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I Won't Give Up On You

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Loki’s phone ringing was the first thing that woke him up.


He hadn’t slept too well last night -the anticipation over beginning senior year was killing him- and had finally managed to drift off to sleep around 5am.


He told himself that if he ignored the call, the person on the other end would take the hint and leave him alone, and he’d be able to sleep until 8.


5 minutes and 3 phone calls later, Loki realized that he was going to have to wake up whether he wanted to or not, and he reached over to his nightstand, blindly feeling around for his phone.


He swiped up and groaned, lifting the phone to his ear. “What?”


He heard soft laughter from the other end. “Why do you sound like I just ruined your morning?”


Loki groaned again, rolling over onto his back and trying to force himself to stay away. “Because you did.”


Loki heard a car door close, and an engine startup. “Are you ready for school?”


Loki pulled his phone away from his face and cracked open a tired eye to check the time. “It’s only 7:35, you asshole.”


His best friend laughed again, the sweet melody of it making Loki’s heart race. “Think you can be ready in 15?”


Loki took in a deep breath and sighed, begrudgingly sitting up. “No.”


“Well be ready. I’ll be there before 8.”


Loki made a sound of discontent. “School doesn’t start till 9, Thor.”


He could imagine that Thor had a soft smile on his face now. He always did when Loki said something he found amusing. “I want to take us out for breakfast.”




“What do you mean “why”? It’s free breakfast.”


Thor knew he had Loki here. The omega was one to never pass up on a free meal.


“...I’ll be ready when you get here.”


Thor laughed at this, saying goodbye.


Once he had ended his conversation with Thor, Loki got up and walked to his bathroom, hoping a nice shower would wake him up.


He managed to make himself look presentable after leaving the shower and getting dressed -he had spent hours picking out outfits for the first week of senior year last night- and grabbed his bookbag, heading downstairs. His parents were already awake, surprised to see him up so early.


“Loki! What a pleasure it is to see you up so early!”


Loki rolled his eyes at his father Farbauti and grabbed his glass of orange juice out of his hands. “Thor’s taking me out for breakfast.”


He placed his father’s glass back on the table after he had drained it and walked into the kitchen, opening the refrigerator to grab his lunch that he’d prepared the night before. “I’ll be home late tonight.”


His mother Laufey turned off the stove and kissed his cheek, running a hand through his son’s hair. “Be home by 8. We’d like to have dinner with you.”


Loki rolled his eyes again, pretending to be annoyed by the request. “I make no promises.”


Laufey kissed Loki’s forehead next, staring at him with proud tears in his eyes. “Today’s the first day of your last year in school.”


“I’m aware of this, Mother.”


Laufey wiped at his tears, pulling Loki into a tight embrace. “We’re so proud of you, Loki. We really are.”


Loki hugged him back, looking at his phone to see a text from Thor saying that he was here. “Thor’s here.”


His mother let him go and kissed him once more, smiling proudly. “Have a great day, sweetheart!”


Loki nodded, beginning to head out of the kitchen and to the front door.


“And be home by 8, young man!” called his father, turning the page in his newspaper.


“I will!”


Loki closed the door before his parents could shout more requests of him, and walked to Thor’s car, getting into the passenger seat. “Hey.”


Thor looked over at him and smiled gently. “Hey.”


“I’m sorry it took so long for me to get out here. My parents were reminiscing.”


Thor put his car into reverse and backed out of Loki’s driveway. “About what?”


“About it being my last year in school.”


Thor pulled out onto the street and exited the neighborhood, heading to him and Loki’s favorite diner near the school. “You got an early acceptance into Jotunheim, didn’t you?”


Loki nodded, pulling his phone out to scroll through social media. “Yeah. I’ll be leaving for college a week after we graduate.”


Thor playfully pushed at Loki’s thigh, smirking at him. “Don’t become a stranger when you leave.”


“Our relationship won’t change just because I’m going to a different university that you, Thor.”


Loki was too busy looking at his phone to notice the sad smile on Thor’s face. “I hope not.”


They arrived at the diner a few minutes later and parked, getting out of the car and walking inside. Loki pulled out his phone and scrolled through social media,  letting Thor speak to the waitress for them.


The alpha was always so charming, and was much better at interacting with people than Loki.


The waitress led them to a booth and handed them menus, taking their orders for drinks and leaving to go get them.


Loki put away his phone and sighed, absentmindedly pushing a section of hair behind his ear, not noticing the way Thor was staring at him.


He had decided to let his hair start growing out over the summer for some reason -he had a nagging suspicion it was because Thor had run his fingers through it on his birthday and told him he should let it grow out some- and didn’t mind how it made him look. It was shoulder length now, and he could even tie it up in a short ponytail, so he decided he would grow it out until he got tired of the length and wanted to have short hair again.


