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Point of No Return

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Nothing was the same.

Everything was different.

And nothing could go back to the way it had been.

Bridges had burned.

But the more Tony thought the more he realized he didn’t want things to return to how it had been.

He didn’t want to rebuild bridges.

He had been used, and abused for year by his supposed friends and team.

It took him literally being stabbed in the back, or in this case taking a vibranium shield to the chest, and nearly dying, for him to truly realize where he stood.

Bruce was right.

They were just a chemical mixture, a ticking time bomb and here was the aftermath of the explosion.

Tony was laid up in a hospital bed with a fuck ton of medical issues and tons of other things he needed to fix.

No more.

He wasn’t about to take this blow lying down.

No, he was going to get back up on the horse and grab his life by the reins.

He had been working for a while on plans, but now it was truly time to start putting actions into his plans.

But first things first, he needed to fix himself.

Well at least physically.


Tony’s next month was hectic. On top of being gravely injured and needing to work on a permanent fix for his chest he was also dealing with the UN.

There were many questions and people demanding answers from him. Everyone wanted to talk about the ‘Civil War’ and wanted to know what was going to be happening now.

What was Tony’s Plan?

With his very obvious health issues he did most of his meetings over the phone and video conferences, to keep the illusion up that he was fine, promising for in person interviews and meetings at a later time.

He wasn’t entirely sure why he was protecting Rogers by hiding his injuries from the public, but he figured that it would be better that way.

He felt like if others knew what Captain America did there would be riots or something, and there really didn’t need to be more bloodshed.

Not over him.

He needed to take care of damage control, keep things calm.

Tony with his ever-present silver tongue was able to buy himself some time.

In a private holograph meeting with the UN council he provided them with a very vague explanation of why he was unable to give them a complete plan that they could work with. But that he had one in the works and just needed to iron out some kinks.

Pun completely intended.

While Tony was still working on his fix Rogers had broken out his team from the Raft.

Thankfully this was one thing that Tony and the Accords committee were able to come to an easy conclusion about. If the Rogues (or Ex-Avenger as many had started calling them) appeared that would be arrested.

Tony just hoped they would lay low, he knew where they were but he wasn’t about to say anything unless they did something, figuring that if they were safely tucked away, they would stay out of his way.


Tony had been given about 4 months to get whatever he had planned together and would then be requested to come forward with the full plan at the end of that time or the UN would take their own measures. He wouldn’t need that much time, but he wasn’t about to fight them on it.

It was then he activated the New Avengers protocol. FRIDAY had already begun searching and documenting crimes, and watching those who responded to said crimes. Though research had already started a while back, with the protocol active it became a top priority to track all potential heroes that Tony had deemed worthy.

Peter was already safely in Tony's line of sight and was already being initiated into the New Avenger roster but there were plenty of others around especially in the New York area.

As Tony worked on his new chest piece he watched videos, so many videos.

About a month later he had finished his nanobot arc reactor hive along with modifying the extremis virus, making it safe.

He planned to fix himself with Extremis and use the nanobots to help regulate the virus inside of him, they also had an added bonus of being programed to become an Iron Man suit, along with some other effects he might receive, though he was unsure of all the possibilities at the moment, he had theories of course.

He was ready.

Well as ready as he could be at least.

He had spoken with Vision, Peter, and Rhodey about his plans.

He had the new itinerary of what he wanted done prepared. And if he didn’t survive he was leaving it to them to continue what he had started.

There was a lot of fighting (mainly Rhodes’ stance on this craziness) but in the end there was nothing any of them could do.

Tony had more problems convincing Pepper but eventually she came to the same conclusion... there was no changing this man’s mind.

So roughly two after Siberia Tony went into surgery. Extremis was added to his system and the new sternum and nanobot Arc Reactor was placed.
Which funnily enough the metal plate stabilizing his sternum, and the nanobots were made of the vibranium from Rogers shield (Tony had fun melting that bad boy down)
All of which was placed in his chest with success.
Watch out world Tony ‘Fucking’ Stark was back in business.