands hook around the waist of your jeans. He pulled them down slowly, eyes glued to the unveiling of more skin.

Once your panties were revealed, he hesitated for a moment. You rose onto your elbows and looked at him from the edge of the bed. "How did you find those?" he asked, regaining composure. "They were just lying around," you said wiggling your hips. He remembered what he was doing and tugged your jeans off. "I told you I dislike honest women" he growled as he climbed over you. "I'm being honest" you replied, pulling him into another kiss. His hands grouped your thighs, squeezing them as he worked his way inwards. When you felt his fingers at the frill trim of your panties, you broke away.

"What are you going to do?" you gasped between breaths. "Like I said, I'm going to use my hands to make me unforgettable," he said in a low voice. You swallowed as he slipped a hand past your waistband. You felt him cup your heat. Stroking it lovingly, avoiding your clit altogether. "Dabi..." you sighed grabbing the sheets. "When I'm done, you won't be able to touch yourself without thinking of me" he purred into your ear. You threw your head to the side in defiance. His voice alone was enough to make you hot under the collar. Now he had his fingers dancing around your folds. You felt the wetness accumulate between your thighs. When you tried to squeeze your thighs together, Dabi's other hand caught one of your thighs. He held it away and slinked his body between your legs.

"No, no, I can't have you getting off at the thought of me again" he nipped at your ear lovingly. You shivered, he knew your body already and he's only met you once. You left out a moan when you felt him slip a finger inside you and stretch your folds. "A-ah! B-be gentle..." you whined raising your hips slightly. You heard him chuckle against your neck. "Only for today, so savor it" he warned as he curled his finger. You felt your walls flex around him, accommodating the intruding digit. Just as you were relaxing to his touch, he added another finger. By now, his palm was pressed against your core as he plunged his fingers into you. "D-dabi...touch..." you began in between breaths. "Hah? You want me to touch where?" he asked. You swallowed the pooling saliva in your mouth before continuing. "T-touch my...clit..." you begged as your hips rocked against him.

"Sure, only if you look at me" he bargained. Your eyes went wide, you didn't think you'd last if you did that. "I-I..." you stuttered out. "I could also stop" Dabi threatened, slowing his pace. You panicked, you didn't want him to stop, never stop, anything but stop. You turned to him with pleading eyes, the words barely forming on your lips. "Please don't..." you whined. His blue eyes bored holes into yours. That was when you felt it. The rough pad of his thumb rolled against your button. You let out a loud moan and tried to keep from turning your head. He flicked the nub and your body jutted forward into his touch. You didn't know what was getting you off more. His hand or his intense stare.

Dabi was focused, observing your face as you moaned and gasped. Your cheeks flushed red and a thin veil of sweat formed on your body. You closed your eyes every now and then as you rocked against him, biting your lip all the while. He plunged his fingers in fast, applying more pressure to your clit. Your eyes shut open as you moaned loudly. Embarrassment washed over you as you made lewd expressions in front of Dabi. His eyes came to life as he watched you near your end in front of him.

You unraveled from his touch, moaning loudly as you came around his fingers. He continued to pump his fingers despite your body seizing up. It wasn't until you fell back onto the bed, did he stop. He carefully sat up and pulled his hand away. He brought it up to his mouth and licked the clear fluid teasingly. "Like I said, tastes better here" he smirked holding eye contact with you. He made a show of him tasting you, popping his fingers into his mouth one by one. Just when you thought it was over, he slipped your wet panties off and brought them up to his face. "I'll be keeping these, you'll have to earn them back next time" he chuckled pocketing the article.

You heard him leave, shutting the door quietly. You rolled on the bed to get comfortable. Your eye caught a folded up note on the nightstand. You carefully opened it and read the note. A set of numbers were written down neatly, with a brief message.

'Call me when you want them back'

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"I'm burning for you"

You were distracted, that much was obvious. Your coworkers repeatedly complimented you on your 'glow', stating that you looked refreshed. A small rumor was going around about "good sex", but you ignored it. Even though it was true.

Your mind would occasionally wander to the note in your bag. You had already saved the number in your phone, but there was something special about the note. The message held a strong connection to you despite it being a ransom for your underwear. As of now, it served as your connection to Dabi. You hadn't called or texted yet, at first you thought it was a fake number.

It wasn't until he was absent from the club for a few nights did you push yourself to take action. One afternoon, you were leaving work and you decided to text the number. While you rode the train, you punched in a simple greeting and waited for a reply. Before you reached your stop, your phone buzzed with a reply.

<What took so long?>

You could hear the snark in his voice. You stepped off the train and leaned against the wall as you typed out your reply.

<I was busy, you could've asked for my number>

<Did you forget I have something of yours?> Dabi replied.

Right, the underwear. You had to work the rest of the night without panties. It wasn't so bad until cool air would blow, reminding you of the wetness between your legs. Part of you almost wanted to say fuck it and have him keep them. However, you suspected this was apart of the odd game you were playing with him. At no point have either of you talked about your weird relationship. You weren't together for more than an hour before it became a sexual encounter.

<So, how am I supposed to get them back?>

<Call in tonight, meet me at the park>



You followed Dabi's instructions and arrived at the park. You had contacted your friend and told her tonight was no good, she didn't mind. The sun was setting and it cast an orange glow on the park. You waited on a bench, most of the people were already leaving. Just before you were about to text Dabi to hurry up, a finger tapped on your shoulder. You tilted your head back and met familiar blue eyes.

"You look different out of work" he mused with a playful smirk. "You don't" you commented dryly. It was true, he appeared to wear the same kind of clothes each time you met. "You haven't complained yet" he sat down on the bench next to you. His arm draped around the back, disappearing behind the metal. "So, are you going to return my panties?" you blurted out. Dabi cocked a brow and tilted his head. "Straight to the point, it almost feels like you're trying to get rid of me" he teased.

"No, I just want my panties back" you played along. Dabi chuckled and brought his arm around your shoulders. He pulled you closer until your thigh was flush against his. Your shoulder brushed his and your hips bumped his. "Well, each time we meet, I spoil you too much" Dabi lectured with a sigh. You stared at him to continue, he was hinting at something. "So I had an idea, what if this time you showed me some attention?" he continued as he turned to you. While he was talking, his hand had hung over your shoulder and lowered to your breast. You felt him palm your breast through your blouse.

You sucked in air as his fingers pressed your nipple. Only two nights and he already knew where they were through your clothes. "That doesn't sound half bad right?" he leaned his head closer and kissed behind your ear. "D-dabi...there are people..." you shuddered as you raised your hands to his chest. You pushed him back enough to see his apathetic look. "I don't mind an audience" he grinned, grouping your breast roughly. You bit back a gasp and gave him a hard shove. "I. Do." you growled.

Dabi looked surprised for once, but only briefly. "Fine, follow me" he ordered as he released you. He stood up and walked over the grass and into the trees. You followed him quickly, making sure no one was watching. Dabi stood near a large tree, waiting for you to come closer. His arm grabbed your shoulder and pushed you against the tree. He kissed you roughly, causing you to relax your grip on your bag. Your arms wrapped around his neck and pulled him close. You felt Dabi's hands rest on your waist. He tightened his grip and pushed you back.

"You have a nice mouth, I wonder if you know how to use it?" he mused. You swallowed, catching the drift of what he meant. You knelt down slowly, nervous about what he wanted from you. "Ah, pull up your shirt" he added in quickly. You hesitated before rolling your shirt up past your breasts. Dabi's eyes shined with interest as he examined your bra. "Lose the bra" he comanded, he was already palming himself through his pants. You slowly unhooked your bra. With shaky breaths, you let the article slip through your fingers and fall to the ground. Dabi whistled and walked closer, crouching slightly.

"Not bad, kinda cold out huh?" he smirked. He flicked one of your pert nipples to emphasize. You shivered against the tree, he was toying with you. "Play with yourself a bit, I gotta get ready" he lazily rubbed his cock through his pants, eyes on you. A bit distraught, you began playing with your breasts in front of Dabi. You mimicked movements you saw him do, you weren't familiar with doing this with an audience. Dabi let out a hum in interest, his eyes following your hands. You squeezed and pressed your breasts together, causing them to bounce around slightly. "Down there too, I want to watch you get wet" he interrupted your thoughts. You shimmied out of your jeans and slipped a hand into your panties.

At first, you rubbed along your folds. When you slipped a finger inside, you hear Dabi inhale sharply. "Yeah, just like that" he leaned in closer. His eyes were transfixed on the hand currently in your heat. You noticed him grow rougher with his movements. Saliva pooled in your mouth at the thought of Dabi's dick. Even from here, it looked like he had a good size. You slipped another finger inside and gasped. Dabi licked his lips and stood up.

"Alright, let's move on" he announced. He unzipped his pants and tugged his erect cock out. It bobbed in front of your face, standing painfully erect. You watched it twitch, the bulbous head burning an angry red. "As much as I like your admiration for my dick, I'd rather have your lips around it" Dabi cut in impatiently. He pressed his head against your lip, running the leaking head along your bottom lip. He tasted salty and bitter, something you hope you'd get used to.

You parted your lips slightly, taking a bit of the head inside your mouth. Dabi groaned as you took him in slowly. He was thick, you felt your mouth fill up quickly and you were only halfway down his length. You ran your tongue around the underside of him and pulled back. You sucked as you returned to the head. Your tongue drew small circles on the slit, lapping up the beads of pre-cum. "Damn, you're surprisingly good at this" Dabi threw his head back. You hummed out a response, causing him to groan as the vibrations hit his cock.

"Come on, a little faster" Dabi urged you. His hips jutted forward slightly, making his head come dangerously close to your throat. You sped up your movements, bobbing at a good pace. Your hand left your breasts and covered the rest of his dick. While he wasn't looking, you slipped a hand into his pants and fondled his balls. "Ha, ha, look at you" Dabi sighed leaning against the tree above you. His eyebrows were knitted together as he held back his release. He wanted to prolong it, it felt too good to stop.

You hollowed your cheeks and took him in deeper. Your jaw began to hurt, but you ignored it. Dabi's fingers tangled themselves in your hair. He tugged near your scalp, testing his grip. Suddenly, you felt him push in deeper. He pushed your head forward, making you take more of him in. You felt your throat spasm around him as he reached a depth you weren't prepared for. Your nose brushed up against the hairs at his base and the cool metal of the zipper tickled your cheeks. Tears stung at your eyes and it became harder to breathe. Dabit felt you slacken in his grip, urging him to release. He groaned loudly and stopped with his dick in your throat. Thick hot liquid flowed down your throat, causing you to swallow the odd substance.

Dabi pulled out slowly, watching your cheeks fill with his cum and you choke as you swallowed it. Your cheeks flushed red and you coughed as you tried to calm your body. The need for air made it hard, not to mention you were getting over his cum in your mouth. "Now that was what I was talking about" he praised you, his hand caressed your burning cheek while he looked down at you. He wouldn't admit it, but there was something captivating about you looking so helpless with trails of his cum on your lips. He felt something in his chest when he looked at you like this.

"Hey, you didn't touch yourself at all" he observed looking at you. By now, your panties were soaked but you had made no effort to get off. "No..." you said quietly, your throat still recovering. "I can't have that, come here" Dabi hooked his arms under yours and lifted you up on wobbly legs. He leaned you against the tree and plunged his fingers into your panties. You let out a shaky gasp and dug your nails into the wood behind you. "Wow, drenched again" Dabi pulled his fingers out and displayed them before you. He smirked as you shied away from it. "It's getting late, so let's not prolong this" he declared. He squatted down and hooked his fingers into the hem of your panties. He pulled them down, helping your legs through the holes. He spread your legs apart and buried his face between them.

"Dabi!" you hissed, tossing your head to the side. You could see a few couples walking around in the dim light from the lamps. "Shh, unless you want someone to see us?" Dabi hummed against your folds. His tongue licked up and down the expanse of your warm flesh. He left no edge unturned as his tongue neared your clit. He flicked his tongue against it a few times. You had to bite your lip to keep from crying out. "Man, you taste so good, I'm really am going to get addicted" he sighed against your heat. Dabi plunged his tongue into you, running his tongue along your walls. You inhaled sharply, producing a strained gasp.

"Did you say something?" you heard a man ask. You covered your mouth with your hand and glanced at Dabi. His eyes were staring directly at yours, challenging you to hold back your noises. He pulled back slightly, allowing you to see his tongue scoop your leaking fluid into his mouth. The subtle sliding of his throat and his exaggerated gulping did nothing to quell you. Dabi's fingers slid up your thighs. Groping your flesh roughly. When he felt your thighs tremble, he hooked his arms under your thighs and lifted you onto his shoulders. His face was pressed against your crotch and he sucked hard. His fingers played with your clit and he slipped one in alongside his tongue.

You were practically crying at this point. Your frustration with being loud and your desire to release created an inner turmoil. "Just do it" Dabi muttered against you, teeth grazing your skin. You gave in and whined loudly against your hands, your body writhing on Dabi's shoulders. You panted as Dabi lowered you to the ground. He cleaned your excess fluids from your thighs and placed you gently. He pocketed your underwear, leaving you bare again. "Don't worry, they already left" he snickered as he gathered your clothes. "Can you walk?" he asked. You shook your head, truthfully you were still dizzy. "Put your shirt on at least" he tossed you the article while he crumpled up your bra. Dabi removed his coat and draped it over your legs.

Before you could ask, he lifted you bridal style and began carrying you. "Tell me where you live, we'll take the back ways" he explained. You were hesitant, but you complied. "No one will mess with us, at least not the smart ones" Dabi smirked. You didn't worry, something told you Dabi would protect you in some way.

You just hoped you'd get your panties back this time.

Chapter Text

"The smoke becomes hazy, I can no longer see"

Dabi was true to his words. He dropped you off at home and then left with hardly a word. You didn't think about it until he left. Not only did he now have two pairs of your underwear, he knew where you lived.

Which meant he could come over whenever he wanted. You doubted a door would stop him. You never asked what his quirk was but you were sure it was strong. There was nothing else you could really keep from him. He had you cornered, all you could do was wait for him to pounce. It wouldn't take much, he already knew your body so well. All he had to do was touch you and you would crumble before him.

Today, you didn't have to work. You spent the day doing everything you wanted to do. It was a nice relaxation, but you couldn't push away the haunting idea of Dabi showing up. Warmth pooled in your lower region thinking about him coming. Would he force himself on you or would he respect you?

You did your best to avoid being home. It was the only distraction you had.

When you returned, there was no sign of anyone in your apartment. You relaxed a bit, deciding to order take out. You shed your clothes for something comfortable as the night settled. A long shirt, no bra, and comfortable underwear. While you waited for your delivery, you turned the tv on to provide some noise. Your phone buzzed as you received a text. It was from Dabi.

<You work tonight?>

You felt your heart skip.

<No. Tonight the club is closed.>

<Ah, so then you are home?>

<Where else would I be?>

<Just checking>

You didn't like how the last text ended. You took a deep breath and calmed yourself, maybe he wouldn't come. You continued to convince yourself as the doorbell rang. You walked over and opened the door slightly.

You shut the door quickly, startling beautiful blue eyes you knew so well.

"Did I do something wrong?" you heard Dabi ask through the door. You calmed yourself and opened the door again. "No, I just wasn't expecting you" he didn't appear fazed by your response. "Were you expecting someone else?" he leaned on the doorway, causing you to step back. "Yeah I was, he should be here soon" you began to shut the door, but Dabi's hand stopped you.

"He?" Dabi's voice resounded through the small hallway. He continued to push his way in, kicking the door shut and locking it behind him. "Dabi..." you warned. But you both knew you weren't much of a threat to him. Dabi could feel the tingle of his flames coming to life. He calmed himself, not in front of you. Hopefully, never in front of you.

