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Soft Sweaters

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 "And a softness came from the starlight

and filled me full to the bone."

W.B. Yeats



Jungkook first spots him at the very beginning of the semester. 


It’s the first official day of classes, and its Jungkook’s first college class, period. The freshman was cautiously optimistic, carefully choosing a seat in the large lecture hall that wasn’t too close to the front, nor too far away. He wasn’t quite sure what to expect of his introductory chemistry course, especially since it didn’t directly apply to his major. Jungkook just took it to try and get rid of as many general education requirements as he can during the two semesters of his freshman year. That way, when he progresses through the years of his college career, and starts getting into the higher level courses for his major that will be inherently more difficult, he'll only have to focus on those. Not gen eds. Which is why he’s also enrolled in an introductory literature course this semester, in addition to the two photography courses that are actually for his major.


Jimin lectured him that he was pulling a “total freshman move” by loading his schedule up with so many classes. The stout second-year and his childhood best friend warned him against it, asking him how he expected to balance practice for the college’s dance team alongside four full-credit college classes. Jungkook, of course, just shot his friend a smug smirk, pride taking over, telling him he’d be fine.


He hopes he was right.


But none of that is important to him right now. What is important to him is the downright gorgeous boy that just walked into the lecture hall, taking a seat at the empty desk beside Jungkook. The guy gives Jungkook a hesitant smile, and he can’t help but give one right back, feeling his heart thump when the guy’s own grin widens just slightly.


Nameless cutie starts rifling through his backpack, a pale purple thing decorated with a few patches that Jungkook can’t quite read, and he takes the opportunity to check out the boy in his entirety.


He has gorgeous golden skin, a shade or two darker than Jungkook’s own, and it only serves to accentuate the guy’s soft looking chestnut brown hair. Its slightly tousled, spreading across his forehead in wispy bangs, dipping into his strong, deep eyebrows. Below lay a beautiful pair of almond shaped eyes, a rich mahogany brown that give Jungkook the urge to do something ridiculous, like try and write a shakespearian sonnet about them. A straight, cute little button nose divides the guy’s gorgeous face, and if Jungkook looks closely enough he can spot the most adorable tiny mole right on the tip. He lets his eyes stray down further, and gulps. How can a man have such pretty lips? Full, but not excessively so, the top one dipped slightly into a nicely shaped cupid’s bow. 


All these striking features rest upon a face so beautifully shaped Jungkook thinks it deserves to be immortalized in marble. A strong, sharp jawline, cute chin, and slender neck drawing him in. Then, he takes a moment to look at the guy’s clothes, and melts.


He’s wearing a soft-looking pale yellow sweater, and light blue jeans that are cuffed at the ankles, with lightly battered white converse covering his feet. The whole outfit is incredibly soft, and makes Jungkook just want to pull the guy in for a hug and never let go. Something tells Jungkook to protect the boy in any way he can, and he silently vows to do so.


The boy finally finds what he’s looking for, a pale blue notebook and a light pink pen, and sits back up. Jungkook quickly averts his gaze, hoping he wasn’t caught staring. Glancing over at him, he sighs in relief, the boy looking none-the-wiser. Instead, it seems he’s doodling things onto the cover of the notebook, and Jungkook aches to see them, but doesn’t want to scare the boy away.


He opens his mouth, finally finding just enough confidence to try and introduce himself, when a loud, booming voice suddenly starts speaking from the front of the room.


Jungkook snaps his head back, taking in who he presumes to be his professor. A short, almost intimidating looking man with a mustache and a suit that looks like its seen better days.


“Hello everyone, welcome to Chemistry 110.” He says, and Jungkook can already feel a yawn bubbling within him. The guy’s voice is so monotonous and droning, and Jungkook is instantly filled with regret. 


Although, a quick glance at the cute boy beside him makes him feel slightly at ease. At least there was one positive thing that came out of taking this course.




Jungkook doesn’t see the boy until the next chemistry class two days later. After the end of the last class, he tried, in vain, to catch the boy afterwards. To maybe introduce himself, ask him for coffee. But the 200 person deep lecture hall filed out in a hoard of chaos, everyone desperate to rid themselves of the boringness that was the last hour of their lives. The cute boy was swallowed up amongst the fray, and Jungkook’s disappointment was swallowed down in favor of grabbing lunch with Jimin. Who of course proceeded to tease him for the entirety of their time spent together, laughing at how Jungkook looked like “a lovesick puppy”. 


But today he’s determined. He will find out the cute boy’s name, no matter what. 


He sits in the same seat as the last class, crossing his fingers that the boy sits next to him again. Although, if he doesn’t, Jungkook just plans on moving his seat next to his. He doesn’t even care if he’ll look borderline creepy doing so. The boy is just that cute, okay?


To his relief though, he doesn’t have to expose his lowkey creepiness. The cute boy shuffles into the class, although this time he has a coffee cup in his hand and looks substantially more tired than the last lecture.


Jungkook is instantly filled with worry, and then mentally berates himself to dial it down, Jungkook you don’t even know his fucking name.


But the thoughts are shaken away, replaced with pure elation, when the boy takes the same seat beside him again.


Today he’s wearing another too-big sweater, although this one is a soft cream color, making the dark blue of his jeans stand out more in contrast. On his feet are mid-tone brown sneakers. Their material looks soft…suede maybe? Jungkook sighs dreamily, internally. Is everything about this boy soft?


Feeling eyes on him, he looks up, and gulps. Deep eyes lock with his, and he flushes at the small, pleased looking smile on the other’s face. A million responses rush through his mind, all attempts at excusing away his blatant staring. 


Instead though, all he manages to blurt out is, “I like your outfit!”, and promptly wants to die. Is three days in too early to drop out of college? Will his parents be surprised if he shows up on their doorstep in Busan, or just disappointed? 


To his surprise though, the boy doesn’t look at him like he’s crazy. Instead, he turns bashful, and Jungkook wants to weep at the light pink blush spreading across his golden cheeks.


“Really?” The boy asks softly, and Jungkook is just about ready to scream his lungs out on the nearest, highest rooftop. His voice. Fuck, his voice. Its so deep, Jungkook is shocked. He doesn’t really know what he was expecting. Maybe for the boy to sound like a child’s cartoon character to match his pure cuteness? Not the pure-sex deepness he’s met with. It clashes so much with his appearance Jungkook is blindsided. Although when he takes a minute to think, and calm the fuck down Jeon, he can’t help but think it oddly works. Outward softness, inner deepness. He has a fleeting hysterical thought if that voice gets even deeper during sex, and then wants to slap himself. Too. Fucking. Soon. Keep it in your pants, Jungkook, for fucks sake.


He doesn’t even realize he’s been silent for so long until he watches the boy’s face fall, lips turning downward in a frown, turning his head away to look down at his notebook instead. And Jungkook suddenly feels like the biggest piece of shit to ever exist. Like he just committed the biggest crime against humanity. He’s going to hell now, and its all because he managed to make the universe’s most precious creation frown. 


“Sorry! Sorry, I uh spaced out. I do that a lot sometimes, i’m sorry.” He rushes out. How many times are you going to say sorry huh, booboo the fool?


“Its okay.” The boy practically whispers sounding like its anything but. Why is Jungkook literally a fucking egg?


“No! I mean, i’m sorry. I mean- not sorry, I mean I am, but I keep-“ He stutters helplessly.


“You just look really cute!” He almost screams, before burying his face in his hands. His burning, dumb face.


He looks up when he hears giggles, and wishes he could bottle up the sound like some fucking medieval wizard from some violent fairytale, selling jars of sound on the magic black market. He wonders what the bottles would look like. Can you form glass to look like an ear...? His eccentric thoughts are shaken away when the boy speaks again.


“Are you always this flustered?” The boy asks between laughs. He looks a million times happier than he did moments before, and Jungkook sighs. All is right in the world.


“Not…really? Just around cute boys.” He flirts, mentally deciding ‘fuck it’. What’s he got to lose at this point? 


He feels warm at the bright, flustered blush the statement pulls from the other.


“Oh, please.” The boy scoffs, still blushing.


“I mean it.” Jungkook promises, cheeks hurting from how much he’s smiling. The boy is still clearly flustered, and Jungkook decides to try and put him at ease by changing the subject. At least for now.


“I’m Jeon Jungkook. Freshman. Photography major.” he introduces.


“Kim Taehyung, sophomore, art major.” the boy says back with a small grin. Jungkook whoops internally. He finally has a name.


“Ah, so we’re both being fucked over by general education requirements then.” He jokes, beaming with pride when Taehyung laughs.


“I guess so.” Taehyung smiles.


Jungkook opens his mouth to respond, but is once again interrupted by the loud, flat voice of his professor. Seriously, its like the guy’s entire being, entire soul, is made of grey goop.


But even learning about the periodic table for the tenth time in his life, told in the most unexcited tone ever, can't truly bring him down. He knows the boy’s Taehyung’s name now. And he managed to have a conversation with him! Life is pretty good.




Somehow, some way, it takes Jungkook and Jimin a little over a month to realize that the boy Jungkook’s been waxing poetic about for weeks is actually the same Taehyung that Jimin shared a dorm with and became best friends with during his freshman year.


They’re eating lunch together, as per usual, and Jungkook is talking about Taehyung, as per usual. What isn’t usual is that the man himself walks into the cafe they’re at. Jungkook has never seen him here before, but fuck if he’s going to let such an opportunity pass him by.


“Shit, Jimin, he’s here. Taehyung’s here.” Jungkook whispers frantically, and Jimin turns around.


“Wait…wait. Him?” Jimin asks, blatantly pointing straight at the man himself, and Jungkook wants to break Jimin’s finger clean off. The boy knows no subtlety.


“Yes, now stop pointing!” he hisses, grabbing for the elder’s hand, but is shaken away.


“Taehyung!” Jimin calls, and the boy turns, looking at them.


“What the fuck are you doing?!” Jungkook whines, gulping when he sees Taehyung head their way. Jimin has officially lost his goddamn mind.


“Jimin? Hey!” Taehyung says, pulling the shorter boy in for a hug. Jungkook gapes, feeling like that meme of the confused white woman. You know the one. Where she looks like she’s questioning reality, different mathematical formulas crossing over her face. Except Jungkook is decidedly much more asian and male and feels a hell of a lot more lost.


“Tae-tae, how are you? I haven’t seen you since last semester!” Jimin grins, and Taehyung laughs.


“I’ve been pretty good. How have you been?” Taehyung asks with a grin of his own.


Jungkook likes to think he’s a patient person. But he’s way too confused to wait for this happy little reunion to play out.


“You two know each other?!” He exclaims, drawing the pair’s attention to himself.


“Jungkook?” Taehyung says, surprised, which ouch. Guess Jungkook isn’t that noticeable.


“You two know each other?!” Jimin says back, and Jungkook feels a weight settle in his stomach at the look of realization spreading across Jimin’s face. Puzzle pieces fitting together. Don’t do it, don’t you dare do it, Park Jimin, he curses in his head. But of course, its moot.


“Wait so Taehyung, as in my freshman year roommate Taehyung is the same Taehyung from chemistry you’ve been pining over for the past month?!” Jimin exclaims. Fucking Jimin, seriously.


Jungkook blushes from the ends of his hair to his toenails, and watches as Taehyung chokes on a sip of his coffee, coughing.


“You guys were roommates?” Jungkook asks weakly, trying to move the conversation away from less revealing subjects.


“Yep! Small world huh?” Jimin answers with a smirk.


“Yeah…” Taehyung says quietly, still blushing.


Jungkook flounders for something to say, but is once again cut off by Jimin.


“Taehyung-ah, Jungkook and I were having lunch, you should join us!” Jimin grins.


Jungkook watches as Taehyung looks over at him hesitantly, clearly gauging Jungkook’s reaction to see if he’s okay with the idea. Which, fuck if he isn’t.


“Yeah, always room for more.” He says with a smile, watching, pleased, as Taehyung’s face brightens.


“Sure, okay.” The boy agrees, before hesitating. The chair beside Jimin is taken by his backpack, and the spot on the booth beside Jungkook is taken by his. He quickly shoves his stuff to the ground, wincing when he hears the thumping sound of his laptop landing awkwardly within his bag, ignoring Jimin’s knowing gaze he can feel boring into the side of his face.


Taehyung’s eyes widen in surprise at the sudden movement, before he lets out a quiet laugh, sitting down besides Jungkook. He leans down, picking his stuff up for him, before handing it over with a grin.


“Thank you.” Jungkook says sheepishly.


“So uh, what’s good here? I’ve never actually gotten food here before, just coffee.” Taehyung asks, and it begins.




“He looked so ridiculous. I wish I had the pictures with me. I’ve never seen a kid look so scary while dressed as a bunny.” Jimin laughs, and Jungkook groans.


Half of the past hour has been spent eating and getting to know each other, at least in the case of Jungkook and Taehyung. And the other half has been spent drowning in embarrassment at the hands of Jimin and his plethora of embarrassing childhood stories he has of Jungkook.


He can’t be too mad though, seeing as Taehyung has been giggling and laughing along, even cooing at some moments. The guy is too cute, even when he’s laughing at Jungkook’s misery.


“Aw Jungkook, that’s adorable!” Taehyung giggles, and Jungkook groans again.


“I was never a bunny for Halloween. Although…one year I did go as a duck.” Taehyung adds on, smiling at Jungkook’s laugh.


“Really? I bet you were the cutest kid ever.” He says, shooting a look of confusion at Jimin when he kicks him beneath the table.


“I mean…it was kind of last year?" Taehyung says shyly, rubbing the back of his neck. "But I believe in keeping childlike innocence for as long as possible so i’ll agree anyways.” Taehyung grins with a blush.


Jungkook’s eyes widen. How has Jimin never told him any of this? How has Jimin never talked about his adorable freshman year roommate before?! Jungkook should smack him. This was like prime, FBI certified, juicy as fuck information he was withholding from Jungkook. The audacity. 


“Does that mean you have pictures?” He asks, trying to dial down the excitement in his tone.


Taehyung nods sheepishly, before fishing his phone out of the pocket of his coat. A long, caramel-colored peacoat style thing, laying forgotten on the edge of the booth. Jungkook can’t help but think the color suits the boy, highlighting the golden undertones of his skin.


“Here.” Taehyung says quietly, handing his phone over to Jungkook. On it is indeed a picture of Taehyung, dressed in a cute yellow duck onesie, smiling widely at the camera.


“Oh my god.” Jungkook coos, dying at the pure, unadulterated cuteness.


“Yeah, I know, lame right?” Taehyung says, and Jungkook snaps his head up so quickly something audibly cracks. The insecurity on the other boy’s face makes him almost nauseous. He needs to get rid of it, fast.


“What? No! I love it. You look adorable, Tae.” Jungkook insists, before his eyes widen. He didn’t mean for the nickname to slip. He’s about to open his mouth to apologize, but is cut off.


“I…really? Thank you…Jungkookie.” Taehyung grins. Jungkook melts at the nickname, and gives his own grin to the boy, blatantly staring at him.


He doesn’t realize how caught up they were in their impromptu staring contest until a throat clears. Looking up, he meets Jimin’s smirk, and curses. He can’t believe he forgot the other boy was there.


“As lovely as this has been, I think we should get going, right Jungkook? Or did you just forget that we have dance practice in less than 30 minutes?” Jimin huffs, rising from his seat.


“Oh fuck. Hobi is going to kill me if i’m late again.” Jungkook whines, grabbing up his stuff before turning to the cute boy still sitting down.


“This was really, really fun. And I wish I could stay longer. But Jung Hoseok is a terrifying man.” He apologizes.


Taehyung just laughs, shooing him away. “I understand, Jimin’s told me about him before. Wouldn’t want you to die before we can hang out again.”


Jungkook freezes, looking at the other with hopeful eyes.


“A…gain?” He says dumbly.


“I-I mean yeah. I’d like to, but if you don’t I underst-“ the boy stutters before being cut off, Jungkook blurting, “I’d love to!”


Taehyung looks at him in surprise, before his face melts into that sweet little grin Jungkook is quickly falling in love with.


“Want to exchange numbers?” He asks, handing his phone over when the other nods.


New contact added (complete with too many heart emojis but shh Tae doesn't have to know that),  Jungkook smiles. “See you in class tomorrow?” He asks, slowly backing away.


“Yeah, definitely.” Taehyung agrees, waving.


“I- i’ll text you?” Jungkook says, giving a lame, so lame, thumbs up when Taehyung nods.


“Thirteen minutes Jeon Jungkook!” Jimin yells from the doorway, and Jungkook’s eyes widen.


“Oh fuck!” He exclaims, rushing from the cafe, Taehyung’s laughter following him out.




Jungkook slumps in his desk, dragging his binder out of his bag with a yawn. He really doesn’t know why he decided taking an 8 AM chemistry course was a good idea.


Although, whenever he’s feeling tired, he’s always reminded that there’s someone out there even more tired than him, in the form of one (1) Kim Taehyung.