“I wish the year was over already. I’m so ready to get out of this town.”


Thor laughed softly, holding Loki’s gaze for a moment. “Ready to leave me?”


The teen snorted, rolling his eyes. “Of course; that’s why I agreed to this breakfast. I never want to see you again!”


They laughed together and looked up as the waiter returned with their drinks and food. They thanked her and began to eat, and Thor noticed the way Loki was tearing into his food, surprised that the omega was so hungry.


“Did… you not eat dinner last night?”


Loki looked up at him. “Why do you ask?”


“It’s just… you seem exceptionally ravenous today.”


Loki slowed down, frowning slightly. “Do I?”


Thor nodded, beginning to eat again. “I don’t really care, I was just curious.”


Loki frowned, his mind going down the list of reasons as to why he was probably hungry. “It’s probably because my first heat starts in two weeks.”


Thor choked on his drink, not expecting Loki to speak about something as intimate as a heat so openly. “What?”


Loki rolled his eyes, resuming his meal. “What, does talking about heat cycles make a big, strong alpha like you uncomfortable?”


Thor blushed, averting his gaze. “I was just surprised, Loki. That’s all.”


“We’re friends , Thor. If I have to hear about every single sexual conquest that you have, I should be able to at least mention my heats.”


“Tha- That’s not- never mind.”


Loki raised an eyebrow at Thor, wondering why the alpha was so flustered.


“Are you going to spend your heat with anybody?”


Loki tsked, reaching over to grab his soda. “No. Angrboda offered, but… I turned him down.”


Thor’s face darkened when Loki mention Angrboda, but Loki ignored it. Angrboda and Thor never got along, so Loki learned a long time ago to keep his two best friends separated and away from each other.




Loki smirked and threw the wrapping from his straw at Thor playfully. “Oh so now you want to hear about my heat?”


Thor laughed and caught it, his eyes crinkling from amusement. “I’m just curious, Loki.”


Loki sighed and grew serious for a moment, pushing his food around on his plate. “I don’t know… I just can’t imagine having sex for the first time with a close friend. I feel like our relationship would never be the same.”


“So… do you have someone in mind then?”


Loki shook his head, looking up in thought. “I ordered some things online to help me through it, so… I’ll just go through it alone.”


Thor debated about bringing this up for a few seconds, but decided to drop it, changing the subject instead.


“We should probably go. It’s 8:45.”


Loki looked at the time and sighed, mentally preparing himself for another day at school. “Can’t we just do something different for once? Why don’t we skip the first day of school?”


Thor snorted, getting up from the table and pulling out his wallet to leave a tip. “And risk getting detention? I don’t think our 16-year-old valedictorian needs to have that on their record.”


Loki groaned and forced himself to stand up, following Thor out of the diner and to the car.


School was only 5 minutes away, so they had plenty of time to mingle and socialize before class started.


Loki tried to stay away from Thor at school, as his friend was extremely popular, and had omegas and other friends to care about.


It didn’t bother him that Thor was at the top of the social pyramid while he was at the bottom, as he could care less about the people in his school. He’d never see them again once he graduated, so he accepted that he would be experiencing another year being surrounded by idiots.


“Hey Loki.”

Loki closed his locker, not surprised to see his beta friend Angrboda. “Hey.”


“Wanna walk to class together?”


They shared the first period of the day, so Loki figured it wouldn’t hurt. It beat walking through the halls alone. “Sure.”


They walked through the halls, talking about random things and sharing inside jokes until they reached the stairs.


They made their way through the crowd of students and through the halls upstairs, heading to class. “I don’t know how you can stand being around that guy.”


Loki looked ahead of him, noticing Thor surrounded by members of the football team, and a few cheerleaders. They were all laughing at something one of them said, and taking up the entirety of the right side of the hallway. “They’re so fucking annoying.”


Loki remained silent, not agreeing or disagreeing with him. Although Thor was Loki’s best friend, he had to admit that the people he hung around were pretty annoying.


“Let’s just move past them and head to class, ‘Boda.”




Loki cringed when he heard Thor call out his name, and slowly turned towards the alpha, a tight smile on his face.


“I’ll see you in 2nd period?”


Loki nodded, trying to ignore the throb of pain in his chest when Thor’s on again off again girlfriend Sif wrapped her arms around him and glared at Loki. “Yeah.”


He had accepted long ago that he and Thor were in different spheres, and that Thor would never want him the way Loki wanted the alpha.


He had resigned himself to the friendzone, and told himself that as long as he could be Thor’s best friend, that was enough.


