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The War Hero

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Ch 1: A Break?

Korra: age 24, the youngest police detective to be known on the force appointed at age 21. Graduated from the United Forces Military Arts at age 15 with the highest score known to history. Currently retired from the United Forces Army ranked as a Sergeant Major. She was a war hero that overcame countless of heroic battles earning herself the nickname Avatar Korra.

After a certain battle, Korra couldn't bring herself serve her country in the army anymore so she tried to move on. She tried living a normal life but that never seemed to sit well with her so she decided to become police officer in Republic City.

Now It's been about six years since she quit the military and she found herself comfortable climbing the ranks and working alongside Chief Lin Beifong, in a special unit called Team Avatar with her partners Mako and Bolin Griffon.

It was Thursday night 10pm sharp and Team Avatar was on a stake out in their safe house checking on the anonymous tip they received.

“Ugh I still can't believe that our unit got named after your nickname Korra.” Mako says while lean back on his chair balancing on the two hind legs.

“Come on Mako it's been three years now, not like anything's gonna change now. Besides I’m technically the one with the higher rank here.” Korra says smirking while shoving a seal lion sandwich in her mouth.

Mako, who is a year older than Korra, first met each other shortly after their training had started in the Republic City Police Academy that took place three years ago. Since Mako’s two years younger brother, Bolin, literally ran into Korra by mistake during a drill. They didn't recognize her at first because she had cut her long hair and had a short-medium bob. But after meeting afterwards Bolin was star struck and they all quickly hit it off and quickly became friends during their trainee days.

Then at some point in time Korra had confessed to Mako and they started to date for a while. Though that all died shortly after when they started to argue more and Korra had become the leader of their newly formly squad. Which got named after the legendary war hero, yours truly, Korra Seaton aka Avatar Korra.

Her nickname stuck with her since it was a title given to one of selflessness, bravery and heroic achievements in the United Republic Army. With that being said when Chief Beifong was looking to create a special crime unit around the time the three of them graduated, Korra was the perfect candidate. That was how Team Avatar was formed and this squad quickly rose in the ranks and now focused only on the higher calibur and higher risk cases that needed the best men Chief Beifong had.

“Aww look at you guys still bickering like you two still love each other.” Bolin snickers.

“Bo shut it!”

Mako and Korra say in unison.

“Aahahaha!” Bolin started to laugh hysterically as they still were in sync their own way despite the tension that was there for a while. The three of them made one hell of a team and they arrested countless criminals and uncovered countless threats to their city. With Korra as their leader, Mako her right hand man, and Bolin watching their backs for support, they made the best three man-cell.

“Uuu uu guys I think I'm getting something.” As Bolin furiously punched the keys on his laptop bring camera seven into the center. Mako and Korra bolt up getting close to him eyeing his screen with a serious look.


They both say in sync, again. Bolin still chuckling to himself as he pointed out the guy in the corner of his screen. “Doesn’t that look like our guy?”

They all glance back and forth at the picture they had. “Yeah that looks our guy.” Mako says with a firm voice.

“Okay let's move out team, we’re going with plan Turtle Duck.” Korra says as she pulls the brothers into a group huddle. “No one moves until I make the signal. This guy is tricky and always gets away but NOT tonight boys, we’ll make him regret showing up in our city. TEAM AVATAR LET'S GO! HUUWA!!!”

“HUUWAAA!!” The boys repeat breaking their huddle rushing out their safe house into their black satomobile: explorer series (inspired look of a four door Jeep with black tinted windows) heading out to the field.

Plan Turtle Duck was simple, the boys just basically had to blend into the crowd/area and play 'turtle duck' and watch over each other’s back while Korra approached the target. Then on her signal they’d rush into action to apprehend the target.

They pulled over onto a side street in the Dragon Flats Borough, one of the residential sectors which was a highly active triad territory.

“You know what to do boys.” Locking eyes with her team members, she left the car first.

