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Burn The Candle At Both Ends

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The situation was so comical, Dabi could laugh. He leaned against your closed door, locking it slowly. You had turned your dining table over, using it as a barricade between you both. It hurt to see you so defensive, but this was riding on a level of ridiculousness. "Wanna tie me up too?" his sarcastic remark was met with annoyance. "You could break through them anyways" you muttered. That was true.

Dabi slid to the floor, letting his legs stretch out across the floor. "Are you really afraid of me?" he asked. You hesitated, fingers tightly gripping the hard table. "I can't help but be tense, start explaining..." you didn't want to admit it. Just as much as him, it hurt you to feel this way. You heard Dabi sigh, covering his eyes with his hands.

"So, there is an asshole who can make clones of others" Dabi began. He explained that the clone acted like him but had no memories of you. Whatever the clone had said and done was not Dabi. "Had I known you were there, I would've been more careful" he admitted bitterly. A brief silence passed, he felt relieved that you didn't start screaming at him. However, what you said next put him on edge.

"But you would've still attacked the office" you confirmed. Dabi waited a moment before agreeing. "You said you were in a gang, the news called it a Villain attack, what is the truth Dabi?" you looked over the table at him. After the attack, a few witnesses were able to report the villains in the attack. You avoided hearing the names, you wanted the truth from Dabi. You felt your stomach tighten as he stared at you. For once, his blue eyes looked lost.

"I'm a villain, affiliated with the League of Villains to be precise" Dabi confessed. It was odd how a few words could change so much. On one hand, Dabi felt a weight lift off him. On the other hand, he felt anxious about your reaction. His mind replayed his nightmares of rejection. He calmed himself, all he could do was accept it. He chose to be a villain, he had no right to complain.

"Was it all an act then?" you question came out so faint he crooned his head to hear it. You doubted him, he expected as much. He could already tell you had some insecurities, but to think you doubted him hurt a bit more. "No, I already told you I am here because I want to be" Dabi replied. He saw you duck back behind the table. He half expected you to fling a knife at him. Dabi waited patiently, unaware of you trying to calm your racing heart.

You needed to focus, he was a villain. All your life, you had been warned of villains. Dabi had come off as a bad boy, but a villain was more serious. You peeked back over the table, flinching under Dabi's tired gaze. "How can I trust you?" you blurted out. The silence between you both was smothering. After a while, Dabi chuckled dryly. "I guess you can't" he sounded wounded to you.

Taking a deep breath, you stood up. "Get up" you ordered. Dabi slowly rose to his feet, staring at you curiously. "C-come here..." your voice faltered slightly as he approached you. He stopped right before you, he could see you were shaking. "Activate your quirk, your left hand" your eyes stayed glued to the floor. You felt Dabi sigh and heat up his hand. You carefully grabbed his hand, admiring the blue flame. Dabi remained quiet, he wasn't sure what you were thinking.

You raised his palm up, meeting his eyes. Without a warning, you pressed his palm to your face. You felt a brief sting of heat before a dull warmth spread across your cheek. Small flickers of flame fell from his palm, you stared into Dabi's now wide eyes. "Are you insane?! What if I hadn't-" "But you did". You had cut Dabi off, but he still appeared agitated. "You put it out, you wouldn't hurt me" your hand cradled his hand against your face.

"Still, that was unnecessary..." Dabi felt his anger slipping away. Your eyes, they looked the same as that night. He realized that was how you could trust him. "So reckless..." he muttered under his breath. His hand pulled you closer, allowing him to wrap his arm around your waist. "You could've just told me to leave" he whispered into your hair. "But I didn't want to" you replied against his chest. You felt the vibrations of his chuckle. "I didn't want to go anyways" he admitted.

You both shared a moment together. This time, the silence felt welcoming. You heard Dabi hum, you nuzzled into his chest. "I still can't agree with you being a villain" you broke the silence. "I figured as much" Dabi's dry laughter echoed in your apartment. "But, I think we can make it work" you felt Dabi relax, he let out a long sigh. "Why don't you tell me more about your work? My 'work' is a real mood-killer" Dabi loosened his hold on you.

You nodded and led him to your couch. You had intended to sit next to Dabi, however, he pulled you into his lap before you could sit. Your legs rested across his lap, allowing you to rest your head on his chest. "Well, I just keep track of Hero activity for the ranking at the end of the year" you began. Dabi hummed for you to continue. "I was assigned to the Pro-hero Endeavor, he's the most difficult to work with" you sighed feeling the grey hairs rise just from mentioning him.

"Endeavor?" Dabi repeated slowly. You nodded, raising so you could see his face. "I only deal with his sidekicks, apparently I'm not good enough for a face-to-face meeting" you watched as Dabi's jaw tightened. "It's best you don't get involved with that kind of guy" he warned. You could sympathize with Dabi, you weren't exactly a fan of Endeavor. "He deserves to rot, everything he's built should crumble, his prideful flames need to be extinguished..." as Dabi muttered, his grip on you tightened. When it became too painful to bear, you let out a yelp. "Dabi, you're hurting me" you gasped.

