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Plot Bunnies That Have Run Away- Divergent

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It had been a full year since I had woken up in the world of Divergent. I unfortunately was 'born' in Abnegation. The daughter of very nice couple. Neighbors of the Priors. I had been a terrible Abnegation and I pretty much heard the collective sigh when I had chosen Dauntless before Beatrice. I had held Tris and Christina through the first stage of Initiation and tomorrow was going to the final test. After tomorrow, we would be complete Dauntless.

Unlike the book, the war over Divergents was none existent. They were something to celebrated and Beatrice was so against attention that she told no one but Chris and I. I was one as well, I laughed and acted it. Pissing Peter off greatly. Tris and Four had grown closer, it was quite cute in real life but it was like they were brother and sister. Tris had told me in secret that Four liked Chris. Personally, they were my favorite Otp, so I was routing for them, keeping Chris from dating Will.

Uriah was a good friend, he and his brother invited Tris and I to Zip line when we won Capture the Flag, upsetting Eric. Man, I forgot how hot Eric would be. I wanted to lick him all the time.

Tris and Chris were currently checking their bruises from are spar matches with Will, Lynn and Uriah. I watched them from my bed, as Christina gave up counting her bruises, and threw herself on to her bed with a sigh. We were the only three in the dormitory which was a rarity, however apparently everyone had decided to go out.

I felt my stomach growl loudly, and apparently so had Christina as she looked at me and laughed. "I take it you're hungry then, Ella. Wanna go to the cafeteria?" Chris offered, to which Tris replied with a nod as she stifled a yawn and I laughed.

"Retorical right?" I smirked as I got up.

As we walked in, they looked for their friends and spotted Will, Uriah, Lynn and Marlene sat at a table, other than Will, everyone being dauntless born. Even though the dauntless born were trained separately, they found that they met up with them each night. On the next table sat Four, with Lauren talking intently about what she assumed was the initiates.

On the next table they saw Peter and his cronies, who once spotted Tris, nudged Molly and Drew and motioned with his head towards us and laughed. This didn't go unnoticed by Christina. "Ignore them, let's get food!" she said excitedly as the smell of pizza and garlic bread hit us like a heavenly wall. We moved towards the queue of people waiting to get food, passing the leaders table, Tris spared a glance up and saw Eric and Max heatedly discussing something, Eric turning his lip ring with an expression of pure lividness whilst Max argued a point back to him. Eric looked away and saw Tris looking, he made eye contact and raised an eyebrow questioningly. Tris quickly shifted her gaze, her cheeks burning at being caught staring, back to her best friend who was rabbiting on about her favorite meat supreme pizza that she hadn't had since before she left Candor. I tried hard not to laugh at her fear. We finally got to the front of the queue, and whilst Tris had never eaten pizza before, she had to admit that it smelled and looked delicious. Christina looked at her expectantly and realized Tris had never eaten it. She nudged her and pointed to several pizzas for her to try. "Trust me!" she smiled.

"I do." Tris replied with an anticipatory smile. She truly couldn't wait to try it.

I grabbed a couple pieces as well, excited. Not having real food at Abnegation, I always over ate here. It had shocked Four and Tris but I rolled my eyes and ignored them.

Once we overfilled their plates and grabbed a couple of cokes, we turned to make our way back to our friends. Tris glanced around to find Four staring at her intensely. Tris was lost in her thoughts when someone rammed into her sending her food flying into the air and her to the floor. She looked up to see Peter. "Watch were you're going, stiff!" he said in mock anger with a wink.

I sighed, "God, I hate that dick." That's when we heard it, a thunderous voice.

"Are you for real?" it barked. Tris stopped still and prayed. We turned to our left to see Eric soaking wet with coke, and a slice of pizza stuck to his black shirt. He walked up to Tris, bent down and whispered, "You had better pray this comes out, Stiff!" referring to the stains on his clothing.

I laughed, causing everyone to freeze and turn to us, Eric glared at me. I reached up, picked the pizza out of his hair, "Well that was a waste, now it will taste like gel." I pouted at Tris, who looked at me like I had lost my mind. "Here take mine and go sit down. Don't worry about mister grumpy. He hasn't figured out that he is wearing black... Who doesn't know that soda comes out of clothes is just... wow, no wonder he is in Dauntless." I handed her my plate, pushed her toward Chris, who grabbed her and pulled down next to Uriah. I looked at Eric, "I think you are PMSing. Yelling at an innocent girl because a dick less piece of shit decided to trip her so he could get her to look stupid." I walked toward the door, took two pieces of pizza from Will's plate then walked out without looking back.

I made my way to the Chasm, sat down and ate the pizza. I was humming to myself when I heard footsteps behind me. "You think you are brave?" Eric's voice sounded.

