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Secret rendezvous

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Dear Miss Granger

We have Received your application to attend Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardy. We are exceptionally pleased to offer you a space in our year seven class, the new School term begins on the 9th of September we look forward to seeing you

Minerva mcgonagall
Headteacher at Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardy.

Hermione had at first read her letter nervously, before she beamed from ear to ear and enthusiastically finished reading her letter of acceptance to Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardy.

It was not long after reading her letter that she went to seek out her friend Jessica White her current friend at Beauxbatons to bestow upon her the good news. And like any good friend Jessica was only to pleased to hear of Hermione's good fortune, she knew her friend had been wanting to join Hogwarts for several months now and had a ridiculously annoying habit of keeping her in the loop about the School's latest Achievements.

"How about we go into town to celebrate." Suggested Jessica

and Hermione feeling it was a great idea replied almost instantly "yes let's do it, how do you feel about going to Helga's Haven?"

Helga's Haven was named after Helga Huffle Puff herself, a famous witch who among others had founded Hogwarts. The Haven was claimed to be the most happening Witchcraft and Wizard clubhouse in all of the Witch and Wizarding world right now. Helga's Haven had only been open two months prior to a seven year close, but due to its glamorous new look and new improved rule of no ex prisoners of Askaban allowed. The club had quickly become a popular safe lively location to have a good time.

Jessica replied shrieking with excitement "oh my god, yes."

Later on that night Hermione and Jessica began to get ready to go out. Jessica who was 5 ft 4 chose a mid thigh floral yellow dress which in contrast of her ebony skin looked divine on her, Jessica was already flawlessly pretty with her well defined cheek bones and Ocean blue eyes, petite little waist and wavy dark brown hair. She only had to use very little make up to enhance her features and Hermione found herself naturally jealous of her friends beautiful skin and pretty eyes,although she would never admit it aloud.

Jessica asked her friend Hermione "how do I look?"

Hermione said "you look beautiful."

Jessica laughed and twirled around in a wondrous confident manner and Hermione only hoped that when she had finally decided what to wear she too would feel as happy and as confident as Jessica was feeling.

Another forty minutes later and Hermione was somewhat satisfied with the way she looked, she wore a deep ivory green dress that hugged her medium framed body in all the right places. Her long Curly mass of brown hair had been tamed and swept up in a tight fish tale plait, her brown hued eyes had been enhanced with dark purple eye shadow and she wore a brand new scented lip gloss which smelled of Vanilla. Hermione had worn very little makeup too. Hermione grinned at her appearance in the mirror and she in turn asked her friend

"How do I look? " and her friend's pleasant cheeky nature showed when she answered

"your going to be beating them wizards of with a stick."

Hermione laughed good naturally she didn't have the confidence to twirl around wondrously as Jessica previously had, but she felt good about herself and that was the main thing.

Moments later at the club.....

Hermione rolled her eyes and yet again took a turn about the club looking for her friend Jessica. Where on earth could she have gone to? and why had Jessica suggested to her to come out to celebrate her good news, if Jessica was only going to ditch her moments later? And why is it every time she passed the black haired mysterious looking man at the bar did her heart rate soar and butterflies flipped flopped around in her tummy?

And as she passed the shoulder length Black haired man at the bar again perhaps for the fifth time so far tonight, and feeling yet again the devasting affect this mysterious stranger had on her. She took to look at his features more closely this time, and surprising enough the man looked oddly familiar to Hermione but she couldn't quite work out why... But one thing for sure she best stop ogling the man before he catches her at it. But it was too late the dark haired stranger stared back at her and as his black midnight eyes bore into Hermione. Not only did the knowledge of who the man was came to Hermione, but the Knowledge of how alluring this tall dark unconventionally handsome man was.

The man was no other then Severus Snape the most famous War Hero in the Witch and Wizarding World. The man tore his gaze away from Hermione to yet again brush of a few pretty woman who had begun to fawn around him looking to catch his attention, with a signature menacing sneer. And Hermione thought herself to be rather confusing as the same smirk she had seen him use to frighten of other woman, only made her go more weaker at the knees. And with that thought Severus Snape gaze flicked to her almost as if he knew what she was thinking. Her breath suddenly hitched And like a dear caught in the headlights Hermione was once again witnessed to be staring at him, and yet she couldn't bring herself to stop.

And even moments later as the man got up from his bar stool and started to make his way over to her, Hermione just watched his approaching form in a daze and just before he stood before her it was as though Hermione had come to her senses.

Yes Severus Snape was devilishly handsome! and Yes he'd obviously finds her just as intriguing and although just the sheer presence of him was turning her on. She knows from newspaper articles that she couldn't be blind to the fact that this man was to be her new Potions Professor in less then two months time, and as tempting as he is, she gathered her wits about her and as he finally stood in front of her and she was about to turn him away.

He spoke in that smooth rich velvety drawl of his. "Hi Young Lady I am Severus Snape and I am pleased to make your acquaintance."

All possible responsible thoughts of hers had flown right out of the window when his knicker wetting voice spoke volumes to her so called equilibrium.