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Mated for life?

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The taste of blood and sweet smell of sugar filled Bakugou Katsuki's senses. It was overwhelming and his alpha was growling and letting out pheromones of posession while screaming mine. He was growling and trying desperately to try and figure out the fuck was going on. Till finally he felt a shiver shoot through his spine and groin. He was cumming in something warm. He tried to pull back but was locked inside something so tight he fought his eyes from rolling back in his head. He forced himself to focus. His vision was coming back, he must have been in a haze. He opened his jaws when he realised something was in them. 


He took a moment to take in the scene. He looked around and saw the faces of his classmates, they looked horrified, standing outside in the training field. He then looked down to see skin with his teeth marks, it made his alpha purred. He shook it off and then looked down. His knot was impaled in an ass. The smell of slick and sex was dominant. Fuck, who did I..? Red eyes looked back up to see green hair. His body tensed. He watched as the green locks and body shift and emerald eyes met confused crimson. "Deku?"


"Kacchan.." It was moaned out and the hips pushed back slightly on his knot. 


Katsuki dug his claws into the other's hips trying to still them. He was over sensitive and before he knew it he was releasing another wave of cum. "What the fuck happened Deku?" He was growling but it was not aggressive more like a rumble of confusion. 


The green haired boy whimpered but recovered quickly, "Well you know.. I'm an omega, well I guess my heat came and-"


The blonde snapped his jaws when a waft of others got too close. "Damn it, you were on suppressants right? So why the fuck are you in heat Deku!?"


"I, I think its because of my quirk Kacchan. I think the suppressants weren't strong enough with it." Midoriya was whining. His heat being sustained but he could feel the knot inside slowly deflating. 


"Stupid Deku." He felt himself slip free and a splash, a fucking splash of cum followed. He looked around to see Mr. Aizawa approaching as the other students kept their distance. His alpha began to panic. He knew that they were going to take Deku away and that was excruciatingly not okay. And that pissed him off. He did not want to be bonded to Deku. But here he was looking at a mating mark that he felt so proud of. He looked up at the sky and let out a loud howl of frustration. 


Midoriya heard his alpha and felt all his internal battles. He wanted to please his alpha but his alpha was Kacchan and there wasn't any pleasing him. He looked over and saw Mr. Aizawa's quirk activating. No don't take Kacchan away! His omega was crying. He turned and clung to Katsuki and then he felt Katsuki grip him tight. 


Katsuki held the nerd close to his chest, shielding him from everyone, growling, "Stay away from my omega!" 


Eraserhead let out an agitated sigh, "Of course this wasn't going to be easy." He ran his fingers through his hair closing his eyes and then began to glare back at them again. "Look we need to separate you so we can stop your rut and let Midoriya go through his heat and take a pill that hopefully will stop the possible pregnancy." He took another step. 


Katsuki's body stiffened at the sound of pregnancy, he was not ready at all to be a father specially to a child with Deku. But the idea of someone terminating his pup was making his alpha enrage. A cry came from his arms and he saw tears flooding out of Deku's eyes. So much pain and confusion and hurt were in them. And he felt them all. He needed to calm his omega. 


He didn't want to be pregnant but his omega was so upset at the idea that his possible baby could die, that was his purpose. To have pups and please an alpha. Wait no. He is supposed to become a hero. Can I do both? "Kacchan please. Don't let him."


Katsuki did something he never thought he would ever do. Being a high ranking alpha he had dominance over others, and that means double over those he scents on the regular that were in his circle. He met eyes with Kirishima and let out a growl and in a second the submissive alpha was tackling their teacher from behind. Bakugou took that moment to throw Deku over his shoulder and use his quirk to blast away from the area. He ran and flew far away. His heart racing and his inner alpha was telling him to get his omega safe and mate him again. 


"Kacchan.." Midoriya felt hot and flushed. He was being hit with another wave of his heat. "Need you..alpha."


"I know damn it. Need a safe spot." He reached his parents house and went into the basement quickly. Because of his quirk he would have explosive ruts and so they made a rut room. It was very durable and smell proof. Once locked you couldn't get in or out for at least four days. He walked in with the squirming omega. Thankfully his parents were away on vacation and they kept the rut room stocked just incase. The door shut and clicked behind them. 


Midoriya squirmed and wined. He felt so uncomfortable and his body was hot and so empty. He didn't look around the room only able to focus on the alpha holding him. Slick began dripping down his thighs. "Alpha please."


He laid Izuku down and in an instant his instincts took over. He tore the training uniform off with ease. Ripping the fabric to ribbons. He let out a pleased rumble from his chest when Izuku quickly spread his legs. The scent of slick was strong and his cock was straining in his pants. He then tried to be rational. "This is a dumb fucking idea Deku." He pulled his aching member out and pressed the tip to the leaking entrance. "We hate eachother. I hate you. You piss me off constantly." His head popped through the tight muscle and he pushed in slowly. "We will regret this. You will regret this. You don't want an alpha like me. This is just our stupid fucking instincts." 