"I came to return these" he pulled out a balled up mess from his pocket. Your panties to be precise. You carelessly went to accept the cloth, allowing Dabi to catch your wrist. "Tell me more about your visitor" he demanded. His grip was strong, but not painful. It was enough for you to know he wasn't playing around but he wasn't going to hurt you. At least not yet.

"Are you jealous?" you challenged, smirking at him. "I'm not jealous, just possessive" he pulled you to his chest. His arm locked around your back and he tilted your chin up to kiss you. His lips were rough and demanding. His teeth tugged at your bottom lip, bitting hard enough to hurt. You gasped at the pain, shivering as his tongue entered your mouth. You felt your knees go weak, Dabi pushed you back into your sofa.

You collapse against the cushions, breaking the kiss. You gulped down air as you tried to sit up. A calloused hand pawed at your chest to quickly subdue you. "Here you are falling apart under my touch and you waste time with someone else..." he squeezed your breast for emphasis. You thought about explaining yourself, but it was getting too good. Dabi hadn't shown this type of aggressiveness since you first met. He had been careful with you the past few times, but tonight you wanted him to be rough.

"You got a lot of nerve zoning out while I'm talking to you" Dabi mused, tweaking your nipples through your shirt. He twisted them and tugged them roughly, eliciting a cry from you. "Here I thought I was pacing myself, but I guess I was spoiling you too much" Dabi leaned down and licked from your exposed collarbone to your neck. His tongue reached the shell of your ear, coating the underside in his saliva. "Don't tell me you're already this horny? Do you like this that much?" he teased as he slid his knee between your thighs. You felt him rub your core through your panties, the force pushing you further up the couch.

"Let's see the damage" he removed his hands and stepped back. You felt him run his hands up your thighs. Sliding under your shirt with ease. He tucked his fingers into the waistband of your panties and pulled them down. You helped him guide the article off your legs. Before you could move, he forced a hand between your thighs and pride them apart. His other hand flipped your shirt up to your belly button, exposing yourself to him.

"Well, well, sopping wet and ready for me" he observed. Dabi ran his index finger over your folds, pressing down on your clit. You arched your back, burying your forehead into the pillows. You felt Dabi raise your shirt more as he fitted himself between your legs. "I need to hear more, I want your neighbors to know who is making you feel this good," he said as he pushed up your bra. His tongue danced around your areola, avoiding your pert nipples as he tasted your skin.

"D-dabi!" you hissed, your hands grabbing his hair. He didn't let up, teeth grazing your skin as he nipped at your breast. You felt him slip to fingers inside you, stretching your walls as he scissored you. You tugged at his hair lightly, trying to get him to slow down. "You're gonna have to do a lot better than that" he muttered around your nipple as he enclosed his teeth on it. He tugged roughly before switching to your other breast.

"" you didn't have time to explain. The doorbell rang, your delivery was here. Dabi raised himself off you slowly, glancing at the door with malice. You felt his hand on your back, unlatching your bra. It fluttered tot he floor as he brought you to your feet. "You've got a guest, go answer it" he ordered with a grin. You took careful steps over, attempting to make yourself not look like you were about to have mind-blowing sex.

You opened the door and met the innocent eyes of the delivery boy. "Here you are, ma'am! Desert is bagged separately" he announced with a smile. You thanked him and raised your hands to take the bag. You hesitated, shuddering as you felt the familiar hands of Dabi.

He buried his fingers into your heat once again, thrusting aggressively into you. Thankfully, the delivery boy had a strong grip on your items and kept them from falling when you failed to take them. "You alright ma'am?" he asked attempting to give you the bag again. "J-just fine..." you stuttered out, taking the bags from him. You clutched them to your chest, trying to hide you erect nipples that definitely showed through your shirt. However, this just brought the boy's attention to your chest. "A-ah well, I hope you enjoy it!" he stuttered out, giving you a small bow.

Dabi, growing impatient with the interaction, removed his fingers to play with your clit. You bowed forward with a gasp, causing the boy to jump back slightly. At that angle, he could make out the swell of your breasts. Just enough to see a hand run up your shirt and grab your breast. He shuddered as the hand kneaded your breast roughly, causing your knees to buckle. "T-thanks for ordering! Have a good night!" he squealed before running off. "W-wait!" you tried to stop him to explain but he was long gone.

"Wow, did you see his face?" Dabi mused as he tugged you back inside. He relieved you of your bags and placed them on your counter. "The little shit had a boner, I bet he went to jack off outside somewhere" he continued with a grin. Your face burned red as you stomped over to Dabi. "That was uncalled for, you jerk" you spat. Dabi raised a brow and leaned his face into yours. "I said I dislike dishonest women" he smirked. He pressed his lips roughly against yours. His teeth clashed with yours amidst the passion. You felt Dabi's hands grab your waist and he lifted you onto the counter.

"My food..." you whined, watching Dabi slide the bags out of reach. "He said you had dessert right?" Dabi dug through the plastic bag with one hand, his other hand still on your waist. "Yeah, I ordered a parfait" you watched Dabi remove the small container containing your desired treat. "This will do" he opened the container and set it to the side. Before you could ask, Dabi raised your long shirt over your head. You raised your arms so he could slip it off you.

Dabi examined your bare body, flushed from his touched earlier. You pouted as you watched him take the spoon from the bag and stick it into your parfait. "Don't give me that look, you'll enjoy this too" he mused lifting a spoonful of whipped cream. You gasped as he deposited the cream directly onto your breast. The cream felt icy against your flushed skin. Dabi carefully smeared the cream around your areola, covering the area in white.

He dressed the other breast just as slowly, making sure to graze your hardened nipple with the spoon. He spooned the fruit into his mouth and pulled you into a kiss. His tongue fed you the sweet fruit, making you moan in between kisses. Dabi ran a trail of cream down your abdomen, stopping before your hips. "See? Told ya" he tossed the spoon aside and began licking the cream.

You yelped as his tongue licked the cream away. Licking his way up to your breast. Dabi's tongue licked away the bit of icing that started to run, outlining the curve under your chest. His tongue made small circles around the nipple, avoiding your hardened nub. You tried to adjust yourself so that his tongue would graze your nipple. However, Dabi's hands kept you in place. "Nu-uh, you're going to have to beg for it" his voice was muffled against the underside of your breast as he spoke.

You bit your lip, of course, he would want that. Your hands tightened around his arm, nails digging into his skin as you resisted. Dabi hummed, impressed by your resolve. His teeth nibbled on your breast, bitting harder until your body jutted. He licked up to your collarbone and up your neck. "I bet you want me to suck on your tits huh?" he sighed into your ear. His breath matched the sickly sweet words coming from him.

"Just be a good girl and admit it" he chuckled. His thumbs made small circles on your hips as he waited for you to crumble. "F-fine! Suck on my tits!" you yelled in frustration. "Now that wasn't very polite" Dabi feigned hurt. "Please! Suck on my tits!" you repeated, your cheeks red from embarrassment. "If you insist" Dabi lowered himself back down to your chest. His tongue flicked your nub teasingly before he engulfed his mouth over it.

You threw your head back as he began sucking the cream from your breast. His teeth clamped around your nipple, tugging it as he went. Your hands shout to his hair, tugging and running through his spiky mess. "D-dabi..." your shaky moans we making harder and making it harder for him to hold back.

He switched to your other breast, giving it the same treatment. He littered your breast with bite marks in between sucks. By now, your chest felt sensitive and abused by Dabi. He kissed both breasts before departing, licking his lips. "Compliments to the chef" he mused. He released your hips, allowing you to lean back against the wall. You weren't paying attention to Dabi's hungry gaze or the evident tent in his pants.

"Your bedroom, now" he grabbed your arm and tugged you to your feet. You clumsily followed him, telling him which room was your bedroom. Dabi opened the door, pulling you inside. Your back hit the bed, the mattress dipping to accommodate you. While you were pushing yourself onto your elbows. Dabi walked over to the edge of the bed. He leaned on the bed, his knee resting on the mattress. He pushed his knee in between your legs, pushing your thighs apart. He stared down at you, eyes searching for something.

"You don't understand how badly I want to fuck you" he muttered under his breath. "Aren't you romantic?" your sarcastic reply brought a smile to his face. "Romance is overrated, besides, I know you want to fuck me too" he chuckled. You couldn't argue there. "So? Are we going to..." you trailed off, hands skimming the duvet under you. Dabi's smile dropped, his eyes returning to their stoic nature.

"I need to hear you say it" he declared, making you frown. "Are you really going to make me beg?" you shifted on the bed, hands reaching up to grab the collar of his shirt. "No, not begging, once we start there is no going back" Dabi let you tug his face closer to yours, showing no resistance. His eyes stared into yours, conveying a sadness. It hit you, he wanted your consent. "Can I ask why?" you whispered. Dabi shook his head, avoiding your eyes. Your hands released his shirt, opting to reach around his neck and wrap your arms around him.

"I want you to fuck me" your words managed to slip out before your lips pressed to Dabi's. The kiss was soft, probably the softest you've ever kissed someone. Dabi kissed back carefully, his hands on either side of your head. He pulled back, breaking the kiss. "That was kind of hot, keep talking like that and I won't be able to control myself" Dabi smirked. He pulled out of your reach to shrug off his coat. You watched him as he freed his erection from pants.

"Kinda unfair I'm the only one naked" you complained as you glanced away. Your eyes peeked at him, it looked bigger than you thought it would be. "Sorry, can't show you my body just yet" Dabi groaned as he pumped himself with his hand. He carefully reached into his back pocket for a condom. "But you can show me your cock?" you frowned as he shrugged off your question. He rolled the condom down his shaft, stretching the material. "What can I say? I'm blessed" Dabi teased as he climbed back over you.

Your hands pressed flat against his shirt, feeling his chest through his clothes. "Fine, I'll let it slide for now" you sighed as you tried to relax. His tip rubbed against your folds, the head nearly penetrating. You jumped when you felt it press against you. "Having second thoughts?" Dabi grinned from above you. "No, it's just...bigger than I expected" your bashful response made Dabi stop. He chuckled and cupped your face in his hand. "And it's all for you" he pressed a delicate kiss on your lips.

You kissed back while you felt his cock enter you. Your body shook slightly, tensing up as he filled you. You gasped against his lips as you felt him reach a depth you only ever imagined. "Just breathe, you're killing me here" Dabi choked out. Your walls were fluttering against him rapidly, squeezing him to the point of madness. He held the duvet in a death grip, preventing himself from having his way with you.

"I-I'm good" you sighed out, tossing your head back into the bed. Your breathing quickened as Dabi began at a slow pace. Your eyes screwed shut and mouth agape as his hips moved against you. It would've been fine if he wasn't staring at you so much. When you went to peek at him, his eyes were always staring directly into yours. Despite being balls deep into your core, his face remained as calm as ever. It was attractive, but nerve wrecking.

You wondered what face you were making, was it sexy? Was it lewd? Was it ugly? God you hoped it wasn't the last one. You managed to hold his gaze for a few seconds before turning away and arching your back. His blue eyes were too intense, it felt like he was going to eat you with just that look. "Hey...look at me" Dabi ordered. His voice sounded ragged like he was holding back. You turned back to him, biting your lip to keep focus.

"I'm going to be a little rougher, so hit me if you want me to stop" he almost looked bashful about it. You nodded, unable to trust your voice. Dabi pulled himself back, giving him more room to see you and to move. His hands found your waist and held your hips in place. Without warning, Dabi slammed himself inside you, making your breath hitch. This feeling was different, he filled you up but drew back so quickly it was almost torturous.

You could hear his balls slapping against you and feel the sting of skin on skin. "O-oh! H-hard!" you whined out. Dabi's hands kept you from wiggling too much from him. Your chest bounced in time with his thrusts, violently dancing across his vision. Just the sight of you made him want to drive you into the mattress. He wanted to cover your body with bites, marking you as his to everyone. He wanted to keep going into the night, making you cum until you were a mess. But not tonight, it was the only the first night.

Dabi settled for leaning down and kissing you. He swallowed your moans, sighed against your skin as he felt you squeeze him again. "F-faster, please!" you wailed as you wrapped your arms around his neck. You pulled yourself flush against Dabi as he continued to thrust into you through your orgasm. Your body writhed against him, your juices spilling out onto the bed. Dabi grunted, burying his face into your neck as he came. The condom filled, the warm bubble stretching your walls.

Dabi pulled out slowly, removing the condom carefully. He tossed it into the nearby trash bin, panting as he looked you over. Your face was flushed, a thin sheen of sweat over your body. You were panting as well, lying limply on the bed. He brought a hand to his face. It was just like he said, there was no going back. You started to get up, but he dropped to the bed. His arm held you down as he lay next to you.

"Dabi?" your hoarse voice was answered with a grunt. You stroked his hair gently, watching him shift on the bed. He shifted onto his side, putting his other arm around you. "Let's just stay like this" he muttered. You didn't argue, letting him pull you closer.

It was a long night.

Chapter Text

"Dripping wax, dripping with love"

The next morning when you awoke, Dabi was gone. The empty side of your bed had been neatly dressed with the duvet. You were tucked in loosely, still nude from the previous night. Your body felt sticky and gross. You felt like showering and washing your bed linen for good measure. Thankfully, today you didn't have to work at the Hero Ranking office, but tonight was another shift at the club. Speaking of work, you hadn't even checked the time.

You checked your phone for the time and noticed Dabi had texted you. At first, you began to think he wanted to cut things off. You dismissed the thought, hoping he sent some mischevious message, like stealing your underwear again. When you opened the messenger, it was neither.

<Good Morning, sorry had work to do.>

Work? Come to think of it. Dabit never told you anything about his life. Granted, you never asked. As you prepared for your shower, you pondered ways to bring up the questions without causing a problem. While the water beat down on you, anxiety hung over your shoulders. What if he has someone already and this is an affair? What if he is a criminal? What if he is just toying with you?

You locked those thoughts deep into your heart. You wanted to believe in Dabi, so you had to trust him. Last night, you could tell something was up with Dabi. You had to talk to him, otherwise, he might not talk about it. As you left the shower, you grabbed your towel while thinking of which question to start with tonight. That is if Dabi showed.

Part of you wondered what would guarantee him to show tonight. A saucy idea crossed your mind. You were naked, dripping wet and skin were probably flushed. With shaky fingers, you did your best to take a 'million dollar' nude. Granted, the towel covered up part of your face. Basking in its lewd glory, you sent it to Dabi with a bright 'Good Morning'.

You immediately deleted the picture of your phone and dived into your bed again. A rush of excitement and embarrassment shot through you. Doing something like this was well out of your comfort zone. Something about Dabi made you try new things, albeit of the sexual variety. Even so, a change was happening to you as the result of you meeting Dabi.

Your feelings were still foggy as the day burned into the night. As you were preparing for your shift, your phone buzzed with a reply. Without thinking, you checked to see who it was from. Dabi. Of course. You sat down on your bed and took a deep breath. Surely, you were prepared for this. But were you really?

You opened the messenger, noting that he had replied with a photo himself. You scrolled to the image and felt the heat rise to your cheeks. Not only did he reply with a compliment, in Dabi's terms. He had sent you a dick pick of him. His hand was wrapped tightly around his shaft. His cock standing painfully erect and dripping with pre-cum. You were staring too long, suddenly feeling warmth pool in your core.

<Look what you made me do.>

You swallowed as another idea came to mind. You weren't fully dressed for work yet, lounging around in your underwear at this moment. You hastily tossed your blouse over your shoulder and posed for another nude. You threw in a wink for good measure, feeling more confident about it this time. You sent it quickly, typing out the bait you were setting.

