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Now and Forever

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Bella thought she knew what she was doing, thought she knew what she was getting into. She’d had plenty of practice with Edward and Jacob, plenty of experience in being the center of attention. After everything she’s been through, nothing in the relationship department should have surprised her. And yet, she still flushed like a child as the dark, brooding, impossibly gorgeous girl standing in front of her ran her gentle hands down the length of her arms.

She had plenty of experience, yes, but never with another girl.

“It’s almost like you aren’t real,” the girl — Ebony, she called herself, along with a paragraph of middle and surnames — muttered, studying Bella’s face. Bella was hesitant to meet her gaze, but felt she had no choice once Ebony leaned in, close enough to surely hear Bella’s every frantic thought and urge.

“You were my biggest inspiration. Everything I did was based on the stories of you, as I believed that if I were to copy your every movement, I would gain a fate similar to yours. And yes, I too am a vampire, and yes, plenty of boys fought for my affections… but now, it all feels insignificant, and I can’t place a finger on why.” Ebony caressed Bella’s cheek as she spoke quietly but confidently, predictably earning a flinch and shudder from the other vampire.

Edward was beautiful, charming, and enigmatic. There were countless reasons for why Bella fell so hard for him. Still, this mysterious, wondrous, perfect girl who had appeared only a few short months ago was so, so much more than Edward had ever and would ever be. Bella was infatuated.

“Am I causing you discomfort?” Ebony murmured, slowly retracting her hand.

Unable to find the correct, coherent words necessary, Bella instead shook her head so hard it her. She grabbed Ebony’s hand and eased it back onto her face and, before she knew it, she was leaning in, too.

“Bella…” Ebony trailed off, although she didn’t need to finish for Bella to know exactly what she was implying. Her mystifying eyes widened as their noses made contact; it took all of Bella’s strength to keep from gasping or backing out.

For the first time in hours, Bella spoke. She spoke hastily and forcibly, even as her voice broke. She knew what she wanted.

“Kiss me, Ebony.”

And it was so.

The kiss was groundbreaking, remarkable, it was — well, no words in her vocabulary could describe how it felt to feel those black-painted lips moving against her own, to feel a small hand curl around her neck and another pull her closer by the waist. Bella threw herself into the girl.

Ebony could have requested anything of Bella, and she would have abided, had I meant they would stay together forever. She may have only known Ebony for a few months, but Bella decided she never wanted to leave her side. She wanted to wake in her arms every morning, meet her kiss every night. Bella wanted her .

Eventually, Ebony pulled away from the kiss, which made very little sense to Bella, as vampires didn’t need to breathe (they could kiss for a lifetime and come out perfectly fine).

“What’s wrong?” Bella whispered. Ebony responded with a kiss to her forehead, then to her cheek, her nose, her neck, kissing any piece of exposed skin she could find. She punctuated the display with a soft kiss to Bella’s lips.

“Isabella Swan,” Ebony spoke slowly, as though to make certain Bella heard her every word, “will you be mine, now and forever? Will you be mine eternally?”

Yes ,” Bella gasped, a rare smile splitting her features. “Yes, I will be yours, so long as you’ll be mine.”

Ebony took Bella’s hands into her own. “I will always be yours, ‘til death do us part, and then even after that.”

Bella kissed her (a) girlfriend, b) wife, c) partner, d) soulmate ). “You are my immortal, and I am yours.”