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Locked up

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  Jacob took Sara and Mike home. Sheba has to say an early goodbye to take care of the kids. So there was just Michael and Lincoln, lying side by side on the lawn. They temporarily settled in this holiday house which Jacob offered, until the brothers get their life together.
  Michael took a deep breath. “So…this is all over.”
  Lincoln sipped his beer, and chuckled. “Yeah…we are good.”
  It’s kind of hard to believe. Now no one is after them, no one in prison, bad guys are locked up…and he got his little brother back.
  Life is official back to normal.
  “But…I just have one question.”Lincoln looked into his brother’s eyes. “What did you just whisper to Sara?”
  Michael smiled. “You know…that. Because I’m not dead, Sara and I are sort of still married. She said she would leave Jacob if I want her back.”
  Lincoln tensed up. “She said what?”
  “Come on, Linc, you heard me.”
  Lincoln put down his beer bottle, and said sternly, “No.”
  Michael frowned. “Linc…I thought you’d be happy for me.”
  Lincoln got cranky. “It’s not about me, Michael. It’s just wrong. Sara’s…she’s happy with Jacob. She moved on and started over. Jacob is a good guy and he…he loves Mike. They are happy. They are a family now.”
  “They are my family!”
  Michael wiped his face with his hand, deeply exhaled. He calmed down a bit. “They are my family. Sara and Mike…It could have been me.”
  Lincoln put his hand on Michael’s shoulder, “I know how you feel about Sara, Mike. But I don’t think you should do that. Sara’s a good person. She made that offer not because she wants to be with you, but because she felt bad about you…You understand?”
  Michael shook his head. “You don’t know that.”
  Lincoln tapped Michael on the back. “I know. I know.”
  “What…What do you mean you know?”
  Lincoln hesitated. But only for a few seconds. “She once told Jacob that, she regretted what she did in Fox River. And she wished she have never heard the name ‘Michael Scofield’.”
  Michael’s beautiful green eyes was filled by confusion. “That’s just…That’s impossible. How do you know it?”
  “Jacob might be a good guy, but he also a guy who wants to protect his family. He told me.”
  Michael seemed angry. “That’s all lies. He’s manipulating you.”
  Lincoln sneered. “That’s what I thought. So I went to confronted Sara. And guess what, she did.”
  Michael murmured. “No…That’s not true. Sara would never…”
  Lincoln cut him short. “To be fair, I can’t blame her. Sara had some tough days when she was with you. Now she is getting older, she had to thought for herself once. She can’t throw her life away out of passionate love anymore.”
  “Oh, really?”Michael took a sharp breath and stood up. “Since when did you became this considerate anyway!”
  He turned around and started walking, faster and faster. Lincoln got up and chased him, grabbed his arm.
  “What are you doing? Where are you gonna go?”
  Michael try to shake off him. “Sara. I’m gonna get her back.”
  “No, you’re not.”
  “Take your hand off me! I’m gonna get my family back whether you like it or not.”
  “Michael, think it through…”
  “Think? What do you know about think? Let go of me!”
  “She betrayed you, Michael!”
  Michael freeze. “She did not…”
  “Oh she did. As far as I’m concerned, she turned her back on you ever since she moved in with that rich professor.”
  “No. At that time she thought I’m dead. She can’t wait for a dead husband. She has a son to raise. She has to think for herself…Linc, you just said it a minute ago.”
  “I know. I did. And I don’t care.”Lincoln grabbed both arms of his little brother, forced Michael to looked he in the eyes. “All I cared about is you. So as much as I understand her situation, I’ll never forgive.”
  Michael looked away. “It’s not for you to decide. Let go of me.”
  “You can forgive her all you want. But I won’t let you go.”
  “Really? Then what are you gonna do? Shoot me?”
  “No.”Lincoln said. “No.”
  “Then let go!”
  At this very moment, Lincoln realized something.
  He realized that there is one thing he always wanted to do, and he has to do it, right now, right here.
  …He carried his little brother on his shoulder, strode up to the house. After got in the door, he locked it.
  Michael was so petrified that he didn’t even fight. Lincoln marched into the master bedroom, threw his litter brother onto the bed, opened the drawer and grabbed a roll of tape.
  Michael finally get his mind together. He tried to flee, but Lincoln got him first, taped him onto the bed rail. He almost used up the whole roll trying to make sure its strong enough.
  Michael struggled and yelled all the way through, but Lincoln did not even say a word. There is no thing in the world that can stop him. He has to do it.
  Once Michael realized this is for real, he softened his voice. “Linc…I don’t know what are you thinking, but please don’t do this…Please don’t do this to me…”
  Lincoln stared at his little brother.
  Lying on the bed, hands tied up. So fragile, so helpless, so…beautiful.
  “Sorry, Michael.”said him gently, “I can’t.”
  “Please…I’ve spent too many years of my life being locked up. Now I’m finally free, please don’t do this to me…”
  “I’m sorry, Michael.”
  “Why? If you are truly sorry, why do you have to…”
  “I don’t know.”
  That’s true. He didn’t have a damn clue why he wanted his brother locked up whatsoever. But he just had this urge…to tie Michael up. The tighter, the better.
  “Linc…I’m begging you…Linc…”
  Something’s up. Something’s not right the moment when he make this strange decision. It’s weird. It’s new. It’s overwhelming.
  “I…I have…have to go.”
  Lincoln climbed off the bed, turned around and tried to escape from this mess.
  He had to go. Put all of this behind him. Get on a car and just drive, as far as possible.
  Took him a long time to realized that he was shedding tears. Took him even longer to have the courage to go back.
  It’s already dark. His hand was shaking when he unlocked the door, got in the bedroom, and turned on the light.
  His little brother is still tied to the bed.
  Michael didn’t escape. He was sobbing and shaking. He was terrified. He still afraid of dark just like when they were kids.
  “You know it…”Michael tried to refrain his whimper. “You know I can’t be left alone in dark…You know it. And you still did it…”
  “I’m sorry.”
  Lincoln ran to his little brother, and hold him tight. “I’m so sorry. I should have never left you alone. I’m sorry…”
  “So let me go!”
  “I can’t.”
  Michael snapped, yelled and struggled like crazy, stroke his tied hands against the wall. Lincoln got kicked a few times, but that only made him hold his brother tighter, until Michael got tired and calmed down.
  They remain silent for ages. Then Michael sobbed, and whispered, “Linc, I’m hungry.”