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Genderbent Gals: Tease and Denial Extravaganza

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So... this is different.

Yep, like Mateo's Denial, this one will be more story-based. But here's something else that's different; each character will be your submissions!

That's right, you can submit your own character. However, here are a few rules.

1. The character must be a genderbent gal, meaning they have to be a girl who is genderbent.

2. These characters have to be from a fictional series.

3. You can only submit three characters. Three characters is the limit.

4. You are not limited to Dangan Ronpa, RWBY, or Ace Attorney. You can get a genderbent girl from another fictional series, like Naruto, Dragon Ball, Super Smash Bros, ect. The possibilities are endless!

And of course, here's the character sheet.

Name: (You have to give them a male name and add the series they're from next to the name)

Length: (How long it's been since they last came before coming to the show)

Fetishes: (What are their interests? What makes them harder than a diamond? It can vary from foot fetish or leg fetish, it can be anything, as long as it isn't gross or bloody)

Mistress: (A girl you want to add into the story to be a mistress to one of the characters. Again, it can be from any series.)

And that's it for this part. Here are the current submissions. It will be updated as a character gets accepted.

Accepted Characters:

1. Ruben Rose (RWBY) (submitted by AWhiteRoseBlooms)

2. Eis Schnee (RWBY) (submitted by AWhiteRoseBlooms)

3. Aki Asahina (Dangan Ronpa) (submitted by me)

4. Samuel Aran (Metroid) (submitted by Bobofan)

5. Franz Von Karma (Ace Attorney) (submitted by me)

6. Kimio Toujou (Dangan Ronpa) (submitted by me)

7. Kyle Faraday (Ace Attorney) (submitted by Bobofan)

8. Emile Skye (Ace Attorney) (submitted by Bobofan)

9. Yin Xiao Long (RWBY) (submitted by AWhiteRoseBlooms)

10. Souta Maizono (Dangan Ronpa) (submitted by Ayato11037)

11. Lucas Heartfilia (Fairy Tail) (submitted by Footboy)

12. Keita Akamatsu (Dangan Ronpa) (submitted by Footboy)

13. Touru Fukawa (Dangan Ronpa) (submitted by Footboy)

14. Sakumo Haruno (Naruto) (submitted by FootEnthusiast)

15. Masaru Koizumi (Dangan Ronpa) (submitted by Ayato11037)

16. Takeshi Chabashira (Dangan Ronpa) (submitted by Ayato11037)

17. Prince Pansy (Super Mario) (submitted by FootEnthusiast)

18. Chizuo Nanami (Dangan Ronpa) (submitted by FootEnthusiast)

19. Minoru Ikusaba (Dangan Ronpa) (submitted by EdmondDantes)

20. D.Va/Hanoi Song (Overwatch) (submitted by Overwatcher)

Accepted Mistresses:

1. Blake Belladonna (RWBY) (submitted by AWhiteRoseBlooms)

2. Celestia Ludenberg (Dangan Ronpa) (submitted by me)

3. Princess Peach (Super Mario) (submitted by Bobofan)

4. Maya Fey (Ace Attorney) (submitted by me)

5. Miu Iruma (Dangan Ronpa) (submitted by me)

6. Shih-na (Ace Attorney) (submitted by Bobofan)

7. Mia Fey (Ace Attorney) (submitted by Bobofan)

8. Winter Schnee (RWBY) (submitted by AWhiteRoseBlooms)

9. Coco Adel (RWBY) (submitted by AWhiteRoseBlooms)

10. Ibuki Mioda (Dangan Ronpa) (submitted by Ayato11037)

11. Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail) (submitted by Footboy)

12. Tsumugi Shirogane (Dangan Ronpa) (submitted by Footboy)

13. Kyouko Kirigiri (Dangan Ronpa) (submitted by Footboy)

14. Tsunade (Naruto) (submitted by FootEnthusiast)

15. Mikan Tsumiki (Dangan Ronpa) (submitted by Ayato11037)

16. Sonia Nevermind (Dangan Ronpa) (submitted by Ayato11037)

17. Princess Rosalina (Super Mario) (submitted by FootEnthusiast)

18. Akane Owari (Dangan Ronpa) (submitted by FootEnthusiast)

19. Peko Pekoyama (Dangan Ronpa) (submitted by EdmondDantes)

20. Sombra (Overwatch) (submitted by Overwatcher)