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Amber groaned as she rolled over on the cot she called a bed. She squinted at the tiny alarm clock across the room. Seven thirty in the morning. Might as well get up. She sat up, sliding her legs off the side of the bed, With a yawn, she stretched her arms over her head, feeling her stiff joints pop. She must have slept wrong again. Oh well, it didn't matter. She had gone through worse.
She stood up and wandered across her tiny cell to the sink. She turned on the cold water, cupping her hands underneath the faucet and tossing some in her face. The chill helped wake her up a bit. There was a small mirror poorly hung above her sink, and she lifted her head to stare at her reflection, as she always did The bright red dye in her hair that she loved was starting to fade. She would have to ask her guard if she could go to the hairdresser to touch it up. Her eyes looked the same as always. A dull amber color. She was never amused whenever someone compared her eye color to her name. She wasn't stupid.
Leaning back, she turned to get ready for the day. Not that there was much to look forward to. Life in prison wasn't very exciting, and with her father locked away in a separate facility she didn't have much company. The women here weren't ones for conversation. While brushing her short hair to cooperate and stay in it's intended style, her guard unlocked the door. She never asked if it was okay to come in and by now Amber had gotten used to it. However that didn't mean her visits were welcomed.
"You're not the first face I like to see when I wake up you know." Amber said, turning to face Dana. She wasn't an unpleasant guard, but Amber didn't like to socialize. Too many found her to be too temperamental. "Apologies for interrupting Parsch, but do you really not know what today is?" Amber scoffed, rolling her eyes. Dana had a habit of using last names and she was sick of it. "How am I supposed to? Not like I have a calendar in here." Dana ignored her sarcasm and, to Amber's surprise, held out some folded clothes to her. "Parsch-Amber. It's your eighteenth birthday." Amber's eyes widened. Had it been only two years? She had been given her sentence when she was sixteen. In the two years Amber had been Incarcerated, she felt like she had aged ten years.
"Wait..that means-" Dana gave her a slight smile. "That's correct. You get to see if you have an element." Elementals were a rare sight for Amber. They lived in a separate city, away from those who did not or did not yet possess elemental gifts. But today, if Amber was lucky, she would be able to leave this hell. She would be able to be free, and no one would be able to tell her different. Excitement overcame her as she snatched the outfit from Dana. "Hell yes! Get the fuck out of here so I can put these on and I'll be good!" For once, Dana didn't retaliate Amber's curses, complying and leaving the cell. Amber quickly pulled on the clothes Dana had picked out; a plain white t shirt, dark rusty colored jeans, plain black sneakers and a black leather jacket. Upon closer inspection, Amber noticed the blood red detailing along the jackets collar and cuffs. She would be lying if she said she didn't like the style. She felt powerful, intimidating. She liked it.
She tapped on the cell door, signaling to Dana she was done. She stepped out once the door was opened, however her mood went right back down when she noticed the handcuffs Dana was holding. "Ugh, are you fucking serious?" She didn't get any say as Dana pulled her hands behind her and tightened the cuffs around her wrists. "Sorry, kid. It's policy." Amber groaned. These guards never gave anyone a break. Dana chuckled. "Come on, I'll be escorting you to the arena. You'll have to put up with my ugly mug for a little longer." Amber scoffed, but began to walk beside her guard. "Please, a baboon is prettier than your acne ridden ass." Dana seemed unfazed, only glancing at the younger girl beside her. "You're full of spice today. I'm sure the crowd will go wild." There was always a crowd whenever an elemental test was happening. Some wanted to know who will gain power, other more sick and twisted individuals wanted to know which ones wouldn't last. If Amber had been able to attend a test, she would have been part of the latter.
With a dull ache, Amber remembered her mother would not be attending. She had never met her mother, the woman having passed when Amber was very young, but she always felt as if she had lost a great treasure.
As she thought of her mother, Amber came to a stop. Dana looked back at her, an eyebrow raised. "Kid? What is it?" Amber didn't reply at first, but slowly looked up. A faint glare hardened her eyes, but Dana had grown accustomed to the look. The young woman was hardly ever anything but angry. "My father. Will he be allowed to attend?" The question caught Dana off guard. In many occasions, it was considered disgraceful if ones parents did not attend their elemental test. However, when the parent or parents is in prison, the story gets a bit more complicated. Not many would like the idea of a bunch of inmates being brought out to the same area at the same time.
But Dana had worked with this girl for two years. Whether Amber believed it or not, Dana had learned a lot about her. She knew she cared for her father, though she didn't show it. She knew how important it was for her father to attend.
So she smirked, and laughed, which caused Amber's eyes to widen slightly. "Are you serious kid? Course he's allowed to come. Now hurry up. I don't want to have to babysit you any longer than I have to." The scowl on Amber's face returned, but Dana caught the faint smirk on her lips as she jogged to catch up. "You babysit me? I'm a woman now you bitch." Dana snorted. She had to admit, she'd never get tired of Amber's attitude. "I've got twenty seven years of experience on you. Try me kid." She got a small laugh out of Amber with that one, and she smiled. Despite the tough act the girl put up, Dana had seen enough to be able to form a crack in that shell. She gave Amber a firm slap on the back, making her stumble forward a bit. She laughed. "Come on twerp. Let's get you to your arena."