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I Love Trouble

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Madison Beer as Becky
KJ Apa as Brandon
Ryan Destiny as Abby
Alissa Violet as Emma
Cody Christian as Tyler
Cierra Ramirez as Stephanie
Leigh Anne Pinnock as Kat
Theo James as Connor

I couldn't figure out who should play Wyatt, Jamal, and Shay, but keep in mind that they're very important characters too. Also, I wrote this story before deciding who to cast, so just pretend KJ has black hair.


Chapter 1


My best friend, Abby, busted out laughing. She scared me out of my sleep. I felt pee peaking out of me.
"I hope you fucking choke," I grumbled.
"Get ready, ho!" Abby urged. "You're supposed to be getting ready. Emma is in the car; she's driving us."
Abby was a black dark skinned girl with platinum blonde corn rows (sometime platinum blonde afro) and a very great brain. Emma was my girly-girl blonde friend. We've been friends since fifth grade.
I went to get ready.

*High School Never Ends by Bowling Soup plays in the background*
It's junior year of high school. Everyone just wants to get the fuck out of here. The bell was about to ring soon.
Oh my, God. There he is. Brandon Ericsson. The most beautiful white boy ever at this school. His black shraight up hair. His emrald green eyes. He was talking to his friends, Tyler, Wyatt, Jamal, and....ugh...... Stephanie.
Tyler was the tallest, white, pale, had a  button nose, and had platinum blonde hair the stood up. Wyatt was a couple inches shorter than Tyler, was black, big nose, medium twists in his hair, and was the nicest of them all. Jamal was the shortest guy, was black, had blue dyed curls, and was the sassy one of the group.
And Satan---uh I mean Steph---- was Asian, was platinum blond diva curls, was short, and was the meanest bitch ever. She and Brandon used to date, but now they're just good friends.


Brandon was those jerkish jock dudes who were friends with EVERYBODY. Well... everybody who's popular.
"Oh my, lord," Emma, my other best sighed. "Are you staring Brandon again?"
"Pfft! Noooo," I joshed.
"That boy is not good for you," Abby said the 100th time already.
"He likes me back. I know it. When we were in third period one time, he smiled at me. Remember?"
"Yeah," Abby said. "Because Stephanie whispered something mean about you to him and he laughed. I fucking told you this already, you stupid homosapian."
"What's that?" Emma asked.
Abby facepalmed. "They're humans."
"Oh," Emma said.
"Hi, Abby," Shay greeted. Shay was Abby's best friend and lab partner. He's nerdy and shy. He was Latino, dark skinned, and had curly black hair. "Here's the stuff I typed up."
"Oh, thank you!" Abby blessed. "Great work."
Shay went to go to class when he accidentally bumped into Brandon.
"Oh my b-" Shay began.
"What the fuck, man? Watch it!"
"What's with you and those collared shirts? You look like an eighty year old."
Tyler and Stephanie laughed. Jamal and Wyatt tried to tell him to stop, but Brandon kept roasting him alive. Shay looked like he was about to cry. I've had it.
"Look at how they're treating him over there," I told Emma and Abby. I stormed over to the scene.
"Oop!" Abby said as she and Emma followed.
"Excuse me!" I said with a loud voice. They looked at me, surprised that Becky Jones was saying something to them in a loud voice.
"Leave him alone," I continued.
"That's my friend!" Abby said.
"He needs to learn to watch where he's going," Brandon shrugged.
"He said sorry!" I said. "You have no right to make fun of what he's wearing."
"Yeah," Emma said. "This is the style."
"It's better than what you're wearing," Abby added. "Look at that shirt. Looks like it was rolled around in diarrhea. Fix that shit."
"And I don't know why you're laughing, Stephanie," I said. "Those skirts are soooo 8th grade."
Stephanie gasped.
Abby grabbed Shay's arm. "Come Shay.