He just wished that he wasn’t lying to himself when he said that.


His first class of the day was AP Literature and Composition, and it wasn’t a tough class for him whatsoever, so he found himself zoning out the entire time, drawing intricate lines in his notebook to pass the time.


Once the bell rang, he stood up and grabbed his things, surprised when Angrboda stopped him. “What?”


“Wanna each lunch together?”


Loki nodded, remembering that he and Thor only ate lunch together on Tuesdays and Thursdays. “Sure. Where at?”


“Fuller’s class?”


Mr. Fuller was the teacher in charge of the photography club at their school, and had a pretty close relationship with Angrboda. He often let the beta spend lunch period in his room.


“Alright. I’ll meet you there.”


Angrboda relaxed and let go of Loki’s arm, so Loki left the classroom, speeding across campus to his next class, AP Biology. He and Thor shared this class together on A days, and shared history and study hall together on B days.


He got there right as the bell rang, and slid into a seat next to Thor, setting his books down. The teacher shot him a warning look but didn’t say anything, choosing to go over the curriculum outline for the year.


Loki didn’t pay attention to this either, zoning out again until he heard Thor murmur next to him. “What?”


Thor smiled softly, repeating himself. “Want to be partners for the project?”


Loki furrowed his brow, not understanding what he meant. “What project?”


Thor laughed, pointing at the dry erase board. “That project.”


Loki looked at the front of the room, reading what the teacher was explaining.


They apparently had a project that was due at the end of the semester. “Sure. What do you want to do it on?”


They had to choose a subject dealing with science and write a report and create a presentation on it, by the end of the semester. “It doesn’t matter; you choose.”


Loki yawned, opening his textbook. “Quantum physics.”


Thor laughed and shoved Loki playfully. “Hell no, Einstein. Not all of us are Mensa members.”


“That sounds like a personal problem.”


They laughed and looked through Loki’s textbook for a few minutes, finally deciding on a topic.


The rest of the class went by quickly because they were allowed to talk and plan for their project, and once the bell rang, Thor and Loki made plans to meet after school.


Loki’s first day of senior year was pretty uneventful, and once the last bell of the day rang, Loki found himself rushing to get off campus.


He and Thor were planning on heading to his place after school to play video games, and burn off the stress from the day.


Thor always took his time getting to his car, so Loki leaned against Thor’s car door and played around on his phone, waiting for his friend to hurry up.


15 minutes later, Thor finally headed over to his car, Sif in tow.


Loki tried his best to not roll his eyes or get snarky, and exhaled slowly, looking back down at his phone and waiting for Thor to unlock the door.


“Hey, Loki. Ready to go?”


Loki spared Thor a glance. “I’ve been ready since the bell rang, bastard.”


Thor laughed softly in the way that always caused Loki’s heart to skip a beat, and he ran a hand through his golden hair, averting his gaze. “Sorry about that.”


He turned towards Sif then, pressing a quick kiss against her lips. “I’ll see you later, Sif.”


Loki tried to not gag as Sif pouted, looking up at Thor with her baby doll eyes. “We just got back together… can’t we enjoy our reunion?”


“While that sounds very tempting, I promised Loki that we’d hang out today. I’ll see you tomorrow.”


Sif raised herself on her tiptoes, and wrapped her arms around Thor’s neck, pulling him down for a passionate, intense kiss.


Loki tried to not show his irritation, and coughed loudly, subtly telling them to move it along and hurry up.


Thor smiled against Sif’s lips and pulled himself away, resting his hands on her small waist. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Sif.”


They kissed again before separating, and Sif spared Loki a glance, giving him an unimpressed once over.


“If you get bored later on tonight babe, give me a call.”


Thor closed his eyes and laughed to himself. “I’ll keep that in mind.”


He watched Sif saunter away, and turned back to Loki, who had an unimpressed look on his face. “What?”


Loki rolled his eyes, shaking his head and getting into the now unlocked car. “I don’t think anybody wants to see their best friend suck their girlfriend’s face off, Thor.”


Thor laughed and got into the car, starting it. “When you start dating, you have my complete permission to make out with your partner in front of me as payback.”


Loki snorted, putting in an earbud. “I don’t think my partner will be happy with that.”


Thor snorted as well, pretending that talking about Loki dating someone didn’t break his heart. “Want to spend the night? My parents are out of town.”


Loki sighed, shaking his head. “My parents want me home for dinner. I guess they wanted to take me out to celebrate or something.”


“That sucks. Can I come instead?”


Loki looked over at Thor, surprised. He had heard Sif’s lingering offer, and figured that the alpha in Thor should be all over her at the moment. He couldn’t understand for the life of him why Thor was wasting his time with him.


