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Plot Bunnies That Have Run Away - Fast and Furious

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Dom stood staring at is house, unsure of how to handle this. He was free, his team, his family was free because Brian O'Conner. He watched as Vince, Letty and Leon walked up to Mia who stood on the porch. He watched them hug but couldn't help but think that something was missing.

"Dom?" Mia called out to him.

He looked to her, took a step as a cop car pulled up the house, everyone tensed as two men got out. One sneered at Dom, "You think because that fag got you off that you're safe, we'll get you Toretto. Criminals like you never change. No matter what that fag thought."

There was a laugh as a women with sandy brown hair walked around Dom's car, "Fag, was it?" She sneered as she got into the man's face, "Is that what you were calling him when you were trying to get him into your bed? IS IT? His name was Brian O'Conner! You disgusting piece of shit!" She shoved him back into his car, before glaring at his partner, "Get lost! You got nothing on Toretto. Not that you could find your way out of a fucking paper bag. To fucking stupid!"

The man glared at her, "What are you doing here, whore?"

The women smirked, "You wish I was a whore, then I wouldn't turn you down. Now get lost before you get charged with stalking and harassment."

The man took a step before his partner spoke, "Johns, get in the car, we're already on probation."

Johns growled, "Because of a fag."

The women growled, "No because you're a fucking murderer! You might have the FBI on your side but I will make sure you pay for what you did Brian."

"Fag got what was coming to him." Johns snapped.

The women screamed and lunged at him, punching him in the face, over and over before the partner jumped over the car to pull her off and shove her at Dom, "Hold her Toretto." Dom wrapped an arm around her waist as she screamed.

"I'll kill you, you fucker! You hear me?" She stopped fighting against Dom but kept screaming, "You won't always have that badge!"

The partner pushed Johns into the car, got in and drove off before anything else was said. The women took a deep breath before she began to sob, her legs giving out beneath her, Dom held her up as Mia rushed to her. "Luna, is that you? What are you doing here? I thought you had to handle Brian's funeral?"

The women looked up at her, "Mia?" Mia nodded as she wiped away Luna's tears. "I do, he told Rome that if he didn't make it, that he wanted to be cremated and his ashes spread in the two places where he found peace. Here and the tracks."

Mia gasped, "Oh Luna, I'm so sorry."

Luna shakily stood up, turning slightly to Dom, "Thank you, sorry for crying all over you. I know most men don't deal well with tears. I'm calmer now, you can let go now if you want."

"Brian's dead?" Vince asked as he, Letty and Leon walked closer.

Luna sucked in a breath, "Yes, the man he was sent after broke free for a moment after he was captured because Johns and his partner, Mathews, let him. He grabbed Johns' gun and shot..." She took a breath, shook her head, "and shot at Rome but Brian being Brian, took the bullet for him. He died two days later, in the hospital after he convinced the feds to erase everything they had on you, Letty, Leon, Mia, Dom and Jessie." She closed her eyes, "It was one of his last wishes that you all came home."

Letty sneered at Luna, "Jessie is dead."

"No I'm not." A voice called from the street, they all turned to see Jessie being helped out of a car by a large black man.

Luna gasped, pushed out of Dom's hold, "Jessie! You weren't suppose to be here until tomorrow. You're pushing yourself to hard." She wrapped an arm around his waist. "Roman!"

"He was insistent, you know how he gets. I'm lucky I kept him off his feet this long." The man answered, "He asked me to get him some food, when I caught him, he was already in the car, wouldn't get out. Stubborn little shit."

Jessie smirked, "I get it from Brian. By the way, his ashes?"

Luna looked at Roman, before turning to Jessie. "The Feds wouldn't release the body yet, Tej stayed behind to wait for him. He'll be bringing them back with him."

Jessie sighed, "I miss him."

Luna gasped as she hugged Jessie gentle, "I know you do, sweetie. You know he loved you, don't you?"

Jessie nodded, "Yes, I know."

Roman sighed, "You know that this is not your fault?"

Jessie tensed, "If I hadn't being complaining about how much I miss Dom, Leon and Vince, he never would have done this, Rom."

Luna looked at Jessie in shock, "Now that makes you sound stupid. This is Brian we're talking about. He felt that he owed Dom, he would have done it regardless." She lightly kissed Jessie forehead, "Maybe we should get you inside, Mia, can we?"

Mia nodded, "Of course Luna. Come on, Rome, you got him?"

Roman smirked at her before lifting Jessie in his arms, "Yeah I got him, you just open the door, hon."

Mia nodded, rushing to the door to open for Rom and Jessie. Luna walked closer to the house before she stopped to turn to the rest, "Words of warning. Jessie is family, Brain and Jessie were in love, don't upset Jessie by down talking Brian." She glared at Vince before looking at Dom, "Rom and Mia are talking, they are sweet on each other, don't ruin it, Mia deserves to be happy. As long as Mia and Jessie want me here, here is where I'll be. Don't like it, go fuck yourselves." She took a breath, "Other then that, welcome home." She turned and walked into the house, leaving them to follow her.