I looked at him, "No, I think that for a transfer from Erudite, you are an idiot." I turn to look at him, "You know that Tris is Divergent, I know you do. You also know that Peter is terrorizing her, she doesn't need it from you too." I glare at him. "She is a true Abnegation, she choose to make her life and home in Dauntless. She has been here for a short time and the whole time, Dauntless has hurt her. Chris stays her friend because she was her first. I stay her friend because she needs to be pushed. Four is her some-what friend because he knows what she came from. You... you know what she feels and instead of helping... which is honestly what a fucking leader should do by the way... you terrify her."

Eric leans against the walk, "I know what she feels?"

"To be judge for what you were. For no one to see past that. For it to be used against you. You know that you transferred here because you couldn't stay in Erudite. It wasn't who you were, this is. Tris is the same. She has everyone believing that she left because she was beaten like Tobias, when she just chose what she felt in her heart and you belittling that is bullshit." I tell him. "Makes you a lot like Marcus Eaton."

Eric glares at me, "What do mean Four was beaten? What was Marcus like?"

I looked shocked, "You really don't know?" He shook his head, "Oh my god. Does Max?"

"I don't know." Eric sighed, "Tell me."

I stand, "I will but I need to know if Max knows. Please Eric."

Eric nodded, "Alright. Come on." He grabbed my hand and began to drag me toward the elevator.

"Hey! Eric, what are you doing?" I heard Four shout.

I looked to Four, Chris, Tris and Uriah walking toward us. I waved, "It's okay guys, I'll be fine. See you later." I blew them kisses before Eric pulled me into the elevator.

Eric laughed as the door closed, "They think that I'm going to murder you."

"I know." I smirk, "You could try but I can take you."

He chuckled, as the elevator stopped on the office floor, he pulled me out and down to a door before knocking. "Max?"

"Come in." Max called out. We entered, he looked up, before smiling. "How can I help you? You don't want me to punish her for you, do you?"

Eric shook his head, "No, I can do that myself."

"Again, you can try but I can take you." I tell him.

"You are fifth in rank." Eric smirked at me.

"By choice." I tell him, they look confused. "Don't look at me like that. Edward got first and got stabbed in the fucking eye. Everyone thinks it was Peter but it was really Drew. If I'm not first, I'm safe and I can protect people better because no one looks at me." I shrug. "I could take first in a heartbeat, but what is the fun in that."

"So you are purposely holding back?" Max asked me.

"Yes, although it won't matter tomorrow. I can't fool that damn test." I growl, remembering my practice runs. I had sworn Lauren to secrecy. "I'll be in first because no one is gonna beat my time."

"Why?" Eric asked.

"I only have one fear." I answer.

They looked shocked, Max shakes his head, "One?"

"Yep." I sigh as I sit down in the chair. "Just one. It's bullshit. It's not even a realist one, I just can't get over it." I groan in annoyance. "Anyways that is not why we are here."

"Of course, why are you here?" Max asked.

"Do you know the Four was beaten? What Marcus was... is really like?" I ask Max.

Max looked confused, "I knew that Marcus was one of Four's fears but not why."

"Fucking hell." I growl as I stand up, "That fucking coward! No wonder he is still doing it! He never told anyone." I begin to pace, "That little shit, thinks he is so great cause he got out. Did he honestly think that Marcus would stop if he left? I should break his teeth... no that is not the way to handle this." I take deep breaths.

"Ella?" Max gets my attention. "What are you talking about?"

I sigh, "Marcus beat his wife and son. He beat his wife so bad that she faked her death, she is now living as Factionless, not that anyone but I knows that. He beat Four, something fierce. It is mostly the reason why Four will never take the leadership job, he doesn't want to be remotely like Marcus. It is also why he had to be the best, to make sure he could never be beaten again." I close my eyes, "He must have thought that Marcus would stop with the abuse after he left because he was his only kid... but he was wrong."

"Ella?" Eric growled.

I shrugged, "I was his next target." I chuckled darkly, "My parents went to Marcus for help. He told them he would take me on the weekends to teach me." I jumped up and began to pace. "It began with yelling and rough grabs, moved on to hits with a belt and kicks. Hair pulling, thrown into walls, even kicked down the stairs. Then I turned fourteen..." I stopped to gasp for air as I leaned against door, not looking at them. "It turned into my worst nightmare." I set my head against the door. "He told me that belonged to him now." I slowly turned back to them, "That is why I chose Dauntless, it is the only place that he can't get into."

Max sat back in his chair, ran his hands over his head. "Fuck."

"I'll kill him." Eric snarled.

Max sighed, "I'm tempted to let you but we can't. Ella, we need to take this to Jack. Marcus needs to be put on trial."