His hands released you immediately, falling to his sides. "Sorry" he muttered under his breath. The room felt tense again, it was obvious Dabi didn't like Endeavor. Although, not at the same level you did. "Since you nearly killed me, I should be able to request something of you" as you finished, Dabi turned his head to you in astonishment. "I already said sorry, nevermind, what do you want?" Dabi rolled his eyes and waited for your demands. You shifted on his lap, placing your knees around his waist.

You placed your hands on his chest, tugging at his shirt. "I want to see you, all of you" your voice came out just above a whisper as you asked. "Hmm? Didn't quite catch that" Dabi chuckled leaning his head closer to you. You could feel his breath on your neck as he waited for you. "I-I said I want to see all of you" you repeated louder. Dabi sighed, nuzzling into your neck. "You are persistent, I'll give you that" he smirked. His hands went to your waist, rubbing small circles with his thumbs. "On one condition, don't ask about my burns" he pulled away slowly.

Dabi leaned back, waiting for you to take the initiative. Of course, he wasn't going to make it easy. You ushered his out of his, in your opinion, ridiculously long coat. You tossed it over the couch, it could be dealt with later. Your fingers trembled as you grasped the hem of his shirt. On top of being curious about his burns, you were anxious to see Dabi naked. You've seen naked men before, no problem. But this was Dabi, it felt more intimate when it was him. "C'mon, unwrap your gift already" Dabi snickered as his hands ghosted over yours. He led you into pulling his shirt up, teasing you with the sight of his love handles.

"I can do it" you shook Dabi's hands off and narrowed your brows in focus. It was surprising how powerful one article of clothing was. You lifted the shirt higher, prompting Dabi to raise his arms. You watched as pale skin was disrupted by dark purple. You stopped, taking a moment before continuing. You lifted the article over his head, examining some dark splotches peeking from his sides. "Take a picture, it'll last longer" Dabi sighed. He leaned his head back on the couch, exposing his neck. You already knew about that long burn, but to see his body littered with so many. "You..." you weren't sure where to begin.

"Ah, ah, no questions remember?" Dabi tilted his head to peek at you. "There's plenty more underneath too" he rolled his hips upward. The motion made you rise and fall with his hips. You felt him grind into your backside, cheeky bastard. "I think you are the one who wants me to see you naked" you scolded Dabi. He only laughed, resting his arms to his sides. You shimmed off his lap, falling to your knees on the floor. Dabi peeked down at you as you worked on his pants. He tried to quell the desire to force you to take his cock into your mouth. You peeled away his pants, letting them bunch at his ankles.

Dabi's legs had a few patches of dark purple, not as many as he did above the waist. You stood in front of him, drinking in his form. "Aren't you going to remove this?" Dabi tugged at the waist of his underwear teasingly. You cocked a brow, smirking down at him. "I've already seen that so I'm in no rush" you teased. Dabi's mouth hung open incredulously. "You little shit, don't even think you can blue ball me" Dabi pulled you back onto his lap roughly. Your hands caught the top of the couch, holding you over Dabi. You felt him kiss at your exposed collar, trailing just below your jaw. His hands slid down to your ass, groping you through your jeans.

"Don't you think it's unfair I'm the only one naked?" he hummed against your skin. You shuddered, moving your hands to your shirt. Dabi pulled back and waited for you to remove your shirt. Once the article was over your head, he pressed hot kisses under the lining of your bra. "I'm thinking of marking up your body myself" Dabi nibbled on the rolls of flesh before your abdomen. "Just not where I can't cover" you sighed as you carding your fingers through his spiky locks. "Boo, no fun" Dabi pulled his head back and raised his hands to your waist. His fingers made quick work of your jeans, leaving you in your underwear.

"Now we're even" your hands left his hair and cupped his face. Your fingers traced over the purple burns carefully. "Don't get all sentimental on me now" Dabi chuckled placing a quick kiss on your lips. "It's difficult not to..." you pulled him closer for a longer kiss. Dabi's teeth nipped at your bottom lip, tugging it downward for you to open your mouth. You complied, allowing his tongue to slip in. You tugged away to take in a deep breath. "Where's my girl that only wanted to screw me huh?" Dabi kissed along your jaw while you inhaled much-needed oxygen. "She's still here, she just also gives a damn about you" he smirked as you pulled him into another mind-blowing kiss.

Dabi raised his hips to rut against yours. The friction was apparent, making you wonder if your panties were even still on you. Dabi's rising boner brushed against your opening, causing you to pull back with a moan. "Already? I haven't even touched you yet" Dabi taunted. Dabi guided you off his lap, laying you down on the couch. He climbed on top of you, rubbing his clothed erection along your clothed opening. The harder he got, the harder it was to keep your voice down. When the tip 'accidentally' pressed against your opening, you let out a shaky gasp.