<Come by for a drink and I'll take care of you.>

You cringed a bit, it was so uncharacteristic of you to say something like that. But now you had no doubt Dabi would show tonight. He would definitely come by and not pay for his drinks, which you would add to his tab. He would be at your mercy, allowing you to interrogate him. Then afterward you'd both come back to your apartment and break the bed-


How are you going to stay focused after all this?

You slipped into the back of the club, the usual entryway for workers. You prepared your counter for the people, setting a towel on the seat you wanted Dabi to choose. It was close to the end, further away from the music. You watched as the people flooded in, your tip jar became stuffed as the orders fired out one by one. Thankfully, you knew most of the orders and could pour and shake as they came. Everyone knew to bring exact change or forfeit the rest as tips. Even heaven had rules.

By the time everyone had their fill, they switched to the cheap "vodka" the tweens sold near the dance floor. You waited patiently, cleaning the counter idlely. You saw someone approach the counter out of the corner of your eye. Your palms felt sweaty as you anticipated Dabi. Would he jump straight to sex? Or would he sit down and talk first? You didn't have time to think further, someone was leaning on the counter.

You looked up and held back a grimace. It wasn't Dabi. You could tell why he was leaning on the counter, he was drunk. "Hit me with another..." he drawled out, his head lolling down. 'Or I could just hit you' the sharp glare you gave him had the man sobering up. "We don't let patrons go beyond their limit, help yourself to the cheap stuff" you pointed to the vodka tables. He followed your gaze tiredly, slowly bringing himself back to you. "But I want a drink!" he argued.

You pressed your lips into a fine line. If it's a drink he wanted, then it's a drink you'd give him. You fashioned together one of the special drinks, it was bland as hell and would do the job. "Here, a Zen Star" you slid the round glass to him with a strained smile. The man slapped down a handful of money, which was way over the actual price. You quickly gathered the money and waited for the show. The man downed his drink, dazed by how bland the drink was. The aroma of alcohol set in, the aftertaste hitting him hard.

You smiled as he rushed off to the bathroom, barely able to keep the vomit in. "Thanks for the tip" you hummed to yourself as you pocketed your money. You heard a slow clap from the other end of the bar. Your eyes met Dabi's, a playful glint in them. "That was rather evil of you" he chuckled as he walked over to your side. "It's standard protocol, make them sick so they stop drinking for the night" you explained, drumming your fingers on the counter. "Sadistic and cunning, I like it" Dabi lifted the towel and sat down in the seat you wanted him at. You took the towel from him, rolling your eyes. "It's more logical than letting them drink themselves sick" you defended your case strongly.

"You care an awful lot about your patrons" Dabi leaned on the counter, coming closer to you. "No, I care about not having vomit on my bar" you corrected him. That earned you a dry chuckle. "I want another one of those good drinks" Dabi ordered with a wry smile. "Dabi, I'm going to tell you the name once and I will not make it if you don't say it" you shot him a glare as you prepared his drink. Dabi hummed in acknowledgment, his eyes following you as you went about.

"The drink is called 'Bad Touch'" you bit back a laugh as you said it. Dabi was less amused. "What a shit name for a good drink" he complained. "Yeah, the guy who named it gets slapped all the time" you laughed. You set down a full glass and slid it to Dabi. His fingers brushed against yours as he took the drink. Dabi took a long sip from the glass. "It's what he deserves" he sighed delightfully. You found yourself smiling, the air around you both was light and humorous.

Which made the perfect opportunity. "Dabi, what kind of work do you do?" you asked out of the blue. Dabi cocked a brow, pausing mid drinking. "You left early to do 'work', so what is it?" you asked. Dabi set his drink down, blinking at you slowly. "I'm in a gang," he said so normally you almost laughed. "Okay? Elaborate? Drugs? Weapons?...." you really hoped it was one of those and not one that terrorized women. "No, more like we keep our terf quiet and keep the crazies away" Dabi picked up his glass and resumed drinking. "So I take it 'this' is your terf?" you raised your arms to indicate the club. Dabi shrugged, setting the glass down. "Close enough, I like this part of town" he admitted.

"I'm glad I live in your part of town" you hummed. That wasn't so bad, at least on the surface. Dabi didn't appear to be angry by your questions. Maybe you could get more from him. "What about these?" you leaned on the counter so you could trace your fingers over the wrinkles on his face. Dabi swallowed, it was the alcohol. "Why are you so interested in me?" he raised his hand to press his palm against yours, fingers interlacing together. "Well, you know a lot about me, why can't I be curious about you?" for once, Dabi appeared dumbstruck. It didn't last long, his stoic demeanor returned sooner than you liked.

"You just want to see me naked" he chuckled, releasing your hand. You pouted, resting on your elbows. "I do, but that's not my intention right now" you confessed. Dabi glanced around, he idly fiddled with his glass. "You have secrets you won't tell me, right? Well so do I" Dabi looked off to the side. This wasn't like him, some reason he couldn't look you in the eye. "That's true if I talk then will you?" you offered. It was a dangerous wager, you had your own skeletons you didn't want to share. But, if it meant getting closer to Dabi then it was worth it.

"Only if I get to undress you" Dabi grinned as he downed his drink. Your lips made a thin line, of course, he remembered your texts. "Fine, but there is something I want to try tonight" you compromised on that note. Dabi didn't hide his curiosity. you could see his face light up with excitement. "Deal, your place or?" he nodded upstairs. "My place, wouldn't want someone to interrupt" you gave Dabi a confident wink. It took everything in you to do that one, it was so worth it. Dabi quickly leaned over and pressed a hot kiss to your lips.

"Keep that up and I won't make it to your place"



The entire time back, you had to swat Dabi's wandering hands. He took you through a back way, which appeared dangerous at first. Anyone you came by quickly got out the way or went the other direction. You kept your head low, not wanting to draw attention to yourself. Dabi stayed close as you headed to your apartment, you figured he was trying not to be spotted either. The second your door shut, you were pressed against the wall. Dabi used one hand to remove your shirt while his other held your shoulder.

"That last picture you sent me nearly made me come here and fuck you until you couldn't walk" he sighed into your ear. You bit your lip, embarrassed by the memory but turned on by his voice. "That's exactly what I was going for" you used your free arm to stroke his crotch gently. "Oh? You were trying to provoke me?" Dabi chuckled. He pulled back, taking your hand and guiding you back to your room. You kicked off your shoes as you went, abandoning them in the middle of the floor.

Dabi ushered you into your room, making you sit on the edge of your bed. "So tell me, what did you want to try?" he asked as his hands roamed your body. You shivered as he slid your blouse off your shoulders. He spent a long time tracing the area of your collarbone. You felt your shirt flutter off, leaving you in your bra and bottoms. "I wanted to try...getting to know you better" you muttered in a low voice. Dabi rested his hands against your chest. He appeared deep in thought as he fondled your breast through your bra. "D-dabi..." your voice wavered, unsure of his response. He hadn't responded, instead, he squeezed your breasts roughly. "Dabi!" you gave him a smack on the head, earning a chuckle from him.

"Sorry, I was really thinking but then boobs happened" he laughed. "But yeah sure, we can" Dabi's hands went behind your back and unclipped your bra. Your breasts fell freely in front of him, soft and supple under his rough touch. "Fine, but I'll only answer what I want to" Dabi argued. As much of a contradiction as it was, it was still progress. "Since we're on the topic, I also wanted to try something" Dabi reached into his coat and pulled out a long candle. You stared at him curiously, urging him to explain before he went any further. He saw you shoulders visibly tense at the sight of the long, thin candle. "Relax, I'm offering waxplay not a fucking double penetration party" Dabi sighed as handed you the candle.

"I've never really done it before..." you twirled the candle in your fingers. It was light and smelled of sandalwood. "Don't worry about it, I'll do all the work" Dabi reassured you. He placed the candle down and pushed you down on the bed. He kissed you roughly, trailing down your neck. "Strip the rest off while I get the prep materials" he whispered against your skin. As quickly as he came, he left for your bathroom. You began to protest, at what point did he learn your apartments' contents??? But you shook it off. It was better not to worry about it, for now at least.

You sat on the edge of the bed, naked as the day you were born. It wasn't odd to be naked in your home. Nope. But it was unnerving knowing Dabi was slinking about your home. He reappeared after a few minutes, holding a towel balled up in his hands. "Didn't mean to take so long, wasn't sure which towel was okay to use" he deposited the towel onto the bed. It was damp, coddling a bottle of lotion and some bandages. "Why bandages?" you asked. Dabi shrugged, slipping his coat off. "Let's hope we don't have to use them" he laughed darkly.

Dabi took the bottle of lotion and squeezed out a large amount of it on his hand. "Be still" he warned as he started at your legs. He was surprisingly thorough, making it feel like more of a task than sensual. "Oh, it's not a sensual as the movies make it out to be," you said aloud, turning so your back was to Dabi. That was your first mistake. "Oh?" Dabi hummed in a low voice. His lips were so close to your ear, you felt the vibrations. You shuddered as you heard him take breaths, chuckle, and hum as he rubbed your sides down. "Should I take that as a clear to do whatever I want?" Dabi's hands slipped around your waist. He moved up just below your breasts, coating your skin in lotion.

"No..." you watched as his fingers drew tiny circles into your skin, inching up your breasts. "Tch, no fun" Dabi clicked his tongue as he lazily massaged your boobs. Once he was sure your body was ready, he grabbed the towel. "Lay on that, I don't want to hear you whine about a mess later" you did as he instructed, your stomach against the towel. You looked at Dabi, he was holding the candle and watching his arm. "What are you doing?" you asked. "Testing the temperature" he replied coolly. You blinked, bewildered by his statement. The candle wasn't lit, it wasn't even melted already. Dabi's eyes looked over your curious face, smiling wickedly.

"You never did ask about my quirk" he walked behind you, just out of the corner of your eye. Before you could argue, you felt a warm sensation on your back. "Gah!" you jumped as the feeling sent waves across your skin. It didn't hurt, but it felt oddly warm. "Relax, it was only one drop" Dabi scolded you. A few more drops of warmth landed in the middle of your back. You hissed out, trying to calm yourself. "Does it hurt?" Dabi asked, tilting the candle upwards to halt the dripping. "Not particularly..." you sighed out. Dabi was quiet for a moment. What was going on...

You let out a loud moan as you felt warm drops on your lower back. You immediately covered your mouth in embarrassment. "I knew it" you heard Dabi snicker above you. You turned to him with a glare, your eyes catching his hand. A low blue flame emanated from his palm, melting the wax. "It's so pretty," you said without thinking. Dabi used his free hand to turn you forward again. "You haven't asked me anything yet, at this rate the candle will be gone" he pointed out. Oh right, questions.

"W-well, are you dating someone?" you asked nervously. The drips were now going along your back and shoulders, Dabi moved your hair out the way as he went. "Hm, was kinda hoping we were dating but no" he spoke so casually it was almost humorous. "It would help if you actually took me on a date" you complained to him. Dabi smeared the wax on your shoulder as he rubbed his fingers across your skin. "Sure, I know a good place" he sighed. You made a mental note to make him uphold that promise. "Why did you come to the club?" you shivered as he dripped more near your lower back again. Your ass felt hot as he drew circles on your cheeks with the melted wax.

"I was bored, it looked interesting" another plain reply. You felt Dabi push your shoulder with the back of his hand, prompting you to roll over onto your back. You felt drops of wax warm your stomach, running off your sides and to your back. "That's it?" you pressed him for more. "Yeah, I just wanted a drink and that's it" Dabi's eye flickered between you and the candle, he was focusing on not causing an accident. "S-so do you like me?" you blurted out, causing him to drop more dribbles than he wanted to. Your back arched, causing the wax to run along the underside and map out the curve of your breasts. "Hehehe..." Dabi's laugh came out so low you almost missed it.

You didn't like that response. "Dabi" you called out to him, annoyance seeping from his name. "Well, I wouldn't be here if I didn't" he grinned. His hand smeared wax over your breasts, cooling quickly against your skin. "B-but I mean are you fine with me?" you asked again. Dabi halted his movements, staring at you. The flame had been extinguished, the melted candle cooling against Dabi's palm. "I mean I'm sure you could find someone better..." you began. You felt the bed shift, your eye closed in fear of what was to come.

Imagine your surprise when warm lips pressed against yours. Dabi's tongue didn't wait to enter your mouth, aggressively pushing to the back of your throat. Your knees bumped together as your thighs clenched closed. You had already felt yourself becoming aroused, but this kiss was pushing you overboard. Your hands tugged at Dabi's shirt, begging him for air. He didn't move, stealing as much breath as he could from you. Once you began hitting his back, Dabi broke away slightly. Saliva ran from the corner of your mouth as you panted for air. Dabi was breathing heavily too, a trail of saliva connecting to your lips.

"No more questions" he sighed, dropping the candle. You felt two fingers slip into your pussy, scissoring inside you. Your hand grabbed Dabi's wrist, trying to halt him. "S-slow down!" you begged, your legs shaking as he assaulted your core. Dabi's relentless pace did not waver despite your cries. His thumb drew circles into your clitoris, making your body shake in need. "D-dabi! I want you!" you cried out, clutching the towel under you. Dabi lowered his head and kissed you again. He swallowed your pleas and your moans. All you could focus on was Dabi's rhythmic thrust and the wetness pooling between your thighs.

The tight coil of pleasure tugged at you, begging you for release. You tried to hold it back, you wanted to hold it back. But his fingers filled you more than your hands did. The rough callouses felt like fire against your sensitive skin. Dabi's tongue invading your throat set you off. You came hard around his fingers, hips raising and shaking from pleasure. Dabi withdrew from our lips and withdrew his hand. He examined your clear fluids dripping from his fingers. He watched as it leaked from your core, enticing him. "Don't get sleepy on me just yet" Dabi carefully unbuckled his belt and tugged his pants down. You were still coming down from your high, unable to focus as he freed his hard member from its confines.

Dabi shifted you so that you legs dangled off the bed. He grabbed your thighs and lifted them, locking your legs behind him. You felt the head of his cock prod near your entrance. He ground his hips into yours, coating his dick in your fluids. It felt hot and hard, your sensitive skin stung as a reminder of what happened before. "I-I'm still sensitive..." you moaned. Your thighs had Dabi in a vice grip, allowing him to let go and grab your waist instead. "Too bad" Dabi plunged inside you without warning. Your eye shot open wide in surprise, your mouth open in a silent cry. You shock was short lived as Dabi began a ruthless pace. His hips snapped against yours, roughly pushing your body against your bed.

The furniture creaked and crooned, the headboard beating against the wall. "Too h-hard..." you whined out. You clenched your teeth to have some type of grounding for this assault on your body. You could hear Dabi release a shaky sigh, his eyes were closed as he rammed into you with reckless abandon. He groaned loudly above you, he couldn't risk looking at you or he might cum. In the heat of it all, he forgot the damn condom. You didn't seem to notice, otherwise, he assumed you'd have said something. Dabi felt your hands tug at his shirt, hitting him roughly in the chest.

"Here, please" Dabi's eyes shot open hearing you whine softly. "Ha?" Dabi felt himself get harder. Did you mean you wanted...

"" your fingers curled in a beckoning motion, like a child wanting their favorite toy. Dabi let out a throaty chuckle, he felt silly for thinking such a thing. "Sure" he leaned down and allowed you to wrap your arms around his back. Dabi's face buried into your neck, kissing along the expanse of your skin. Your hands clawed at the thin material of his shirt, feeling his toned back under your fingers. Again, the coil in you tightened with the need for release. You moaned out your warning to Dabi, wanting him to make you cum with his cock this time. Your legs trembled against his body as you climaxed. Dabi continued to thrust into you, ridding out your orgasm until you fell back onto the bed with fatigue.