The brothers then quickly dispersed and planted themselves in perfect positions as they waited it out for the perfect opportunity to apprehend their target.

Lucky for the team, the street wasn’t too busy nor too isolated. Aside from ignoring the slightly run down street and sketchy area, the operation was running smoothly. This plan has worked countless of times and this time wasn’t any different. Just as Mako checked his black military watch 11:25pm, right on que Korra whistled.

The next instant they all charged the culprit. Korra tackled him down this while Bolin patted him down for weapons. Mako took out his handcuffs and Korra pulled his arms behind his back.

“Viper you’re under arrest for the rape and murder of countless innocent women. You have the right to remain silent; anything you say can and will be used against you. You can consult with a lawyer if you please; if you don’t have one we will provide you one under the name of justice.” Clicking the cuffs as tight as possible.

“WHY YOU SON OF A ____” he was cut off when Korra yanked him upright ‘accidentally kneeing him in the gut.’

“Oops my bad,” Korra says while whistling innocently dragging him by the cuffs to their car.

Mako smiled as he watched Korra drag Viper down the street. Bolin was grinning like a fool because while his brother was the calm and collected type, Korra was the rash and impatient type; complete opposites of one another. That’s why they complement each other so well because while their ideas clashed they’d respect one another and their decisions.

“WOHOO  booyah!!” Bolin says while swinging his arm in the air. “And that’s a wrap finally we can good home after this spirit forsaken stake out. It’s been so longggg. Three weeks of tailing and relocating I’m sick off it!! Our budget is sooo overdone. Urgh but that's ok because I can finally go back home to my sweet Opal and snuggle with her when I sleep!” Bolin says smiling exposing all his pearly whites.

“Aw come on man, stop it Bo no need to rub your love life in our faces.” His brother protests socking him in the shoulder.


Bolin and Mako take a glance at each other and then bolted into a sprint.

“Ahahha it’s my victory!! yess!!” Bolin grins, beating his brother into the car.

“We’re so going to Narook’s tomorrow for some noodles!!”

Mako groans “Just great just plain greattt, there goes my next paycheck.” he says while rubbing his temples.

The next day, Friday afternoon 12:57am. Bolin had moved on to ordering his seventh plate of seaweed noodles at Narooks. “Another bowl of seaweed noodles please!” Bolin says while smiling at the waiter.

“Aw come on Bo your eating more than you usually do that’s not fair. Korra say something would you!”

Korra looks over with a mouth full of noodles finishing her fourth bowl; stopping the waiter from leaving. “Oh make that two bowls please!”

“Not you to Korra!!”

“What I did say last one to the car buys the next round of food.” Korra looks innocently at Mako drinking her cup of green oolong tea.

“Come on I was only one step behind Bolin, it’s not like the two of us would fit in that door.” Mako protests with a pouting face.

“Daww is someone a little moody that they lost the race, you know you love me brother.” nudging him giving him the baby bull moose eyes.

Mako rolled his amber eyes. “Yeah yeah, well hurry up and eat cause we need to report to the chief soon.”

“We know, we know bro, just one more bowl. OH speaking of waiting, Korra!”


“Mako, Opal and I got invitations to Varrick and Zhu Li’s wedding. You wanna come? They said I could bring a plus one if I wanted to.”

“Mm I don’t know Bo, you know I hate social gatherings. It’s not my thing.”

“Awww come on Korra it’s gonna be so much fun!! Not to mention I get to read the vows!!! UUU I’m so excited!!”

“Mmh…” Korra can’t turn down that smile. “Hah… ok ok I’ll come when and where is it?”

“YESS!!! It’s tomorrow, 5pm sharp at the Full Moon Bay Docks! It’s gonna be on a cruise ship you can’t miss it! (in monotone voice) though I hope the chief will let us all off ahem, OHH OH and speaking of invitations I wonder if she got my email yet.”

“Did you call her Bo?” Mako asked.