After two months of friendship, countless lunches shared, and nights spent texting and eventually snapchatting, Jungkook has learned a lot about the other.


One of the things he’s learned along the way is Taehyung is very much not a morning person. The boy doesn’t wake up properly until almost noon. And Jungkook can’t help finding it endearing.


Today, though, it seems Taehyung is even sleepier than usual, a fact that Jungkook blames himself for. After all, it was him that started their snapchat conversation last night, sending a sweaty post-late night dance practice selfie. Jimin called him a fuckboy. But the blushing snap he got back from Taehyung put him at ease. Then they kept going into the wee hours of the morning, eventually turning to texting when they both climbed into bed, rooms too dark for proper pictures. Tae stopped answering at around 2:30 in the morning, presumably falling asleep. Seeing how sleepy the boy is now though makes Jungkook curse his own night owl tendencies, dragging the poor guy into it.


Taehyung plops down unceremoniously into his chair, rifling sleepily though his bag for his things, including his white plastic clicker.


Which, fuck clickers. What a waste of time and money. The plastic things run well over $50 bucks, and all they’re used for is answering questions during class. If he didn’t need all the points he could get in this horrid class, he wouldn’t even bother.


He’s about to rant to his sleepy friend (nearing best friend at this point, or more. Hopefully more), about the pure stupidity that is clickers, when their professor waltzes in, in a cloud of boring.


A little ways through the lecture, the first clicker question shows up, and he turns to Taehyung, ready to work out the answer together like they usually do. Except when he turns to look over, Taehyung is decidedly not awake. 


He’s slumped over in his seat, head pillowed on his arms, soft looking pink sweatshirt riding up slightly on his back. Jungkook heats up at the small slither of toned muscles he can see, before snapping out of it. Looking at the boy’s face, he can gets all the confirmation he needs that the boy is, in fact asleep. Long eyelashes shadowing his cheekbones, mouth open slightly on sleepy breaths. Jungkook looks like a bloated ogre when he sleeps. But this guy’s over here looking like a literal angel. How is that even fair?


Grabbing for the boy’s clicker, he decides to let him rest. After all, his exhaustion is partly Jungkook’s fault anyways (although Taehyung didn’t seem urgent to end their conversation either).


Rereading the question displayed on the powerpoint and cursing the fact that he has barely a minute left to answer, Jungkook looks over the options, thinks, and decides to pick B.


He gives a triumphant little grin when a minute later the professor reveals he was right, going on in his flat voice to explain why B was the correct answer.


Jungkook spends the rest of the lecture the same way, taking notes, yawning, and answering the clicker questions both for himself and Tae. Until finally, a long hour later, the professor dismisses them.


Ignoring the hordes of people shoving their way around him and the still sleeping boy next to him, he packs his stuff away, before softly packing Taehyung’s away too. He looks helplessly at the notebook trapped under the boy’s sleeping figure, before shrugging. Its time to wake Tae up anyways.


“Tae, Taehyung…Taehyungie.” He tries, smiling when the boy’s eyelashes flutter, and his face scrunches up into the most adorable pout, before he rises with a yawn.


“Wha?” Taehyung mumbles, stretching his long arms above his head. Jungkook gulps, the slither of skin is back, this time in the front, revealing the cutest soft little tummy he’s ever seen.


“Good morning, sleeping beauty. Did you have a nice nap?” He teases.


“Oh fuck, I fell asleep?” Taehyung groans with wide eyes, shoving the last of his things into his bag before standing. Jungkook follows him out, cooing internally at the last dredges of sleep still clearly clinging to the boy, his steps slow and clumsy.


“Why didn’t you wake me up?” Taehyung pouts once they’re outside. Jungkook sidles up beside him, heading down the sidewalk to what he’s mentally deemed “their place”, the little cafe at the top of campus they first hung out at all those weeks ago with Jimin. Although nowadays the shorter boy doesn’t join them as often, claiming he’s grabbing lunch instead with Yoongi, the music major he met through Hoseok. Jungkook always sends the boy way too many winking emojis whenever he tells him this, to which he always sends sweat emojis back, telling him to try and not drool too much around his best friend. Such is routine. 


“Because you looked like you needed the sleep, the lecture wasn’t too important, just a continuation of last lecture’s material, and…you looked far too cute to wake up.” He finishes with a wink. Taehyung blushes his cute little pink blush he always does whenever Jungkook flirts with him, and he smiles.


They walk the rest of the way in silence, but it isn’t uncomfortable. Reaching the cafe, Jungkook holds the door open for the other, reveling in his pleased little grin.


Food ordered and settled into their seats, the conversation is flowing easily until Taehyung’s eyes widen, grabbing his phone.


“Dammit the clicker questions! My average for that probably plummeted like five points.” Taehyung groans, logging onto his gradebook and hastily checking the clicker section. It updates automatically after each class is done, average calculated from the questions answered and the questions answered correctly. Attempting the question earns you 0.5 points, and getting it right gets you a full 1 point. Not answering at all, naturally, earns you a zero. Jungkook thinks its his professors way of punishing the people who don’t go to lecture. He seems like that type of douchebag.


Jungkook is just about to tell Taehyung how he answered them for him, when the older cuts him off.


“I…have full credit. How?” He says quietly, looking up at Jungkook with a confused expression.


“Well…you seemed tired and I figured i’d help you out. Whenever questions came around I answered them on both of our clickers.” Jungkook says shyly. 


Taehyung full-on beams at him, and Jungkook feels his breath catch at the sheer beauty of it.


“You’re so sweet, Jungkookie. Thank you.” Taehyung says around a smile, cheeks painted in a faint, red flush.


“No problem, Tae.”




From that day forward, it becomes an unspoken agreement that if one of them comes in half dead and sleeps through most of the lecture, the other will take up the responsibility of answering clicker questions. A good 95% percent of the time its Jungkook doing it for Taehyung, the other up late working on art projects for three different classes he takes for his major. Rarely though, its Taehyung doing it for Jungkook, when he’s been up too late at dance practice, trying to learn new routines for the competition that’s at the end of the semester. Either way, their system works well.


That its, until midterms roll around and they both scramble to find the missing gaps within their notes and knowledge. 


“Ugh, I have so much shit to study.” Taehyung whines, sprawling backwards on his bed. The pair of them decided to study for midterms together, and considering Taehyung has a roommate-less single and Jungkook is stuck in a double with a guy who takes to working out in their room whenever he pleases, Taehyung’s room clearly won out. They barely even considered the library, knowing it would be far too crowded, and the cafes and coffeeshops around campus would be too loud. So, here they are. Not like Jungkook’s complaining. Alone with Taehyung on his bed? Sign him right the fuck up.


“Hey, it could be worse. There’s people who haven’t gone to a single lecture so far. Imagine how much shit they’re in right now.” Jungkook says, hoping to lighten the mood. He grins when it works, Taehyung giggling quietly.


“That’s true.” Taehyung concedes, sitting up fully. Jungkook gulps when Taehyung moves even closer to him, looking over his notes. 


He’s sitting up against the headboard, mountain of plush pillows at his back. Which means Taehyung is basically on top of him, the narrow twin bed barely fitting them both. He can feel the warmth of Taehyung from his shoulder all the way to his ankle, and everything in between. It makes him blush, and he decides to look around the room in an effort to distract himself.


When he first got here, Taehyung shyly welcomed him in, looking like he was just waiting for Jungkook to laugh in his face and leave. Not like Jungkook would ever consider doing such a thing, but he supposes he understands why Taehyung would be scared. His dorm is definitely not embellished in “standard college boy” levels of decor.


The bed, for starters, is covered in a soft, light pink comforter printed with flowers of different hues, mostly blue, yellow, and purple. The pillows match the color scheme quite well, enough that Jungkook wonders if it was all a set. Although they’re all different sizes and materials, some fuzzy and others solid cotton, a few silky to the touch, so maybe not. The whole look of the bed is tied in with warm-toned fairy lights strung along the headboard, unlit for the time being.


To the right of the bed is a desk, the standard, boring wood desk the college provides all the dorm rooms with. Except its covered in various little knick-knacks and figurines. Jungkook spots some seashells, and little plushies, and what looks to be a picture frame. In the middle is a makeup mirror, with a smattering of products around it. It makes him pause, never even considering that Tae wore any sort of makeup. He glances at his face, happy that he can stare unabashedly, the boy too engrossed in Jungkook’s notes to notice. He knows a lot of makeup is made to be barely-there, he even owns and wears some most days, but he finds it hard to notice any on Taehyung. Maybe light eyeliner? Or mascara? Concealer?


He shakes the thoughts away, looking at the wall next to the bed. There’s a cork board hanging there, a mix-mash of things pinned to it. He spots some strips of photo booth pictures, all featuring the same guy, and feels himself color green with jealousy. He recognizes him as the same guy Taehyung has some pictures with on Instagram. They look close. The rest of the pictures look like family ones, and Jungkook smiles slightly at a picture of a younger Taehyung, flocked by two people that look to be his parents. The rest of the items are little cards with inspirational quotes, a small flag of their university, and some various little anime pins.


Jungkook doesn’t even notice Taehyung stopped looking at the notes minutes ago, until the older clears his throat.


He startles at the sound, giving a sheepish grin when Taehyung laughs. 


“Like my room?” Taehyung smirks. But Jungkook can see the slight hesitance that lies beneath it.


“I love it. Its very cosy. And very…you.” He says with a smile.


“Being ‘very me’ is a good thing?” Taehyung giggles. Although the sound has a sad tinge to it. Jungkook doesn’t know where these insecurities he sometimes spots within the other spur from. It seems he was probably hurt in the past. Jungkook himself thinks Taehyung is great, and loves how soft his style is. But he can guess the sorts of things people would say growing up, maybe even now. People can be cruel sometimes. And thinking about it makes Jungkook want to protect Taehyung even more. 


“Yes! Of course it is.” Jungkook insists, “I think you are great.” He blushes, the statement sounding just a bit to close to a confession for him.


“Thank you, Jungkookie. I think you’re great too.” Taehyung says, bashful. Jungkook feels elated at the words. It might not be the type of confession he dreams about getting, but its something. Something closer to what he wants. It feels good, and it feels like progress.


“So, orbitals!” He says with a clap of his hands, before he says something dumb like 'I like you so much please date me and be with me forever and raise dogs with me and adopt babies with me.'


Taehyung groans in response, but grabs for the notes regardless.


“Orbitals…” he murmurs with a pout, and Jungkook laughs.




The pair of them manage to both pass their exam with flying colors, Jungkook a 98 and Taehyung a 99, respectively. They both also manage to pass the rest of their exams, and Jimin suggests they celebrate their accomplishments, regardless of it being a Wednesday.


“How?” Jungkook asks, wary. The last time Jimin told him they should “celebrate” was when he graduated high school. He ended up puking in the bushes in front of his house, and somehow got a giant bruise on his asscheek that to this day, he still doesn’t know how he got.


“A party, of course! Hoseok is throwing one to celebrate the end of midterms. Didn’t you hear him tell everyone during practice last night?” Jimin asks, eyebrow raised. 


Jungkook blushes. There’s no way he heard that. Last night, he invited Taehyung to come along to practice with him. The older had consistently been asking him on a daily basis when he’d be able to see him dance. He claimed he didn’t want to wait “all the way until the end of semester competition, Jungkookie, that’s so far away!”, and Jungkook relented.


Then, he proceeded to spend the entire practice pulling out the sexiest moves he knew, to see just how flustered he could make Taehyung. The answer turned out to be very. 


Jimin gives him a knowing look, that bitch. He knew Jungkook definitely didn’t hear rat’s ass about the invite last night. He glares at him in return.


“Jiminie…you know I don’t do parties.” Taehyung mumbles.


“How do you know that you don’t if you’ve never been to one before?” Jimin points accusingly.


“Wait, you’ve never been to a party before?” Jungkook asks, turning to the boy beside him with an incredulous look.


Taehyung shakes his head, “No…I wasn’t…that popular in high school. And crowds kind of freak me out. And according to Hoseok hyung, Jimin can’t stay in one place when he drinks so i’d know i’d end up standing alone if I went with him to any of the ones he invited me to last year.” 


“Not true!” Jimin denies with a pout.


“Very true.” Jungkook nods, thinking back to all the times where he's had to chase the older down, practically playing a drunken game of hide-and-seek to find him at parties. His agreement makes Taehyung smile.


“See? Jungkookie agrees with me!” Taehyung insists, pointing to him.


“Yeah, well Jungkookie is a lil bitch!” Jimin smirks, and Jungkook gasps in mock affront, hand clutching his chest.


My drunken habits not withstanding, Jungkook here is a clingy drunk. If you go, you definitely won’t end up alone.” Jimin laughs.


“Shut your mouth, Jimin-ssi.” Jungkook huffs, but turns to Taehyung regardless.


“He’s right, you know. Not about the clingy thing…i refuse to admit to that. But I won’t leave you alone, Tae. You should come. It’ll be more fun if you do.” Jungkook insists, kicking Jimin under the table when he starts making exaggerated kissy sounds.


Taehyung thinks for a moment, before nodding. “Okay.” he concedes, and Jungkook wants to whoop triumphantly.


Jimin saves him the embarrassment by doing it himself. 


“Hell yeah! You two meet up at my dorm after you get ready. We can Uber there together.” Jimin instructs, before grabbing his things and heading off, leaving the pair alone.


Jungkook glances at Taehyung, “Soo...i’ll see you at Jimin’s?” He asks with a grin.




Jungkook knows something’s up the second he sees Jimin’s face.


“What? What is that face for?” Jungkook asks accusatory, shouldering his way into the younger’s apartment.


Jimin doesn’t even need to open his smug mouth to respond, Jungkook spotting the source of it all. Because there, lounging against the kitchen counter, is Kim Taehyung looking like a fucking snacc with fifteen Cs.


He’s forgone the usual soft sweaters for a loose white teeshirt, layered underneath a black leather jacket. And to Jungkook’s dick’s dismay, he’s left the usual jeans at home, replacing them instead with tight (so very tight) black leather pants tucked into black boots. Jungkook is going to pass out. This is it ya’ll, god satan take him now, he’s ready. 


“Jungkookie, hey!” The boy waves, heading over to pull him in for a short, one-armed hug, completely oblivious to the pure turmoil he’s putting Jungkook through.


“H-hey.” He stutters, sending Jimin a glare when he hears him start snickering.


“You look really good.” Taehyung complements shyly, cheeks pinking just enough for Jungkook to notice. How the hell can someone dressed like some sexy leather runway model still be so sweet and shy? Why couldn’t Jungkook have fallen for someone a little less adorably hot?


“Me? Have you seen yourself?” He flirts back, in an attempt to regain his dignity (although he’s pretty sure all is lost at this point).


“Pfft shut up.” Taehyung scoffs, rolling his eyes. But its all an act, judging by how much deeper his blush gets.


“Alright well now that the complement fest has ended, without me getting complemented thank you very much, we should head out. The Uber’s gonna be here in like two minutes.” Jimin says haughtily, leading the way out.


“You know you’re the fairest of them all, Jiminie!” Taehyung whines, pulling the shorter man against him in a tight hug.


“You make me weak, Jimin-ssi!” Jungkook sighs exaggeratedly in a high-pitched voice, grabbing for the elder’s hand.


“Shut the fuck up, both of you. I knew you two becoming friends would bite me in the ass.” Jimin grumbles, shoving them both off him. Although the way his shoulders are shaking in barely repressed laughter takes the sting out of his words. 




Jungkook thanks the gods for overcrowded house parties and Taehyung’s lack of party experience, feeling pleasantly warm from the way the boy clings to him as soon as they walk through the door.


“Jimin!” A voice calls, and Jungkook spots Hoseok Hobi waving at them through the kitchen. Jimin rushes in with a whoop, and Jungkook follows behind at a more subdued pace, mindful of the human accessory he has wrapped around his arm.


He’s figuratively smacked in the face with the scent of alcohol the moment he walks in, and is then literally smacked in the chest by an already tipsy Hobi pulling him in for a hug.


“Jungkook! You made it! And Taehyung! Wow, I didn’t think you’d ever actually come to a party.” Hobi directs at Taehyung, looking shocked.


“Jungkookie convinced me.” Taehyung says quietly.


“Oho i’m sure he did-“ Hobi smirks, but is cut off by an exasperated looking Yoongi smacking him behind the head.


Jungkook rolls his eyes at his friends, before looking over at Taehyung. The boy looks lost and slightly out of place, and he’s about to try and remedy it, somehow, when a familiar voice calls his name.


“Ayo JK, you made it!” Namjoon says happily, pulling him in for a high-five, one-armed bro hug. Jungkook is happy to see him, it feels like he hasn’t seen the guy in forever, even though in reality its only been a couple months. He met him at the start of the semester when Jimin met Yoongi, and the boy introduced them both to his rapping best friend during a kickback at his apartment. 


“Namjoon hyung! I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever!” He says back happily.