"I know." I nod.

"Okay. I'll ask him and Jeanine to come here tomorrow." Max nodded. "You can warn Four, if you want. Tell the Initiates to take the night off, test start early tomorrow. Eric, walk her back."

"Of course." Eric nods.

"Thank you Max." I whispered before walking out the door with Eric. We are silent as we get in the elevator, inside I sigh, "No one will ever want to be with after this."

Eric growled before he traps me against the wall. "Don't ever think that way. Once you are not an initiate, I plan to make you mine, nothing will change that."

I look into his eyes, "Why?"

Eric smirked, "You surprise me. You make me want to hold and strangle you at the same time. I want to hurt every man that touches you. I want to give you everything that you could ever want."

I smile, leaning forward to kiss the side of his mouth, "Thank you."

He sighs as he steps back, the doors open and he grabs my hand to take me back to the dorm but we stop at the training room where everyone but Peter, Molly and Drew are waiting. Eric laughs, causing everyone to jump and turn to us, "They really thought that I was going to kill you."

I smirk, "Well I never said they were the brightest." I stepped away from him, "Thank you Eric."

Eric nodded, "Anytime." He turned to leave but paused, "Tris..." She looked at him, "Sorry for yelling at you. I was an ass, I normally am but I'm working on it." Everyone gasped, he looked to Four, "Stop spreading rumors that I'm evil and I'll stop purposely pissing you off."

Four nodded, "Deal."

Eric nodded, "Get rest, Tests are early tomorrow because something has come up." He turned and left.

"What was that?" Uriah asked.

"The new Eric." I answered. "Don't question it. Now, I'm fine. I had to talk to Max. So everyone to bed." They hugged me and went to their beds. I walked to Four, "Four, I need to tell you something."

"Yeah, what is it?" He asks.

"I know who you were." He tenses at my words. "Tomorrow Jeanine and Jack King are coming here to talk to me about the horror your father put me through." He looks at me, shocked. "You can't really think he would have stopped after you?"

"I... but... why would he?" He whispered.

"Cause he is a monster, Tob... Four." I tell him. "Now Max asked me to warn you. I don't think Max will ask you take the job anymore. You should have told someone." I walked off, "Night Four."


Chris and Tris asked me for a replay, I told them most of it but told them rest was personal and they let it go. Chris squealed a little as I told them about Eric's promise after Initiation. We went to sleep. This morning we got up, ran some laps, ate breakfast and joined everyone in the waiting room for our tests. I would be third so I relaxed. I laughed as Peter came out sweating.

He glared at me, "You think you're so tough. You do it bitch."

I got in his face, "Being a dick won't get you far, nor will it get Tris' attention." I whispered, he tensed. "Apologies to her for being a dick. Tell her you were scared and that's how you handle it but you'll try to be better."

"Okay." he nodded before walking over to Tris.

"Ella." A technician called from the door. I walked inside, noticed the glass room that held Max, Jack King, Jeanine, Eric and the other Leaders. Four stood beside the chair, I walked up, hopped on and relaxed in the chair. The tech smiled at me, "Are you ready?"

"Yep. Let's hit the road cowboy." I smirk.

Four chuckles, "Be brave." He injects me with the serum, I close my eyes and everything goes black.

I sigh as I open my eyes and see myself standing on giant piece of wood in the middle of the ocean. I groan, "Oh come on. Really? Again?" I sat down, look around and see something coming at me. "Well at least, it's consistent." I scoot over to the side, splash the water, "Come on. Here, fishy, fishy." Once it gets closer, I can clearly make out the shark fin. It slams into the wood, tipping it over and I fall into the water. I take a deep breath and let myself fall, turning to see the shark coming at me. I reach down into my boot, pull out a knife and wait. As it reaches me, I twist out of the way of it's jaws and stab it in the eye. It starts to swim off and I gasp as I sit up in the chair. I look at Four, "That was quick."

"You only have one fear?" He asks in awe.

I shrug, "Surprise."

He laughs, "Wow. Okay. You okay?" He hands me a glass of water.

I sip it, stand up and nod. "Yeah, I'm good. Thanks Four." I walk with the tech out of the room, everyone looks at me. "What? I tried to stay as long as I could."

"You were two minutes!" Uriah shouts.

"Oh, yay me. Longer then my last time." I smile.

Peter shakes his head, "We never stood a chance with you. You could fake being bad at the first round but not this one."

"You knew?" I asked him.

"That you were holding back? Oh yeah." Peter nodded.

I laughed, "Well can't trick everyone." I sat next to him as Uriah went. Peter, Tris and I talked about what we wanted to do for a job as everyone else went. Then it was Tris' turn. "Tris, just go with your heart."