Dabi quickly pulled out, grabbing his dick roughly to keep himself in check. He released spurts of long, thick cum onto your stomach. He cursed at the sight of it. You were on your back spent, legs parted, skin flushed, cum flowing from you like a damn waterfall, and his thick release on your body.

It was enough to get him hard again.

"Come on" Dabi tugged the towel from underneath you. He used it to clean up the sticky mess from your stomach and between your thighs. You whimpered as he came into contact with your folds. "At least this much is fine" he sighed tossing the towel to the floor. Dabi dropped onto your bed next to you, watching you breathe heavily. "What about me?" he suddenly asked. "Huh?" you gasped, you reached for his hand and held it tight.

"Do you like me?"

You were so tired, your mind was still a mess. Maybe if you had been in a better mind, you'd have used better words. For what you said next, set something off in Dabi.

"I love you"

Chapter Text

It wasn't supposed to be like this.

When Dabi chose this path, feelings were supposed to be on the backburner. When he decided to drink at that club, a quick fuck was all he was expecting. Maybe a one night stand at best. The pit called commitment was something that was supposed to be behind him. Even being part of the Leauge of villains wasn't as constricting on him.

The Leauge of villains

That would surely scare you away. He could mention he's a villain, maybe burn a curtain or two. You'd send him packing and he'd never have to see you again. He wouldn't have to see you again.

But he didn't want that.

Dabi admitted he would avoid attention when the media would cover their missions. He secretly took steps to avoid himself becoming gossip for the heroes. It kept him up at night thinking one day he'd see you and you'd be afraid of him. You'd scream, swat him away, call the police and run. Every time in his nightmares, you'd hate him.

A part of him told him differently. Ever since you muttered the words he never wanted to hear. That damn phrase that made his heart accelerate and stop all at once. Words he had long forgotten and thrown away with his past. Whenever his mind wandered, he would hear it.

"I love you"


Dabi glared a hole into the countertop, wishing he could burn his problems. "Do you have a problem with the decor?" Kurogiri's attempt to lighten the mood fell flat as Dabi raised his head into a tired stare. "Yeah, but that's not my priority right now" Dabi stood up quickly to leave. The last thing he needed was a damn interrogation. He made it to the door before the last person he wanted to talk to announced his presence.

"Wait, I have something to discuss" Shigaraki sauntered in slowly. He sat down at the counter, folding his hands on the smooth surface. "I need you to conduct a low scale attack" he began. Dabi perked up, a chance to relieve some stress? Just what he needed. "We need to make the public uneasy, to build up to our large-scale plan" Shigaraki continued. He motioned for Kurogiri to hand Dabi a slip of paper. Dabi accepted the paper from the wispy hands of Kurogiri, glancing at the address. "It's to a local ranking station, they cover hero news and the likes" Kurogiri explained.

"I want you to destroy the place, make it a sign that we are ready to play" Shigaraki smiled wickedly. "Sure, sure" Dabi waved off the two. "Take Twice with you" Dabi groaned inwardly. He knew Shigaraki was doing it within reason, but he couldn't stop the feeling it was to dampen his mood. Either way, Dabi would be able to release his pent-up stress, it was the only way for him to now...

Since he couldn't face you.



After your last intimate night with Dabi, you felt uneasy. You vaguely remembered confessing your feelings to him. Your stomach had twisted into painful knots of anxiety when you thought about it. The next morning, Dabit had left while you were still asleep. He hadn't texted you like the last time, in fact, he hadn't texted you at all. You had sent him a standard good morning, a nude felt like too much right now.

You hadn't received a reply and he was a no-show at the club that night. You stopped texting after the fifth check-in text. It felt wrong to continually beg from a sign that he was okay. Not because it seemed clingy, rather, because Dabi was always so free. You felt that trying to get a grasp on him would just push him further away. Your stomach twisted again, had your words done exactly that?

You hadn't much time to ponder it over, you still had work after all. The Ranking office was currently busy with tallying hero work for the yearly ranking. A new number one hero was to be announced so that meant extra work for you. You had pushed your ill-feeling into the small safe in your heart and went about your workday. For once, your boss was on the floor helping with keeping track of the rankings.

The Ranking Hero, Numero, continued to speed through the papers as they came to his desk. His quirk, Quick Calculus, made him a living calculator. "Keep up the work everybody! Tonight we will party on my dime!" he encouraged loudly. Everyone wore tired smiles as they crunched numbers, looking forward to tonight. You were currently calculating the number two hero's score. Endeavor, you didn't know much about him and you didn't want to know more. When you reported to his agency, he didn't give off the feeling of being a hero. In fact, he didn't pay you any mind until you announced why you were there.

Even so, you spent most of the time talking with his sidekicks to get his records. Thankfully, they had already organized most of it so all you had to do was submit it. You stood up and approached the poor girl frantically writing down the totals as they were given to her. "Oh! You have Mr.Endeavor's total yes?" she hurried over to you and took the file from your hands. "Thank you for your hard work" she praised you before scurrying back to the board.

Just as you began walking back to your desk, the floor shook. Everyone began screaming as they hugged the walls and their desk. "Everyone please calm down!" Numero quickly took charge, attempting to round up his employees. You braced yourself against the nearby wall, the room felt hot and stuffy. Suddenly, alarms went off in the building. You recognized them as both fire and villain attack alarms. Everyone began running to the exit, you followed behind near the back, avoiding being trampled by the crowd.

"Hey ____! Get over here!" Numero called out to you. He had stayed behind making sure everyone left. You stayed low, following the wall to the exit. "Go down the stairs and don't stop for anything!" he ordered. You nodded and ran down the stairs. As you descended, you were able to see the damage within the building. Most of the foundation had been burned away, by a blue flame. Large blue infernos filled the office spaces and utility rooms.

Your throat tightened as you began to wonder why they seemed so familiar. A silhouette stood out amongst the flames, catching your interest. You stopped at the doorway to the room. "Hey! Get out of there!" you yelled at the figure. You saw a spiky head tilt in your direction, bright blue eyes staring back at you. As the figure approached you, dark purple patches came into view. Your voice caught in your throat.

It was Dabi.

He reached his hand out, palm in your direction. At first, you began to raise your hand to his. You noticed a tiny blue spark and ducked in time to avoid the flame. "Dabi! What the hell?!" you yelled at him. He smirked, a haunting one, unlike his usual smart-ass ones. "You move pretty fast, let's see you doge this" he mused as he sent another onslaught of flames in your direction. You managed to run down the hallway, escaping his sight. You ran toward the main entrance, but another wall fire blocked your way.

"Hey now, it's rude to run away when someone is talking to you" Dabi announced as he casually walked through the flames. Dabi wore a wicked grin as you backed away, hitting the wall behind you. "This isn't funny Dabi" your voice shook with each step he took. "Maybe not on your end, but I'm really enjoying myself here" he laughed swinging his arm back for another attack.

It never came. Large streams of water broke through the flames, dousing them until they were only smoke. A burst of water hit Dabi directly, creating a wider distance between you and him. You rose to your feet and headed to the entrance. Large roots tore the doors open, allowing you to escape the building. Outside, you saw the pro hero Backdraft and his sidekicks putting out the flames in the building. Kamui wood appeared as well, moving the debris from cleared areas to make a path for escape. "Please this way" one of the sidekicks guided you to where your other coworkers were being treated for burns.

You received aid for the small wounds you had, but you felt a bigger one on your heart. Dabi had attacked you, he was a villain, he had lied to you. While you waited to be released by authorities, you checked your phone any texts. Still nothing from Dabi.

You thought that was for the best.



Dabi clicked his tongue as he escaped down a nearby alleyway, Twice running behind him. "That place was on fire! Well, literally and figuratively!" Twice bellowed as followed Dabi. "Yeah no shit, the heroes came faster than expected" Dabi sighed tiredly. He had hoped he would have more time to destroy the place. "Those pedestrians were too fast man! Really cramped my style! But at least I got to scare that woman!" Twice ranted off excitedly. Dabi ignored him, he always talked too much for his liking.

"She knew who you were, must have been your number one fan! Just kidding, no one likes you!" Twice chortled loudly. Dabi turned to him with a glare. "Knew me? What she'd look like?" Dabi asked. He had a hunch but hoped he was wrong. Twice began explaining, rather crudely, your disheveled appearance to Dabi. Each word made Dabi's hands twitch. He hadn't asked you about your job, he had no idea you were at that office. You had encountered Twice's clone of Dabi. The clone who had no ties to you had acted out of his disposition.

"Hey man, you look like you need to take a shit, gonna take one? Like a dog?" Twice prodded Dabi curiously. This earned him a hard swipe into the brick walls. "Go back alone, tell Shigaraki I need a break" Dabi excused himself abruptly. Whatever Twice shouted at him fell on deaf ears, Dabi needed to get to you. His feet carried him to your apartment complex. He stopped in the shadows of the building.

Why did he come? Surely, you didn't want to see him. This was right, he could walk away from you now and never look back. That was when the regret settled back in. He had already walked out on important people in his life because of one incident. So, why would doing it again matter to him? Your smile flashed in his mind, causing his heart to beat rudely against his chest. He couldn't live without seeing that smile, even if it was for the last time.

His feet carried him to your floor. He stopped at your door, hesitating to knock. Dabi took out his phone and texted you.

<Hey, let me in>

You reply came quickly, regret washing over you for not thinking before doing so.


<Please? I want to talk>

<No. Are you outside my door?>

<Yes, I need to explain what happened today>

<Then talk through the door>

<It's safer if I come inside>

<Safer for who?>

Dabi felt a grin break out on his face.

<For both of us>

You knew he could break the door down if he wanted to. You were sitting against the door, your back pressed against it. Dabi had slid to the ground, back against your door. It felt like ages had passed as you steadied your breathing. Dabi felt like his chances with you were slipping away with each second. His phone finally buzzed, giving him closure.

<I'm opening the door>

Chapter Text

The situation was so comical, Dabi could laugh. He leaned against your closed door, locking it slowly. You had turned your dining table over, using it as a barricade between you both. It hurt to see you so defensive, but this was riding on a level of ridiculousness. "Wanna tie me up too?" his sarcastic remark was met with annoyance. "You could break through them anyways" you muttered. That was true.

Dabi slid to the floor, letting his legs stretch out across the floor. "Are you really afraid of me?" he asked. You hesitated, fingers tightly gripping the hard table. "I can't help but be tense, start explaining..." you didn't want to admit it. Just as much as him, it hurt you to feel this way. You heard Dabi sigh, covering his eyes with his hands.

"So, there is an asshole who can make clones of others" Dabi began. He explained that the clone acted like him but had no memories of you. Whatever the clone had said and done was not Dabi. "Had I known you were there, I would've been more careful" he admitted bitterly. A brief silence passed, he felt relieved that you didn't start screaming at him. However, what you said next put him on edge.

"But you would've still attacked the office" you confirmed. Dabi waited a moment before agreeing. "You said you were in a gang, the news called it a Villain attack, what is the truth Dabi?" you looked over the table at him. After the attack, a few witnesses were able to report the villains in the attack. You avoided hearing the names, you wanted the truth from Dabi. You felt your stomach tighten as he stared at you. For once, his blue eyes looked lost.

"I'm a villain, affiliated with the League of Villains to be precise" Dabi confessed. It was odd how a few words could change so much. On one hand, Dabi felt a weight lift off him. On the other hand, he felt anxious about your reaction. His mind replayed his nightmares of rejection. He calmed himself, all he could do was accept it. He chose to be a villain, he had no right to complain.

"Was it all an act then?" you question came out so faint he crooned his head to hear it. You doubted him, he expected as much. He could already tell you had some insecurities, but to think you doubted him hurt a bit more. "No, I already told you I am here because I want to be" Dabi replied. He saw you duck back behind the table. He half expected you to fling a knife at him. Dabi waited patiently, unaware of you trying to calm your racing heart.

You needed to focus, he was a villain. All your life, you had been warned of villains. Dabi had come off as a bad boy, but a villain was more serious. You peeked back over the table, flinching under Dabi's tired gaze. "How can I trust you?" you blurted out. The silence between you both was smothering. After a while, Dabi chuckled dryly. "I guess you can't" he sounded wounded to you.

Taking a deep breath, you stood up. "Get up" you ordered. Dabi slowly rose to his feet, staring at you curiously. "C-come here..." your voice faltered slightly as he approached you. He stopped right before you, he could see you were shaking. "Activate your quirk, your left hand" your eyes stayed glued to the floor. You felt Dabi sigh and heat up his hand. You carefully grabbed his hand, admiring the blue flame. Dabi remained quiet, he wasn't sure what you were thinking.

You raised his palm up, meeting his eyes. Without a warning, you pressed his palm to your face. You felt a brief sting of heat before a dull warmth spread across your cheek. Small flickers of flame fell from his palm, you stared into Dabi's now wide eyes. "Are you insane?! What if I hadn't-" "But you did". You had cut Dabi off, but he still appeared agitated. "You put it out, you wouldn't hurt me" your hand cradled his hand against your face.

"Still, that was unnecessary..." Dabi felt his anger slipping away. Your eyes, they looked the same as that night. He realized that was how you could trust him. "So reckless..." he muttered under his breath. His hand pulled you closer, allowing him to wrap his arm around your waist. "You could've just told me to leave" he whispered into your hair. "But I didn't want to" you replied against his chest. You felt the vibrations of his chuckle. "I didn't want to go anyways" he admitted.

You both shared a moment together. This time, the silence felt welcoming. You heard Dabi hum, you nuzzled into his chest. "I still can't agree with you being a villain" you broke the silence. "I figured as much" Dabi's dry laughter echoed in your apartment. "But, I think we can make it work" you felt Dabi relax, he let out a long sigh. "Why don't you tell me more about your work? My 'work' is a real mood-killer" Dabi loosened his hold on you.

You nodded and led him to your couch. You had intended to sit next to Dabi, however, he pulled you into his lap before you could sit. Your legs rested across his lap, allowing you to rest your head on his chest. "Well, I just keep track of Hero activity for the ranking at the end of the year" you began. Dabi hummed for you to continue. "I was assigned to the Pro-hero Endeavor, he's the most difficult to work with" you sighed feeling the grey hairs rise just from mentioning him.

"Endeavor?" Dabi repeated slowly. You nodded, raising so you could see his face. "I only deal with his sidekicks, apparently I'm not good enough for a face-to-face meeting" you watched as Dabi's jaw tightened. "It's best you don't get involved with that kind of guy" he warned. You could sympathize with Dabi, you weren't exactly a fan of Endeavor. "He deserves to rot, everything he's built should crumble, his prideful flames need to be extinguished..." as Dabi muttered, his grip on you tightened. When it became too painful to bear, you let out a yelp. "Dabi, you're hurting me" you gasped.

His hands released you immediately, falling to his sides. "Sorry" he muttered under his breath. The room felt tense again, it was obvious Dabi didn't like Endeavor. Although, not at the same level you did. "Since you nearly killed me, I should be able to request something of you" as you finished, Dabi turned his head to you in astonishment. "I already said sorry, nevermind, what do you want?" Dabi rolled his eyes and waited for your demands. You shifted on his lap, placing your knees around his waist.