“Yeah man, how you been?” He asks, before seemingly noticing Taehyung’s presence.


“Taehyung?!” He exclaims, doing a dramatic double take.


“Yeah...” Taehyung smiles, “Its me.” So fucking cute, this guy.


“Wow, you finally decided to try the party life huh?” Namjoon smiles, patting the boy on the shoulder.


Jungkook watches Taehyung open his mouth, probably to say something that’ll unknowingly expose Jungkook’s sad pining for him, when an unfamiliar voice calls Namjoon’s name.


“Joonie?! Oh, there you are.” A guy says, walking over and pulling Namjoon in with a hand around his waist. Jungkook gapes. He’s seen this guy before, plastered on Taehyung’s cute little cork board in his room. 


“Tae-Tae?!” Mystery man exclaims. Jungkook gets on alert, bracing himself for what he’s expecting to be some sort of lover’s quarrel, maybe, but all that happens is a shared hug. A longer than normal hug, he thinks sulkily.


“Jin hyung, hey!” Taehyung says excitedly, pulling away from the embrace.


“Tae! What are you doing here? You hate parties.” Mystery guy, who’s apparently named ‘Jin’ says. Jungkook can’t help the smug satisfaction spreading through him. That this guy couldn’t convince Taehyung to come to a party but he somehow could. Ha. Take that you unfairly pretty man. Seriously, how does a guy have lips that full? 


He snaps back into the conversation when he hears his name.


“-ungkook have you met Jin hyung before?” The boy asks.


Shaking his head, he lets out a flat, “No, although i’ve seen pictures of him in your room.”


“Right! Yeah.” Taehyung says in realization, “Well anyways, this is Jin. He’s been my best friend since childhood.” Taehyung introduces. If Jungkook wanted to think crazy thoughts, he’d think that it seemed like Taehyung placed a little extra emphasis on the term ‘best friend’, but shakes the thought away. Although now he feels significantly less jealous, and significantly more willing to make the acquaintance of said ‘best friend’.


“Jeon Jungkook, nice to meet you.” He introduces, holding out his hand. The older takes it, before looking at Taehyung with a raised eyebrow and small grin.


“Oh, so this is Jungkook, huh?” He smirks, and Jungkook watches in fascination as Taehyung becomes visibly flustered. He talks about him? To his best friend? That must mean something, right? Right?!


“Leave the kid alone, babe.” Namjoon lectures. Jungkook’s eyes widen. Babe?


“Babe?” He says quietly.


“Oh huh, I've never told you about Jin hyung?” Namjoon asks, and at the shake of Jungkook's head, continues, "Well, he's my boyfriend. We've been dating for a couple years now. He's how I met Tae.", he explains with a smile, dimpling when Jin leans in to leave a kiss on his cheek.


“Oh. Oh! Congrats!” Jungkook grins, genuinely happy for his friend (and also because it means Jin is completely off the market, but shh no one needs to know this). 


“Thanks man. Well, I hope you enjoy the party! I heard someone brought a keg, so i’m gonna...” Namjoon trails off pointing in the direction of the back deck, dragging Jin along with him.


It isn’t until the pair is gone that Jungkook realizes him and Taehyung are somehow the only people in the kitchen. Judging by the cheers he hears, he figures most of the other partygoers are clustered out back, or deeper inside in the throes of dancing.


“So...want a drink?” Jungkook offers, grabbing for a bottle of something off the counter. Reading the label determines it is in fact vodka. Although judging by the bright red color and the picture on the front, it seems to be watermelon flavored. Shrugging, he turns the cap off, pouring some about halfway in a red solo cup, before looking for a mixer. If he’s drinking hard liquor out of shot form, his weak ass needs a mixer. He's unashamed of this fact. 


He spots a half empty liter of juice on the far counter, and grabs it, giving a cursory sniff to make sure it isn’t spiked. He wants to get buzzed. Not blackout. He’s a lightweight, sue him.


The drink smells clean, just pure, fruitily scented liquid sugar, so he pours some in, before offering the now blueish-purple colored mix to the boy who, up until now, has been standing by the counter, silently watching him.


“I-I uh. I’ve never drank before?” Taehyung admits, flushing at the confession.


“Wow, really?” He says, incredulous. Taehyung nods, still resolutely staring down at the slightly stained linoleum of the kitchen.


“Okay, that’s fine. If you don’t want to, that’s cool. Alcohol isn’t mandatory to have fun, Tae.” Jungkook encourages, placing the cup back down onto the black marble countertop.


“I mean, I do. I just don’t know where to start.” The boy says, finally looking up.


“’s as good as any.” Jungkook smiles, offering over the cup again.


Taehyung takes it, taking a tentative sip, before his face scrunches up. 


“Gross, how do people drink this?” He practically spits, causing Jungkook to laugh.


“Mm yeah, I know. Chugging it usually helps.” Jungkook says sympathetically. Taehyung looks at him hesitantly, looks at the cup, and then swallows the whole thing in three big gulps.


“Ugh. Terrible.” He groans when he finishes, tongue sticking out in disgust. Every expression the boy makes is cute. Jungkook is so gone.


“It gets easier the drunker you get.” He offers with a small grin.


“Guess I have to get really drunk then.” Taehyung states, already grabbing for a bottle to refill his cup.




Looking back, Jungkook supposes he probably should have watched Taehyung just a little bit more closely. But tipsy Jungkook is an irresponsible mess, and somewhere along the way he gets dragged into dancing by the man himself. From there, he’s too focused on hot, sweaty skin and a tight leather clad ass rubbing against him to question just how drunk Taehyung has managed to get.


It isn’t until later that night when Jungkook is trying to maneuver the drunken, adorable mess out of the house and down the sidewalk to catch their Uber when its brought to his attention.


Taehyung is slumping into him, giggling. He’s slurring...something. Jungkook thinks he catches something about “cute little ears”, when suddenly he has long, tan fingers tugging along his lobe, playing with his piercings.


“Tae? How much have you had to drink?” He asks. He’s proud that he manages to not slur, thanking past him for only letting him have a couple drinks, wanting to be coherent enough to protect Taehyung. Although apparently he didn’t do a good enough job protecting Taehyung from himself.


“Not enough. I still don’t like alcohol, Jungkookie.” The boy says, straightening up to look at him with soft, wide eyes. 


Which is all the warning he gets before said boy promptly vomits all over the legs of Jungkook's pants and his (brand new, dammit) shoes.




Jungkook sighs, helping the older onto his bed and beneath his covers. 


After an Uber ride that they caught late, Jungkook too busy using the hose on the side of Hoseok’s house to rinse the vomit off, they managed to make it back to Taehyung’s dorm.


Jungkook helped the boy out of his tight pants, trying to think the purest thoughts imaginable. Leaving him in just his boxers and white shirt which after checking for traces of vomit, he deemed clean, much to his relief (he caught the brunt of it, after all). He didn’t know if he could handle a shirtless Taehyung right now. Seeing him in his tight, pink boxer briefs was already enough torture for the night. 


Changed, he encouraged him to clumsily brush his teeth and use the bathroom, before helping him into bed. Which leads them to now.


Jungkook’s pulling the covers over Taehyung, moving away with the full intention of leaving and heading to his own dorm across the street. But a slightly clammy, golden skinned hand wraps around his wrist instead.


“Stay.” Taehyung sleepily pleads. 


Jungkook flusters, “Tae, you’re drunk. You don’t know what you’re saying.” He says, trying to pull away. Jungkook doesn’t know who he’s trying to convince more, Taehyung or himself. 


The grip on his wrist only tightens more, and Jungkook winces. How can a man who looks so soft all the time have such a strongass grip?


“I do. I know. Please, Jungkookie. Want you to stay.” The older pouts, tugging him closer.


Jungkook sighs, before giving in. Shucking his still acrid smelling pants and shoes, he climbs into the bed, trying to calm his heart down when Taehyung immediately cuddles into him. One hand grabs a fistful of Jungkook’s shirt, the other grabbing his hand and lacing it together with his own. Legs tangled with his, head pillowed on Jungkook’s chest. He swallows nervously.


He just hopes this doesn’t come back to bite him in the ass.




Jungkook’s woken up the next morning with a knee to the balls. Groaning through the haze of pain, he’s able to see the blur of Taehyung rush into the bathroom, before he hears retching sounds. 


Breathing through the ache, he manages to drag himself from the bed and into the bathroom, kneeling beside the still gagging boy. He ignores the smell of vomit in favor of running a comforting hand down the other’s sweaty back. Wincing in sympathy every time the other heaves. Eventually the gagging stops, and Taehyung turns to face him, cheek pillowed onto the cool porcelain of the toilet seat.


“Are your balls okay?” Is the first thing out of the boy’s mouth, which. Its way too early for and Jungkook is slightly too hungover for. 


Gulping, he manages a strained grin and teasing “Yeah, they’re great.”. Taehyung laughs in response, before wincing, grabbing for his head.


Rising shakily onto his feet, Jungkook flushes the toilet for him, before digging through the medicine cabinet above the sink. Sighing in relief when he finds a bottle of aspirin, he grabs for it, then turns to help the older up off the floor, slowly. He starts guiding him out with a hand on the small of his back, but Taehyung stops.


“‘m gonna brush my teeth first.” Taehyung yawns. Jungkook nods, heading back into the room. Looking through Taehyung’s mini fridge, he sighs in relief at the bottles of water he spots, grabbing one for himself that he drains almost immediately. Grabbing another for Taehyung, he settles back onto the bed, pulling the covers around himself. The university’s heating sucks this time of the year (and the blankets smell like Taehyung).


“I’m never drinking again.” The boy groans, diving back under the covers beside Jungkook. Sitting up, he accepts the aspirin and water gratefully, downing both.


It takes until Taehyung throws the empty bottle off of his bed for him to apparently catch onto the changes in his surroundings. Most notably, Jungkook. His eyes widen, and Jungkook feels his stomach dip at the panic he watches spread across his face. He knew he should have just left. Damn Taehyung and his cute sleepy voice and pretty little pout.


“We slept together?” Taehyung asks, and, realizing the way his words sounded, hastily adds on, “Like sleep, sleep! Not...not that.” 


“Yeah, um. I was going to go but you asked me to stay. And, you’re very persuasive. And you have a tight grip.” Jungkook attempts to tease, hoping to ease the tension. But it only serves to have the opposite effect.


“Oh god, i’m sorry! Fuck, i’m sorry.” Taehyung whines miserably, bringing his knees up, hiding his face in them.


Jungkook tries to ignore how the position pulls the already taught material of Taehyung’s underwear even tighter across his crotch and supple thighs, cursing himself for thinking something like that when Taehyung is clearly upset.


“Hey, hey, its okay.” Jungkook soothes, pulling the boy’s hands away. His heart cracks when he takes in the newly teary eyes.


“I wouldn’t have stayed if I didn’t want to. I only tried to resist because I was worried you would be uncomfortable with it in the morning. Not me.” He promises, wrapping an arm around the boy and pulling him into his side. Taehyung goes easily, resting his head on Jungkook’s shoulder.


“You promise?” Taehyung asks, voice impossibly small.


“I promise. Here, i’ll even pinky swear it. Everyone knows those are the real deal.” Jungkook grins, holding his pinky out.


Taehyung laughs, boxy smile wide, and wraps his own pinky around Jungkook’s.


They sit in comfortable silence, both still giggling occasionally, before Taehyung breaks it.


“Did I actually puke on you last night? Or was it some alcohol induced nightmare? Please tell me its the latter.” Taehyung begs, eyes wide.


“Its the latter?” Jungkook says, voice raising. He’s always been incapable of of lying to the people he cares about.


“Oh god. I’m so sorry, Jungkook.” Taehyung whines, wrapping his long arms around the younger’s waist in a tight hug.


Jungkook hugs him back just as hard, chuckling.


“Its okay, Tae. I’ve had worse things happen to me.” He comforts.


Taehyung pulls away from the embrace just enough to raise an inquiring eyebrow, and Jungkook tries with all his might to ignore how close their faces are.


“Like what?” Taehyung asks, before hiding his face back into Jungkook’s chest. Apparently they’re staying like this. Okay. Like Jungkook minds, ha.


“Well, there was one time last summer when I went to a party with Jimin at one of our friend’s back in Busan. Jimin somehow got so drunk that he started stripping. I ended up having to chase his bare naked ass down the street trying to convince him to put his clothes back on.” Jungkook recalls, giggles turning to full blown laughter when Taehyung joins in.


“No way!” The boy exclaims between laughs, before wincing.


“Head still hurts, huh?” Jungkook asks, running a hand through the older’s hair and over his scalp, before catching himself. He makes to move his hand away but is stopped by Taehyung’s own and whispered, “Don’t.” So he doesn’t, happily working his way through the silky brown strands.


“Yeah, how do you deal with these things?” Taehyung pouts.


“Naps help me, usually.” Jungkook offers, and at that moment Taehyung yawns.


“A nap sounds really good right now, actually.” The boy concedes, laying back against the pillows. He takes Jungkook’s hand along for the ride, leaning into it until he starts up the movements again.


Jungkook looks towards the door, torn. Should he leave?


“You’re thinking too much, Jungkookie.” Taehyung sighs, eyes fluttering open again.


“I-“ he sputters.


“Stay. Please.” Taehyung asks softly.


Jungkook looks at him, and finding no trace of hesitance on his face, concedes, laying back down beside the other.


Taehyung pulls the covers over them both before cuddling up to Jungkook’s side again. Jungkook feels his heart race. It was one thing to do this when drunk. Its entire different thing to do it while sober. What does this mean? Is Taehyung just naturally touchy with everyone? He did hug Jin for quite a while last night.


“Sleep, Jungkookie.” Taehyung whispers, breaking him from his thoughts.


He breathes out a quiet “Okay”, and settles down, letting the warmth of Taehyung and the rhythm of his breaths lull him to sleep. 




The party doesn’t get brought up again until the end of dance practice the following day. 


After napping together, Jungkook and Taehyung shared a sleepy, greasy hangover brunch (leaning more toward lunch, it was almost 2 in the afternoon after all) at the local diner, before Jungkook remembered with an apologetic wince that he still had practice to attend. He reluctantly parted with the older, heading back to his dorm to get ready and get his stuff together, a promise to see the other in class the next day shared between them.


Now, Jungkook follows Jimin out of the studio, the pair deciding to grab dinner together.


It isn’t until they’re settled down with their food that Jimin broaches the topic.


“So...where did you and Taehyung end up heading off to last night? I tried looking for you guys with Yoongi but couldn’t find you.” 


Jungkook the proceeds to tell Jimin about last night’s events, the older groaning at the recount of the vomiting, before he goes unnaturally quiet at the mention of Jungkook bringing Tae home.


“I ended up helping him into bed, and then he asked me to stay, so we slept together.” He states simply, taking a bite of his sandwich wrap. The restaurant forgot to take out the tomatoes, he noted with a grimace, but he was too hungry to care.


“You what?!” Jimin screeches, the sudden outburst making Jungkook choke.


“What? What’s the problem?” Jungkook rushes out, finally able to breathe again.


“Jeon Jungkook I can’t believe you. I’ve known you my whole life and never knew you were such a fucking pig.” Jimin spits out, looking seconds away from punching Jungkook squarely in the face.


Confused, he replays the last moments of conversation over in his head, before he scrambles.


“No! Not sleep together! Sleep together!” Jungkook insists, hands waving.


“Jungkook I swear to g-“


Jungkook huffs, he’s so dumb.


“Like literally sleep together Jimin. You know, dreams and shit? Not sex.” Jungkook insists, sighing in relief when Jimin calms down.


“Really?” Jimin asks, eyes still fierce.


“Yes, yes, what the fuck? You can even ask him!” Jungkook insists, still confused over Jimin’s outburst. Yeah okay, Taehyung was way too drunk to consent to anything, so yes if Jungkook tried anything that’d make him a skeevy douche. But Jimin looked ready to actually murder him.


“Jungkook, answer me honestly, do you like Taehyung. Like romantically?” Jimin asks, tone deadly serious.


Jungkook gapes, flushes, but still admits a timid, “Yes.” 


Jimin sighs, running a hand down his face.


“Why are you acting like that’s such a bad thing? Am I that terrible?” Jungkook attempts to joke, but Jimin just fixes him with a look, face still scarily serious.


“Jungkook...Taehyung is...I don’t want to say innocent, but. Just, promise me you won’t push him too much? I know you purposely do things to fluster him, and that’s fine because I can tell Tae likes it...but I don’t want you to end up pushing so much that you hurt him.” Jimin explains.


“What are you getting on about?” Jungkook asks, still lost.


“Jungkook,” Jimin sighs, “Did you know that Taehyung has never dated anyone? Never has had any hookups either.” Jimin says, looking at him like he’s willing Jungkook to understand. Jungkook stares, before it all falls into place. No relationships, no hookups, ‘innocent’. 


“What, you just think i’m going to force myself on him and take his virginity? Just like that?” Jungkook says, feeling angered outrage course through him.