She nods, "Thanks El." She walks in the room.

"So?" I ask.

Peter sighs, "She is letting me take her for drinks tonight."

"Nice." I smile. It takes Tris four minutes and twenty seconds to finish. We stand and congratulate her. We all hug and begin to make our way to lunch. We walk into the dinning hall, it's hamburgers and fries today. We grab our food and go sit next to our friends. Will still looks terrified. "Hey, he okay?"

Chris sighs, "Not sure. He has given us one word answers but not much else."

Peter frowns, "Is he eating?" Chris nods. "Okay, let's wait til after and if he has gotten better, we'll take him to the infirmary."

We begin to eat, laughing as the feeling of excitement takes us over. We are almost done. One more ranking and then we will be done. I sigh as I see Eric walk in the room, he walks to us. "Ella, they are ready for you."

"Ella?" Tris asks.

I look at me friends, "It will come out soon but please let's just focus on feeling free tonight. Have fun, celebrate. I'll be back." They nod, I turn to Peter, "Watch out for them."

Peter nods, "I won't fail again."

I get up and walk out beside Eric. I sigh, Eric takes my hand. "Tris is second, Uriah is third and Peter is fourth. Will, Drew and Molly are out."

I look at him, "Will?"

"Yeah. Unless someone gets hurt." He nods.

"Shit." I whisper. "Poor guy." We stay silent as we ride the elevator, instead of going to the offices we head to the conference floor. It's where they hold all not meetings. Eric opens the door and I walk in.

Jeanine sat on the left side of the table, Jack in the middle and Max on the right. Harrison, Victoria and Eric stood behind him as I sat on the other side of the table. Jack nodded to me, "Ella, correct?"

"Yes." I nod, "Ella Patterson."

Jeanine smiles, "Start were you want, take your time."

"Thank you." I sigh, "I was never Abnegation. Far from it. I didn't help those who might need it. I never liked the grey clothes, was never calm or acted in control. I like to climb and jump from building to building. I was loud, looked at my reflection, had an attitude and got into fights. I rolled my eyes and always said what I thought." I chuckled darkly, "My parents were horrified, went to Marcus for help. He told them he would take me on the weekends to teach me like he did Tobias, his son." I paused for a moment. "It began with yelling and rough grabs, moved on to hits with a beat and kicks. Hair pulling, thrown into walls, even kicked down the stairs. Then I turned fourteen..." I stopped to gasp for air as I close my eyes against the memories. "He began to touch me, look at me like I was candy. He would make me walk around naked in his house. He never went to far because we were in the middle of the village, they would hear me scream but then... Then a couple months before the Choosing... he needed to go to Amity, for a weekend. He convinced my parents to have me go with. When we got to Amity, he hid me. Asked for a cabin far off, chained me to the bed, gauged me and raped for three days." I set my head against my hands. "When we got back to Abnegation, he told me that if I transferred, he would make sure I would fail and become Factionless. He would find me and lock me up in his house. That I belonged to him now." I looked at them, "I chose the one place I knew that he couldn't get me."

Jack frowned, "You are sure that he beat his son as well?"

"Yes but I have no idea if he will talk about it. He has worked hard to leave that life behind." I answer him.

"We will ask him." Jack nods.

Jeanine sighed, "I can't not imagine what you went through. The horror you faced as a child but we will make sure that justice is done."

"Thank you." I smile.

"To go through that and only have one fear, not even to do with that... may I ask how?" Jack wonders.

"I have already suffered the worst pain and suffering I could imagine. I will not let it happen again. I'm not afraid of it because it will never happen." I shrug.

"Amazing. You are quite the warrior. Dauntless is lucky to have you." Jeanine smiled, "I couldn't help but notice that you are also a Divergent."

"Yes, 65% Dauntless, 15% Erudite, 10 % Candor and 5% Amity." I tell them.

"Four?" Jeanine gasped, "We have only ever found three at most."

I smile, "It shocked my test taker as well. He said I should have gone to Erudite but Dauntless feels like home."

Jeanine nods, "You fit it well. Thank you for talking to us. Jack, anything else?"

"We will grab Marcus tonight. The trial will be set as quickly as we can. We will keep you informed." Jack nodded, "You can go enjoy your night."

"Thank you." I pause at the door. "Jack, Marcus' wife is alive. She faked her death, lives among the Factionless near the fence. She can tell you more about him then either Four or I."

Jack nodded, "We will find her."

I walk out the door, head back to the elevator and head down to the main floor. I reached the Pit and see my friends dancing and drinking. I smile as I move to join them. I come up behind Chris, "Aren't you pretty."

She squeels, "ELLA!"

"You're drunk already." I pointed out.

"Yes she is." Uriah tells us.