“Yeah but no response, that’s why I did all of the above” Bolin grins like he’s a genius. The waiter returns with bringing them their noodles “thanks!” Bolin says excitedly.

Korra rolled her eyes “Anyways is this ‘she’ person that friend you’re always talking about. I honestly don’t get how I always miss her name when you talk about her.” Resting her chin on her fist.

“Oh young one, it’s the power of stealth and luck Korra!” Bolin says in his oh so masterful Yoda sounding voice.

“Don’t worry Korra I plan on asking her to see if she was free next, next Monday so you two can finally meet face to face so you’ll know soon enough!”

“If you say so... it’s been what, like three years since I’ve first heard about her...” Korra says with disbelief cocking her eyebrow up.

“Eh well who knows we’re all busy people but I got a good feeling this time!” Bolin shrugs.

Mako looked at his watch 1:27pm: “Come on guys hurry up and finish. The meeting starts at 2:30 I'm gonna go pay the bill and wait in the car.”

“Okay Makooo~” they both say in unison with those baby bull moose eyes, again. Mako scoffs and walks towards the register handing the cashier his cash, all of it emptying his sad, skinny wallet. He cringes and cries to himself a little before heading out to get in their car, waiting about ten to fifteen minutes for them to come out. He then drove over to the station getting there just on the nick of time.

*towards the end of the briefing*

“Good work kids, as expected from my finest.” Chief Beifong says with a proud smile. A few seconds of silence passed and the team all stole glances at each other. Mako interrupts the silence: “What's up chief you aren't usually this quiet after a case?”

Chief Beifong snaps back to their attention: “Ahem I was thinking since you guys always complete your tasks you kids need a break. So as a reward for all your hard work, I’ll be giving you the weekend off EXCEPT on Sunday for you Korra.”

“YESS WOHOO!” the Griffon brothers celebrate fist bumping each other as Korra is stands there mouth agape.

“AWW CHIEF WHY!!!” Korra dramatically falls on her knees.

“You left some reports unfinished on the last case so I expect to see you on sunday at 11am sharp for a briefing. Understood?”

Korra groans: “Yes ma’am!” as she cries to herself and gets up for a salute.

“Ok dismissed.” They all salute each other and the team left, heading back to their department.

“I told you, you shouldn't have skipped those details in that last case.” Mako says giving her a condescending look.

“Aw shut it Mako!” As she jabs him in his gut getting a “OOF” as a response.

“That was such a long and boring report to write up, AHH this sucks I’ma hit the gym. What are you guys gonna do?” Opening the door, they all went to their space to grab their things.

Bolin smiled creepily: “I’m gonna go watch that new mover called The Adventures of Nuktuk: Hero of the South with Opal!”

“Oh that one that has your doppelganger Bo?” Mako glances over while packing away his clothes and documents.

“Yeah that one, it should be interesting. I wonder if people would stop me cause that’d be hilarious!” He says while placing his laptop in his backpack.

“What about you Mako?” Korra says while grabbing her duffel bag with exercise equipment.

“Me? I plan on being lazy and sleep for the rest of the day.” He says while stretching out.

“Sound good, well I’ll catch you guys tomorrow around 5pm then?”

“Yeah,” the brothers respond.

“See you tomorrow Korra!” Bolin being extra and waving goodbye.

Korra waves them off and proceeded change her clothes in the locker room into her green tank top and green shorts. She started warming up by doing a light jog on the treadmill and did her usual routine: free form martial arts with the sparring equipment, multiple sets of weightlifting, push ups, pull ups, sit ups, squats and sprints. Satisfied with her work out she took a quick shower and hopped on her jet black Satomotorbike (look inspired by a Harley Davidson Motorcycle) and headed home.

She parked her bike and then went upstairs to her room. She quickly drank and ate some protein supplements before changing into a pair of blue shorts and a blue hoodie. Jumping on her bed with a thud and she quickly asleep shortly after.