“Sure. My parent shouldn’t care.”


They laughed and joked about random things on the way to Thor’s massive home, and once they got there, headed straight to his gaming room. They tossed their bags to the floor and collapsed on the couch, grabbing controllers for the gaming system.


They lost track of time, and it wasn’t until Loki’s phone started to ring that he remembered he was supposed to eat dinner with his parents.




Thor paused the game and looked over at Loki, raising an eyebrow. “What?”


“I forgot that my parents wanted to eat dinner tonight. Hold on.” He grabbed his phone and swiped up, answering. “Hello, Mother.”


He nodded a few times and apologized, letting him know that he would be over in 20 minutes.


Thor turned off the game and laughed when Loki hung up and groaned loudly. It seemed all the man did nowadays was groan or roll his eyes. “I’m guessing we should probably head out then?”


Loki nodded, walking towards his bag on the floor and picking it up. “Yeah.”


Thor followed Loki out the door and to his car, driving them to his house.


His parents weren’t surprised to see Thor there, and invited him in for dinner, pleased to hear that he had a good first day of school too.


After dinner, Loki’s parents told Loki it was fine to spend the night at Thor’s house, so he grabbed his overnight bag and told his parents goodnight, climbing into Thor’s car.


“What do you want to do for the rest of the night?”


Loki yawned, trying to stay awake. “I didn’t sleep at all last night, so I’ll be in bed by midnight.


“Should we watch a movie then?”


Loki nodded, closing his eyes. “That’s fine with me.”


They arrived back at Thor’s house and trudged upstairs to his room, changing into their night clothes.


Loki felt eyes on his back while he changed, and turned around, raising an eyebrow at Thor. “Why are you staring at me?”


Thor looked away, embarrassed that Loki caught him. “You… you look different.”


A bemused smile stretched across Loki’s face then, and he pulled on his shirt, walking over to Thor’s bed and climbing under the covers. “Different how?”




Thor climbed into his large bed as well and grabbed his remote, turning on his TV and finding a movie for them to watch.


Loki wrapped himself in one of the many blankets on Thor’s bed, and sighed, beginning to relax. Thor’s scent was heady and overwhelming, and Loki always found that breathing in Thor’s scent helped calm him down and just let go.


The movie was supposed to be a comedy about an omega’s first heat, and their quest to find a suitable partner, and Loki found himself briefly imagining what it would be like if he was able to spend his heat with someone he loved and trusted.


He sneaked a few glances at Thor, who seemed entranced by the movie, and scooted a little closer, acting as if he were stretching out in the bed and getting more comfortable.


Thor looked over at him for a moment before turning back to the movie.


“Are you sure there’s no one you want to spend your heat with?”


Loki looked over at him, wondering why he brought it up. “... I don’t know anyone, Thor. I’m not comfortable fucking random people like you are.”


Thor put a hand on his chest and laughed, pretending to be hurt. “Okay, first, ouch . I don’t sleep with random people.”


Loki rolled his eyes, burrowing further into the pillows and blankets to hide his blush. “I didn’t know the omegas you met at parties constituted as something other than strangers.”


Thor laughed softly then. “Will you be okay? Having your first heat alone?”


Loki made a face at this. “I’ll be fine, Thor. It’s not like I’ve never masturbated before.”


Thor blushed, averting his gaze, and trying to not lust after the image of Loki masturbating.


“Why are you so obsessed with my heat, anyway? Unless you’re offering to help, don’t worry about it. I’ve got everything under control.”


Thor went silent for a few seconds, choosing his next few words very carefully. “Would it be weird if I said I didn’t mind helping you?”


“... You want to help me?”


Thor continued to keep his gaze steered away from Loki, not wanting the omega to see how embarrassed he was. “I know that you said sleeping with a friend would be weird, but… if the day comes, and you decide that you want someone there… I’m here.”


Loki sat up and wrapped the blanket around him, staring at Thor intensely. “You’re dating Sif, Thor. You’d be cheating on her.”


Thor sat up and looked at him then. “Do you want me to leave her?”


Loki widened his eyes in shock, not believing what Thor was saying. “Norns, no! What kind of friend would I be if I made you leave her just because I don’t like her?”


Thor continued to stare at him, clearly nervous. “I made things weird, didn’t I?”


Loki shook his head slowly, trying to figure out what was going on. “You do realize that helping me through my heat means having sex… right?”


Thor nodded slowly. “...Yes.”


Now it was Loki’s turn to blush, and he began to babble, his heart racing faster. “I-I…”


Thor reached out and grabbed his hands, squeezing them gently. “Don’t feel forced to agree, Loki. You’re my best friend, and… I care a lot about you. If you want someone to spend your heat with, I… I’m just letting it be known that if you’re okay with me… I wouldn’t mind helping you.”