“No! No, Jungkookie. I mean, looking at your past...” 


“Oh what? Is this ‘slut-shame Jungkook day’? I’ve hooked up with people in the past so i’m just gonna bend Taehyung over the nearest surface and just fucking stick it in him?” Jungkook demands, trying to keep his voice level.


“Dammit Jungkook, no! Just, listen, okay? I’m not saying this because I don’t trust you. If anything i’m telling you this because I do trust you. I figured you should know all this beforehand, to make sure you don’t push too much too soon. Not that I think you would! What I mean is if you started, let’s say, dating Taehyung, the pace of the relationship would be slower than you're used to, you know?” Jimin rambles.


Jungkook sighs, understanding where Jimin is coming from. He guesses its good to know this now, instead of going in blindly. Plus, he’s never been able to stay mad at his best friend for long.


“I get it. Thank you for telling me, hyung.” Jungkook smiles, purposely pulling out the ‘hyung’ card.


“Yeah, yeah. You’re welcome. But if its any consolation, I think you should go for it. I’ve never seen Tae act the way he does around you with anyone else.” Jimin offers.


“Yeah? Thanks Jimin-ssi.”




Jungkook has always blushed upon seeing Taehyung. But after Wednesday night and Thursday morning’s events, as well as the conversation with Jimin, safe to say the next time he sees Tae in person he burns. He feels like he could bake a cookie on his face. And great, now he wants cookies, fuck.


“Hey Jungkookie.”, the older says with a smile, sliding into the seat beside him. He’s wearing a white and navy striped sweater today and light jeans, seeming to be back to his soft boy aesthetic. Jungkook can’t say he doesn’t miss the tight leather pants from the party, but he feels like this outfit suits Taehyung’s personality more. Its undeniably him.


“Hey Tae.” He manages to get out after staring for who knows how long. Deciding to try and salvage his cool, he tacks on, “You look cute today.” 


Taehyung blushes prettily, letting out a flustered giggle. Before he fixes Jungkook with a look he’s never seen before.


“Do I not look cute every day?” The boy asks with a raised eyebrow and small smirk and oh. Oh, this is different. Because even though Jungkook has been flirting with Taehyung for what feels like years now (but in actuality is only a couple of months and some change), Taehyung has never really flirted back. The closest he’s gotten was Wednesday when Taehyung told him he looked good. Other than that the boy has consistently just blushed, or giggled, or both, and said a quiet thank you. Now though, something has clearly changed and Jungkook could not be more ecstatic. 


“Well…I mean eh. Some days you look adorable. Others you look endearing. A few times you’ve looked downright lovely. It’s a mix really.” Jungkook plays along, adding in a faux nonchalant shrug at the end.


Taehyung is full on laughing now, face the cutest shade of red Jungkook’s seen.


“You sure your major is photography and not flirting?” Taehyung asks after he catches his breath.


“I wish. Then I’d have an easy A, don’t you think?” Jungkook smirks.


“Eh, more like a B+.” Taehyung teases, laughing when Jungkook gapes.


“Wow, my heart, its broken! Guess I need to start researching better ways to flirt. You think they have videos for that on Youtube?” Jungkook sighs dramatically clutching his chest.


Taehyung has a reply on the tip of his tongue, Jungkook can tell, but of course their banter is interrupted by the arrival of Lord Boring of the village Boringville. Jungkook is getting really sick of this guy interrupting his conversations like the big grey raincloud he is.


Jungkook resigns himself to the fact that their conversation is over, and starts pulling out his things, mentally preparing himself for an hour of monotonous rambling about carbon bonds. When suddenly, a pink post-it note is being stuck onto the front of his binder.


Looking down, he can’t help the dumb grin from spreading across his face. On it is a little doodle, of what looks to be some kind of heart character. The strong eyebrows and mouth look strikingly familiar and he laughs. Under it is a little “Dork!” written in swirly handwriting. Digging through his bag for a pen, he picks a free space on the post-it and draws a little bunny character with strong, crooked eyebrows, scrawling in a little “You know it!” in his much less pretty handwriting. He debates whether he should add a little heart to the exclamation point, before deciding ‘fuck it!’, drawing it on before he can change his mind.


Passing the note back to the boy beside him, he gets to watch in satisfaction as Taehyung looks it over, bright box smile spreading across his face. He looks up at Jungkook, and he gasps quietly at having the full brunt of that expression turned on him. Its like looking at the sun on a warm summer day, almost too bright it hurts, but still achingly beautiful. 


Watching the boy carefully tuck the note away, he silently hopes it’ll end up on his cute little cork board of keepsakes. 




The note passing becomes a thing™ between the two. So much so that Jungkook ends up buying a bulk package of post-it notes from a bored looking cashier at the campus store. They’ve both accumulated a good amount, and about a week into it, Jungkook learns, to his immense pleasure, that Taehyung is in fact tacking them all up onto his cork board. Jungkook himself has also started displaying the brightly colored little pieces of paper, although his are less organized and more taped to his wall. But they’re still displayed proudly, nonetheless, a fact Taehyung isn’t privy to considering he’s never been to Jungkook’s room before, the pair choosing Tae’s single over Jungkook’s usually occupied by his roommate double most of the time.


Although Jungkook guesses Taehyung is going to see the notes soon (or as Jimin likes to call it, his ‘Shrine to Taehyung’, that ass), considering he shows up on Jungkook’s metaphorical (its a long hallway covered in suspiciously stained ugly carpeting) doorstep, art supplies in hand.


“Tae?” Jungkook says in surprise. When he heard a knock on his door this late, he figured it was his roommate forgetting his keys for the millionth time. Suffice to say when he opens the door to a frowning yet adorable sophomore, he pinches himself to make sure this isn’t a hallucination induced from the alarming amount of banana milk he consumed earlier that night.


“Jungkook, hi. Um, I promise i’m not stalking you! Jimin told me where your dorm is…I originally came here to ask if I could work on an assignment in your room, and then remembered halfway here that the reason we never use your room is because your roommate is always here and now I feel stupid.” Taehyung rushes out breathlessly.


“Hey, hey, breathe.” Jungkook soothes, waiting for Taehyung to take in a few deep breaths before he continues. “You’re actually in luck, tonight. My roommate told me he’s spending the night at some girl’s. So my room is free.” He explains, gesturing the older inside.


“Really? Thank god.” Taehyung sighs, sitting down on Jungkook’s black carpet in a tired looking heap.


“Not that I mind the company, I was actually going to text you to hang as soon as my roommate told me his plans, but…you have a single. So uh, why not work there? Or work in your studio in the art building?” Jungkook asks quietly, sitting beside the boy where he’s still sprawled on the floor.


Taehyung lets out a far too sexual sounding groan for Jungkook’s sanity, and sits up.


“They’re doing renovations in the art building so its loud as fuck there. And my room is usually fine but the guy next door must have either gotten a girlfriend or a fuckbuddy judging by the loud, screechy moans that I could hear near constantly.” Jungkook winces in sympathy.


“Ah shit, yeah, that sucks. You should have like, reported them to the RA or something.” Jungkook says, realizing somewhere along the way he started rubbing the older’s back soothingly. He thinks about moving his hand away, but the way Taehyung is clearly leaning into the caress makes him stay.


“They were so loud, Jungkookie. It sounded like badly-made porn.” Taehyung whines. Jungkook can’t help the laugh that bursts through him. Hearing such a sexual topic leave Taehyung's mouth is one of his cute whines is incredibly endearing.


“It’s not funny!” Taehyung gripes, pouting. He only manages to keep the expression on his face for another few seconds, before falling into his own bout of laughter.


Jungkook takes a few deep breaths before calming down. “Well, anyways. You’re welcome to work here, then. I don’t mind.” 


“Really? Thank you Jungkookie you’re a lifesaver!” Taehyung happily exclaims, pulling Jungkook in for a hug. He smells faintly of strawberries and Jungkook dies a little, wondering if he tastes like then too. Calm it the fuck down you horndog


“I normally wouldn’t be so stressed over getting an assignment done but this one is literally due tomorrow, so..” Taehyung pulls away before hopping up to set up his easel and canvas.


Jungkook follows him, taking a seat on his bed. 


“What’s the assignment?” Jungkook asks, lounging back lazily onto his pillows. They're much less fuzzy and silky than Taehyung's, and a lot more monochrome, but Jungkook still likes them. They suit him.


“A portrait done with acrylic paint. I was actually going to use a reference picture of my mom but…now that I have you here…” Taehyung trails off, turning to Jungkook with hope in his eyes.


“Y-you want to paint me?” He realizes, ignoring how his voice cracks.


“Um, yes? If you’re okay with it. I understand if you aren’t.” Taehyung says, clearly avoiding Jungkook’s gaze by sorting out his paints, laying a tarp underneath everything, setting up his brushes.


“Do I have to do anything special? Any weird poses? Fold myself into a pretzel or something?” Jungkook asks with a teasing lilt to his voice and a glint in his eye.


“What? What kind of artists have you been working with?!” Taehyung asks incredulously, mouth open in shock.


Jungkook just laughs in response, and Taehyung finally catches on, shooting him a joking glare.


“I’d love if you painted me, Tae.” Jungkook finally says seriously, watching Taehyung’s face brighten significantly.


“Okay…” Taehyung says quietly, pleased. 


“Are there any more lights you can turn on?” The boy asks, squeezing some paint onto his palette.


Jungkook scrambles up so fast he trips, flushing at Taehyung’s amused giggle. He flicks on the overhead lights, wondering for the nth time why the university insists on fluorescent lighting for the dorms. Maneuvering around Tae, he clicks on his roommate’s lamp for good measure, ignoring the dirty pair of underwear draped over the base. Gross.


Moving back to his bed, he turns his own lamp up to the highest brightness, before settling back down. 


“Good?” He asks. He can’t help feeling like an eager puppy wanting to please his owner. Jungkook can already hear Jimin laughing at him.


“Yeah, perfect. Thank you.” Taehyung smiles, before turning back to his paints. Jungkook’s never seen him look quite so concentrated before, even when they’ve studied together. The look is a weird mix of endearing and hot. Jungkook can’t believe he’s getting so worked up over an expression. 


“So you don’t have to sit any particular way. It’s easiest if you face me for now, though. I’ll tell you if or when you need to turn.” Taehyung explains. Jungkook nods, grabbing for a pillow to settle behind his back, leaning against the hard dorm wall.




Jungkook’s eyes are starting to droop closed in exhaustion when Taehyung happily cheers, “Done!”. Instantly Jungkook feels more awake, springing up from the bed.


“Can I see it?” He asks, waiting for Tae to nod before moving around the easel. He gasps. The painting is amazing. Taehyung has managed to capture him perfectly in a color palette of cool blues and purples. It looks like something someone could buy and hang in their house. Professional. 


“Tae this is amazing.” Jungkook gapes, holding himself back from doing something dumb. Like running his fingers along the still wet lines. Or kissing Taehyung senseless.


“It’s nothing, really.” Taehyung says bashfully, gathering up his used brushes and palettes. 


“Are you kidding? This is stunning! It looks so professional. And the colors work so well together.” Jungkook complements, meaning every word.


“I…thank you, Jungkook.” Taehyung says, shy smile spreading his pretty, stress-bitten lips.


“You’re welcome.” He says sincerely. Pride looks good on the boy. Highlights his pretty features in a light blush and makes him stand just a little bit taller.


Taehyung clears his throat, still blushing. “So um, where’s the bathroom on this floor. So I can clean these?” he asks, waving the brushes a little.


“Oh, right. Its a few doors down, on the left.” Jungkook offers. Taehyung nods gratefully, opening the door with clumsy hands and heading out.


Taehyung gone, Jungkook takes a minute to admire the painting alone. He still can’t believe how good it is. Met with an idea, he grabs his cameras, the polaroid and the fancier digital one, and snaps pictures of the painting with each. He’s just placing them back on his desk when the door opens, and a newly cleaned off Taehyung and art supplies walks through.


“I think there were people fucking in the shower.” Taehyung says with a grimace, carefully packing up his supplies.


Jungkook laughs, “Yeah, forgot to warn you about that. Its a nightly thing.” 


“Those showers are so gross I could never picture myself-“ Taehyung starts, before quickly shutting his mouth, face red. Jungkook flushes a red to match his, but still lets out a light laugh.


“Right? One wrong move and they’re both tumbling down to the ground. On those tiles? No way. I’m pretty sure there’s some prehistoric, once-eradicated diseases thriving on those things.” Jungkook says with a shudder, grinning when Taehyung busts out in loud laughter. 


“Imagine explaining that to a doctor? Like, ‘how did you manage to get a new, recently undiscovered species of fungus on your ass?’ ‘Well, you see, Doc…’” Taehyung plays along. Jungkook feels tears forming in his eyes he’s laughing so hard.


The older joins him clumsily on the bed, legs giving out from laughter. 


Eventually, their giggles peter out, grins on their faces a mere echo of it all. They wipe at their eyes, before Taehyung sighs. 


“I guess I should get going. Its really late.” He says, standing.


Jungkook checks his time on his phone. Its almost 2:30 in the morning. He thanks every god known to man that tomorrow is Tuesday. Meaning he doesn’t have hell chemistry tomorrow and that his first class doesn’t start until 11:30.


Feeling bold, he grabs for Taehyung’s wrist. “Wait!” 


Taehyung turns to look back at him, surprised.


“Um. Its really late. And like, I know your dorm is only across the street but its still kind of unsafe to walk alone, you know?” Jungkook says shyly, feeling himself blush. Taehyung’s face lights up in understanding, before turning up into a small smirk.


“If you want me to stay, Jungkookie, all you have to do is ask.” The older says airily. Jungkook gapes. He doesn’t know where the sudden, flirty confidence is coming from, but its really hot. And he really likes it.


Feeling like being his own kind of smug, he smirks as well, “Bold presumption of you.” he teases. He doesn’t expect the complete 180 to play out on Tae’s expression, though. The smirk falls away, replaced with a feeling of insecurity.


“Right, yeah. Sorry.” Taehyung says quietly, pulling his arm away. Jungkook grabs for his hand instead.


“Wait! I’m teasing. Stay, please.” He asks, voice lilting slightly on a whine.


He’s getting whiplash from how quickly Taehyung’s expressions can change. This time his face morphs into a bright grin, any traces of the earlier hesitance gone.


“Okay.” Taehyung smiles, toeing off his shoes. Jungkook smiles back, heading around the room to turn off the lights, keeping the blinds open so its not too dark. The last thing he needs is to topple into Taehyung’s painting and ruin it. The thought terrifies him.


“Can we move this somewhere safer? I don’t want to accidentally stumble into it if I get up to use the bathroom or something.” Jungkook suggests.


“Yeah, good idea. Is here good?” Taehyung asks, setting the easel and painting down in the corner of the room by Jungkook’s wardrobe.


“That should work.” He agrees, before climbing into bed.


Taehyung hesitates by the side until Jungkook grabs him by the hand, gently encouraging him in. The boy complies, settling underneath the covers.


Jungkook gets comfortable, intent to try and lay as solid and as he can, keeping his limbs to himself. He doesn't want to assume that Taehyung would want to cuddle like they did during their shared nap weeks ago. The boy takes the guessing away from him, snuggling up to Jungkook’s side again. He grins into the semi-darkness, wrapping an arm around Taehyung’s back.


He’s drifting off, when Taehyung’s voice brings him back.


“You’ve been keeping them too.” The boy says, awe in his voice. He’s pointing to the various post-its taped up along the wall beside the bed, grin illuminated in the moonlight.


“Of course.” Jungkook smiles.


“Goodnight, Jungkookie.” Taehyung whispers, nuzzling into his chest.


“Goodnight Tae.” He whispers back.




“Wait, wait. Lemme get this straight. You guys slept together, like sleeping sleep, slept together, again. And you still haven’t made a move?” Jimin asks exasperatedly. Its the day after Jungkook and Taehyung’s impromptu sleepover, and Jungkook decided to grab lunch with the elder before heading to practice later.


“Yes?” Jungkook says sheepishly, trying to cover up his blush by taking a sip of his latte.


“Jungkook-ah, ask the boy out already. Before I go nuts.” Jimin pleads.


“How?” he sighs. “What do I say? Where could I even take him?” Jungkook whines.


“Literally just say ‘want to go on a date with me’. Trust me, he’ll say yes.” Jimin says with an eyeroll. “As for where, there’s that new wax figure museum that opened up downtown recently. A lot of people have been talking about it. It seems cool. Better than a cliche movie date or something.” The boy offers.


Jungkook brightens slightly, that’s not a bad idea. He says as much.


“See? I can be helpful sometimes.” Jimin smirks, smug.


“Ah yes, once a year. Amazing. You’re basically Santa Claus. Or….one of his elves.” Jungkook smirks, laughing when Jimin gapes, aiming a kick at his shin beneath the table. He only laughs harder when the older boy misses, kicking the table leg instead, pained groans melding together with the other sounds of the cafe.




