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Office Of The Soldiers

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Eren Jaeger was the receptionist for Wings Of Freedom. That basically meant he dealt with the clients and visitors, dealt with the calls, and kept the other employees taimed. The only reason he really got the job was because he’s friends with one of his boss’ sister.

Right now, Eren was on the phone with an important client. This client would make Wings Of Freedom even richer. Not that any of the employees got a lot of money, not even the bosses. Eren began typing as the client got into details of the meeting. The thing about being a receptionist is that you learn to type faster than you thought possible. “Hm? Ah, yes, I can do that. Uh - I’m afraid that isn’t possible. Well, Mr. Ackerman has an appointment at three, and Mr. Smith has one at four. Oh, I’m not sure when their meeting will end. Ah...uh-huh….yes sir….right away sir.” Eren replied to the client, setting the phone back into it’s receiver and typing the details onto his computer.

Eren heard a noise over the sound of typing, but ignored it. The noise grew louder, so Eren stopped typing and payed attention. Listening closely Eren heard the sound of screaming. Eren tensed up and sprung out of his chair, trying to find where the screams were coming from. He had to hurry before Levi heard the racket. After ten minutes of searching, he backtracked the screaming coming from the storage room. Eren burst through the door only to see Connie trying to splash water on Sasha. Eren relaxed, slumping down a little. “What are you two doing?!” Eren asked, bringing attention to him. Sasha and Connie stopped, stared, and then straightened, Connie hiding the glass of water behind his back. “N-nothing!” they both stuttered and gave Eren nervous smiles.

“Uh-huh. Connie, aren’t you supposed to be filing papers?” Eren asked. “Um - well, - you see…” Connie struggled. “Sasha aren’t you supposed to be seeing a client soon?” Eren turned to Sasha. “Maybe..?” Sasha questioned. Eren sighed and pinched his glabella, knocking his glasses down. “Connie, go. Sasha, come with me.” Eren ordered. Connie nodded and sped off, leaving Sasha with Eren. Eren turned and made the motion for Sasha to follow. Nervously, Sasha followed Eren, only to find them at Eren’s desk.

“Now, you’re going to stand right here until your client comes. And then you’ll act like an adult. Do you understand?” Eren ordered, pushing his glasses up with his index finger. “Y-yes sir.” Sasha replied, shrinking down to make herself look smaller. “Good!” Eren smiled and pushed his ponytail over his shoulder. Eren’s hair went a little pass his knees, so everyone always wondered how he took care of it. Sasha watched Eren sit down in his chair and continue to type. When Eren looked at her, she quickly turned away.

It wasn’t that she was scared of him, Eren could just be….a little scary when someone wasted his time. For a few minutes, Sasha just stared at the waiting room. Her attention was directed to the flag above Eren’s desk when a breeze made it move. The flag was the Wings Of Freedom and it looked like a star constellation, floating in the galaxy. Eren cleared his throat and startled Sasha. Eren didn’t say anything, just moved his head to the front doors. Sasha turned to the doors to see a middle aged woman in a tight black suit and a pound of makeup. The woman walked to Eren’s desk, her heels growing annoying. “What can I help you with?” Eren asked the woman. “Hello, I’m Mrs. Helen. I’m here to see Miss. Blouse.” Mrs. Helen answered. “Well, if you turn to your left that’s Miss. Blouse.” Eren answered, pointing at Sasha with a blue pen.

“Ah, well. Hello Miss. Blouse.” Mrs. Helen greeted. “Hello to you too. If you come this way, we’ll be able to talk without anyone interrupting us.” Sasha said, leading Mrs. Helen to an empty office. Eren made sure the door was closed before he turned back to his computer. “Eren! I finally got the papers done!” Connie said as he put a pile of papers on the desk. “Good! Ah - hey Connie?” Eren asked, pushing his glasses up. “Yeah?” “I need you to take these papers to Mr. Ackerman. Make sure they get to him.” Eren said as he handed Connie a stapled packet. Connie nodded and made his way to Levi’s office.

Eren turned back to his computer, but seeing someone had left a piece of folded paper on his desk. Eren picked it up, looking for who could’ve left it. No one was even close to his desk, so who left it? Eren shook his head and unfolded the paper, finding a note.

Dear Mr.Jaeger,

I understand that you are an Omega. What are you doing working in a company? That is men’s job. How about you quit your job and come work for us? Surely you know something about gardening. Besides, it’s a job us Omegas were supposed to do. Just think about it. Under this note you’ll find my cell phone number. Give me a call if you make up your mind.

Eren rolled his eyes. Of course it was Mrs.Jack. Mrs.Jack had been trying to get Eren to quit his job at Wings Of Freedom to work at her gardening place. Eren didn’t even know what they did. Not only was Mrs.Jack sexist, she was against Omegas working “the Alpha’s jobs” and Alphas working at “Omega’s jobs”. It got really annoying. Eren crumpled the note and threw it into the trash can under the desk.

Maybe the rest of the day will be good…