Loki blinked a few times, feeling a multitude of emotions. He felt embarrassed, he felt happy, he wanted to laugh, he wanted to tackle Thor and attach their lips together, and he didn’t know which emotion to give rise to first.


“...I feel like you’re offering this with good intentions, but… can you even kiss your best friend?”


“... If it’s you, Loki… there are many things I could do that I normally wouldn’t.”


Loki blushed again, looking away. “Kiss me then. If I can kiss you… and you can kiss me… and we can not feel weird afterwards, then… I’ll let you help me through my heat.”


Thor scooted closer to Loki, and gently grabbed his torso, catching the young omega off guard. They stared at each other with looks of uncertainty, and Loki closed his eyes, waiting for Thor to kiss him.


Thor pressed his lips against Loki’s then, and Loki felt every neuron in his body light up, electricity coursing through him. The kiss was brief -lasting no more than 3 seconds- and Loki had a fierce blush on his face when Thor pulled away, staring at him sheepishly.


“... Are you sure you’re okay with this? You’re dating someone.”


Thor stared at Loki intensely, being more honest with him than he had been in a long time. “You’re more important to me, Loki. And you always will be.”


Loki warily looked back at Thor, stunned by the sincerity in his eyes. “You shouldn’t tell your best friend things like that, Thor.”


Kissing Loki must’ve given Thor some confidence, as the man surprised Loki even further by reaching out to cradle his face. “Why not?”


Loki’s heart was beating out of his chest, and he couldn’t believe that this was all happening. “Because it will give me hope.”


Loki’s voice was small and unsure when he said this, a far cry from his usually proud and snarky self.


“Hope for what?”


Loki couldn’t say it, wouldn’t say it. He couldn't risk losing the most important person in his life because he didn’t know how to differentiate between romantic intent and genuine platonic kindness.




Loki slowly looked up at his friend, not prepared to see the genuine worry and concern in his eyes.


“If… if I say something weird… if it grosses you out… can we pretend that I never said it?”


Loki nodded warily, not trusting himself to speak.


Thor looked more nervous than he had ever been, and Loki didn’t know what to think. Thor was always the calm, cool and collected alpha who had it all, and knew what he always wanted and how to get it. He masked his emotions well, and never looked away from someone, always being the one to hold their gaze.


But the alpha Loki was seeing in front of him now, wasn’t like that at all. The alpha in front of him was nervous, and stuttering, and sweating, and averting his gaze. Loki didn’t know that it was because Thor was scared to lose their friendship as well.


“... I love you.”


Loki’s world stopped, and he felt as if all of the breath in his lungs had been stolen. He wondered briefly if he had fallen asleep during that movie, and this was just all a sick, cruel, and twisted dream.


He wondered if Thor would laugh and let go of his hands, letting him know that he was joking.


He wondered if Thor would tell him that he couldn’t bring himself to sleep with his best friend, and would ask him to leave for the night.


He didn’t realize that every second he remained silent, Thor was berating himself for confessing.


Loki’s eyes welled with tears then, and he yanked his hands out of Thor’s gentle hold, wiping at them. “That’s not a funny thing to joke about, Thor.”


Thor scooted even closer to Loki then, almost looming over the smaller omega. “Loki… Loki what makes you think I’m joking?”


Loki didn’t know why he was being so emotional over this, and he began to cry a bit harder, wiping at his tears with a shaky hand. “You have a girlfriend! You’ve been my best friend for two years, and, and now we’ve run out of things to joke and laugh at, so you say this! It’s not funny , Thor!”


Thor looked at Loki sadly for a few seconds before reaching back behind him and grabbing his phone. Without speaking he dialed Sif’s number, and put the phone on speaker, so that Loki could hear.


Loki looked up at him with tears streaming down his face, staring at him in bewilderment. “Thor, what are you doing?”


Thor remained silent, and waited for Sif to pick up the phone. “Hey, babe! Want me to come over?”


Loki’s heart shattered when he heard her voice, and he moved to get off of the bed, not wanting to be a part of whatever cruel and sick, twisted prank Thor was pulling.


Thor grabbed Loki’s forearms, holding onto him and preventing him from leaving.




Loki struggled to break free, and held back a sob, not wanting Sif to hear him cry.


Thor was immensely stronger than him though, and he held on, beginning to speak. “We shouldn’t be together, Sif.”


Loki froze when Thor said this, his eyes searching Thor’s intense gaze. This prank was going too far, and now that Thor had involved someone else, it was time to stop. He opened his mouth to speak, but Thor beat him to it, beginning to explain.