You placed your hands on his chest, tugging at his shirt. "I want to see you, all of you" your voice came out just above a whisper as you asked. "Hmm? Didn't quite catch that" Dabi chuckled leaning his head closer to you. You could feel his breath on your neck as he waited for you. "I-I said I want to see all of you" you repeated louder. Dabi sighed, nuzzling into your neck. "You are persistent, I'll give you that" he smirked. His hands went to your waist, rubbing small circles with his thumbs. "On one condition, don't ask about my burns" he pulled away slowly.

Dabi leaned back, waiting for you to take the initiative. Of course, he wasn't going to make it easy. You ushered his out of his, in your opinion, ridiculously long coat. You tossed it over the couch, it could be dealt with later. Your fingers trembled as you grasped the hem of his shirt. On top of being curious about his burns, you were anxious to see Dabi naked. You've seen naked men before, no problem. But this was Dabi, it felt more intimate when it was him. "C'mon, unwrap your gift already" Dabi snickered as his hands ghosted over yours. He led you into pulling his shirt up, teasing you with the sight of his love handles.

"I can do it" you shook Dabi's hands off and narrowed your brows in focus. It was surprising how powerful one article of clothing was. You lifted the shirt higher, prompting Dabi to raise his arms. You watched as pale skin was disrupted by dark purple. You stopped, taking a moment before continuing. You lifted the article over his head, examining some dark splotches peeking from his sides. "Take a picture, it'll last longer" Dabi sighed. He leaned his head back on the couch, exposing his neck. You already knew about that long burn, but to see his body littered with so many. "You..." you weren't sure where to begin.

"Ah, ah, no questions remember?" Dabi tilted his head to peek at you. "There's plenty more underneath too" he rolled his hips upward. The motion made you rise and fall with his hips. You felt him grind into your backside, cheeky bastard. "I think you are the one who wants me to see you naked" you scolded Dabi. He only laughed, resting his arms to his sides. You shimmed off his lap, falling to your knees on the floor. Dabi peeked down at you as you worked on his pants. He tried to quell the desire to force you to take his cock into your mouth. You peeled away his pants, letting them bunch at his ankles.

Dabi's legs had a few patches of dark purple, not as many as he did above the waist. You stood in front of him, drinking in his form. "Aren't you going to remove this?" Dabi tugged at the waist of his underwear teasingly. You cocked a brow, smirking down at him. "I've already seen that so I'm in no rush" you teased. Dabi's mouth hung open incredulously. "You little shit, don't even think you can blue ball me" Dabi pulled you back onto his lap roughly. Your hands caught the top of the couch, holding you over Dabi. You felt him kiss at your exposed collar, trailing just below your jaw. His hands slid down to your ass, groping you through your jeans.

"Don't you think it's unfair I'm the only one naked?" he hummed against your skin. You shuddered, moving your hands to your shirt. Dabi pulled back and waited for you to remove your shirt. Once the article was over your head, he pressed hot kisses under the lining of your bra. "I'm thinking of marking up your body myself" Dabi nibbled on the rolls of flesh before your abdomen. "Just not where I can't cover" you sighed as you carding your fingers through his spiky locks. "Boo, no fun" Dabi pulled his head back and raised his hands to your waist. His fingers made quick work of your jeans, leaving you in your underwear.

"Now we're even" your hands left his hair and cupped his face. Your fingers traced over the purple burns carefully. "Don't get all sentimental on me now" Dabi chuckled placing a quick kiss on your lips. "It's difficult not to..." you pulled him closer for a longer kiss. Dabi's teeth nipped at your bottom lip, tugging it downward for you to open your mouth. You complied, allowing his tongue to slip in. You tugged away to take in a deep breath. "Where's my girl that only wanted to screw me huh?" Dabi kissed along your jaw while you inhaled much-needed oxygen. "She's still here, she just also gives a damn about you" he smirked as you pulled him into another mind-blowing kiss.

Dabi raised his hips to rut against yours. The friction was apparent, making you wonder if your panties were even still on you. Dabi's rising boner brushed against your opening, causing you to pull back with a moan. "Already? I haven't even touched you yet" Dabi taunted. Dabi guided you off his lap, laying you down on the couch. He climbed on top of you, rubbing his clothed erection along your clothed opening. The harder he got, the harder it was to keep your voice down. When the tip 'accidentally' pressed against your opening, you let out a shaky gasp.

"Huh? Getting off on just that are you?" Dabi halted his movements, resting with his hard-on pressed against you. "Dabi please, no teasing" you hissed as you rose your hips to grind against him. Dabi snaked a hand up your stomach tugging the bra upward. His hand fondled one breast while his mouth occupied the other. He placed kisses along your breast, lips tightening around your nipple when he came across it. You heard him suck and slurp as his tongue trailed saliva across your chest.

By now, your thighs were drenched with your juices, causing Dabi's erection to slip between your thighs with each movement. You could feel him hot and hard, pulsing against your skin. "Hurry..." you whined, squeezing your thighs together. Dabi backed away with a strangled groan. He reflexively thrust against your thigh. That wasn't nearly enough, he needed the warm cavern of your pussy to satisfy him. "I got it, stand by the balcony while I get one" Dabi commanded as he left you. His absence left a cool feeling, making the room colder than it really was. You watched Dabi go behind the couch to his coat, which probably had his condoms.

You stood near the screen door of your balcony, curtains drawn. You perked up when Dabi returned to you, the rubber casing on already on his dick. "Let's put on a show" Dabi smirked as he turned you around. You braced yourself against the glass. He quickly pulled the curtains back, revealing the dark outside. Before you could protest, Dabi burrowed two fingers under your waistband. You clenched your teeth as he stroked along your folds. A finger slipped in, shallowly pumping into you. A gasp escaped your lips as leaned forward more, your face pressed against the glass. "Don't fall now" Dabi's playful voice rang in your ears. He leaned over your back and kissed your neck.

When he added another finger, your knees buckled. Dabi clicked his tongue and slipped his leg between yours to prop you up. You panted against the glass, your body becoming impossibly hot. "No more please" you moaned, grinding on his leg. "Have some respect for our audience" Dabi chuckled as he removed his fingers. The tugged down your soaked panties, tossing them to the floor. You began to push off the glass, but Dabi gave your ass a rough slap. "No way, you were moaning so much before" Dabi growled holding your ass in place. You felt him press against your opening, the head of his cock coating in your fluids.

"Don't act like you don't want anyone to watch" Dabi filled you up in one thrust. You didn't have a chance to catch your breath, he began pounding into your core relentlessly. His balls smacked loudly against you, emphasizing that deep penetration feeling inside you. It felt hot but filling as his dick entered. You felt his fingers trail up your spine, unhooking your bra. The force of his thrusts pushed you forward, your breasts pressed against the cool glass. Your body rocking against the glass and the thin sheen of sweat on your body had you grasping for leverage. "Ha? You look like you could use some air" Dabi laughed as he opened the door. You stumbled forward, unsheathing Dabi as you braced against the railing.

The outside air did feel better, your nipples hardened from the cool air. But you could hear the city, see the lights of the other apartments and hear the people out ont he street. "N-no!" you tried to back up but Dabi grabbed your ass roughly. He rubbed himself along you again, rocking his hips into your ass. "I won't put it in unless we do it out here" he warned. You bit your lip, while you could get off from just him rubbing you, it wouldn't be enough. You rocked yourself back into him, trying to line his cock to your pussy. "That's my girl" you hear Dabi chuckle.

He plunged back into you, causing you body to jut forward. A breathless moan ripped from your throat as you tried to hold yourself in place. Each thrust lurched you forward, the intensity of Dabi's movement's made you see starts. The lights became blurs as you tried to bite down your moans. Even if you were quiet, the audible sounds of your fluids smacking against skin was a giveaway. You watched as some high school boys walked by, talking loudly. Dabi leaned over, watching them as well.

By the time you felt his hand, it was too late. He pinched your bundle of nerves, rolling it between his index finger and thumb. You moaned loudly, leaning over the rail slightly. The boys looked up, exclaiming loudly. They hurried down the street, glancing back rapidly. "Those brats are probably still virgins" Dabi snickered releasing your clit. You were at the end of your rope. You had to admit, it was hot watching those boys become embarrassed and horny from you. "I' c-close" you warned Dabi.

He tugged you back, falling to the floor with you in his lap. You didn't believe he could reach deeper, but this new angle had you gasping loudly. Dabi thrust upward into you, maintaining his rapid pace. You were bouncing against him, his arms securing you in place as you both sought release. One of Dabi's hand clutched your breast roughly while the other moved back to your clit. You came loudly, not caring who heard you this time. Dabi worked though your orgasm, reaching his own release shortly after. The condom expanded inside you, leaving you empty as he pulled himself out.

Dabi tossed the condom aside, a sick slap as is hit the ground. He looked at your exhausted form, pulling you to his chest. "Probably not the best time to mention this but, you wanted a date right?" Dabi's voice was low as he spoke to you. He hummed when you nodded to confirm his accusation. "How about a nice night under the stars?" he jested.

"Dabi, if I could hit you right now I would"

"You know you love me"

Chapter Text

"Late night rendezvous"


When you woke this morning, it felt like a dream. You felt like you slept for years and was finally waking up. Not that groggy feeling kind of waking up, like your life just started anew. As cheesy as it sounds, it was because of the other occupant in your bed. Dabi was sound asleep, villains probably don't have work schedules. You carded your fingers through his spiky hair, causing him to stir in his sleep. Dabi opened one of his eyes lazily, almost staring through you. "It's too early to be up yet" he groaned. You lightly tugged on a chunk of his hair. "It's noon" you corrected him. Dabi buried his face into the bed, trying to ignore everything around him. You pulled your hand away from his hair, resting it on the sheets underneath you both.

"I didn't say stop" Dabi muttered into the sheets. A soft smile crawled onto your lips as you resumed playing with his hair. You laid in bed with him a little longer, there was no work today with the building being reconstructed. Once your stomach began to growl, you had to roll out of bed. Dabi lifted himself onto his elbows, the blanket sliding down to the middle of his back. It was then you realized he was nude, brandishing his burns. "Where are you going?" he asked. "Going to eat? You want in?" you asked. Dabi slid out of bed slowly, letting the blanket fall back onto the bed. He looked on the floor for his underwear and his pants. "I could go for a bite" he sauntered over and placed a short kiss on your lips. He nibbled on your bottom lip teasingly.

"I'm not on the menu" you swatted him away playfully. "Shame" Dabi chuckled as he followed you to the kitchen. You reached into your freezer and pulled out a box. "Hope you like frozen waffles" you called out to him. Dabi nodded taking one from you. "Wanna see something cool?" he smirked. You stayed silent, a sign for him to continue. Dabi's hand lit up with blue flame that engulfed the waffle. The flame died out quickly, producing a burning smell. "Ta-dah" Dabi stuck the pastry into his mouth and began eating it. You gave him a slow clap, rolling your eyes. "Wow, you're going to put my toaster out of business" you teased placing two waffles into your toaster. Dabi took another one from you, humming in delight. You watched him burn another one and eat it plain. "No syrup? You monster" you snickered while taking out a bottle of syrup. "Correction, villain, plus that stuff will rot your teeth" Dabi shot back. You held eye contact with him as you drowned your waffles in syrup. "I'll keep that in mind when I get arrested for cavities" your sly grin taunting him.

The morning continued with light banter between you both. Your phone had rung, excusing you from Dabi's company for a moment. "Hello ____? It's Numero, we're having an emergency meeting in the park today in the afternoon" your boss informed you. "If you can make it, please come to hear about the office change, it's easier in person than email" you could hear the distress in his voice. "Sure, I'll be there" you agreed quickly. "Great! It won't take too long, I swear on my abacus!" his voice cheered up quickly before ending the call. You turned back to Dabi, meeting his lazy gaze. "I gotta go to a meeting in the park soon, promise not to burn the place down?" you smirked as you leaned over him. Dabi let out a scoff in disgust. "That was one time, what happened to you being shaken by all that?" he rolled his eyes and pushed your face away. "You're the one who wanted to stay" you placed a soft kiss on his palm. Dabi starred at you before pulling his hand away and kissing you on the lips. "You're the one who didn't want me to leave" he replied. You ignored him and went back to your room to get a change of clothes.

By the time you finished, Dabi was sitting on your couch with a lazy stare. "Well, I'm off" you felt awkward about leaving him here. Both of you realized it was dangerous for him to be out during the day, which meant he'd probably be laying low till nighttime. "I'll be here" Dabi waved you off. As you shut your door, you missed his mischievous smirk.



You made it to the park faster than you wanted to. Your anxious thoughts on leaving Dabi behind made you walk faster. Either way, the sooner you arrived, the sooner you could leave. You recognized the familiar faces of your coworkers, each of them chatting quietly. "Oh Miss ____, I'm glad you made it" Numero's tiny assistant ran up to you with a small stack of papers. "Please take one, I have plenty to go around" she squeaked handing you a copy. You examined the paper carefully, noting the long paragraphs detailing the incident. "We'll be starting shortly, so have a seat nearby" she smiled before scampering off. You glanced around, not finding anyone you were burning to talk to. You plopped onto the grass quietly and waited for the meeting to begin.

Numero stood in the front of the group, twisting his mustache anxiously. "I'm glad you all made it and I'm glad you all seem well" he announced, clearing his throat after. "As you know, our office is under reconstruction, for now, we will be working in a temporary office owned by Sir Nighteye" he continued. A few gasped in awe while others sighed. "Anyways, you've all been forwarded relief money until we can resume work" a few cheers rang out amongst your peers. "However, please remain cautious of villain activity and try to stay in contact with your assigned agency" Numero hushed the crowd with his stern voice. His assistant held up a copy of the paper provided. "Work resumes on the date listed, see that you record your agency's stats on your own time before that date" she explained.

Afterward, everyone slowly dispersed. A few complained about the homework while others appeared over the moon about time off. You felt uneasy about having to meet with Endeavor during a time you wanted to laze about. Speaking of fiery men, you wondered what Dabi was up to. You checked your phone and noted he hadn't texted you. For a moment, you considered texting him that you were done. You decided not to, it would seem clingy. As you walked back home, you checked your bank account and your heart skipped a beat. As stated before, a large amount of money was deposited from Numero. You felt a skip in your step as you neared your apartment. Tonight, you were going to treat yourself and maybe Dabi too. You felt over the moon as you opened your door.

"I'm home!" you announced cheerfully. No reply came, filling you with anxiety. Your apartment hadn't changed, except the absence of Dabi. You checked your phone again, still no word from Dabi. You took deep breaths, eliminating the worst possible outcome that came to mind. Dabi would most likely return when he wanted to, there was no need for you to know his whereabouts. You walked around your apartment looking for him or a note at least. You returned to your living room with no fruits of your efforts. Giving in, you sent Dabi a text notifying him of your return. Now you waited, wondering what to do with your free time. After a few minutes, your phone dinged with a notification. You quickly opened your phone to read Dabi's reply.

<Meet me in the park, wear something nice>

You stared at the text, trying to process what Dabi was planning. Ultimately, you decided to just go with it. Before you left, you put on a touch of makeup. The sun was setting by the time you made it to the park. You walked along looking around for Dabi. A strong had gripped your arm and tugged you behind a tree. A hand covered your mouth before you could scream. On instinct, you dug your elbow into the chest of your captor. He let out a grunt, but his grip didn't loosen on you.

"I-it's me!..."

You paused. It was Dabi.

You relaxed your shoulders and waited for him to release you. "Damn, I thought that was supposed to be romantic..." Dabi scowled still in pain from your attack. "You shouldn't try shady things when villains are on high alert" you nagged him. Dabi rolled his eyes. "Anyways, c'mon" he began walking ahead. You lagged behind a bit, ignorant to what he was planning. "Where are we going?" you asked. Dabi looked back, a small smirk on his face. "A date idiot, you look nice" you weren't sure to be angry or happy by his response. You realized you had stopped and were falling behind. "Hey wait!" you broke a stride to catch up with him.