Midoriya was listening and he honestly had to agree. But the feeling of being filled was sending sparks through out his body. He looked up and seen the blonde flushed and breathing heavy. Teeth bared. He watched him remove his shirt and took in the strong physique. He wanted Kacchan to move. To make him feel good. But the other part of him needed to speak, "I know. I know this Kacchan. I'm not ignorant. I understand that this is a mistake but to be honest and I promise, ah! This is not the heat. But if I were to be bonded to an alpha I'd still pick you. I've always picked you."


Memories flooded Katsuki's mind. Of when they were kids and Deku following him and helping him all the time. Always trying and mostly failing to just please him. How even though he hated the dumb and weak omega, he always seemed to make his alpha purr. And want to claim him. When others approached Izuku he would growl of threaten them but when they got older he forced himself to let go but then the omega got a quirk and stood up to him and man did that challenge make the old instincts to claim flood back. No wonder he did what he did the moment he smelled Izuku in heat. He may not remember but he knew that's what happened. 


"Please Katsuki, I need your knot. Please stop the pain. It hurts." Izuku reached and dug his nails into thick biceps, leaving red marks in their wake. 


The words and the memories and the smell were too much. "Damn it all to hell!" He braced his hands on either side of Deku's head and started a brash pace. Slamming in repeatedly, trying to go as deep as he could. The sounds the young omega was making was spurring him on. It was so wet, so tight. All for him. It was all for Bakugou. "All mine. My omega. Mine, mine, mine!"


His body was being ravaged and he loved every second. The harsh slams were perfect. Hitting some place deep inside that had him ready to cum already. He was close and the swell of the other's knot was letting him know that so was the alpha. The possessive words were making his toes curls and he wrapped his legs around the strong hips. "Oh god! Yes, yours! Only Kacchan's!" 


He slammed his knot in and locked them together. His abs felt sticky and he looked to see Deku cumming all over them. He was clamping down so hard on the alpha's knot that he couldn't fight the moan of pure bliss. He came deep. But the omega was squirming once again. Shifting and whimpering underneath him. His hands were everywhere on the alpha. Katsuki felt drool pouring from his lips and an inhuman growl erupted in the room. The sight of Deku baring his neck was screaming at him. He latched his teeth into the scent gland till he tasted blood. The body going limp. Finally sedated once again. 


After a few minutes he pulled his canines free and began to lick the blood away. Trembling slightly as he filled the omega up. He raised up and looked at the marks. Two perfect sets of teeth showing off his claim. His knot was still locked. But the haze fell. 


"I meant what I said Kacchan. We don't have to be a couple. But would you stay my alpha?" Green eyes met crimson.


Katsuki couldn't look away. He was in his right mind, well sorta. To be honest who else could really put up with his ass but he didn't really know what will happen after all this is done. "Stupid Deku. Don't ask that while I got my dick in your ass." There was no bite. Just shakey words of uncertainty. 


Izuku smiled, "Okay."




Their spot was found a few hours later but they couldn't get in. The design was built to prevent that. They were going to bust through it but when they called Bakugou's mom she blew a gasket telling them that it was too fucking expensive. 


Bakugou mated Midoriya in every position he knew existed. Then used the supplies to clean him and made sure he ate and drank. Then finally Izuku's heat ended after only two more days. And around the time the heros were able to find an emergency release but it only worked once the rut was over. Which it was since his only reason for rut was Midoriya's heat. 


They were scolded and Izuku was given a pill but he was reluctant to take it. He was so torn. Bakugou watched him in the recovery room just staring at the pill. He needed to talk some reality into him. "Deku... we aren't ready. If.. if you want to keep our bond then I will except it. I can't promise that I will be a great fucking alpha but this.. you... we want to be fucking heros right?"


Izuku cried but he knew his alpha was right. He had to think of his goals and the life he could give a pup later and that wasn't what he could give them now. "Yes Kacchan. But it... it still hurts... I don't know if I can... I need.. I need.." 


Katsuki walked over and sat on the bed beside the weeping omega. He put a strong hand on Deku's neck and took a deep breath. "Deku, take the pill." It was a command. One that couldn't be refused. As if on autopilot he watched the pill slip by trembling lips following by a sip of water. But that didn't stop the tears from flowing. And while he stared at him he realized he never kissed the omega. 


He didn't hate Katsuki for the command. He needed it but damn did it hurt still. He felt the hand on his neck slip till it was under his chin. He was being tilted till his face was inches from the blonde's. And after a brief moment of their eyes staring into one another they kissed. 


Bakugou pulled Izuku close. Pouring all his emotions into the kiss and taking the other's in return. They didn't know what would be happening next but they knew they had to face it together.