“I’m in love with Loki. And I don’t want to lead you on or raise your hopes.”


“Thor, what are you do-


Thor cut Loki off again, continuing to stare at him intensely. “I know that we always break up and get back together, but… this is the last time. Regardless of whether or not he returns my feelings… I can’t do this anymore. And I’m sorry.”


Sif was silent for a few seconds before replying. “Go to hell , Thor Odinson!”


The call beeped when Sif hung up, and Thor turned off his phone, placing it back on the nightstand before turning back to look at Loki. “I’m not joking, Loki. This would be a very cruel prank if I was.”


Loki sniffed, continuing to cry. “Why did you do that?”


“Because kissing you was too good to not do again, Loki. And I can’t lie to myself anymore.”


None of this made sense to Loki, and he couldn’t understand for the life of him how his amazingly godlike best friend was not only attracted to him, but in love with him. They were seemingly from two different worlds, and so different in personality, and they were friends , and it was his fault for wanting more, and-


His mind went blank when Thor kissed him again, and he found himself kissing back, not caring anymore what happened. If Thor ended up pulling away, and telling him that he wasn’t serious, and was repulsed, at least he would always know what it was like to feel what Thor’s lips felt like against his.


Thor pulled away then, and held Loki’s waist, looking into his hooded gaze. “Wait, Loki.”


Loki’s heart dropped, and he remained silent, waiting for Thor to tell him that he wasn’t serious, and never was.


“I need you to understand that I’m not joking.”


“... What do you mean you’re not joking?”


Thor looked hurt by this, and pulled Loki into his lap, cradling his face. “I mean it, Loki. I do love you; I love you more than anyone or anything, and… and I don’t want to be just friends anymore.”


“... What do you want to be?”


Thor knew that Loki wasn’t teasing him, and knew that the omega had no experience with dating, so all he could do was laugh softly and stroke Loki’s cheek. “I want to be boyfriends, Loki.”


Loki didn’t think his eyes could get wider than they already were. “... You’re joking.”


“I’m not joking, Loki.”


“You, you’re joking, and Sif and everyone are going to come out and laugh, and there’s probably a secret recording somewhere, and-”




Loki stopped babbling, looking up at Thor. The alpha could see the fear and apprehension in his eyes. “I swear if your playing with me, Thor, I will never forgive you.”


“Loki.” laughed Thor, pressing a light kiss against his face. “I’m not joking. I swear. I’m serious.”


Loki looked off to the side, debating about what he wanted to do. If he said yes, and discovered that this was all an elaborate ruse… then he would laugh it off, and ignore the pain in his heart.


And if he said no… if he said no, he would never be able to experience what it was like to be with Thor; even if this was a joke.


He nodded slowly, still averting his gaze. “Okay, Thor.”


Thor rubbed Loki’s cheek gently. “Okay to which part, Loki?”


“I’ll date you.”


Thor began to laugh, and plastered kisses all over Loki’s face one by one, feeling over the moon with joy. “Really?”


Loki found himself smiling as well, and couldn’t help but laugh too. Thor’s happiness was infectious.


They shared a few kisses in between nervous laughs and smiles, and Thor moved his hands a bit lower down Loki’s waist, resting them above his ass.


Loki was amazed at how large Thor’s hands seemed, and he blushed, looking away from Thor for a moment before looking back at him with a fleeting glance.


“So… are we dating now?”


Thor smiled, laughing in that enchanting way that always seemed to cause Loki’s heart to skip a beat. “Well, I would certainly hope so.”


Loki couldn’t believe that he had had his first kiss, and gotten his first boyfriend on the same day. A part of him wondered briefly if he and Thor would go further tonight, and he blushed, shaking his head to clear his thoughts.


It must be his upcoming heat that was making him feel this way.


“Are you tired?”


Loki nodded, realizing just how tired he really was. The excitement of Thor’s confession and his first kiss had distracted him, but now that Thor mentioned sleeping, he felt his eyes beginning to droop.


He felt bold for a moment, and pressed a quick kiss against Thor’s lips. “Let's go to bed.”


They did have school in the morning, so Loki didn’t want to stay up too late. Thor kissed him again before pulling away. “Alright.”


They climbed under the main comforter of Thor’s bed, and cuddled close, nestling into each other’s embrace. Loki found himself moving his face into the crook of Thor’s neck and smiling, breathing in his intoxicating scent.


He didn’t know what possessed him to do this in this moment, but he pressed a quick kiss against Thor’s jugular, laughing to himself.


Thor wrapped strong arms around Loki then, ghosting his hands around the globes of Loki’s ass. “You’re tempting me.”


