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Burn The Candle At Both Ends

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"I'm burning for you"

You were distracted, that much was obvious. Your coworkers repeatedly complimented you on your 'glow', stating that you looked refreshed. A small rumor was going around about "good sex", but you ignored it. Even though it was true.

Your mind would occasionally wander to the note in your bag. You had already saved the number in your phone, but there was something special about the note. The message held a strong connection to you despite it being a ransom for your underwear. As of now, it served as your connection to Dabi. You hadn't called or texted yet, at first you thought it was a fake number.

It wasn't until he was absent from the club for a few nights did you push yourself to take action. One afternoon, you were leaving work and you decided to text the number. While you rode the train, you punched in a simple greeting and waited for a reply. Before you reached your stop, your phone buzzed with a reply.

<What took so long?>

You could hear the snark in his voice. You stepped off the train and leaned against the wall as you typed out your reply.

<I was busy, you could've asked for my number>

<Did you forget I have something of yours?> Dabi replied.

Right, the underwear. You had to work the rest of the night without panties. It wasn't so bad until cool air would blow, reminding you of the wetness between your legs. Part of you almost wanted to say fuck it and have him keep them. However, you suspected this was apart of the odd game you were playing with him. At no point have either of you talked about your weird relationship. You weren't together for more than an hour before it became a sexual encounter.

<So, how am I supposed to get them back?>

<Call in tonight, meet me at the park>



You followed Dabi's instructions and arrived at the park. You had contacted your friend and told her tonight was no good, she didn't mind. The sun was setting and it cast an orange glow on the park. You waited on a bench, most of the people were already leaving. Just before you were about to text Dabi to hurry up, a finger tapped on your shoulder. You tilted your head back and met familiar blue eyes.

"You look different out of work" he mused with a playful smirk. "You don't" you commented dryly. It was true, he appeared to wear the same kind of clothes each time you met. "You haven't complained yet" he sat down on the bench next to you. His arm draped around the back, disappearing behind the metal. "So, are you going to return my panties?" you blurted out. Dabi cocked a brow and tilted his head. "Straight to the point, it almost feels like you're trying to get rid of me" he teased.

"No, I just want my panties back" you played along. Dabi chuckled and brought his arm around your shoulders. He pulled you closer until your thigh was flush against his. Your shoulder brushed his and your hips bumped his. "Well, each time we meet, I spoil you too much" Dabi lectured with a sigh. You stared at him to continue, he was hinting at something. "So I had an idea, what if this time you showed me some attention?" he continued as he turned to you. While he was talking, his hand had hung over your shoulder and lowered to your breast. You felt him palm your breast through your blouse.

You sucked in air as his fingers pressed your nipple. Only two nights and he already knew where they were through your clothes. "That doesn't sound half bad right?" he leaned his head closer and kissed behind your ear. "D-dabi...there are people..." you shuddered as you raised your hands to his chest. You pushed him back enough to see his apathetic look. "I don't mind an audience" he grinned, grouping your breast roughly. You bit back a gasp and gave him a hard shove. "I. Do." you growled.

Dabi looked surprised for once, but only briefly. "Fine, follow me" he ordered as he released you. He stood up and walked over the grass and into the trees. You followed him quickly, making sure no one was watching. Dabi stood near a large tree, waiting for you to come closer. His arm grabbed your shoulder and pushed you against the tree. He kissed you roughly, causing you to relax your grip on your bag. Your arms wrapped around his neck and pulled him close. You felt Dabi's hands rest on your waist. He tightened his grip and pushed you back.

"You have a nice mouth, I wonder if you know how to use it?" he mused. You swallowed, catching the drift of what he meant. You knelt down slowly, nervous about what he wanted from you. "Ah, pull up your shirt" he added in quickly. You hesitated before rolling your shirt up past your breasts. Dabi's eyes shined with interest as he examined your bra. "Lose the bra" he comanded, he was already palming himself through his pants. You slowly unhooked your bra. With shaky breaths, you let the article slip through your fingers and fall to the ground. Dabi whistled and walked closer, crouching slightly.

"Not bad, kinda cold out huh?" he smirked. He flicked one of your pert nipples to emphasize. You shivered against the tree, he was toying with you. "Play with yourself a bit, I gotta get ready" he lazily rubbed his cock through his pants, eyes on you. A bit distraught, you began playing with your breasts in front of Dabi. You mimicked movements you saw him do, you weren't familiar with doing this with an audience. Dabi let out a hum in interest, his eyes following your hands. You squeezed and pressed your breasts together, causing them to bounce around slightly. "Down there too, I want to watch you get wet" he interrupted your thoughts. You shimmied out of your jeans and slipped a hand into your panties.

At first, you rubbed along your folds. When you slipped a finger inside, you hear Dabi inhale sharply. "Yeah, just like that" he leaned in closer. His eyes were transfixed on the hand currently in your heat. You noticed him grow rougher with his movements. Saliva pooled in your mouth at the thought of Dabi's dick. Even from here, it looked like he had a good size. You slipped another finger inside and gasped. Dabi licked his lips and stood up.