Dabi took you back around some alleyways. They were lit up with signs for bars and clubs, a few emitting savory food or alcohol. "Isn't it dangerous for you to be out like this?" you asked. Dabi shrugged, stopping at a doorway. "We keep this area safe so people don't snitch on me" he explained. Dabi took your hand and pulled you into a little niche. The stairs traveled downward, causing you to slowly descended into the dimly lit area. The area opened to a fairly tamed club, a band was playing in the corner while everyone mingled. "This is where the people who don't want to be scrutinized under the public eye come, real freaks" Dabi chuckled.

You followed him to a table set up in a secluded corner. Dabi pulled your chair out, chivalry hadn't died after all. A server came by and recognized Dabi. "Well, it's been a while slick" she had said in a sly voice. "Someone has to pay your rent doll" he shot back. You watched the exchange mildly concerned. Dabi took note and cleared his throat. "Don't worry, I just helped Jaguar here when she needed it" he explained. The server sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose. "I'm not that old, had I still been a man I'd take you outside" she warned. Dabi rolled his eyes and lifted his menu. "After I got those sleaze bag debt collectors off your case? You're the real villain" he chuckled. Suddenly, 'Jaguar' had a change of heart. "Oh Dabi! I would never! You're my knight in flaming armor after all!" she cooed. Dabi gagged a bit, making you laugh.

"Don't call me that, it makes me sound lame" Dabi spat. "Anyways, who is this pretty gal?" 'Jaguar' looked you over with a smile. You introduced yourself with a small wave. "Oh, how precious! I've gotta let the chefs know! Any allergies hun? You won't need these!" 'Jaguar' swiped the menus and gave Dabi a knowing smile. "This one is on the house!" she sang before disappearing behind the doors to the kitchen. You stared at Dabi, watching him lean back in his seat. "So much for a relaxing night" he sighed. "It's okay, I'm having fun" you reassured him. A few minutes passed and Jaguar flew by with water. Dabi began to ask for a drink, but Jaguar gave him an intense glare. "I won't have you getting tipsy on your first date" Jaguar scolded him.

By now, Dabi was regretting life choices as you animately waved at the passing servers. They each had a colorful personality and knew Dabi to some extent. "Shove off you guys" Dabi finally shooed them away like birds flocking to food. One of them left a plate of round fried balls on the table. "What are these?" you asked, taking one and examining it. "Fried cheese curds, try one" Dabi popped one into his mouth without hesitation. You tried one and it felt hot in your mouth. "It's good," you said around the warm cheese. "They must be picking some of my favorites, what losers" Dabi laughed. Jaguar came back around to be nosy, only to run away as Dabi glared at her. "The staff really likes you" Dabi gagged again at your comment.

"I don't need to be liked, but they aren't so bad" despite the irritation in his voice, he was smiling. "So, you just keep this area safe?" you asked. Dabi nodded. "This area is predominately villains, so I keep it in line for those who do petty crimes" he explained. "From heros?" you continued. Dabi shrugged again. "Heroes and other villains, it doesn't hurt to have some insurance" he glanced around as he spoke. You noticed that everyone in the surrounding area appeared rather eccentric or underdressed. Not something you would see at a cafe or a five-star restaurant. "It's like the slums in a way, but rather friendly" you muttered aloud.

Dinner came and went rather quickly. Jaguar had presented the house special, which had been a dish you weren't familiar with. It tasted amazing, making you wonder how you had been missing out. Jaguar came by after you were finished, with two shot glasses. "And for dessert! Parfait shots" she placed one in front of you and one in front of Dabi. "I gave yours a little hit for being a good boy tonight" she winked at him. She turned to you and crouched down. "Oh, yours was made non-alcoholic dear but if you'd like something don't hesitate to ask" she apologized. "It's no big deal, I'm good" you nodded. "What a sweetheart, Dabi don't fuck this up" Jaguar shot him a strict glare before prancing off. You were practically rolling in your seat.

"That damn queen, let's hurry and leave already" he slammed down a large tip and took his shot in one go. You finished yours in two takes, feeling your tongue spark with sweetness. "I should make these for the club" you hummed in delight. Dabi stood up and took your hand. He pulled you to your feet and hastily exited. From behind, there was a collective "good-bye" from the staff and patrons, no doubt trying to embarrass Dabi. The cool night air brushed up against you, drawing you closer to Dabi. "Let's go this way" he led you down the road. The busy city calmed down and a still quiet filled the emptying street. Dabi pulled you into a seemingly abandoned building. "Where are we going?" you asked. "You'll see" Dabi continued forward.

A broken staircase appeared in your way. "Just a moment" Dabi crouched down and slung his arms under you. He lifted you bridal style, being careful not to let your clothes drag. "Hang on tight" he ordered. You didn't hesitate to wrap your arms around his neck. Dabi went around the staircase and climbed the broken debris skillfully. You weren't sure how many floors you went up, but eventually, he stopped at a floor with the wall broken out. "Close your eyes for a moment," Dabi asked as he placed you back on the ground. You did as he requested, still a bit unsure of the situation. Your nose caught the smell of burning and you hear the crackle of flames.

"Alright, you can look now" Dabi called out. Your eyes opened to the now dimly lit room. Moonlight fell through on one side while a dozen candles lit the other. A sheet was set up to provide coverage, Dabi stood near it with his hand outstretched. "C'mere, I set this all up for you after all" he beckoned. You approached him slowly, still shocked by this display. Your hands fell into Dabi's, allowing him to pull you closer to him. Now, standing chest to chest, you could see Dabi's blue eyes shining through the darkness. "You said you wanted a date, so here we are" he pulled you to sit down next to him. Dabi looked up, prompting you to follow his gaze.

The giant hole in the wall made it easy to see the starry sky above. "This is the best place to watch the stars, the city lights make it too difficult" Dabi muttered aloud. "It's an amazing view..." you felt a breeze blow by and it felt cold against your skin. "Here," Dabi shrugged off his coat and draped it over your shoulders. His arm slid around your waist, providing heat as well. "Thank you" a slight flush blossomed on your cheeks. Dabi was sitting so close to you, it was all so romantic. "Hey, you're missing the view" Dabi tilted his head into your line of vision. You perked up, embarrassed from being caught in a daze. "Sorry, it's just all so sudden" you apologized.

"I can be sentimental sometimes" Dabi leaned his head on top of yours. A tender moment passed by, you in Dabi's arms as you both watched the stars. A shooting star flew by, earning a gasp from you. "Make a wish! Make a wish!" you excitedly patted Dabi on the chest. "Alright, alright" he closed his eyes for a moment before opening them. "Did you make one?" he asked. "Of course, but we can't share our wishes or they won't come true" you zipped your lips to emphasize your superstitious beliefs. Dabi obeyed, going back to watching silently. Your eyes flickered to Dabi's side profile occasionally. Your wish playing over and over in your head.

"I wish we could be together forever"


Chapter Text

"The candle is gone, so is the day"

Your brief vacation came to a close, which meant back to work. You had enjoyed your days lazing about with Dabi. You both slept in till noon, softly muttering about whatever came to mind. There were times he'd get handsy, resulting in lazy morning sex. He had told you had to keep under the radar, which meant he was home most of the day. 'Home', it felt odd to use that when it came to Dabi. You both were dating yes, but it was still too early to think like that. You began to fantasize about fluffy situations as you headed to Sir Nighteye's office. You weren't aware that you had passed the building until you found yourself outside a train station. You turned back around, keeping your eyes peeled for the office this time. You kept walking until your eye caught something strange.

On a nearby wall, a face stuck out. At first, you thought it was a prank or a decoration. You gently pressed the nose. "Ding-dong! Who's there?" the face spoke. You jolted back, raising your bag in defense. "Haha! Sorry about that! That's the first time someone has done that!" the face continued to laugh. "You're alive?" you asked cautiously. "Well yes, I can see why you're skeptical but I assure you I'm living" he explained. You were still unsure if you should be talking to this weirdo. "Say, by chance are you looking for Sir Nighteye's office?" he asked. You nodded, earning another laugh from the face. "Well look no further!" the face was suddenly swallowed up by the wall. Part of you thought about running away. You could leave now and pretend none of this happened. Call in sick, this was all too weird for you.

Suddenly, the face reappeared. This time attached to a body. Oh wait, he just opened the door. A tall boy with styled blonde hair smiled brightly at you. "I could tell you were lost, so I figured you were one of Numero's employees" he waited happily for you to enter the building. You nodded, ducking in quickly. The boy continued to chat away as you climbed the stairs. "Well we're here, it was nice talking with you," he said holding the doorknob. "Thanks...." come to think of it, you didn't ask for his name. "Just call me Lemillion!" he said a little too enthusiastically. "Thank you Lemillion" you offered him a small smile. He stared at you before bursting out into nervous laughter. "Wow, that feels better than I expected it too!" he rubbed the back of his neck while he spoke. You let him opened the door and walked into the room. He was certainly an odd one.

You re-focused on the task at hand. Inside the briefing room, you recognized a few faces. Your coworkers were all approaching a tall, lanky man before departing. you suspected he was Sir Nighteye. You lined up to speak with him, as you grew closer, you realized he was ridiculously tall. Like he might even rival All Might! His piercing gaze set on you, shit! Say something! "Hello sir" you greeted him. Sir, right, that's his name, way to go. "I presume you are one of Numero's employees?" he asked. "Yes, I was told to come to your office temporarily" you explained. His expression seemed to never change as he shifted through his paperwork. "You handle Endeavor's agency correct?" he acknowledged you again. You nodded, he looked like he would continue speaking regardless of what you said. "Due to the circumstances, it would be best for you to conduct your recording on the field," he said as he handed you a portfolio.


"You appear confused, out with it" he demanded. "Well, doesn't that seem too dangerous?" you asked. Sir fixed his gaze on you, sighing deeply. "We have yet to determine if the attack was orchestrated or random" Sir Nighteye explained. "Why would villains attack a ranking office?" you asked. Sir Nighteye stared hard at you. "Why indeed..." he muttered. A moment passed before you decided to speak up. "So, I'll be tagging along with Endeavor today?" you clarified. Sir Nighteye nodded, returning his focus to the multitude of files before him. "Rest assured, the number two hero will be the safest place for you," he said that a little too ominously for your liking.

You left the office feeling sick. You didn't really have anything against Endeavor, but you could only tolerate so much of his attitude. Dabi had texted you while you were talking to Sir Nighteye. You had left him to sleep in alone.

<Where are you?>

Something told you not to tell him you'd be working with Endeavor today.

<At work, I'll see you when I come home>

You locked your phone as you boarded the train. You knew how to get to Endeavor's office, yet the whole trip felt strangely new. You made it there faster than you would have liked. Upon entering, his usual sidekicks greeted you. "We were already notified by Sir Nighteye's office, Endeavor is waiting for you" they brought you to his room without hesitation. Probably to face the front of his frustration. Before you could knock, a loud voice boomed through the door.

"Enter, civilian"

You braced yourself, opening the door slowly. The office was plain as usual, minus the mounted awards along the back of the room. Endeavor sat with his arms crossed, flames ignited. "You're the agent who has been keeping track of my progress?" his question came out as more of a demand. "Yes sir" you answered promptly. His eyes narrowed, probably sizing you up. The rose from his seat, shortening the distance between you both. "You reports lack the appeal I need to jump to the top, today I will show you just how lucky you are to serve me" he brushed past you with that. There was so much wrong with his statement, you couldn't find it in you to correct him. 'Not my fault All Might is still a better hero' you thought. Another thing you came to dislike about Endeavor was his height. His large strides had you running to catch up with him. He didn't even bring any of his sidekicks with him, making it a very quiet walk.

You didn't really have any burning questions for him. Endeavor made no effort to acknowledge you either, nearly knocking you over a few times when he turned a corner. Part of you hoped it would stay like this, at this rate you would have nothing to report. But, to your dismay, the danger was afoot. A loud explosion came from a nearby building, smoke erupting from the core. A large villain rose from the smoke, taking a great leap out of the building. "Tch, this one is hardly worth my time" Endeavor clicked his teeth. He turned back to you, glaring slightly. "You! Pay attention!" he shouted. You ran over to the nearest safe area within the range.

Endeavor rushed in and began surrounded the villain in flames. Stray flames hit nearby buildings and created small fires in the street. You wrote down as many "good" notes as you could. To you, he was doing more damage than good. "I'll smother you in flames!" Endeavor roared, creating a shell of fire on the villain. The flames compressed downward, until giving out and creating a screen of smoke. As the smoke cleared, Endeavor emerged with the villain in a shriveled-like state. He held the villain by the collar, brandishing him like a freshly caught game. The crowd went wild. You clapped mechanically just to fit in. It wasn't like you were ungrateful, as Sir Nighteye had said, you felt safe with Endeavor. But even so, the villain was still a person who might have died.

It didn't take long for Endeavor to leave the press, probably to seem humble. What took you by surprise was that he was looking for you. "You there! You better have documented that!" he stormed over loudly. You pretended to write more notes, at least so he would stop yelling. His latest move was going to be the highlight of today. Once Endeavor had his fill, he continued forward on patrol. You lagged behind this time, not that he noticed. You checked your phone again, your shift was thankfully coming to an end soon.

Dabi had texted you too.

<I'll be at work till late, don't wait up>

After today, you were going to need some repose, you were going to wait up for him for sure.

You sent him a hasty reply as a scream echoed down the road. You sprinted behind Endeavor to the plaza ahead. You stopped as a bubble floated into view. "Get down!" Endeavor's large hand took you by the back of your shirt and pulled you away as the bubble exploded. You fell back on your ass, roughly colliding with the pavement. Endeavor created a wall of flames to buy time. "A water-based quirk, how annoying" he cursed. He glanced back at you, scowling all the while. "Stay out of my way and only write down the good parts" he ordered. "Don't have to tell me twice" you muttered as you stood up. You made a beeline for cover as you watched the battle unfold. You couldn't really see the villain between all the water and fire, but whoever it was put up a good fight.

Through the battle, you saw a child hiding under one of the plaza benches. You remembered the kind of damage Endeavor was capable of, suddenly thinking of the worse possible scenario. Your body moved on instinct, running to the child's aid. You used your bag to protect against the bubbles, your ears began ringing from the explosions. You reached for the child and pulled them out. "Run that way, now!" You shouted. The child nodded, running off without a second thought. Now you were in a bind. Your body was too large to hide under the bench, leaving you exposed to the water and fire. You looked around for an opening to escape, however, the plaza was engulfed with flame.

You didn't notice the bubbles rising from your feet. By the time they reached your knees, it was too late to scream. Blistering pain shot up your body as you fell backward. Your ears rang long, vision bluring, and breath quickening. A shadow loomed over you, but you couldn't hear what they said.

Your mind went blank and your vision dark.



You stirred slowly, your body still ached from earlier. Your head felt like mush and your eyes tried to adjust to the dim lighting. From what you could tell, you were on a bed. Other than the bed, the room was fairly barren. The only light trickled in from the other side of the door. Speaking of which, was the knob turning?

You threw yourself back down, pretending to be asleep. However, the movement caused your head to loll from the rush. "Hm? Are you awake? Huh? Huh?" a childish voice called out. You stared at the stranger who stood at the end of your bed. He appeared to be 10 years of age, 12 on a stretch. He had short silver bangs with a red cowlick coming from his crown. You also noted he was balancing a tray on his head. "You are awake! You can't fool me" he laughed as he placed the tray down on the nightstand next to you. You made out a large object, a teapot. He poured a cup and handed it to you. "Jiĕjie said to give you tea cuz you're a guest" he explained. You sat up and wearily took the cup. You waited for him to pour his own before drinking. It had a floral scent and tasted mildly sweet.