Now that Jungkook has the date venue in mind, he just needs to figure out how to ask Taehyung. Its been a few days since his conversation with Jimin and he’s still yet to do it. And judging by the glares and vaguely threatening texts he keeps receiving from the other, Jimin is running out of patience. And that always means bad things. 


So he promises himself that he'll do it today. He even keeps a steady chant of ‘today, today, today’ going in his head. Which evaporates like a sad, squeaky balloon the second he meets Taehyung’s eyes. Jungkook has always been shy, but it seems like whenever it has to do with Taehyung and potential romance, that shyness just multiplies. 


It isn’t until the middle of lecture when the note passing starts up that a lightbulb goes off in Jungkook’s head. He can’t believe he never thought of this.


Grabbing a newly unused post-it, he draws the usual bunny character the duo has now dubbed “Cooky”, as well as Tae’s heart character who’s been dubbed “Tata”. Except this time, he scrawls ‘You, me, this Friday. Date at the wax museum?’, making sure to underline the word date a minimum of four times. Then, he adds on two boxes, one labeled ‘Yes’ and the other, respectively, as ‘No’. Its cliche as hell, but he doesn’t care. Taehyung deserves all the cute rom-com cliche’s the world has to offer.


With shaky hands, he passes it over, resolutely gluing his gaze to Professor Boring. When he spots movement a minute or so later, and then hears a note being pressed onto his desk, he gulps. Suddenly, he regrets eating that cafeteria omelette this morning. He wonders if the guy with bright yellow hair in front of him throws a solid right hook. If he vomits all over him he’ll surely find out.


Slowly, as if he’s a literal sloth, Jungkook turns his face downwards to look at the note. His heart stops, before picking up speed in an erratic rhythm that feels like a maraca cover of the fucking Macarena. There, on the yes box, is a big, bold checkmark, surrounded by little hearts. Taehyung even took the liberty of scribbling over the ‘No’ box, as if removing it from existence. And there, above the word ‘date’ are even more little hearts. 


Fuck chemistry, fuck Professor Boring. All he wants to do right now is stand up and do a fucking Irish jig on his desk. He manages to hold back the urge, looking over a the boy beside him instead. He’s pretty sure he’s reaching serial killer creepy with how wide he’s smiling, but he doesn’t care. Arrest him and put him on an episode of Dateline, nothing matters. Especially since Taehyung is smiling back just as wide. 


They’re broken out of their trance by a new clicker question being announced, and share a commiserating sigh, flipping through their notes to work on it together. Their smiles don’t falter for a second, though.




When Friday rolls around, Jungkook can’t stop fidgeting. Hoseok even calls him out for it during practice, saying he’s ‘dancing like a drunken centipede who’s broken 90 of its 100 legs Jungkook-ah, what is wrong with you!?’. Creative insult notwithstanding, he gets let off the hook pretty easily when he explains the reasoning behind his sudden clumsiness. Jimin gasps, latching onto him in a koala-style hug, exclaiming his excitement. Hoseok even lets him leave practice early, with the excuse that ‘you need to make yourself smell less like a dirty sock and look more like a human being than a sentient pool of sweat’. Jungkook suddenly understands why the elder is a writing major.


So, he heads home, takes a long shower in the hopes it’ll calm his nerves (it doesn’t). Before tearing his closet apart trying to find something to wear. When his phone buzzes halfway through with a text from Jimin, he starts to question whether the older is actually psychic. Instead, he concludes that he just knows Jungkook like the back of his (tiny) hand.


Jiminie: Wear the navy blue button down, black pants, brown boots, and brown beanie! ♡ 


He smiles, finding the articles of clothing within the piles strewn about, before sending off another text.


Kookie: Belt? No belt?


Jiminie: Hmm…belt. Black one.


Kookie: Thanks hyung! ♡


Throwing the outfit on and looking in the mirror, he has to admit that Jimin has good taste. He looks nice, just dressy enough for a date, but not too formal. Praise be to Park Jimin. Spending time to make sure his hair is perfectly tousled beneath the beanie, he checks the time, eyes widening. Its nearing their agreed upon meeting time of 7 PM, and Jungkook's desire to always be early to important events kicks him into gear. Checking to make sure he has everything with hurried hands, he bolts out of his dorm, throwing a “Sorry for the mess!” over his shoulder when he runs into his roommate in the hallway.


The nerves don’t fully set in until he’s standing in front of Tae’s dorm door, hands breaking out into a sweat. Another quick glance at his phone shows that he's not as early as he'd like, and mentally crosses out 'nervous freakout' from his to-do list. There's not enough time for such a thing, although he supposes he should be grateful. Less of an opportunity to sweat through his shirt. Time on the screen turning over to 7:00 on the dot, he takes one deep, reassuring breath, and raises a hand to knock.


The door opens before he can even finish his usual three-hit knock, swinging open to reveal an equally as nervous Taehyung. Jungkook's hand is still poised in the air, and the sight makes the older giggle. Jungkook smiles sheepishly, lowering it, before taking in the boy before him. And the sight that greets him threatens to bowl him over backwards.


He thought the party outfit was bad on his dick heart. That has nothing on this. Taehyung's wearing a fucking cardigan. A soft, knitted wool cardigan with a light brown background and black, red, and muted yellow accents. And instead of it screaming 'lonely cat lady' like Jungkook knows it would if he wore such a thing, the sweater only serves to make Taehyung look like the soft, cultured art student Jungkook knows him to be. In an effort to regain some semblance of chill, he snaps his gaze down, taking in the loose black pants, thanking every god known to man that Taehyung didn't decide to torture him too much and wear something tight (or leather...Jungkook is still not over that party outfit, dammit). Although his internal praise dies a fiery, sexual-frustration filled death when he raises his eyes back to Tae's chest. The slightly toned chest he can almost see the entirety of. God why?  Spreading across broad shoulders is a loose, black teeshirt. Sounds innocent enough, right? Wrong. What would normally serve as a simple enough article of clothing is suddenly turned sexy with a fucking deep scoop neck collar showing off slight chest and full collarbones, elongating Taehyung's beautiful neck. Is he going to pass out? Is this how he's going to start their date, fainting backwards on the dirty hallway floor?


Jungkook lets out a mortifying squawk sound, covering his mouth with a deep red flush.


“I’m just going to pretend that means ‘you look nice’ in a new language you made up.” Taehyung teases shyly. Jungkook lets out an embarrassed groan, but manages to calm down.


“You look perfect. Adorably perfect.” Jungkook breathes out.


“Thank you. You do too.” Taehyung complements with a shy grin, eyes clearly raking up and down Jungkook's form. He feels himself blush at the scrutiny, and watches Taehyung smirk, before turning around and locking the door behind him.


Jungkook forces out a shaky smile in response. “Ready to go?”, he asks, waiting for the older to nod and start following him down the badly lit, slightly smelly corridor. Jungkook doesn't know how the university manages to make so much money yearly off of tuition and fees, yet somehow keeps the quality and ambiance of their dorms into the same category of 'horror movie murder setting' year after year. 


“Uber?” The older asks once they're outside. The air is slightly brisk, but still comfortable. Jungkook revels in the feeling and smell of approaching autumn. He wonders what Taehyung would look like amongst turning leaves. Jungkook thinks the golden yellow and burnt orange colors would mingle with him well. He makes a mental note to ask Taehyung to do a fall-themed photoshoot with him. Hopefully by then they'll be together, and Jungkook won't have to make up too many excuses as to why he wants to photograph the boy so intensely. He crosses his fingers slyly by his side, out of the eye-line of the other. Jungkook hopes this date goes well. 


“Yeah." Jungkook finally manages to respond, head spinning over the thoughts of red leaves and golden skin. "Just hope its not the same one we took after the party. Climbing in smelling like vomit doesn’t leave a very good impression, you know.” Jungkook continues teasingly. He watches with stretched lips and aching cheeks as Taehyung gapes, giving him a heatless glare. 


“Jungkook!” Taehyung whines, lips exaggerated into a pout. The outburst and expression makes the younger laugh. He loves flustering the boy.




They manage to get to the museum in an Uber that is thankfully different from the one they took home the night of the party. Admission paid for courtesy of Jungkook, ‘I asked you out, so I pay’, he insists. ‘Fine, but i’m paying next time’ Taehyung grins, making Jungkook feel warm at the implication of a ‘next time’. They head into the exhibit, and Jungkook admits that its definitely cool. In a creepy way.


“These look so real.” Taehyung remarks, heading to a figure of Michael Jackson. The boy cautiously runs his fingers along the sparkly accents of its outfit, almost as if he expects it to come alive at any moment


“Right? Its really weird.” Jungkook responds, looking around at the startlingly surreal looking figures. He spots a familiar one in a far corner and his face lights up as he heads up to it. With a grin, he takes his camera out of his messenger bag and takes a selfie with the Justin Bieber model.


Taehyung looks around for a moment, and spots him, heading over. Noticing the device in the other's hand, he bobs in excitement, asking, “Ooh is that a polaroid?”. Jungkook nods, before handing over the camera with careful hands. Taehyung takes it from him eagerly, and poises it at the other. “Can I try?” he asks, happily shooting a picture of Jungkook when he nods.


Taehyung grabs it once its developed, looking it over with a soft grin. Jungkook peers at it over the older's shoulder. He can clearly see the besotted expression on his own face, and wonders if Taehyung can see it too. He hopes he does.


“Can I keep this?” Taehyung asks. Jungkook grins happily, hoping it ends up on Taehyung’s beloved cork board. 


“Of course, here, I have a pocket in my bag where we can keep it for now.” He offers, placing it within the small, brown bag slung on his hip.


“Let’s take one together now! With…ooh Whitney Houston!” Taehyung points, bouncing over the the figure. He poses exaggeratedly, resting a careful arm around the wax figure. Jungkook laughs, shaking a head at the boy's antics, but poses as well, throwing his arm around it too. Jungkook's hand brushes Taehyung's, and he can't help the shiver that courses through him. Shaking off the feeling, he smiles, stretching his arm out enough to hopefully fit the three of them into the shot, and snaps it.




They’re nearing the end of the exhibit when Jungkook spots a wax figure he doesn’t recognize. He’s dressed in a crisp white button down and black slacks, and looks remarkably real. He even has a name tag.


Approaching the figure, he lets out a quiet, “Who the fuck are you supposed to be?” when suddenly the figure moves. Its laughing! Jungkook's life flashes before him. He knew this place was too creepy. Now he's managed to get him and Taehyung stuck in some creepy supernatural murder house where all the figures are going to come to life and torture them. He can't be killed by Justin Bieber!


He's snapped out of his panic by the sound of Taehyung's laughs joining the sentient being in front of him. He looks closer, eyes squinted, mouth still frowning out of fear. It's still laughing. Its…its…a real person. Fuck. Jungkook is never going to live this down. And judging by Taehyung’s sobbing laughs, he most definitely won't.


“Sorry to burst your bubble, but I am very much real.” the figure person laughs, and looking closely, Jungkook can see the name of the museum printed on the little white tag pinned to the guy's chest. Jungkook mentally facepalms. He’s so dumb. 


“Did you enjoy the exhibit?” the man asks, and Jungkook can only nod, still red-cheeked in embarrassment.


He follows a still-laughing Taehyung out of the museum with a pout. 


“Its not that funny!” He whines, but when the reality of the situation starts setting in, he can’t help but laugh either.


“That guy looked like one of the figures! He was standing stock still! I don’t think I even saw him blink!” Jungkook insists, only serving to make Taehyung laugh harder.


“Jungkook, he was clearly breathing!” Taehyung argues with another laugh.


“Okay, fine. I’m an idiot.” Jungkook concedes. 


Calming down, Taehyung smiles, before shyly grabbing his hand. Jungkook suddenly feels a lot better.


“Not an idiot. Just…unobservant.” Taehyung grins. Jungkook can only sigh in response, knowing he’s right. They walk further and further from the museum in comfortable silence, only broken occasionally by each other's giggles. 


“So, dinner?” He offers eventually in an effort to move on from his stupidity. He's filled with relief when Taehyung nods.




They end up at a kitschy little 50’s style diner, conversation shared among squeaky red pleather seats and the smell of fried food. Jungkook opts for a typical cheeseburger, to which Taehyung good-naturedly lectures him for being a ‘boring, basic bitch’. Taehyung then counters his ‘lame’ choice by ordering the most elaborately weird burger on the menu: an odd looking monstrosity containing too many toppings and a sauce that Jungkook swears is some kind of strawberry jam. But Tae seems to enjoy it, and that’s all that matters.


At the end, they decide to share a milkshake, strawberry flavored (as per request of Taehyung) because Jungkook is still on a quest to provide the boy with as many rom-com cliches as he can. He wonders if Hobi has a boombox he can borrow. Would Tae appreciate being woken up in the middle of the night to Jungkook standing, leather-jacket clad outside his window, blasting Peter Gabriel? Or would he be annoyed?


Stomach’s full, and smiles permanently on their faces, Jungkook walks Taehyung back to his dorm. The feeling of their hands laced together is a warm beacon in the rapidly chilling night. The building coming into view makes Jungkook start to sweat, and he wonders if the older boy can notice through their point of contact. Clammy hands are never a good thing. But his mind races with questions, and his skin heats. Should he kiss Tae? Is it too soon? Has the older even kissed someone before? He’s suddenly regretting not asking Jimin about that. 


Caught up in thoughts, he doesn’t realize they’ve reached the main entrance of the building before Taehyung says a quiet, “I had a lot of fun tonight, Jungkook.”. Jungkook peers up at the slightly taller boy, taking in blush and fidgeting hands.


Clearing his throat, he musters up a shaky smile. “I did too, Taehyung. We should do this again sometime.”


“Yeah, definitely.” Taehyung agrees. There’s a cautiously expectant look in his almond eyes. Jungkook swallows down his nerves, leaning in to pull the other into a hug. The older returns it, burying his slightly cold nose into the skin of Jungkook’s neck. His arms are tight, and the curve of his body is soft and burning against Jungkook's, even through all of the layers of their clothes.


They pull apart slowly, and Jungkook braces himself. This is it. Time to do it, he thinks, trying to psych himself up. But all he can do is stare dumbly at Taehyung.


“Uh…so goodni-“ the older starts, spurring Jungkook into action. He lurches forward, eyes zeroing in on Taehyung’s still moving mouth, determined to kiss him. Except he ends up chickening out at the very last second. His movement stutters and falters, and instead of leaving a kiss on Tae's lips, he ends up landing somewhere in the middle. He pulls his mouth away, leaving a slopping mark in the space between the boy’s cheek and the corner of his mouth.


Taehyung freezes in surprise, before his expression melts. Slowly, he raises a visibly shaking hand up, touching the spot Jungkook just kissed. His eyes are warm like molten chocolate, and his cheeks are red like roses.


“Goodnight, Tae.” Jungkook grins, breaking the silence.


“G-goodnight Jungkook.” Taehyung stutters back. Giving a smile of his own, he turns, waves, and heads up into the building. Jungkook watches him the whole way in until he can’t see him anymore. With a pleased and slightly dreamy sigh he slowly turns away and crosses the street, throwing his arm up in a triumphant fist pump.




“You didn’t even kiss him you dork?!” Jimin exclaims, looking like he’s two seconds away from leaving the cafe. Jungkook blushes at the looks thrown his way, smiling sheepishly at the questioning looks of the other patrons. Turning away, he glares at the shorter boy across from him, eyebrows pulled down in a frown.


“I did!” Jungkook insists vehemently. Maybe it wasn't a full kiss, and maybe it wasn't on the lips, but his mouth still made contact with some part of Taehyung so he's counting it.


“Yeah. Clumsily. On the cheek.” Jimin deadpans, leaning back on his chair with a bored look on his face.


“I didn’t want to scare him away!” Jungkook whines, crossing his arms. He juts his lips out, pouting slightly with wide eyes. Its the expression Jimin calls the 'sad bunny look'. 


“I think the only one scared was you.” Jimin huffs, grabbing a forkful of his salad. Calls Jungkook a rabbit but he’s the one eating rabbit food. Blegh.


Jungkook splutters, settling on a “Maybe.”, deciding to be honest. It has the desired effect, Jimin’s expression softening.


“Kookie, he clearly likes you. He said yes to a date with you. He agreed to a ‘next time’. Don’t worry so much.” Jimin comforts.


“I know…i’ve just never really done this before. I’ve had hookups, yeah. And I dated a couple people in high school. But high school movie dates where you’re both dropped off by your parents are a lot different from college level date-dates. And Taehyung really means a lot to me. I don’t want to fuck it up.” Jungkook sighs, stabbing blithely at his pasta.


“Jungkook, you won’t, I promise. I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical when you first told me about your feelings for Tae. But you clearly care a lot about him. You’ll be fine. Just go with your gut, its been working well so far, hasn’t it?” Jimin says softly, grabbing Jungkook’s hand in a reassuring squeeze.