"Alright, let's move on" he announced. He unzipped his pants and tugged his erect cock out. It bobbed in front of your face, standing painfully erect. You watched it twitch, the bulbous head burning an angry red. "As much as I like your admiration for my dick, I'd rather have your lips around it" Dabi cut in impatiently. He pressed his head against your lip, running the leaking head along your bottom lip. He tasted salty and bitter, something you hope you'd get used to.

You parted your lips slightly, taking a bit of the head inside your mouth. Dabi groaned as you took him in slowly. He was thick, you felt your mouth fill up quickly and you were only halfway down his length. You ran your tongue around the underside of him and pulled back. You sucked as you returned to the head. Your tongue drew small circles on the slit, lapping up the beads of pre-cum. "Damn, you're surprisingly good at this" Dabi threw his head back. You hummed out a response, causing him to groan as the vibrations hit his cock.

"Come on, a little faster" Dabi urged you. His hips jutted forward slightly, making his head come dangerously close to your throat. You sped up your movements, bobbing at a good pace. Your hand left your breasts and covered the rest of his dick. While he wasn't looking, you slipped a hand into his pants and fondled his balls. "Ha, ha, look at you" Dabi sighed leaning against the tree above you. His eyebrows were knitted together as he held back his release. He wanted to prolong it, it felt too good to stop.

You hollowed your cheeks and took him in deeper. Your jaw began to hurt, but you ignored it. Dabi's fingers tangled themselves in your hair. He tugged near your scalp, testing his grip. Suddenly, you felt him push in deeper. He pushed your head forward, making you take more of him in. You felt your throat spasm around him as he reached a depth you weren't prepared for. Your nose brushed up against the hairs at his base and the cool metal of the zipper tickled your cheeks. Tears stung at your eyes and it became harder to breathe. Dabit felt you slacken in his grip, urging him to release. He groaned loudly and stopped with his dick in your throat. Thick hot liquid flowed down your throat, causing you to swallow the odd substance.

Dabi pulled out slowly, watching your cheeks fill with his cum and you choke as you swallowed it. Your cheeks flushed red and you coughed as you tried to calm your body. The need for air made it hard, not to mention you were getting over his cum in your mouth. "Now that was what I was talking about" he praised you, his hand caressed your burning cheek while he looked down at you. He wouldn't admit it, but there was something captivating about you looking so helpless with trails of his cum on your lips. He felt something in his chest when he looked at you like this.

"Hey, you didn't touch yourself at all" he observed looking at you. By now, your panties were soaked but you had made no effort to get off. "No..." you said quietly, your throat still recovering. "I can't have that, come here" Dabi hooked his arms under yours and lifted you up on wobbly legs. He leaned you against the tree and plunged his fingers into your panties. You let out a shaky gasp and dug your nails into the wood behind you. "Wow, drenched again" Dabi pulled his fingers out and displayed them before you. He smirked as you shied away from it. "It's getting late, so let's not prolong this" he declared. He squatted down and hooked his fingers into the hem of your panties. He pulled them down, helping your legs through the holes. He spread your legs apart and buried his face between them.

"Dabi!" you hissed, tossing your head to the side. You could see a few couples walking around in the dim light from the lamps. "Shh, unless you want someone to see us?" Dabi hummed against your folds. His tongue licked up and down the expanse of your warm flesh. He left no edge unturned as his tongue neared your clit. He flicked his tongue against it a few times. You had to bite your lip to keep from crying out. "Man, you taste so good, I'm really am going to get addicted" he sighed against your heat. Dabi plunged his tongue into you, running his tongue along your walls. You inhaled sharply, producing a strained gasp.

"Did you say something?" you heard a man ask. You covered your mouth with your hand and glanced at Dabi. His eyes were staring directly at yours, challenging you to hold back your noises. He pulled back slightly, allowing you to see his tongue scoop your leaking fluid into his mouth. The subtle sliding of his throat and his exaggerated gulping did nothing to quell you. Dabi's fingers slid up your thighs. Groping your flesh roughly. When he felt your thighs tremble, he hooked his arms under your thighs and lifted you onto his shoulders. His face was pressed against your crotch and he sucked hard. His fingers played with your clit and he slipped one in alongside his tongue.

You were practically crying at this point. Your frustration with being loud and your desire to release created an inner turmoil. "Just do it" Dabi muttered against you, teeth grazing your skin. You gave in and whined loudly against your hands, your body writhing on Dabi's shoulders. You panted as Dabi lowered you to the ground. He cleaned your excess fluids from your thighs and placed you gently. He pocketed your underwear, leaving you bare again. "Don't worry, they already left" he snickered as he gathered your clothes. "Can you walk?" he asked. You shook your head, truthfully you were still dizzy. "Put your shirt on at least" he tossed you the article while he crumpled up your bra. Dabi removed his coat and draped it over your legs.

Before you could ask, he lifted you bridal style and began carrying you. "Tell me where you live, we'll take the back ways" he explained. You were hesitant, but you complied. "No one will mess with us, at least not the smart ones" Dabi smirked. You didn't worry, something told you Dabi would protect you in some way.

You just hoped you'd get your panties back this time.