"Huh? Getting off on just that are you?" Dabi halted his movements, resting with his hard-on pressed against you. "Dabi please, no teasing" you hissed as you rose your hips to grind against him. Dabi snaked a hand up your stomach tugging the bra upward. His hand fondled one breast while his mouth occupied the other. He placed kisses along your breast, lips tightening around your nipple when he came across it. You heard him suck and slurp as his tongue trailed saliva across your chest.

By now, your thighs were drenched with your juices, causing Dabi's erection to slip between your thighs with each movement. You could feel him hot and hard, pulsing against your skin. "Hurry..." you whined, squeezing your thighs together. Dabi backed away with a strangled groan. He reflexively thrust against your thigh. That wasn't nearly enough, he needed the warm cavern of your pussy to satisfy him. "I got it, stand by the balcony while I get one" Dabi commanded as he left you. His absence left a cool feeling, making the room colder than it really was. You watched Dabi go behind the couch to his coat, which probably had his condoms.

You stood near the screen door of your balcony, curtains drawn. You perked up when Dabi returned to you, the rubber casing on already on his dick. "Let's put on a show" Dabi smirked as he turned you around. You braced yourself against the glass. He quickly pulled the curtains back, revealing the dark outside. Before you could protest, Dabi burrowed two fingers under your waistband. You clenched your teeth as he stroked along your folds. A finger slipped in, shallowly pumping into you. A gasp escaped your lips as leaned forward more, your face pressed against the glass. "Don't fall now" Dabi's playful voice rang in your ears. He leaned over your back and kissed your neck.

When he added another finger, your knees buckled. Dabi clicked his tongue and slipped his leg between yours to prop you up. You panted against the glass, your body becoming impossibly hot. "No more please" you moaned, grinding on his leg. "Have some respect for our audience" Dabi chuckled as he removed his fingers. The tugged down your soaked panties, tossing them to the floor. You began to push off the glass, but Dabi gave your ass a rough slap. "No way, you were moaning so much before" Dabi growled holding your ass in place. You felt him press against your opening, the head of his cock coating in your fluids.

"Don't act like you don't want anyone to watch" Dabi filled you up in one thrust. You didn't have a chance to catch your breath, he began pounding into your core relentlessly. His balls smacked loudly against you, emphasizing that deep penetration feeling inside you. It felt hot but filling as his dick entered. You felt his fingers trail up your spine, unhooking your bra. The force of his thrusts pushed you forward, your breasts pressed against the cool glass. Your body rocking against the glass and the thin sheen of sweat on your body had you grasping for leverage. "Ha? You look like you could use some air" Dabi laughed as he opened the door. You stumbled forward, unsheathing Dabi as you braced against the railing.

The outside air did feel better, your nipples hardened from the cool air. But you could hear the city, see the lights of the other apartments and hear the people out ont he street. "N-no!" you tried to back up but Dabi grabbed your ass roughly. He rubbed himself along you again, rocking his hips into your ass. "I won't put it in unless we do it out here" he warned. You bit your lip, while you could get off from just him rubbing you, it wouldn't be enough. You rocked yourself back into him, trying to line his cock to your pussy. "That's my girl" you hear Dabi chuckle.

He plunged back into you, causing you body to jut forward. A breathless moan ripped from your throat as you tried to hold yourself in place. Each thrust lurched you forward, the intensity of Dabi's movement's made you see starts. The lights became blurs as you tried to bite down your moans. Even if you were quiet, the audible sounds of your fluids smacking against skin was a giveaway. You watched as some high school boys walked by, talking loudly. Dabi leaned over, watching them as well.

By the time you felt his hand, it was too late. He pinched your bundle of nerves, rolling it between his index finger and thumb. You moaned loudly, leaning over the rail slightly. The boys looked up, exclaiming loudly. They hurried down the street, glancing back rapidly. "Those brats are probably still virgins" Dabi snickered releasing your clit. You were at the end of your rope. You had to admit, it was hot watching those boys become embarrassed and horny from you. "I' c-close" you warned Dabi.

He tugged you back, falling to the floor with you in his lap. You didn't believe he could reach deeper, but this new angle had you gasping loudly. Dabi thrust upward into you, maintaining his rapid pace. You were bouncing against him, his arms securing you in place as you both sought release. One of Dabi's hand clutched your breast roughly while the other moved back to your clit. You came loudly, not caring who heard you this time. Dabi worked though your orgasm, reaching his own release shortly after. The condom expanded inside you, leaving you empty as he pulled himself out.

Dabi tossed the condom aside, a sick slap as is hit the ground. He looked at your exhausted form, pulling you to his chest. "Probably not the best time to mention this but, you wanted a date right?" Dabi's voice was low as he spoke to you. He hummed when you nodded to confirm his accusation. "How about a nice night under the stars?" he jested.

"Dabi, if I could hit you right now I would"

"You know you love me"