"Muah~! I love Jiĕjie's tea!" he sighed happily. You continued to observe the child as he drank his tea. On closer inspection, he appeared to be a foreigner. His skin was significantly dark in contrast to his light hair. "Bet you want to know where you are! Don't ya? Don't ya?" he began bouncing in his seat. You nodded, your throat was still dry and you didn't trust it to work. "Well, I can't tell you" he hummed in delight. 'Then what was the point in asking?' you tried not to appear annoyed. The boy stood up, taking the tray with him. "Follow me, Jiĕjie is waiting for you" he scampered off to the door and waited for you to climb out of bed. You slowly threw your legs over the bed, carefully standing. Your body still felt sluggish, but not as bad as before.

The boy opened the door, unaffected by the blinding light from the hallway. Your eyes squinted as you adjusted to the brightness. The boy took you down the hall to another room. You smelled something good as he opened the door. "I brought her, just like you asked" he chirped sticking his head in the doorway. He looked back at you before walking behind you and pushing you forward. "In ya go!" he laughed, running off before you could yell at him. You switched your focus back to the room. Inside, it was full of various colored Hydrangeas. A small table sat in the center of the room, a young girl was seated at the table arranging a pot of Hydrangeas. "Come in," she said without looking up.

You reluctantly entered, sitting across from her while she worked. "It was rather strange on him to bring someone back, let alone a civilian" she muttered. You tested your voice, asking her where this place was. "I cannot disclose that information, even if you are a guest" she smiled. So it was going to be like that. "May I ask why you are keeping me here?" you cleared your throat as you spoke. The girl was quiet as if she was unsure herself. "As of right now, you will be a bargaining chip" she answered. Your mouth went dry. "Who would possibly bargain for me?" you almost laughed at the thought. She looked you in the eye, unwavering. "Well, plenty of heroes would, but specifically Endeavor" she explained.

You froze for a moment before bursting into laughter. The girl appeared taken back by your outburst. "I'm sorry, hold on, are we talking about Endeavor?" your laughter died down slowly. "Yes, are you not one of his sidekicks?" she asked. "No, I just write reports for the guy" you felt relieved that it had been a mistake. Perhaps they would let you go after all this. The girl furrowed her brows, obviously troubled. "This is less than desirable..." she trailed off. She stopped arranging the flowers and looked at the ceiling. "No matter, we still have one more use for you" her cheerfulness returned quickly as she faced you.

You started to feel nervous. This wasn't how you thought it would go. "You see, we've been at odds with a certain group lately" she stood up from her side of the table and walked to the window. "But perhaps that will end if we offer you to them?" she smiled at you from over her shoulder.

You quickly jumped to your feet and ran to the door. You swung it open and met a very tall man. He had a large scar across his face and smiled wickedly down at you. "Save that energy for the exhibition, doll" he smirked grabbing your wrist. You felt a dull blow to the back of your head before you blacked out. Your body slumped forward, allowing him to lift you. "Again with the damn tea parties, it'd be faster if we just kept them in a cell" he sighed. The girl continued to smile, not bothered by the slightest. "A barbarian like you would never understand" she teased. The man scowled and began to carry you out, only stopping as he was addressed.

"Gein, send a message to our misty friend that I want to speak to Shigaraki in person" she demanded.

"Sure thing"



Dabi was going to have an aneurysm at this point. The usual grunt work would've been fine had Toga and Twice not come along. Toga had wanted to bring back a "friend", to which Dabi had to ended up killing to finally get her to stop. Twice was just being twice, which annoyed Dabi enough. When they arrived back at the hideout, he planned on making a quick report so he could leave. Shigaraki, to his disdain, had other plans. "You won't be going anywhere just yet" he stopped Dabi before he could leave. "What now?" Dabi didn't hide the annoyance in his tone. "We've received word of an offer to form an alliance with another group, this would be a good chance to increase our numbers" Kurogiri explained. Dabi stayed quiet, so he was going to be insurance.

"Everyone will be necessary, we don't know what they will try to pull" Shigaraki stood up slowly, obviously enthusiastic about this turn of events. "What was offered?" Mr. compress's curiosity was shared amongst the other villains. "A hostage with relations to the number two hero" Shigaraki stared at Dabi. He said that to purposely agitate the other. Dabi kept his cool though, he wasn't going to play into Shigaraki's game. "Really!? That's pretty impressive!" Spinner shouted. He was the only one really impressed by it. "We'll be rendezvousing at a secret location, split into groups and don't draw attention to yourselves" Kurogiri explained.

Dabi went on his own, he was planning on seeing this hostage for himself. He knew Endeavor didn't have relations with anyone, so who could they possibly have? It sounded more like a trap for him than anything. He checked his phone and sighed. It was getting late, you were probably at home waiting. It was too risky for him to go to your apartment right now, he'd just have to tough it out for now. But for some reason, he couldn't shake off the feeling...

Something bad was going to happen tonight.

Chapter Text

Pain shot through your body, mostly due to the fact you were bound tightly. The rough ropes dug into your skin and irritated you after a while. At least you weren't being kept in a cell, the room was nice but being bound to a chair was still being bound to a chair. Any hopes of escaped were dashed as the large man with a scar came to get you. "Any funny business and I can't be held responsible for my actions" he smirked. He lifted you out of your seat with one hand, placing you back on the ground with a rough shove. You walked out into the hallway, running into the little boy again. "This way, this way" he chirped leading you along the path. From the passing windows, you could tell it was dark out.

Your mind wandered to Endeavor, no doubt he wasn't troubled by your disappearance. You were sure Sir Nighteye would show more concern and possibly contact your boss. That was your only hope, but it was unlikely they would make it in time. You felt a tug on your ropes, the little boy had been speaking. "I gotta blindfold you now, no peeking" he placed the cloth around your eyes and tied too tight for your liking. You became more cautious with each step, the ground shifting under your feet. You could tell you were outside at least, the humming of an engine was more than enough proof. Someone grabbed your bindings and lifted you with ease. You felt yourself being tossed into the back of the vehicle, painfully meeting the cold metallic interior. You heard the little boy fuss and a low chuckle. "My hand slipped~" yeah right.

You sat quietly as the vehicle began moving. You were at a disadvantage in all directions, all you could do was wait. For some reason, that was worse than being captive. You were waiting to reach an unknown destination, waiting for them to do whatever they were planning, and waiting for death. Your stomach felt sick, you had to calm yourself. You thought of Dabi, hopefully, by now, he would realize you weren't at home. Unfortunately, there was no way for him to know what had happened. But right now, he was your saving grace. Thinking of him kept you calm, at least enough to focus on surviving this.

The vehicle came to a stop, you heard multiple doors shut and the creaking of large doors. There was a tug on your blindfold, the fabric fluttered to the floor and dim light filled your vision. "Follow me, oh before I forget" the little boy whipped his hands around and created bubbled on your forehead. "Water Tiara!" he laughed. You felt the moisture on your skin, it held its place, seemingly defying gravity. "I pressurized the water so it's only being held together by that if you try anything funny, I'll have to kill you!" he giggled. You swallowed hard, well that narrowed your choices down.

You took this time to take in your surroundings. By the looks of it, you were somewhere underground. The dripping water and echoes of the familiar sound of subways only confirmed your speculation. Where ever you were, it wasn't remote enough you could get away on your own. The little boy broke off from the others, leading you down a dark corridor. You heard a bubbling on your forehead, no doubt a warning. The path ended at a large pit, giving you a morbid idea of what was going to go down. "In ya go" the boy gave your bindings a tug, releasing them from you. He pushed you into the large pit, resulting in you landing harshly on your ass. You sat up slowly, dusting yourself off.

The surrounding walls were made of rough concrete, damp from water most likely. You noticed a reddish hue to the stone. At first, you thought it was rust. On closer inspection, you could tell it was blood. You backed up against the wall, curling into a ball. This wasn't going to be a simple negotiation.



Dabi was hardly impressed with the choice of negotiation. Damp and dark didn't work well for his quirk. He leaned against the wall of the tunnel. Spinner and Magne would be bringing the nomu as requested. They would trade a nomu for a "special" hostage. It sounded too shady for Dabi's liking. He heard a groan and a thud, the nomu was becoming restless. He stepped to the side as Spinner and Magne passed with the deformed creature. He never really like the nomu, but they had an expendable advantage. Dabi followed behind them, meeting up with Shigaraki, Kurogiri, Toga, Twice, and Mr. Compress.

There was a large pit in the center of the area, on the other side sat their business partners. "Shigaraki Tomura, the leader of the Leauge of villains, I'm glad you made it" a young woman announced with a bow. From the shadows, Dabi could make out a few other people behind her. They came just as prepared as Shigarki had.

"My name-"

"IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOUR NAME IS!" Twice yelled aloud.

The girl paused, obviously taken back by his outburst.

"He's right, you're on our time so you better not disappoint" Shigaraki warned. The girl hummed, closing her eyes and smiling. "Fair enough, you may refer to us as Trident" she settled. The others behind her shifted, only stopping when she raised a hand. "We would like to offer an alliance with the league, we've already gone as far to secure a hostage for you" she explained. Lights switched on, illuminating the area. Dabi could now see the pit, by the marking inside he knew it was for fighting.

"What good is a hostage to us?" Shigaraki asked rather annoyed. "This hostage has ties to Endeavour and the Hero community, I'm sure they would miss her dearly" she explained. Twice peeked down into the pit with Toga, both childlike curiosities getting the better of them. Spinner looked anxious but didn't bother looking. As for everyone else, it wasn't in their best interest. "Or she'd make a nice stain on the wall for the hero community, another life they couldn't save" she continued darkly. Toga let out a happy giggle at the mention of killing.

Dabi, who finally had enough, looked over the edge to gauge for himself.

Why the fuck were you here?

You were curled up against the wall, obviously trying to hide from them all. "Release the nomu" Kurogiri ordered. Spinner and Magne unbound the nomu. "Hold on, I don't buy this" Dabi argued. He had to do something to get you out of there. They both held the nomu back, hesitating. "Let. The. Nomu. Play." Shigaraki punctuated loudly. He wanted some entertainment to keep him in a good mood. Despite Dabi's efforts, Spinner and Magne pushed the nomu over the edge.

And into the pit with you.


You heard voice overhead, but you kept to yourself. It wasn't until you heard a loud thud, did you look up. There was a pained his, sound of skin beating on the hard concrete and the squelching of something wet. The silhouette of something sinister moved erratically across from you. You heard hissing and wheezing as the creature raised itself up. It stopped moving, only twitching occasionally. You could tell it was looking at you. Remaining still, you tried to make out the shape. It was obviously larger than you, but its shape was inhuman. You heard a clicking noise, the creature must be assessing the situation. Suddenly, the creature began moving.

Slowly, it crawled into the light, revealing it's terrible form to you. The creature looked like a human crawling on the ground, it not for the protruding joints indicating it had been molded into that shape. It's flesh looked like it was rotting off its body, patches of vulnerable skin bloomed across its body. These patches pulsated with the muscles and organs underneath, spasming when the creature hissed. Its head was mostly exposed nerve tissue, save for bloodshot eyes and jagged teeth. You held your breath in disgust. You recognized the key characteristics of a nomu. The creature was still crawling slowly, tilting its head from side to side.

In a matter of minutes, the creature would be upon you. It was time to act. Looking around, you noticed there were no exits. A large caged doorway was your only hope, however, from the scratches on the cage, you could tell it wasn't a lot of hope. You looked around for anything that you could use to fend off the nomu at least. There were pipes along the wall that looked like they could be wedged off. You jumped to your feet and took off to the nearest set of pipes. A loud screech from behind you alerted you of the nomu's haste. The sound of beating flesh became louder and quicker as the creature pursued you.

Upon reaching the wall, you grasped the cool metal and pulled with all your strength. The pipes budged, but not enough to come loose. Your heartbeat echoed loudly in your ears as panic overcame you. But there was no time to panic, the nomu had already caught up. It's powerful hand slammed into the pipes next to you, thankfully loosening the pipe for you. With pipe in hand, you swung it across the face of the nomu. The sickening crack as its head bent at an angle made you feel sick. Although, when it forces its head back into place, you really did gag a little. You created some distance between yourself and the nomu, holding the pipe defensively as the nomu corrected itself. There was no injury left behind by your swing, but your pipe already began to form a dent.

Now you had to decide, which would last,

You or the nomu?



Your little show of resistance provided some entertainment for the others. Shigaraki was slightly impressed, raising his mood as Trident continued to negotiate their plans. Plus, it kept Toga and Twice quiet, two birds and one stone. Although, not everyone was keen on the exchange. Dabi was overcome by so many emotions even he didn't understand. His fury outbalanced it, however, leading him to leave the peanut gallery of villains. "Oh? Where are you off to?" Magne asked. Dabi had to refrain from setting the entire floor on fire. "Gonna get a breath of fresh air, smells like shit down here" he sighed. No one pursued him after that note, it did smell awful down there.

Despite the smell, Dabi slinked to the lower levels of the underground. There had to be a way to the arena like pit you were in. Dabi moved quietly, no doubt that Trident's member would be walking around. They didn't appear to be stupid, someone must have followed him. He peeked around the corner of a wall, spotting a small boy with silver hair. The boy hummed as he sat in front of a large caged door. From the sounds of it, he was watching the fight from ground level. Dabi glanced around, he had to get rid of this kid quickly. Dabi slowly walked over to the boy, raising his hand ready to burn him alive.

"Hey mister, wanna play?" the boy asked aloud. Dabi froze, there was more to this kid than he thought. The boy turned around, smiling brightly. "I'm kinda bored with just watching, but Jiĕjie told me to make sure no one interferes" he explained. Dabi cocked a brow, was this kid serious. He didn't have a lot of options now, his best bet was to play along. "Sure, what do you want me to do?" he humored. The boy giggled, bubbles rising around his feet.




You fell back after another hard blow, this nomu wasn't holding back. Your pipe was already stressed in the middle, one more blow would destroy it for sure. Your head ached and your body felt heavy with fatigue. Speck of blood covered the ground, it was your blood. While you hadn't sustained any major injuries, you were sure your body was bruising. The nomu didn't show any signs of exhaustion, throwing itself at you once again. You defended yourself with the pipe, the metal finally giving away and you being thrown across the floor again. You scrambled to your feet, grabbing the closest piece of the pipe you faced the nomu. The large creature tackled you down, it's horrendous mouth screeching in your face. "Shut up!" you shouted, driving the jagged edge of the pipe into the soft tissue of its brain. The nomu reeled back as blood and spinal fluid spurted from its crown.

You rolled away from the nomu, looking around for another makeshift weapon. Something caught your eye, the cage door. There was a light emanating from the darkness behind the door. You ran over to the door, shaking it desperately. The door appeared rusted shut, the would be lock was a mass of metallic decay.

You really wish you still had that pipe.

Behind you, a pained screech echoed through the pit. The nomu raised itself back to its feet. It turned to your direction, pipe still in the brain. Now, the eyes were moving erratically and the creature was shaking more than before. It was either super pissed or out of control. Neither were good for you right now. The nomu charged at you with full speed, drool flowed from its mouth as it's head swung from side to side. There was nothing left to use as a defense against it, that nomu would crash into you without sustaining damage to itself.

Or not.

You ducked out of the way just as the nomu leaped at you. Its hulking body broke through the rusted metal of the cage, toppling it into a mess of scraps of metal and rust. You climbed over the nomu and started running.