“Yeah, you’re right.” Jungkook admits, feeling better already. He’s really grateful for his best friend.




As it turns out, Taehyung doesn’t get to pay for their next date either, because Jungkook plans it. He was initially going to wait until Taehyung mentioned going out again, but it had almost been a week since their last date (far too long in his opinion) and the autumn carnival was in town that weekend, and Jungkook loves carnivals. Something about the atmosphere draws him in. The sounds of the games and the cheerful screams of people on rides...the smell of buttered popcorn and cotton candy in the air. In short, Jungkook really wanted to go, and he really wanted to bring Taehyung with him.


“I’m paying for the food this time, at least.” Taehyung warns with a teasing grin, the pair heading into the fair hand-in-hand. Jungkook can already hear the roars of the rides and the chatter of the crowds in the distance. His pulse picks up in excitement, and he squeezes the other's hand a few times to the beat of it.


“Fine.” Jungkook sighs, fake-put out, grinning when it earns him a playful glare from the other.


After spending some time perusing the different booths, they settle on a few different ones to try out. Jungkook manages to win Taehyung two armfuls of different plushies, the older remarking on his ‘supernatural level athleticism’ with an awed grin. Taehyung, on the other hand, wins Jungkook a more modest amount: two bears, one yellow and the other pink. Jungkook already cherishes them both and can't wait to display them on his bed. He can already envision how much they'd stand out against the monochrome sheets. The thought makes him smile.


Worn out playing games, they eventually settle in for some food that yes, Taehyung does in fact pay for. Over bites of nachos and tufts of cotton candy, the pair learn more and more about the other. Taehyung talks about the grandma back home that raised him, of his younger cousins he loves playing with. Jungkook talks about his brother and sister, and their family dog, who he shows an excited Taehyung pictures of happily.


The night is nearing its end, and although the pair agreed to avoid the rickety looking rides and rollercoasters, Jungkook suggests that they still take a spin on the ferris wheel. Taehyung agrees easily enough, although Jungkook can’t help but think his smile looks somewhat strained. He chalks it up to the steadily cooling temperature, the seasonal air turning brisker with each passing hour. He makes a mental note to cuddle up to the other on the ride. For warmth, of course. Nothing else. Nope.


Eventually they reach the front of the line, and an attendant helps them into a cart, closing it behind them. They sit together on one side, shoulder-to-shoulder, leaving the other seat empty. Jungkook stretches his legs out in front of him with a sigh, turning his head this way and that to take in the scenery around them. He can't wait until they move and he'll be able to see it all in its expanse. Its with that thought that the the ride starts up, Jungkook grinning as they start inching upwards. He looks down in surprise when there's suddenly a clammy hand tightening around his, Taehyung clutching it in a vice-like grip. Jungkook peers over at him curiously, worry filling him at the fear he can see painted all over the other’s expression.


“Tae? You okay?” He asks, leaning impossibly closer to the other. The movement jostles the cart just slightly, and Taehyung squeaks.


“Funny thing, actually. Um. Have I ever told you that i’m afraid of heights?” The other rushes out with a dry, humorless laugh.


“Taehyung!” Jungkook exclaims, “Why would you agree to ride this then?” he gestures widely to the ride around them. They’re passing back towards the ground, before heading right back up again. Jungkook’s movement makes the cart shake even more, and Taehyung looks ready to cry.


“Please stop moving so much.” He grits out between clenched teeth.


“Sorry, sorry. Just, why? You could have told me, Tae.” Jungkook scolds softly, running what he hopes is a soothing hand along Taehyung’s knuckles. 


Taehyung squeezes his eyes shut. “Because you seemed so excited to ride it. Your whole face lit up at the mention of it. I figured I could try and bare it since you’d be with me.” 


“Taehyung, I wouldn’t have minded if you said no. Yeah, I love riding this thing, but that’s because I’m not afraid of heights.” Jungkook explains.


“I’m sorry. I promise i’ll be fine? Its almost over anyways, right?” Taehyung says in a small voice. And he’s right. The ride is slowly coming to a stop, each cart getting a turn to stop at the very top for a few minutes, as others come down and unload. They’re nearing the top, and Jungkook is filled with worry for Taehyung.


“Yeah, but we’re gonna be stopped at the top soon.” He reminds softly. He watches Taehyung visibly gulp, seemingly trying to steel himself.


“I- that’s fine. I’ll be fine. I just…need some kind of distraction.” Taehyung offers, eyes opening enough to stare at Jungkook.


He suddenly gets an idea. Its risky, yeah. But his last lunch meeting with Jimin comes to mind, and he shrugs internally. What’s he got to lose? (A lot. Taehyung, most notably. But eh, semantics).


Jungkook leans in towards Taehyung, until their faces are a mere inch from one another. He takes it as a good sign when the boy doesn’t lean back. Cupping Taehyung’s cheek, he whispers, “You need a distraction?”


Taehyung gives a tiny, barely-there nod, and Jungkook leans in.


The first taste of Taehyung’s lips has Jungkook addicted. They’re soft and plush like the silk pillows the older has on his bed, and warm. So very warm...a wild temperature contrast to the cool air surrounding them. The first kiss brings forth a soft whimper from the older, before he presses back into the kiss.


Their lips slide lazily, Jungkook’s clearly more experienced than the other’s, but he doesn’t mind. He teases lightly at the older’s bottom lip with his tongue, letting out a whine of his own when he dutifully opens his mouth, letting the younger slide his tongue inside. Jungkook is burning like a newly ignited firework, heat building up within him until it bursts out in sparks. Taehyung is leaning into him more now, breaths shaky. Long, tan fingers move up to card through Jungkook’s hair and sighs against Taehyung's mouth at the feeling. Jungkook leans into the touch, biting down on the other’s top lip, tugging gently with his teeth. 


The action causes a full-fledged moan to explode from the other, his hand tightening in Jungkook’s hair. The pull has him gasping, and he sucks Taehyung’s tongue into his mouth in retribution. The older is practically in his lap now, the cart slowly swaying from their movements, and Jungkook feels like he’s flying. His hand roams, and he’s just gotten it onto the top of Tae’s thigh before a throat clearing breaks them apart.


Jungkook turns, meeting the eyes of a very impatient looking ride operator, and gives the man a sheepish smile with swollen lips. Taehyung is hiding his red face in Jungkook’s shoulder, and he giggles before tugging the older up and out of the ride.


“How long do you think he was standing there waiting?” Taehyung whines when they’re a safe distance away. The sounds of the fair are slowly fading into the background the closer they get to the parking lot, the only source of light being the street lamps around them. 


“Not long, probably. Hopefully.” Jungkook laughs, chuckling harder when Taehyung whines again.


“Worth it though?” He asks quietly, laughter dying down. Taehyung looks up at him in surprise, before his face breaks out into his boxy grin Jungkook loves. He loves it even more now that its highlighted slightly by swollen lips. He did that.


“Definitely.” Taehyung agrees, before catching Jungkook by surprise, leaning in to capture the younger’s lips in his own. 


They kiss until the Uber arrives, breaking them out of their reverie with a loud honking horn. Jungkook winces. He just knows his already low 2.5 star rating just got even lower.


Entirely worth it, though.




Its been a couple weeks since their carnival date, and since then, they’ve been on a few more different ones. One was a typical movie date, planned by Taehyung, but then another was a not so typical arcade date, also planned by Taehyung. Jungkook threw a bowling date somewhere into the mix, and everything was good. Although, that’s not to say they have to be doing things and going places just to spend time together. Nope. Video game and anime marathons in Tae’s room have now taken a turn for the better, including much more kissing and usually a sleepover, Jungkook cuddling up to the other on his warm, plush bed.


In short, everything is good. Well, for the most part. The only bothersome fact of it all is that they still haven’t officially stated they’re dating. They haven’t even brought it up. And everyone is getting impatient. Jimin, Yoongi, Hoseok, Namjoon, Jungkook, God, the ghost of Whitney Houston, they’ve all been shooting Jungkook disapproving looks for weeks, practically screaming ‘DTR that mess! Define the relationship you chickenshit!’. And fine, okay Jungkook will admit it, he is scared. Terrified even. Because he’s having so much fun with Tae and is so incredibly worried that the older is going to tell him something like ‘This has been fun, but I don’t want anything serious’ or ‘This has been fun but i’m going to be moving to Italy to runway model for Gucci’ (he’s had actual nightmares about that one). 


He doesn’t even know why he’s so worried. Between the looks Taehyung gives him and the passion of his kisses, and Jimin following him around like the fucking Keebler elf he is, insisting that Taehyung one hundred percent wants to date him, he has nearly every confirmation needed in the world to feel secure in making it official with Tae.


But somehow his big, dumb, butt of a brain spouts out ‘What if?’ scenarios like a leaky faucet in a gas station bathroom, and he loses all confidence. At this point, an alien overlord could come down himself and tell Jungkook Taehyung wants to be his boyfriend and he’d be like ‘But what if-‘. He’s a mess. He knows this.


At the end of it all, the biggest reason for his reluctance is the fact that Taehyung hasn’t once mentioned anything. Which leads Jungkook to believe that the boy is content with how things are, and who the hell does Jungkook think he is trying to change it?


But somewhere between the fifth and eighth threat from his friends, he decides to pussy up, steel his damn resolve, and ask Taehyung to date him. Hopefully for forever. The problem is he doesn’t know how. According to most of the world’s population who love butting into his love life, he could get by with a simple, straight to the point, ‘Want to be my boyfriend?’ question. But where’s the fun in that? Where’s the pizazz. He wants glitter, people! Embellish that trash bag!


On the innumerable night of trying to come up with ideas, a simple ad for a jacket catches his eye. And he smirks, and he plots.




“Go steady with me, Kim Taehyung?” Jungkook asks the second Tae opens his door. In one hand he’s holding a bouquet of sunflowers, the boy’s favorite, and in the other is a black and green letterman jacket, big black B’s adorning it. He’s decided to say the B stands for boyfriend, if asked. Because who has time to play actual sports and earn and real one of these? Not Jeon Jungkook that’s for certain.


“Jeon Jungkook you are the biggest dork i’ve been waiting for you to ask me to be your boyfriend for forever and this is how you do it?” Taehyung rushes out, enveloping the other in a hug. Jungkook basks in the feeling, faintly registering the sound of the older kicking his door shut. With a pleased sigh, Jungkook returns the embrace, careful to move the flowers out of the way, lest they get crushed. Taehyung squeezes even tighter, and Jungkook mirrors him with an almost hysterical, relieved laugh. 


The pair take in each other's warmth for what feels like hours, but replaying Taehyung's words in his mind causes a question to burst forth out of the younger. “So do you like it then?” Jungkook can't help but ask, pulling away. He’s pretty certain Taehyung does, the boy literally looks teary eyed. But he still wants, no, needs the confirmation. 


“Do I like i-, Jungkook! I love it!” Taehyung exclaims, cupping his cheeks and pulling him in for a sweet kiss. Jungkook returns it happily, grinning against the older’s mouth. Far too soon, Taehyung pulls away, and Jungkook lets out a whine, immediately missing the soft lips against his own. Taehyung shoots him a smirk and laughs at his desperate little sound.


“Help me put the jacket on?” The older asks around a smile, and Jungkook complies. Gently slipping the older's long arms into the fabric, adjusting the collar, he stands back and surveys his work with a grin.


“You look so cute. I only wish that was real.” Jungkook sighs, smoothing out the fabric on the front with deft hands. Taehyung blushes at the complement before turning to look at himself in the mirror hung along the door. 


“Its okay, its real to me. Real cute.” Taehyung giggles at his own little joke. Jungkook giggles along with him, well and truly whipped.


“Oh! And these are beautiful too.” The boy grabs for the bouquet, seemingly forgetting about them for a moment.


“Beautiful flowers for a beautiful boy.” Jungkook says confidently. He can’t help but coo when Taehyung flusters. Its so cute to him that even after everything, after dating unofficially for weeks and now finally officially, he still gets all red-cheeked and bashful over Jungkook’s complements. 


Jungkook can feel himself falling, and he definitely doesn’t want it to stop.




After becoming official, things between them don’t change all that much. Other than Taehyung dropping the word ‘boyfriend’ into conversation at least 45 times a day, their dynamic is still the same. Still hanging out, still going on dates, still making out and falling asleep together. Jungkook thought everything was going great. And then it all hits a wall like a fly trying to find an open window.


“Jungkook, why do you keep pulling away from me?” Taehyung asks. They’ve just finished kissing away on the older’s bed, Jungkook blanketing the boy beneath him. When it got too heated, he made sure to back away, rolling off to cuddle the boy instead. He’d thought he’s been being subtle about it, but apparently not. He never was good at subtlety. Hell, he flirted with Taehyung the first time he ever talked to him.


“What do you mean?” He settles on, deciding to play dumb. He stares up at the older with wide, innocent eyes, and takes in the frustrated furrow spreading across Taehyung's face.


“I’m not dumb, Jungkook, and you’re terrible at being subtle.” The older huffs, sitting up and away from Jungkook, arms crossed across his chest.


“Okay, you’re right. I have been.” Jungkook admits, sitting up himself. He turns to face the boy, hoping to coax him into looking at him with a hand on his chin. Taehyung shrugs him off, but still meets his gaze, looking annoyed, confused, and a little bit hurt. Jungkook is going to get ‘i’m an asshole’ tattooed on his forehead. That’s the only way to make up for such a sin.


“Why?” Taehyung asks simply, looking like he’s afraid of the answer. The air in the room is stifling with tension, the near silence deafening.


“I just don’t want to overwhelm you. By moving too fast.” Jungkook stiltedly tries to explain. He grabs for Taehyung’s hand but the boy wrenches it away.


“Why would I be overwhelmed?” Taehyung demands. His forever expressive eyebrows are dipped angrily, kiss stained mouth pulling in a frown.


“Well, Jimin said-“ Jungkook starts, before slamming his mouth closed with an audible clack. Shit. Booboo the Fool has risen again.


“Jimin said what?!” Taehyung asks, looking pissed. Jungkook doesn’t think he’s ever seen the boy angry before. He hates it. 


Jungkook sighs, figuring its best at this point to just come clean. “He said that I should take things slow with you…because you’ve never done anything before.”. He winces when the statement only serves to darken the other's expression even more, and knows he's fucked.


“Yeah well Jimin should mind his own fucking business!” Taehyung yells, making Jungkook flinch back. Throughout their entire friendship turned relationship, the other has only used such a voice when playing video games. But it was never as harsh as it is now. Not only is an angry Taehyung a rare sight to see, its also a scary one.




“Don’t you dare ‘Tae’ me! What right do you and Jimin have talking about me, about my experience? Huh? What right do you guys have to decided what’s best for me without even discussing it with me first?” Taehyung bites out. Jungkook is shocked into silence. And, to his horror, he feels a tell-tale stinging behind his eyes. 


“I-i’m sorry.” Jungkook mumbles miserably, holding back his tears with a sniffle. Taehyung’s fiery gaze softens imperceptibly, but the anger still remains, bubbling beneath the surface like hot water on a stove.


“I think you should go, Jungkook. I want to be alone.” Taehyung sighs out, making Jungkook shatter.


“What?! Why?” He whines, letting the tears fall freely. He tries reaching for Tae but he pushes him away, standing from the bed and heading for the door.


“Jungkook-“ He sighs again. 


“No! I’m not leaving while you’re mad at me.” Jungkook insists. He knows he’s behaving like a petulant child, but he’s in too much pain to care.


“Please just leave Jungkook. I want to be alone. I’m not-….not breaking up with you. I just want space. Okay?” Taehyung pleads. He even goes so far as giving Jungkook a weak smile. But it looks so strained and foreign that it makes Jungkook sick. He had every intention to try and stay until the older physically forced him out, but he can see the panic growing on Taehyung’s face, and knows he needs to leave. No matter how much it hurts him. The last thing he wants is to make the boy even more upset.


“Fine.” He bites out, still riding the toddler temper choo-choo train. He stomps from the bed angrily, shouldering his way past Taehyung through the door.


“Jungkook-“ the older sighs again, and Jungkook snaps.


“Stop fucking sighing my name like some disappointed stay at home mom!” He gripes, shoving down the hallway.


Too caught up in anger, he doesn’t see how Taehyung’s shocked face melts just for second, into a small affectionate smile.




“Jeon Jungkook I should fucking beat your ass!” Jimin yells on his way into the dance studio. He shoves some poor, timid junior boy out of his way with a grunt, before caging Jungkook into the mirrored wall.




“It’s hyung you little brat!” Jimin explodes, “I try and help you and then you go and fuck up with Tae and drag me into it? You know how scary Taehyung is when he’s pissed? He lectured me for a full hour with his terrifying scowl. I almost shit my fucking pants.”. In any other situation such a statement would make Jungkook laugh. But he's still as sore as a new wound, slowly scabbing over.  


