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A Gay Disaster

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ok ok this should be the text I see I have limited words and the text apperently 'isn't saved automaticaly' ok ok that's nice very nuece

Let's start a story oh boy, oh boy,

For no apperent reason, Waluigi found himself walkong down the streets in Venice, confused, he whispered a sad "Wah" and died instatly

His body was foudn by a youhg itallian blonde who imiedetly beated the man's beautiful corpsee with awrench out of complete frustation.

That man was, in fact, Caesar Zeppeli and he was just on his way to that Island which name I ant rememver where he and Jojo trainned but to his surprriese he stumbled upon a blue box in the mkddle of a street

Caesar was a poor kid raeised in povetry so he coundnt read the words 'Police Box' on the top of the blue box.

He proceed to hit it with a wrench soaked in Hamon but nothing happened then, a man in a bowtie, like a fucking loser, came out of the box and greet him in english

"Whazzup" he said and poured a shiton of hot sauce on the blonde's face.

Joseph, who was looking for Caesar for almlst 18 days now found him screaming while soaked in Sauce

Jojo stared at him and started laughing, only to have a man bite into his fucken calves

Waluigi is still alive and the pain made him angry. The mkment he realized the man who veta him up was not this gay disaster laughing but the blond crying in sauce he started to laugh too

So there they were, Jojo was laughing while his calves bleeding, Waluigi laughing at the edge of death while the Doctor was pouring sauce all over Caesar, who started to enjoy it