You had to get out of here!

Ahead of you, the tunnel flashed with pale blue light. You recognized that color, only his flames were that color. You ran into the clearing staying close to the wall. Dabi was near the center, surrounded by a veil of flames. "Dabi!" you shouted. His eyes went wide as he stared at you. "Get down!" Dabi ordered. You barely heard him as those bubbles appeared again. You dove to the floor, covering your head. Water dripped onto your back and heat blew by, Dabi must be fighting the little boy from earlier. You heard a screech, the nomu must have followed you. Climbing to your feet, you looked for Dabi again. He stood further away, holding the boy off with his flames.

The two noticed the nomu enter, neither of them appearing pleased by the event. "Oops, you weren't supposed to get out" the boy's eyes narrowed at you. Before he could attack, Dabi engulfed him in flames. The nomu charged at you again, prompting you to run away. "Ugh! I can't let you die yet!" the boy focused on the nomu, gritting his teeth. You heard yells and approaching feet, the other villains were headed this way.


Behind you, the nomu left out a screech before bursting into pieces. The shockwave sent you flying to your knees. You heard Dabi and the boy let out pained yells as well. You climbed to your feet, ears ringing loudly. A hand was extended in front of you, thinking it was Dabi, you took it. The hand tugged you to your feet and spun you around. You were ushered into a dark tunnel and a blade was to your throat.

"Shhh, let's hide for a bit~"

Whoever it was, they sounded very happy.

You heard angry shouting as Trident arrived and questioned the boy. There was more yelling as the Leauge of Villians rendezvoused to Dabi. You couldn't make out very much, but it sounded like the deal was off. It wasn't until silence overcame the area did the person release you. Turning around, you met excited yellow eyes. "Well don't they sound cranky?" a blonde girl smiled at you. She put her knife away, holding your hands in hers. "That was so fun, wasn't it fun?" she asked. You nodded slowly, unsure what to make of her. "Oh! I'm Toga by the way!" she giggled. She dragged you with her as she continued down the corridor, humming a tune. "Where are we going?" you asked. She tilted her head, almost as if she was unsure herself.

"Well, I can't bring you to those guys, let ask Dabi!" she giggled. You were only more confused as she took out her phone and began texting. "How..." you began. Toga looked up at you with her never-ending smile. "I'm a genius when it comes to love, not you or not Dabi can hide from my intuition" she explained. You were speechless, you have only met this girl for about 5 minutes and she was already on to you. She didn't answer any more of your questions but asked a lot of her own. You drew the line about your sex life with Dabi, the way she giggled made you wonder if she was even serious, to begin with.

She stopped at a ladder, pointing up at the manhole. "We're gonna go up and we should be clear, no looking up!" she winked sw she dusted her skirt off. You kept your eyes down as you climbed up after her, only the smell of fresh air made you look up. Toga had already climbed out and was rocking on her heels as she waited for you. "The heroes will be here soon, so I better run away," she said as she pulled you out. You weren't sure why but didn't want to question her rationale. "Let's exchange number before I go!" she cheered. "My phone isn't with me" you explained. She hummed if she was upset you couldn't tell. "I'll just steal Dabi's phone later, bye-bye~" she waved to you before skipping off.

You leaned against the nearest wall, sliding to your bottom. The sound of distant sirens put you at ease, you were ready to flop on a bed.

Or drink an entire cellar.

Chapter Text

Last night felt like a fever dream. Sir Nighteye and the police had arrived to get you. The pro hero had foreseen your abduction but had trouble finding your location. Endeavor hadn't been much help, but your co-workers had pitched in to help locate you. Speaking of which, your boss Numero had met you at the station. He apologized profusely and gave you more time off. "It shouldn't have happened, you should take time off to rest" he insisted. After a few questions and a visit to the hospital, you were escorted home. You hesitated with opening the door. You wondered if Dabi was inside. What would his reaction be like? You didn't think you did anything wrong, but you still felt uneasy.

Either way, you couldn't stay outside. You opened the door slowly, flinching at the darkness. You flipped the lights on and met your empty apartment. You sat down on the couch, laying across it with a sigh. Your body suddenly felt heavy, you were exhausted. The strain from fighting, the bruises from being tossed around, and the adrenaline fading from you made you a lump on the couch. The memory of being in that pit actually made you sad, as tears began to form in your eyes. You wanted to admit it, you wanted Dabi here with you. But without your phone, you couldn't contact him. you'd have to settle for your couch, the one he usually reclined on.

You could see the light of dawn breaking over the sky. You had been up all night. It didn't matter, you had plenty of time off to fix your sleep schedule. You sat up from your couch reluctantly, the bed would be much better and away from the light. You strained your ears, there was a strange noise. You looked to your door and noticed the knob was moving.

Someone was coming in.

You grabbed a pillow by instinct, faltering as you realized that was the worst weapon of choice. Your door craked open as a figure shuffled inside. "Dabi?" you croaked, realizing your throat was dry. Familiar black spiky hair jolted upwards. You watched Dabi stand up straight, his eyes locking onto your messy hair and threatening pillow. He took slow steps, striding as he drew closer to the couch. You tensed, ready to throw the pillow but it was too late.

His arms were already wrapped around your head, pressing your nose into his shirt. You let the pillow fall to the floor, by now, you couldn't hold back the tears. You sniffled as you held onto Dabi tightly. You knew his shirt would be a mess but you didn't want to let go. He didn't make any objections either. You felt one of his hands on your head, running over your hair. "I'm sorry" he muttered. You ceased your sobbing, looking up at him in confusion. "Why? You didn't do anything" your voice bubbled past your trembling lips. "That's exactly the problem, I didn't do anything" he spat. Dabi looked down at you, his expression was one you never witnessed.

He looked genuinely sad.

"I let you get hurt, I didn't protect you when you needed me" Dabi explained. You shook your head, there was no way you were going to let him blame himself. "No, you helped me at the end! Besides, I held my own out there" you defended. Dabi's lips turned upward into a wry grin. "You did look pretty badass out there with that pipe" he chuckled. Now you were smiling too. "And what was with you stabbing that Nomu in the brain? Were you trying to kill it?" he mused. You became slightly timid, not wanting to admit your reason. "W-well, it's like in the movies..." you muttered. Dabi laughed loudly, releasing you so he could jump over your couch. "Look at that, my girl is a goddamn lethal weapon" he laughed. You swatted his hands as he pulled you into his arms again. This time, Dabi lifted you into a bridal carry and began walking to your bedroom.

He dropped you on the bed and began pulling at your clothes. "D-dabi! Right now?" you gasped as you shed your clothes. "It's already morning, I'm too tired right now and I bet you are too" he explained. Leaving you in your underwear, Dabi stripped off his clothes quickly. He joined you in your bed, cuddling you under the blankets. "Let's sleep, for now, I've got at least a whole week to bang you senseless" he chuckled.

You would've inquired more if sleep had not taken you.



Mid-day came around and Dabi stirred himself awake. He was accustomed to waking at this time, but he wondered when would you wake up. The steady rise and fall of your chest comforted Dabi. You were alive and in bed with him. He placed a soft kiss onto your forehead, smiling as you stirred slightly. 'I wonder what other reaction I can get?' Dabi thought as his hands began to wander. He traced your side, rubbing small circles into your waist. His thumbs toyed with the waistband of your panties, earning a wiggle from you. When he traced the curve of your upper thigh, he was rewarded with a soft whine. You squirmed around for a bit, nearly kicking Dabi in the process. He caressed the area between your thighs, his knuckles grazing the fabric of your panties.

"Hmm" you moaned aloud. Dabi continued to glide his fingers over your clothed crotch. He applied light pressure just over your clit. Your body jolted, but you didn't wake. The sudden escalation in movement made Dabi freeze in place. He waited until you relaxed before continuing. He shifted so his left hand could reach over and stroked your exposed collarbone. You remained asleep, Dabi took this as an okay to go lower. His hand curved over your breast, encasing the mound into his large hands. He started off gently rolling and squeezing. His grip only became rougher as he sought for your nipple. The bud hardened and exposed itself to him through your shirt in a matter of minutes.

Dabi played with it carefully, the last thing he needed was for you to wake. He was tired of his restrictions, lifting your shirt up to your shoulders. His hands pressed into your now exposed skin and massaged gently. You shifted again, this time with more aggression as Dabi squeezed your breasts. He heard you gasp and froze. Your brows furrowed but you were still asleep. His other hand had pushed your panties aside, allowing him to stroke your folds directly. He felt your thighs squeeze around his hand and you shivered. His eyes strayed from your chest and to your face. He watched your eyelids slowly rise, allowing your eyes to adjust to the light pouring in from outside. You immediately took in the sight of Dabi's hand on your breast and his other in your panties. "Really?" you groaned. His hand squeezed your breast again and he pressed against your crotch.

"I had to go a whole day without touching you, I'm getting my fill now" he chuckled. You were still waking up, but you didn't disagree. Your relationship began at a passionate level, it felt odd to break the frequency now. "Start slow, I'm still tired" you demanded. Dabi shifted closer, nipping at your ear. "I'll go slow, but if I catch you falling asleep..." he trailed off. You felt him plunge two fingers into your core and pumped ruthlessly. Your body jolted and you let out a surprised yelp. "I'll have to wake your body myself" he laughed. Dabi readjusted, placing you on his lap while he leaned back onto the bed. Your ass rested against the tent in Dabi's boxers. He rolled his hips slowly, raising your body and rubbing himself between your ass cheeks. "You're always like this..." you yawned as you lifted his shirt over his head. Dabi brought his arms back down and gave your ass a slap. "I can't help myself when you're always looking this good" he chuckled. Part of you wanted to smack him while another part was flattered.

You didn't have time to dwell on it as Dabi grew more restless. His dick was becoming painfully hard as you rubbed against him. "Come here" Dabi pulled you forward and onto his lips. His tongue immediately entered your mouth and left you as a numb mess. Your fingers interlocked with his, pressing warm palm to a slightly cooler palm. "Why are your hands so cold?" you asked between breaths. Dabi pulled away, pretending to think. "All the more reason I need to warm myself up with you" he slyly tangled his other hand into your hair and pulled you back down on him. You felt a shiver go up your spine as Dabi gave your hair a slight tug. You pulled away from him, panting and heaving in need of oxygen. "You're such a perv" you gasped, pushing yourself back up. You reached between you both and pulled Dabi's underwear down enough to free his cock. "You just pulled my cock out and I'm the perv?" Dabi teased. You pumped him in your hand a few times to shut him up, Dabi still let out a throaty chuckle amongst his groaning.

"Are you sure you can handle this?" Dabi asked as you lifted yourself over his cock. "We've done it a lot, what makes this any different?" you sighed as you guided his head around your vagina. You lowered yourself slowly, gasping at the new sensation. This was different, much different. You were used to Dabi coming at you from an angle that had you pressed up against something. In this case, you had little leverage and gravity worked against you. It took a lot of strength to keep you from falling onto his dick. You glanced at Dabi, noticing his amused expression. "This makes it different" he raised his hips and rammed into you. The sensation made you lose focus and fall onto him. His girth stretched you like usual, but it felt like he was deeper than ever. You were painfully aware of him inside you, the occasional throb not making it any easier. "What's this? All choked up now?" Dabi cupped your cheek and rubbed small circles with his thumb. You opened and closed your mouth as you tried to focus on a comeback. Your mind continued to wander to the urge to ride him.

"T-this is fine!" you blubbered out with a wobbly smirk. Dabi exhaled through his nose, doubt apparent. You moved slowly on his lap, rocking back and forth while he was still inside you. The little bit of friction felt good, easing you into raising up slightly. The clumsy movements you made were adorable to Dabi. His hands took your waist and guided you into a novice position. "Don't worry, I'll catch you if you fall" Dabi promised. You swallowed, it wasn't that you didn't trust him. It was that you were afraid of getting too into it. When you rose up a bit more, you felt the absence of his cock by just a bit. When you lowered, the fullness returned. You almost thought you felt something hitting the tip when he filled you. "It's just a lot, I didn't think I could be so full" you confessed shamelessly. A faint sound of skin slapping reached your ears and made you flush. That was proof of your unity. "Tch, I must not have been doing a good job then" Dabi clicked his tongue.

He let one of his hands wander up to your chest, roughly squeezing one of your breasts. "Not so rough" you groaned as you pressed your hands on his chest. It was the only support keeping you from falling forward onto him. "What are you talking about? You like it" Dabi argued as he continued to play with you. "I don't" came your retort, quickly to beat the shaky moan you released just after. "Yes you do, you just got tighter" Dabi continued to tease as he tugged on your nipple. The slight pain made you falter in your movements, effectively ripping a gasp from you. Dabi let his hand drop back to your waist, moving you back into your steady rhythm. Your breathing was unsteady as you tried to move along with Dabi. The slow movements caused your stomach to stir and your mind to grow hazy. You couldn't stop thinking about his dick pushing against your walls. Your eyes wandered to Dabi, examining his cool expression while you rode him.

His eyes were glued onto your body, taking in every inch of you. The rhythmic motion of your bouncing had parts of your body shaking that you felt was less appealing than others. However, Dabi's fixed gaze spoke other words to you. His hands caressing your hips reminded you he didn't care about how you looked. His hard members bringing you to the brink of madness was confirmation he was by no means disgusted with you. Hand supporting you up, you leaned closer to Dabi. Getting the hint, he kissed you tenderly. His hips thrust upward faster, pushing you closer to the edge. You broke away from him quickly, taking his shoulders.

"Don't pull out"

Dabi faltered for a bit.


You tightened your grip on his shoulders, avoiding eye contact. "You heard me" you sighed quietly. Dabi's movements didn't stop, causing you to hit your climax. Your body went rigid as you braced yourself against him. Dabi sent stiff afterward, a warm feeling pooling inside you. He gently rolled you off him, laying you next to him. The room was silent except for your breaths, sex still in the air. Dabi stared at your from the corner of his eye. He flickered between looking at you and looking at the cum still leaking from his dick. "Can I ask why?" he finally said aloud. You shifted onto your side, burying your face into the pillow. "Sorry, I don't speak silk" he quipped. "It's satin you ass" you shot back as you tossed the pillow away. You scooted closer to Dabi, resting your head on his shoulder.

"It's just, I wanted to feel closer to you" the confession made you flush. Dabi hummed for you to continue. "I'm not scared of having a child with you, I'm not scared of you being a villain, I'm just scared of never doing the things I want to with you..." words spilled out of your mouth before you could catch yourself. You peeked at Dabi, who remained as poker-faced as ever. "So you are really fine with that?" he asked. You nodded slowly. Dabi raised a hand to his face and laughed loudly. "All this time I was thinking I should be the one to leave, I'd be a real villain now if I did that" he chuckled. You tensed as he reached over to curl an arm around you.

"I can't promise you anything, y'know?" he said. "I don't need promises Dabi, I just need you" as cheesy as it sounded, it was the truth. Dabi pressed a soft kiss to your temple. As he pulled back, he looked like he wanted to say something. "Before that, I have something I have to tell you" he began. "My name is Todoroki Touya, only you can call me that" he continued. You felt your heart swell that he shared with you, but you couldn't help but ask...

"So can you make a beard out of fire too?"

"Way to kill a boner babe, I'm going to go eat" Dabi raised himself from the bed quickly. "Wait! I' just kidding!" you laughed as you followed after. "Nope, you're on question probation" Dabi shot back as he slipped on some pants. "What if I give you a blow-job later?" you offered. Dabi let out a low chuckle, rubbing his chin slowly.

"Now, I'm listening"