Loki blushed, wondering where this sudden surge of confidence was coming from. He moved to lay across Thor vertically, and grabbed his face with gentle hands, kissing him slowly.


Thor froze for a split second before his mind caught up to what was happening, and he carefully wrapped his arms around Loki, pulling him closer.


Loki made a soft sound when Thor slipped his tongue into his mouth, and he tried his best to copy his movements. He had never kissed anyone before -much less made out with someone- so he tried to focus and do what Thor did.


They traced along the lengths of each other’s tongues, and Loki allowed his tongue to be led into Thor’s mouth, surprised at how good it felt to have Thor’s warm tongue rub against his.


They continued to make out for a few minutes before Loki pulled away, panting. He wiped at the thin string of saliva connecting he and Thor’s lips, and looked down, feeling something large and hard pressing against his own erection.


“Is… Is that your dick?”


Thor let out a puff of laughter, staring at Loki in amusement. “Yes, Loki.”


Loki reached down and grabbed it, forgetting his embarrassment in the name of curiosity. “Why are you so big?! This thing is huge!”


Thor’s eye twitched when Loki touched him, and he laughed nervously, reaching down to remove Loki’s hand.


Loki smacked his hand away and sat up, unintentionally straddling him. He had seen Thor naked plenty of times, but he had never really looked with intent.


He had one of his hands wrapped around Thor’s cock, and began to lower his boxers and sweatpants, exposing his length.


Thor twitched when the cold air of the bedroom hit him, and he moved to pull his pants back up. “Loki, what are you doing?!”


He had known Loki long enough to know that the omega sometimes didn’t have any tact, and knew that he was only doing this out of curiosity and mild fascination.


That did not change the effect it had on Thor though.


Loki looked up at Thor, suddenly aware of what it looked like he was doing. A furious blush spread across his face, and he yanked his hands away, beginning to stammer. “I-I wasn’t, I-I didn’t-”


“I know, Loki. I know.” assured Thor, a gentle smile on his face. “Let me… take care of this. I’ll be back in a moment.”


Loki wasn’t sure what made him suggest this, but the words came tumbling out of his mouth before he could stop them. “We… could help each other. I have one too, so…”


Loki noticed a dark gleam in Thor’s eyes then. “Loki… I don’t think you know what you’re suggesting.”


The omega scoffed, turning his head. “I know what I’m suggesting, Thor! Me having no sexual experience doesn’t mean that I am completely inept!”


Thor raised his eyebrows in surprise. “... What do you mean?”


Loki blushed even more, averting his gaze. “I’ve told you before, Thor. I… masturbate when I need to.”


“... How?”


Loki looked back at Thor, feeling more embarrassed than he had felt in a while. “What do you mean how ? The same way you do!”


Thor blushed, looking away for a moment. “Do… you use anything to help?”


Loki couldn’t believe that he and Thor were having this conversation, and he covered his face, groaning loudly. “ Norns, Thor.”


“I’m just curious…” murmured Thor, shooting Loki a heated look.


Loki didn’t know what possessed him to admit this, but he mumbled it quietly, almost to where Thor couldn’t hear him. “... Sometimes… I use my fingers…”


Thor bit his lower lip, biting back a moan at the mental image this gave him.


“... Can you show me?”


By now Loki’s entire face was red, and he didn’t know how he and Thor managed to get here.


“That’s embarrassing! What would you do if I suddenly asked you to masturbate in front of me?!”


“If it was you asking… I would.”


Loki snapped his eyes back towards Thor, surprised. He debated about this for a few seconds within himself, and finally decided that he had already gone farther than he imagined he ever could, tonight. Thor could change his mind tomorrow, so… if Loki ever wanted to see how far he could get with Thor… tonight would be the night.


“... Fine.”


Thor could see that this embarrassed Loki, and he ran a soothing hand along his side. “I don’t want to make you uncomfortable, Loki. We can go back to sleep if you want.”


Loki slowly slid off of Thor, biting a lower lip. He was nervous, but… he still wanted to try. If all he ever had with Thor was tonight, he wanted to make as many memories as possible.


“I’m fine. Let’s switch places.”


Thor got up and switched places with Loki, trying not to leer as the omega removed his night shorts and underwear.


Once he was completely naked waist down, Loki closed his eyes and began to stroke his cock, biting his lower lip to muffle a moan.


He didn’t know why he felt so sensitive, but assumed it was because someone -his best friend turned boyfriend no less- was watching him.


He rubbed his thumb gently over the head of his cock, and let a soft sound escape, too embarrassed to look at Thor.


He moved his left hand up to his chest and began to pinch and pull at nipple, another soft sound escaping his lips.