Dom walked in to see Luna sitting beside Jessie on the couch, Rome was sitting in the chair beside the kitchen enter way, Mia leaning on the arm of the chair. Leon walked to the couch, sitting in front of Jessie, resting his hand on Jessie's knee with his head resting on top of that. Vince sat in the other chair, Letty sitting on the arm rest as Dom stood watching. "How is Jessie..."

"Alive?" Jessie smirked, "Brian. He called rescue while he was in his car, going after Tran. Called in some special favors, I died a couple of times on the table but I pulled through. With Tran's family still out for blood, we didn't tell anyone in case they got hurt but Luna here, got the Trans to back off. It is safe to be here now."

Luna smiled, "When Brian said he wanted everyone home, he meant everyone Jessie." She kissed his cheek, he blushed. "When did you last eat?"

Roman laughed, "He made me stop at their place before we got on the road. It is Tuesday after all."

Jessie blushed, "It is tradition."

Luna smiled sweetly, "Yes it is, if you want, I'll go with next Tuesday, okay?"

Jessie smiled, "That way it will still be the O'Connor family eating together."

She smiled, "Yep."

"O'Conner family? You change your last name?" Vince asked softly, Jessie tensed, "Not that it's a problem, Jessie, just wondering."

Jessie took a deep breath, "Brian and I were married." Everyone but Luna gasped, "It was a requirement Brian had before he went after Carter." Jessie felt tears run down his face, "He wanted me taken care of, if the Feds didn't hold up their end of the deal."

Luna wiped away his tears, "I would never let that happen, Jess. Never."

"I know." He smiled at her.

Dom looked at his feet before he took a deep breath, "Brian did all this for us? Why?"

Luna looked at him, "Because he loved you." Jessie chuckled. "He called me as he ran from the law after he let you go. He made me swear to watch out for all of you until he could make it right." Luna laughed, "The fact that he was talking to me, was more then enough to tell me that he was serious."

"You two didn't talk?" Vince asked.

Roman laughed, "They were thick as thieves but once they hit sixteen, they split. Brian to be a cop and Luna to be, well a thief."

"Not just a thief, the best, according to Brian." Jessie smirked.

Luna sighed, "I'm good with computers, going unnoticed and manipulating. As was Brian, he just chose to be a cop to hopefully have our so called father be proud of him. Besides, I never take more then I need."

"So ripping off that billionaire, that was all you 'needed'?" Rome asked.

Luna growled, "No, that was personal revenge. He should have known better then to touch little girls." She smirked, "But he knows now."

"Psycho." Rome whispered.

Luna giggled, "You know it." She shook her head, "Anyway, Mia have they been bothering you?"

Mia smirked, "Not after the last time. Whatever you did, scared them off." Luna smiled.

"They?" Vince asked.

Mia giggled, "The racers."

"Why were they bothering you?" Dom asked.

"Someone told them that I was 'sleeping with a cop'." Mia stated, "Al thought I have never slept with a cop."

Letty rolled her eyes, "What about O'Conner?"

Mia glared at her, "He was gay, he never lied to me about that. He had a crush on Jessie, we spent the entire night talking about how he could get Jessie focus off the cars long enough to notice him. So watch who you are talking to bitch."

Letty growled, "Who you calling a bitch, slut?" Letty got up, pulled out a knife and took a step before Luna was there with a gun to her head.

"I think she was calling you one, bitch. Now why don't you drop the knife, sit down and shut the fuck up." Luna lifted an eyebrow at Letty.

Letty sneered at her, "You won't shoot me." She moved the knife to cut her, Luna lowered the gun, shot right beside her foot before raising the gun again as Letty froze.

"I'm not Brian, I don't know you. I don't like you. I will shoot you." Luna smirked, "I won't kill you, right away. I have questions that you need to answer before you can die. Any other problems?"

"Questions?" Vince asked as he pulled Letty back by her belt.

Luna sighed, "Brian had me watch over while he got everything sorted. Letty was seen with a few police and Fed agents. She was seen 'fucking' Johns. So yes, questions."

Dom tensed, "You slept with someone else? Someone who had a part is Brian's death?"

Letty glared at Luna, "Why do you care? He betrayed us. He got what he deserved." Luna moved to shoot her but stopped short when Dom hit her in the face. Dom glared down at her as she looked up at him shocked, "Dom?"

"No one deserves to die! No one! Mostly not Brian, he gave me his car, he called in help for Vince, he risked his job and life to not only avenge Jessie but let me go free. He was always family! Always!" Dom shouted at her, "You don't hurt family."

"He betrayed us!" Letty cried.

"No he didn't." Vince stated, "He tried to stop us and when he couldn't, he didn't call the police or Feds, he came himself to help us, to help me. I didn't even like him but he chose to help me because that is what family does. He couldn't help that his job wanted us caught, that wasn't his fault, Letty."

Dom glared at her, "But you could help that you fucked other people. I thought we were together. You betrayed me, Letty."