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A Blind Date with Destiny

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The elevator opened onto the fourth floor of the Boston Police Department headquarters. Angela Rizzoli stepped out of the now empty elevator, tray of coffees in hand, and crossed the corridor straight into the bull pen of the BPD Homicide Squad.

“Good morning, Detective Korsak,.” Angela greeted the most senior member of the bull pen.

“Good morning, Angela, and how many times do I have to ask you to call me ‘Vince’?” he laughed.

“Well then, good morning Vince,” she amended, “Have you seen Jane anywhere, I have you all coffee.” Angela indicated to the tray of coffee in her hand.

“I thought she was down at the cafe with you,” Korsak commented.

“Are you looking for Jane?” Barry Frost asked as he entered the office, seeing Angela and Korsak talking.

“Yeah, have you seen her?”

“I just spoke to her, she is down in the morgue with Doctor Isles. I don’t know how long they’ll be.”

Angela and Korsak shared a look as Angela handed over his coffee. Giving Frost his coffee as well, Angela thanked him for his knowledge. “I’ll leave her coffee on her desk for her then, but if she takes too long, one of you two drink it before it gets cold.”

“I will make sure it gets drunk, Angela, thank you,” Frost said as he walked through to the break room to add sugar to his coffee.

“I don’t know about you, Vince, but Maura and Jane spend an awful lot of time together. It’s like I have a second daughter,” Angela spoke quietly so no one would over hear her conversation

“I noticed that too, but they have been through a lot together. I know the whole Hoyt issue took a large toll on Maura, as well as the toll it took on Jane, they got through it together.”“I will never be able to thank you enough for saving my baby girl Vince. I hope you know that.”

“Jane is like the daughter I never had, of course I’ll look out for her. I like to see her happy”

Angela gave Korsak a smile before saying her goodbyes, saying she’d best get back to the cafe be Stanley blows a fuse.

As the doors of the elevator opened for Angela to get in, Jane Rizzoli stepped out, looking down at the ground with a goofy smile on her face.

As soon as Jane realised she was no longer alone, the goofy smile was replaced with her normal countenance, greeting her mother.

“I left a coffee on your desk for you.”“Thanks, Ma.”

“What’s the smile on your face for?” Angela Rizzoli never misses a beat.

“What smile? Nothing, I was just thinking about something Maura said.”

“Mhmm,” Angela intoned.

Ignoring her mothers vocal response, Jane said, “Thank you for the coffee Ma, but I really do need to go and do some work. I’ll see you for lunch if I can.”

“Alright then, have a good day, and don’t forget to drink lots of water,” Angela left a parting comment as she finally stepped into the elevator.
Detectives that were walking through the corridor as Angela left her parting advice sniggered at the fearsome Homicide Detective being told to stay hydrated by her mother

“Shut up,” Jane growled at the retreated backs of her colleagues before entering the bull pen herself and started her day.