He heard Thor take in a sharp breath when he did this, and felt himself beginning to wetten. It usually took a bit longer to get this lubricated, but he attributed it to being watched.


He let go of his nipple and his cock, and moved his hands down a bit lower, using one hand to help open himself up a bit for Thor to see.


He used the index finger of his free hand to circle around himself, and slowly pushed a finger in, unable to stifle the moan that left his lips.


He pressed his middle finger in next to it and began to move his fingers back and forth, trying to not be embarrassed by the noises that this action made.


He scissored himself and moved his fingers in and out of him before adding in another finger, and took in a sharp breath, precum beginning to dribble down his cock.


Mnh! A-Ah!”


He arched off of the bed when he managed to hit his prostate and saw stars , beginning to move a bit faster.


He could hear Thor’s heavy breaths, and began to moan out his name, living out his fantasies that he only allowed himself to experience in the privacy of his room.


He felt hungry lips upon his own then, and opened his mouth, allowing Thor entry.


Their tongues clashed together and the pair moaned, beginning to rut against each other once Loki removed his fingers from himself.


Loki was surprised that Thor was naked as well, but didn’t think too much of it, too focused on what they were doing now .


Loki hips seemed to raise themselves on their own, and Thor’s cock slid between the cleft of Loki’s ass, the slick of the omega coating it liberally.


Fuck.” moaned Thor, moving to suck at Loki’s jugular. “Loki… Loki please.”


Loki held Thor’s head against his neck, his breath hitching when the alpha continued to rub against his entrance with his length.


A part of him was still rational enough to remember that Thor had a long track record of people he slept with, and he moaned when Thor almost slipped in, trying to keep the last thread of his common sense.


“U-Use a condom!” he managed to get out, another stuttered gasp leaving him when Thor almost slipped in again, and the head of his cock tugged at the upper rim of his entrance.


“You’re the only one I’ve ever not used a condom with, recently.” grunted Thor, continuing to rut against Loki. “I’m clean.”


Loki’s idiotic teenage mind nodded dumbly and wiggled his hips, getting the tip of Thor’s cock to press against his entrance. “I’m ready.”


Thor didn’t need to be told twice, and carefully entered Loki, trying his absolute best not to climax when he felt Loki’s tight, pulsing warmth surround him.


Loki gasped and cried out loudly when Thor entered him, spreading him in ways that his fingers never could, and he clawed at Thor’s back, leaving marks that would surely be there tomorrow.


“Breathe, Loki. Breathe.” strained Thor, trying to force himself to enter Loki slowly.




Thor stilled once he had pushed himself into Loki completely, and he groaned, moving to kiss Loki’s neck in an effort to help calm and relax him.


Loki’s eyes fluttered closed, and he tried his best to ignore the searing pain he felt. He had read online that it always hurt for your first time, but he had no idea it would feel like this.


He whimpered quietly, and wrapped his arms around Thor, trying to wait for the pain to turn to pleasure like all of the online forums had said.


He moved Thor’s face back up to his, and kissed him deeply, hoping that that would help alleviate some of the pain.


Thor began to make soft, shallow, thrusts into him, and Loki made soft sounds against Thor’s lips, trying to ignore the uncomfortable stretch to his rim.


Somewhere in between the kisses and the touching, Loki started to feel good, and he found himself pulling at Thor and urging him to move deeper, to thrust harder, to go faster .


Thor listened to Loki’s cues and fucked him into the mattress, the sounds spilling from the omega’s lips sounding as if they were sent straight from Valhalla.


Ah! Mnh! M-More, Thor!”


Thor continued to thrust into Loki, bracing himself above him and reveling in the moans and pants coming from him.


Loki felt his climax building, and he squeezed around Thor, wanting to feel all of him. “ F-Fuck! I-I’m gonna come, Thor!”


Thor nodded, grunting out a strained “Me too”.


He began to pull out of Loki, and was surprised when the omega hooked his ankles around his waist and kept him in place. “ No.


Thor continued at his pace, trying to not come into Loki.


“Omegas can’t get pregnant outside of their heat!” panted Loki, squeezing his eyes shut.


Thor vaguely remembered hearing something like this during sex ed, and relaxed, moving into Loki with renewed vigor.


They cried out each other’s names as they came together, and Loki found himself experiencing one of the most intense orgasms he had ever felt in his short life.


Thor continued to thrust into him through all of the climactic waves, and fell on top of him once they rode through them all.


Thor was the first one to speak amongst them, and he laughed, shaking his head in disbelief against Loki’s chest.


Fuck .”


Loki found himself laughing tiredly before succumbing to sleep.


Fuck indeed.