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I wasn’t lonely. I just needed someone who wasn’t Penny. Or any of the people at the home.

I looked at the app with its stupid icon. A world sat in a mouth, with exaggerated teeth covering the top and bottom of the square. Beside it screamed “Chatter Box: Worldwide friend finder”. It made my stomach churn but at the same time, I felt a little sad. Someone had to create an app, so people with no one could talk to someone. People like me.

I clicked the install button and waited.

It took a lot longer than I thought it would. Then again, the flat has bad Wi-Fi. I have a theory that’s it's because of how many people the landlord squished into the building. At first, it was one person per floor, then it was two, now it is three. Luckily, I still hold a room. So many people are on the Wi-Fi at the same time, it shorts out. That’s not even counting the microwave problem. Or the sneezing one.

I shoved my phone into the pocket of my plaid pyjama pants and walked out of my room. Across from me was Ayla and next beside her was Cartmel. I used to see them a lot but that was before I got a job.

The cupboards were open when I entered the kitchen, and I remembered that Ayla had had people over - I glanced at the time on the oven- last night. She was the worst for replacing what she took. I only hoped that she didn’t take any of my biscuits.

I sighed as I looked at my level in the cupboard. It was empty.

It made me angrier then I’d like to admit. I was in a snacky mood and had paid for those biscuits myself. She always says she will pay me back but never does. Whenever I bring it up she always makes the excuse that she “didn’t know” it was my shelf. What bollocks.

I wondered if I could find a grocery shop still open, and before I knew it I was shrugging on my jacket and boots. I took an umbrella and tucked it in my pocket. I don’t know what could happen with the bad weather as it is.

I stepped out into a winter wonderland. The lights on this street aren’t like the ones in central London, these are softer and almost remind me of fairy lights. The tall, thin houses seemed to lean in as I walked down the cobbled street. It was an empty night tonight, no cars or people doing late-night meanderings like I was. The soft layer of snow on the ground crunched under my feet. This is heaven.

After a few minutes of walking, I came to my expected destination and was happy to find it open. Cam’s convenience store had been open for as long as any of the people who lived here could remember. It really is the most convenient store, as it’s placed right between student housing, and flats full of wankers. One in the same really.

I entered and gave a little nod to Niko, the guy who runs the store at night. I circled back to the biscuit and pudding aisle. I was so involved looking for the blue package with tiny snowmen on it that I hadn’t noticed the person standing beside me. Until I ran into him.


I woke up hating myself for napping instead of studying. I cannot let my grades slip now. If I do, Father will have my throat. Hell, I might have my throat. I was the one who decided to go into history. Fucking history. It was around the time Fiona wouldn't shut up about those stupid huts some archeologists found in Canada. And it was the time where I had no idea who I was because of the break up with Cart.

I lifted myself out of bed and immediately tripped on a stack of books. All textbooks of course, all dry as hell and boring and for some reason so interesting and fascinating. Fuck history. No one likes history. I. don't. like. history.

I stumbled across the room to the pathetic kitchen the dorm supplied and opened the cupboard. I am desperate for a cupper.

I looked up at the empty shelf. How could I let this happen? Niall and Dev don't even like Earl Grey! They refuse to drink it even if I make it into a London Fog. I have been too distracted, I let my Tea stash go from plentiful to nothing! I closed the cupboard and took a few steps to the doorway. That's it. For the rest of the year, no boys. No boys, no parties, no getting off topic.

But first, I need to go get some damned tea.

I slipped on my brown loafers. They weren't great for the snow but I wasn't willing to put on the knee-high boots Daphne had given me for Christmas. They were such a loud blue and clashed with the wrinkled slacks I was wearing. Not only that, but they are such a trouble to put on.

I shrugged on my jacket and put my keys and wallet in my pocket, then crept out of the dorm.

Cam's convince shop is arguably the worst in the world, but what else did I expect to be open at 1:10 am? A royal tea house apparently.

I glared at the store with distaste, but my need for tea was stronger than any hatred I could muster.

I pushed the store open and kept my head down. Interaction with any half-life named Cam was the last thing I wanted. I went to the back aisle and started to circle. It was a few minutes of me pacing and muttering curses beneath my breath before I resolved to just ask the fucking man.

I didn't even notice the blonde bloke standing behind me. Until I ran into him.