“Yes I know how scary it is! I got a fucking first hand experience of it last night! Now get away from me.” Jungkook spits, pushing the elder away from him. He ignores the gasps of the other's around them, stomping over to couches in the corner.


“Yeah? And who’s fault is that hmm?” Jimin asks smugly, and Jungkook freezes in place, halfway across the room. And then he crumbles.


“What? You want me to say its mine? Fine, I fucked up. Happy?” Jungkook says miserably, feeling more tears spring into his eyes. The rest of the team is watching the entire altercation in shock. Even the usually vibrant and loud Hobi is stock still and silent.


Still facing the opposite direction, Jungkook doesn't see the way Jimin's face softens at his outburst. “Jungkook. Kookie. I’m sorry.” Jimin says softly, pulling the younger in for a hug. Jungkook turns in the embrace, burying his teary face into the short man's shoulder.


“No you’re not.” Jungkook whispers, voice breaking.


“I am! I never wanted this to happen. I didn’t expect it to. But what I do expect is for you two to make up. Tae really, really likes you, Kookie. He’ll come around. I promise.” Jimin says with full sincerity.


“I hope so.” Jungkook sighs. A loud clap visibly startles the pair, and they break apart, looking for the source of the noise.


“Well, that certainly was an interesting start to practice! Now, let’s get some actual work done, yeah? Chop Chop!” Hoseok proclaims with yet another clap of his hands, effectively ending their conversation.




Jungkook is wallowing in a pool of self-pity, covered practically up to his forehead with blankets in an attempt to block out the grunts of his roommate. It’s eleven-thirty five fucking PM and the guy insists on doing one hundred plus push ups. Jungkook works out more than the average guy, he’ll admit it, but his roommate is ridiculous. Also, why he insists on using their room for his little personal workouts instead of, say, the gym their tuition pays for, is beyond him. 


Either way the annoyance is only serving to sour Jungkook’s mood even more. After the blow-out at practice earlier, Jungkook trudged his way home after accepting Jimin’s apology. The boy even invited Jungkook out in an attempt to cheer him up, but he just wanted to go home and lay in his bed and forget that the world exists.


Suffice to say, when there’s a sudden knock on their dorm door, Jungkook ignores it. Figuring a) its most likely someone his roommate knows or b) its Jimin trying to coax him into cheering up again. Both options are almost identically unappealing at this point, so with a sigh he turns over into his blanket cocoon like the sad worm he is and closes his eyes. That is until he hears the door being opened and a very familiar, unexpected voice.


“Uh, hey? Is Jungkook here?” Taehyung asks. Jungkook debates over rising from the security of his sheets, and decides against it. Maybe he’s being petty. He doesn’t care.


“Yeah man, he’s over there.” His roommate says with a lazy point. Jungkook manages to show his head just enough to look at them both. His gross, sweaty roommate is clearly sizing Taehyung up, confusion on his face. Taehyung, for his part, looks nervous. Jungkook’s stomach drops. Oh god, what if he came all the way here just to break up with him? 


Biting the bullet, he sits up, refusing to meet Taehyung’s eyes, opting to look at his roommate instead.


“Hey man, remember all the times you sexiled me this semester saying ‘I owe you one dude’? Well pay up.” Jungkook says flatly.


“Fair enough.” His roommate shrugs, spending a few minutes throwing some things into his backpack before heading out. The click of the door closing seems to echo in the uncomfortable stillness slowly spreading amongst the room like a suffocating mist.


“He seems…cool.” Taehyung says, breaking the silence. Jungkook snaps his eyes towards him, and takes in how remarkably small he looks. The tattered sweats and stained shirt don’t help matters. He can’t help the way his lips turn up just so, eyes catching on the fact that Taehyung is wearing the letterman jacket over the thrown together outfit. Jungkook feels like maybe its a security blanket of sorts for the other, or at least hopes its that way. The other option is the boy wanted to return it and shrugged it on on the cold walk over. Still nervous, he swallows, before letting his pettiness melt away. All this fight has taught him is how much he likes Taehyung, maybe even loves him. Its a scary thought, but he welcomes the chaos if it means getting to call Taehyung his own. 


Anger replaced with affection, he tries to lighten the conversation. “Yeah, well, you just missed his dudebro workout. Complete with over exaggerated grunts, so…”. Relief floods through him when Taehyung laughs. Then the boy’s face turns serious, and Jungkook’s nerves come rushing back with a vengeance.


“I um, came to apologize. I shouldn’t have freaked out at you so much. I definitely shouldn’t have yelled either. I’m sorry, Jungkookie.” Taehyung says quietly. He’s still standing by the door, wringing his hands together nervously. The return of the nickname coupled with Taehyung’s words has him feeling bold, and he opens his arms. 


“Come here, baby.” And woah, okay. He doesn’t know where the hell that term of endearment came from. But if Taehyung’s pleased blush and small, surprised smile are any indicators, Jungkook would hazard to say he doesn’t mind it. Seems like its the complete opposite, actually.


The older follows his request, climbing onto the bed and into Jungkook’s arms. Wrapping him up, he lays a series of soft kisses into the other’s hair, running a comforting hand down his back.


“Tae, i’m sorry too. It was my fault, really. All the things you said were right. It wasn’t up to me or Jimin to decide what’s best for you.” Jungkook apologizes. Taehyung pulls back, locking eyes with him before shaking his head.


“It’s okay, Jungkook. I thought about it, and I get why you were doing what you were doing. You just wanted to keep me safe and comfortable right?”. Jungkook feels relief flood through him at the words. That Taehyung seems to finally be understanding. Still, he could have gone about it better, and says as much.


“I mean yeah, actually talking to me about it would have been nice.”, Taehyung agrees, “Instead of constantly pulling away and…making me think you didn’t want me.”. The second part gets mumbled, but Jungkook still hears it, eyes widening.


“Baby? How could you ever think I wouldn’t want you?” Jungkook gapes. The thought is the farthest thing from the truth.


“I don’t know…I guess I kept thinking you were getting second thoughts. That you were slowly realizing you didn’t want this.” Taehyung says, gesturing between them. Jungkook grabs the hand, bringing it up to his lips to lay a soft kiss on even softer skin.


“Tae that’s the furthest thing from the truth. I love you.” He says, before freezing. He didn’t mean to say that. He didn’t even realize he felt that way. But saying it out loud now feels right. The rightest choice he’s ever made. And he realizes its true. He loves Taehyung. Wow.


“I- really?” Taehyung chokes out. Jungkook worries, and is quick to reassure him, “You don’t have to say it back, I know its kind of soon-“


“I love you too.” Taehyung cuts off, grin blinding. The confession is like a punch to the gut. Except instead of pain all he feels is pure elation.


“Wait, really? Are you sure?” He asks, unable to keep the excitement from his voice.


“Yes! Are you sure?” Taehyung asks himself. 


“Of course I am! I think i’ve been falling a little bit in love with you ever since I met you.” Jungkook whispers. Its cheesy. But its true. Truth cheese, the best kind of dairy product.


Taehyung lets out a happy little giggle in response, before pulling him in for a hug so hard and so sudden Jungkook feels them smash sternums. 


“Ow.” He grimaces, pulling away to rub at the now-sore spot. 


“Sorry!” Taehyung apologizes, moving Jungkook’s hand away so he can rub at it himself. Then he smirks, and Jungkook knows from that expression alone he’s about to be thrown for a crazy straw level loop-de-loop.


“Want me to…kiss it better?” Taehyung asks quietly, still smirking. Although the expression is starting to blur around the edges in what Jungkook has come to recognize as insecurity. 


“Uh, okay.” He splutters, face turning tomato red. Taehyung searches his burning face, and must find what he looks for, as he slowly leans in to capture his mouth in a kiss.


It starts off innocently enough. A meeting of lips. Like two lovers saying hello after a long trip. But all it takes is a nip to his upper lip courtesy of Taehyung for it to turn heated. Fast. Then Taehyung straddles him, perfectly perky ass settling down onto his thighs in a round, warm pressure, and Jungkook starts mentally writing his own will. He’s going to die. But what a way to go.


“T-tae, fuck.” He stutters out, hips bucking involuntarily at the sudden weight on his lap. The action makes their quickly hardening cocks brush within the confines of their sweats, a fact Taehyung welcomes with a cute little moan. Jungkook falls in love with the sound, and suddenly is full of the urge to do whatever he can to make it happen again.


Rolling his hips up again brings more friction, and another quiet moan, so he does it again. And again. Until finally they have a steady rhythm going. Taehyung latches onto Jungkook’s neck, clumsily worrying a hickey there, and he moans himself at the feeling. Those plush lips are just perfect for leaving hickies, and he drowns in the feeling of Taehyung littering his neck even more.


Deciding to return the favor, he grabs a fistful of the older’s brown locks, wrenching his head away and back. Taehyung whines against the hold, wanting to return to his task of marking up Jungkook. But it quickly turns into a moan when Jungkook starts leaving marks of his own. The red of blood being pulled to the surface looks so pretty against Taehyung’s skin, and he smiles, laving over the new marks with his tongue. 


Taehyung pulls him back up for another kiss, and Jungkook takes the opportunity to flip them over, settling himself between the older’s legs. Taehyung moans out at the sheer display of strength, before he’s pulling Jungkook down again, tongue sliding hot and wet against his own.


A pair of hands start tugging at the bottom of his tee, and he pulls away from the kiss just long enough to wrench it off, tossing it somewhere on the floor. Taehyung’s eyes trace his torso, and he swears he can feel their path burning over him like a brand. Jungkook sits back on his heels, letting the older look his fill, preening at the appreciation and attraction radiating off the other. He does a lot to take care of his body, and knowing his boyfriend likes it is a nice, heady feeling.


“God, you’re buff.” Taehyung finally whispers, raising a hand to run it over Jungkook’s chest. His palm catches on a nipple, and he gasps. Taehyung, ever observant, repeats the action with wide eyes. Jungkook moans louder this time, encouraging. Except instead of touching him again like he expects, Taehyung stuns him once again. Sitting up slightly, he pulls Jungkook’s chest towards him, and licks.


“Ahh…fuck, baby.” He hisses, leaning into the hot tongue and wet pressure. Taehyung laves the nub over in his mouth, before trailing a line of kisses to the other, giving it the same attention. At the end, Jungkook’s nipples are two hard, matching peaks, and his breaths are steadily turning into pants.


Taehyung pulls away, eyes dark, but Jungkook doesn’t let him get far, pushing the other’s jacket off and tugging at his shirt. Tae complies, raising his arms to help, before settling back down. He looks up at Jungkook with slightly nervous eyes, but the younger's quick to lay his insecurities to rest.


“You are so beautiful, baby.” Jungkook whispers, leaning down to trails lines and paths of kisses all over Taehyung’s torso. The boy is the perfect amount of soft. Muscles still defined enough to be visible, but covered in a thin layer of pure, supple skin. Its adorable, sexy and every adjective in between.


“Even though i’m so…soft? Especially compared to you.” Taehyung asks in a small voice, throwing in a gentle poke at Jungkook’s abs.


“Especially because you’re soft.” Jungkook insists with a sweet kiss laid directly over Tae’s heart. “Your softness was one of the first things that attracted me to you, you know. With your fuzzy little sweaters and your pink pens…” he trails off, kissing Taehyung’s cheek when he giggles bashfully.


“Jungkookie.” the older whines, flustered again. Jungkook can’t believe he managed to score the cutest boy on campus. Wild.


“You’re so cute, Tae.” he giggles back, dragging him in for a kiss thats more teeth and smiles than anything. It doesn’t take long for it to heat up again though, especially with Jungkook softly kneading at Taehyung’s skin, loving how pliant and warm it all is. Everything about the boy is warm. His eyes, his skin, his smile. Jungkook loves it, loves him.


Somewhere in the midst of it all, hands start pushing at his waistband, and Jungkook helps, shoving the grey material off and away like it has the plague. More hickies, this time left on a soft chest and tummy are made, and then Jungkook is easing Taehyung’s bottoms off too, until they’re both clad only in boxers.


The now significantly thinner barrier between their cocks only makes the grinding that much sweeter, and Jungkook expects this to be the point where it’ll stop. Although Taehyung is always surprising him, a fact made true when hands start pulling at the material of his blue boxers as well.


“Are you sure?” He asks quietly, pulling back to look at his boyfriend. Jungkook feels himself twitch at how wrecked the boy looks already. Hair a mess, eyes dark, lips swollen, chest rising in quickened breaths.


“Yes, but only if you are.” Taehyung responds, voice hoarse. Jungkook nods, letting out a shaky breath, before shucking off the final article of clothing. Throwing the cloth somewhere on the floor, he sits back again, feeling himself heat at Taehyung’s focused gaze. 


“You are so hot.” Taehyung groans, taking it upon himself to lightly trace the vein running down Jungkook’s hard length. 


“Tae.” Jungkook whines. The sound makes the boy beneath him even bolder, and suddenly there’s a hand wrapping around him, stroking him with the utmost care and laser focus. 


“Nghh.” He moans, eloquently of course, head thrown back in pleasure. Jungkook looks back down in time to catch Taehyung licking his lips, and suddenly he just needs to kiss him.


“How are you so hot and so cute at the same fucking time?” Jungkook groans against Taehyung’s lips, swallowing his laugh with his tongue. The older guides his hands to his own underwear, tight yellow boxer briefs that do nothing to hide his hard, leaking length. 


“If you ask me if i’m sure again i’m leaving.” Taehyung warns and Jungkook snaps his mouth shut before spreading it in a sheepish grin. The older matches it, and then leans up enough for Jungkook to slide off the last barrier between them. The sight he’s left with makes him gasp. Not only is Taehyung’s cock big, but its also pretty. Jungkook has never once found a dick to be pretty in his entire life. Trust Taehyung to change that for him.


“Is everything on you pretty?” Jungkook asks around a whine, wrapping a hand lightly around the hard flesh. Which of course is when the dorm door bangs open.


“What the fuck?!” Jungkook screeches, using his own body to cover Taehyung’s while simultaneously grabbing for the blankets, scrambling to hide them both. Taehyung tucks his burning face into Jungkook's neck, groaning quietly. Whether its over their sudden visitor, or the way their new position slides their cocks together, Jungkook is unsure. Maybe both.


“Shit! Sorry man! I forgot my laptop charger.” Jungkook’s roommate yells apologetically, holding the white cord up with a sheepish grin.


“Get the fuck out!” Jungkook yells in response, watching as his roommate hastily runs out, door slamming behind him.


He feels Taehyung shaking beneath him, and looks down worriedly, expecting tears. A glance proves Jungkook half right. There are tears. But of laughter.


“Fucking christ, Jungkook. Its like all of his muscles took over his brain.” Taehyung giggles breathlessly.


“Right? I bet if someone looked inside all they’d find is a flexed bicep in its place.” Jungkook laughs, and Taehyung’s own deepen, his head tilting backwards at the intensity. A few moments and deep breaths later, the pair eventually calm enough to look at each other without breaking out in giggles. 


Jungkook gives a wry smile. “Mood killer, huh?”. He watches Taehyung’s eyes widen, and frowns when the older’s eyebrows furrow almost angrily.


“Jeon Jungkook I swear to god if you don’t fuck me i’ll do it myself!” Taehyung threatens with a grin, teasingly poking a finger into his chest. Jungkook feels blindsided. Obviously they were getting somewhere before the interruption. But he didn’t think it was there. Fuck if he’ll complain though. Although he still wants to tease, just a little.


“Oh yeah? How are you going to do that?” Jungkook asks with a smirk, crossing his arms and raising his eyebrows.


Taehyung smirks back, and then suddenly Jungkook's blinking dumbly up at the ceiling. 


“I’ll open myself up and then ride your perfect cock until I can’t anymore.” A hot breath whispers into his ear, equally hotter mouth biting at his lobe. Jungkook tenses, eyes flying so wide he’s afraid they’ll pop out. What happened to his soft, innocent boyfriend? Who is this golden-skinned sex monster straddling his lap?


“Did I break you?” Taehyung asks with a laugh, peering down at where he’s still laying, bug eyed and red faced.


“Your sweaters…are so soft? You write with pens shaped like bunnies…soft silk pillows..” he mumbles mostly to himself, feeling like his world has been tilted on its axis.


“Yeah well, maybe its time you learned that my aesthetic preferences have nothing to do with my sexual ones.” the older smirks, grinding down onto Jungkook’s lap. 


“You gonna say something? Or at least do something?” Taehyung taunts, still smug over Jungkook’s shocked state. About time that changes, he thinks, before flipping their positions again.


“You’re unfair, you know that?” Jungkook whines, laying a biting, breathy kiss onto the older’s lips. 


“What are you going to do about it?” Taehyung questions teasingly. Jungkook smirks, then leans over enough to dig through his bedside drawer, finding what he needs with a triumphant “a-ha!”. Tossing the strip of condoms down somewhere on the bed, he grabs the lube, showing the bottle to the other with a raised eyebrow. And suddenly the 180 degree expression changes are back. The smug smirk has dropped away, replaced with a look of nervousness. 


