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Letters To Lieutenant Alenko.

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    “Nice to see you Commander.”

    “Back on deck Commander? Anderson is in the comm room.”

    I nod my thanks, pushing past the group of people that have surrounded the docking doors. I manage to get near Navigator Pressly before I’m forced to stop, a man in dark blue armor standing outside the comm doors.

    “Lieutenant Alenko ma’am.” He states, holding out a hand to shake instead of saluting.

    I salute before shaking his hand. “Pleasure, Commander Shepard.” I state in reply to his name and rank.

“Nihlus and Captain Anderson are stationed in the comm room, they’ve instructed I show you to the cockpit so we can update you on the current mission.”

“Noted, lead the way.” I say, pointing behind me, already knowing where the cockpit is, but allowing the kind soldier to show me the way.  

“Yes ma’am.” He replies and begins heading towards the cockpit.





    I’m not sure how I feel about this mission. I hate to admit it, but, I’m scared. I don’t want a repeat of Acuze, but I feel like I’m about to lose some good people out there.




“I’ll meet you down there.” Nihlus says as he checks his gun one last time before jumping down.

“Yes sir…” I mumble, trailing off and rolling my eyes.

“Be careful Shepard.” Anderson says as I click the last piece of my armor into place. I smile at him, throwing my assault rifle onto my back where it clicks into place. “Always am Anderson.” I state as we get to the drop zone.

“I’m not kidding Shepard, you’re a good soldier, do good on this mission.” He says sternly, glancing at Jenkins and Alenko as they finish strapping on their weapons.

I line up with the cargo bay door as it opens and shrug. “As I stated before, always.” I say as I fall backwards out of the door landing on the ground, waiting for Alenko and Jenkins to follow behind.

I pause when they land, pulling my pistol out from behind me. “Let’s get started.”