“You okay?” Jungkook inquires softly, cupping the other’s cheek within his free hand. Taehyung leans into the touch gratefully. 


“Yeah. I mean, I know I said all that stuff before, but it was mostly just to rile you up. I still haven’t ever done this before.” the boy says quietly, looking to the side with a blush.


“Hey, that’s fine”, Jungkook reassures, “I’ll take care of you.”. Taehyung turns back to look at him, small smile on his face. 


“I know, I trust you.” The boy promises, the weight of the words significant in the best of ways. Jungkook moves down to kiss him again, popping the lube open one-handedly. 


“I know you haven’t had this done to you by someone else, but…have you ever done it to yourself?” Jungkook asks, sitting back on his heels. He spreads some of the liquid onto his fingers, warming it up among them. He looks up to catch Tae’s nod.


“Yeah, sometimes…” he says sheepishly, cheeks redder than before.


“That’s good.” Jungkook says, and means it. Knowing this isn’t completely new territory for the boy puts him a little more at ease. A thought passes through him.


“Would you be more comfortable doing it yourself?” he offers, ready to grab some tissues to clean himself off.


“Maybe, but I want you to do it.” Taehyung admits. 


“Okay.” Jungkook grins, grabbing for a pillow, and then stops. “What position would you feel more comfortable in? Its easiest from behind for the first time, but the difference isn’t too substantial.”


“I want to be able to see your face.” Taehyung states with finality, and Jungkook nods, urging the boy up so he can place the pillow beneath his hips. With his clean hand, he gently encourages Tae to spread his legs apart, and gasps when he can finally see his hole. Jungkook has never found assholes pretty either. Guess how he feels now. 


Settling between the soft thighs, he stops enough to worry a few hickies into the plush skin, sliding up to pull Taehyung in for a kiss. Tracing his tongue along the length of the other’s, Jungkook slowly moves his hand down, gently starting to circle Taehyung’s sweet little entrance.


“Ready?” he asks, and at Tae’s nod, slowly presses his finger in. Taehyung’s mouth opens in a silent moan, eyebrows furrowing. Jungkook kisses the little wrinkle between them away, moving his finger in and out in small thrusts.


When he no longer feels resistance, and after checking with Taehyung, he adds another finger. Kissing away the eyebrow wrinkle that shows up again, Jungkook slowly starts scissoring the digits apart, tracing along Taehyung’s walls until…


“A-ah! Jungkook!” Taehyung whines, hips bucking. There it is. 


Massaging the raised bundle of nerves, and once again asking for permission, Jungkook works in the third and final finger. When Taehyung winces at the stretch, Jungkook leans down enough to lay sweet little butterfly kisses all over the older’s face, one final one being placed on his slowly growing smile.


“Jungkook please.” Taehyung whines moments later. He's breathless and keening, body slowly starting to shine with a thin layer of sweat. Jungkook wishes he could burn the image into the back of his eyelids.


“Please what baby? Use your words.” he whispers, Taehyung near-sobbing at the pet name. Jungkook runs a soothing hand down the older's side, catching on a nipple on the way back up. The touch makes the older jolt, and only serves to rile him up more. 


“Please, please, fuck me Jungkookie please.” The older babbles, steadily thrusting back onto Jungkook’s fingers. Jungkook gasps. If fucking Taehyung feels even half as good as this he's surely going to faint.


“Of course Tae, all you had to do was ask.” He says, pulling the digits away. Taehyung whines at the loss, entrance clenching around nothing, and Jungkook soothes him with a comforting hand in his hair and promise to be quick. 


Opening one of the condoms, he slides it on, hissing at the feeling of some much needed stimulation on his aching cock. Slicking himself with lube, he shuffles back between Taehyung’s legs, until he’s positioned at his entrance.


“Ready?” He asks. “Yes! Please.” Taehyung pleads, so Jungkook pushes in. The initial push is tight, so tight, burning his cock like molten lava. He has to physically bite down on his own tongue to keep himself from moving any further. He looks down at the other in an effort to distract himself, but Taehyung looks so wrecked that it does nothing but fuel the flame within him.


The older is breathing heavily beneath him, eyes crinkled shut, kiss-bitten mouth open slightly. The eyebrow furrow is back, sitting above eyes crinkled shut. Taehyung's blush expands across his entire body now, burning brightly in the dim light of Jungkook's room. His hickey adorned chest is rising and falling on rapid breaths, and his pretty cock is twitching every few seconds. Taehyung is the most beautiful sight he's ever seen. 


"I- I think you can move in more." Taehyung breathes out moments later, looking up at the other with hooded, dark eyes. Jungkook takes a deep breath in through his nose, out through his mouth, and nods. Gently and at a snail's pace, he inches forward more, and when he encounters resistance, he stops. The pair of them keep much of the same pattern until finally, minutes later, Jungkook is finally fully seated. The divots of his pelvis are flushed with the round globes of Taehyung's ass, and he sighs.


"You feel so good, baby." he breathes out, eyelashes fluttering. "How do you feel?" he inquires softly, peering down at the older beneath him. Airy moans falling out on every breath, skin stained red and sweaty, the boy is a sight for sore eyes. Jungkook loves him.


"I you should move." Taehyung sighs out, meeting his gaze. There's the smallest of smirks tugging at his lips, and Jungkook wants to wipe it right off.


"Yeah, is that what you want, baby?" Jungkook asks, punctuating the pet name with a sharp thrust. The movement jostles the older and makes him cry out, head thrown back on a neck straining in pleasure. The sight spurs the younger on, and he continues, each thrust slowly becoming harder than the last. 


Taehyung has built up a steady stream of moans, and Jungkook has countered each one with one of his own. The boy feels amazing around him. Tight, hot, his body dragging him in like it wants him to stay. A stray droplet of sweat starts making its way from his hairline to his chin, and Jungkook ignores it in favor of pistoning his hips and making his boyfriend scream. Taehyung, though, fixes his hooded slightly glazed over eyes onto the bead of liquid. Taking Jungkook off guard, the older surges up enough to lick the sweat away with his tongue.


"Oh my god, Tae." Jungkook whines. He can feel himself getting closer with each thrust, impending orgasm searing through his belly. He knows he needs to make Tae come soon, wants to make him come first. Hear his whines, experience him clench like a vice around him. Adjusting the angle of his hips every few thrusts, he keeps up the variety until finally, finally, Taehyung arches his back off the mattress with an explosive moan. 


"T-there Jungkook, there!" Taehyung practically screams, sobbing out more sounds when Jungkook speeds up, hitting his spot on every thrust. Each one makes the boy beneath him get louder, get messier. His breathing is becoming erratic, and his pretty cock is leaking a steady stream of precum all over his soft tummy. Jungkook knows he's close.


"Jungkookie please, please." Taehyung pleads, wrapping his thighs tighter around the younger. Jungkook surges down, sucking the boy's lips in for a searing kiss, and pulls back enough to near growl against his lips.


"What baby? What do you need?" He asks. Jungkook thinks he has an idea, but something in him wants to hear the boy say it. Beg for it.


"Touch me, please, Jungkookie i'm so close." Taehyung whines, head thrown back against the pillows when Jungkook complies. Wrapping his still slightly lubed fingers around Taehyung's leaking cock, he strokes him in time with his thrusts. Each pass earns him higher pitched moans, thumb caressing the head on every upward pull. Biting at his tongue and thinking some of the most boner-killing thoughts he can, Jungkook tries with every ounce of control left in him to stave off his own orgasm. Its getting more difficult with each passing moment.


"Tae baby, come for me, wanna feel your pretty little hole clench around me." Jungkook whispers dirtily into the older's ear, biting down on the soft skin. The sudden, filthy words have the desired effect, and moments later Taehyung is moaning Jungkook's name and painting his stomach with hot, white streaks. The boy's entrance clenches rhythmically around him, and Jungkook is gone.


"Tae, ah!" He keens, giving one, two, three more thrusts before his hips stutter and he spills into the condom with a groan. His vision fades around the edges until its completely whited out, his body basking in pure pleasure. With a pleased sigh, he slumps unceremoniously onto the boy beneath him, resting his forehead against his sweaty shoulder. Jungkook comes to moments later to the feeling of a hot, sweaty hand rubbing up and down his back and kisses being pressed against his temple. Mustering up enough strength in his shaky arms to push himself up, he pulls back to look at the other. Taehyung is grinning, beaming softly at him. His eyes are soft and his body is relaxed in post-orgasm glow.


"Hi." Jungkook says dumbly, giving a beaming grin of his own. Taehyung chuckles at his response, looking at him fondly. 


"Hi." Taehyung says back, brushing Jungkook's sweaty bangs away from his forehead with gentle hands. Jungkook looks at him just as fondly, before looking down. Wrapping a hand around his still sensitive cock, he slowly pulls out. Laying a kiss on the older's lips when he whimpers at the feeling, he disposes of the condom in the trash by the bed, and then tackles the boy down onto the bed with a giggle. He doesn't even care if the rapidly cooling cum is smearing between them. He's too happy to care.


"Oof, Jungkookie." Taehyung giggles back, wrapping his arms around Jungkook's neck. The post-orgasm flush looks good on the older's tan skin, and Jungkook's never been more in love with this beautiful boy. He's filled to the brim with affection, and compensates for it by leaving quick little kisses along Taehyung's face. The boy grins wider with each one, until he's pushing Jungkook back, trying to get away from the tickling feeling. Jungkook laughs along, but listens and stops his ministrations, looking back to gaze at him with proverbial heart eyes.


"I love you." The pair manage to say at the same time. Eyes widening at the fact, they stare at each other with incredulous giggles, before meeting one another in a sweet kiss. There's no heat around it, just the enjoyment of one another's touch. Of soft lips caressing. 


"We should shower." Jungkook reluctantly says moments later, before the breadth of the situation sets in. They're in Jungkook's dorm, not Taehyung's. Meaning instead of an attached, private bathroom like Tae, Jungkook has to suffer through communal bathrooms a little ways away down the corridor. 


"But people fuck in your bathroom every night, Jungkookie." Taehyung whines, reminding him further as to why they hardly spend time here and always opt for his dorm instead. 


"Yeah, no you're right. I forgot we were in my dorm instead of yours for a sec." Jungkook says sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. Taehyung laughs at the admission, looking up at him with a smirk.


"Oh wow, i'm that good huh?" Taehyung teases, grabbing Jungkook's smiling cheeks between his fingers and pinching just so. Jungkook smiles wider at the action, before batting Tae's hands away. The older goes with a giggle, arms flopping down beside him on the bed.


"I mean, yeah, I think so." Jungkook smirks back, reveling in the pleased blush that spread's against the older's cheeks.


"Really?" Taehyung asks, shy. Jungkook peers down at him, at his slightly surprised expression. He can't believe the boy even needs to ask. Did he not see how Jungkook practically cried after coming earlier?


"Of course, baby. Best sex i've ever had." Jungkook says quietly, urging the boy up into a kiss. He makes sure to press all the love and affection he can into the gesture, hoping Taehyung understands. Judging by the expression on the boy's face when they pull back, Jungkook thinks he does.


"Oh." Taehyung manages to whisper, cute little smile stretching his lips.


"Yeah, 'oh'", Jungkook teases. "Now you lay your cute ass here, and i'll brave the bathrooms to go wet a facecloth to clean us up with, okay?" Jungkook playfully demands, rising up on shaky legs when Taehyung nods, giggling. Grabbing a pair of sweats off the floor, he pulls them on. The legs are slightly too long, pooling around his ankles, making him realize they're Tae's. He moves to take them off, but is stopped by the man himself. 


"Don't. They look good on you." The older smirks, and Jungkook is helpless to deny him anything on any normal day. But especially when he's still laying naked and shining among Jungkook's sheets. Taehyung could probably ask Jungkook to go run naked across the quad right now and he would. With a nod and quiet, "okay", he slides on some slippers, before leaving the most beautiful boy he's ever known alone in his room. Even just the short time apart spent dampening the cloth in the dorm's rusty sinks, valiantly trying to ignore the moans from the showers feels like a lifetime. Jungkook has always been clingy after sex, but never this clingy. If he were to guess, he'd say it has something to do with love. 


"Honey, i'm home!" He announces jokingly when he returns. Taehyung laughs, and the sound snaps his gaze to him. Jungkook's heart thumps almost painfully in his chest. The sight of a naked, smiling Taehyung spread out on his bed is never going to get old. 


"Were they fucking again?" Tae asks, snapping him from his staring. Jungkook nods, chuckling. 


"Yep. Extra loud this time." He confirms, climbing back into the bed. With tender hands and soft kisses he cleans the other off, making sure to be extra gentle cleaning between the boy's legs. The older sighs at the touches, melting back into the bed with a content expression. Jungkook lays a fond kiss on his lips at the sound, before quickly cleaning himself off. Throwing the cloth vaguely in the direction of the hamper, he settles back down, opening his arms for the boy to happily snuggle into.


"Did you want to get dressed?" He asks moments later. Its not like he minds if Taehyung's naked, quite the opposite, but he doesn't exactly know when his idiot roommate is planning to return. He supposes the bedcovers would be enough to squirrel away his boyfriend's nudity, but it never hurts to be cautious.


"Do you want me to get dressed?" Taehyung asks with a lazy grin. He looks like he already knows the answer. Jungkook sighs, shaking his head with a pout.


"No. But I don't know when my roommate will eventually come crashing in like the incredible hulk he is, and I don't want him or anyone else seeing you like this. This is mine." He punctuates with a light squeeze to the older's ass, smiling at the quiet gasp it causes. He doesn't really know where the sudden possessiveness is coming from, but he internally shrugs. He loves Taehyung and wants to be the only one to see him in all his gorgeous glory. 


"That's true. It is." Taehyung agrees easily, and then suddenly there's two large hands grabbing his own ass through the sweats. "But this is mine." Taehyung emphasizes with a squeeze of his own. 


"Sounds like a decent deal to me." Jungkook acquiesces with a grin. After all, possessiveness isn't quite as good if its one sided. Without Taehyung's role in it, Jungkook would just look like a crazy, controlling boyfriend. 


"Yeah? I guess i'll throw something on then." Taehyung sighs, faux-put out, rising from the bed. He dips down to grab Jungkook's own sweats off the floor, position giving the younger a perfect view of his perky ass. Jungkook would die a happy, happy man if this is what he saw before it happened. 


"Better?" The older asks, sliding into bed beside him. Throwing a bare arm around Jungkook's waist and a wheedling a leg in between his, he cuddles up. Completing the contact with a head pillowed on Jungkook's still-naked chest. 


"Mhm, much better. I didn't miss the way my roommate looked at you earlier. I'm pretty sure you made him question his sexuality, Tae." Jungkook jokes. Although a part of him is still serious. He recognized the look in his roommate's eyes, after seeing it on his own face for years he's become an expert in reading it.


"I wish I could disagree with you on that, but sadly, I cannot." Taehyung sighs, before breaking out into giggles. Jungkook wraps his arm even tighter around the older in response.


"Don't worry Jungkookie, the only muscled meathead I want is you." Taehyung teases. Jungkook playfully hits him on the shoulder, face scrunched in laughter. Eventually they die down, and the room is bathed in a comfortable silence. The only noises are their quiet breaths, the rustle of sheets, and, unfortunately, the sound of loud college students outside his window. He's so used to it by now though, that its basically white noise to him at this point.


"But seriously, Jungkook. You're the only one I want. I love you." Taehyung whispers moments later. Jungkook tilts his head to look down at him, and cups the older's cheek within a warm palm.


"Same here, Taehyung. I love you too." Jungkook whispers back. The older moves just enough to connect their lips, and Jungkook returns the caress willingly. They stay like that, pressing the gentlest of kisses to each other's mouths, before Taehyung's eventually goes slack. Pulling his face away enough to look at him, Jungkook smiles fondly when he notices the boy feel asleep. Laying one last kiss to the older's forehead, Jungkook settles back, thinking.


He had never thought he'd get to this point with anyone, let alone the beautiful, soft looking boy he fell for instantly the first day of class. But he couldn't be happier. Taehyung is everything he's ever wanted or hoped for, and he's so incredibly excited to see what the future holds for them both.


Jungkook knows college isn't all about the grades, but also the connections you make along the way. And he can happily say he made the best one of all. He wishes he could send past him a fruit basket in thanks, for choosing to enroll in an unassuming introductory chemistry class. 


Instead, he sends a silent thanks to Taehyung for being as amazing as he is. For befriending Jungkook all those days, weeks, months ago. For ending up loving Jungkook as much as Jungkook loves him. He can only hope it continues, and that he'll have the boy by his side for the rest of whatever he'll have to face in his college career. Looking down at the boy, soft smile spread on his face even in sleep, Jungkook thinks the idea is plausible. 


And with that thought he smiles, closes his eyes, and drifts off to sleep. 


I was yours,

                         before I knew;

                                 and you have always

                       been mine too.

                                  -"Always" by Lang Leav